Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 22, 1933 · Page 11
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 11

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 11
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'BUY ilTra DT AMIS" DAILY AMU, IOWA, TODAY, »mxm 22, was. CHILDREN NEED I Senator Davis Goes to Trial Again VITAMIN FOODS Should Get Plenty of Sunlight By MARY CL McCORMlCK Supervisor of Health TMchlng, Ntw York SJtate Department of Education The child's diet should be bated upon the protective foods— milk, vegetable! and fruits, and It should also contain foods that supply extra quantities of proteins and carbohydrates, with a little fat. Proteins can be obtained roost satisfactorily from milk, Jean »*"•*, fish, eggs, cereals and bread. Make plentiful use of bread in the child's diet Either white or whole wheat bread may be used — both are good — whole wheat Is better. Bread is an inexpensive and economical source of energy and most children like it The beet desserts are fruits, including ripe bananas (they are ripe when the skins are speckled with brown), apples, peaches, grapes and oranges, and milk puddings «uch as rice pudding and tapioca puddlny. Ice cream, sweet desserts, sugar or candy, are all right, but parents must be careful not to encourage their children to eat too much of the sweet foods, and when permitted, such sweets should only be taken at the end of a meal. Directly connected with the diet is the question '"of whether the child has ample time to play in the son- light. One of the important results of exposing the skin to sunlight is that it develops vitamin D, the bone and teeth building vitamin, directly in the body. When it is impossible to get plenty of gun, as in the case of school children, this deficiency must be made up in the diet by feeding some fod rich in vitamin D. Among these foods are cod liver oil, irradiated ergos- terol, and eggs, particularly the yolk ol the egg. This Is the fourth of a series of articles on th« health of school children prepared for this paper. In the next article, M!»s McCor- mlck will write about tht school lunch. Churches Gavj 38 Million PHILADELPHIA <EE)— The annual statistics of the Presbyterian churcli. in the TJ. S. for the. fiscal year ending March 31 indicated a total of $38,634,203 in contributions from local churches, it-was announced at the General Assembly office fieri. On trial for violation of the Federal lottery laws, United States Senator James J. Davis of Pennsylvania here is shown (left) leaving Federal .court in New York with his .counsel. A previous trial, involving bis conduct of charity drives in the capacity of director general o! a fraternal order, resulted in a mistrial nearly a year ago. Judge Johnson Hayes (lower right) of preensboro, N. C., Js hearing th« present case. Lamson Attorneys Claim Misconduct By Jury Members SAN JOSE, Cal., 'UJE>— Before David A- Lamson hears Judge R. R. Syer at 2 p. m. Friday sentence him to hang, his attorneys will make a determined effort to gain admissions of misconduct from the jury that held him guilty of the premeditated murder of his wife, Allene. -..-Edwin M. Rea, chie. defense counsel, said Thursday he would subpoena each of the five women and seven men who heard the month-long case. Lamson will de- AMERICAN surgeoni perform j rnand a new trial. •^ 1.oou.OOO operations a year, it ' j is estimated. Well, America, niay or may not be the land of th* free, but it certainly is the home of the brave. Answers to ; Test Questions 1. The Purchase of Alaska. 2. A Jewish historian. 3. Franz Schubert. 4. Albert I. 5. Ohio. 6. No. 7. California. S. 1790. 9. A single word. 10. The Japanese art of self defense. Rea said he had learned that Juror R. E. Graham, orchardist, was registered as an unpaid deputy under Sheriff • William J. Emig of Santa Clara county. He will cite his finding as grounds for a mistrial. Steel Executive Dies Suddenly YOUNGSTCm A. Campbell. 79, O. (HE)—James chairman emeritus of the Yonngstown Sheet & Tube Co.. died of a heart attack Wednesday night at his home here. Campbell gained nation-wide attention when he led the battle for the billion dollar merger of Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Those Ctibans have become so nccustomea. to revolutions, tftey'd revolt if they had to go beck to work. Dollfuss Guides Austria Toward A Fascist State VIENNA 'IIP.)—Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, invested by President Wilhelm Miklas with dictatorial powers, guided Austria toward A. fascist state Thursday. Empowered }f he likes to assume the entire state executive with any sort of cabinet he chooses, the little chancellor gave himself supreme control over all military and police forces and formed a new cabinet after obtaining the resignation- of his old one. ' ~' ••- • _~ The new cabinet toolt the "oath of office before the president at noon. Success of the chancellor's move was problematical, torn as the nation is among three inimical political factions. The nazis, their leaders outlawed and working against Dollfuss from Germany, want a nazi state along ^German.lines. The HeSmwehr faction of- Prince Star- hem berg, now .supporting: Dollfuss, are for a fascist state on Italian lines. The socialists, a vital force in the country, threaten a general strike and armed resistance if either demand is met, STORY crry AT True-blood's Saturday! VERY SPECIAL! LAST TIME AT THIS PRICE! ONLY 200 PAIRS LEFT! ROLLINS RUN-STOP HOSIERY 68C pr—3 pr $1.88 All New Fall Shades MEN'S AND WOMEN'S FOOTWEAR Fall opening special. All regtdar $5.00 shoes and new pall styles. Saturday only— FREE - Saturday Baseball Bat or Aeroplane with each pair of bov's or girl's Tennis Shoes MEN'S AND LADIES 1 FLORSHEIMS STORY CITY. Sept. 21—Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hunter were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. J. C. Duvall at Ames. Mr. and Mrs, R. L. Stone, Mrs. •Cora Stan*,-, .flajsel aad-.-SPUted -attended the funeral services held for the late Mrs. James Woodward at Maxwell Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Swenson and son were callers Sunday afternoon at the- Henry Fox home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cameron and Leonard and Mrs. Sadie Zenor, all of Boone, Mrs. William Manges of Gilbert, Guy Mathews and the Misses Pauline Christenson and and Marjorie Ripfeey were callers Sunday afternoon at the Roy Grierson home. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tripp of west of Ontario" spent Sunday evening at the parental Clark Stuart home. Mr. and Mrs. S. N T . Kingsbury attended the funeral services held for the former's niece, the late Mrs. Mable Kingsbury Clark held at Ames Thursday afternoon. Mrs. E. J . Hunter accompanied by her son Donald of Ames, left Wednesday morsing for a visit with their mother and grandmother. Mrs. Mary Donaldson at Tracy_ Minn. They expect to return home Sunday. •_ • . ~' Mrs. Oley Wold is spending a few- days this week at the home of her Mrs. George BaJdus south of Story City. Mrs. Emma Christensoc of Story _CiiT_is. also, a.guest, at her sister's "hohie,"" - -, Mr. and Mrs. William Stone and '• daughters, spent Sunday evening, at the Henry TOT home. j Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cameron of | Boone were callers Tuesday after- ' noon at the parental Mrs. Allie' Gross home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brockman of | Ames spent Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Brockman's brother E. J. Hunter. • $»- ' LAFAYETTE TWP . T"!!! ty and St ? €S are mor * wonderful than ever before. Price ad vancing soon. For short time we are idling most Florsheims at. $8.00 LAFAYETTE TWP.. Sept. 20 — QucnUn Rlckerl has returned to his home from the Story City hospital and Is getting along nicely. He underwent an appendicitis operation in August and his condition was serious following the operation. Mr. and Mrs. Giles Swan spent over Sunday In Des Molnes at the home of the former's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Will Morris, and also at the home of their cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doud. Mi*i> Mary Jordan, who has spent i two month's vacation at her 'inni« her*, has returned to Dfs Moln*» where sh« mumed her Mr. unri Mn. Carl BaMui and Ted and I^onarrt, tnutortr! to WOfftMJly' w'M'r* I,*onard entered Columbia college tor hie »ojrt»n*or« year Mr. *nd Mrs. B*J- dai And T*d returned home Sunday *Ytalof. The Mi«««« Mayme *nd Clara Wirth, 'Gertrude Switier and Ray. mend Switier *pent Monday in Dea Molnei. Mr. and Mn. AUrtd B»Wm and baby spent Sunday evening with Mr. wd Mra. John Wirtb, Jr. Father E. J. Bentlage spent a few days last week at Eagle Center. Earl Baldus has been moved to bis home from the Story City bxw- pital aad it letting along nicely. He underwent an operation last week for the removal of his appendix. Rapheal Garvey 1» working tor ?,y-. BaMus during hie Illness. Mrs. Amelia Wirtb, A. J. Wlrtb and Geneva, and Mr§. John Baldu- and son Frank left Saturday for « visit at the Walter BaMus home at Austin, Minn., and also with other relatives In Minnesota. Miss Agnes Welgel, of Sioux City. is spending two weeks racation at ta« home of her brothers, the Wei. gel brothers, aad also vliittd friend* at Madrid, la. Milt Ruth Oarrvy, who Is employed In Nevada, spent over sun- day with Mae Mesha. The condition of Carl Switzer, who has been critically 111 at his home In Lafayette township, remains unchanged. His ion and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph SwiUer. of Texas, and his daughter and family. Mr. and Mr«. August Lindahl and children of De* Moines have been at his bedside, also other relatives. Joe /Itzgerald and Oscar Gibson motored to Dei Molnei Wednesday, taking a truck of livestock. Frank Meiha has returned to his home from a visit for a couple of weeks In Kaunas with bis brother. Mat Mesba, whom he had not seen for 36 years. Miss Mayme Wlrtb and Mn. C. W, Jordan entertained the Ladies aid in S. S Peters and Pauls church baiement Wednesday afternoon. P10BMXVB MHW^^^^^M ^^^^^^^^^^^••^^BBJiBBBiW The meeting was In charge of the president. Mrs. Alfred BaWui. During the social sour a tray hutth wa« served. Miss Agnes Welgel, of Sioux City, and Mrs. Teresia Reinsch visited Tuesday evening at the home of their aunt. Mrs. Anna Eisner. Mlsi Gertrude Switier entertain, ed a number of friends at a bridge party at her home Friday evening. Bridge wai enjoyed at two table*. Refreshments were served by the hostess. ***** * * * * • RITE-WAY FOOD STORES MARSHALL-TOWN DIVISION; Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, Sept. }2 and 23 .. there fore these brands must be VERY NEARLY PERFECT As school begins, it is timtly to sp*ak of tests. Tta most difficult of ill is thit for tht favor of th« Amtrican buyer. Young person or new food product, they find the requirements of Professor Public more exacting than those of the classroom or laboratory. • In our periodic sale of nationally-popular foods, we offer brands that have passed the stiff examination of the home kitchen/and been graded "A". Some hold diplomas from several generations of houtewives. You'll find other necessities and novelties, too, at rock-bottom prices. SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR -Evea your "hurry-up" cikes become miracles of baking, when you use Swans Down. PER PACKAGE 28c RITE-WAY COFFEE Always fresh >~ Always Priced Right CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE R GROCER COFFEE GOOD CHEER COFFEE , 1 lb. vacuum tin. 33c .nb. bag 25c I9c .lib. bag. CALUMET BAKING POWDER Prevents shrinking, falling, run- ning .over, coarseness, breaking, crumbling. ONE POUND CAN JELL O 3 -19' The NEW Jell-0—faster, tenderer, richer. That's because you don't use boiling water. ac 25e lit 17c 17c 23c JACK SPRAT GELATIN DESSERT 4 12 delightful flavors. CHOCOLATE PUDDING J»ck Sprat. Made instantly Package SALAD DRESSING Jack Sprat. Extra high grade Quart jar CHOCOLATES Peerless p ound JELLY BEANS '. Pound CANDY CORN Pound SODA CRACKERS All Crisp PANCAKE FLOUR Jack Sprat. Self-rising 3'/, lb. sack.... 19c OATMEAL Jack Sprat. Quick or regular Large size.... 16c YAMS Sunkist—in syrup , , Percan OYSTERS Jack Sprat-fancy select '...'...,....... ... SARDINES Seakist—imported tiny in olive oil.... Percan GRAPE FRUIT Jack Sprat. Just the hearts No 2can PEANUT BUTTER Jack Sprat. Fancy grade PUMPKIN Jack Sprat. Contains natural juices '.". CORN Jack Sprat Fancy Evergreen PEAS & CARROTS Jack Sprat. For salads...'....,...'.'.'.'.'.'.', CATSUP Jack Sprat. Rich, smooth, tangy 14V oz BOTTLE CAPS For your home rrrade catsup 10 oz. can 23C 6/4 or. jar No. 2 can No. 2 can No. 2 can., 15c lOc lOc lOc 15c 15e 21c Selected Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Will be found at ail 'R' Grocery Stores at Reasonable Prices FLOUR R Grocer, best patent Foursquare CtRTO exhibit or compet MINUTE TAPIOCA Desserts for this "in-between" season? Write for the Minute Tapioca Cook Book. 1-2 LB. PACKAGE SANI-FLUSH 1 can Mel'o free with 2 cans LIFE BUOY SOAP Regular lOc bar 2bars. SUNSHINE SOAP For the laundry—Soy bean soap 10bars. FLY SWATTERS Copper mesh ,'.... Each... 39c 15c 29c lOc Baker's CHOCOLATE This product has been passing tests for 152 years. Ask for Baker's Premium No.l. HALF POUND CAKE RITE-WAY FOOD STORES What is the ft Favorite Song J of the Midwest • Nobody s««ms lo know wtal jong is the rnott popular in (h« corn belt - - and so Rite-Way Food Stores arc going to fiixJ out Every midw«tem«r k entitled to vote. Be sure to put in « vote for your favorite song. Jack Sprat wants to Hive it broadcast (or you on ttis radio program. U»* handy b*l!ot below. Fill out «nd give lo your Rite-Way Gocer, or mail to Jack Sprat in care of Station WOC-WHO, Dei Moi««, Station WCCO, Minneapolis, Station KSTP, St. Paul, or Station KFEQ, S*. Joseph. 1 My f»v«rlt* f*s Name Addreii My nearest Rile-Way Store b M & M Grocery Peyton Grocery 214 MAIN STBEET PHONE 29 NEARBY RJTE Swanson'a Rite-Way Grocery NEVADA John Michaelson ROLAND James Grocery COLO Shugart Rite-Way Grocery McCALLSBURG Collins Rite-Way Groc COLLINS Austad Rite-Way Groc GARDEN CITY 2902 WEST STREET - PHONE 337 WAY STORES R-Store NAPIER Harry's Cash Store ..!,,.. CAMBRIDGE Ingwald Madison ZEARING Rite-Way Grocery STRATFORD Banna's Rite-Way Groc«ry HUBBA1D

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