Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 16, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1955
Page 18
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¥'•: EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD. Taker Soviets Grab i Star Pinups i - KRASNODAR, Soviet North Cai casus— UNS)—A pleasant young -»«ish woman with a handbag as b" .^""^as a Boy Scout pack peddles boo •-*.. leg Hollywood glamor near th x .;gate of the farm market in Kras -f .1 noda'r. :v ." This dusty provincial capital o £ J£the North Caucasus lies nearly 70 1 ****'miles south of Moscow. But in il ^> romantic heart, it is as up-to-dal ^ "'as the faraway capital. *.„..,' For the Krasnodar movie ran— s ^ as in the Bijous of Moscow—De ! 7" anna Durbin, the warbling scree ' "Cinderella, and dashing Rober l 57rK Taylor are Hollywood's brightes m« stars. , i ••• ' a photo of her Hollywood scree ' t ". v ;'; idol out of a fan Magazine. There' .-,n! .'no place for such fripperies i »„"•!,. the five-year plan or the Commu i "i-l nist party propaganda budget. .'"''' A pigtailed moppet took a stac " of cards from the lady with th "^ satchel by the gate of the Collec '*'\ tive Farm market in Krasnodar When she had finished rifflin through the grayish glossies, sh passed them on to this correspond ent. Among' these blackmarket tin x types were: 1—A wistful, and ancient profiL of Deanna in a pageboy hairdo anc s polka-dot blouse at a dramatic .moment in the film (according to the Eussian label on the snap-shot size photo) "His Janitor's Daugh ter." 2—Robert Taylor moodily Ibung ••••• ing against a prop staircase from his ; recent hit (in. the USSR) "Waterloo Bridge." 3--Greta Garbor wearing a come hither smile and a frothy ball govyn from'"Camille,".which : play ed to packed houses,in.Moscow few/months ago.. v „ - i 4r-The debonair Cisco Kid, Cesar / Romero, which Russians saw lindei v • •• the title "Incident In The Desert,' './'.': Sri-Cesar Romero again, grinning • -like a toothpaste ad as he clutches -'"••fh dimpled handmaiden from the -.. ,*•'• court of Louis the 13th in "Cardi ~-.iC nal Richelieu." 'v '*'*. -6—A tender kiss on a moonlighl .-',.',,.veranda from the Indian film •:- "Bradyaga," released in the USSR L ' some months ago. ••f^**;.. 7—Aging. Soviet film ingenue ^\ Ludmila Tselikovskaya with scenes t^Y from three of her postwar comics* ;*-edies, and . : : .- •••'.'':.:'. T-^-~.< 8—Soviet star ;Marina Ladyniha i /nj 1 *costumed as'the lady collective ••<•'•• farm • chairman in "Kuban Cos- V, >ack." . . - ;,••..'. i < k«, Deanna and Bob have scored' in !./ /^success after success during the ' >--> postwar decade in the Soviet ,._Il~"Union. The Red Army ; liberated a .-r, whole salt mine full of pre-war j ^._ Hollywood films from the Ger -mans. . ; . The 1 'Ministry of Culture figurec was nonsense to . spend hard ^'^'to-.come-by dollars for 1 new Holly >-». '. wood films when it had so many f ;^. M _oId ones for free. So it has been i.j^^,rationing them out ; over : the past £^10 years. if. '•• .,' The Ministry makes a high-toned '•y" effort to supply socially-approved ••'\ pin-ups, head-and-shoulder studio > ''shots of Stalin-prize-winning Soviet \ stage and screen personalities. But it's up to free-enterprising • ( ^.'~~- lensmen who take their cameras »• with them to the movie house to ^~f~* t supply the market for unsober ro- •••- «manticism. ' r*" At a ruble (25 cents) a print, < this survival of free enterprise x should be profitable. n I Marriage Licenses "^•' Willis Clention Dillon and Joan .-•>•» Carol Meyers, both Oldtown. f2 ' Arthur Franklin Strong II and Evelyn Marlene Merrback, both /_ "^ Salisbury, Pa. £, - ' Wayne Arlynn Coughenour, m ^, Hyndman, Pa., and .Wanda"Hope King, Paw Paw, W. Va. , • -;•", Robert Thomas Hutcheson, 518 . '.;V Beall Street, and Ruth Elizabeth •_^ Jacobs, 98 West College Avenue, -' Frostburg. Harold Joseph Doolan Jr., Lona..,.'., coning, and Eleanor Rae Blubaugh, •:"•- Cresaptowni ^'.'";. Robert William Appel. 20 Mullin Street, and Joyce Loretta Comer, . 41 Third Avenue, Ridgcley. , Carl Leroy Harris and Francis Lorraine White, both Westcrnport. -.- Delbert Samuel Broadwatcr, RFD 4, Keyser, and Norma Jean McKenzie, Kolberg Hill, Westcrn- port. Eugene William Stewart, RFD 1, Green Springs, Ohio, and Colleen Viola Paugh, Vindex. Andrew Paul Donitzen and Shirley Fay Mason, both RFD 4, Keyser. : Eugene Phillip Miller, 642 North Mechanic Street, and Betty Frances Radcliffe, 219 New Hampshire! Avenue. James Robert Baughman, 661 Greene Street, and Shirley Yvonne Nelson, 214 Potomac Street. Ralph Edward Hutzell, Ml. Savage, and Lcona Gladys Spinelta, Horse Shoe Run, W. Va. Frank Cullcn Woods Jr., 4300 Old Frederick Road, Baltimore, and ;, .' Mary Anne Bender, 401 Cumber'.» land Street. Esther Shuii§ Pools (But Not Aquacade) NEW YORK—A few fast facts Imogene Coca's first TV appear ance since she lore up her con tract will be on a winter Max Lieb man spectacular ... Nat "King Cole will play the lead in a TV ver sion of "The Hot Mikado."...U S. Steel Hour is looking for a pla :or Linda Darnell; she said she' appear in the right show...Rock} Graziano has been approached t appear with James Stewart in coming Paramount picture...Big jest prize yet—a new car ever year for the rest of their lives- will be awarded four winners o ABC-TV's Lawrence Welk show n a contest supporting the Na Lional Safety Council's acciden prevention program.' Esther Williams KathI Norris Maxie Rosenbloom was with 'ome of his more intellectua riends, who were discussing the ension in the Near End. During he course of this conversation ne of them mentioned the Gaza Strip.' . ';-.'.' "You mean," Maxie asked, "one if them Gabor girls has gone into jurlesque?" » * * There'll be fewer splashes in Isther Williams' future.: She's jeen practically reborn, as oi ,ug. :i last, and there'll be some hanges made: On that date, her exclusive contract with MGM end- d. Now she can do other things, ke her smash TV 'appearance on Omnibus," which included a gen- eel strip tease. "I loved working on 'Omnibus,' Isther says. "I had to think on my feet. I think maybe that sur- rised some people, which is what wanted. After all, I do have a ater-logged brain up to here." Vnd she tapped her pretty head. It is Miss Williams' belief that lose soggy epics she did for IGM for 10 years need a rest. "I used to go on the set anr ay some awfully silly lines," she £i/t Favorite! Use gay scraps for these pretty irmcnts—sew them for your little rl's favorite dolly! Picture her ippy~facc when she sees this onderful wardrobe — sack-dress, nch-belt, suspended-skirt, blouse, aysuit, snow-suit, hat, petticoat nd panties! All sew-easy! Pattern 4836: For dolls 14, 16, 18, . 22 inches tall. See pattern for ardagc requirements. This pattern easy to use, simple sew, is tested for fit. Has com- etc illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-five cents in coins r this pattern — Add 5 cents r each pattern for 1st - class ailing. Send to.ANNE ADAMS, arc The Evening Times, 42 Pat- rn Dcpt., 243 West 17th St., cw York 11, N. Y. Print plainly AME, ADDRESS with ZONE, ZE and STYLE NUMBER. says. "I'd think to myself, 'Gee I've said this same thing to the same people on the same set doz ens of times.' The only thing that ever changed was the bathing suit." So she would haunt the MGM ^rass, bringing scripts of a little meatier content, in an attempt to have them let her out. They .would say, with a tired smile, that her pictures had made $45,000,000 in 10 years and why kill the swan that laid the golden egg. So back to the swimming pool. But now it's all over. She has plans. She's considering five movie scripts; they'd all be made in Eu- •ope; and there's not a swimming pool' in the lot. She may swim, jut it would have to be an in- egral part of the story. These are, Jsther says, "exotic stuff," which s what she wants. Then, next fall, she hopes to >ring an aquacade to New York, maybe into Madison Square Garden, with herself as chief attrac- ion. She'd move the whole family Sast and buy a place in the coun- ry. It would have to have a swim ming pool, though; she always ;vvims a quarter of a mile every morning. And she wants to do lots more TV. Her "water-logged brain" worked out a very sensible schedule for breaking into th'e medium. First she did-', the Milton Jerle show—with a swimming pool —and then she did "Omnibus" vith a swimming pool. She figured lie public expected that Now she hinks she can do a dramatic show, vithout the pool, and the public vill be happy. She is right, too. t t. » Kathi Norris, General Electric's al commercial deliverer, was lostess for -a demonstration of JE's atomic power plant. One of he guests was the Navy's atomic ub man, Adm. Hyman Rickover. <athi offered him an atomic-pow- r-grilled hamburger, but mistak- ngly, said, "Care for one of lese, General?" .''No thank you, Miss Fufhess," napped Rickover. ~x.:~ * * - * Fess Parker, Davy Crockett to qu, just finished a tour .of. 22 ities. Fess says he shook 100,000 little limp" hands, wore out six ets of guitar, strings 'and in be- ween wrote to "The Ballad of Davy Crockett." Fess, oor lad, can now sing it for" 20 minutes without repeating a verse. DICK'S QUICKIE: Parke Levy, creator and writer of "December Bride," says that if all people who eat at boarding houses were put al me long table, they would reach. Israel To Make ?olio Vaccine HAIFA, Israel-(INS)-The Salk olio vaccine recently received a ote of confidence from Israel. When we know how to use the alk vaccine, poliomyelitis will be iped off the face of the earth in few years," Dr. S. Btesh, Direc- or General of the Israel Ministry f Health, stated. Israel is preparing to manufac- ure the vaccine next year. The ncidence of polio is' high in the cw state and the government s anxious to conquer the disease efore it progresses any further, r. Btesh said that fortunately srael has technicians qualified to andle the vaccine project.- He paid tribute to Dr. Jonas alk, the American physician who iscovered the polio vaccine, and sserted that recent • doubts that ad been cast in the United tates upon its effectiveness had ow been dispersed. * Ian Pays Heavy Fine or Old Violations NORFOLK. Va. (.«—Jack M. ody, a small loan office manager, eglected to .make his payments romplly on 17 parking tickets that ould have cost him $24 in all. ome of them were more than five lonths old. The judge declined to grant ody's plea for three or four days raise money to meet his larger >ligation—a fine of $425. Prompt payment of the tickets, iid Cody "was just one of those lings I never got around to." In railway stations in Wales, ibles are distributed free to pas- ngers on trains. ',' The Russian sable, the fur of "Which is so highly prized, is a . small marten-like native of Siberia. Enroll Your Child In an APPROVED DANCE STUDIO! Dixon Dance Studio Approved by Md. State of Education Alto • N.A.D.D.A. approved j tcachtr For Information Call PArkview 4 2939 - SHIRT Laundered -R-E-E IF WE RETURN ONE WITH A BUTTON MISSING SHIRTS OS : L V L (CASH & CARRY) 'tuimi DIAL PA 4 1400 Wide World Brings Cuba TV Over Sea By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK Gfl — The optimis. tic prophets of television frequently talk of regular trans-oceanic TV as an inevitable innovation. Viewers of Wide Wide Work (NBC-TV) had a brief glimpse of live transoceanic television last Sunday when a' pick-up from Havana was technically successful on American TV.'screens. An airplane flying figure-eights more than two miles aloft served as the relay station bridging the 230 miles be- ween the Florida mainland and Cuba. It was the first live video link :rom" Cuba into the United States —but not from this country to :uba. The Cuban Station CMQ wrought its viewers the World Series this year and last year by the same method. The images relayed by airplane on Wide Wide World were not as good as the usual TV picture. But viewers had a satisfactory look at he Havana skyline and harbor and :apitol and at 200 Cuban students participating in a pageant. From now on I'm going to keep an eye on Alcoa Hour (NBC-TV). 'or one and another reason I'd missed seeing this Sunday evening 9 p.m., Eastern time) drama pro gram until the other night when along came a TV adaptation of F. Hugh Herbert's Broadway play "A irl Can Tell." • "A Girl Can Tell" is a pleasant lit of fluff, but as played by a superior cast it was high television entertainment. First Live Link Sritisli Women Betting Taller LONDON— (INS)—British women are getting taller, and it's not only lecause heels and hats are higher. Added to the subterfuge of fash- on there has been a genuine three- quarters of inch increase in the average height of children since 938. . Those school girls, who were measured by the London County Council in a survey, are now bring- ng their inches to work. Young typists in London are noticeably taller. A girl 5 feet. 10 in- hes once , drew, glances. Today, on high heels, she often towers above the lunch-hour crowd. ALDO RAY A personal appearance is scheduled from 3:15 to 3:45 in the lobby of Maryland Theatre. He will be guest of Second National Bank at a dinner meeting and will visit the Dank which has been enlarged and modernized and is observing its official opening this week. From 7:30 to 8:45 he will return or another personal appearance in he theatre lobby. He leaves Curh- )erland about 10 p.m. for Hagers:own. • The picture in which Ray is starred opens at the Maryland Friday in connection with his personal appearance. He plays a decorated American sergeant stationed in Tokyo who overcomes his war Radiant Heating Slated For Stadia NEW YORK-(INS)-Soon you'll 3C able to watch a football game in below zero weather in perfect comfort. ... . ,.• No, hot at home vai television, but seated right in the stands, out- of-doors! It will be done with radiant heat- ng, says Dr. Finn J. Larsen of Minneapolis-Honeywell. Larsen says that such installa- ions have already been tried and proved successful. New, extremely sensitive electronic temperatrue and humidity controls have opened up new areas involving human comfort, he explains. Regulation of the semi-outdoors s "just the beginning," he said. Hoppie The Gat' Bounces On Snake CLIFTON FORGE, Va.— ffl- Vliss Edith Michie, a high school eacher, loves the cat she picked up and nursed back to health. The cat, named Hoppie because an encounter with a train left it only hree legs, pounced on a copper lead snake coiled to strike the eacher as she hung clothes on a line. • ' Hoppie has received a "well done" from the American Society or .the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A cat food company sent one too. There are more than 900 lan- ;uages used in Asia. Film Star Aldo Ray Will Pay Visit To City Friday The movies' Aldo Ray, husky- voiced star of "Three. Stripes in the Sun," arrives here for a visit Friday at 2 p.m. Ray will be met at Central YMCA by the Fort Hill High School Band which will escort him to the Algonquin Hotel. At 2:15 p.m., he will} visit patients; at Allegany County Infirmary and present each with a box of candy. hatred for fhe Japanese, falls in love with a Japanese, interpreter, and together with men of the famed '"Wolfhound" Division, adopts an entire Japanese orphanage. The story is based on the life of Sgt. Hugh O'Reilly, top kick in the "Wolfhound" unit of Korean fame. Ray is called Hollywood's best answer to the fans' cry for fresh and different personalities. His career began shortly after he left the University of California campus and began campaigning for the job of constable in his home town of Crockett, Calif. One of his brothers, Guido, asked if he would drive him across the bay to San Francisco where some people from Columbia Studio were interviewing football players for a picture called "Saturday's Hero." At the hotel where the interviews took place, Aldo balked at reading the script given the other 10 athletes, and explained that he was not an actor. Director David Miller, intrigued by Aldo's rasping voice and engaging smile, asked him to give a campaign speech instead. The speech won for Aldo the small but meaty role of the realis- Annuol Soroptimisr BENEFIT DANCE COMPLETE SELL-OUT! Sorry—No more reservotions available. No tickers will be sold at the door on Friday night. ' tic, cynical college football player, in the picture.. He was Miller'i" sole choice from the group. - ;,i HAVING A PARTY? -J Now Available! ? ^Private Rooms! ? for any size | ( \ PARTY | |k Banquets 'of ^any »iz«, Wedding Receptions, Cocktail Parties, etc. . Inquire ct . .-, from M-6-M starring , •• •-, "EIM An M-C M Picluie jm CINEMASCOPE ** N COLOR!}- WATCH-FOR IT COMING SOON Jnioii Local To Meet Local 489, Plumbers and Steam- itters Union (AFL), will meet Frilay at 8 p. m. at the Labor ?emple, South Liberty Street. Cry** 3 ' DRIVE IN ^ It's Not Too Late to Make Your Contribution to the Cumberland 'Community Chest. Help Keep the Agencies Functioning. Mail it to 514 Liberty Trust Bldg. or Phone PA 2-2700 — GRANGER JEAI SIMMONS FOOTSTEPS IN THE FOG a* * TECHNICOLOR SNEAK PREVUEl I Tomorrow Nite at 8:15 p.m. 1 , St* Tomorrow'* Timti - N«w* For Mor« D.toil THE AMAZING TRUH LOVE ADVENTURE OF THE FIGHTING SERGEANT AND A GIRL IN A PINK KIMONOI \ mMsmmmsmsmmm OPEN FRIDAY SATURDAY & SUNDAY COMING FRIDAY Dory Crockett, Indian Scout" MEET THE STAR IN PERSON ALDO RAY Along Came Jones' with Gary Cooper APPEARING IN OUR THEATRE LOBBY "That Lady SUN ALDO RAY OLIVIA deHAVILLAND and GILBERT ROLAND FRIDAY ONLY FIRST SHOW 7:00 LAST COMPLETE SHOW 8:40 | 3:15 to 3:45 P.M. I STARTS FRIDAY and ' : 7:30 to 8:45 p. m. I "I Was A Male War Bride" CARY GRANT and ANN SHERIDAN LOOK Home Style Cooking lik as you like HOME MADE PIES BROOK'S 77 N. Centre St. CAFE • PHONE PA 4-0370 Desperate'Men -v Brave the Terrors f of the South Sea Jungles... for Gold! f\ GREAT HITS! / STARTING TODAY! TWO DAYS ONLY! SHARK vs. MAN In South Sea ADVENTUREI ROSSWINDS STARTS TOMORROW! YV*IM DeCARLO "Do You Think I Go Walking On The Beach For The Exercise NOT SINCE SCARLETT AND JEZEBEL HAS THE SOUTH PRODUCED SUCH A FIERY WOMAN! TOWN EY'SHEAO 'HAT KIND OF "VERY RESPECTABLr PEOPLE ARE THESE? C«ntury-ro» pr«*«nti ClNEMASo COiO* by DC LUX! •Wlfaf RICHARD EGAN DANAWYNTER CAMERON MITCHELL flATUM TIMH.—• 12:Ji - ):M • 4:00 - 4:00 .'1:00 . 10:M f " •' ' Vrn iREUNDl YOU NCK THE BEST MOTION PICTUHI FtRFORMANCIS NtW PEMONAIITIES ! "AUDIENCE AWARDS" von m out lour NOV. WHO7TH s

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