The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 1, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1933
Page 5
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^ fttt MALVEttft LfeA , tOWA, JUNfe 1> 1933 •t the on wr§ social atteffc*9ft wfth a* *c*t«w. bt re- Iftu fite* **•* ? frfce I/. T. tf. country Mab win meet with Mrs. I. M. Steele, Wednesday, Jane 7. so freshment* «•* tflWerf ht the fourteen g»«ts. Jtf*. fdft Reynolds ot tmifttt **4 Mr*. **nli«i» of Olenlrood w«te alt «rt to** p— »C0§y r ttttSHNI If! Patriotic Addra* Entertain for T0^CftCa.ff wfiO *• ».BWW Mrs. J. A. Cox and daughters, Grace and Wahheeta, entertained at a « o'clock dinner TTmttday, tie tetters' teaehett, Mis* fchal* kle, Miss Walker, Mis- Kalskett, Miss Caldwell, and Mrs. Roberts. Alter dinner a te* frietldft 6* Grace and Wahheeta were intited in and spent the evening playing cards, lawn games, and dancing. Late in the evening refreshments of ice cream and cak« *efe served. . . t Those who enjoyed the evening were the Misses Betty and Kath* erlne Swain, Ode arid Velma Jean Caudetl, Hester Mall, Margaret Ana Bottmann, Marie and Flor* ence Swoboda, Ruth McCord, Dor* othy Galllher, Geneva ficott, Mar* garet Robblns, and Mary Ellen Summers, and Blalne Dickers* bach, Kelly Evans, Dudley Con* ner, Robert McCormlck, Lawrence Llile, Tom Wills, Junior Dashner, Donald and Ralph Leu, Lloyd Hat-man, Paul Galllher, and Don* aid Huey. Entertain Gneatu at Dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cox had as guests for dinner Sunday Mr, and Mrs. Ed Nagel and daughter, Dorothy, of Strahan, Roberta Oaston of Hastings, Ralph Perkins, and Donald Robblns. I,ari«ong Kntortaln With Luncheon Mrs. Walter Larison and daughter, Eulalie, entertained a number of guests at a delightful 1 o'clock luncheon at their pleasant home southeast of Malvern Monday afternoon. Tbe guests were Mrs. Lord of Omaha and Mrs. Frank Lewis, Mrs. Georgia DeVol, Mrs. J. W. Mitchell, and Mrs. Frank True of Council Bluffs. Honor Birthday of Marine Van Orsdel A group ot young people visited tbe state park at Hamburg : Sunday where they enjoyed a pic* *' "'•? honoring "•- «-•-"--•—**•• »•«— tot M<M*f{JSret Lett A group ot yonng folks gathered at the home of Miss Margaret Lett Saturday evening surprising her on her birthday. Entertainment consisted of mnsic, cards, and games. The refresh* bents were sandwiches, coffee, and a beautiful birthday cake baked by Miss Leona Leu, She received many lovely presents. Those present were: Misses Martha, Elsie, Ella, Rosa, and Josephine Pontow, Gertrude, Doris, Esther, Leona, and Elisabeth Leu, Marie and Agnes Menschel Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Leu, Wllford Haynes, Otto Siepold, Carl, Robert* and Bruno Leu, Richard and Paul Plumb, and August Pontow. Honor Vets lor Ideals —- Gugeler Memorial Sermon Appeal to Go Forward Against New Dangers "Let us honor our soldiers for the ideals ot patriotism which in* spired their part in the war, but let us march forward against war," suggested Rev. Roy E. Gugeler, preaching the Memorial Day union service In the Methodist church Sunday evening. In a powerful appeal for a realistic attitude toward war, Rev, Gugeler urged his listeners to march toward goals now needed In the nation. R A U A K A U A fA^gm fated at $500 which was furnished. ^» w* -ror 1 »^«jHr^'^"» c's ^-w^—"p- •» r ** " llela s «al»e«, Helen Marshall, and Sarah Qoy ot Tabor, and Donald Raines, Clifford Dillehay, Max Ireland, and Harry Nelson, Naming a greater desire for peace as one ot those goals, he listed two influences against the cause of peace: competitive armaments and too narrow a nationalism. Just as true patriotism is needed, he reasoned, in urging the nation toward those goals as in battle. By statistics Rev. Gugeler showed the cost of the World war to have been $9,000,000 an hour. He then compared our expenditures for other things with these figures, such as missions and church activities, and showed the Influence resulting. "We must now march forward against the repeal of the 18th amendment," be declared, reason- log that repeal should not be made until we could repeal to a Miss May-.ll Barry played a violin solo, accompanied by Miss Helen F, Jones, and a male quartet sang one number. World's Fair Only $925 Malvern to Chicago ' »nd return A Jeremiad expressing fervent concern for his conn try's Welfare *a« given by Weodiotd It. Bt- Ington Tuesday as f»« delivered the Decoration Day address in the Malvern Community handing. The oration was a part of the patriotic services observing the Building the talk around the central Idea that we of today must carry on the Ideals and traditions given us as a legacy from the country's founders, and tot which our soldiers fought on the battlefield, Mr. Bylngton questioned whether we were doing this. "Our national legacy of ideals and liberty presupposed that we are able to govern ourselves," he declared, "but it would appear that we are losing that ability," No cheerful observer, he pointed out that in eenturjes past there have been governments Just as democratic as that of this nation, which do not exist today. evidence presented to suggest that we are slipping as a nation included the attitude toward law, the unhealthy business morality of the past decade and resultant financial difficulties, the farm un* rest and methods ot outlet — even the much maligned younger generation was not exempt from the exposure. "Our basic problem today is crime," Mr. Bylngton brought out and showed his point with forceful diction. Rebuilding regard for law, ethical and social morality and a renewed pledge ot faithfulness to the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were dvocated as patriotic objectives or future patriotic activity. Forceful, with flne oratorical tyle and excellent diction, Mr. ylngton readily moved his audl- nce with his address, wherein was much meat for sober think* ot 19S3 At Com* Friday i Men Women Get Dinner Commencement streakers have ft flltttttit row. f*«r* 1« the tafc* of gtv1n6 sottd advice and Inspiration to to* ffadnates, who inafce tip only ab*Hrt ten pet «*t of their andiene*, 1* such « mane other ninety Stfahafi PttSfiii Jortt Icing Sick Hef* Deputy Sheriff S. V. came over from Glenwood Mr. GHilllarid, toted Lee to the jail In the county seat. Werk Twenty-three theft and to JiftT OBI*** *»•••»» .. ™ v day evening *>* H° n Turner of Cotnlftg* former governor ot Iowa. Mr. fntaet with tractors and tear/is went to the hotne of Will Wolfe last Sat- P. 3. Stceie has formed a partnership with Alheft Nelson of Matvera and hag ' reopened his elevator, the old Kayton eleva- } tor to the northwest, and will be in the market for all kinds of boys grain. Mr. Steele wilt be In active Jn thc cor , n W «*«# for Mr. Wolfe, they plowed, W. * „. _.. _,-— In the Com- tflunlty building it the annual commencement exercises for the of 1888 of Malvern "' " wsJ Supt. E. disced, and planted , about thirty-five acres of corn. Mr. Wolfe has been In poor health for the past several months and unable to go ahead with his spring planting. The work was planned wi The audlto- eannette Luther v Chosen Corn Queen At a meeting ot the club lead* rs In the Mills County 4-H club work in Malvern yesterday, Miss Jeannette Luther was chosen to be "Corn Queen" of Mills county and will be duly Installed with appropriate ceremony at the 4-H Russell Fleming Baby „. Dies in Iowa City James Harold, tbe six months old son ot Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fleming of Emerson died yesterday In the hospital In Iowa City where he had been taken for treatment. Arrangements for funeral had not been jnade wl we went to press, Community Club in SeMion Thursday Buiiington Route , Good on all trains June 3-4 also Juws 10'li FtaMl Return Mmtt 10 days from date of sale. Hatf fire for cbttdrwi Tickets fM4 to coached or Urges All Megitera to At F.M.B. Banquet in Glenwood A community club is BB odd , , fijj service, Hotel to the F»}r grounds » , . *U «x> type of orgsnljatlon which, Ing no official status, must ye run itself »uch as a public body To it is given the task of hand ling all community tasks no cared for by the several officia bodies »Bd withal maintaining progressive attitude toward itsel and community, Several members of tbe Ma* vers OMBWtmtty club 8*tiered ft tbe CowffiUBity buiidlBK Tburs- d»y evenfpe to discuss problem befo« ibeir rwvtor Mfr Much dlseusiioiu little teftd by tbe grow peases swept »s*l*, «M be pursbaw4 at your oo»e station* ' Burlington wUl tbe world's ft»eit MB* tniu iBd SQriUjajy tft- vKe» jsu to »6ke H W»n4'« Fair bs» t«T«r»l tUm were settled befor . ng. HUB* of the bttitding was packed by persons who came to hear the speaker and see the graduates. Carefully wiping his new spectacles, Mr. Tttfnef gave sound ad* vice to the graduates, based, he said, oft what he how believed should hate been given htm when he was graduated, No grammar* Ian his address was yet forceful and to the point Main points ot advices i) Trust thyself. 2) Have moral courage. 8) fie industrious. Basing his remarks on the sub* ject, "Value Received," he showed his auditors that the graduates had been given something of value and should now give at least equal value as they take the 'responsibility of adult citizen* ship. "The high school graduate of today," Mr. Turner stated, "has more formal schooling than had George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln." Other Turnerisms: You can have no true happiness unless you render value received to your community, your state and your nation. Education Is the equipment which enables one to do the tasks of life. The public school system demands that the children of the poor be given equal opportunity in education as is given the children ot the rich. Rethertord, near neighbors ot the Woltes. At the noon hour dinner was served, prepared by Mrs. Wolfe and the wives of the men assisting. Two long tables were spread in the dining room and laden with a most bountiful supply of food and after all had eaten their full capacity enough and to spare stilt remained. Kodak pictures were taken at the noon hour of both men, women, and equipment. Those present and assisting with the work included Mr. and Mrs. Kermlt Hll* yer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pollltt, Meridith, Doris, and Lorraine, management of the business at this point. for B*le —• Registered whlta Shorthorn ball coming 3 yeara old. He Is gentle dlsposltloned and a good breeder but t do not need him. Priced to sell.-—Fred Newell, Hastings, route 2. 48tt. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klmsey of Shenandoah were Sunday dinner guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. 3. P. Achenbach. Mrs. Walter Angus, David ahd Anna Edith Were visitors Sunday afternoon In the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Tuck Bolton. Master Tharin Botton accompanied them home to visit for awhile with David. Mrs. Hugh McCain and son, Junior, are confined to their home with an attack ot chicken pox. Little Sonny Logstan of Shenandoah Is staying for awhile at the home of Miss Myrtle Achenbach. He with Myrtle and Mrs J. P, Achenbach were guests Sun* day evening at the home of Mr and Mrs. Frank Johnson. I p or Rent*—6 room Mr. and Mrs, L. J. Chlnn and | Modern except heat. son, Billie, Mrs. Grace Whitney, . Beckwlth. and Mrs. Ellca Chlnn drove tip from Kansas City Sunday, the latter remaining to spend the sum*'... mer with her daughter, Mrs. j. L. Hardware. CLASSIFIED ADS ABSTRACTS OF TttLE A COJJtllrtJAttOWS County Abstract Co. Glenwood, towa ttt. CATTLE For Bale or Trade — Whlta face foil, IB mo. old. —Ray O. Lathrop, Phone 24-2, Headftrsotu 46-2. " Vm Sate — 3 year old Regis* tered Shorthorn bull. —• O. R. Hyde, Phone 178-P12. Malvern. 46*3. FOR RENT cottage. - J. H. 44tt. For Bent—Two modern houses In north Malvern. Call Landis 33tf. Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kayton, and Ernest Carley, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Costello and Ralph, Mrs. Alvy Hartley and son, Adris, Mike Hall, Ted HeUel and little daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bellknap, John, Gene, and Lots, Mr. and Mrs. Claire Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Timson and Ltlah Mae, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thomas, Lorraine, Joyce, Victor, and Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Glpe, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woodflll and Jared, Steve Crlswell, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Retherford, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Paul Young, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Wolfe. White Cloud School News Several picnics and good times marked the closing of another successful school year. On Tuesday a surprise party was given in honor of the teacher, Mr, At* playedthe^remajadeWtbTaft- ernoon. Winner* in W. C. T. U, Contest Named Pupils in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade* Par. ticipate At a recent meeting of tbe Women's Christian Temperance, Union of Malvern winners in the annual W. C, T, U, essay contest for grade pupils in the Malvern schools were announced, Grades participating were tbe fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth. Margaret Ana Buttmann and Daisy Smith were first and see. ond winners in tbe eighth grade and Lenore Mansfield and Betty Caudell first and second winners In the seventh grade. They wrote essays o» Total Abstinence as a Help in Athletics," "How Total Abstinence Helps ,„* Air Pilot's Work and Training," was the topic given the sixth grade, Irene Waller won first place and Julia Jean SteeJe second. Porotby Siotbower and Jaaet Bennett won first and second Jn . Wednesday afternoon Mr, Atkinson took the lower grades on a picnic. After picking flowers for MISCELLANEOUS Ladies' Union Met May 23 The regular meeting of the Strahan Ladies' Union was held last Wednesday at the church with Mrs. Will McCain and Mrs. Fern McCain as hostesses, A short program was given following the business meeting and included a solo by Mrs. Frank Steele, a reading by Mrs. Horace SB8SS&SS&&& pleasant afternoon. Refreshments of home made ice cream, two kinds of cake, and coffee were served. The next meeting will be j _ held at the church Wednesday, _ Liquor Cases Before Whitfield Malvern Mayor Gives Thirty Days to One; Other Bound Over to Fall Exciting times In Mayor D. E. Whltfleld's office Wednesday morning when two liquor cases were before the magistrate. One William Lee of Malvern, up on a charge of intoxication, was tried and convicted by the mayor's court and accepted a sentence of thirty days In the county gaol. Lee, It seems, had been up on similar charges twice before, and during this particular offense, had been so unruly that citizens had complained, Second case up was the hearing ot Fred Cushman, on a charge of maintaining a liquor nuisance. This case attracted a strong gallery of spectators in the mayor's office, disappointed when, upon consultation ; wi t* to Qusbnan's •aittnsel«4n"d'* 'County ^Attorney Whitney Gillilland, tbe defendant was bound over to the fall term ot court in September. Bond was For Sale —Heavy split oak posts, 7 ft. — J. W. Dolph, south of Hastings. 43-W. Animals — Call Art Jenkins, Phone 39, Emerson, or City Meat Market, B8, Malvern. 46*4. SEEDS AND~FEEDS For Halo — Tomato nnd cab- bago plants, all varieties, at 20o ner 100. — Otis Lewis, Malvern. 46-1. ~Vor Sal* — Yellow Jersey and Nancy Hall sweet potato plants, 26c per 100. Tomato plants, 60c per 100. — Carl Holden, one mile west ot White Eagle oil station, in Malvern, and one fourth mile north, 46-3. Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Tomato and other vegetable plants. Always fresh and ready to grow. — Dale Kline, Florist, Malvern. 48tt WORK WANTED ;,.Tojn»Bhaw — Piano, Tuning, Leave orders with Collins Drag, Malvern, or Priest's Drug store, Hastings. 26tf, time a very enjoyable visit was j une 7. w jt n Mrs, Fred Newell the fifth grade for b*vl»B best booklets on the Fourtfc grade pwpUf wrote JJ»* gjes about healthful toed* and drinks and UmW drinks suds from 8i«iB8 6»§ fruits, Herbert and Ci»rrll>eUe Bigger- Famers Merebftut* Bankers - staff plawd erst »»4 »wo»4 to this made to the Malvern Bakery, the ; an( j M r8 . Harry McColllster as Malvern Mill, and the Malvern, aervlng committee, SSieSTSe ComSnTS Mr, and Mrs. Oeo. Wederqulst worsen in IHB • -£- ^^ Wa of Malvern visited Sunday after- from high school, he I noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs, E. G, Wederqvlst. John and Gene Bellknap celebrated their birthdays together last Sunday. A big birthday cake, baked for them by their sister, Mrs. Avis Jones, and ice cream were tbe main event of the cele* was able to tell us many interesting things pertaining to each department we visited. The smaller children especially enjoyed a ride on the elevator and a short stay in the refrigerator rooms. On Thursday the upper grades with Mr, Atkinson drove to the beautiful bluffs south of Glenwood and selected a place for a weiner roast, somewhat later the group enjoyed a most wonderful educational trip through practically every building of the State Institution at Glenwood. We were particularly Interested in the work done by the various pupils In art and weaving, Throughout our whole visit we c<j«ld not help but »pte the sanitary condition of every place visited, We were Bhown bow beautiful the music i» tfeftt C«R &e Played by fte «W»w. la every way the trip was most inspirlftg giving eft* of u» »e»o* riea us* bs forgotten iday. w»» 9 piwds tw »u and frlwds, Wttb tar »U, »»d wttb Charley bration. Junior Rev. J. Cunningham, son of Cunningham, has re- itt * , Coseld sad M»nria burn, BO«J |Mft Bu8lft«toB. last few weeks wb« J3*i wltboijit wr tt*« sii^tfc -W»aj"uni W y.' J *w^- WP* 4»»4 prjMHJl |ft „.,,„_, STiwp M aw uftlgbborlM fBhnnlg haft»nua of thk el '" WWWPWP cently taken the agency for the Pes Molnes Sunday Register, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Johnson and Sheila, were dinner guests last Sunday at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Pale Laughlln. In the afternoon Mrs. Perry Bayes and Basil McCollister were visitors also. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Allenswortb have bad as their guests for tbe past week Mrs. Allenswortb's mother, Mrs. Sam Mills, of ver City and her sister, Miss nie MUls. of Lafayette, lud, ThU was tbe first meeting of Mrs- Al- lenswortb and her sister for tbe past seventeen years, and needless to say every moment of ii was an, enjoyable one, On last Thursday tbey sll visited tbe r»- recelved perfect •: dlo stations at SbeBA&doab. Miss - •• - r -— - ; MIUS is » bookkeeper for a large ing her vacation bere with relatives. The Strahan baseball club are givisg an ice cream social uett Saturday evening o« tbe lawn of tbe Lewis Hawbseb residence, There will he a program is con- aeeUoB with tbe social, tbe boy* putting on & surprise also. Cream aid cake will be served lor tea cents so eowe out »»d live tbew your support. Tbe boys bave baeu playing etefta ba*eb»U and, the club is made up of our awjj mea an.d boys. 80 pl*u to cowe and «uioy tbe evening together, Mr, e,»d Mr». Lee QuiJttby of We Want Your Grain We have engaged in the grain business in Strahan and are in the market for all your grain, for which we will pay highest market prices. Call us when you have any to sell, Steele & Nelson F. J. SU»«!e, Manager all of enwr perfect »U»ftda»ce yec- va bsve oae boy, wttfc tbe fit tbe or „ did parted §r*4» - it QflhltYMQMllt ^iPffi B^ag^CTCTW^y, JM-MI^IP^^^^^WW -™wn^r firm looklui alter ajajif* wer» at U*0 Public Sale at the Malvern Sale Burn Saturday, June 3 Commencing at ONE O'CLOCK Sharp Biv r«d Shorthorn cow, will b» fr«th by «*te d»y. Thw U M fine » cow M b*s Ueo »old this sow f iviBf milk nowi Several young agree U»t are wetmcd. HOGS Thrss pur* br*4 Hampihir* wn with 22 P'« t thrte week* oldj Sowo towi due to f*rrow loom Seme pigt* Two row Joi» !>•»• Oo-DtvUt Sam* t*t*mio» • dtrii Somt articlo of furniture, N.w Heavy Duty Tnwk Tlrt* 30*8 --"* new nv»rr *w* •••«• »--* -*"-.___ . TUf umillot o* HAWS WWm* OAK POSTS tte«

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