The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 27, 1933 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1933
Page 9
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1933 I-' JIN THE LOS ANGELES DOLL FANTASY IS Next Sunday! New- Feature Series j By Knthlyn Haydcn Hollywood under the Q Sweeps . aside "Hokum" — digs dross of press-agent personality — and brings forth the real, human .side of fllmdom — frankly talks about the troubles and triumphs, faults and virtues of Hollywood's greatest idols. 0 The writer is a brilliant newspaper woman and scenario .writer for many years intimately acquainted , with all phases of filmland. In, the past ton years she has written 725 feature stories dealing with 319 celebrities to an audience of 10,000,000 people. A) This series, appearing ex*• . cluslvely in the Sunday Times, will run the gamut of Hollywood personalities — tell •what the stars personally and privately think of one another— with a devastating frankness that will be refreshingly different. A Next Sunday's article will be the "Champion Son"— the intimate life-story of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.—his relation- Ships with bis Iambus. father— Beth Sully and her difficulties— an illuminating ' glimpse of Pickfalr—the sensational but happy union of Junior and Joan. | Bead "Hollywood Champions" every Sunday. They 'spotlight the stars as they ARE '•—not as publicity paints them. Is Los Angeles a Wicked City? BY ; MAYOR JOHN C. PORTER A The inside facts about vice conditions, if any—Is Los :Angeles ruled by gangsters?— Are the police honest?—Is the city pure or putrid?—Answered by the man who should know the most about Los Angeles. Unmasking ' Technocracy g| A sane and sensible reply by Dr. John Park Young to the calamitous caterwaulings of .pseudo-economists—by a man who substitutes Iggic for statistics and brains for hysteria. Throughout 1933 % The Times will increase the number and interest of its exclusive features — better itb neVs columns—expand rather than contract—and continue to give its readers a bigger and better 'newspaper at tbe low subscription rate of 90c per month. TIMES AGENT • I John C.Marvin 2026 Chester Avenue Phone 829 MONTH-END SALE OF PAINTS House Paint pal. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, quick » drying......; qt. T»o Lead and Zlno ' Past*..... 100 Ibt. $1.76 Floor Enamel gal. 12.25 Floor Varrilah. gal. $1.95 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. $2.49 Boiled Linseed Oil. gal. 79o Bring Your Own Container ~ ' Free Olty Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. raio Chester Ave. Phone I<I«M Children Are Delighted With Student Cast Showing of Racketty-Packetty House •y MAC 8AUNOER6 This btifllneSB of being a• grtiwn-up Is very dull or so the adults thought who saw f"Raejtetty-Packettx House" at the high school auditorium last night, where for a couple of hours, they were drawn back perforce, Into the en- ohnnted circle of childhood Imaginings In following the exciting adventures of two families of dolls. The grownups presently forgot to be dignified about it all, and joined In the laughter and fun that the little people, (tfho,stayed up late to see whfif happens when, dolls come to life) Indulged in so wholeheartedly'. • Ttita afternoon when the play was repeated, the auditorium fairly shook with laughter and glee when Peter Piper, Lady Patsy, Rldlcklls and'other dolts cavorted'for the pleasure of children who packed the school hall'to the last seat. , .Doll Depression It seems what really happens Is: .That when dolls are left to themselves they become rettl persons and lead the" most exciting lives. , Even when they nro very old dolls such us lived in the Rncketty-Paeketty House for 100 years or more and are finally scorned by their very young owner. Dolls, too, become philosophical about hard times, rues nnd tatters, and really have a very jolly tjme'of It despite the extended period of depression that bo- comes tholr lot. But, of course, as the Fairy Queen Cross patch put it last night, to have a good time-you must belong to the do-as-you-would-be done-byn. • And Peter. Piper was such a one. Despite the fact that he thought rather well of himself, he saw to It that fun was never lacking In the Rncketty-Paeketty House even when the handsome new Tidy Castle with its lords and ladles become chief Interest In the nursery of Miss Cynthia and the old Victorian house with Its humble occupants was pushed Into nn nfeove. Spontaneous Cast The high school boys and girls who surely must have been picked by a knowing director for their diminutive stature and their capacity In express- Ing joyousness enacted the romance of doll life as though they enjoyed their responsibility In making their toy characters bright, winsome, and lovable to their child audience. .The lender of the band was David Bacon, who took the part of Peter Piper, the whimsical, inventive and humorous-minded one who pokes fun at himself extravagantly and leads In nil the fun making. As the host of Rncketty-Pncketty House he falls In love with beautiful Lady Patsy (Leah Williams) who comes by er or to the wrong doll house. Peter Piper, when he finds it Is no longer fashionable to be dying of love, sets out to win his lady in a romantic manner. How the fortunes of the' Racketty-Paoketty House inmates arc. suddenly made nnd the snobbish dolls of Tidy Castle learn that it is never safe to be scornful, all comes about in the most approved fairy tale manner. Young Mr. Bacon's sense of comedy and his utter lack of self-consciousness made the doll fantasy spontaneous fun .from beginning to end;' Others Assisting While dolls in their spirit of 'play must not be too different from one another Ridicklls (Patricia Curran) was just a little brighter and happier than her sisters. Little Miss Curran was a general favorite with the audience as was the pretty little Miss Williams, who was so bewitching OB Lady Patsy. Kathleen Campbell as the haughty Duchess of Tidy Castle was horrid to just the proper degree to make the poetic justice of the nursery a happy solution to the drama, and the young actress had all the poise necessary. Dena Pleruccl was the thoughtless and spoiled young mistress of the nursery and Helen Lemucchl was the young princess who rescued the Rack- etty-Packetty House from a furnace fate to transpose It into the elegance of the royal nursery. Both played their little girl roles with great naturalness and charm ns did Rosa marie Gllli as the -Fairy Queen Cross Patch who sees justice prevail despite the growing disbelief in fairies which would naturally make a queen cross. Among others In the fun-loving cast were: Lucille Ayer as the old nurse and Minerva Tracy as the new nurse; Robert Pyle as Gustlbus, a brother of Peter Piper; a bevy of green fairy workers; Trip, John Besone; Nip, Ross Bolendor; Flip, J«re Tllson; Skip, Roy Hubburd, the other Inmates of Racketty Packetty House, Meg, Jessie Lee Hubbard, Peg, Beatrice Allen; Kilmanskeg, Adele McMackln; the residents of Tidy Castle, Lady Dorls t Carol Murry; Lndj 1 Muriel, Yvonne Rapp; Lady Gwendolyn, Alice Gydcr; Lord Hubert, Edward Franklin; Lord Rupert, Kenneth Hurman; Lord Francis, Leonard Winters; footmen, James, Alvln Kuest; Charles, Elmer Jeffries; ladles-ln-waltlng, Lillian McNamara, Lois Champion; herald, George Sullivan; pages, Pat Farm, Robert Fennel, Virginia Cutlond, Birdie Winer; green workers, Margaret Coleston, June McFee, Virginia Cutland nne PaV Farmer; other Victorians, Lois Champion, Nina Gadberry, Kathleer Hicks,' Dolly Cooke, Martha Tracy, Phyllis Kllpsteln, Albert Miller, Lillian McNamara, Charlotte Walter, Louise Wardwell, Robert Holler, Robert Sheldon and Elmer Jeffries. The artistic production was staged and costumed as only Miss Ethel Rob Inson knows how to produce drama; for children with all details worked out- to please even the most exacting childish Imagination. The hlghllgh of the show for the children was thi huge hand that descended from thi celling to deposit lady Patsy done til in a pretty pink box In the living room of the Racketty-Packetty house. An appropriate- program of music was of fered by the high school orchestra under the direction of Harold J. Burt U, S. Seaman Is Lost Off Vallejo; Two Cheat Death VAULEJO, Jan, 27.—A United States ataman was loat and two naval officers narrowly escaped daath lata yesterday when the U, S. Humphries°wa* caught In heavy seaa off San Francisco bar It wai announced at Mar* Island hart, Robert Ernest Pact, ataman from Omaha, Neb., was waahed overboard By a giant wave which swept over the anchor deck. Lieutenant •, M. Qates a*nd Ensign F. W. 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