The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1894
Page 8
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f . V P L.ilGHTS IN A SHOWER. Their National Encampment Starts Under Difficulties. WESTERNERS ARE IN A MAJORITY. President Cleveland Will Review tlic Ornncl Pafnde—Senators, Representatives nml Member* of tho Diplomatic Cori>i Will Mavo Reserved Seats—Florida Division Bring n Stuffed Alligator. WASHINGTON, Axig. 37.—An unwelcome housewarming was given the Knights of Pythias encamped in the white city of tents around the Washington monument Sunday afternoon. II came in the form of a thnndershower, which swept over the city almost without warning and then settled into 6 steady rain until sunset. Several tents were dismantled by the sheets of rait which beat against them and the lightning was unpleasantly sharp. All the discomforts incident to the storm weK accepted in a hilarious mood by ttu knights, however, and they made fun under the canvas as well as outside ai'tei ,the first drenching rain had passed over. Three rousing cheers ou the arrival ol new companies, while the bands in the camp kept giving a continual concert. endeavoring to outplay their rivals Special trains were pulling into the depots and knights brilliantly uniformed in scarlet, blue and white went marching up Pennsylvania avenue through the rain, many displaying handsome ban- nfers. Particularly striking was the Florida phalanx presenting a gleaming array of white duck trousers and carrying at the head of the line the most famous product of their state, a stuffed alligator rampant. • Westerner* In a targe Majority. In the face of the weather, hundreds of residents flocked to inspect the camp daring, the day. trooping throngh the avenue of tents and crowding about th« goats and other paraphernalia, animate and inanimate, brought by the westerners, who are in a large majority so far. Fine discipline was maintained in the encampment, something like martial regulations being enforced. Three thon- •and men slept on the light cots undei canvas Sunday night, while uniforms are' the rule rather than the exception on the •treete. The mostly heavily gilt laced oi the regalia was to be found at the Ebbit House, where headquarters have been established by Major General Carnahan, where the citizens' committeemen also congregate and where every stranger is greeted by his acquaintances with an official title. Among the prominent divisions which arrived were those from New Ifork, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Joseph, Chicago and Colorado. President Cleveland hat definitely promised to review the grand parade on Tuesday. A reviewing stand will be erected for him in front of the executive mansion. General Carnahan and his staff will review the parade on horseback at the head of Pennsylvania avenue near the treasury. A stand it being erected by the treasury ia which Beats will be reserved for senators, representatives and other officials and members of the diplomatic corps. WAY LEFT CLEAR FOR WAITE. Congressman Bell Says That He Is Not • Candidate For Governor. PUEBLO, Colo., Aug. Ss7.—Hon. John C. Bell of Montrose, Populist member ol congress from the Second Colorado district, publishes a statement m a Populist party paper and Waite organ, in which be says that he is not a candidate foi governor and will not allow the use oi his name at the state convention here on Sept. 4. He disclaims having cast any ilurs on Governor Waite. Mr. Bell has been much talked of as a possible Democrat-Populist fusion candidate. His •tatement practically leaves the way clear for Waite'a ronominatiou, as nc other man has been prominently urged in opposition to the incumbent. New Minister From Japan. CHICAGO, Aug. 27.—S. Kurina, the new minister from Japan to this country passed throngh the city on his way to Washington. He had no meeting with Count Mishima, the cousin of the Mikado, wbo was in the city. Prince Mishima and his secretary, Nagasiki, and their two servants left Sunday night over the Burlington. They will stop one day at Denver and a day at Salt Lake City after which they will proceed to San Francisco and take a steamer foi Japan. HoNamee's Body Recovered. DULUTH, Aug. U7.—Despondent over hi* parents domestic troubles, a love affair of his own and an unpaid board bill, J. J. McNatnee, a prosperous Topeka, Kan., commission merchant, threw himself into the lake on the 15th. Sunday tbe body was washed up on Minnesota point. lilorelUt Vatallr liurt. CBEBTON, la., AUK. 87.—Arthur Bennett of MuBBfciiu, wai riding a bicycle after dark and collided with a home and baggy, Tho shaft penetrated bis stomach, inflicting a fatal wound. To Wrouloi* ou Waterworks, FOBT SCOTT, Kun., Aug. 97,—A foreclosure suit for 1950,000 was filed in the United States circuit court here by tbe Atlantic; Trust company of New York •gainst the Fort Scott Water company. rjuuloker* Pulsuund. DUBUQUJB, la., Aug. 87.—Eight mum bei'B of u picnic party were poisoned by eating uurnvd beef. Mr*. W»IU» and Dr. Btaplo'u chilli ai-o D till in a daugeroui condition, Cmiuty I'urmur fouud Dead, Neb., Aug. »7. — John Cruwur, agod TJ yours, u farmer living northwest of town, wan found dead ia feto fold. Utfiuliv of I'rvuldeut Now«)L GJUBVELAKP, Aug. liV.— John Newell, president of the Lake Shore and Michigan Boutberu, died at Yuui)gntowu, O., FANTASY. Fantasy, daughter of Chimes and lo f „ . •erous rival of Nancy Hanks. At Nashville, last year, Fantasy, as a three year, old, trotted a mile in 2:8 3-4. This year she made the same distance in 2:7 6-8. C. J. Hamlin ia her owner, . RECEPTION TO KNIGHTS Address of Welcome by Vice President Stevenson. OONN PAYS A TRIBUTE TO SHAW. Marine Bund Rendered Motto Composed For the Occasion—Supreme Chancellor Blackwell Refrained From Speaking of the Dentil of His Predecessor—Stevenson Not a Member of the Order. WASHINGTON, Aug. 28.—Convention hall, the largest association hall in Washington, was brilliant with banners and the evening costumes of hundreds of ladies during the reception given Monday evening to the supreme lodge of the Knights of Pythias by the city and the district commissioner. Just as the scarlet coated Marine band struck up a march, "The Great Republic," composed for the occasion by its leader, Professor Fanucilli, Vice President Stevenson walked down the aisle escorted by Mra. Richard Goodhart and followed by tbe officers, who took seats on tbe stage. Chairman Goodhart introduced John W. Ross, commander of the District of Columbia, whose remarks were in harmony with the spirit of the occasion, dwelling upon tbe establishment of tbe order in Washington. Mr. Ross presented W«? President Stevenson, who was warm I- applauded before he could speak. He *aid: "The pleasing duty is assigned me to extend to the representatives of the order of the Knights of Pythias a welcome to tbe nation's capital. I may be pardoned for detaining you for a • moment before this formal welcome is extended. Your committee did well in selecting the city of Washington as tbe place for this great convention. In tbis selection yen have honored yourselves as well as the great city in which you are assembled. This is no ordinary gathering. It is literally the coming together of honored representatives of a great -brotherhood from every state and section of the An'-ncan Union. It is indeed an honor to t.iy city to claim as its guests the knightliest representatives of an order whose membership falls little short of half a million; whose living faith—the beautiful legend of Damon and Pythias —whose shibboleth 'Friendship, Benevolence and Charity' and 'the greatest of these is charity,' Not a Member of the Order, "As it is not my good fortune to be a member of this great fraternity, I cannot know to whom future ages will do honor as its founders, bat that he builded wiser than ho knew is evidenced by the fact that what our eyes now behold is the growth of leas tbnn a third of a century. I trust I divulge no secrets which would bring upon my pour head the dread penalty—when 1 say I have heard that each regular assemblage of the Knights of Pythias, the official inquiry is made, 'Does anyone know of a sick brother, or of a brother's family in distress?' If this be true, then even the wayfaring man may know whence came the inspiration that formulated the ritual and founded the order. I cannot but believe that m illustrating in deeds tbe sublime tenete of its order, your inspiration is that of the new commandment, 'Ye love one another,' I repeat, you did well to select for your biennial convocation the national capital, tho city that boars the honored name of the father of his country. "Coming from and representing every •tuto, it is meet that your assembling be at tlie political couter of this great nation. It matters not whether your abiding place be on,the great chain of lakes, or where rolls the Oregon, yon owe allegiance to but one flag; you are citizens of a common country. In your beautl ful ritual there is no place for aught that savors of sectionalism or of strife. Whatever troublous times tbe rolling years may bring to the state, wbo can doubt (hat the knightly men of this great brotherhood will stand as adamant for the preservation and perpetuation of all that is bt»t in our civilization—of all it Una cent oonturlw* of tiresome endeavor to ucuiovo. UepreBuutlug uvery portion of the republic, every vocation and call ing in life, it is yours to bind by yet •trougor chords every section and ututo into 0110 indivisible, indestructible union. "And now it but remain* to welcome you, Kuigfat*) of Pythiai, to Washingt I cordially bid you welcome to tbe most beautiful city in tbe world, Here U the symbol of the authority, the grauduor, tho power of tho greatest governiuuni known to inuu. .You will tiud it indued no mean, city. You are not strangers but fellow citizens. It is your capital and you are welcome to your father's house. Your arrival is timely. Congress has adjourned and the right of way is yours. The public buildings are open to you. Upon every lintel is . the grateful welcome. Upon your long line of march a thousand times your (heart will be made glad by the cheering words floating on streamers from mansion and mart. Welcome, thrice welcome, Knights of Pythias." Supreme Chancellor W. W. Blackwell, who was to have tesponded, refrained from speaking on account of the death of his predecessor in office. Congressman Shaw of Wisconsin. Congressman M. C. Conn of Indiana, a member of the fraternity, gave the address of welcome on behalf of the knights of Washington, incidentally paying a tribute to the late Chancellor Shaw, whose untimely death, he said, had changed'the rejoicing into mourning. The influence of fraternal brotherhoods, he prophesied, would eventually solve difficulties between governments and put an end to war. The program was closed by a stirring march by' the Marine band, "The Pythian Encampment," composed by Mr. D. B. McLco£ of Washington. Charged With Ilelng- a Spy. , MET/, Aug. 28.— The authorities here have caused the arrest of Mme. Ismert, a French lady, whom they charge with being a spy. MRS. LEASE PHYSICALLY WRECKED Obliged to Cancel Her Engaueinenta U Speak In New York. NEW YOKK. Aug. 27.—Mrs. Mary B. Lease was obliged to cancel her engage ment to speak at Prohibition Park Sunday afternoon, and in her place Fathei McGlynn spoke on "The Modern Com monwealth," with a prelude devoted tt the answer of questions on "tiatolli and the Saloons." Mrs. Lease wrote a pathetic letter from her Kansas homt under date of Aug. J6, closing this lettei with the statement, "I am physically wrecked for this season. Will Join the People's Party. NEW YORK, Aug. 27.—The committet appointed by tbe Central Labor union U confer with tbe representatives of tbi People's party on their joining issues or political lines submitted their report at tbe meeting of the Central Labor union The report recommended the union issai a call to all labor organizations in thi city to attend on Sept. 10 a joint conven tion of the People's party and the Ceo tral Labor union. Dug Up Prehistoric lionee. ST. JOSEPH, Mich., Aug. 27.—Chrii Miller of Lincoln township unearthed * mammoth pair of horns while digging t ditch on his farm. The main branches of it measured over nine feet in longtl and are in good state of preservation. Some large teeth and pieces of bom were also dug uji. Hugb tree* havf grown over the rpot where tbe bonei were found, supposed to be 600 years old low* Man Killed In Missouri. ST JOSEPH, Mo., Aug. 31.—Willlon McCoun, of BraddyviUe, Ia., was shot and killed at Clearmont, a village a few miles north of this city by B. M. Lewis, city marshal. McOoun was drunk and resisted arrest. There is strong feeling against the inHiuhal, who has beet placed under arrest. Killed by the Flyer. TBENTON, Neb,, Aug. 37.—Isaac Schrouk, | man nearly 80 years old, a passenger on the east-bound Burlington flyer, fell from the train and roooivad fatal injuries. Ho was traveling alone. His homo is at Beger, Mo., and he U supposed to be wealthy, Over $800 wai found in bis pockets). Dun's and Br»d*tre«t's Off. OUAIU, Neb., Aug. 97-—Omaha com inercial organization emphatically deny that any packinghouses in this territory have been I'oroad to close up as a resall of tbe drouth, us indicated by Dun's and Bradstreet's. The local agents deny that they sent any suoh reports to head< quarters, Ounuwu Very <M«k, BALriMOuu, Aug. 87,—Senator (}or man's physicians advise him to luuvu foi IGuropu at tho earliest pawlblo day, uol only for the benefit of the sou voyage but for tuo purport of taking troutmou in Uorinuuy, lilt* UoaUu IB declared be in u very precarious condition. Alt**ld Honors JsM>k»ou> ItuiJuUIUoiis. SwiiNCtFiuuD,, Ills., Aug. VI.— Governor Altgeld honored the requisition ol Governor Juukaou of Iowa fo? O. If Ficher, under arrest at Bl6otnihgton, ills , and wanted in Httntboldt county, [owa, for grand larceny, Bender Will Try Annln. PARSONS, Kan., Aug. 27.— The Republicans of the Twenty-seventh district nominated D. M. Bender for representative. Bentler WHS defeated by the fusioi. candidate for the same , position twc years ago by 10 votes. CnngrcMtnnn DoArmnnd'* CLINTON, Mo., Aug. 27. — A telegram was received from Congressman DeArmond announcing that he Would open the campaign in this district at this place Saturday, September 1 . It»nne Putlent At t>nra;e. ELOIN, Ills., Aug. 27.— Douglas Force, the most desperate insane patient in the asylum made his escape and has not yet been recaptured. Will Uavu Natural Gag. SAJ.T LAKE, Aug. 27.— The American Natural Q-as company is preparing t« lav pipes into this city before winter. LEVI P. MORTON AT • HOME AGAIN. ui'.tlon 61 His Candidacy For Governui to Receive Serious Attention. NEW YORK, Aug. 37. — Among tho passengers who arrived on the steamei La Noruiandie was the Hon. Levi P. Morton, who was seen on the promenade deck of the steamer shortly after sh( dropped anchor in the quarantine. H< evidently anticipated the reporter's question, as the following note which h< lianded to those who greeted /him wil show: "In reply to your questions, I can onlj say that, although I have no desire to re enter public life, I have received so man} letters from personal and politica friends in different parts of tbe state. urging me to allow the use of my name as a candidate for governor, now that I an at home, I shall feel it due them and tht Republican party, which has so highlj honored me in the past, to give the ques tion serious consideration." SLUGGED AND ROBBED A COMPANION Two Chadron Men In Jail With • Poaalblt Charge of Slnrder Against Them. CHADRON, Neb., Aug. 37.—Matt Me Nealney, Charles A. O'Connor and Johr A. Shannon, three railroad laborers, arrived here Saturday- and cashed theii checks. McNealney drew the most money, about (45. He was found abonl 9 o'clock Sunday morning with his head crushed. 'He cannot live. His companions are in jail and a good prospect for a long term in stripes 01 worse hangs over O'Conner. Shannon was in bed at an uptown . hotel, and claims O'Conner struck the fatal blow. O'Conner was formerly at Greenwood and Seward. Neb. A letter . signed bj limself and addressed to D. Fitzgerald. 14 «•» Langdon avenue, Chicago, was found on him. He refuses to make any state ment. . . Work of an Incendiary. SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 27.—The coroner's jury investigating £he disaster in the Franklin coal mine Friday, in which 97 men were killed, has rendered a verdict finding that the fire was started by parties unknown, who wilfully, know Ingly and maliciously desired to do great injury and damage to tbe lives of thi employes and the property of the Ore ;on Improvement company. It is be ieved that the person who fired the mine also perished, though no one will venture an opinion as to who tbe in cendiary is. Oldest Mason Found ar Ilockfnrd. ROCKFOHD, Ills., Aug. ar.—Freemat Graham, Sr., of this city, 87 years oi age, has just presented to Ellis Lodge, oi Rockford, the apron he wore just ttt rears ago, when he was initiated infc the order. He is the oldest Mason it Illinois, if not in the country, and out ol W men who became Masons when h< did in Connecticut, he is the only one now living. Killed Sinrrn 1'er.ons. Z AT ACE AS, Mexico, Aug. 37.—A courlei arrived here from the camp of Captair Minelos, this state, bringing news of terrible dynamite explosion, which oc curred in the mines there. The explosior resulted in tbe killing of seven persons, besides several horses and did great dam age to property. .They Want to Gamble, DBS MOINES. Aug. 2?.—The city coun- oilmen have formed a combination tc force Mayor Hillis to allow poolselling at the Capital City driving park races Sept. 4 to V. The mayor refuse* to yield and a row will likely follow. D O not be deceived* The following brands oi White Lead are still made by the "Old Dutch" process of slow corrosion. They ' are standard, and always Strictly Pure White Lead The recommendation of "Southern," "Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman," to you by your merchant is an evidence of his reliability, as he can sell you cheap rtady-mixed paints and bogus White Lead and make a larger profit. Many short-sighted dealers do so. FOK Lai) Co.'i Pure ound can lo mi*, your own get our book ov „ __ "» *"» VtolM »v« you • good tun NATIONAL LBAD CQ. IOWA WEEKLV CrtOP BULLETIN, Jonllderaltle Improvement Noted In Bono MMHott. Dfia MoiNfis, Aug. 29.— The town Weekly erop bulletin says: The Week has besn warm and dry, the daily mean tern- jernture ranging from 3 to 4 degrees ibove normal, with very light rainfall. The nights Were cool, however, and mavy dews mitigated the druuthy Conditions. Corn is doing as well as cottld )e expected. Considerable improvement s noted in districts which had the hnavi- est rainfall. . Some of the most matured lelds will be advanced beyond the danger of frosts in two weeks. The work of cutting I'odder is progressing. Decided improvament is noted in favored localities in the condition of ustnres and meadows, but in the largest >art of the state stock will require extra atlons. Potatoes give promise of SO to 40 por cent of 'a crop. Plowing is in progress where the ground is not too dry and some seeding has been done. The Longest Word. The long* et word In the English lingnftge li not -'emlles," although th?re Is a mile between t» flrnt and last letters, (s-mlie-i). One of the happiest words, however, Is.bealth; real, ragged, robust, rousing, rod fncfd health. There Is neither boon nor blessing like It. Tet thousand! lave lost It and it star* lost. This need not be. lyilatla have regained their health by using Dr. •farce's Golden Medical Discovery. An Invalu- Hble remedy for consumption or lung scrofula, bronchitis, asthma, cough, heart disease, fever and ague, Intermittent fever, dropsy and many other diseases. ' , A prisoner in tbe- Chicago Bridewell contracted smallpox in that institution, fine hundred persons are confined there. •William C. Aldridge of Moniteau county was nominated for congress by the Populists of the Eighth Missouri district. Nothing Strange, Intelligent people, wbo realize the Iraportnnt part the blood holds IB keeping the body In a normal condition, nod nothing strange In tbe number of diseases Hood's Saraapatllla IB able o cure. Ho many troubles result from impure >lood; the bent way to treat them U through the >lood. Hood's SarBnparllla vitalizes the tlood. Crop Bulletin. COLUMBIA, Aug. H9.— The weekly crop ralletin says: The mean temperature of he week was about normal in the southern sections, but in the northern sections here was a slight excess. Copious rain 'ell in all portions of the state, except be north. ' The rains, together with cool nights, heavier dews and cloudy weather have been beneficial to all fall crops and rrasses and jn many counties late com ind pastures are much improved. Plow- ng tor fall seeding is progressing well n most sections. Afrlcnh Steatntttltlt PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 29.—The firs* steamship line between America mid the West coast of Africa has been chartefexl in the state of New Jersey. It Wilt to known as the African Steamship coin* ENLIGHTENMENT r«on» of to-day to CUM imny diseases without out- ting, which were formerly regarded M ihournMpwith- out reiort to the knifev RUPTURE or Bretch, M now radtcaffv cured wltti- out the knife and without pain. Clumsy Trusses can .. W I1. 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