The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 23, 1958 · Page 10
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 10

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
Page 10
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HITAIN'S IMptRIAt DIIHABPS Tories Wish Sun Would Set on Empire Loyalists . §y TOM A. CULLEN LONDON - (NfiA) - It Prime Minister Harold MacmiDan looks tmheppy these days it is not because of unemployment, inflation, or nwrt year's election prospects. Britain has new been more prosperous, nor MaemUlaa more popular, No, what firoa the prime minister that harassed look Is the League of Empire Loyalists, a small band of "Empire First" cranks dedicated to miserable. making Macmillan the fttamt ta that takes the perseentloii as calmly MS lie does. For example, the prime minister was entertaining Dag Ham- marskjold at a banquet not long bearded loyalist underneath the ago, when a- sprang from table tad began shouting, "Down «rtth the United National" The startled. U.N. secretary general nearly choked, but Macmillan went rlfht on eating hit soup. WEBBER INSURANCE AGENCY W«TM H. la hart i •*••••! ••* _-„ HIUH SLDO. Garden Parly A few weeks later Empire Loyalists Invaded a garden party where Macmillan was speaking to Tory ladies. "Macmillan is ambassador of the dollar area," his tormentors shouted. Did the prime minister blow upt No. he waited while the ladies, brandishing their parasols, drove off the intruders; then went on with his speech. But the last straw for Mao mlllan's supporters came In October wbei loyalists gate crashed the CoMerratlre Party's annual conference .ta Blackpool and t r I • d .to drown hit closing speech with blasts from a bugle. This time the hecklers got as good as they gave, a couple of them being • taken out to the cloakroom and beaten up by attendants. But did this stop the league? It only made matters worse. 'Fascist beasts dripping with blood," the League screamed, and currently the Conservative Party is in hot water for having used "excessive violence, a< mounting to brutality" in expell ing the intruders. What ,For Certain? No one knows for certain what the League stands for, as its members seldom get beyond shmjt- ing "Don't scuttle the Em pirel" before being thrown out of meetings. A list of what they are again- Here"* wtsMnf yw a helWiy snsoa iftow with ill the. fMltfilnp ttathilptimikt PATON'S ELECTRIC 1015 i. Water St. Hi 3-5836 NOT A BIT SPORTING — A member of the League of Empire Loyalists is shown above, being asked to leave the Conservative Party Conference. st would Include the United Nations, .Archbishop Makarlos, NATO, American air bases In Britain, European Free Trade, Egypt's Nasser and Danish batter (this last because It Is "unfair" to New Zealand butter). In the view of many, the League, founded in 1953, has Fascist leanings. Its secretary, A*. K. Ches- erton, for example, is an ex-fol- ower of Sir Oswald Mosley, the Brisih Fascist, but he has managed to window-dress his national council with such respectable ancients as the Earl of Buchan, 78, and Field Marshal Lord Ironside, 80. But if the League has borrowed some' of its ideology from Hitler's brown shirts, its antics are typically British in their wackiness. Greet Red Leaders Take the Bulganin-Khrushchev visit to England in 1956. The League, as well as Sir Anthony Eden, Was on hand to greet the Soviet leaders when they arrived at Victoria Station; and as Sir Anthony stretched out his hand, a loyalist voice boomed over a microphone, "Eden is shaking- hands with murder." Eden looked i as though he had been stung byj a Moray eel. The League's greatest triumph I to date, however, was the hoax it pulled on the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Lambeth Conference in July. None of the 351 Anglican prelates assembled from all parts of the world as guests of the Archbishop found anything unusual j about the two bearded "bishops." . One In High Hat One' wore a high hat with a full-length, black cassock and imi- tation gold chain and cross, while the other wore a round-brimmed parson's hat. Both were Empire Loyalists in theatrical costumes At the appropriate moment, they commanded silence. Then the horrified assembly heard their plea, "The Empire Loyal- Isti ask yea te protest against the Invitation te the arch-ter* rorlst Mafcarlofls te visit this country." The London Dally Mirror has a suggestion for dealing with the loyalists. "In the old days rural England had a fine remedy for such boors," the Dally Mirror says editorially. "They were taken gently and firmly to the duck pond and thrown in." But newsmen opine that without the League British politics would be a lot duller. „ FIRE hat adjacent buildings would be saved, however. Was Making Check Mrs. Glassel, who has run the totel for the past year and the ad- (olning Koty Nook Cafe for three rears, said she was on the third floor shortly after 11 o'clock making a routine check of rooms. Someone asked to see her son Robert, 14, and she located him. Then, a third-floor roomer, Bill Van Fleet, said there was "a fire up there." Mrs. Glassel traced the Smoke to one of the rooms and sounded the alarm. She said she was sure no one remained on the third floor and directed her efforts to carrying out valuables. Firemen ran streams of water over the ceiling and It came trickling down into the hotel lobby and Kozy Nook Cafe. At 12:40 p.m. the large "Grand Hotel" sign crashed down, guided to some extent to firemen who were watching it. No one waa injured. At one stage of the fire, a swinging ladder clipped Chief Tobar on the shoulder, but he stayed on the job. , Turkey and Gifts for 9 Men at Lonely White Alice Post Whirlpool of Wheat Sucks 2 to Death SALINA, Kan. (AP)—Two men were sucked to their deaths Monday in a whirlpool of wheat at the bottom of a grain storage tank. They were Vernon Gile of Fal un, Kan., and Cornelius Cooper of Salina. A third man, Bob Mundell of Salina, was carried through a 10-foot discharge chute and escaped. Gile and Mundell were trapped and Cooper died trying to help them. The men were shoveling grain toward the discharge chute when they were trapped by a sudden shift of the wheat. NEW COLLEGE JPLANNED THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. OR — "Ventura" is the name chosen for a new 15 million dollar university to be built here by five cooperating Luther denominations. The 206-acre site is about 45 miles northwest of Los Angeles. TIN CITY, Alaska (AP)-It will be a traditional Christinas—turkey on the table and gifts under the tree—at lonely outpost White Alice just 30 miles from Soviet territory. ','. The nine employes of the* Federal Electric Corp. think nothing of spending the holidays within sight of 'Russia's Big Diomede Island and the towering, snowcapped peaks • of Soviet Siberia. "You get used to it after awhile," said Jim Spencer of Day- ton, Ky., assistant supervisor of the electronic installation on the tip of Seward Peninsula. Supply planes come frequently to Tin City, named for one of its principal building materials. The aerial supply line brings mail from home. The Navy sometimes drops in fof a visit too. Just the other day a reconnaissance plane parachuted a sack of candy, delicacies and Christmas gifts for the White Alice crew. Nickel Plant Plant Resumption of Work StTDBtm?* Ont (AI») - ffce inftmBtlatal Nickel Co. made plans today to resume pfoduetlen after members of tht International ttolon of Mine, Mil. tad Smelter Workers agreed to i negotiated settlement of tneir three»rnonth strike. More than 14,600 workers had been out. Work has been curtailed because of a surplus of nickel on the world market. The company supplies almost 78 per cent of the free world's nickel. Methodists Plan Merger of 3 Boards LOS ANGELES \» - A Meth- odlst committee has been authorized to work out a plan for merging the denominations three social • action boards — the Board of Temperance, the Board of World Peace, and the Board of Social and Economic Relations. |l| AUSTIN (Minn.) HtftALD IV tuttthty, §te. 23, 1958 Gorbogt Can Sam Mail From Disaster . (APT- Gittfe Wind, 46, escaped with I broken ankle Monday night, thanks to fortuitous placement of a garbage can, when he fell two floors from the window of his hotel room. Klind was trying to open the window when he tripped and fell down at airttiafi. DM «ew ef tin receptacle broke his fan and St. t&ke'i Hotpnai, when he was taken, reported his condition food. Poptr Santo Stolen From Dallas Roof DALLAS (AP)-lt wai&'t met- ly the clatter of reindeer hootes she heard on her roof, Mrs. Elisabeth Hawn told police. Someone stole her life-sized paper maehe Santa Claus off the roof of her home, she said. TO ALL OUR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS AND PATRONS • ANDY • DEAN • CORLISS at ANDERSON STANDARD SERVICE 7th A Winona • HE 3-9884 • Austin, Minn. ' ** \i What a melody it would make, if we could put our good wishes together In a great harmony of good will — the co-operative way - Every happiness of the Yuletide season contributes to the great accumulative joy of the Noel all the |oyt and exchanging gifts are an. other of the co-operative features which make the Holidays the wonderful time we look forward te every year. It it by this co-operation that we make the good things of life better-and wt extend our •Incerest wishes to be of greater service to you during the forthcoming year and we wish you the moit MERRY CHRISTMAS. *9v j w™- V —-tJ-'t... #' SSSpi if . l *l>H?p? "S.- V.^ •n trt From the Employes and Board of Directors of the FIEEUIN-MOWER COOPERATIVE LIGHT I POWER ASSOCIATION Mbpey U — MI. 6421 Let us rejoice, for once again Christmas is here, to lift our hearts in song with the inspiring promise of peace on earth , . . good will toward all men. CHAFFEE PIANO & ORGAN CO. 506 Lansing HE 3-3 141 We'd like to thank all our good friends for their loyal patronage and wish them much joy throughout the holidays. HA YES-LUC AS LUMBER COMPANY to* Creek, Mtun. JQHN AAN0N$QN, Marnier CHRISTMAS GREETINGS From RAILWAY CAFE Close 4 p.m. Christmas Eve. & All Day Christmas Home of Hot Take Out Dinners * Chickdn • Steak • Sea Food Open Till 2 a.m. Ph. >IE 3-5795 Free Delivery On Take-Out Dinners Christmas is giving ... Christmas it receiving ... Christmas is a spirit of abiding good will. May all these be yours in abundance at this holiday season. OUR BANK WILL NOT TRANSACT BUSINESS AFTER 3 P.M. CHRISTMAS EVE d& festive season, we look hack upon a year of meeting old frtada and making new ones. To an go oar hearty thank* and happiest greetings. Kfay each and eveiy one of yon haw the •enieat hoBday ever. BOB McCLOSKEY'S MOBIL SERVICE Herald Square •&*•* '^••J^VS, ivy.ttL*'***** STERLING STATE BANK "Austin's Only Home-Owned Independent Bank" Member of the Federal Deposit Inturanci Corporation b . •»*«_ :-flf*c ¥ • •J5.'O ••/' f'r\l'±$i&zf& First in fashion From the Personnel of the FURNITURE STORES ... to your home and yours - the best in health and happiness, and our many thanks for your patronage. "Swede" Paul louis langbehn Glenn Weber Bob Hanf F. J. Krebsbach Chris Miller Frank Woman John Werner

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