The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 26, 1948
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BLYTHE\TLEE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF WORTHEA8T ARKANSAS AND 8OUTKEAOT MISSOURI VOL. XI.IV—NO. 80 Blythevllle Courier Blythevill* Daily New> MiMisslppl Valley Leader Blythevill* H«rald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNE 2«, 1948 EIGHT PAGES British Formally Protest Russian Berlin Blockade V BERLIN, June 26. (U.P.)—Lt. Gen. Sir Brian Robertson, ^British military governor, formally protested today to Mar- filial Vassily D. Sokolovsky against the Soviet blockade of Berlin and asked that normal traffic be restored at once. The protest was the first formal* . representation lo the Russians by • ny Western Allied representative here since the Soviets halted all surface transport, 10 Berlin Tuesday. "I request that arrangements be made by the Soviet military administration 10 restore normal traffic communications to and from Berlin Smmedmttly," Robertson said In a softly-worded letter delivered to Sokotovsky this morning. American planes began flying milk and medical supplies into Berlin to alleviate the plight of 2,500,000 Germans affected by the Palestine Truce Jeopardized by Egyptian Moves Btrnadottc'i Rtport To UN Acknowledges Situation's Gravity Britain Intends To Stay in Berlin Foreign Office Takes Firm Stand on Soviet 'Cold War' on Allies ., .... LONDON, June 26. (Up)—The Russian effort to squeeze out the British Intend to stay in Berlin "• • "• despite a "ruthless attempt by the Western allies. The Communist bos; of Germany Soviet government to create a Wilhelm Pieck, said the crisis could " stat c of siege," the Foreign QJUce (United Prat SUH RHODES, June 26.— (UP)— The Palestine truce was Jeopardized today by Egyptian violations, and Count Police Bernadottc's work toward a lasting peace In the Holy Land suffered a severe setback Bernadotte acknowledged the gravity of the situation in a report to the United Nations, for which he Is mediator. He described as a "serious incident" an Egyptian attack on a Jewish food convoy and on a UN observation plane. He protested vigorously to the Egyptian government and askc« for a full explanation. Pending the formal reply, Cairo dispatches Indicated the line Egypt would take. Premier Mahmoud No kr a shy Pasha said Informally there that the firing on the UN plane by an Egyptian pilot, he said, thought the UN BINGLB COPIES riVK CENTg Shoppers Get Off to Early Start Using Parking Meters on Mam Blytheville moiorteta !wt r«ry Httl. time in putting Uw ntw mtifrs to DM. < The meter«, which «rt not to go into operation unttt today, having ntckles »nd penni« "ffd" them early yesterday afternoon. ' On seme blocks there were large* be settled only when the Western- gaps between meters haying had coin* deposited in them, but on others there were ten and H meters consecutively In operation. On one section on Main Street. wher« it ww particularly hard to lind a meter without * coin, * lone meter showed it had not been used. The first fleeting thought an observer had was that someone actually knew when the meter» started collecting nlckles and pennies officially for the parking rights. But the thought was wrong. The car was from Texas. Blytheville car owners must be (lie most honest or the most civic minded people in the world, or maybe they don't like tlie Idea of being invited to accompany a coupla' dollars down to the city hall for overpaying ... or maybe they're Just generous. Anyway, the city got some uiuollcltcd money yesterday, and it's a common belief that they'll use it. Officially the meter, were In op- MU'ictions recently imposed by So- authorities on communications be"tween""JBemn""and'"tHe""Bri't'ish - d ". vc tllcm . rr ° m Berlin. Talks were e[ j vi ^_^ States xere consulting on firm Joint' tti<l Ber i>adotte in the truce work was injured. Zone because I was justified in assuming from tiie announcement of ; the Soviet military administration that these restrictions were Icm- I.*? 1 "? on '" Berlin ' London and "smnglon. Ambassador Lewis Douglas called on Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin porary and designed to protect the ancl Undersecretary William Strang currency of the Soviet zone pending introduction of currency conversion by you," Robertson said. Cite Technical Grounds "Now, hovfever, I learned from the press tliat the Soviet military administration has announced that yesterday, and on Bevin again to- dny. Most British newspapers urged j the government to take a resolute line with the Soviets. Tlie Dally Mail speculated whether the time had come to apply economic Helmsted and Berlin is suspended on technical grounds, and that no alternative route will be made available. Simultaneously barge traffic . rt „ on canals has been stopped. . ' *j~ a ' "Under arrangements in force : Russia. "1939 Repealed" "Before our eyes the steps led that -,-. to war in 1Q39 are being re- among the occupying powers, Brit- Dallj ". Ma " sni[1 - rn . abused Rus*' of tr>ln » '° sccure Political oiiiung uie uuuupjiiig powers, -tarn- , ..,, , , ' .-*.... ish authorities are relsponsible lor ±* lllam " at 'he. expense of the Contributing supplies for the popu- I f.^5 "."'.2,1?*'"" '', s 'T in8 tlle Nation of Berlin. I am abie and will- • . rCLj" m ;> n P°P"'»ce. ing to continue to discharge this t * ^flPf"" 5 P<*"man said ™,-..,~..,..-i,ii!i.. : ..- .- ,. --. me ol i ice had Riven verv spi-inns As for the Egyptian attack on the Jewish convoy. Nokrashy said tlie government objected to the convoy and had advised the truce commission to that effect Wednesday. Rernadotte Okaycrt Convoy But Bernadotte reported to tlie Security Council that he hnd given the convoy a go-ahead In the face of an Egyptian warning that It could not accept his ruling that Ihe foodstuffs be allowed to reach Jewish settlements in South Pates- estine. He explained that the truce provided for no advantnye accuring lo either side, nnd if it were used as a pretext to starve out Jewish settlements in the Negev It would be an advantage to the Arabs. The government of Israel protested not only against the Ncgev incident but also charged that the Egyptians shelled villages In that responsibility provided that my ™n K ,H.,,(i n , freight, trains and barges are free a-H „ " i " • '' i . •• f s " mt ' on . c ' osetouch nc , T , „"• •, ' The statement by' the Foreign Interruption of essential freight ! Office was issued .in the form of cannot be held to be a measure to a denial of a story in the Soviet protect tlie currency position in . Army newspaper TRegl.che Runrls- the Soviet Zone. I therefore request i chau in Berlin. It said officiA] cir. that arrangements he made by the clcs in London were considering ! Soviet military administration to British withdrawal from Berlin restore normal traffic communica- ' tions to and from Berlin immeoi- ately. "I wish to make it clear if they ! are not so restored and undue and ' avoidable suffering is thereby in- I flicted upon the German populii- i lion, it will be because I have been deprived by you of means to sustain them." Clay Sends Noie Gen. Lucius D. Clay sent to Sokolovsky a brief note accompanied ,..„, ,, . . . , by the latest, laws for implementing ~ Gubernatorial Candldire currency reform in Western Ger- rnany. eration today and |h« rale b one P 1!l'\ y j 01 ia "»»»t«i- Tlie meters will take as many «s 10 pennies at • time and the motorists geU tli« privilege of leaving Ills car for two hours. Then for convenience, nickels may be u_sed for an hour's park- Ing, or two nickels (or two hours. Then it'i pay-off lime again for the meters »nd they must be fed more nickels or pennies if the c»r owner still has shopping to do. Half of the "take" from the parking meters goes to Ihe city and the other lialf to tlie company which installed them. After the meters have been paid (or (»nd they cost »«« each), th« city gets all of the profit and is pledged to use the money to give Blythevllle wider uid better strect-s. The parking moter Installation was approved overwhelmingly by Blytheville voters hi the city election April nftcr the ide» lud been advanced by the city official, and referred to the electorate for ratification. Aviation Caravan Visits Blytheville Air Tourists Make Overnight Stop and Elect Queen of Tour Miss Glenna Lee Moore, daughter f Sta' -• • • Decision Delayed In Murder Case Municipal Judge Asks Attorneys To Submit Briefs Testimony of four slate witnesses Bernadotte also received selected "Miss Aviation of Arkansas morning at the preliminary hearing for 1948" by more .than 300 partlcl- tm Edmund R. McC!chee. 41, who punts of the 16th Annual Arkansas ls charged with murder In connec- Alr Tour at a rinnce at the recrea- tlon with the death of Harry O. lion building at the Air Base last Blanchard, 86. Blythevllle carpenter, night. June 20. The selection of Miss Arkansas After the testimony was heard Aviation highlighted an evening of Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury festivities which began shortly announced continuance of the hear- after nearly 45 planes, led by Air ing until Tuesday and asked that Tour commander Cliff Plegge of attorneys submit briefs at thnt Little Rock, landed at the Blythe- time to determine whether the ville Airport late yesterday after- charge should be murder or man- noon. Several planes Joined the tour slaughter other | R ' Blythevllle to continue with the No testified for the de- Industry Losing Anti-Third Round WageHikeBattle St««t li Latttt to Fall Before Demand* of Unions; Aluminum Up By Charln H. Hnruld United Frw. Staff Cormpondmt WASHINGTON, June as. (UP.) John I.. Lewis' new contract appeared today to signal the fliiM co)l»j>M of industry's hold-lhe-llnc campaign against a "third round" of ponlwar wage Increases. Expected capitulation by U. 8. Steel nnd other steel companies to Lewis' wage demnnds would remove virtually the lust resistance In thij once-solid front. Tliut front iwai broken first by Clcncrnl Motors Corp,, mid then by Ooncrnl Electric, Wes.lngVious* ami other big companle.1 in the past two weeks. Although aleel companies have not actually signed a contract with Lewis United Mine Workers, their spokesmen have Indicated they will go along "reluctantly" i>lth tlie »1- a-day pay raise and the 20-ci.nt* n ton welfare contribution. 'Phese were the major points or the ngree-l ment signed yesterday by Ixswls and operators producing 70 per cent of the nation's coal. Th« steel companies, which run the no-called "captive" mines, halkert at the last minute on In- HUlini; a contract Unit continued the union shop without an election of the National Labor Relations Board, Their negotiators claimed this wns a violation of the Taft- Hurtley Law. Short Hold-Out Seen However. Informed sources said the steel companies will not demur for long. They predicted a settlement before the miners return to the p'.la July 6 from their minimi vacation which began today. A special com fact-finding board was to report to the While House later kiday that the steel companies' refusal to sign Involves no threat to the national safety. Meanwhile, the hold-the-tlne campaign against, wage boosts suffered another setback when the Scott Is Selected By Dewey as GOP Committee Head PHILADELPHIA, June 26. (U.P.)—Cov. Thomw B. IJcwoy today selected Congressman Hugh D. Scott, Jr., at 1 cuTisylvania, HH the new Republican NHtional Chairman, completing a reorganization of the GOP high command Democrats Begin Anti-Dewey Talk GOP Ticket Blasted As Campaign Name- Calling Starts Early Ry John A. OoliUmlth United 1'mui stuff forrmnondent WASHINGTON .Mine 2«. (UP) —Tlie Republican Parly's Dewey- Wnrren ticket WIL. viewed in Ueni- ocrntlc circles today as a GOP bid "to shnko off Ihe albatross record of lira 80th Congress." Democratic National chalimrm J. Ilownrd McGrnlh snlrt the cholco of Ihe two governors represents a "panicky scramble lo try to cover up the record of Congress with a 'new look.' " "The ruthless decision to lock up the Tafls nnd Marlins nnd Hallecks r.ncl Drlckcrs like so many skeletons In n closet until aflcr Ihe elec- llon was finalized when the Dewcy * llie National Committee technl. c«lly chooses the chairman. However, the commlttee'i meeting thl» morning will IK & routine r»tm. callon of Dewey's selection of acott, an ardent inlcrnatlonallst. Hoth Dcwey nnd his running mate, Oov. Enrl Wnrren of Callfornl*. will appear before the commltUw at tho meeting to plug their selection of the former Philadelphia as-' slstnnt district nttorney. Scott, a veteran of'both world wnis, will succeed n. Carroll Heece, a Tnlt man. Tho 48-year-old Scott, a nalive of' Fredei Icksburg, Vn.., is the father less serious charges of truce viola- " ir tourists to Little Rock today, fense today tions. A CRiro report said the Jews' Blythevtlle's part Ir^ the tour ---•-• violated the truce near the Lebanese frontier. Details were not sent here. The Iraqi foreign .ministry was reported to have messaged a protest aaginst the alleged landing of Jews in Palestine In violation of the truce. Thompson Hits McMath's Road Building Plan Lrrn,E ROCK. Ark., June 26. Horace E Thompson leveled another broadside at Sid McMath's Clay said that a' week ago he highway bond proposal today, de- had "pointed out our desire to con- I daring that obligations bused on tinue trade relations between our \ 'he present rate of revenue collec- jone of occupation and the Soviet tions might well be "financial sui' zone, and our readiness to meet ' you to discuss such arrange- ! cide'' for Arkansas. In a speech prepared for deliv- ?^ciits as appear necessary to ac- ' cry at 3 p.m. at Malvern. Thomp- romplish t.nis purpose. I would like son repeated his "unalterable" op- to point out that we arc still pro- position to new bond issues and pared to meet with you for this further borrowing for road pur- nn.-r». n » |K)SC ,. a]1[ , reaffirm^ llis ^liel in purpose. 1 Con.inunLsl-oontro.led ions here threatened a general strike. A feature of uie Soviet, cam- trade un- . a pay-as-you-go plan. U. S. Victory Seen Aluminum company announced that it of America had granted at the Fly Inn and the Hotel Noble:j ' Mayor Greets Visitor* ' » h ' h * raises cf 10 to 1(1 cents nn hour to the CIO United Steel Workers heud- - ed by Philip Murray. The company .ring an | simultaneously Increased the price v , . :. «°^ >S .°. tl ! 0 ' » 1 ! lm !""™.'»'« «"l P«r pouml. nmchlnc steamrollered Warren through the coventlon," auld Mc- Ornth. Sen. Joseph c. O'Hnhoney of Wyoming, who litu been mentioned as a possible vice presidential running mile for President Tru- nitin, described the IJcwcy-Warren ticket as a "repudimion" of OOP leaders on Capitol Hill. "The Republicans." said O'Mii- honoy, "have nominated their strongest ticket. The convention abandoned International isolationism not only In tlie platform but also by turning its buck upon nil of the Congressional aspirants whone record In the 80th Congress had been marked by opposition or criticism of the European Recovery Progriitn."* O'Mahoney »ald It) is "doubtful" whctlirr Diwey could have carried • Ift r 1 1 TO EXtGnd I ' - ... '. Lumber Company last Saturday »f- ,,; I ternoon, knocking him down. His development l< said to be in ti Tlie court heard testimony from tion was selected Just before the dance, following the catfish supper. Miss Moore, sponsored by the Ar- j Ulnnchard at the hospital, Bowen kansas Pi Ivate Fliers, was congrat- ! Hnywood, Negro, and Raymond uated by members of her family j Wells, employees of the lumber com- upon her selection. She piloted the j pany nnd E. M. Holt, owner of the _ entire family lo Blytheville in a i Holt Funeral Home where Blanch-' The b_islc price of alumir 'Little Assembly' LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., June 26. (UPI—Tlie United States appeared headed for victory today in its campaign to extend the life of the Russinn-Boj'cotted United Nations "Little Assembly." Tlie American delegation won an initial victory when a 17-nation sub-committee adopted its "propo- L S ?? cond pla ,f ( w » lner . Mlss Jackle a skull fracture, he said. ..„, ._ „_ , .. u . l^up" Sat.tpr]OL'_ nllot'-ri a lu-n *>nff IIP T^-.W TT- -_j ___, ™, Stinson plane. Miss Moore has been flying only two months, since the day of her 16th birthday, has 18 hours in the air and soloed a few dnys ago. She succeeds Miss Jlmmle ard's body was taken following his death. Dr. Hubener testified that Blan- i^i. Aluhrctlul IcaLllll-u blml, £>Jltll- . , , ' J "* ctmrd died from a. br&ln injury be- A " ierlra "Plied the price to offset a «„.._. „,,„. ..,.._. ou.,-.ccuo 1.1 ..-.a u,mime Heved caused by either a concussion iV..P <!r ce " t ' WH(!C '""ease to 20,000 Davis of Hot Springs as Miss Ark- ^ hemorrhage or a combination of' ', r h'~ orB ''"™ d «'»Pl°yes, averting a ansas Av at on. U..»i. T., .. ._,,.,_ _. .(Strike set for m dn ehr. both. There were no visible signs of, President Truman wns officially silent on the Republican ticket he e«i>oct.s to fnce tills full. But Sen, Jnmcs E. Murray, D., Mont., said alter a While House visit that tho president "seems to think" that Dcwny'fi nomlnnUDn was a triumph for the "conservative Interests." In his statement, McGrath said the "desperate effort-, of the Dewey of | camp to shake off the Albatross record of Congress is doomed to fnH- urc." "Gov. Dewcy, himself, bears a major share of personal rcsiwnsl- company said bnslc prices | bllity for the failures of the 80th Aluminum Prices Uppcd PfTTSBUROH, June 28. (U.P.)— he b-islc price of aluminum was Increased for th* first time In n years todny. The Aluminum Company of * 14-year-old daughter, Marian Lee. . During the first World War h* Interrupted his education to serve with Hie volunteer corps but wa« rejected because of his youth. He returned lo school tt nd graduated from Hnndolph-Macon College la 1019 nnd Ihe University of VH-glnl» n 1D22. He also attended the Unl- •crslty of Pennsylvania. , Selection of Scott came «s s com- ilcte surprise. He hntl not been nentloncd iimong the members of the party's Internntionallst wing uciilloiiDd as likely candidate* for the Job. Reward for Martin Tlie Pennsylvania congressman wns agreed upon by OOP leaders meeting in Dcwey's holel suite. It was « hnndsome reward for Sen. Edward Mnrtln of Pennsylvania, lender of the pro-Dewcy faction among Pennsylvania's feuding con- ventlon dclcentcs. At first, It wiui'expected that th» OOP leadership riKhl go to one ol Dow-ey's highly efficient pro-convention campaign mmmgers, Her- licrt Brownell, Jr., former National Committee chairman; J. Russell Sprnguc, New York Nntlonnl Com- mlttecmtvn, or Edwin Jaeckle, New York political lender. Brownell nnd Jaeckle declined tho national chalrmnnslilp, however, and Sprague apparently fol- Jowed their lead, it wa« expected that the vigorous and politically*'' wise trio wonW-'ffiirfiSSiiniSBif- NwfX York governor'i presidential cam* ' pnlftns. After Dewcy nnd yrarrtn too* over the party's future, they brought to the Republican council tubts ninny new faces »nd a few old ones—amonfr them John Poster Dulles, Dcyey's long-time adviser on foreign nffnlrs. Among the new group summoned by the GOP nominee to plan the presidential campaign were Sen, Arthur H. Vnndcnlwrg of Michigan, Oov Alfred Driscoll of New Jersey, nnd Sens. Alexander Smith of New Jersey and Knowlnnd. St.isscn to Help Harold E. Slnssen, who failed in his bid for Hie OOP nomination, has promised to lake "an active" part In support of the Dewey-Warren ticket. Pnrty strategists, confident that Both Haywood and Wells testified \ wiu ^ Increased by one cent n I Congress," be approved by thc interim group i Gloria Oillesple of Little Rock, spoi itself and finally by the General " "" "-- " Assembly, which meets In Paris next Pall. There was every likelihood McMatli suggested the issuance 5'ear's of bonds ns the only means of i The that the assembly would back t'he American-sponsored "Little paign wns tin- stirring up of unrest. '. making immediav. add I ions to the A "<™bl.v" was set up on an ex- amoi.g the Gei.nans. The Birlm City Council was re- poitcd io be pianning to appeal to state highway system. "The folly of over-obligating our capacity to pay has been clearly ?"*, f"" ple " ac i' )ll , e . s ', rtm K " n ~ drmonstralcd in th P hi.tnr,. nr n ,l ! tests / rom the Soviet Woe. which perimental basis (or one year by last fall's assembly seslon. The Idea . was idopted despite strong ncw organ was a sored by the W.N.N.A., and Miss Clcva Burks of Pine Bluff, sponsored by the Flying Farmers of Arkansas. Claude Munda, of Little Rock, vice president of the Arkansas Private Filers presided over the selection of the fliers' que«n. Miss Moore was elected by applause from thc audience and was presented an orchid corsage and a large sterling silver loving cup, The fliers visited In Stuttgart, Forrest City and Manila before ar- by Blanchard. Judge Sudbury ordered McGehee held without bond to await continuance of the hearing Tuesday. amsizlng facts of the hu s e interest ri.i^ some reht'f lor the Gormans Transterred to Texas solve our whole road problem. sector Vanguard of Armv of 205,000 DP's Expected to Enter U. S. Late in August LUXORA. Ark., June 26 — The Rev. Charles E. Lewis, pa.-l'jr of Ihe Luxori Methodist Church for the pa.-t four years, has bren transferred from thc North Arkansas Meth- nui.-t Conference :o Die Texas WASHINGTON. June 26 (UP)-1 thcv .aid onlv 10000 Methodist Conference where he will Thc vanguard of an army'of 205.- Jews aiil be amon th ii 000 European vvar refugee.; will en- ' (cr tile United Slates late in August, government officials said to- dny. The vast immigration of displaced persons will continue for about two years under terms of a bill signed into law by President be pastor o. Hie Methodist Churcrt at Reel Waier. Texas. W-iIe. in Red Water, the Rev. Mr. t uis will attend the Southern : .'.hodiBt University where lie will finish his work on his master's degree, lie received his bachelor of urt.s degree from Hendrix in 1942 to 15000 ! immigrants. The reason for this, the officials said, is a provision In the law that DP's must have fled to Ger- Aug. 16 First Date for Draft Registration WASHINGTON. June 26. (UP) — i ty and, much more Important, it elected. He snld he hoped to'trans- The wage settlement came short- 'nirt the nntion. But It did serve to form tho vice presidency Into » ly before a schcdued strike of CIO further Dcwcy'n own political for- . "working Job" so he could "ta*e United Stcclworkers In nine plantst tul "' os which were placed nhcad^ of advantage of Governor Warren's nml nntlonai welfare. The _ __ „ pla — of the company. Philip Murray, president of the CfO ami the steel- Republican pnrty rcwnrdcd Dewcy workers, said thc settlement pro-! for ''• 1 - s lncl1 of leadership nnd Inck vldes for hourly Increases of 10 to!° r a record during the pnst two 16 cents an hour. crucial years by renomlnating him ALCOA said It wns rcluclant to!' 01 ' thc 1"™"'""*." rnlsc its prices, hut thc "third postwar round" of wage boosts forced I j, p u/ . °" an "OrKerS dropped 30 i>cr said, while- prices for nearly al 'oth- I "'The"sir.kc" was'Tmiitcd"' nnd the Thc first registration under the new cr materials Increased sharply. foO(1 sll|]| , Iy wns-not threatened for peacetime draft will be on Aur/. IS. \ '^ALCOA, like any otlic rcompiiny. j the time being. Government offl- day. superb administrative tnlenls In the colossni Job of reorganizing the national government and bringing some order out of chaos." Wnrren, who won the vice presidential nomination by acclamation yestcrdny, told a press conference a short time Inter that the prospects of the vice ijreiw.iuy being No. 2 spot. said to- cannot afford feet of advanci f Grants The delay is necessary, they said, in order to give the proposed 4,000 draft boards throughout the nation a chance to get organized. These officials estimated that by Aug. 30 the first questionnaires will be In thc mall to draft-eligible men in the 19-through-25 age group. Af- tcr '"^ are classified, the oldest to withstand the ef- | clals'snld the strike would be scr- Hike of 1 1 Cents On Hour . c ™ s ' factor.,," said !loi, S If It continued through Mon- nrRURI . AMri T ,._ n ; ,„„, "[ n. V. Davlcs, ALCOA vice president 'day. Tlie strike wns culled over the and snips manager. discharge of two workers. 1«">«."?• tio'n of Nicholson Named on AEA School Policy Committee W. B. Nicholson, superintendent, of Blytheville schools, has been ap- ! or the '-*'» wln *« "lied up first. pointed to Important committees I B<lrrln B »" emergency, however, no- dealing with educational affairs of; the state, it was disclosed today. He. has been made a member of t the Arkansas Education Association's committee iceis, one of the more impo: committees of the state's organiza- t ody will be Inducted before Sept. Meanwhile, the Army, Navy and Air Force planned lo announce. "of educational pol- t «"<"»»"? Monday, that IP more tmnortant throwing open their ran ic more important, ., . , ,«...,--ij. they are and sir.ce tlien has working on Truman late yesterday. The United his masters decree al Sorrett Coi- Stales plans lo provide 18 ships to luge in Nashville, Tenn. The Rev. i tlle international refugee organiza- Mr. Lewii WAS p«ator of the Dy«.s ! licm for transporting DP's to this M»thodUl Church three years be- j country, fore coming to the Luxora church. ' Tlle President, who repeatedly had eligible for admis- The o arrived after that , by na]p (her 22, 1945 to be sion Most Jews date. Mr. Truman was particularly i Mr. Nicholson for membership on critical of this section of the new [ the selecting comr by Ralph B. Jones, state comnils-1 [ sioner of education, who selected 1 year's service. An 18-year old can mrnt was mart* i esM P« t he 21-month draft by en- .mcnt was made! ., ' " e it as a "device used to discriminate against Jew Ish displaced persons. The family will leave for its nev home in the next few days. His ..uc- ces-sor here has not been named. __ ______ ........ asked Congress for legislation eii- "This brutal fact." he said, "can"Wing a substantial numli-r of i not De obscured by the maze of DP's lo .settle here, snid hr wns technicalities in Ihe bill or by Ihe signing the bill "with very great i protestations of some or its sponsors " reluctance." He denounced it as 1 During the past two years. 35.000 "flagrantly discriminatory" against: homeless Europeans have taken re'—- and Catholics, and appealed i f"ge in Ihe United states under Soviets Detain Newsman BERLIN, June 2« (UD-Stvcn ' to congress to"comci'"u s " "miuVI j the quota svst"e m r AbS.'rt^ bflb"'of «.,»..•. " ev -' jm ^"' including :\i tices" al (he next session. these were Jews. nmlttee for music texts to be used In public schools In Arkansas. 2 Held in Fatal Shooting Of Rector City Marshal PICX3OTT, Ark., June 26 (UP) —Two men were held in Jail here listing for 12 months and then serving six years in the reserve. Army Secretary Kenneth c. Royall will announce at » Monday press conference how the Army plans to handle the draftees. He Is also expected to outline a ^\n for handling 18-year-olds that will include some of the features of the experimental Universal Military Training unit at Fort Knox, Ky. Hoyall clamped the lid on National Ciliard recruiting yesterday • » elated Press photographer, were released by the Russian* tcd»y after 30 hour* of detention. They said they were not mis- been that under I Is anti- following the fatal shooting : on the ground that the Army has- ycsterday ol Tom Green, 58-year- n't enough money to pay more men. CLEVELAND, June 26. (UPI—The B. F. Goodrich Co. and thc United Rubber Workers (CIO) todny signed « new contract granting 17.000 workers In seven Goodrich plants wage Increases of It cents an hour. Tlie wngc raise was retroactive to June 21 and followed similar wage Increases grnnted In the pnst few Gospel music, free Hour nnd slide'Mac steered clear of an out-and-out ! weclts ^ th e Firestone Rubber Co. films were combined here last night Apolitical speech last night and t an<1 the Goodycnr Tire & Rubber MacKrell Distributes Free Flour, Takes Up Collection, Talks Polities' by rartio evangelist and gubernator- | feinted considerably before landing Inl candidate James (Uncle Mac) : thc few verbal .punches he threw. MacKrell of Little Rock in a bid ' His talk rolled along over such for Mississippi County votes in the things ns what Ihe state needs and July 27 primary. j w hat lie would give It If elected. Uncle Mac. with his quartet, wove On at lenst three occasions, however, Uncle Mac dipped suddenly . evangelism, chllrt welfare and politics into a pattern of folksy oratory that held the attention of the estimated 200 persons in thc predominately rural audience that nearly filled the Circuit Courtroom in the Court House. After the show was over. Uncle Mac took his stand at thc head of the main Court House stairway and » round of hand-shaking with his listeners as they left the building. And for any who were so Inclined, Uncle Mac held a hat In the hnud he wasn't using for shaking. Many members of the audience came through with contributions. Many were reported leaving treas- Tliose eager to escape the draft by j ury spccimans of the green variety. Green died In » Paragould hos- 1 %oliintecrlng 1» the Guard had ' The cash, MacKrell told his nudl- new law fewer Jews will be admitted to this country than would have come In under i . - ----- —•* ..-..- ..._. i».,i.j nuhi.u nave come ttealcd and were given good food. Ihe former quota svstcm "neir jeeps »nd camera* were re- . -• • turned., I the priority given to displaced persons who are natives of the Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Critics of ilie measure - . "" f " pltal last night of two bullet wounds | boosted Its enrollment f»r over the abdomm and one In the chest. Dorrell Ogles WM wounded. Officers Mid t fight broke out when they attempled to arrest 341,00-man quota during th« past week. Underwriters warn (gainst us- enec earlier, went to aid his work for underprivileged children. He also admitted » bit of it helped In his efforts to replace Ben T. L*ney behind the governor's desk. . mil of every claim that these persons In op ennps UJewuh,' largely Prole«l»nt, »untrie s Leon Ogles, 28, • brother of Dar-i ing water to put out an electrical ! Staging his performance in a lei'! Cell's. - ' flri.. A chemicM «xt4n«uteh*r U _ . . .- -__ ritory that even he admits will be bwnn <* UKXMtt rot«. Uncto I into politics, hnnled out a likely target p.nd let fly. His tongue-lashings, however, were short and to the point. He met the "enemy" and dispatched them quickly. For Instance—after lining up the Arkansas Education Department RS nn arch-enemy, Uncle Mac declared: ' "The first thing I'll do If I'm elected governor is fire Ralph Jones. I'm JitKt itching to do thnt Job." Jones Is commissioner of the Stale Department of Educntlon. Uncle Mac said he "fought the Arkansas Fxlucatlon Association to save the state's schools." And If eleclcd, he has big plans to rid the school districts of their debts and bring about increases In Icnchers' salaries. Prambes Some F»«i Talking He will talk the legislature out of $22,000,000 and use that sum to retire the districts' debts. MacKrell asserted. With ihese debts out of S«* FKH FLOUR m Pa* « Co. to the CIO union. Goodrich workers at Clnrksvllle, Tenn.. and Tuscnloosa, Ala., are among those affected. Dock Workers Quit LONDON, June 2fi.—(UP)—Work slopped completely on the London waterfront today pending a showdown Monday between the govern* ment and 20,000 striking dock workers. Weather Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy today, tonight and Sunday with scattered thundcrshowers. Not much change In temperature. Minimum this morning—71. Maximum yesterday—91. Sunset to<Iny—7:17. Sunrise tomorrow—«:4». Precipitation, 24 houts to T ».m. t>xlay—trace. Total -since Jan. 1—N.H. Mcnn temperature (midway b»« tween high and low—81. Normal mean for M»y—103. Thta D»t* Lut Twv . Minimum this morning—**. Maximum yesterday—Jl. Frecipit^Upo, Jut. 1 to tiu» tf*t*

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