Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 22, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 10
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AMt» DAILY f1MIDEHT HOOMVBLT f MBBTg DfFLATIOKIOTS f* (Continued from page one.) «« finance committee demanded In wtion and warned of conir««lona if Mr. RooiseYelt hesitated For SATURDAY Home Grown Vegetable and Melons Corn, doz ._, 10c Beam, Ib I 6c Cabbage, Ib 3c Squash—Hubbard, Delicious and Acorn Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Popcorn O.A.Knudson Between the Theatre* CENTRAL FRUIT MARKET 305 Kellogg Phone 136 North of Postoffice Jonathan APPLES bgc, $1.25 Peaches, Clings, Colo. box ,. ........... $1.09 Peaches, Freestone, Colorado ......... $1.42 Pears, Washington, No. 1, bu. ....... $2.65 Prunes, per lug ... — 93c Grapes, Concord ..... 19c Grapes, Tokay, per Ib lOc Potatoes, No. 1, extra fine .............. 29c Lettuce, per head ______ 8c Celery, large bunch . . lOc WE DELIVER McElyea Boys, Clint 4. Oran Something as menacing as the bonus army seemed developing. A combination of circumstances intervened to ward off the attack. Some were accidental, othera not. First, when the cotton inflationist* were at their angriest peak, the.v sought to see Mr. Roosevelt but h* had a cold. They went to Secretary of Agriculture Wallace but he had an engagement. He turned them over to Agricultural Administrator Peek, who listened patiently. Senator Key Pittman, democrat, Nevada made known after vifiitlt~ the white hou»e that Mr. Roosevelt preferred to stay with his program of rising commodity prices and expanding credit. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace capped this elastic defense by a speech at Chicago which voiced the administration feeling that in- flation would not meet the aituation. Finally the upakesinau for the cotton inflationists. Senator Bankhead, democrat, Alabama, went to see Mr. Roosevelt but c*me out say. ing they did not dtecuw inflation. • What Mr. Roosevelt seeks is improvement of agricultural prices Blanket inflation would hike up all prices. Opponents of inflation say this would leave the farmer with his present relative disadvantage in the general price structure. Better than this, administration antl-lnflati'-n- ists say, would be releasing of bank deposits still tied up, providing credit, in greater abundance, and continuing efforts to increase purchasing power on the present scale, instead of running up prices beyond reach of wages being paid- under NRA codes. This Year't Biggett Food Value Freth Creamery BUTTER, lb.22c Brookfield or Table Brand At this price, there is no greater food value. There is a tremendous surplus of pound butter—dairy farmers need help to sell this surplus—so A, & P. offers you butter at this low price making not one cent of profit WHIRL KONOMY PUUS IONA BRAND Peaches, Hv. or sliced No. 2y 2 +£* cans ««JV Doz. cans $1.45 ^g« 1Q* pkgs. 13FC 2 Large Post Toasties or Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Gold Dust, * ,,„ UNEEDA BAKER'S Graham Crackers WHITEHOUSE Evap. Milk, 3 S 17c 4 Ib. «|e*» bag 2SC 29c GILLMORES FOOD MARKET Member NRA Fri. and Sat, Sept. 8 and 9 Sugar, 10 Ibs ...49c Crackers, 2 Ib box ..19c Butter 23c Grape Fruit, No. 2 can extra fine, 2 for 25c Coffee, per Ib 19c Salmon, tall can, 2 for 25c Marshmallows, 1 Ifa box _14c Gold Dust, large box 19c Spinach, No. 2 can, 3 for 25c Pumpkin, No. 2J£, 2 for 25c Pumpkin, No. 2 can, 3 for 25c Peaches, 2^ can, heavy syrup, 2 for i_.35c Corn Flakes, 2 for 19c Sat. Special Heinz Food Sale and Free Sampling Taste Heinz delicious new- soups. Special prices. - TRY OUR MEATS Store Hours 7 a. m. to 7 p.m., Sat, to 10 p.m. Groceries, Meat, Vegetables "Convenient Parking" 113 5th St. Phone «39 Armours Star Lard Northern Tissue . 4 lb P k g Z9c . 3 foils 2Cc Sparkle Gelatin Dessert pkg 5c Sparkle Chocolate Pudding 3 pkgs 17c Uneeda Bakers Gra. Custard Sandwich, Ib 25c Libby's Pineapple J uice, No. 2 can 15c Aunt Jemima's Pancake Flour, 20 02. pkg lOc Karo Syrup, Blue Label 5 Ib can 29c Santa Clara Prunes, 70-80s 3 Ibs 25c Red Circle Coffee ib 21c Del Monte Coffee Ib 31c Camay Soap 4 cakes 19c Erano '.V£.> can 21c .Brown Sugar '..^'.:.... 3 I DS 17 C Crystal White Soap . . jp bars Powdered Sugar ................. 4 ib s 25c Hershey 's Chocolate ........ . ..... i/ 2 ft i5 c Ajax Soap ..................... 4 cak es 25c Pears, 8 02. can .................. 4 f or 25c P. L. Apricots ................. No. 1 can lOc Corn Meal ................... 5 Ib bag 12c Penn-Rad Motor Oil, 2 gal can $l.Qg Colorado Peaches . . . . bu$2.J9 Italian Prunes box 89c Cobbler Potatoes 100 Ibs $1.65; peck 28c Oranges, size 344 2 doz 39c Blue Grapes basket Lemons, size 200 doz 39c Sweet Potatoes 5 Ibs 25c Cabbage "... lb 4c FHE CREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. M,ddieW«»rmD,vm-r. KING lor Household S so easy to have lovely snowy ; white linens if you but wash them in lukewarm WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP SUDS. . WHITE KING, you koow, cleans ^ perfectly in water of low tempera: ture...requiresnobleachorbluin 9 ; to keep white thing* white and J rinses out completely. Ironing is ; easier and the linen fabric lasts ? twice as long. - Just try my White King Beauty Treatments for all youi wtshables. . How you any nfntial \VoVitn| Prottt K yeu h«v«, |«»t wifl« t* Kay WUM. nirt oj Tk» \Viil« King So«p Co.. Lc« Ang*lu Cull (omi«, tnd your Inquiry will Ni giv.n prompt etnoMl (tUtUo*. I^,lru«tlv» bookM e» *23 Wijt nl Wi!»hin7, E,,i«i »nd B»lt«r. In Omi.H«l! tli» Tiri v iih Wliit* Kj«9 G fi" TPIE upon r*qu«l The lease of the P. & B. Market Co. in the A. & P. store expired yesterday. I have leased the market from the A. & P. Co. and am open for business. This market will be known as Morrison's Market I will be here to serve all the customers with the best quality of meats and courteous service possible. D. A. MORRISON A COMPLETE STOCK OF FRESH MEATS JUST ARRIVED TODAY OPENING SPECIALS! Pot Roast, choice . Swiss Steak . . . Pork Loin Roast , Pork Shoulder Roast Smoked Hams Minced Ham IOC 1JC 12C Old Homestead I4c Morrison's Market In A. & P, Olor« AMIS. IOWA, FKIDAT, IBFTKJU11 32, IBM, HEINZ fresh cucumber PICKLES KELLOOOS CORN FLAKES large package 8 for , one pkg of whole wheat flakes FREE PEANUT BtJTTEE Win You fancy 3 Ib jar 25C Harts BREAD Butterkrust white or whole wheat loaf Raisin Bread loaf ---- OC Genuine EGO NOODLE* large cellophane ISC BUTTER Boone fancy Creamery 2 s 4Jc Quick or Regular Ige pkg ISc LOWEST AVERAGE PRICE ORIQWATORl FOOD PRICES ABE CLIMBIXG DAILY There is no better time than now to stock up on good foods. Take advantage of these low prices. SWANS DOWN CAKE FLOUR 25c Quaker Macaroni, Spaghetti, or Noodles 3 pkg* I9c THESE ITEMS ON SALE THROUGH THURSDAY OP NEXT WEEK SILK TISSUE 1000 sheet . count 4 rolls SPINACH Del Monte fancy No. 2% can I7c\?<* 35c THESE ITEMS ON SALE THROUGH THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK TEA BISCUITS white or graham 3 dozen Assorted CAKES delicious 2 for CORN Tripoli extra standard No. 2 can 3 for GREEN BEANS Newaygo fey cut No. 2 can 2 for COFFEE Chase & Sanborns dated 1 ib cao SALMON / PEACHES Meteor fancy / Rosedale, sliced or pink 1 Ib tall / halves, No. 2% can lcans25C PEARS Roeedale Bartlett No. can APRICOTS Rosedale Halves No. 2% can COOKIES six varieties dozen RAISINS California seedless 4 Ib bag Makes perfect jelly Bottl« SUGAR pure fine granulated 10 Ibs 49C PORK& BEANS Van Camps ;*» 2lC MATCHES Red Bird. Every one lights. Reg, 5c box CARNATION MTT.y Pure evaporated . tall can NAVY BEANS choice Michigan L Me CORN MEAL Certainty 5 Ib .bag L 2$c Demonstration B. and G. Malted KoKo A delicious drink to serve hot or cold 1 Ib can 25C SOAP P. and G. White Naptha rvoBY SOAP medium bar bare 19C DEL MONTE APRICOTS California halves No. 2% can 43C $1.22 Sardines in tomato, or mustard sauce 2 cans aic Asparagus Calif. white picnic tin 2 for Sic DEL MONTE PEARS California Bartlett No. 2% can I 4Sc I L $1.29 CELERY crisp white Btalk ACORN SQUASH ripe HERSHEYS COCOA finest Breakfast can IOC 18c TOILET SOAP Life Buoy bars LUX 3 ban 20C Complete Supply Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Best Quality, Low Prices. TOKAY GRAPES large fruit ITALIAN PRUNES ,...,.. box 89c BARTLETT PEARS box $3.35 COLORADO PEACHES ... box $1.39 BARTLETT PEARS, eating, bsk 25c SWEET POTATOES 5 Itw 18e HEAD LETTUCE 2 for 17c TOMATOES Cool Spring fancy No. 2 cans 2 for doz. cans 2lc $1.19 SOUP Campbells pure tomato 3 cans 6 cans 21C 39C ORANGES finest Sunkist fruit for slicing or juice 2 dozen 2 dozen 2 dozen ...33c ...45c ...65c DEL MONTE PEACHES Sliced or halves . No. 2% can 37c $1.08 —^ DEL MONTE SALMON Fancy Alaska Sockeye 1 Ifa tall caa J9c $1.14 Peaches for slicing, basket 25c Italian Prunes for sauce, 3 Ibs 25c Jonathan Apples, fancy „_ 5 Ibs 25c Onions, red or white 3 Ibs 12c Select Baking Russetts ' Ib 5c Cranberries, new ___ Fresh Lima Beans Grape Fruit, Florida Cauliflower 1 Cabbage, solid __. ~-... Ib 1Sc - 2 Ibs 25e — each 5c -20e to 30c Ib clean northern grown Cobblers 100 Ib bag $1.75 xxxxsxxsxxxxxxxs^^ pk. 28c PIMENTOES Sunshine 14 size tin 2 for >/ 2 size tin 2 for LUX FLAKES large pkg 22c RINSO large pkg 20C PRUNES fey California Santa Claras- Lge 40-50 sjze 2 Ibs lg c Dried Apricots choice Blenheims Pose's Market Quality Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSON'S CAMPUS MARKET MUSHROOMS Savory Hotels tall can 28c Swift's Sliced Bacon, Ib 23c CALUMET BAKLNG POWDER can- 25c TUNA FISH Van Camps fey light meat % size tin 2 for MARSH. MALLOWS fresh fluffy 1H14C Armour's Star Pure Lard, per Ib <*&** 9c Windsor Bacon Ib 15c Pork Roast Ib • lOc Pure Sausage Ib 12 Me Cottage Cheese Ib lOc Pork Butts, Ib - 12c Veal Liver, Ib - 25c CREAM OF WHEAT Childrens own breakfast food package 22C Ham Loaf, Ib 15c LIPTONS TSA fancy green 1/4 Ib pkg 18c y a Ib pkg 33c Veal Tongues Ib • 15c Sliced Ham Ib • 25c BROWN , SUGAR Pure Cane ait»-ilc SYRUP Log Cabin Cane and Maple medium t M — rfze... 44C Pork Shank Ib 6c Lamb Chops Ib ' 25c Gem Bacon Ib lOc PANCAKE FLOUR Little Crow large pkg. 22C PICKLES Maple -whole sweets quart jar 27c CANADIAN BACON, per Ib SLICED OR BY PIECE 25c Krafts Hara-iiaise Mayonnaise Thousand Island or French Dressing Pint Jar .. SUGAR CURED HAMS, per Ib Swift's Brookfield Sausage per Ib Bonncl's Sliced Bacon, per Ib ROLLED RIB or RUMP POAST, per ib HALF OR PART IN CARTONS CELLO. PRO. CHOCOLATE Walter Bakers Vz Ib cake 22c one lOc cake FREE KRAFT '8 OUP CHEESE Plreappls Relish or Pimento JSc On* chte»« dtcorator and one cocki* cutter »«t FREK

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