Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1970 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1970
Page 6
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•Junidr Editor Quit on- BLUE SKY QUESTION: Why does the sky — as well as a distant mountain — look blue? ANSWER: Our earth is covered with a dense layer of the precious air we must have in order to breathe. Suspended in this are countless specks of dust and other materials. It is the sunlight, glancing off these, which makes the sky look light. Without an atmosphere containing such particles, the sky would appear black as it does in outer space. The white light from the sun contains all the colors of the rainbow. But the particles in the air bend or refract this white light and so scatter the rainbow colors. Blue is the color which, because of its particular wave length, is more widely scattered than the other colors, and this is why the sky appears blue on a sunny day. When you look at something distant, you are looking through air with its widely scattered blue rays, so things far away take on a bluish tinge. Since there is always some water vapor in the ah*, distant things will also look lighter. When there is a great deal of water vapor in the air, as on a cloudy day, this will overcome the blue rays and everything will look gray. (Ron Kasparie of Quincy, 111., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) By Kate Osann TIZZY ^^**^^+^****HBL^^^r^^ > To 8 a oolp ' M^j»*5^jVii I ifrQ^af^^ J '3 *-* X VCn? V • \V\\ ^ CV>B Pk, ^gft g J g Q Jgftl f 0 "Oh, it's your new album — I thought someone was in dire agony!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "He'» just great, Juoy ... but good heavens! Do you.realize this mokes us PARENTS?!' Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Monday, November 16, 1970 November Answer to rVsv'ou* Puzxfo ACROSS Samuel 1 Day 43 Attempt S Turkey— 44 Make leather days 45 Put a will 13 Translate from through court code again 48 Coolidge's 14 Preposition nickname H5 Wisest 49 Members of ; 16 Regards highly the Octopodft 3.8 Roman god of (var.) underworld 50 Century 19 Obedient plants ; 21 Lair 53 Having i 22 School subject streaked grain 123 Bantu 54-—Day language (24 Plead with ; 26 Upper limb (27 Confederate states (ab.) i 28 Themes , 30 Harem room 32 Legal point p^s BaEis^aras * H AR 56 Conclusions 57 Samples DOWtf 1 Bitter vetch 2 Conductors 3 Inclining skis sidewise 4 Letter of alphabet (pi.) 5 Tierces (ab.) 33 Parry (var.) 37 Book of the Bible (ab.) 39 Compass point 6 Greek letter 41 Behold 7 Hypothetical (Latin) force 42 Diminutive of 8 What Raven said to Poa 9 Hawaiian, dance 10 Jackal god (Egypt) 11 Swift's beloved 12 Biblical book 17 Social insect 20 Damage 21 Owing to 25 Merit- 26 Aggressive 27 Headland 29 Old pronoun 31 Double (prefix) 34 Of a group of eight 35 Having sides and angles unequal 36 Number 37 Waiter (Fr.) 38 Showed emotion 40 American humorist 42 Primitive see? 43 Faucet 46 Lads 47 Facts 48 Fish 51 Opal, for example 52 Selective Service (ab,) 55 Out of (prefix) / VVOOLP YOU MIWP WAITIW HERE ? [ I'LL BE RISHTOUT.' 1 SEE V<DU RAM . V IMTO A CALAMITYAT YOUR HOUSE, ' A WC? IF MY BROTHER F/WP5 OUT I'LL PROBABLY BE IM FOP.THE v.SAME KIWP OF A P1SASTER/ f \\-V> . i*. T.M. »•?. us. M. ow. WHAT'S: THE OTMER CLAIM THAT SOME NATIONAL CONVENTION .' PeESONALLX I TMOUSHT fSOUNPBP BETTER Tt-te Hl-S t-/foM»^HJrMrrJJO*M)?J^tff| SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL / S£T OUT Of TOWN, ' f sou KNOW WHAT£ YOU WONT? OKAM YOU ASKED FOR IT/ FAS-TEST FLY SWATTER, IM THE WEST, SHERIFF/ 1 23*5678 THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA soy/-you MUST REALLY BE SOLD 1 rg? ON SAFETY BELTS/ " SWEETROCKj YOU BET I AM.. By AL VERMEER CARNIVAL By Dick Turner (!) 1978 by ME*, Inc.T.M. KM. U.S. Pat. Olf. • MAN IS A CREATURE OF )- ISJST1N1CT FOR EXAMPLE, VOUR FATHER WEARS Wis ALARM CLOCK EACH, MORNING... 1 \S TWERE&Y INSTINCT A V COFFEE--' ,<£) ma i ( NC*. Inc. T.M. Eta. US. fat. Olf. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN ' ihoppmr with Pop is fun! You should have seen him with ail those packages, trying to do up the down escalator!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL Y'MEAN THEY CAME AN' TOOK ALL YOUR PRESENTS BACK? YEZ2IR! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF'EM... f V NEWS ARRIVES AT THE? KING'S PAY CELEBRATION THAT TWO BRONTOSAURS ARE MIREP IN A NEARBY SLOUGH, ITS EFFECT ON THE FESTIVITIES IS DISASTROUS 11-16 I ...BUT THEY AIN'T 'GONNA SET AWAY/ IZZAT WITH IT.' .JAN ORDER, AFTER'EM, <\ «IR? SERGEANT/ O'COURSE IT'S AN ORDER,YOU IDfOT// ...HEY, YOU GUYS/ WAIT FOR ME, I'M GOING WITH YOU/ ii-ia WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI THERE GOES WINTHBDF? HIDING file WILTON /SNEAKING HER HAIR-DVe BOntESCOTTO rKECKLES THIS TOWN HAS NO6ECRET5 By HENRY FORMHALS CAPTAIN EASY CHEKJKM5 OUT A SJ-ENDEK . M&NTIONEP BV 7HE- e WOMAN Whl CAKE OF WELL, A (3UV NAMEP W HOT^HOT HARRY" TIME HOOP GAMBLER 1 A PKETTV COMMON PUNNO IP JT'P UP 1(0 COMPUTgK U By CROOKS fir LAWRENCE HE'LL PO FOR SWRTER0J NO CHANCE. MIKEmWHEKE PC? I^fPAL.,.l'KA AFKAIP I PIMP 7Mf£ JOKEK VVVC'U'KE OUT OF — LlJCki POOR AAR. PUTNEY" 15 He HAve SOME CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS DON'T YOU REMEMBER HIM e, THAT'S M/TCHSLL LAHlOUS •"• BUT r CANT S6£M TO PLACE THE HAIR.'

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