The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on April 5, 1968 · Page 28
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 28

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1968
Page 28
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28 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Friday/April 5/1968 Dr. Kings Death Stuns Black, White Americans N · EW YORK (AP)--Black and)Luther King shared with all of us." Samuc] J. Cornelius, a Nebraska state official, said, 'When things like this take white, fmous and unknown, Americans reacted to the news of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination Thursday night with shock, sorrow and prayers that the violence or his death would not overshadow the nonviolence he preached. President Johnson, addressing the nation on radio and television, said, "We have been saddened, 1 ask every citizen 10 reject the blind violence thai has struck Dr. King who lived by nonviolence." place, you wonder if there is any hope at all." Leonlync Price. Metropolitan Opera soprano, a Negro, said, "What Dr, Martin Luther King stood for and was can' never be killed with a bullet." J \MES Farmer, former national director of the Congress of Racial Equality, said. Jackie Robinson, the first Ne-| Ki iiated b i OCK j s hed. His own gro lo play major .league base-j blo0(] musl not now trigger ball, said, "Oh my God. I'm j m0 re blood letting." frightened. I pray to God this: Mfs BMnJe Mae Fowleiv of doesn't end up in ihe streets, all mv " from this damned cruel world." Mavor Richard Hatcher of tration inarch in Mississippi, said, "This is America's answer to the peaceful, nonviolent way of obtaining righis in this country." Jack Greenberg. director- counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said, "This coumry is no longer the same," Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, said, "We are steeped in vio- a sweet and honorable man." lence; it is the curse of the land." CALIFORNIA State .Sen. Mervyn M'. DyniaUy, .a Negro, said, "This will set'back race relations for generations." Dick Gregory, Negro comedian, said, "The weapon was always left behind. Dr. King was King's Last Speech Filled With Prophecy MEMPHIS, Tenn, (AP) --.would happen to me from some The night before'his death, Dr.iof our sick white-brothers. Martin Luther King Jr. told an BUT I don'l know what will FORMER Wallace of Alabama slaying u-as grettable a "is another example of the : Dore Schary. playwright a n d j Threats had been made on his|because I've been to the moun- £·'national chairman of the AnU-jlife, King told a crowd of 2.000.; taijl top and j elon , l m i n d Likc ^'Defamation League of B'naijbm he was not afraid, J M , ^ a , n r f ' B nih. said. A piece of Amen-i After K i n g s deatn, a col- ; ' · . him," league the Rev. Andrew Young. ; lon S ~ ' I'm not Former Vice President' Richard M. Nixon urged- Americans' "to try a new spirit of reconciliation to redeem this terrible longevity has stepped." George League said "\Vc prav that he but thai he had heard Dr. King God's will. And he's allowed me l^TM^"^^ 1 TM , _ - . _ _ ' j : _ j : :- ·· ' mnto oinh a rcm.-irlc Onlv n n C C ' l n on ,m tn -he m o u n t a i n i nri . c . 3 ~ C Blinking IHC llcny, president of has not died in vain." The newly installed Archbishop of New York, Terrance J. Cooke, said, "America . can't survive with its house divided. We need the justice and love lie. died for." ' . ' Betty Boston, a Negro college student, said, "We're going to have to fight." A soldier in Saigon, a white master sergeant, said, "There's going lo be a Jot of trouble at home." TEXAS Gov. John B. Connally said, "King contributed much to the chaos and turbulence in this country, but he did not deserve this fate." Mrs, Rosa Parks of Detroit, who led the 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Ala., said, "I can't talk now. 1 just can'ti talk." K. Javits, H-N.Y., doctrine of nonvio- The Rev. James Groppi, the I open hous- marches in Milwaukee, said, king is in a. .Havana Radio broadcast monitored in Miami, urged! Negroes to stay away from their | jobs to protest the. slaying and "make the white racist .Americans understand' that Negroes have the necessary force to set right the outrages which have been made against Negroes in the Uniled States." R. W. CHAPMAN PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT ACCOUNTING -- BOOKKEEPING -- TAX FOR SMALL BUSINESS 300 Koehler Bldg; 4rh at C Avc OfFiee Hours 9-5 Tele 357-5792 Evenings By Appointment an killed \.FL-CIO, called the slaying i Floyd McKissick, national ai-;r:!"£,[_', A h American tragedy. He was- r e ctor of Ihe Congress of Racial m ielm1 ' -^ lu lake such a remark only onceiig go up to :he mountain. And!,,", , ,,, ? SK -.? C , sforc-durins the 1965 march;I've looked over, and I've seen dcad ' We are snd. bitter. befo: j thp promised land. T may not while aiding f r o m ; 'get Lhere with \'ou. But I want ;you to know tonight that we as a U.S. Rep, Benjamin Rosen- thai, D-N'.Y., Mid. "It is the; shame of our nation." cause he was willing to throughout this country, as a leader and a symbol, in an effort to bring men together." Sen. Edward \V. Brooke. R- strikingiEquality. said "It is truly Amcr-j HERE are extracts ·^ "-·"- '-an racism." i King's prophetic speech: ! people will set niiv ·· rinV\?-ac in" \fi.mnhic fn' IT Tov Franri? W ^3r"pnt' "I l c f l ·· u l arlla lhis m o r n i n S'Uand. So I'm'happv tonicht. I'm | for a week of national mourning "ep sanUalionmen inT^ktcf Mas°chusc?t sa d It is I 3 " d M "' e " ot sla . rl « lf on ^w TMmecl aboil anything. I'm and said. "Dr. King was appar- aSnst the c?^ oL track i^nv "Ll a man Uo P' an ^ lhcre wcre six of us - ltlc 'not fi-aring any man. Mine eyes entlv the victim of a mad man S !n Edward M Kennedv D- °"^Mn" *e °ace of TMTMolwl'^ sald , 0 ^ er , ' h c p " blic f^ seen'the glory of the cim-jas was another great American ftK' 118 "M 'K r'acf" SOnSCleSSneSS ° f 3 V S?h"^^« Sf «,""« ° f ^f^ ! f0 iS^^d dragon o f | ° f h^as'^g dl ^ V^ or k Sen. Robert F .'«? ^ W"^ *«. i TAX BOHSNT PAY ^^TM« ^^ Kennedy, breaking the news to : .\nd lo be sure that nothing- FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP);could have happtned to the na- a preciominanth Negro audi-^vould be \\-ronz on tho plane. -- city Clerk Miles House noted ;; tion." : dice in Indianapolis, said. "IIc'wc had to check out cvrrj-thins that the first payment he re-i U.S. Rep. Charles C. Discs Jr. Vass ihe natloi's onlv \e~ro dsxlicatcd himself to justice and carefully. And we've had ihc.ceived under the city's n e w i n f Detroit.'Michigan's first Xc- U S 'senaror said in Wa'shin"- lovc bew ' ecn nis ' dlow human;piano protected and guarded all sales and UM? tax isn't going lo. q r o congressman, said. "We ton "th- crirn° is unspeakable teings. li's up to those of us night.' ^rai.'C any rovpnuc. A man .sent have jusi dc-c.scalated one war The "rie'f is unbearable ' the w h o arc llcre lo carr ^' Ol " lhal "And then I 501 into Memphis.'in ;i penny to pay the tax on a i a n d escalated another." · " - - · · ' ' ' rfTM,TM ·· ,^ n() sot;tf ^n nn 10 snj . the soft drink he had bought. House: Slokcly Cnrmichatl. '-"-""·"· savage act 'of his assassin 'must dream." not be allowed to overshadow -lames Meredith, the higher vision which Martin 'she; during a 1966 who was 'threats-- or talk about :hc had to spend six cents for voicr-repis- threats thai were out Or what -siamp !o mail him a receipt. a 'chairman or the Studen; Nonvi- olen( Coorrtinau'ng Commn?ee. 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