The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 27, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1933
Page 10
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•,f-.f-j£,,Jr^- b 1 L " P IF -ir£~— -*- * '' • r-- *' t \ T *JWM/ ."* j*, . { j , ', * ^ *. •* '•* - * «,. •flr* -* > n • '' * .T -V " • " • ' 'J*" r -* -f • ' - - * - ir,'-. / . ' . ••• 1 V '.••" ' ' ' ^J - *f"» b '; / H ! • * --• *';'• # \ - \ S ' i : f- ^ I \ i - • , i i! T"'' \'tf si ^** I I? U'! i; M I i i L i * ;, iiiM.-''" -.,, W)N.!-;i.< Jrt _i — AIR PILOI DIES TRADES PRUNES FOR CLOTHES Hurls Fulul Inspector Boggs; Two Women Escape Death ; (United Prr*fl T/rnscrf Wlrt) CORONA, Cnllf., Jan. ST.—Marshall of WttshitiKlon. nlr line In* siiector Tor the dopnrlmoiit of com- merer, died in u hoNpllat curly today from t-1ior1( nnd Injurlrn nftpr 1if and two women paHfienefirR had crushod In cnbln plane near hero. Tho women, Mr.M. TSTnry Googwn of Angeles jind Mtstt Star-In Curry of Sun Marino, woro not seriously hurt. Although tho pilot ^ufforod two broken le^H, hospital initlioritips KUVC shock ns the Immediate cause of death. Boggs had been inspecting beacon lights nnd omergenoy fields In the southern California nroa tho Inst two M'CekK, coming hero from Washington. JIo was on n tour of inspection hist night and intended landing at Pontana Klcld near here, Supervisor Charles A. Jlowe f-aid. Tho plane crashed just uliort of Its destination. Rowe waw unable to explain the rauwe of the mishap, but said Boggs apparently was flying at a low altitude. Mrs. Googun suffered a broken arm and Miss Curry, an Injured hip. BoggH formerly lived at Piedmont, California. Ex-Kaiser Observes His 74th Birthday f.\.SKOCiutrfi J'rcKtt hcaxrd H'ire; DOO.RX. Holland. Jy,n. 27.—\VI1ha1m Hohenzolleni, former Kaiser "Wllhelm 11 of Germany, celebrated today his seventy-fourth birthday. The observance Included a service 1n the chapel of Doom House, his exile since his flight from Germany November 10, 1918. It was conducted by Doctor Schneller, hifl pastor. Thi« was followed by the family luncheon. ™ «i Iff! The spirit of barter Is spreading swiftly In Pacific coast regions, and here is an example of how it works. J. Thleleman, Santa Clara valley worker, Is offering a box of prunes to Miss Lasette Flowers In exchange for a much-needed suit of clothes. The county unemployed relief council acted as the medium of exchange. pains abdomen and "Now I am woman, feel How One Woman Lost 47 Lbs of Fat In 3 Months and Feels Years Younger n "I havt been taking Kruachen Salts for nearly 3 months. I havt continued taking one teaspoonful In warm water every morning. I then weighed 217 pounds, was always bothered* with in my back and lower part of sides. glad to say I am a well much stronger, years younger and my weight Is 170 pounds. I do not only feel better but I look better, so all my friends say. "I shall never be without Kruschen Salts, will never cease taking my daily dose and more than glad to highly recommend It for the great good that is In It." Mrs. S. A. Solomon, New Bern, N. C. P. S. You may think I am exaggerating by writing such a long letter but truly I feel so Indebted to you for putting out such wonderful salts that I cannot say enough." A bottle of Kruschen Salts that lasts 4 weeks costs but a few cents. When reducing attention to diet will help—cut down on pastry and fatty meats— go light on potatoes, butter, cream and sugar—the Kruschen way is the safe way to lose fat. To take off fat harmlessly and safely, take one half teaspoonful of TCruschen In a glass of hot water every morning—don't worry—it's the safe way to reduce. your health'H sake and get Kruschen at Hughes Drug Nineteenth and Chester, Kimball & Stone, Eastern Drug Co., Service Drug Co., or any drugstore In the •world and if the results one bottle brings do not delight you—do not joyfully satisfy you—why money back. —Adv. Father Lemaitre Explains Mission of Cosmic Rays But be sure for that you ask for Salts. Get them By F. B. Aiwcltted Pren TfTASHINGTOX. Jan. 27.—Abbe " Georges Lo MaUrc believes that cosmic rays, raining unseen on the earth from outer space, arc Itko ghoatA come out of tho pnst to tell man how his universe -began. The mysterlnun rays, recently tho center of disagreement among prominent scientists as to their nature, are older than tho earth itself, snj'H the Belgian scientist. Ho IH vIMtlnpr Catholic University here on his return from n conference with Professor Albert Kinsteln and other scientists In California. ' ' * Abbe T-«o Maltre suprKests that cosmic rays are like the wisps of Hinpkn and sparks that linper after a blast of flrewoi*k«. In this case the blast was the explosion of a vast single, original atom that once included all tho planets, stars and other materials in the universe, and It is still going on, though It started ten billion years ago. Though we did not see this original explosion, he holds that co'smic rays are evidence that It must have taken place. The cosmic rays, says the abbe, are products of this ancient explosion, preserving a hint of what was happening to tho universe six or seven billion years before the earth Itself came Into existence some two or three billion years ago. This Interpretation differs from the two other most famous theories of the origin of the rays. One held that they, represented energy left "over In tho process of creation of new atoms of matter out in space to replace dying worlds, and that this showed the universe is "immortal." The other 1 held that the raj's were the last ves- of "dead" matter, and that even- COLTON Science Writer j tually everything: in tho unlv. would become nothing but radiation. •According to Abbe Le Maltrp's theory ( the evolution of tho untvcrwe ia In the direction of breaking down, rather than bunding up, for lie holds new atoms cannot be created spontaneously. But the "explosion" of the universe will go on for an Infinite length of time. There is no Immediate end In sight. FARMER KILLS SELF TU5DWOOD CITY, Jan. 26. (U. P.) Worry over financial trouble* was the cause of G. E. GeoncetU, 44, TTalfmoon Bay farmer, committing suicide, police said today. He placed the muzzle of a shotgun In his mouth and pulled the t nigger. Cut Vick all users of a mouth-wash or for halttosln (Impure breath), oral hygiene, and other antiseptic uses —tho makers of Vicka VapoUub now bring 1 real economy. Vlcka ChomlstH have Introduced VIcks Voratone Anti- septic'at actually ICSM than half the price of other quality antiseptics. Born In a depression year, VIcks Antiseptic Is priced accordingly. The regular slzo is a largo 10-ounce bottle—a usual 75c value—for only 35c. This new VIcks product can be tested, however, at oven smaller cost. Bakersfield druggists have a limited supply of a special trial size—si 2Gc value—priced at only lOc, while the supply lasts.—Adv. the girl matures to woman ^ when the first c is born these are ical Pinkham's Vegetal* testify to its worth. Compo and preserve . at Change 38, Lydia E. health. Thousands are through one of these periods too 'bad days" if you are nervous and bo druggist today. Find out for yourself whv half a milli .*_*. CiV-V •-•.*;• .•.••: H I • -Xv" » tit m. m * • • •:•*•%• • ' »"• »*ta" - - -^ - m~f ""' 1 * L*-» • • >_• i • .• '.* * * » . I i I t t t r ' i »!**•» t - * ' ' t * • • • « ill » '« i > I - i • • ' • ' ' » *j",* i"i r«1<414>* 1 "_" * ' :•:*:*:* *:*:ir» * •V-v.v ' I .*. +'!'*'»'* * »'*'* • * ••••_'' 4 4 ***•*»< 1 » * * " - i . * r. ** * * * * *:'.». t * m '.* * • 4 • .vX* .- * *. + * * * r * -•.•»•* _* • .* ' .*.- :+:*:•" .p r .«.*:•:«: .*.+ * •VSS: *®m® .->>••:•:• :«;•:-%'*.i »T.!iV*V* M*: .' *-* ,'.v.v .<-"-*.** • • •i'*' .*.* • * •• i • - V-'. ••••*., ^*.".*. .»-•-* .*.* •:» .«_•. ***• •. •_•. i . . i i I v V «•*• ' <-• < .*.**.* *J. • P ^BB ll>l-41i p * • • W-. -:•.*;*:* * - -•-<-". •x* • •••14*1 N %:•:•!•:•!*!• :*ii <>_»:i>_*.'.*_•_*. .«.'.* .* .*.* i • .*_•*».* t .*_* * ***:*:•*•»»:»: _t *.t.*.*. -• .•:• « • :**,v-v-*- »:* * *.*•.» • • L»-".4 1 4 .* * • *.* .1 H p • - r • I i • h • .*-•--.'-•-' •*•'•>: :*:• _•:•.- .• ».*»: Ill 111 >>:• .*.* -•-', -- 5fWK- t.m" > '.'.V L* * • .' • ' - i p • I .*.*.*. * r .•:• . -rt-.-. •-%•- *«" ,•.•*•.•, **•****.*. ' -*.*.'* 1 . *.*< -• j (C< • 1 • • • » 1 * » 1% * 'I'-"*,* "•*•* "I 1 **.* *l*4il '*****" "*"*• **.!* !**** ** ***^* I***************** »*»*i" 4* '•*«•"*• I*!** ••**»»!» 4''*'"I«1-"I Vl*! •*»**' • '-"l* 1 * 1 "* •*•" l i -"- *• " •" • » • l '• * *I I_^L_* _'_'_'_^^ b^_ M ^ M ^ m ^ • M M ^ • b A ^ M ^ m ^ J P.*. , . , , .*_*_«. .' ( -'. l'*'. :•:•:•:•%*•*.* :•:• .-,'f. %$$£ *»*''"*"•'**•* -'. H • * * • Mns. WILLIAM TIUELOAM . f2 t Charlotte, Michigan H "Every month I was in bed two or three days. I was a nervous wreck and could hardly do my work. My mother advised me to take Lydia E. I'inkham'ii Vegetable Compound and it has done wonders for me. 1 have two little boys, three and five years old. They used to get on my nerves but now their noise doesn't bother mo at all. I uover felt better in my life." MRS. JENNIE M. M ASSET 137 Summer SL, Lynn, Mass. "I could write volumes on what your Vegetable Compound has done for inc after being in poor health for nine years. After my daughter was born I was a physical wreck. Three bottles of tho Vegetable Compound restored rae to health. I took it again before my second child was born and had a very easy confinement. I am now over fifty and do all the work roomng ouse •'•I' '. v. -/I'X^X'X *";.• •;•''I-Sx'* vX'XO'X MM. ALLAN MATATIN N. La Salic St., Chicago, III. "I Buffered from cram pa fr tho time I was a young girl until I took Lydia E. l»inkkam'« Vegetable Compound. 1 wish I had taken it years before. 1 have to work hard because my husband has been sick for three years but I manage to run the house and take care of my little girl* thank* to tho Compound." . '. l-ydia Piiikhctm Medicine Co., Lynn Mass. <T '' ( .4 .*>'- — "—* -" !.. *— v v;< tl '<*''. » IMF, BAKERSFIELD CALIFORMAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27,1033 * f . - , i - . . • •*•- . ; * • v ' V •' ; --'.-' - t ' I*/, - " j i _.k L ff '".''- r J j Xi ' »-.*!..._.._. -j_c* ± ...h _ -.. _ ... *- .' : . ' " ' ', - - \ -' J J: 'A I -.1- fc '-k r j. jr. A .• «• • >/: :, •I-,- - _ t -* -^ i, -J •>' .( V .1 - -s-.' I ' ' » f I - > ."£ . ./ •--^•^ '.<-}. -I I J -' * ' rf * ' - X W *. il »'*- * - .^ DOU H •tfft • J/L « -' 1- I- I' .- - * . *-' ' I - * - * f* -yj .,- , - r t *-'. T J b ' r •'A, - V , r -.1 . -. ' > - * H 1 . '- . I »u- W '*>£.". :*fl -i*: .. »Ll r ^'' b 1 fl f-^ • - I ' u- *1 _ I I • 1 _ J •v, • L' - 4 I Shoes! AT MONTH-END REDUCTIONS ri Month-End. Sale of Evening Footwear Five styles in white, brocaded pumps, and strap styles. Also white crepe pumps with gold and silver kid collar 'trim. Spanish or spike heels. White- brocaded one-strap, spike heel of silver, with strap of silver kid in a feather design brocade. All high-grade footwear. A rare bargain for those who expect to participate in lodge initiations, parties, etc. Regularly sold at $4.85, $5.85, $6.85 and $8.00. MONTH END SALE PRICE Month-End Sale Street Pumps One strap pumps in black kid, suede and combinations of suede and calfskin, offering a choice of heels; Cuban, Spike or Boulevard styles. Some sizes are missing in some styles. Widths AAA to B. MONTH END SALE PRICE Short Lines of Vitality Footwear Styles that have been discontinued by the factory in an incomplete size range, including-brown kid, patent leather, blonde oxfords and other novelties. Sold regularly $5 and $6. But not all sizes, remember. Widths AAA to C. MONTH END SALE PRICE Growing Girls' Sport Oxfords Here is a month end clear- away* with plenty of style, to select from, including styles inudebyHuth-James, makers of nifty styles in modern sport footwear for I he Miss of today. These I V mvc composition soles, rubber heels, but not all sizes in every style. MONTH END SALE PRIC Wired for Them! i t » j \ 150 Brand Are 4 ri SEE BIG WINDOW DISPLAY TONIGHT Regular Prices Would Be $4,95, $6.95 and $8.00. Bought for Our Month- End Sale to Sell at the One Low Price Below. ...... . . t These, dresses represent every new Spring color and every new style vogue. Long sleeves, elbow sleeves and short sleeves. Plain *>lors and also the popular new prints. There are sizes from 14 to 44, • representing dresses for Juniors, women and styles s for the matron The Price! SECOND FLOOR Here's the "Bill 0' Fare" for trie Store-Wide Month-End-Sale!—Be Here Saturday p Every Fall Hat in Stock :S— ON REDLICK'S SECOND FLOOIl Month-End C $1.95, $2.95, $3.! ^ ^**^^^^^^^**^*m^^**a^m _ Month-End Closeout Every Child's Hat in S All Colors—2 to 10-Year Si S DKP'T ON SECOND FLOOR onth-End G and Combinatio p Table of D allies to $£ CORSET DEP'T, SECOND FLOOR Month-End Cleanup Women's Cotton Blouses All Are Wonderful Value READY-TO-WEAR DEP'T, SECOND FLOOR MAIN FLOOR • •' »^ •—^• • l v—^v^v^^^l—r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l Month-End Cleanup Full-Fashioned Silk Hosiery Holeproof, Paragon. Gordon—Reg. $1.00 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^^^*^^^ I ^^^^^*^***^^^^^^^^^^^ B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W . . . ——„ ^—. 4 Month-End Cleanup Table Women's Undergarments Silks, Rayons, Dimities, Prints—Values to $2.50— SECOND FLOOR ^^^^•^^^^^^^•^^^•^^•^^^•^^^^•^•^^^^^^^^^••^^^•^^^^^^^••^MB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ta ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B i Month-End Cleanup of Beautiful Fancy Pillows Velour, Plush, Damask—$1.29 and $1.95 Valu •W^^^^^^MMMM^HH^^^^HMVIflV Month-End E All 36 Inches W MATN FLOOR Month-E W Sp :ial! New Spring P Colors—New Patterns White "Daisy" F MAIN FLOOR Regular 15c; Limit 10 Yards—(NO PHONE ORDERS; MBMH^^^^^^MMM^HMM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^••^^^•^^^••M n l Month-End Extra Special! Bleached Sheeting "Wearwell" and "Premium" Brands—Reg. 30c Yd.—MAIN FLOOR ——^—• . _ • Month-End Extra Special! 80x105 Rayon Spreads 88c ^•••^•^MMi^^M 95c ^••^•M^^HMm 98c ^^MM^^MMH^V 50c 79c 59c 95c 12c 9c 19c The Regular Selling Price Is $2.50—While They Last—MAIN FUOOR r ^ • B ' " ^"^•"^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^^^^^^^^•^^••^•^^^^•^^^^^^^^^•^•••^•^^^•^^^^^•••^^^^^^^^^ Month-End Extra Special! Genuine "Hope" Muslin Full 36 Inch Bleached—Limit 10 Yards—No Phone Orders ^^^^^^•^^•^•^^••••^•HBItt^Hf^^^^^^MA^^H^^^M^^^^^^^^^^BH^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Month-End Sale 300 Yards 36-In. Outing Flannel Plain White, Stripes or Checks—"No Phone Orders—MAIN FLOOR ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•(•^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^•^^•^^•^ta^fe^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k^^^b^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^I^I^H^^^I^^^^H^^^^I^I^^^^I^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Month-End Sale 400 Yards All Pure Silk Pongees Wonderful 75c Value—32 Inches Wide f01 In 10 Coloi •^•^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Month-End Sale 3-P9und California Cotton Batts Pure White—Fine Quality—Regular Price 95c ^^^^•^^^MM^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^H^^^^H^^H^^k^^^A^^H^^b^^h^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^K^^^^^HM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^u^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BWB^^^B^^^^^B^^^BBBHBB^^^^^^^^^^^BBPi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B Month-End Sale Real 2-Thread Monks Cloth Natural CoJor—50 Inches Wide MAIN FLOOR MAIN FLOOR ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^P^P^P^P^^^P^^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^P^^^^P^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^p^^^^^^^P^P^^^^^^P^P^P^^^P^P^PH h Month-End Sale Dainty Bedroom Curtains Full 2 L /i Yards Long—Springtime-Values— MACN FLOOR Month-End Sale Well-Made Kitchen Curtains + They Are 45 Inches Long—Exceptional Value MAIN FLOOR lie ••^W^BBMB^MM 39c 69c i^H^MVH^MMHMfl 33c ^•^•••tt^^^Mi 95c 49c Month-End Cleanup B Lines of Bed S • • "Molmwk" Perfection, \Vcur\vell, D wight Anchor, in Three Sixes. Regular 85c, 90c, $1.00 and $1.05. LIMIT 6 TO A CUSTOMER 75c " *• ; SATURDAY IS YOUR DAY AT REDLICK'S Month-End Clean-Up Men's Sweaters We have grouped many .lines of these sweaters for this event. The offering includes both V neck and Crew neck styles. These sweaters are all .pure wool, plain and fancy designs, long sleeves, and there are many in the lot which sold for*) MONTH END SALE PRICE \ Month-End Sale Men's Wool Shirts Broken sizes and colors, heavy weight, plain and fancy shades; values to |5.00. MONTH END SALE PRICE., $1.95 Men's Heavy Union Suits A month end clear-away of heavy cotton suits, 'long and short sleeves, ankle length. Regular $1.29. • MONTH END SALE PRICE..... 79 c Men's Fine Shirtcraf t Shirts I V In woven broadcloth, madraa , and rayon stripes. A good assortment of patterns, regular , $1.96. .MONTH END SALE PRICE 95 c New Corduroy Overalls In blue and brown; full cut; the very newest idea in boys' wear. They have bib fronts. MONTH END SALE PRICE.. $1.19 Boys' Suedette Blazers "With knitted bottoms, -coat sleeves, two flap pockets, double texture quality; $1.95'value. MONTH END SALE PRICE.. $1.69 Sale of Boys' Sweat Shirts In fancy patterns, white with emblems, heavy weight cotton, and crew neck.' MONTH END SALE PRICE 69 c Boys' Levi Koveralls The genuine Levi-Strauss make; round and square necks. Blue J and white stripe, also tan and blue; 6 to 13-yeur sizes. MONTH END Aft* SALE PRICE 4KIC Boys'All-Wool Pullover Sweaters t Long and short sleeves; iiTbluo, brown, red or navy.. Regular .$1. MONTH END SALE PRICE 79 c • • Scores of Month-End Special Savings in the Basement! Wagner Waffle Irons For delicious old-fashioned waffles use a Wuguer cast iron waffle baker. Special MONTH END SALE PRICE $1.39 Aluminum * Cake Pans The Mlrro brand, spring torte and cake pau with decorator. The set, MONTH END SALE PRICE form calce Straw Braid Shopping Bags For the. motor and general shopping use, woven in assorted colors. MONTH END SALE PRICE j t RKDLICK'S 79c HEDLICK'S 19c RIJDLTCK'S Tea Set Service for 12 People An Ideal 57-piece set for card parties and other functions. Special MONTH END SALE PRICE $4.25 Best-Ever A full 10-Inch, soft gray halrt* on twisted wire frame, with extra long wooden handles. MONTH END SALE PRICE JUSDUCK'S 49c RBPUCK'0 t'

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