The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 23, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
Page 13
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ANNII omiw-ALoNfc \AfSSei&lS^ffSm6 WPPV BeYITHIS I MRSIfiNINOTHS TELEVISION WSCWBTHINS JL CONTRACT-ANPTHEVCVIM6 YOU RICHLY 6UPpy-HOMO|PO>OUHAVS WHO - WB * 1B? MARY WORTH HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO THROUGH THE RESf Of VOUH UFt WITH A FACE LIKE A STEPPED ON HALLOWEEN MA$Kf MWJ DOROTHY Fuoww i» MV PHASE COMETOTHE/RESERVATION 1 FAlCONAAIRLINE5_£f(f ...THERMS /\PPI^* I .^^aJ ft (rltr\fc7 OFFICE!—^^^ BEEN A CANCELLATION, JUSTINTI/VNEf LISTEN TO ME, BUDW! "~ Y "VtHI HAVE A VERT ORDINARY 1 VOlCEl". IT'S YOUR ' ' OECADENTLY HANDSOME FACE WHICH MADE A KEEPS VOU RICH! NO! rn...irs BLACKMAIL! I WONT LET *>U GET AWW WITH THIS.CLOWN! ABNEH THE TOODIES OKAY., BUT THAT PXP6NSTVE WATCH HC5&1 VINO YOU - BETTEgTlCK FASTER RSR VDU THAN IT DOBS FOR HfM W* TEXAS SAW* CUUS18 TftYIN&tOJBuy HIS WAV INTO OUR MTAU PLEASURE NORI^HTTO CRlTICIZfc H£ SPENDS CATCH UWL+-4 SURE, BEltX HELP YOURSELF/ WHAT DID VOU GIVE SALLY FOR A WEDPIN3 PRESENT? NOTHING/ BEFORE t COULO WRAP IT.... ARCHIH BATONtT/ VERONICA, CAN t BORROW A HAT TO WEAR TO THE SALLY SMITH WEDDING? THAT LAMPSHADB YOJ'RB WEARING/ JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and Jerry Brondfield FRECKieS SITTING THIS ONE OUT/ PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer rl WORRY ABOUT GETTIKKS HOT FD BETTER ^ TURN OFF TWE ' LIGHTS ON THE CHRISTMAS GOOD v —V-l l JUST WEAVENS1JHAPPENED WHAT'S r^- TO WRONG- y ( REMEMBER... WHEN I WAS A KID OUR TREE WAD LIGHTED CANDLES! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoop!* IS THAT TH I^^V^^^^ 6ROWM SAUCE/ NOvJ TO ADD A PlNCH^ 6 ONNA EAT ALL THIS ? I OF SAFFRON TO THE gOUILLASAISSE -AND THENC& TO THE HEARTS OF PALM AU 6RATIM/-^UMYAS 1 AMD I MUST SE£ THAT THE 60TTL6S OF CHATEAU y<3UEV\ AND MUS\6WD& VOSUE AR& PROPERLV CHILLED/ 3CNE.THIS WILL, 86 A COLINARV TRIUMPH TO DELISHT THE MOST " JOISCERNINSOF DON'T WAMT TO SB- NAMED NO ACCESSORY TOW PACK.' IT5 BAD 'NUFF VOO f%L SOMMA 60. gANKRUPT/ DOESN'T flUITE HANE THE- CHRISTMAS SPIRIT CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams f I 7 fi / LAST MIWUTE 5HOP- PIKJG, EH? IFIMISHEP MIME LOMO A6O 5O 1 COULP KCLAX AMP EM JDV THE FESTIVE AIR OF THE V HOLIPAY5.' POW'T LET HIM BOTHER S. VOU.' ORPIKIARV MORTAL*, LIKE US, EM JOY MIW&LIM' ' WITH TH'MOB,TH'CRUSH f OF TH' CKOWP, TH 1 LAST' \ MIWUTE SCRAMBLE, AMP... 6R...UH... YEAH, WHV DIP WE HAVE TO BUMP INTO HIM? w w WHY, OH,WHY PIP WE HAVE TO BUMPIW-* TOHIMfTH 1 SOUL OP EFPICIEMCV- TH' PIKJWACLE OF PREPAREP NESS-TH'-BUT WHY 6OOKI.' CHRISTMAS CHEER TJ<. IK- WA r«. o» t (HI ki MU Smtet, Iw. Beth Boyden of Newark, N. J.,iera, found the secret of malle- was termed "one of America's j aD le castiron, and developed a grtatest inventors" by Thumw A. gtrawbe M j u took onl Edison. He discovered patent lea- . . ther, made the first American cam- 15 to maktf 8 I" 81 " 1 ' Don't I look a» if I'm being taken care of,* young man?" The white tile walls and ceiling (Hudson River are washed down of the Lincoln Tunnel under the:every two days. UNLESS WHAT MISS LUCAS? I'M NOTSURE-BUT RECENTLY STEVE MADE A SAD ERROR IN A REPORT OK THE- SPAC6 BISCUIT. I CORRECTED IT •WITHOUT HIS KNOWING. BYACCIPENT HE R3UNP CUT •ORKYICANTniRNlSH MORB EVID6NCB THAT STEVE WRIGHT PISAPPEARED BECAUSE OP ME .U UNLESS.. SOMETHNfl 1KB THAT COULD REAU.V BAT AWAY AT A MAN' MORTY MEEKLE ONE OF THESE 1 CANT PUT UPWITHVOtJR 6TUP1DITY FOREVER, MEEKLE rvEGonoee GOING TQ/U6H ME TOO FAR/ OODD DODD r-JDDDa QOODDQ QQDODDC DDDDODC ]QDD ]ODD innn EXCBTTHATTHtRP WARRIOR MAJP HE TOOK A 6HINE ID, BACK IN FIFTY-FOUR BUT THIS IS / COMB 6EE THE 20TH I FOR VOUR- CENTURSi \ SELF, OOP.™n"S \ OSCAR IMPOSSIBLE! rr0BEENA> LONGTIME HILPA; THAT9 THE ONE/ POCTOR-.SO LONS ICAN7 REMEMBER/ I DONT RECALL ANY BRUNNEHILDE IN PR.VVON.MUGS UFE. WASH TUBBS MOT WITHOUT JEOPAKPIZlHfl THB " HOL * PKGJBCTi EASYl THB IDENTITY Hl$ CO/WAMOM MUST NOT LEAK. SECRET AGENTS ARE TRYING TO TRACE THEto WITH OUT PI6CL05WS 6>rHEK MAN'S IC-ENTITV BUT THAT* SUCH :*Pl AT MY MEN UUt BBTT1R . . QUALIFIED FOR THAT. MEET THIS MKAtf THERE'S NO INPlCKTIOM AND TLL HELP / OF FOUL: PL/y V6TI THE/ TRACE THEM y MAV HAVB HJkO TO PRO- WMS THEIR SECKETTALK* A HANDIC LEAsr.lWAUTTO JOIN THE SEARCH i. NO WORD McKEE, COLONELS CAM'T WE NOTIFX THE POLICE? BUGS BUNNY ( THANK YOU.SIRE, VAMP CALLA9AINI GRAB THAT DOU-Af? SYLVESTER... IT'S MINE! AUSTIN (Minn.) HEPAID Tu«idoy, titt. 23, 1958 SHORT IlB7"| • 0 JACOBY'S BRIDGE «K10t ¥ T • 1 • 864 AS ¥Kt» • AJ03S BAST 4AJ9754 V.Q83 *7 #A9» VAJ.904 4KQ10* . No one Vdrth-Soutb 6& on acore. 8eMfc Wed North KM! IV Pus 1N.T.24 Pan Paw 2N.T, Pa* • • Double SV Double Pan Pass Pass Opening lead— *s> »y OSWALD MCOBT Written for NEA Settle* Wnt lo§t no time opening his aln- •leton tpade agalnit the doubled tbre* heart contract. East took his ace and returned his alngleton diamond to West. West took his ace and three diamond ruffs and two spade ruffs followed. The defense still had to make * club trick so South was down'700. South did not think much of North's two no-trump bid and told htm so. South contended that North had a bar six points and the flattest possible distribution and should simply have let East play two spades. As South pointed out; two spades was only a part •core. North admitted his bid was bad. He said, "Our 60 part score Intrigued me and I hoped that I could get away with two no-trump. But where did you dig up that three-diamond bid? 4 Needless to say, South had no answer to that question. He did not Ilk* two no-trump, but bis partner wasn't doubled there and if h* were, South'* three spades to the queen would be Taluable help for whatever North hid in "that eult. No one knows what would have happened If South had passed two no-trump. We do know what happened when South ran out of two no-trump. Needle Painting People who advertise in Austin Daily Classified Pages are Satisfied. Why Net Try A 1959 CHRISTMAS CLUB CHECK HOW TO SAVE AN EXTRA $100 It's always nice at Christmas time to have that "special" fund for the extra expenses of the Holiday season. Thafs why so many folks find Christmas Club at the Austin State Bank the ideal way to provide this fund. There's still time to open your club for 1959. . . . Come in this week and choose the one you want. AU DEPARTMENTS CLOSE WEDNESDAY AT 3:00 P.M. It's easy to save $25 to $500 for next Christmas. Santa Claus says "If you want to save $100, first save $10. And if you want $10 begin by saving $1 ... because anyone can save one dollar." AUSTIN STATE BANK •74* fnwtiy MM**I F.D.I.C. We're here to help you get what you want By LAVBA WHE8LEW Just » little «tobroid«ry tat tb»« two picture*. Tbey will «dd bwuty V> »O7 room. CM n»tui*l ooJortng, or Juit bltck Or brovo w 1ft »a etoWng. Pattern 618: tnuui(«r of a picture »\i * 11% Inches (embroidery *1M): color ebftrt- 8*ad Thirty > Uve Centf tools*) for thU patters — Kid 9 o«ou for web pattern (or lit • olau mailiog. Bead to the Avuttn D*Uy SenuL Needlecraft Dept.. P. O. Box 1«9. Old cheUca BUUos. New York 11. N. T. Print plainly PATT«KM M(IM«KK, BANK. 4DDBSSS and ZONJB. Send for a copy ot 1969 l*m& Wae*- »r Needlecratt Book. It bat lov«w dealgo* to order: embroidery, crochet. k&HU&«. we»Ttoa. quilting, ton. In tae book, a tpecUl •urpriae to m*k* UtUt girl bipai — « out • UtUt gi 4^QtibjM *0

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