Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1928
Page 8
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I '1 PAGg; EIGHT GREAT HO^ERACE STAKESNOW Five Illinois Tracks Action, Starting Mayl In DATES NOT GIVEN American Derby Usually Is, On Washington Park Track Cardinal Crew Off to Florida For Training St. I-o)iis. Jan. 26. (AP)—The rir.Ht contingent of Cardinal pla.\- crs will depart' Tor their Avon Park, Fla., training bace on Sunda.v afternoon. Kebruar>- 10. Prc.«id<'nt I Sam Ureadon set February 'SI m the date of the^-ardinal.s* inaiiK- ural workout. The advance squad, pompo.sed mainly of pitt-hers and eattjiers. will al .su include Kbortstop 'J'nVniny Tlievenojw and Uie new iiianiiger. Bill McKei-hni*>. TTHE TOLA PAn .Y REGTRTER. THURSDAY EV E NING, JANUARY 26, 1928. 1 trstij^' [Chicago; Jan. 26. (AP)—Five Taluab :e stake.s with a total of . $fi2.500;added, and 20S days of racing will feature the Amerieau National Jotkey club's horse racing program over five Illinois tracks this year. The -program opens at Aurora May 1. and closes at Hawthorne October 31. The fivie prize stakes, including th-j famous American derby which will tiave $2a,000 added, will be run over the Arlington park track. The derby traditionally has "been run on the second Saturday of June. yf}iich would be June 9 thi.s year. No definite' announcement of the , date was made by the club in pub' llphing the dates night. Tlu- . derby heretofore has been run over , the Washington park tratAs, .• but that track »ilf not 4)e ready this vear because of its extensive improvement plans. Four 6f. the tiatks in this year's program?—.\urorn, Arlington, Unrein fields and Hawthorne—are lo- i-a:ed near Chicago. The lltth is Falrinount park at East St. Louis. ..Vll have been programmed for si'ring and sumintT races and all except Aurora will havi- a xhnrt fii^l racing <whedule. i Other rich- slakes will be run' PARSdNS to PLAY LOCAL FIVETONIGHT Junior' College Is Ready For Stiff Struggle With, Invaders : UNDEFEATJEp SQUAD LEWIS-STECHER BOUT TO E]^ SEVEN-YEAR TTTLE DISPUTE (Con(jnued from Page One)^' ^lari&n Parker, 'faces Justice with a plea of insanity. . , The new prfsiding officer of ''he court is Judge J. .1. Tr.ihiiccj of Mariposa county, named yoiicriluy by the presiding judge of the Los Angeies Superior Court to hear the i Hinshaw's Aggregation Has Not Cont4 Lpst "What .will probablv be one of the games < f the season for the local junior dollege will l>e playcil on the high ,' school court tonight when the loin team l>at-. ties It out with CoaCh Steve Hlu- shaws ha tiling Cardinal.'* from Panons junior college. At present th6 P'ar.sons team is case after Judgo (tariffs S. Hardy, still in the victory column and one scheduled to hear the trial, had j of tlie league ieadf-r .-j. while the disQualified himseli. i te.ini has met one.defeat and Judge Hardy's action followed j one victory so far this season. Parthe presentation of an affidaii^t by sons holds a slight edge -if one only coniMares scores, as the Cardinals administered a worse defeat to the Independence team than lola did. Mowi-ycr. lola let Independence score less and was also meeting Ind.'pendeni-e on lis own (Court Hickman'n counsel in which the defense challenged the fairness and impartiality of Judge Hardy. Judge Trabucco coijies from a county of less than "L'.(»UO population and tliu couitroom. with its seat.s for 12.". persons, contains the I wlile the Par.^ons learn hacl the equal of almost a third of the ! ailvantape of playing on its home population of h !s: home town andjconri. iounty .seat.. That town. Mart- Tonight the lola team wl 1 ;)e posa. also was the birthplace oi'l playing o" the home court aiid the'=judge fifiy-eiglit years ago. : since t^ie morale of the Icam His ap|)olnltni-nt from |he l;sl ol • set-nis; Ui, have been lifted i w<-ll .17 Ix )s Angel.'s judges aii.|. .Siiine , ali.iv.'' tb«> spirit, that «:is tb be lA other visiting judges to "sit in i si en wliei'i lola fell beVore Kifiisas the liiiporlaiit trial. '• however. | <'iiy on the Kansas City court lust brougl^il expressions of appmval j W( ek. the prospects look ROIMI for from nil attorMey:i connected wliliia Icird game. the caiie. | Tliis will he the last opportuil- lltli. a's •The Traveling itv. in all prohabill His iix "The 'l>;iveliiig itv, in .•ill prrd)abillly for loc;i| r:ins over the Arlington tracks as fol -'i-'"( IK-,'! aii'irmiys pointed out, was ^ee the ' oulstaiiding Par.son.-i a tribute to his ability as a jur'si 'junior ftdlege coach as such for (ioverncirs iliroutth -cveral tiilmln- Hiiisliaw goes to I.«iwreui'i' next Istrations littve kept' liiin liiisy i se'a.-on as freshman coach .\noth- traveling be^veen his own coiinty,'er person iwlio will make i!ie game San Fraticiseo. Oakland, and 1-<)B b.tler will bi- Walker, -.vho will Angeles ID ;,i,l 1|) di.irint' cn.w<l- lowHt The Turf and Field club h.'uidlcap for three-year-olds and H;>, at m miles, to be run on June 30 with Jl.'.OOO added: the Premier handicap Jpr three-year-olds and up at one mile to be run on »]ie opening d:iy. June 4, with l.lOO') |'-d court, cal. ndah- nddet]; the juvenile stakes for two--' yoar-olds at .I'-i furlongs, to be run June 16, with fKi.OVO added; and the Riph handicap for sprint- ; ers. three-yenr-olds and up at r.v-j • furlon^is, June I':!, with $7 ,.Vtn j added. This will b«> the first full yea fif operaiioi: H.S. QUINTET HAS CHANCE FOR VICTORY Coffeyville Team Will Play In lola 1 Saturday IIOLA LOSES THREE Promoter Seeks Gene-Loughran Fight for TUle\ Philadelphia, Jan. 26. • (APi Ben Feirifbenr, New -York and VfiiU- defphia fight "pVomoler, today wired | Gene Tunney it Miami an offer of! |.500,COO to defend his world's heavyweight crown in this city against Tomnly Loughran,. light.- heavyweight, Champion. The bout would be held next summer at the Municipal' staldium, where Tunney won his title'from Jack Deinpsey. BoStOU Feinberg difl not say whe'tlier he' had approached Loughran regarding the match, but the light-heavyweight champion recently announced that he would endeavor io put on a bit .more weight and try for honors in'; the .heavy class. LLOYD HAHN HAS BREAKS AGAINSTHIM Might Have Set Record- If Error Had Not ^ Been Made ^ Visitors Lost By ; Large Margin to Parsons Aggregation Thing.s look as thongh the high school team is at last certain to stand a good chance of breaking ^ ... into the win columii when it meets jy ^ior Hik Souad In the visiting team from Coffeyville ,j, yr. YcsterdflV high school Saturday night in the »* iCSierUdy high school gvm. .The lola team has lost three Humboldt junior high fell before conference games while Coffevville '< l'**^ I"''' jun'of JiiRU "rst team has not met moru than one -de-, here yesterday 33 to 13. The lola feat so far this season in the con-i seconds won a 19 to U clash with ference. and that by Parsons who j Humboldt. administered the Coffeyville team I The score <m the first team fray: a w-orse drubbing than it handed lola in the first conference g^me of the season. - lola will be favored to break Into the win colijmn also by virtue of the powerful [comebacks that'have been shown I in the last two games agalAst teams that are still In the clear. Also the lola team will bo strengthened by the probable addition of l^e MctJnire Jast years captain and star center and guard. Few men have taken the tipoff from .McGuire and he has also proved to be a hard man for other teams to lake the ball away from at their own backboards. The RUNS EXTRA LAP StaTls Pressed By New York Negro Flash In Race k Numbers (Continned j'roni Page One) of Charles 0. Ruddy, the Hums ir-'f»n-e tonight's i;ame. in lu^t week's g.-inie his referi-eing was ; iiiil>;ased : iid k"'p; thi- g.ime nnV- I iiig at evt ry miinieni rather tlinii j If iring things lap. \ Tlie linibahle lineup could not ! Ii' give 11 by ("oach Sto<'kebr.ind,to- iliiy. other than the rertninty that I Hiircer would be playing nppoklre the slellar, Voah'.- rec-oid gate for a wrestling match is expected when Kd ("Strartg- lei'i Lewis (ieiii and Ji^i- Sieeher (right), rival ,and perennial claimant:; ii! the worlds (lian'i)i.iiisliip. grapple It olit at -St. Louis February -IS. ^ ; • ! "Y LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS in last week's game by the lack of an.vone tall enough to Jake the ball from the tall Ft. S^tt player.*. However, thLs should be reinedied this week with .Mctluirc ^ . Heierec in the lineup.' Though he is prob-{ Keieree • .', . i ably not in condition as yet to Teachers. ^ . " 1 last an entire game, he can go in , -; —~ I enough to prove to be troublesome a couple of Meeka wa.s able to re-' to opponents. ' turn home today. Tho high .school tcani has met . The W. C. T. I".: will meet Friday .«orae good workouts this week in i at the home of Mrs. Minnie llager preparation for the gaine which ! - Coach Smith hopes to take. lola (3Jl) FG. FT. F. TP. Sharp, f. . - - '. » 0 0 14 Thompson, f. . II • -> 10 Harbison, c. 0 3 (Skinner, g. . ... 1 - 1 1 Driggs. g. - .-0 1) Oraat. f. _., ; 1) 0 . 4 , Trombold, f. i> 1) 1 0 .Miller, c. .: II 0- 0 Barfhalow' g. ...0 0 0 1 Totals .' -16 1 11 33 Humboldt (i:n: Ftf. FT. F: TP,' Carroll, f. .-1 :* II 7i Sinclair, f; . ^ -A 0 1 Perkins. <•. _.. •> •» •# 6; L'nderwood. g. . II 0 0 ' Weinrich. v.. ... -.0 II 1 y; I'err.v. g _i -0 . II "1 oUiI ., , 3 ' '7 /4 13! .New York. Jan. 26. (AP)-|-Lloyd i H;Uin is having difficulty in break- ins riinning records this year but it-; through no fault of his own. The little Boston middle-distance st_ar who has seen no rival cross 'the finish line ahead of him in hi'Ore t!i;m two j-ears. ran the' 1,000 jyarils at the St. Josepli's j Catholic ; dub meet in Newark last night in • \t miniiit-.s. 14 4-5 seconds,^ and be^ : • lieves lie could have set a new indoor'; ciord but for an error which ' Iluhii beifi? jiressed by Phil Edwards, negro flasii of .N'>\v Ycrk iiniversity. and but for the official-^ eniir might have broken his owa^ mnrk of 2 minutes. 12 4-5 seconds . for the distance. .As it was his ' fijial sprint came in what turned out to be an eMra lap aiul conse- ffuently ilid not count in :he; time for the l.OliO yards. If tpe .'error iiiiniit- sprint to tjie fipi.=i : would have occurred on the I lap and might have resulted ew record. i^everal weeks ago in a imt^et at {Urooklyn. Hahn broke the iijdoor .Smith. Pitts.burg Teach I record for the half mile bu — Siiiith, P i 11 s 1> u r g iright in a the Technicals—^kinner. Driggs. !iew mark was not allowed because j of the absence of board markings [around ihe-track., | Officials <?f.; Defunct .- . , , , , -•' •'" ceiiier. The Of TaMng in Illinois '""1 '-harge of the oil forwards will be chosen ffotn under the Lhger law, effective last J'"-^' •*">'^'eillance. was ran.sackc'd a ' Fronk, Is.iac. or Kenlp. wjs'le the Julv 1, which legalized pari-mutiiel ; '•''.J '"'•^••;^ .-'K" dtiring his absenc.-. , gunrds will h, two men froni ih.^' machines, limits each track to .10 -JleMnnin. who ye-;lerd:iy admit-j following: Clopine. Schlick. lh.-i. days ol^ racing and levies a $2..=;0>i:s'.'"*''*' " s''».'cnce for; with a very small chance 1 that .1.11.. c^l. — „•! , .j,ir.:„ - . . .daily f^e on all tracks in addition J''^.?.- ''"""""ed under cross ex ; Harher will get into the gamd due; to a nominal admission ta.\. Number 1 (Contlnned from Page One) j tank would be saved in pumping costs in tWo years. Many Points forered. . This is a brief outline of the points covered in the report of Mr. McDonnell last nikht. He went Into all of these subjects carefully apd completely, explained the me- i chahical workings of the proposed ' filtration plant and covered all details in such a manner as to make the whole situation entirely clear ' to those who were present? He pointed out. among other things, that the of the bond issue would result in an increase in taxes of Tola citizens of only 10 percent. The .soap bill of the auiSnation i dlri'Ct 1 RuiUl I report Pliilntheu Sunday .Sriinol <'IaNS Has I'lirt.v- I'liihilhea .H to llnve Kakeit K«(MI Sale , .Saluidaj. i.Mis. Opal .Mitchell 1 LAHAKl'K. KA.V. J.\.\. 2.-..—The Banks A^e Sued Today lola Colored Squad • ' Loses To Fort Scott Fort Scott, Kda.. Jan. 26. (AP)— Seven suits la;tfie interest of credi-' tor .s, stockholdQ'rs and depositors I ,„^. of the closed .Midwest State bank j pori Scott here were filecl in the Crawford county district : court today by Coach Stock^hra l ^tllat iiri( es had he I 'on so that the price.« i lif; li>c. 2.1C and 3.-)c. cii ifjim. ii„ T,.„,, II „., 1 ,i;„,.i„ o, compan .V oi .MiUDerry. ana and announced ' V?.'"'", -^""»^,,i'ievenson iMttsburg Machinery company en ,ut this seas- hostessn.s. Others.pre.s- pHtsburg Kas. • • foni;;:: (By the Associated Pres.s.) San Francisco—Billv DP Foe. St. SdeKrf a.).. George A. Clark Will St. Joseph. .Mit.--Roval Colfman, Om.Tha. won over Leo Wax. .Australia; ilOi. Senate To Reconsider Vare Decision Tonight AVashington. Jan. 2(5. tAP> -The senate elections con.mittee was r ._!i ,.'i„ "f^«t^ i'ift VA i'-ift 1 suddenly called into session toilay average family J ^om »20 o f30 i„ ,,,.^i,,„„ „f ,.7trr» V«.P!I nfrt the Im •''"J- throwing'ou. the petition of Curtis to Kansas friends. Iwnd Issue.were voted and the 'm-|,,,f,,. „ .i-rii » - -'- — • • - „.,,,ient were Me.sdaines .Alargaret Al-("Vull^t^.u'? 4 • , ^^•''•i. fc.„i If.-.!., I,..- I t ..i-„ suits -liej.'K Judgments of ,baugh Kst«l .Martin, Lutie Uvlng-^j-g^ on-baSk stock. ?15.700 on iston, Florence Haglund, Susie Hoe .;,„,^^ |6,300 on an alleged '.\nna Hartlev. I ><>ona .Morrison ',A2^„,, 7, •,,VI, Kdith Johnson. .;r:ue Knsminger : "^^^.^/^ i^.^in. or Minnie Polleti. .\uiia Myers. Kuth ^tl'JZTJ «t-X * a,» Delaplain. Misses Etlle Stevenson ^""^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Topeka, .Tan. 26. fAP)-Se!ection '''">• of creditors aijd-'depositors of the Of Oeorge A. Clark, of Topeka. to, .I'»«>i"K K."""^^ ""V^'", J ^hich u \^iifi7o °Vr^°.J^. lie in charge of presidential cam-'"* '"'s 'tH 'ss .session was held . and ! ^ c i »i ,1 i« r.u... hnign headquarters of Senator '"ur- '• tle''tio"« refreshmenls tis, of Kansas, dur/ng the Hepub-j ' The lola (olored team met defeat at the hands of the visiting oiored team last night in the junior high school gym' The Fort Scott team decisively, outplayed the iola men to run up: a 37 point score while holding lola to seven points most of which were made on free tosses! Though the lola team has met more defeats than victories this season, a little practice may develop a strong' team. Conduct Curtis Drive ,ary. 1027 >'ew Location, JOS K. .Kadison. First Door Kust of Broivns Dm? Store. Pbone i;« ^ Matinee t0c-2.=;c; Night 10c-30c : TONIGHT AND TOMORROW Tom Mix and Tony in Zane Greyfs "THE LAST TRAir , Sioux Indians on the war path—with a girl captive io be rescued—.stage coach robbers and a big stage coaqi race with a dozen coaches—all these make a sure-fiije combination for 3'our entertainment. The stage i race makes thciBen Hur chariot race seem tame in coriipa^ ison. : Comedy—"Love in a Police Slat ion" Coming )vionday—Syd Chaph'n in "The Better Ole I licun national convention in Kan;Hap City in June, and to manage I the senior Kansas senator's cam- Mr. and .Mr.s. A. A. Bidwell pf Oewhitt Texas are here for an in-! Iilefiniie visit w-ith the latter'sl I mother. Mrs. Ceorgi! Parlasca and j sister. .Miss f'lara i p'rovements made,' the Ba\^ing In soap alone would more than offset tho Increase in tuxes to the great majority of lola families. All those who;,pay taxes of less than $100 a yearWould actually rave money by voting over the bond Usue. In addition to ^hIs, they •would save plumbing hills, always have pure, clear sparkling water to drink and perhaps save doctor and' hospital bills. lola citizens will have an opportunity to vote upon this'ques­ tion in the near future. As that time approaf*hes. further Information on the subject will be printed In tjie Kegister from time to time. Anv commnnlcations on the •subject will'be gladly ro<'elved and printed in these columns. William B. Wilson for a recount in the last ;P«<nnsyIvania senatorial election. • , The committee call for a ses-ilon late today was senate was li ^teniiiK to a -pba Uei-d of .Missouri, ch:iirir.aii if the! r,'"''"'' "•'''''" < Colony and Geneva tlgaled the campaign ex|ienditiirt;s ' ' of the successful candidate \Vi! ' llam S. Vare. that ihi- electiiins! committee's iiciioii of yesterday l,c overridden by the senate if-'elf. Fort Scott Man Dies Of Accident Injuries P'.iipn ill Kansas was announced here ted.iy. The .announcement . ,.„i,atbea Sunday-school: was made in lettel-.; from Senator i ^ „..^,.,, at the Kn.-pP store Saturday and ; all coniril)!!;iiig are lefiuesied 1 : sen''. tl)<ir |oii(l in enrly. I Cliarl'-s I'l imitiKion sliipped on' Iliri'e loail- of : to;-k Ihi.s v.eeli. Hvroii CrinvcU r"turncil to sclioOl ;i! Pitlsliiiri; Tiie.-iiiay: T.'ie fiiiier.-il service of Leslie: Dnrr will be h.-ld at the Methodi?t cliiirch lierl' louiorrow afliTuocii , .-111(1 burial will be in the Uillarpt cemi'lery. .Vigel .Mclionalil and Kayinonil: : Price are expected home the last • ,of the week for a visit with hoiiie i folk.'. Ain't It a Grand and Glorious Feelin'? By BRIGGS Mr. Clark, who has been active In state politics for 30 years, is a former secretary'of state and state jirinter. and at present is a mem- issued just as 'tliejber of the state forestry, fish and was listening to a-pba bv:?iime commission. AS A rm|3HX WATCMr 'V>M ,\S Divide Cage Frays Co:ony, Jan. 26.—Ceneva and Colony divided two basketball g .Tmes here Ttiesday night. Colony girls winning 17 to lit and 'the Oeneva boysTcarrylng off a 33 to S vlctorv. J , "Pokey" Post Is managing the Col- 1 ^- -^'fKeever who has onv teams. been fi ! patient at St. John's hospital for Wisconsin University To Fix Athletic Park Madison, "Wis. .Ian. 26. fAPi — A $140,000 project for the improvif- ment of Camp Randall, 'the X 'niver- slty of Wisconsin 's athletic field, has been announced by CtMirge IJtUe. director of athletics. Concrete stands to replace the Kansns Ci;y Jan. 20. (AP) KI- liier Jaquay. C3. Fort S:ott. -Kas.. •struck by a..street car here Siili- jdav night. <iied of injuries in a hospital last night. . wooden .beiyhes are lne,uded; the building program. Funds ivill come from football receipts, with $6S.000 now available from last -ise.tson. BHSketba I Results. . At I.,indsb<irg: Bethanv College 44. i Ottawa 29. At Kansas City: W>-andotte high 27: 1 Wichita high 2".. .\t Wichita. K. C. A. C. 24; Wi• hila Elks 19. s. "'III IMnLBMENTS \OlA'kAHSAS AlADDIH HOTEL KANSAS CITY MISSOUi 2 SPECIAL BARGAINS FOR TEN DAYS ONLY One 4-piece Bedroom Suite .consisting of Bed. Vanity Chiffonier. Bench, and guaranteed steel frame spring with ste«I .slats and Helical Cushion Trtp. with a full sized roll edge forty-five pound all cotton matlrc -Js $87.50 One t-piece Bedroom Suite consi.^ting of bod. Chiffonier, vanity, bench and guaranteed steel framed spring with steel slats and helical cushioned top with a full sized ;forty-five pound rolled (P"| A'T Ari edge all cotton mattres.« tDlU • •UU • \ . 1 - • . ^ See Oor Windows for Dining Room Bargains.: More Bargains Inside. V<70 UeF ^T A >PACi< IM -Trte POOR Po,OK"^~ Ot^ Voo»=l CAR tSET |v;P4AND 5MOK6_AK*" 'OUP.CiOU'D • k, I'M <3 LAO »' N<?X AM IESKIMO* IME NIGHTS \\ ARE; SIX. /I MONTHS VOhiC' • OP ."n-4E»e: * AND Voo DASH ocrr TO TH^. We Deliver Phone 25 A. W. BECK FURNITURE CO. OH-H-H J BOV! .Aiia»T IT A Ll>/IIM<S •ROOt^^ TABI _e TRVING TCJ'RIWP A^a..o.c3..CJ^^Air Smoother and Better Cigarette .... not a cough in a carload

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