The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 30, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. Move Olympics To Michigan MONDAY, OCT. 3.0, 1939, Games Would Go to Detroit if Finland Renounces Its Claim NEW YORK, Oct. 20.—(/P)— The 1940 Olympics became an international guessing game today because of an announcement from Olympic headquarters in Switzerland that they might be transferred from Helsinki, Finland to Detroit. Nobody could 'be sure what it was all about, inasmuch as Fin- ] land still is planning to hold the games and Detroit has not asked for them recently, and isn't sure it wants them on such short notice. There perhaps has been no more startling "communique" since Europe's war began than the proclamation of the international Olympic committee in Lausanne Sunday that the 1940 games would be held in Detroit if Finland renounced its right to stage them. The committee's communique said all national Olympic committees had been polled as to whether they would send teams to Helsinki and that if their replies were negative, as many were expected to be, Finland would renounce and clear the way for removal of the Olympics to the United States where many of the neutral nations were certain to compete. The consternation this caused was something to behold. Avery Brundage, president of the American -Olympic committee, retorted, "There must be some mistake. The committee would not award the games to Detroit without consulting us and we've heard nothing about It. In Detroit Mayor Richard Beading, with great civic enthusiasm, declared his city would "welcome the games with open arms." But his own chairman of a committee to obtain the Olympics in 1944, Frederic C. Matthai, expressed surprise at the action and added • "There isn't sufficient time to make .plans for a bang-up Olympiad and a track meet without France, Great Britain and Germany in the contention would not be much of an attraction. Finland has a tremendous investment in the games and it may mean bankruptcy for someone if they are not held." Word of the internationl committee's action reached Finland in the middle of the night and no official comment was forthcoming immediately. But it was pointed out that preparations for the Olympics July 20 to Aug. 4 had gone forward unceasingly during the current crisis between Finland and Russia. Illinois Is Next Foe For Michigan Wolverines ANN ARBOR, Oct. 30.—(/P)— Michigan, only unbeaten Western conference eleven, looked ahead today to Illinois, next foe on its schedule, its might still unchallenged in a season already at the halfway mark. It appeared that the Wolverines would have to wait un;il their encounter with Minnesota's Gophers here a week from Saturday to find out whether they are entitled to recognition as one of the nation's top-ranking teams. The 27 to 7 victory over Yale left that question unanswered scored against the Wolverines this season. Three have been on passes and the other on a pass interception. In the 1938 season six of seven opponents' touchdowns were by the aerial route. Yale, in averting a shutout, fdoled Michigan completely with a short passing game, completing eight out of an even dozen aerials in an 87- yard last-period march to the goal line. So far this year the Wolver- — •— ^ ~- ~.~ ines have shown themselves to Ba V Packers stride for stride in TEST I FOOTBALL be a great 30-minute team, an Detroiters Will Meet New York Giants in Motor City Next Sunday CHICAGO, Oct. 30.—(/P)—Detroit's surprising Lions should know the worst about their national pro football title aspirations in another week of battling. The Lions, who are matching the fine play of the Green THE OPEN FORUM Renders arc Invited to use this column to express their ideas upon puullc question! and topics of general interest. Letters printed under this hcadtge will be understood to represent the opinion of the individual writer rather than that of The News. Letters involving racial or religious controversies or personal attacks will not be accepted. All communication' SHOULD NOT EXCEED 200 WORDS and must be signed by the name, ant address of the writer. SHOWER-TO-BE EDITOR, THE NEWS: To all you friends out on the air and elsewhere—listen, I am having a shower, (on myself) bedroom and living room furnishings. The date will be Thursday, Nov. 2, 8 a. m. until 6 p. m.— want to get the old gents settled the National league's Western ieio bunt question uiituioweieu. ue a great au-mmute team, an Mie .National leagues western and the Big Ten clash with eleven which loses no time in ! division, engage the title-hold- the Illini at Champaign Satur- i shoving its scoring machinery in S New York Giants in Deday shouldn't be too much of j into high gear Up to now """"'" ' " ' ' ' a hurdle for Coach Fritz Crisler's eleven. To most observers, Michigan, in the four games to date, has shown:, (1) A vulnerability to passes, A team content to turn and (2) on the power early in the game, roll up a commanding lead, and then coast in. Four touchdowns have been --- u — tj -"— •*— « **r^ w " i*»_» T» they haven't had to worry troit clash. Sunday in a pivotal . about the other fellow but lat- i Detroit, New York and Green er games— with Minnesota, ' Bav all clicked Sunday with "PAlin QVi/^ f^Viirt O4-j~i 4-rt »« „ .. \X7Pll -£1Q vn oH -irir»ti-\vtr»c* • T»V* —1 „ Penn and Ohio State—may find it a different story. well-earned victories. ' Their three games and the Cleveland- While the defeat of ' Yale Pittsburgh tilt drew a total of proved to be little more than 101 -514 spectators. o »1 r\i~ V> r»M f nn-f-Vtn 11 «._ u_ _-ii I fill C* TTm^ r3 f\ V« r> i~i•••% *, another football game' it provided thundering Tom Harmon, the fleet Wolverine halfback, with another field day. Harmon scored 21 points on {three touchdowns and three Gus Henderson's Lions clipped the Chicago Bears in a manner even more decisive than the 10-0 score indicates The Lions throttled completely the Bears' vaunted conversions to raise his season's i and passing attack. Chuck total to 73 points and become Hanneman's 37-yard field goal the nation's, top scorer "" J ~- : ~'-' ~ • --- 6 - ---— o — ,.„_, , „ ,, -..^w... . ( T u .ii v u\j £j\j u UAll, «_SAU £3 V^ il 1>O OC U UiCV-1 not a .pre-nuptial, no such luck,, in their stalls and stanchions not yet; it is a humanitarian ' " Out on US-31, 10 miles south of Ludington, is a harbor of refuge built for the downtrodden, long-suffering, sad-eyed, hen-pecked ex-husbands and if before cold weather. MARGARET MC KEE. State Auto Crashes Kill 16 Persons (Continued from Page 1) there is any peace to be found i .„ .'-—.—••••" "- " in the world, the hearts that are 53 ' ° f B «ght°n. was killed Saturday night while walking humble might hope ror it here. The home will soon be com-• ~~,~~ V "" ~" — pleted and needs furnishings I by Samuel Kelly, 23, of ..--"' WllHcnv, across US-16 by an auto driven New so search your garrets, haylofts! chicken coops for any cast-off Hudson. " LANSING—Mrs. Myrta Carri- cmcKen coops xor any cast-oil """•^—^10. uujnuu articles that have outlived their! er - 7o - of Evanston, 111., usefulness in your homes—any- kllled Sunday when two auto- *-u;.,~ ,..:n i i._i_i_ T _ .. i mnmlps pr^snprt nr. nn infpi'Qpp- thing will be acceptable. I am neither proud nor partickler, from a boot-jack to a broom, spit- mobiles crashed at an intersec tion in Delhi township, Ingham Sheriff Wid Spivey' said Haynes admitted he planned to "get burned up, too, but the smoke got so bad I ran out." Hjaynes was charged with murdering his grandmother. Mrs. Martha McGuire, 79, and her son, J. B. Haynes, 5$. Propose Standard Thanksgiving Day WASHINGTON, "oct. 30.—(/P) —Senator Bridges (R-NM) is going to ask Congress "to end all this confusion about Thanksgiving day created by President Roosevelt." He is drafting a bill, he said today, to make the last Thursday of November "A public holiday that is standardized throughout the United States." Two Republican House members—Case of South Dakota and Reed of Illinois—have made similar proposals. BODY RECOViERED LANSING, Oct. 30.— (/P)— Police removed the unidentified body of a man about 40 years old from the Grand River here today. The body was clad in i faded blue trousers, a blue shirt j and a brown sweater. TWO TRAINS STRIKE v AUTO; NONE KILLED STUROIS, Oct. 30.—(flV-Not only one train, but two, struck Racine Kroll, 27, and Miss June Lily, 19, yet the pair escaped with injuries. Police said th«iir automobile crashed into a Pennsylvania freight train and then was struck by another .freight train coming from the opposite direction. Physicians at Sturgis Memorial hospital said they were expected to recover. INSURE YOUR EFFORTS Your most valuable asset can never he replaced unless insured with full coverage Lifetime disability protection. MUTUAL BF.NEFIT H. & A., UNITED BENEFIT L1FK ( > GIVES YOU THIS PROTECTION. < > OLD LINE, LEGAL RESERVE < > J. WESLEY BALTZER | LUDINGTON, MICH. 210 N. James St. Phone 686 stools, one or toons, chairs, rour-legs, kitchen ware, Expect Spartan Machine to Be At Peak for Syracuse Game EAST LANSING, Oct. 30.—(/P) —Still trying to swallow the lump in their throats occasioned by their near-defeat by Illinois Wesleyan last week, the Spartans of Michigan State gathered their football faculties; today for an intersectional bat- j tie Saturday with Syracuse at! Syracuse. ' Coach Charley Bachman plac- __,. and Dwight Sloan's 12-<yard One of the touchdowns was dasn 4 ° n a spinner accounted a 59-yard gallop, the day's out- for the tallies, a defeat that standing individual feat. All ! virtually eliminated the Chi- in all, he gained 203 yards in j ca go Eleven from the western 18 tries from scrimmage and ] race completed two of four passes | The Lions now have won five for 29 yards. Has 73 Points So Far This Year of six games, but face a murderous schedule. After taking on the Giants a week hence they- play the Bears again, Cleveland Rams. Washington and Green Bay. •Green Bay matched Detroit's won-lost record by handing !the Redskins their first defeat i 24-14. The Packers outrushed Washington by 49 yards but the kidians gained almost 100 more yards in the air. The victors ran up a 17-7 lead 'in the first half and both teams added a touchdown in the final quarter Washington's defeat left the HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network Is listed in the programs. The Networks: WEAF—WTAM. WTM.I, WGY, WLW. WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WJZ — WLS, WTMJ. WMAQ, WXYZ. WLW. WOOD. WABC—WJR, W31AS, WBBM. KrciTir ir/-M-»T^ i •• """"»5iA;n a ucicat leu me ,.- - JN&W YORK, Oct. 30.—C/P>—'Giants alone in first olace in ed an emphatic ban on any Tom Harmon, Michigan's great!the Eastern division The New scrimmage this week and said, back, who scored 21 points i Yorkers defeated Brooklyn 7 his major efforts would be coir- against Yale Saturday, boosted!to 6 - to remain the only un'de- f,r,«i ^ ««:,«„ t.ho Rnartan himself to the forefront of the|feated team in the league nation's leading individual foot- iTuffy Leemans scored the ball scorers with a total of 73 (touchdown and Ken Strong """"*'• 'added the all-important extra "~nt. Ralph Kercheval scor- Brooklyn's six points on two fined to getting the Spartan injured back in uniform. With about 14 men hurt, major attention will be paid to restoring the abilities of fullback Roman Kaman, Ends Bruce Blackburn Eddie Pearce and Guards George 1 Griffeth, Ed Ardo and Ed Pogor. "It looks like we'll be in top shape against Syracuse for the first time this season," Bachman asserted. Bachman blamed the Spartans' poor showing against Illinois Wesleyan on the seven fumbles comitted by the backfield. He had no other explanation for the fact that State trailed the Titans 7 to 6 until the last half-minute of the game Bowling'- schedule for this week: Industrial League Tonight Eagles vs. Plumb and Nelson. Willoughby vs. Park Dairy. Moose vs. Hansen and Peterson. Tuesday Weyenberg vs. American Laundry. Recreation vs. Camera Shop Gas Corp. vs. Rotary. Commercial League Wednesday Tamper vs. Birke's Shoes. Kingjs Court vs. Plumb and Nelson. Willoughby vs. Watch Case Thursday Lions vs. Rotary. Ladies' League Electric Tamper vs. Schrink's. Orange Kist vs. Band Box Friday Russell's vs. City Foods, mndy Things vs. Atkinson's. Standings—Ladles' W L Russell's 11 i Handy Things 8 4 Oity Poods 5 4 Schrink's 6 6 ' "Electric Tamper 6 6 Atkinson Mfg. 5 7 Box 4 s ige Kist _._.. 0 9 ^ Bif Five—Ladies' |, Meyers, Russell's . loHne, Tamper .. Tjwartz, Russell's id, Russell's .... are, Tamper .. League Pet. GB '.667 3 .556 41/2 .500 5 .500 5 .417 6 .333 7 .000 91/2 League 12 156.0 9 151.3 12 149.5 12 139.4 9 137.3 >ptball Results ~ JSTHUnoU o. ' Twh «. •• when Wy Davis broke away for a 22-yard scoring run. "Our blocking was the best this season and the defense was almost perfect," Bachman declared. "But every time we got rolling we lost half our gains by a fumble. It was demoralizing to the whole squad." • points. Harmon, who has been instrumental in keeping the Michigan machine rolling in high gear, has s contributed 1C touchd. 10 goals lines. . points after touchdowns one „ t «^ ^ the Michigan total, j Cleveland In second place is Don Lieb- tied to a v- ^ - er ' bu both flzzled _________ - e rled two oth - CALL LETTfcRS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840. KDKA 980, KFAB 770 KFI G40. KMOX 1090, KOA 830. KYW 1020 WBBM 77U. WCFL 970. WBAL 1060 WCCO 810. WABC 860, WKAR 850 WUAF Gin. WEAF 660. WENR BATTLE CREEK—Garrett E. Buch, 66, died in a Battle Creek hospital Sunday of injuries re! ceived when he was struck by an automobile on Highway US- 12 west of here Friday night. MUSKEGON— Edward Reyn,olds, 52, of Berwyn, 111., died in Mercy hospital today of injuries i suffered in an automobile col- ! lision on US-31 north of Muske- f gon Sunday. I To Study Effects ! of New Milk Law j EAST LANSING. Oct. 30.—(/P) : —The effects of the state's new ,'milk marketing law was con-, j sidered today to be the major j matter for discussion at, the an- i nual meeting of the Michigan 'Milk Producers association at] Michigan State college Thursday.! The" association was a prime. UAF Gin. WEAF 660 WENR 870 lllt: ^^^"^^^ «'>•"> ^ 1'iuiu. i.v 720. WGY 780, WHAM 1150. WHAS mover in the passage of the law WHO in,™ wmn 1 ."UH nou. W IHUVt-l li» Lin. ptvooi.^v WA win- *(.*»> 70. WJJD 1130. by the 1939 Legislature and has \vLsT-b. WLW 7ob 'WMBI 1080 WKZo i b'pen the first to take advantage 590. WMAQ 67o v wooD 1270. wow 590,1 of its terms in a number of mar- . , . 820. WHO 1000. WIBO 5 WSM 650. WJR 750, WJZ 1™' WTMT fi ,n 1500. WTMJ 620. WTIC 1060, (Time Is Eastern Standard) TONIGHT: Europe — WABC- convention was expected | to draw about 700 delegates.) Four new directors are to be> END1NC THE SEASON with a GRAND CLOSING HALLOWE'EN NIGHT TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31 "What a Night This Will Be!" We'll Be Seein' You THE RENDEZVOUS Walhalla CBS 8:55. 11; WEAF-NBC-East' elected, replacing Fred Meyers,, 11; MBS 9 ... Neutrality—MBS' president, of Fair Haven; Elmer 10:15. Senator Rush Holt. L. Powers, vice nrpsidpnt. of WEAF-NBC—8 Tommv Riggs: ! Clio; John vice president, of 1 » A-J* it ~i* J-J V> (J JL Ulllil I V i.\ l^li^ I v • • »-* , v.v^».*» Ii Ml 1 t J • \S 1 U 1>11> vlf 8:30 Margaret Speaks, songs: 9 and Edward Hyne. of Brighton. piano i 10' Josef p'asTernad? con" i Kills Grandmother, cert. \V ABC-CBS — 7:30 Blondie 'West 10:30>: 3 Kostelanetz and Uncle After Slurs - 14-U tie breakine ptan and Q^rterback Pitt's six-game losin- str 8:30 True or False; ^ of the Manchester COMANCHE, Tex.. Oct. 30.— '/Pi—Henry P. Haynes, 23, a mild mannered farm hand, said in a statement today his ; aged grandmother and an tho" \Tnvov,~ a •av,""i 7~u"7~ on uncle made slurring remarks ^, en ^. c . h - 8 ®?" lock « H °l m ? s: : about his widowed mother Martin: 8:30 Howard and Shelton: 9 Loretta Young and am Hopkins in "The Old J Guy Lombardo. Hall, league leading 9:30 Youth 9 Gladvs ; - -j them in —%T—,— '."*n.i ^uiics^ ,i aiivci nan, league leacun 0 ' itiui -. ouii^o, d.ou XUULIJ v^ucb- i them eleven, who has made 66 points i passer, had a bad day con- ' tions the Headlines; 10:30 Ra-' - ' via 11 touchdowns. He shades necting for only one 'of 13 ' dio Forum. i •••• a newcomer to the leaders. Bill!passes for the Rams. But he ' MBS-7:30 Lo K-hendan of the Clarion, (Pa.) [contributed one of the touch-j Author Author. Teachers, whose record stands at I downs with an 88-yard run in r\s nmnrc t 4-v»i-i -c: u _.i_ „ : _ ^ _ . ed them and their home. burned UU111LQ AFTER WARD WEEK Specials It's a Further Chance to Save—These Prices Good Only This Week. 62 points. The leaders: Player. School Big Ten Harmon. Michigan HB Hockey club members and enthusiasts will hold their second meeting of the season this evening at The Salvation Army hall at 7:30 o'clock. The meeting will be held for the purpose of discussing plans for hockey and skating rinks this winter. Plans fora Midwest Lieberum, Manchester East Sheridan. Clarion HB 5 Rocky Mountain Madden. Colo. Mines HB 5 Southeastern Kavanaugh, L.ulsiana State ..E 5 Southern Conference Polanski. Wake Forest FB 7 Southwest Kimbrough, Texas A. & M. ..FB 6 Big Six Clark. Oklahoma ..HB 5 Missouri Valley Knolla Crelghton..HB 5 Pacific Coast Washington. T U.C.L.A HB 5 Lansdell, So. Cam. QB 4 first period" Johnny i TUESDAY: Europe — NBC:Drake scored the Rams' other Chain 8 a. m.; WJZ-NBC 12 posGTDp a tFGPts! six 'P° inter ' leaving him only ' noon; WABC-CBS 8a.m., 6:30 I one touchdown behind Don 10 10 i 73 : Hutson's season touchdown rec- lord of nine. QB 5 11 0 0 66 The standings: Eastern Division 8 0 62 • T *am W L T P j New York 5 0 1 77 ! Washington 4 l i 127 1 0 55 i Brooklyn 3 3 i 34 i Philadelphia o 4 i 27 i Pittsburgh o 6 1 56 0 0 54 ! Western Division ; Detroit 5 1 0 97 j Grc-en Bay 5 1 0 136 3 0 51 ! Chicago Bc-ars 4 3 0 170 j Cleveland 2 4 l 126 Chicago Cardinals . .1 6 0 63 0 0 42 C 0 0 36 I 5 0 0 30 ! p. m. . . . WEAF-NBC — 1:30 p. m. Words and Music; 2:45 Hymns of All Churches;-6 Span- :ish Revue. WABC-CBS—3:15 p. ; m. Society Girl; 4:30 Of Men "gjand Books: 5:45 Scattergood 6=, iBaines. WJZ-NBC—12:30 p. m. los I Farm and Home Hour; 1:30 Rochester Civic Orchestra; 2 New Series. Gallant American 56 Women. MBS—1 p. m. Happy 9c i Gang. ^ ^ 147' TUESDAY SHORT WAVES: Leave to Study Wing. , . Big Seven . Brigham Young HB 3 Gehrke, Utah U. ..HB Turner, Utah U. . FB North Riverton o o 24; Mrs. Anna Ereon, Miss Dori.s o o 2-1 j Shoffner, Walter Shangle, Mari shall Frazee and Wesley Osborn, o o 24 j all LudingtoVi WPA recreational o o 241 department workers, left this ^ I morning to take a week's special I training at the WPA recreational DJD Berlin 6:15 Operettas; JZK Tokyo 8:05 Orchestra; PCJ WPA SrVinnl ! Eindhoven 8:45 Happy Pro- WJTA OCnOOi gram; GSD, GSC, GSB London 11:15 Food for Thought. TEMPERATURE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather Fort-cast Lower Michigan: Mostly cloudy toniclu and Tuesday, with sonic light rain or snow in nnrth- weii anil extreme north portions Tuvsday. Colder in south central and extreme east portions to- niS"i; slowly rising temperature 'J utsday. DO YOUR CURTAINS STAND Out from your windows when the wind blows? If so, you need storm sash on them. We have the size to fit your windows. THE LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Tim* Phone 99 LYRIC huge i PieVnes r sTf nSr d -f f° f T alter •' accor ~<«ng~ to announcement rink at Culver park which would North River? 0 nh a 'vl 0rmerly - °li ^ by George °- Kribs ' dlstrict ho ncorf fr,r v, nn i,o.. o^^ „!„„ *„-!:,,," K1 Yerton, have received I WPA recreational .supervisor. i fr . - CW - Cunses of instruction, Mr. . , .------ «- — ••---— .iiuii/ii rvivi be used for hockey and also for < illustrated municipal skating will be one of i York Piiv -u/vioro n*- ni~~- ""." > T , ~C : J , "* "^^u^uiuu, ivn. the taportant matters up for «S££WglJ£ SST " j SJ^SSiT'itSSSIlK. "a'rS^S not £t & fy °leson and son,! crafts, public speaking and so-^ •'-'ojan, of Washington,! cial recreation. discussion. The plan, as proposed, would , thus making one of the largest j artificial rinks in this plrt of! Michigan. The resulting rink j could be used for huge skating i parties and it would be lighted! by lamps over the hockey rink. A small .building at the rink could .be used for changing to skates and for warming purposes and it is also suggested music might be provided to enliven the skating. This winter, as in past winters, Ludington will have several small rinks in addition to the one large one. The small ones, it is suggested, will make fine rinks for neighborhood children with the large one being scheduled for large parties. Princeton 26, Brown 12. Columbia 26, VMt 7. Villanova 7, Arkansas 0. Tennessee 17, lilercer 0 Oeorgla Tech 7, Auburn 6. Alabama 7, Mississippi State 0 Tulane 18, Mississippi 6. Duke 6, Wake Forest 0. S. California 20, California 0 Albion 6, Hlllsdale 3. Hope 27, Ollvpt 0. Michigan State 13,' Illinois Wesleyan 7 tate son will as Mary district. ... Crocker, two other mem- taers of the WPA recreational' of Wiley school' .staff, recently returned after a week's session at the .school. , Florida 14, Maryland 0. Joulslana State University 12, Vander- Dllt Q. Texas A &t 20,, Baylor 0 DON'T DELAY! SEE YOUR Service MTfVlX/ Man CT\J TT Get Your Car Filled with ZERONE You Know It Will Be Protected for All Winter—Don't Delay. The Reliable Tire and Accessories Company Wash Cloths Full 11 >/ 2 Square. Assorted Colors. Single Blankets 44 Cotton Singles, 70"x80". Regular 49c. Child's Oxfords TONIGHT AND TUESDAY "Jolly Chef" pattern. Reg. 69c. Assorted colors RCR. 98c Assortment, Brown, Black. Wheel Spinner Men's Socks Sturdy and Attractive Style — Assorted Colors. Reg. lOc—Rayon mixture Long and short. Sweatshirts Plaid Shirts OILYWOOD ^^T ^^ OH H^k ^^- Silver gray, mcd. weight Reg. 65c—All sizes. Reg. 79c. Cotton Flannel. !4>/ 2 to 17. Water Glasses 2 ««* Men's Unions Crystal Clear Glass— 9 oz Reg. 3 for lOc. Heavy Fleece Lined. Reg. 89c. All Sizes. ONTGOMEHY WARD Catalog Order Service saves you money on thouiands of other Items! Use Wards Monthly Payment Plan on any purchases of $10 or morel Telephone 158 103-109 E. 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