The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 7
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»AY, MAT M, »9i OSCEOLA NEWS Osceola Flier Finds Yuletide Sad When. Home's Half a World Away Q~M- morning on the other side of the if.Jl ^* Lt.^Bobby William*, home from Korw alter flying 103 mlssioni •aid: "Waking up on Chrlstmai world is the worst feeling a soldier ever hid, especially for those coming from a big family as I do. "When I opened my eyes Christmas morning, which by the way was my first Christmas away from home, my first thought was wondering what mother was cooking for dinner and If all the other children would be there. Then I wondered if my gifts for each memher of the family arrived on time and if they liked what I bought. Then a clear picture seems to point to each one of the family individually. Sometimes those pictures are so clear they actually seem real. "We were to go on a mission Christmas Day but lucky for us, lt< snowed all day and we spent it in our tents shooting the breeze about home. After so long a time," added Lt. Williams, "you begin to feel like you know the families of all your buddies. "Every two weeks, we got a treat Ice cream. Food is something we thought of constantly and these boxes from home with homemade cookies was one of the biggest events of all. The only trouble, they didn't last long enough. By the time you got the box opened, you'd have such a bunch standing over you. you're lucky if you even get to see what was In the box. "The Korean children that hang around on the uotfide of our fenced-in area paying 'G.I., gimme gum' take care of all the gum that is enclosed in our packages. That is one of the biggest treats those kids get," added Lt, Williams. PAGE SEVEN STARR GAZING Remember all til* excitement when the Dicinne quintuplets were born and how a country doctor wa* made famous overnight Well those live llltte girls are IS year« old today—an* I know how time tlltsl you'll my. "My, Daylight saving time was adopted in the United States In 1918. Korea's old and new ami hungry The world would be better off If there were more self-starters and less cranks. It's a far belter thing to stop and I had gotten hold of myself and wont on with the mission. Things like that, after they are over, scare you worse than being Bred on. "The most maneuvering I ever did was when 12 MIGs chased my think of the things we do have, Instead of the things we don't have. FYir that 'double of nothing' question in case you're ever aBked. The real name of Jack Dempsey is William Harrison Dempsey. We all pronounce (he word "divorce" as It Is spelled but the proper way to pronounce It. Is "rlih- vohrs'. "Live and learn, I always say. "Happlne.-a does not come uninvited." so spake the Rev. Chalmers Henderson. nuu-ht. Back In the days when perfumes were named for acbrefioes or singers, popularity of the scent was Judged by the popularity of Us name sake. When I came along, unless you smellcd of "Mary Garden." you just didn't have the right odor—loosely speaking, natch. The act of throwiivg cargo overboard to lighten a vessel Is called "Jettison" and Is a maritime law. They say the fellow who thinks too much is dangerous. I RUCSS why they say people arc in their second childhood Is because (hey're without teeih. without eyes, without hair nnd without everything, "purt near." I've heard it said and so have you, thai, speaking to others doesn't hurt anybody, but haven't you heard folks who speak as though it There Is a display of paintings at the Osceola Library thai is well worth anybody's time to stop in and hurt? Love that kind! view. They are done In oils and tempo painting. Johnny Brother- escort plane and the one I was fly-! ton - Jo Ann Flceman and Ueoky Ing. We were flying about 300 miles Johnston, all slurtems In the Manila School, are the young artists. Their tearher is Miss Betty Home and she has done a wonderful job of teaching these •younzsters. I predict they'll be recognized artists if they continue their work- and I hone they don't waste this talent. . per hour and it seemed like those MfGs came out of nowhere and were shooting in »)1 directions. We did everything we were ever taught and came through It without a scratch, "My last mission was looking for the lost plane Gen. Van Fleet's son was flying." "SO3IE OF the families live right on the street, no shelter what-so- ever—maybe an old filthy blanket to roll up in during the night. Some families dig holes in the cliffs for their homes. Houses in Korea are very scarce and families with no means live like dogs." informed Lt. Williams. "At first you can't enjoy a meal for knowing the starvation around you but everywhere you turn you see the same conditions until finally you stop looking at it." added Lt. Williams. "The city of Seoul, Korea's capital, is one of the most intere.sting r places I've ever been." said Lt. Williams.'''^ presents sharp contrasts between the new and the old. In Some quarters are modern buildings of brick and stone, while on the Fame street are found dilapidated buildings and poverty-stricken families. Many of the streets are still used as open sewers. "In Korea, Buddhist monasteries are still plentiful. On one of our guided tours, we were taken to one of the monasteries and attended one of their classes which included 20 young boys, not over 15 years old, all seated on trie, floor and repeating In chant-like fashion, the same phrase over and over, we stayed for two hours and when we left they were still repeating the phrase which we learned was on self discipline. "THE PEOPLE are very superstitious and spend a great deal of their money on having their fortunes told. The bulk of the people there engage in ancestor worship. There are lots of old-style elementary schools there where the Chinese classics and brush writing .are taught. We were never informed, however, that a lot of thcse'schools are gradually being done away with. English Interpreters but 'this particular store didn't. I had practically every clerk In'the store trying to understand what I wanted. I was even sent to the manager's office and he said something to them in Chinese and they all smiled and bov:etl themselves out of the office and T followed them back to the first floor and one of them handed me a paper of needles. I paid for them and left, I didn't have the nerve to shake my head and tell them I didn't want them. "THE GIFT shops learned early to mark their prices up EO they could reduce the price and make the Americans feel like they were getting special reductions. Some of them are smarter than they look," smiled Lt. Williams. "Every six weeks, we were sent to rest camps in Japan, for a few days. The first place we. looked for was a place to eat and steaks never tasted better. You can get a steak with all the , trimmings for about S2 and the meal they serve you would cost at least S8 at the Peabody Hotel. There, are very few waltresss in the cafes, mostly men wait on you. It's amusing to see how many eat in these cafes in their native costumes. "The cavbarefs we visited In Tokyo are almost like out night clubs. You buy tickets at the door and dance with Japanese girls, who are some of the best dancers you'll find any place. They can speak English and can Jitter-bug like nobody's business." added the Lieutenant. "We had a lot of movie and radio stars to visit us and they are the most reular guys you ever saw. They ate with us in the mess halls and got ns big kick out of that as we did in seeing them there. I missed feeing Betty Hutton by five minutes. I had eaten and left the mess hall Just before she got there. Darn It," he added. "One of my greatest disappointments was the failure of the air raid we all expected May Day. We were well prepared to give them a fit as we knew May Day was one of their biggest holidays and we I was flying 20,000 feet when my oxygen mask came off, I dropped to 12,000 feet before I came to. I had an Australian escort on the mission. He could see -something was happening to me He turned back to see what, it was but by then, LT. WILLIAMS, wno is a reconnaissance pilot and flies an P-30 Shooting Star. Is spending 30 days with his family and friends and will report to Shaw Field. Slimier, S. C., where he took his reconnaissance training. He Is the son of Mrs. A. F. Williams and the late Mr, Williams. "My sisters. Mrs. Ben Mac White of Blytheville, Mrs. G. L. Waddell, Mrs. Jean Bjorlund, Mrs. Zeke Pollard and Mrs. Jack Pinion, all from Osceola, Mrs. Joe shippen of Lake Providence, La., and my brother, Dr. Alfred Williams of Latham, III., are enough for anybody lo want to eat Christmas dinner with and I hope this Christmas things will be different, not only with rue but with at! the boys who are over there fighting, so families can be. together," continued Lt. Williams. Charles Lamb, the great English essayist, devoted his life to the care of his sister. Mary, who had killed their mother In a fit of insanity. Her insanity was Intermittent and in clear moments she and her brother collaborated in-writing. m't ever say there is nnthtnc new under the fun. Here's a new cookie recipe: "Force yolk of 2 bard boiled epirs through scivc-. add ! -i cup butter, cream together roughly, add V4 cup sugar cream thoroughly. Add 1 cup of flour. Mix well and drop one prras- ed cookie sheet. Cook for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. One cup of nuts can be added." I thought you'd like them. Calamity .lane, nickname of Martha Jane (Canary) Burke, was born in Princeton, Mo. Her parents migrated to Virginia City. Mont. Wearing mrn's clothes, she rodo us r»ne of Ouster's scouts. In her old- age, she was poverty-stricken and tho- | was buried in Dendwood, S.D. nndi The Ku Klux Klan was first or- at* element of PulasM, Tenn, The second organization was begun at Stone Mountain, Oa.. In 1015. with the same aim as the original «oci- cty. The society was investigated by the FBI in 1946. There Is nothing that Irritates a woman like having her nose Itch after she has worked to tie her veil securely. During the period when poison gas was extensively used In World War I, it accounted for 16 per cent of British and 33 per cent American casualties. of If you want it to sound fancy, don'^t say "leap year," say "bissox- If there's anything in the world that bores you stiff, it's the big shot telling the little shot how to be a big shot. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bottle a baby's breath? Henry Ward Beecher preached I for 40 years in "Plymouth Church," in Brooklyn, N, Y. Brooklyn is known as the "City of Churches" as well as home of the Dodgers. Read Courier News Classified Ads Guaranteed Watch Thompson Credit Jeweler ganized in the South directly after the Civil War by the cx-Confeder- JOE ATKIN MACHINE WORKS COMPLITI JHIIT MITAL SHOP »I«Ucru«»l Hill - GAS AND lUCTtK WtlDINO • GIN m»AIM • UACKtMITH INO • HAKDWAM • MA CHI Ml ItPAUl BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 The American Express was formed on May 28, 1918 and on May 30. 1539. De Sola landed In Florida" . . . and on May 31. 1883, the Johnstown. Pa, flood occurred with 2 500 lives lost. Dry Ice has 10 times the cooling capacity as ice made from water, yet it will burn If pressed ncnlnst the skin. It Is used frequently in dermatology in removing birth- The University at, Seoul Is as mod- i were expecting them lo come after ern as any of our own universities, us with all the force they could "They have trolley cars there I muster, but. the weather was bad similar to those we used here 501 and they never did show up. years ago. At one time, they had "ONE OF MY pleasant experiences was to shake hands with Gen. Matthew Ridgway. He is one of the subways but they have been done au'ay with. "It's entertaining to go In their department stores. Everything is oriental and very colorful. The impression It makes on you Is you feel like you are on a movie-set. I spent, two hours in one of the stores try- Ing to buy a paper of pins and finally walked out with a paper of needles. Some of the stores have nicest persons I ever met. He was | making a tour of our squadron, he. j walked up to me and inrroduced j himself. I was I DIDN'T KNOW... . . . until my neighbor told me that the best place to find is in the COURIER classified ads. I know now! I always read them! «^T^ Fj ••X^t QW/CK Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear tame day. All classified advertising payable in advance, BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS home and hospitality Bottle Case $|00 Piul Depoiil—Ar You: DeoUr You have more friends than you think. Be sure you have enough Coke on hand when they drop in. tOTUED UNDE» A.UIHOJITY OF IHE COC*-COLA COMfANY IY COCA-COLA BoraiNG co. OF BLYTHEVILLE 3 r*jMr*f«J IfoJt'mofi, don't rememV>er if I gave my riEht nsnie, "On my lath mission biggest- scare I ever had in my life, l»!k= Denin Announcing The DANE FERGUS Jewelry & Gifts Thursday May 29 Osceola, Ark. Door Prizes

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