The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 8, 1976 · Page 2
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 2

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1976
Page 2
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Investment theory (inked to business price stability By JOHN' CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst NEW YOI1K (API - At a private luncheon in ihe small Fergus tails (Mil.) Journal Tues., June 8,1976 2 Lynlord M. Block funeral Wednesday l.ynford M. Block, 42, Rich. field, formerly of Barren, died Monday as a result of an automobile accidenl on Highway 27 in Grant County. The funeral • will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church of rural Barrett, with . the Rev. Arthur Wickstrom officiaiing. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Mr. Block was born at ' Barretl on April 30,1934, a son oi Hugh and Judith Block. He graduated from Morris Agricultural School and the Dunwoody Institute of Minneapolis. On Jan. 22, 1971, he married Helen Ogdahl, and they lived in Richfield where he was employed as a construclion welder. He is survived by his wife; five step-children, Mrs. David I Dorothy) Nygren, Mrs. James iS!iaron) Cragg, Mrs. Roger iJoan) Salter, Thomas and Fred Ogdahl, all of Minneapolis; his parents, Barrett; three sisters, Mrs. Vyonne Howg, Minnelonka; Mrs. Richard (Valarie) Johnson, Arlington, Va., and Mrs. Donald iVerlie) Jorenby, St. Paul. Friends may call at the Erickson Funeral Home of Elbow Lake. execulivedining room of a very large corporation last week the president was bemoaning the "lack of discipline" in a basic industry. The competition, he Man dies from beating ST. PAUL, Minn. [AP) - A 59-year-old man who died Monday was a victim of what police said was an apparent beating Saturday in St. Paul. Authorities said an autopsy was planned on the body of Alfred Roach, St. Paul. Police said Roach told people who gave him first aid that he had been beaten. No further details were available. Martin Madson, 78, funeral OB Wednesday Martin Madson, 78, Perham Route 2, died at St. Mary's Hospital al Detroit Lakes on Sunday, June 6. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the Furey Funeral Home Chapel, Frazee, with the Rev. E.H. Martens officiating. Interment will be in the Perham village cemetery. A life-long resident of Gorman Township, he was born on Dec. 3,1898, the son of Rasmus and Anna Madson. He worked as a farm laborer in the area most of his life. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the Army at Camp Carson, Cob. Surviving are one sister, Ella Madson, Perham, and a niece ar.d a nephew in California. Friends may call after 1 p.m. today at the funeral home. said, was culling prices. "But isn't that the way it should be?" he was asked. "You can 1 ! cut your prices," he replied calmly and with certainly. "Your competition will just cut theirs. And if you cut, you won't make sufficient income to recover your investment." Therefore, in his view, you must seek to maintain pricing discipline. Youmust keeporder in the industry, for the common good of all those in the industry. Most of us were brought up cm the notion thai prices tend to fall when demand weakens, even though we've become sus- Insulation .: ''-. • Thire It No Better Tims to Insulate Thai Kow Arctic htm. Keeps ttie "Cool" Iniidi Your Home in the Rot Summers and tie "Hut" ii Dirii( The Cold Winters Before hi ReiMe Toir House or Make Other Hone InRrovements - Consider Insulation First! gg( four 5% Discount tow Has The Saints iron CoflEit as Wed as NatMt; Tew Mont Clip out and send to: us. "1 F. Sauby Insulation LTD .??! Elbow Lake, Minn. 56531 f^?5?.-. Phone 218 485-4252 or 218.685-4330 ^xi-'.' ( ) Send information ( ) Give cost estimate NAME ADDRESS STATE ZIP CITY. PHONE . Youth dies of injuries BELLE PLAINE, Minn. (AP) - A young Belle Plaine man was killed in a motorcycle accidenl Monday evening, raising Minnesota's 1976 traffic toll to 258 compared with 260 through the same day a year ago. Patrick Fogarty, 18, died in a St. I-ouis Park hospital about three hours after his motorcycle collided with a car at an intersection in Belle Plaine, reported Scott County authorities. The driver of the car was Cynthia Westlund, Jordan. Man killed by own car JACKSON, Minn. (AP) .-A Lakefield man found dead about 13 miles southwest of Jackson apparently was run over by his car, Jackson County sheriff's officers report. The body of James J. Poelaert, 50, was discovered Sunday. Authorities said Poelaert apparently had pulled his car into the driveway of a vacant farm Saturday night and had left the car with the transmission in neutral. Tracks indicated the vehicle slid into the ditch, and Poelaert apparently tried to stop the car, falling in front of it, officers said. OWNERS OF ABANDONED PROPERTY PlitVMM toM S. liS 11-H560. frtfitjl* TreawMT si wjwrto-a has tttt\ita rfpyri from vorioui bi.ikira L-m tj'imi ana dftOT holers d trxlVmri piopwlT iiai the !r>k*ing ptrum w cenpaain have Lixla'intd .T-.ooey it cvM*rd!ng JX«.>B(iKire»;5«or owe, or unclaUr.M propcrl** in u<« dtpof.t DO*K w.i!i pcure value of SJiOO or picious in recent months that the theory isn't the practice. But, as was demonstrated in that conversation, not everyone believes the market should or can work that way, and some of them are in very powerful positions, such as the chairmanship and presidency of large companies. "Isn't such pricing unfair to the public?" the president was asked, They benefit too, he said. "If we cul our prices and cannot obtain a fair return on our investment, then when demand rises again we won't be in a position to meet demand and our prices will rise sharply," It is much better, he said, to maintain stability in the industry, to keep people and plants working, to avoid pricing dips and surges that throw the market into even greater chaos and threatens producers with bankruptcy. Not enough emphasis these days is put on industry's return on equity, the chairman and chief executive offker — the top man — volunteered. " There's too much emphasis on (he return on sales, but it's the return on investment that counts." Look at those equity returns. Sunshine Stripes! he suggesled. "A company that makes a basic product needed by mankind, like steel, gets the lowest return on equity. The producer of a frivolous item makes the biggest return, and nobody kicks." The president corrected the chairman. "Discretionary items, not frivolous," he said. "People haveevery right to buy cosmetics and pay what they will for them. It's a dis- crelionary matter, a choice defended by the Constitution." The poinls were conceded, but the corporate officers were asked if some of this behavior might not be termed oligarchic and of the kind that gets a Suffocation death noted LEWISVILLE,Minn,(AP)A 2-year-old girl died of suffocation Monday when she tried to crawl through an open window and the window fell down on her neck. The victim was Kara Gillespie, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Giilespie of rural Lewisville. She was trying to crawl through a window of a camper trailer at the family farm when the accident happened. H & Lancen m. fAf 6, 1 Jarrn F. LAST KNOWN ADDRESS Djiior. v.K J.ri Lord. 5l*tf T SI Pjjl. Mt-.^ttoU SitSS II ofCCt cl CU.rn ,i ncl preswIW tr IT* oarWOI-ieM'aw. V :Plf«o*WSri9fr 'a r«fi*e l-.p pfotwly li ncl n-4M:tf«o ra tt-e foieefi lai.sfdtticn w.N: n &* sari Irorl £a!f Ol SKMVJ publ.Uxd nc'Kt. IW i-x'aifl-rt ffoftrti wi'l If p - Kftf. nx company into conflicts with the Justice Department. One of the officers might have nodded. None said no. All were outstanding' members of various communities, charitable people, busy executives who give their lime to causes — concerned, dedicated, capable, accontplislted, convinced. What is wrong, they seemed to say, is the simplistic belief that the law of supply and demand is always at work or can always be made to work or is always best for the market Drowning* reported By TV Associated Prtts A Zimmeran, Minn., youth and an Illinois man have drowned in Minnesota waters. Randall Bost, 16, Zimmer- nwn, drowned at 10:15 a.m. Monday in Helen I^ke four miles west of Zimmerman. Sherburne County authorities said Bost left an innertube which he was riding with his brother to swim to shore and went under. Raymond C. Lauer, 60, Chicago, drowned Saturday in Girl Lake near Longville when he fell Irom a boat. Officers said Lauer's body wasrecovered the nert day from 60 feet of water. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Stripe i? a ser.s^ional top lo »ear a'stt or ovei hyers 1 iASY ingle. ijLt'e crcthel vrifr c!trt!er-slitch lfrip?s f Ike spoMs yam in 2 co'js red navy r-f s-n^ia^ p-steK p!ii /ihite. PdKern 7232; Sizes 10-10 incl $1.00 for pattern. Add 25c for first-class mail and special handling. Send to Alice Brooks, Daily Journal, 161,Needlecraft Dept., Bos 163, Old Chelsea Station New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Pattern Number. KcYSWiD CAT; m THINKING OF &O;NS TO STRIN6, I MM KEEP 50TCEXTWCAT6UT." 6UE55 WHAT WE JUST&OUSHT... TELEVISION SCHEDULES Graham's Associate COMING WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Wednesday, June 9 i« MUSIC NIGHT Special Musfcal Sflcctionsand requests taken from lfi(* audirncr. Program begins nightly at 8 p.m. IHIiKSDAY.JUNK 10 . . . f;iH-vl.Sp.-ak,TTriS-|f;ilT: WlUf; Kr\OSRITFRr>f Vmith Night «ilhlmil youth paitfciiBling in ft. [hi- Minnis..W Viktnp. Tfinighl is Ynulh Night, pr"Bram. I.Einning at S p m. I' AI.I. SKATS AKK KUKK — NO ADMISSION CHARGE KKIU.L S KAU-S S|{. 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