The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 27, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1933 SHOUAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'S January 27 to February 2, Inclusive Where Every Day Is Sale Day GROCERY AND MEAT SALE ALL WEEK Balance Your Kitchen Budget by Saving Every Day No Limits Cocoa- Almond Cocoa- Lemon Mission Bell Chandu White King Toilet Soap 3i Cake No Limit—Bar Scotch Granulated SOAP, 2</ 2 -lbpkg. I5c Pineapple 9 Slices 14-or. Tin Powdered or Brown SUGAR; Ib. pkg 6e YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THIS MALTED MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Frit R«clpe In Kvary Sack GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 24 "KITCHBN.TESTeD" i-lb. Sack 2 49-J5: $1.28 63e oifee Chase A Sanborn's.Jb. Maxwell House Ib, Schilling, Reg. or Drip Ib. 3!c 27e 32c B«n Hur, Drip or Res Ib. Folger's, .Regular.... M. J. B., Safety • •* Sealed Ib. vftv ». 27c 12ic lOc !5c 9c I5c ..lie French's Mustard, 9-ox. Jar Namco Baby Clams, picnic tin Century Cut String Beans, No. 2 tin A. A H. Soda, pound pkg Quaker Oats, Regular or Quick, large pkg Gold Medal Wheaties, large pkg Log Cabin Syrup, small, 20c; medium, 39c large Kellogg's All Bran, small, 12>/ 2 c; large pkg Monarch Strawberries, new pack, No. 2 tin Flour, Assorted Brands, so-called 10 Ibs Welcome Colossal Olives, big ones, S'/i-oz. tin Morton or Leslie Salt, for shaker box Mountain Honey, 5-lb. tin Shady Dell Apple Butter, 2-lb. U-oi. Jar California Home Sweet Pickles, quart Jar Minute Tapioca, 8-oz. pkg Peet's Granulated Soap, lll«« large pkg I •2*' Bishop's Sierra Cocoa, I flf* pound box IIIB Bishop's Chocolate IK* Bar half cake 19w Warsaw Shrimps, medium I A* sire, picnic tin 1 WW Franco-American Spaghetti, medium tin Vitamont or Dr. Ross Dog Food tin Grape Nut I As* Flakes pkg. IW "Everytking From Soup to Nuts" I0c I5c Ketlogg's Rice or Wheat Krlsples pkg SAW Extra Fancy Large Prunes, 2-lb. box SAW Fruit Cocktail, tall tin SAW Tomato Juice, nloa hot or cold, plcnle tin.... SAW Spinach, plonlo" tin, So; No. 2 tin, 12/ao; IE* No. 2!/2 tin ••* SAW Large Hominy, No. 2 squat tin , SAW Extra Large Ripe Olives, tall tin SAW Shrimp, medium size, picnic tin SAW Telephone Peas, No. 2 tin I9c White Eagle Soap Chips, 5-lb. box Clarion Sugar Com, No. 2 tin Loveland Sweet Peas, No. 2 tin.... Dixie Queen Stringiest Beans, No. 2 tin Semolina Macaroni-Spaghetti Salad, 6-lb. box Old Mill Corn Meal, • 10 Ibs., 29o «* Happy Isles B. S, Pineapple, No. 2/z tin Century Sugar Psas, No. 2 tin La Sevlllana Qreen Olives, quart Jar Del Mont* Tomato Sauce tin I Aft •"* ft I* •$* Ibe. IJ1* • *2* 9Qfi !9c 9c 39c 25c 29c Grocery and Meat Prices Effective All Week FRL, SAT., MON., TUBS., WED., THURS. S Quality Merchandise—Honeit Advertising—No Limits 18TH AT H STREETS BAKERSFIELD Where You Will Eventually Trade lOc Fresh Ranch EGGS, U. S. Extras, large, doz. 20c No Limit Large 2J/2-lb. Pkg. 15c 2 Package Assorted Flavors Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Stra>wberry, Cherry, Lime, Chocolate, Vanilla Pudding. SAW Sauerkraut, No. 2 tin SAW Tuna Light Meat, I'll*. 3'/ 2 ox., 12i/ 2 c; 7 ox I •!*• SAW Minced Raxor Clams, No. 1/2 tin SAW Dainty Pearl Corn, White Whole Kernel, No. 2 tin SAW Pimentos or Green Chili, No. 'As tin SAW Walnuts, Mixed or Almonds Ib. SAW Baby Kernel Corn, No. 2 tin... SAW Sun-Maid Raisins, seeded or seedless, 15-oz. pkg , SAW Bird Seed, cuttlestone I A* and sand, Ib. pkg 111* S. A W Crushed Breakfast Figs, picnic tin SAW Peaches, sliced or IT-Ll* halves, No. 2V, tin • *T* SAW Bartlett Pears, 991s* No. 2V, tin *•*$« SAW Apricots, I A* No. 2V* tin ••* SAW Red Kidney Beans, I 9 I* No. 2 tin IsVflf C.f. C. or Armour's |9-L|> Peanut Butter Ib. ' ~2* lOc I5c ISc 12*0 Del Monte Tomatoes, solid pack tall, 10c; No. 2'/ 2 tin.. Del Monte Spinach, No, 2 tin, 12i/ 2 o; No. 21/2 tin Del Monte Prunes, medium slxe. 2-lb. box Del Monte Asparagus Tips, small size, plcnlo tin Del Monte Tiny Kernel Corn, I A* No.2tln •"» Del Monte Florida Grape- IK* fruit, No. 2 tin • *»* Del Monte Bartlett Pears, 1^1 4k No. 2'/ 2 tin • H* Del Monte Beets, medium I Ajt whole. No. 2 tin...., • •» Del Monte Catsup, 134ft larg* bottle Iwj* Del Mont* Red Salmon, IK* tall tin •«»* Armour's Assorted Pur* 9Qf» Preserves, 2-lb. 6-oz. Jar... s»ww Purex, large 32-oz. lf||» bottle IWW Rose Carnival Marshmallows, IK* pound box I wv Poppy Popcorn, |0Jk 10-oz. tin iW»» Lighthouse 1* Cleanser tin ^* Armour's Siloed Beef, 19.1s* 2!/j,-oz. glass • *>J* CREAM of TARTAR Ask any teacher of cooking which kind she uses TRFE ITREE TREE TEA GREEN BLACK 1C' 29c VHb. Pkg. I I Quality Consistently at SHOLAR I I 43e WHY RUk a Substitute When Bisquick H» Never Failed Large Package 29c • I White Brown 7J« Large 1000-sheet Roll New N. B. C. Product PRISCILLA BUTTER COOKIES..12-or. pkg. 17c Heinz or Del Mont* Tomato Juice .tin Welcome Ripe Olives, medium size, tall tin Sea Island Pure Cane Sugar, I A cloth bag • V Ibs. Coast Club Ale or Rickey bottle Clovsrbloom Butter, quarters Ib. Heinz Tomato Catsup, large bottle Our Choice Tomatoes, No. 2Va tin Bishop's Sierra Chocolate, 3-lb. tin. 75c; Ib. tin Strongheart Dog Food tin Tea Garden Syrup, quart, 32c; pint Jug Malwood Oregon Pumpkins, No. 2V, tin .' Campbell's or Heinz Assorted Soup tin Kokoheart Margarine, pound pkg Warsaw Cove Oystero, picnic tin Helnx Cider Vinegar, 14 ox., 9c quart Armour's Vienna Sausage, 4-oz. tin Armour's Deviled Meat, 31/3-ox. tin Monarch Deviled Ham, 2H-oz. tin Chlpso Flake or Granulates, large pkg Heinz Assorted Soups, j targe tin ' Golden State Malted Milk, ». pound tin * Avondal* Molasses, j No. 2 tin .".. I lOc 44c lOc 2lc lOc 29c I7c DOOR MATS; large size, 24x14.. 79c Gold Medal Softasilk Large Pkg. Packed in Quarters. .Ib. 24c Golden State BUTTER Packed in Solid Ib. M. M-im.* 23c BABY Swift's Premium Boneless Ham Cottage Style, Ib.... 16c Genuine Baby Beef Roast Shoulder Cut, Ib.... 10c Genuine Baby Beef Porterhouse Steak, cut any thickness 9E* desired Ib. ••wfc Fat Young Hens, fine for 9Aft fricassee. Sholar style. Ib. s»W> Young Grain-Fed Leg of Pork Half or Whole, Ib. lOc Baby Beef Ground Round Steak Ib. Cudahy's Rex Bacon, I medium weight Ib. ' Puritan Little Pig Saueage, IA* none better Ib, IVv Veal Roast, shoulder out, fl Jjk fancy milk-fed veal Ib. IW Cudihy's Sliced Bacon '/;-lb. Cellophane Pkgs, each Young Fryer Rabbits Large Size, each... 49c Fancy Rib Lamb Chops ........ lb. 41 A ^ /IllJ fcvv Genuine Baby Beef Roast Choice Chuck Cut, Ib Half Frying Chicken Ready to Fry Each, half 19c m I I I Genuine Baby Beef Sirloin 4J<t Steak Ib. *•»» Young Pork Loin Roast, choice center cut Ib, I6c Sirloin Steak of fancy 9Qj» milk-fed veal Ib. **<• Lamb Stew, fine for B. fricassee Ib. 99 12 Fresh Beef Tongue, fin* for boiling Ib. Swift's Premium Bacon, | ^1 half or whole slab Ib. I •] Armour's Star Sliced Ham, center cuts, frying thickness each Brisket Cut Baby Beef for Boiling, Ib. Prime Spring Leg of Lamb Roast, Ib Swift's Premium Sliced Bacon '/>-lb. Cellophane Pkg., each , 12ic Sholar's Ham Sausage It's Delicious Something New, Ib... 25c P. BELLAS— Post Office and Security Market Vegetable Department MARKET Meat Prices Effective All Week — Fit, Sat., Mon., Tiies., Wed., Thurs. I8c Boneless Baby Beef Stew, lean and tender Ib. Sholar's Pork Sausage, purs I Cj. pork correctly seasoned, Ib. • wC SPECIAL Golden Ripe A Bananas ™ Edison Oranges, by the box Extra Fancy Newtown Pippin Apples, by box San Diego Celery, sweet and crispy, 4 large stalks • ISHOLAR'SI b. 25c $1.40 $1.25 ^ I5c Telephone Sweet Green Peas,.,. Fresh String Benns Fresh Green Broccoli Snowball Cauliflower, A large heads •> Extra Fancy Mexico 9 2 2 4 , , , for Tomatoes SHOLAR'S 35c 35c 25c 25c 25c ISHOLAR'SI Heart, of Artichokes....larg* Washington Rutabagas Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Italian and Summsr Squash Fresh Sulk Date* ISHOLAR'SI for Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. 25c 25c 35e 25c for for Ibs. SHOLAR'S Large Arizona Grapefruit.,.. Large Ripe Avocados Oranges for Jules V doz. U,' 8. No. 1 Klamath Falls Potato**, ZB-lb. cloth ban.. WE CARRY ONLY FIRST-CLASS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 5 2 3 DEUN JO COMMUNITY NEWS GIVE HIGH HONORS PAID BY LODGES TO VISITING 0. E. S. LEADERS Turkey Menu Is Planned for February 2 by Council of Church DELANO, Jan. 27. — Twenty-six women enjoyed the nil-day meeting of the Woman's Council of the Community Methodist Church which was held on Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Will I. Allen on Main street. Mrs. Bon C. Shearer presided at the meet- Ing of the Ladles' Aid which was held In tho morning. Mrs. John O. Shine was In charge of tho devotional study, giving the chapter from the book "Tho Christ of the Mount," by E. Stanley Jones, The subject of tho chapter was, "Reverence for tho personalities of tho so- to giro a public dally Inferior." It was decided dinner on Thursday 'night, February 2, In tho church social hall. A turkey menu will be served prices will be charged. I and popular Plans for tho future work wero nmcle. A covered dish luncheon was enjoyed at noon. Mrs. R. A. Davidson presided at the meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society-In the afternoon. It opened with the singing of a hymn, and Mrs. Davidson led In prayer. Mrs. E. M. Smith led the devotional hour from the subject, "Tho Quenchless Thirst." Mrs. Frank J. Coddlngton was In charge of the program. Her subject was "The Salt Marsh of Disease,' from Tjady Fourth Daughter of China by Brawsters Others who took part were: Mrs. John M. Kyte, who spoko on "Christian Pioneers of Health" Mrs. E. M. Smith, whose subject was "Tho Needless Toll"; Mrs. William Allen, "Disease Plus"; Mrs. David son, "A Doctor's Notebook"; and Mrs H. C. Grubbs, "Healing tho Sick." Mrs. Lyman King of Napa was a guest, and members attending were Mendames Lena Beall, H. F. Shultz and William Casey of Pond; B. F Bunker, E. M. Smith, Jercy Burxim Jane Struthers, Charles Qrlswold Alice Moss, William Carpenter and daughter Barbara, John O. Shine, John M. Kyto. Ben C. Shearer, H. C Grubbs, R. A. Davidson, W. B. Marshall. A. L. Smith. Wllllnm C. Eddy H. S. McCIees, Thomas E. Fentrees the Misses Janet Struthers and Ellen Webb, and the hostess, Mrs. Allen. mEHACHAPI, Jan. 27. — Tehachapl Chapter and Sunshine Chapter, of Lancaster, 0. K. S., held a Joint meet- ng here Wednesday evening for the •eceptlon of the worthy grand matron, Grace Richardson Butterfleld. Almost a hundred attended. An excellent dinner was served at 6:30 o'clock by members of the Ladles' Aid of the Community Church. The dining room decorations were the handiwork of Lancaster chapter, and wero most appropriate. Tehnchapt Chapter exemplified the opening, closing, balloting and good of the order with Sunshine Chapter giving the escort work and Initiation. Tho worthy grand matron and worthy grand patron, Lloyd Ellis Griffin, were welcomed; also Grand Associate Matron Jessie Morris of Bnkersfleld; Miss Gladys Reid Husklnson of Qulncy, grand treasurer; Mrs. Bertie Todd of San Luis Oblspo, grand associate conductress; Marie Moore of Mo- Jnve, grand Adah; Estello Pettlt of Los Angeles, grand Esther; Grace Mumaw of Lancaster, Josephine Bar- bont of Vlsalla, Alice Hood of Pasadena, nnd Louise Myers of San Marino, all deputy grand matrons; Past Grand Matron Gladys Fitch Pierce, and Susan Corfleld of Lancaster, past grand matron of Utah, Elsie Kuehn, matron of Caledonia Chapter, Mabel Doughty, Bakorsfleld Chapter; Jessie King, matron, and F. E. Hand, patron of Security Chapter. The presence of so many distinguished visitors In the home chapter of Mario Moore, grand Adah, was a mark of high esteem In which she Is held by grand officers of the chapters all over the state. A pretty feature was the presenta- of appropriate colored bouquets by the Star points to the worthy grand matron. Each recited a verse and hold ft. ribbon streamer, the marshal with a silver- ribbon, tying tho tributes Into one bouquet with a prettily expressed sentiment. The gift to the worthy grand matron was gold pieces put Into the hearts of flowers making up a beautiful bouquet. She gave a splendid talk, stressing the need for co-operation and 'charity. A gold piece hidden In a boutonnlere was given to tho worthy grand patron, who also made a,gracious response. Worthy Matron Nlma Ralney,and Worthy Patron Rupert Doupe of Te- hachapl Chapter, and Worthy Matron Margaret Burchfleld and Worthy Patron Herbert Button of Sunshine Chapter, presided. Among tho out-of-town guests beside those already mentioned, wero Mrs. F. E. Hand, Edna Strohle, Kate Newell, Gertrude Sullivan, Josephine Martin, Ruby Morris, Lucy de Armond, Mae Safford, Charlene Renshaw of Bakcrsfleld; Amand Marvin of Fresno, Ethel Manning of Beale vllle, Myrtle Glover and Peggy Swall, Hattlo Shaw of Los Angeles, Mabel Jewell, Gertrude Crossly, Elizabeth Koran, Florence McClIntock and the Reverend William Taylor of Trona, Florence Myrlck of Niles, Josephine Cobb, Marie Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burchfleld, Helen Shuman Ruth Baumheckel, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sutton, Helen Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Mao Murray, Vera Flags, Mr and Mrs. Allen Weaver, Lucille Scrlven, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ward Clara Wllda, Mrs. Webber, Irma Storey, Gladys Barrlar of Lancaster. Russia Is Topic at Wasco Woman's Club Session Held Wednesday CARD PARTY TONIGHT ARVIN, J:in. 27.—Tho Welfare League will give H. curd party at the schoolhouse toniprlit ;it S o'clock. Both bridge and five hundred will bo played. The price of'admission will be 25 cents which will Include refreshments. KERNVILLE KERNVILLE, Jan. 27. — Simon Btchemendy Is spending a few days In Bakersfleld receiving medical attention. Mr. and Mrs. Ray LaValle of Bnk- ersfleld were recent visitors at tho Brady ranch In tho South Fork, aa guests of Miss Katie Brady. Fred Holmes, Sr. and Fred, Jr., wero recent business callers at Bakersfleld. Mrs. Emma Wllkes of Ulendora, a sister of Clarence J. Pascoe. Is here for a visit with friends and relatives and is a guest at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Pascoe. The pupils of the Kernvlllo Union School enjoyed an unscheduled vacation of a day and a half due to the heavy snowfall, making some of the fountry roads impassable. School was resumed Wednesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Green and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bales and their son Billy, were business visitors in Bakersfield Wednesday. FELLOWS FELLOWS, Jan. 27.— Mr. nnd Mrs L. ' C. -Sutllff and son Alvah wero called to Los Angeles Tuesday evening, duo 'to tho sudden and serious Illness of Mrs. Sutllff's father, J Hart. Master Leon and Patricia Sut- llff are the guests of Mrs. J. F. Flores during the absence of their parents. Mrs. John C. Wagner Is 111 In Kern General Hospital. A. H. Baker of the Santa Fe, who has been 111 tho past 10 days, leff Tuesday with Mrs. linker and daugh tors Margaret anil Athlene Juno for Los Angeles, where Mr. Baker wll enter Santa Fo Hospital for observe tlon. Mrs. Jessie Brinies of the Tumba dor lease attended tho Seventh Dls trlct P. T. A. meeting held In Bak ersfleld Tuesday afternoon and con trlbuted to the program, talking 01 "Thrift." Mrs. Barnes for seventh district on Is chairman •thrift." WASCO, Jan. 27.—Urging that a iareful check be made that public peakers arc not Communists, Mrs. Charles Austin of Bakersfteld gave an educational address before members f tho Wasoo Woman's Club, on RusJ slu, Wednesday evening at the Congregational Church social hall. The speaker told of conditions In 'Russia, ho ravages of hordes of children who are almost wild nnd touched on the political aspects of tho nation. The themo of tho evening, belns; Russia, songs were sung by Mrs. costumes which of the Imperial, r*\.»..l>.« " James Huhbard In are a reproduction court costumes. Miss Grace Charles,' the accompanist, wore a Russian peasant costume. Milton Charles jlayed a flute number, and violin solos wero played by Dr. T. H. Ratcllffe. Refreshments were Russian cakes nnd pastry and tea served In Russian stylo with fruit syrups, from brass samovars which had been brought from Russia. Tall brass candelabra with white candles and bowls of violets added to tho beauty of tho serv- Ini? table. The chairman of tho committee was Mrs. George Waujrh, who was assisted by Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Humphrey Jones In serving tea. Other members of the refreshment committee were Mesdames Fred Stonn, R. B. Smith. Frank Sweet, George Coyne, J. R. Wlnn, H. O. Bryson, W. H. Jahant, and Miss Bertha Waugh. Protection of wild flowers was voted unanimously by the club members at a short business meeting conducted by Mrs. Colver Jones, president. The next meeting will bo In honor of McFarland clubwomen who are to he guests and present a program. A potluck luncheon Is to bo held at noon. Announcement was made that a spring style show will be Riven by Brock's of Bakersfleld, and that another dance will be given soon. The meeting was attended by over 70 persons, the husbands being guests of the evening. 4( PLAN LEGION PARTY SHAFTER, Jan. 27.—The American Region and the American Legion Auxiliary will hold a party In the Legion hall Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock. This will be the first event of Its kind to be held this season. Dancing and cards will be the features. All members and those eligible to membership are urged to attend. WIFE ENDS MR. DOVf 8' MORNING GROUCH! A BREAKFAST OF HOT CAKES AND LOG CABIN SYRUP WORKS WONDERS ON MORNINGS, SAYS MRS. DOW CAMDEN, hundreds, fact f freq sfui, must eat break- just the right elements, re wives and Log] You CAN'T FOOL A MAN ABOUT SYRUP/ THEY WANT TH-E REAL LOGCABI^J TASTE/ happy »nd successfj fasts that are filie ..mount of nouri^ And that's • ' today are servjj Cabin Syrup e/ fast. Doctors human syst^ sugars to hel| They know; ies can not < t" they aren' Log eat maplel Canadian! Last yt* jacks in camps qu substantial) 'with: daj this s, knowij og CabUj to low Recentl school, in w' »lnn conks narU' to Jn the wo<j many of 25c 35c 25c 50c U ISHOLAR'S N OW don't laugh when I tell you how I changed my husband's disposition. I simply gave him hot cakes regularly three times a 'week, covered with Log Cabin Syrup! "You bet! When Harry pours that rich, golden syrup, with the tantalizing maple fragrance, over a steaming stack of pancakes—why he just naturally breaks into a smile. "Harry says there's nothing like Log Cabin for the genuine, old-time maple flavor . . . and I've discovered something else too! "I've found that my pancakes seem actually lighter and more tender when they're served with Log Cabin Syrup!" * * * And here's the reason, Mrs. Dow! Log Cabin Syrup has just the right body to really saturate pancakes with dclicfous maple flavor. And as a result the cakes simply fall apart at the touch of a fork. Try it for yourself— and see! To achieve this consistency and flavor, we use three distinct kinds of sugar. Delicious Vermont and Canadian maple to give that delicate, mellow maple tang. Then—just the right amount of fine cane sugar 40 give that smooth, penetrating consistency that makes pancakes served with Log Cabin seem so amazingly light and tender. . Give your husband hot cakes and Log Cabin Syrup for breakfast tomorrow! A product of General Foods. LOO CABIN SYRUP t"

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