The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1894 · Page 11
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1894
Page 11
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of horsemen any moro than tholr Iked skins could turn tlio Spftnlnrds' Presently scores of houses woro In , and thick columns of smoke tolled i Hke those that float from tho mouth of But many of those who rodo and from the gates of Axa did not come ok thither, for tho Aztecs clung to tho legs of tho horses and dragged tholr riders •way living. That very dny these captives were saow- Iflced on tho altar of Hultzel and In the light of their comrades, and with them a borso was ofleted up, which fcad been tot n allvo, and Was borne and dragged with ttflnite labor up tho steep sides of tho pyf- nld. Indeed hover had tho sacrifices been i many as during these days of combat. Jl day long the alturs ran red, and all ay long tho cries of the victims rang In fty ears us the went 'tout their work, for thus tney sought > please the gods who should give them fvlotory over the Teules. Thus the" struggle went on I day till thousands of tho Aztecs wero dead f and tho Spaniards wero well nigh worn lout with hunger, war and wounds, for they * could not rest a single hour. At length l!oi»' e morning when tho assault was at Its 'tt*" 8 * Montezuma himself appeared upon e cou. tiral tower of the palace clad In .splendid rol»s and wearing the diadem. Before him stood heralds bearing golden •wands, and about Mill WOro tho. iipblos who attended him In his captivity and a guard of Spaniards. He stretched out his .hand, and suddenly tho fighting was staid and a silence fell upon tho place; even tho wounded ceased from tholr groaning. Then he addressed tho multitude. What ho said I was too far off to hear, though I learned Its purport afterward. Ho prayed his people to cease from war, for tho Spaniards wero his friends and guests and would presently leave tho city of Tonoctltlan. When these cowardly words had passed his lips, a fusy took his subjects, who for long years had worshiped him as a god, aud a •hriek rent tho air that seemed to say two words only: "Woman! Traitor!" • Then I saw an arro% rush upward and strike tho emperor, and after the arrow a shower of stones, so that bo fell down upon tho tower roof. Now a voice cried: "We havo glaln out king! Moutezuma is dead!" And Instantly, with tv dreadful walling, the multitude fled this may and that, so that presently no living man could be seen where there bad been thousands. I turnixl to comfort Otomle, who was watching by my side and had seen her royal father fall, and led her weeping into . tho palace. Here wo met Guatomoc, tho prince, and his mien wus fierce and wild. Ho was fully armed and can-led a boy.- iu bis hand. "Is Montezuma dcndf" I asked. "I neither know nor care," ho answered, with a savage laugh, then ndded: ''Now curse me, Otomlo, my cousin, for It was my arrow that sin o to him dor,:;, this king who has become a woman antl r. traitor, false tohla manhood and his cuun- try." "I cannot curso you, Guatemoc, f <-.-.• t:>< gods havo smitten my father with n r.•::•!• . ness as you smofco him with your <r.Ti;v- and it Is best that ho should die, both 1'ci his own sttko niid for thnt of hin people. Still, Gtmtomoe, I am sure of this— Unit your crime will .tot go unpunished, and that In poymcnt for this sacrilege you . shall yourself conic to a shameful" ''It may bo so," said Guatomnc, ''butat least I shall not die betraying my trust," and ho went. Now I must tell tlmt, as I believed, this was my last day on earth, for on the morrow my year of godhead expired, and I, •Thomas Wlngllold, should bo led-out to sacrifice. Notwithstanding all tho tumult in the city, tho mourning for tho dead and tho fear that hung over it llko a cloud, tho ceremonies of religion aud Its feasts wore still celebrated strictly, moro i strictly ovon than before. Thus on this night a festival wus hold in ray honor, and I must sit at tho feast crowned with flowers and surrounded by my wives, whllo those nobles who remained alive in tha city did mo homage, and with them Cuit- lahua, who, If Montozuma wero dead, would now bo omporor. It wns n dreary meal enough, for I could scarcely bo gay, though I strove to drown my woes in drink, and, as for the guests, thoy had little jollity left in them. Hun• dreds of their relatives woro dead and with thorn thousands of tho people. Tho Spaniards still hold their own in tho fortress, and that day they had soon their omporor, who to thorn was a god, smltton down by one of their own numbur, and above all ' thoy folt tlmt doom wus upon themselves. What wonder tlmt they woro not merry P Indeed no funorul feast could havo boon moro t>ad, for (lowers und wine und fair woman do not miiko pleasure, and of tor all U was a funural feast—for mo. At length it camo to an ond, and I fled to my own apartments, whlthur my thrco wives followed ma, for Otomiu did not come, culling mo most happy aud blessed who tomorrow should bo with mysolf-- that IB, with my own godhead, In heaven. But I did uot call them Moused, for, rising :ia wrath, I drove them away, saying that 1 I hud but ono comfort loft, and It was •that wherovw I might go I should leave thorn behind. Then I cost myself upon tho oushlops ot my bod and mourned in my four uud bit- teruass of heart. This was tho ond of Uio A ov.iiy, nml returned noinoto, ami fltttly hotwoen tho applo trocs I gaw bfBto fl g ul * °*> lts c * os *- Slowly It catno tHRird we, and I knew that \\s ww* she for Whom 1 tvnlted—Lily, my beloved. Now she cdnsed to sing, but drew oft gently, and her foce seemed very sntt Moreover, It TTCVS tiie faco of a •woman In middle life, but still most beautiful, luote bcautl ful Indeed thmi it had been in the bloom of youth. She had reached the foot of the hill Mid wns turning toward the little garden gate, when I come forward from the shadow of tho trees and stood before her. Back she started with a cry of fear, then gtew silent and gazed Into my face. "So changed," she murmured. "Can It be the same? Thomas, Is It you come back to we from tho dead, or Is this but a Vision?" and slowly and doubtlngiy tho dream wraith stretched out her arms as though to clasp mo. ' Then I awoke. I awoke, and, lo, before mo stood » fair woman clothed in white, on whom tho moonlight shone as In tny dream, and her arms were stretched toward mo lovingly, "It Is I, beloved, and no vision," I cried, springing from my bed and clasp Ing her to my breast to kiss her. But before my lips touched hers I saw my error, for she whom I embraced was not Lily Hazard, my betrothed, but Otomlo, who was called my wife. Then I knew that this was the saddest and most bitter of dreams that had been sent to mock mo, tor all the truth rushed Into my mind, Loosing my hold of Otomlo, I fell back upon tho bed and groaned aloud, and fell I saw tho flush of shame upon her brow and breast, for this woman loved me, and thus my act and words wore an Insult to her, who could guess well what prompted them. Still she spoke gently. "Pardon me, Teulo; I came but to watch and not to waken you, I came also that I may see you alone before the daybreak, hoping that I might bo of service or at tho least of comfort to you, for tho end draws near. Say then, In your sleep did you mistake mo for some other woman dearer and fairer than J. am, that you would have embraced mef" "I dreamed that you were my betrothed, whom I love, and who Is far across the sea," 1 answeffia heavily. "But enough of love and such matters. What have I to do with them who go down Into darkncsjf " "In truth, I cannot tell, Tenle. Still I have heard wise men say that if love Is to be found anywhere It is in this same darkness ot death, that is light Indeed. Grieve not, for if there Is truth in the faith of which you have told mo or in our own, either on this earth or beyond it, with tho eyes of the spirit you will see your dear before another sun is set, and I pray that you may find her faithful to you. Tell me now, how tn<)nh does she love you? Would tho smiling lakes and gardens, and among them tho temples of your eternal city. "And now farewell. We meet no more till the hour of sacrifice, for we women I who masquerade as wives must accompany you to thafltst platforms of the temple. Farewell, dear friend, and think upon tny •words. Whether they are acceptable to you or no, I am sure of this—that both for tho sake of your own honor and because I ask It ot you you Will die bravely as though the eyes of your own people were watching all." And, bending suddenly, Otomlo kissed mo on tho forehead gently as a sister might and was gone. [CONTINttt).] .JiiLlUSWlSDEAD. Cleveland Could Not Sign New Tariff Bill. the WHITES A LETTEB TO OATOHWOS, •nys It 1* Incomlstent und Not In LlniS With Tariff Reform—Emplm»lr.o« the "importance ol Free B»w Miiterlnln. Commnulum of Pelf Thr«»t«d« Aiuorlcitii liberty—Mn»t Be Settled Honestly. WASHINGTON, Aug. S8,— At 13 o'clock Monday aight the McKinley law, which has been In operation since Oct. 80,1800. practically four years, died on tha statute books, and the new Democratic tariff bill, passed by tho Fifty-third congress, became a Inw without the signature of President Cleveland, the constitutional 10 days allowed the president to consider the bill having expired. tiinlty for the continuous and remunerative employment of labor. Cn«t of Production Cheapened. \Vlth mate-rials cheapened by their freedom from tariff charges the cost of their products must be correspondingly cheapened. Thereupon Justice and fairness to the consumer would demand that the manufacturers be willing to agree to such a readjustment and modification of the tariff upon their finished goods as would secure to the people the benefit ot the reduced cost of their manufacture and shield the consumer against the exactions of Inordinate profits. It will thus he seen that free raw materials and a just and fearless regulation •Mid reduction of the tariff to meet the changed conditions would carry to every humble home in the land the blessings of increased comfort and cheaper living. The millions of our countrymen who have fought bravely and well for tariff reform should be exhorted to continue the struggle, boldly challenging to open warfare and constantly guarding against treachery and balf-heartedness in their camp. Tariff rofcr.v. -.rill not ba settled until It Is honestly and fairly settled in the interest and to the benefltof a patient anil lo suffering people. Youra Very truly, GnovER CLEVELAND. WASHINGTON. Aug. 88,—The president Monday sent the following letter to Representative Catching* (Miss.), who consented to its publication In view of its nubile character and importance: ' EXECUTIVE MANSION, Aug. 87, 1894. Hon. T. C. CatehlngBt MY DEAR SIR—Since the conversation T had with yon and Mr. Clark of Alabama a few d,ay» ago in regard to my action upon the tariff bill now before me, 1 have giveu the subject full and most terion* Consideration. The result Is that 1 urn more settled than ever in the determination to allow the bill to become a law without my •igttfiture. When the formulation of legislation which it was hoped would embody Demo^ _ , cratie ideas of tariff reform was lately en- elio 'have lain by your eldo on the bed of i tered upon by congress, nothing was far- sacrifice as, had things gone otherwise be- | ther from my anticipation than a result twoon us, Teuie, it was my hope to do?" j which I could not promptly and enthttsi- New wheat in being received at Duluth rom the Red Kiver valley. The new ct-op trades higher than Usual. The Rev. William N. Cleveland of Ohaumont, N. Y., a brother of President Cleveland, arrived at Cleveland oti the steamer City of Ohio from Buffalo. The W. C. T. U. of Sedalta, Mo., are ittshlng a movement for. the taxing of sigarette dealefs. Wm. J. Madden sues thSEqultable Life Assurance society for *50,000 damages for dismissing him as agent in a public manner. The inhabitants of Ingersoll, Tex., got 1 interested in religion. Most of them joined the church, nnd the name of the town, even, has been changed. Mr. and Mrs. George Trover celebrated the 56th anmvvrs!' £ of their marriage. They were among . j earliest settlers of Clinton county, la. Roswell P. Bishop, who has just been nominated for congress from a Michigan district used to be a policeman at Washington. Representative Holtnan of Indiana is preparing to make his 20th race for congress. In his 10 previous races he has won 15 time*. Wm, LYNCH, JUSTICE OF THE PBAOE. ABSTBAOT, LOAN **» '.' v LAND OFFICE a complete let of abstract* of Carroll All business will be attended to prompt- PUBLISHER OK Dailv Report of Transfers," County. If. Office, three doors south ot post office, upstatn WM. LYNCH. Carroll, Iowa. — AT- Ioa«t myaclf upon the outMoim of my led. vewgounoo wit loh I had nwoni to wreak on Do Gurelu, that I inynolf tuiufe Imvo tujr bewt torn fruiu my bryunt aud ottorod to • devil. Thus weeping and praying I sank Into • bait sloop and dmunod Hint I walked on (bo IdlhtlJu nuor tho ohurch path that run* through Uio garden of tho lodge at Dltah- Inghwn. Tho whUpors of the wlud worn la tho troos which, clatlio the bank of Ui« Vineyard, hills, the scout of Uiousvootliug- ltd) ttowen wag tu niy ncwtrilu, and tho balmy air of Juno blow upon my bw>w. It WM night Iu this Urouui of mine, and I thoughtthuttho woou sliouo nwuoUyon tho mottiluwa untl tho river, while from •voiy side wtiiio tho iwulo of tho ulghUn- Mlo. Hut I vvtw not thinking ot those do- lijjhtful ni«htn uud sound*, though Uwy W«ro proaoub in »>y lulml, for i«y oyo* wutohod tho ohuroh path whluh guua up tho hill ot thu bunk o( tho houao, miU my lioort ]i«U>i)od fur iv fuuUUip that I longal to hour. Thou thui-o cuiuo u wund of Btugiug tfOM boyoud Hiu hill, mid tho word* of tUo saug vow ww.1, fur. they told, of wi» who "No," I answered; ''it is not tho custom of our women to kill themselves because their husbands chance to die." "Perhaps they think it bettor to live and wed again," •mswored Otomie very quietly, but I saw her eyes flash aud her breast beave in tho moonlight as she spoke. "Enough of this foolish talk/' 1 said. ''Listen, Otomie. If yon had cored for mo truly, surely you would have saved mo from this dreadful doom Or prevailed upon Guatcmoo to save me. You are Mouto- zuma's daughter. Could you not have brought It about during all these months thai ho Issued his royal mandate, commanding that I should bo spared!"' "Do you, then take me for so poor a friend, Toule?" she answered hotly. "Know that for all these months, by day and by night, I have worked and striven to find a means to rescue you. Before ho bocaina a prisoner I importuned my father, tho emperor, till ho ordered mo from astlcully indorse. It is, therefore, with a feeling of the utmost disappointment that I submit to a denial of this privilege. IiiooinUt«nol«» In the Hill. I do not claim to be better than the masses of my party, nor do I wish to avoid any responsibility which, on ac- eount'of the passage of this law, I ought to bear as a member of the Democratic organization, neither will I permit myself to be separated from my party to such an extent as might be implied by my veto of tariff legislation, which, though disappointing, is still chargeable to Democratic efforts. But there are provisions iu this bill which are not iu Hue \s-ith honest tariff reform and it contains inconsistencies aud crudities which ought not to appear in tariff laws or laws of any kind. Besides, there were, as you and I wall know, incidents accompanying the passage of the hill through congress which made every sincere reformer unhappy, his presence. I have sought to bribe the w))lle j n fl uclic c s surrounded it in its later . I have plotted ways of escape— . Bt(vgcs nuj interfered with its final con- aye, and Guutcmoc has helped, for ho loves . Btm <. tiou w h lc |, ought not to be recog- you. Had It not boon for tho coming of i nim , or touted in Democratic toriff re- theso accursed Tellies and tho war that j f orm couuc n s they levied In tho city I had surely saved j Am , yeti Uotwitll8l nnd , ng nU its vlcis8 ,. j tudes and all the bad treatment it re] coived at thu linuds of pretended friends, i it presents a vast Improvement to exlst- ! ing conditions. It will certainly lighten you, for a woman's thought leups fur und can flml a path whore none seems possible. But this war baa changed everything, and, moreover, tho star readers and diviners of auguries huvo given a prophecy which seals your fate, for they huvo prophesied that if your blood flows and your heart IB offered at tho hour of noon tomorrow on tho altars of Tezcat our puo- plo shall bo victorious over the Toulos und utterly destroy them. But if tho sacrifice is celebrated ono moment before or after that propitious hour, then the doom of Tanoctltlau Is sealed; also they have declared that you must dlo, not, according to custom, at the temple of arum nurosa tho lake, but on tho great pyramid before tho chief statue of tho god. All this Is known throughout tho land. Thousands are now offering up prayers that tho sacrifice may be fortuimto, und u golden ring has been hung over tho utono of slaughter In such a fashion that tho light of tho sun must strike upon tho center of your breast at tho very moment of midday. For weeks you liavo been watched as a Jaguar watches tu prey, for It wn.s feared that you would oscapo to tho 'i'oule.--, and we, your wives, huvo boon watched also. At this moment thoru U d. triple ring of guards about tho palace, aud are sot without your doors uud bo- Death tho window places, Judge, then, what elmuce there is of escape, 1'oulo." "I4ttlo Indeed," I wild, "und yet I know a road. If I kill myself, thoy cannot kill mo." "Nay," «ho answered hastily, "what shall that avail you? While you Uvo you may bope, but once dead you uro doud for ever; attfo, If you must die, It Is best time you should dlo by tho band of tha priest. Uullovoiuo, though tho olid Is horrible," and she shuddered, ''it Is almost palulosu, so thoy say, uud vary swift. Thoy will not torture you. That wo IMVO mvwl you, GuuUmioo and I, though at fin>C thuy wltthod thus tobonor tbo god uoro particularly on this groat day. "O Toulo," Otomlo went on, seating Jtorsolf by mo on tho bod and taking my bund, "think no mure of thutu) brief terrors, but look beyond thorn. Is It so bard «tblug to dio, will avrlUlyt Wo nil jiiunt dlo, toduy or tonight or tbo next day, It mutters llttlo whuu, and your faith, like ours, touches that boyond tho grave 1* end- loss bloumxlntw Think then, my friend, tomorrow you will huvo passed fur from this strlfo aud turmoil: thu utrugglu aud tha sorrows und tbo dully fuars for tho future that uvuko tho soul ftluk will bo over for you; you will bo tukeu to your peace, where uo unuuhull dUturb you foruvor. Tlwro you will llud that jnothor whom yuu Imvo told uio of, uud who loved you, uud thuro porlwps ono will Join you who lovoa you bolter tbuu your mother; mayhap oven I nitty moot you them, friend," uud sho looked at wo utruiigoly. "Tho rum) tlmt yuu uro duowcU tu >vulk U dark iu- dood, but nuvoly it must lo woll trodden, uud tlwK> Is llglit ulilnljig beyond 11. Ho IKJ u iiiun, my I'rlend, and do not grlovo. Itojuioo rulhor tlmt at DO oitriy un ugu you Imvu donu wllli vvufaund UuubtH uuduoiuo to tho gated of joy; that you huvo putted tbo thorny, uuwaUifed \vllduvuQ8S tuul neo many tui-lIT burdens that now rest heavily upon the people. It if) not only a barrier nguliiHt the returu of mad protection, hut it furnishes a vantage from wlitch nuiRt be waged further aggressive opttratlons agaiust proteutuil mouoply aud governmental fnvoritmin. Uemlljr tllleht of Trennon. I take my place with the rank and file of tho Deinocrntlo party wlio believo in tariff reform aud who know what it is, who rofuse to accept the results embodied Iu thlH bill as tho olotio of thu wnr;who ur<! not blinded to thu fact that the llvury of the Democratic tariff reform has been stolen and worn iu tho service of Republican protectioo, aud who have marked tho plucea whore the deadly blight of treason has blasted tho couu>iil» ~of the brave in the nour of might. Thu trusUi and coiublnatlons—tho com- munlxm of pelf—whoiiu inuchlnutioiu: Imvo prevented us from reaching the «!«•cess wo deservo, should not be forgotten or fo-ulvcu, Wo slittll rtscovcr from our n»toiil»hm«nt at their exhibition of power kitd if then the question is forced upon UH, whether they shall submit to tho free legislative will of tho people's representatives or shall dictate the laws which the peoplu must oboy, wo will accept uud nettle that i»ue us ouu Involving the integrity and safety of American Institutions. I low tut) principles of trite democracy bocause they are founded in patriotism Mild upon jiutlco and fulrness toward all luteresU. I am proud of my party organ- isation bwuuuiH.' It Is oouiparutlvoly sturdy aud ptirnUitout Iu thu enforouuient of iU prlucipltts. Therefore, I do uot despair of the effort* Ukftile by tho house ot representatives to •upplament thu bill almtdy piuuMid by further Ivgblntlou aud to have «ngr»ft«d upon it such modllloutlou a* will moro nearly uiMt Domoorutio boptut aud MsplNttlous. NcmiMlli' ot 1fn» R*w Mktvrlals. I eauuot b« mistaken a» to tbo nvceMlty of froo raw niaterlals an tho foundation of logtoal and neuslblo tarlll reform. Tho exteut to wbiob tbls U ruooguUod Iu tbo JuKWtion already iMKiurwl I* on« of II* encouraging uud redeeming fuuturua; but it Is voxatlouii to recall tbut whilo froo coal and Irou oro huvw buoii doulod, u lut- U<r of tho soorvtttry of tho treasury din- ulomis tbo fai't that both might Imvo Iwon niudo fr«u> by tho anuuiil surfoiiderof only about ITOO.QIX) of uuuvuumutry rovoiiuo. I am (jure thero Is a ooinuum biiblt of uudor v«tliuntjiitr thu liuportitiiuo of froo raw iuut«i4al» In tariff Kiglslntlon and ot regarding thum us only roluUul to OOUCOB- Biouhtouo nutdf to our munufuulurcH. 'i'ho trutb In tlji-li 1 inlluiMiuu in no fur rojiuh tug tlmt If dlm<gtirdt>d u complete uud bouelleenl ttohomtt of turllf rcfonu uutmot bu suumuufully iuuugiirnlod. Whou wo glvo to <>uv muuufnuturori fr«i' raw umti'rlnls vvu uusliuokle AIIUT!- vttu lUiterpHnu tuul iligt'iiiilty, itud thvttv will upon tho doors of foreign miirkeiw to tho rvcootloji of our NvurcH untl glv Surplus Vor This Month. WASHINGTON, Ang. 28.— The balance in the treasury Monday, the last previous to the one on which the new tariff net became operative, was $130,498,130, of which |54,UUO,»U5 wns gold reserve. So far this month the receipts aggregate |35,oa8,0!VT, of which |24,586,IW was from internal revenue and $t»,692,94tt from customs. The internal revenue receipts for the 10 days iu which the presi dent has had the tariff bill in his posses sion amounted to *19,053,75«. The ex penditures this month amount tof37,- 58!t,lH)0, leaving » surplus of abou $8,000,000 for the month to date. J»p»nri<> Minister Roche* WMhlnilon WASHINGTON, Aug. ?C, - ShinicUr Knriuo, the Japanese minister, reached {his city late Monday afternoon and at once proceeded to the legation residence. The minister -will, it is expected, assume the dnties of his office very promptly, as be hopes to be formerly received by the president before the letter's departure from the city. In view of the existing war between China and Japan this formal recognition of hto diplomatic office is absolutely essential to the new minister, as without it he has no official standing with this government. Approved by th« President. WASHINGTON, Aug. as.— The president has approved the following acts; Granting the Duluth and Winnipeg railroad right of way through the Chippewa and White Earth reservations In Minnesota; amending the right of way of the Hutchinson and Southern railroad iu the Indian Territory; the issuing of a patent to the Presbyterian board of home missions for certain lands in the Omaha Indian reservation for school purposes. In the Boune. WASHINGTON-, Aug. 28.— In the house the point of no quorum was raised, aud while waiting a quorum to appear the deatb of Congressman Shaw of Wisconsin was announced. A committee was appointed to attend the funeral and the house adjourned. Shipment* of Silver Dollar*. WASHINGTON, Aug. i!H.— Tho shipments of standard silver dollars during the last week amounted to (ft 00,1100 and of fractional silver coins so far during the month of Auguat, $824,282. Mary E. Hrown to lUnille Mult. WASHIKOTON, Aug. 28.— Mary IS. Browu has been appointed postmaster at Verdigris, Knox county, Nob., vice E. EL Purcell, removed. Wilt Look Into Great Northern Affair*. DENVER, Colo., Aug. 28.— Comptroller Stephen Little, whoso recent examination of tho books of tho AtchUou, Topeka and Santa Fo Railway company resulted iu sensational developments, hits started for St. P«al, whcro ho will look into the affairs of the Great Northern road. Cholera on • (lrrm»n Veuol. FLUSHING, Aug. 28.— Four members of tho German vessel Adelaide, from Antwerp uud Duntsic, have boon attacked with cholera. Due of them has since died. _____ _ Work of InoxuiUarto*. CEDAR RAVIUS, la., Aug. S8.— Tho barn aud granary of George Houd\; near thia city, wero totally destroyed y tiro, causing a loss of $3,000. It was evidently Uio work of incendiaries. NEWS IN ABBREVIATED FORM. Dallas, Tex., boa oloued up tho gamb- Henry Gorge deollues to run for mayor of Nuw York. BhtpmeuU ot California fruits U) the cast this year are pheuoiuluuliy large. Kttglaud luu> forbid her noncommissioned aaval officers to nceept foreign service. Get Up." 1 )ou 't expect your horse to hurry until you Uuvc done your purl. If your wagou is poorly greased, Uie more bo burrie* thu fiuiter boUi horse otid wagou will wear out. Is the horse's friend ami Uls master's t'.-U'iul II saves lubor for ouo and money f'»r tin; other. l('n tliu tilit-kcht gtcuso yu'.i ever i>uw. tSultl by all doulvrn. Wudhaiu'sOU andGreaseCo, MILWAUKEE, WI5. 'S WHILE OUK STOCK LASTS — WB Witt SBM — 6 (t. Aih Extended Tables $3.8(1 8(1 " » •' 5.00 Hard wood Chamber Seta 12.50 i Spindle wood Chairs, per set.... 2.5V gp"We most reduce our atook and these prices surely ought to do it. ' V MANVFINE PREMIUMS GIVEN FREE 70 DRINKERS OF UOH COFFEE H. C. STEVENS &. SON. MAPLE GROVE BREEDING FARM Short horn icattleand Poland China bogi KANNE « ZERWAS, MEAT MARKET 3T Young Stock for Sale. Carroll la Flab, Game, Poultry, eto. LL OBDKB3 AHK PROMPTL DELIVEBU Corner 5th and Adams streets, Carroll, !»• ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you cau see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, Boos & Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In eufUess variety, and new goods coming in every day. In fact, they are prepared to furuisU a house in the best of style from cellar to garret. They also do all work in the cabinet line and repairing. 55F"Don't forget the place. BOOS & LAUGHLIN, FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House. Carroll, Iowa. Green Bay Lumber Company, JKALKHU IN Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL New yards north of Carroll mills, Carroll. Iowa. Page Woven Wire Fence The Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, road- ily adapts itself to all changed of temperature and still retains ita tension. It in a smooth t'««oe that will turn all kijid» of stock without injury. It is manufactured in styles adopted to all kinds of fence for city and country, t also handle tho Lewis Combination Force Pump andbpraying outfit, Tho best is always the cheapest. For further partiou- lars, call on or address C. M. HOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. Oftloe wltti Duncan A Sprout, K. A. IVrtur, lillUdim, la ; II. l.uiu|>«, Aro«d!», lit.; W»!|ocioliolU tiro*., llullmr, U. tocuw»miorvi>u»UUoaw«.»uollM;\\>»kMviiuirr.|,0* a»obo.\V»k»iuUw». J.o»v kUubvwl, ti \klulj VtuilMtoa*. UtttftudIUM*»i uitttfvrluUvu0mUvt»Ortiiuift i>f elluur M

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