Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 22, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 9
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AMU PAILT TlIBPIfg-Tlltlia. AME1. lOWi. ntlDAT, SEPTEMBER 22, iET THE BEST "Wlten you're offered a •ubstitute for the original corn flake*, remember it is seldom in the spirit of aervice,** Or BATTtE CREEK THREE 101 IN MINNESOTA LAKE Body of Millionaire Is Recovered ELY. Minn.. <UJ?>—The body of Howard Bigelow. which was recovered from Basswood lake near here late Wednesday, was prepared for return Thursday to his home in St. Paul, where he was bead ol one of the world':; largest printing firms. The multi-millionaire's body was found 500 feet from an island in the Isolated lake. He had removed part of his heavy outdoor clothing in an effort to swim to the islafad after the canoe in which he was fishing capsized. Search for the bodies of Mrs. Ralph Mather, St. Paul golfer and society woman, and Howard Scheaffer, veteran Ely guide; who were with Bigelow, was continued j by two score boats. • Bigelow was president of the 1 Crown and Bigelow Printing com- I pany. Crop* Are Poor LANSING, Mich. (UR —Michigan farmers will harvest the poorest crops In eight years this IfiUlS RUSHING FOOD MARKET Phone 329 We Deliver Week-End Specials! Post Toasties packages FLOUR Golden Dawn, fully guar pounds SUGAR pound cloth bag BUTTER Nevada Creamery pound ......... Jello, all flavors , 2 pkg s Folger's Coffee ^ lb 2-lb can 59c Campbell's Tomato Soup | cans Cream of Wheat * , , reg pkg ||c Grape-Nuts , .. « * 5 Ige pkg l§c Pumpkin, IGA , , ,% No.-2 cans l§c Climaline, water softener Ige RAISINS •' i+ lbs 4 E* 16 A £ 180 4 pounds 23c DEIED APRICOTS— New crop #) lbs ** 4 choice fruit fc 31 EICE, ob.ce «| lbs 4 E Blue Rose 3 I 3 COFFEE, Brown Betty — 1125c 2'M3c 2"" 15c TOMATOES, red ripe, good quality <* cans No. 2 3 BREAD, light or vacuum BROWN SUGAR POWD. SUGAR dark, per loaf GATE, I. G. A., quick or regular 1 7f% large pkg I I W CORN SYRUP, I. G^ A.— 'No. 10 pails Blue 49c—Red ,. SUGAR PEAS- tender, A No. 2 sweet fa cans PINEAPPLE, fey crushed 6 6-onnce cans SALMON, 18-K, red Alaska tall can HOMINY, I. G. A., whole flake-like kernels No - 2% 1 7,* cans I I W PRESERVES, 18-K— all -I lb varieties I jar GINGERALE, I. G. A. — richer flavor—zestful tang 2 24 ounce bottles 22c Pancake Flour 3 ^ G , bAbag Syrup 1S-K cane and Maple 12-oz. jug ' Both for 39c Colorado Peaches California Peaches PEARS fancy No. 1 quality Clings. Fine for spicing bskt $2.39 $1.09 bskt $2.69 Washington Bartletts Keifers. basket $1.49 Concords. 5-lb baskets GRAPES PRUNES Fancy lugs 2 for J§e each LETTUCE. 4»_ 3 for 1§C CELERY, Mammoth, PLANT. large tOc, small SHEEN or BEANS, lb CABBAGE, !b RED ONIONS 10 lbs COOKING APPLES. 10 lbs SWEET CORN, .fust right, do/, . . . 6c 3c 2§c 2§c loc ACORN SQUASH, 3 for PEARS, large, ripe, doz ORANGES, 'a doz POTATOES, No. 1 Cobblers, peck SWEET POTATOES. 9 lbs IOC 25C APPLES, No. 2 Jona(lions, 8 Ibs PEANUTS, fresh roasted, quart 2SC 25C 7c Pure Lard, 2 Pork Cutlets, just like tenderloins, lb 18o Longhorn Cheese, lb .. 15c Small Link Sausage, lb 15c S.'ab Bacon, 8 to 10 lb average, lb I2y c c Ham Loaf, fresh ground, lb I2y 2 c Fresh Side Meat, lb Fork Beak. Ib Pork Loin Roast, lb . . .He Fsh Pork Shoulders IblOc Weiners, lb ........... lOc Hamburger, lb ....... 10s Sausage, lb .......... 10c Pork Liver Spare Ribs 7 C Pork for boiling ...... 5- Boilinpr Beef I MOORE BROS. MILK'BOTTLE FLAVOR B ECAUSE this milk comes from the finest herds, because it is perfectly pas-, teurized and higher in cream content than ordinary milk it has a superior flavor.' MOORE BROS. DAIRY 114 Kellogg Phone 369 fall, th« state department of agriculture's report predicts. Ex cet*lve heat and lack of tuffl- cient rain are blamed. Gushing Market Bed Arrow No. 1 325 Main Phone 39 BEEF or ROAST VEAL, best chuck cuts. PORK ROAST, shoulder, Ib ... ROLLED RIB cr Rump .Roast, lb . CHUNK BACON, lb SPARE RIBS, Lb VEAL HEARTS or RIB BOIL, 2 lbs For Beef Tenderloin, Tongue, Fresh Ham Roasts, Cheese and Cold Meats POTATOES Early Ohios ^Hirta? 100 lbs $!.!§ Early Ohios *%&«£> $1.65 Cobblers fo^fS 6 , $1.50 These Special Prices Good for Saturday Only You can buy now at the lowest price of the year. Good winter storing quality. Government report shows only 46% of normal crop. Ed COB Seed Store Phone 1053 215 Fifth St. Eaton & Wright CASH GROCERY Friday and Saturday Specials 127 Main St. ± Ftee Delivery Phone No. S3 BUTTER fey creamery, lb LONGHORN I. S. C., lb .... SWT. PICKLES quart DILL PICKLES quart RAISINS seedless, 2 lbs ... PEACHES dried, 2 lbs COFFEE good grade, lb .. BREAD, brown or white, loaf ...... MACKEREL 1 lb can SALMON med red, 1 lb PEAS extra grade, 3 for PORK & BEANS 3 for CORN 4 for TOMATO JUICE 3 for ....... PEACHES in syrup, No. 2y 2 can PINEAPPLE" No. 21/2 can .. PEARS No. 21/2 can .... RASPBERRIES Of) A blk, red, No. 2 can CUC 22c 15c 23c 15c 14c 19c 19c 5c 10c 15c 29c 17c 25c 20c 4 "7^ I fC 4 «7 I I C COCOA 2 Ib box CORN FLAKES large, 2 for ..... MILK large can, 3 for MACARONI bulk, 2 lbs FLOUR 5 lbs FLY SPRAY guaranteed, qt .. WHT NAPTHA 10 bars SOAP Hardwater, 4 bars TOILET TISSUE 3 for SALAD OIL bring container qt ORANGES 2 doz LEMONS dozen APPLES cooking, 8 lbs CELERY per bunch .... LETTUCE large head CABBAGE Ib SWT POTATOES 7 lbs POTATOES No. 1, pk The Meat Shop H. C. Hostetter, Prop. Phone 53 Phone 53 HomiePs Sliced Bacon . . lb pkg 20C SWIFT'S PREMIUM BAdON, sh'ced lb 25c SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAMS, half or whole'.' .'lb 17y 2 c SUGAR CURED BACON, sliced, lb 19c. in piece, lb 15c Spring Chickens, 3-4 lb av, lb CHOICE BEEF ROASTS . PORK TENDERLOIN ... BEEF TENDERLOIN .. . VEAL STEAK, leg or loin SHORT RIBS OF BEEF . lb 14c lb 25c . lb 35c . lb 20c lb 7V, C German Style Bologna . . . lb BEEF LIVER .. J COUNTRY STYLE LARD . ' 3' lbs 25c HAMBURGER and SAUSAGE, fine quality lb 12V« C SLICED BACON ENDS . . .3 lbs 35fl Free Delivery No. 1 325 Main Phones EVE RY DAY is BARGAIN DAVAT RED ARROW SUGAR 10 lbs 49c FLOUR Jersey Cream 49 Ibs $1*49 JARS Mason, quart size dozen fAMOUSTOR FINE FOODS SELF SERVE! BY THE RED ARROW STORES r MOW \R06ERT- SUPPOSE 1 TEA.R 1 TH»9 FfcPEfc IN HALF. WHAT WOULO EACH PIECE MACKEREL Van Camps I Ib can Housewives find that they can make better meals at no more cost when they shop at the RED ARROW STORES. Our prices for high-grade foods are' consistently lower—because we SELL FOR CASH. Reliable delivery service. sx SUPPOSE \ TORE THEfA INTO 100 PIEC^S- WKAT WOULD THAT MAKE CONFETTI/ WASHING POWDER Swifts Pride large 43 oz. package extra special 1 for TAPIOCA Quick cooking per Ib. COCONUT Long thread per Ib PANCAKE FLOUR Bills Best lbs SOAP Palmolive Kirks or Camay TOILET PAPER Economy brand 1000 sheet Saturday only 4 for 1 ' ' '"— "••^^^^^^^"••^^••^••B No. j-2508 Lincolnway Phone Mg LOOK! Kellogg Deal 1 large Corn Flake / 1 Rice Krispie ) 1 Whole Wheat Flake Free Thj:nk of it onJ 7 6%c per package. Stock uo now. BAKING Powder, Royal 50c can Extra special FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES ORANGES Sunkist Med, 2 doz large, 2 doz 33c 49c PEARS, No. 1 Alberta, bu. .. PRUNES No. 1, box PEACHES, bu. Col. U.S. No. 1 $2.69 89c BANANAS 3 lbs GRAPEFRUIT large Tex., 2 for.... PEACHES yellow Cling, boz APPLES Dutchess, cooking, 10 lbs Johnathan. No. 1, 6 lbs . .26c .25c CRANBERRIES 2 lbs HEAD LETTUCE large, 2 for CAULIFLOWER each CELERY nied. 5c—large .. POTATOES No. 2, peck No. 1 peck :'19c .29c CABBAGE solid, green, Ib . GREEN BEANS Ib SQUASH Acorn, 4 for . EGG PLANT each SWEET POTATOES TOMATOES 4 lbs CARROTS 2 for CUCUMBERS 3 for ! CELERY. CABBAGE large Sliced Bacon Sugar cured 17c »»oi mi No. 2 200 Main Phone 23IS-23S9 BUTEER Boone Dairy per Ib COFFEE Chase & Sanborns Dated per Ib TOMATO JUICE Food King No. 1 tall can KIDNEY BEANS Red, No. 1 tall can TOMATOES Big Chic brand Hand pack * for PEAS New pack Jl cans CORN Iowa Club No. 1 can I for PEACHES Apricots, Pears No. 21/2 cans for JAR CAPS Mason per doz. TOBACCO Velvet or Prince Albert cans SMOKED HAMS Cudahy Puritan, Choice Hams PICNIC HAMS Of the Very Best Quality Each Bacon Squares The best Link Sausage Small pig links 18c IOC per lb Slab Bacon fn the chunk, sugar cured Pork Rst. 9c PorkSttlOc ARROW MARKETS SPRING 2508 Lincoln Way Phone 219 200 Main Street Phone 68 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MARKETS PotRoastl2 , Rolled Ribs 16 R'd. Rumps 17 Sausage ... . IQc I Beef Boils 5 Pork Chops . 1 4C I Sh ftr t Rih s SPARE RIBS Meaty PORK Pork Boil ,. . §c Sirloin Chickens 16c YealRoast 12*1 Oysters it 40 Veal Steak 12 J BEEF ROAST Rolled Veal Round 20 Veal Chops 201 Lamb Veal Patties25 Ground Beef 10 Lamb Chops . 2JC Sliced Liver „ „ 6c P QUALITY, SERVICE AND SANITATION, YES SIRS Pure Lard . , PORK Pork Butts , Tenderloin . . 2JC Cot. Cheese . . Stick Chili . ,

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