Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 6, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA, KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER.-MONDAY EJVEITO^G. MARCH 6. 1933. PAGE FIVE LOCAL PRODCCE . Eggs, f irists Eggs, seconds ..: • Eggs, thirds Eggs, ungraded Hens, No. :i Hens, No. 2 No. 1 Springs. 1'^ lbs. up .. No. 2 Springs ...: Capons, over 9 ,lbs, Capons, over; 8 lbs. Capons, over 7 lbs. Capons, under T lbs SUps ••• Buttcrfat, lb Cocks Geese, lb. Guineas, each White Ducks, lb .-• Colored Ducks, lb Hides, per lb., Mixed Corn, bu Yellow Com, bu. Wheat, bu. . Kafir Corn Kansas City Hay. .City. \iar. 6. (AP hay or produce today. :..7c ....6c ...5c ...6c ...5c ...2c . . .DC , ..3c ..10c ...8c ...6c .. 6c ...4c ..10c .. 3c .. 3c ..10c .. 4c .. 3c .. ic ..15c ..15c ..28c ..13c —No raENEWANGLES (Mpm ^ii Pop) LET TH£W SLEEOJ THEY CAN'T GET ANV R£Sr, SLEEPING ON AT TH£)R -HOtJlSEL GIVE CREJUT-! By Cawan City Grain. Kansa.s City. Mar. 6. i.^Pi—• Wheat, receipts 183 cars: coilu 21 c.irs; loals 9 cars. Insufficient for \n-icc quct.ition.s. Livestock Clo'ic, Kansas Ciity Cattle: Fed ;iiecrs 23-50 higher. Hogs and .sheep: uticl-iangcd. E.stlniati'd livestock receipt.'i for toniorrow: Ciittic i,.50n; iiogs l.COO: Hlieep 4,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kiin.sii.s Citv. Mar.-6. lAPi—lU, S. Dept. Apr.i—UoKs; l.oCO; 1.000 direct: nicstly 25-3.") liiuhcr than Friday's average; top S3.75 on 180-2)0 lbs.: ucod and clioiee. 140-160 lbs.. .^-3 2.-.-fi5,- ieO -183 lb.';.. S3.50-7o; 180220 lbs., 53.60-75; 220-250 lbs.. S3.5.570: 25n-2fl0 lb.<i.. S3.50-65: 290-350 lbs. S3.35-55: jiacking sows. 275-550 lb.?.. $2.50-3.00: stock pigs, good "and choice. 70-133, lbs., S2.50-85. Cattle; 3,000: calves; 300: fed NEOSHO FALLS. Mar. 3 — The steers and yearlings 25-50 higiier; ijitendanco at Sunday school last other killing classes strong to 25c i Sunday reached 101, an increase ixft- 'piIE pfe.sideut of France Is elcilcd for SEVEN YEARS. .MONTANA l.s tlie only state in I lie U, S. which suffered a de- rrcuseln population during the last tloe'ade, .St. Louis Blues wa,s written by W. C. HANDY. NEOSaO fAUS K. D. Gordon Nominated for iMayor to Succeed Himself—ptliers Are Named i^t C?iuc«is. higher; no outlet for stockers and feeders; several loads in ' receipts but not shown: best fed steers $5.25. er tho. many weeks in which many were ill. The pastor. Rev. C. M. Orr. steers, good and choice. 550 rs 5o.:;o. \ rjave an interesting scrmop at the ,&00 lbs., i morning service, and for the evening $555-7.00; 9C0-11C0 lbs.. $4,75-7.03; '.service he told of the usual routine H00-130Q lbs., S4.5P-6.50; lQ03-15C0 1o£ the annual conference of the M. lbs., $4.25-6.00: common and medtiim E. church. Charles Harper and J. 550 lbs. up, $3.25-5.00; heifers. gqcdjS, Murray are delegates elected to and choice. 550-900 lbs.. $3.85-5:50: i attend this year, cows, goodj S2.50-85; veaierd. imilk- ^edi, medium to choice, 5-^ stocker and feeder steers, g choice. $4.00-5.75. Sheep: 3,000; lambs act fve and uneven. 10-45 ^higher; top fqd lambs $5.60; lambs, good and chc !ce 90 lbs. -down. $5.00-60; gdod (Xi and choice. iX) 90-98 bs., S5.0b-30; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs., S1.75- I 2.85. (X^—Quotations ba.sed and wethers. k j Plf^as^'it evening at the church poa and : Wednesday when representatives of .surrounding counties came as guests. About 150 were present. Raymond Stovall is building a house on jwhat is known as the ENTEKPRISB vid and Elizabeth. Clayton Peck paroilit.s. Mr. Mrs. Elmer Peck, havd and week. Dean Peck will finish Mr. and Mrs. Clem Kivot Colo., visited last week at t^e Marion Tomson home. Mrs. Bill McChmahan ore and "Mrs. John Hillbriujt visitors Tuesday afternoon Glen Cloud home. Mr. and Mrs. .Elmer Pcckj. and Clayton spent Wednesd^ before moving at the M. F. home. The Endeavor League enjoyed a Miss Veta Hackett StU Seriously HI \Vitb Qocton Attending to ' , Her .Wants. Mildred. March 6,—Mrs. S. A. Busley, Mrs. George Busley and Mrs. I Emily Remsberg spent Thursdajvaf- i ternoon at Gill Ruxton"s. Mrs. Osro Minkley of Oswego, spent the week-end at the parental Millard Heath home. Mrs. N. A. Hunt and daughter. Helen. sj)ent Wednesday with Mrs. O. £. Hutchens near Lone Elm. ' . Mr. Mills and family of Bayard, ['have moved into Mrs. TomkLewis's house. Carl Brown who has been working for an electric company at Hutchinson, returned home Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Booth of Lone Elm have moved to MUdred. | Mr. and; Mrs. Knight have been entertaining their children. ^ One son arid' wife have returned to Cherrj-vale. Another son and ^ia|m- ily returning to their home in\Arkansas and the other two sons have returned to Yates Center where thej- attend schoiol and shall remain there until school is out. Bill Martin anil family have moved from Belfry district into town. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Reade and children of Valley Falls called on Mrs. Mary Mann Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hall spent last yreek on their farm in the OzarlC). Mrs. Lottie LowTy is helping care for the new girl at Roscoe Adams. Mrs: Preston Patterson and Mrs. Ira Norton entertained twenty of their friends with a bridge party Wednesday night. Lovely refreshments were ser\'cd and all report a delightful time. The tournament is on and everj- V^ety Questions Answer to Prcvioiw Pnzile BOlUZONTA]> 1 Onager. 4 Knave of clubs In loo. 7 or what U. S. sUte" is Boise . the capital? 9 Trite. USilk stuff, voven •with gold and allTer threads. 13 Houses^ foe automob^es. 16 Rowing implement. 16 U.S.. state of 31 Appointor, hngfe mtneraj 33 Therefore, p resources. 34 seed bags, IS.WoolIy surrace 37 Tube carrying of cloth, . off gland 19 Stair. secretion. 21 Time (Juring 38 Disembodied which a Bovereign rul^s. 22 High terrace. 23 Who sold his birthright tor pottage? 25 Myself. 26 Growing out. 28 Badly. 30 CoUceited jrecl§Ipn. soul. 41 Snare. 43 Mooley apple. 44 What was Peter Paul Rubens? 46 Hop bush. 47 Ppcketbooks. 49 A snicker. 51 An old capital .S'Smell. 53 Point. 54 Wine cask.. VERTICAL 1 Lpves. 2 Membranous bag. . S Humbug. •J Estuary of Tocantlns Riveri Brazil. 5 Collection of facts. 6 Something wliich attracts. X ^ngry. of Egypt. 52 Giver. 9 Flae. 10 Rental contract. ^11 Genus ol cattle. 12 Foe. 13 Forcible restraint of speech. 14 Mineral spring. 17 To bind. .20 EnamoL' 22 Sixiall grotedque figure. 24 Rubber tree. 27lFrd8t bite. 29 Envoy. 30 Offices. 31 Who wrote the "Three Musketeers?" 32 Optic. 33 Male child. 35Pjthon. 36 Falcon. 37 Form of moisture. 39 Pronoun. 40 To care for. 42.By. 44 House animals. 45 Disorderly behavior. 4S Falsehood. 50 Antelope. HUIBOLDT NEWS Colonial Tea and Quilt Display .it- tracts Much Interest and Attention Here. ; building is completed, g^.gg I The-citizens' caucus held at Me- imcnaljhall Thursday afternoon was quite well attended. The officers I nominated were as follows: Pre;;ent ! Major A. D. Gordon was nomiiintcd Feb. 27—Dinner guests Sujnday at i ";--'f''^°"sly. For councilmen: .Toiin Crubbs farm northwest of town. He:,. ^ ... . v.-ill move there as .soon as tlio | '^T'^ town is m a buzz of activity the O. G. Butterfiel'd home \Tere'Mr j ^-''l'ii". Mr- Teegardon. Wa''. W^g- and Mrs. Llovd Roush. Mis5 Marie! f?'"-"^' ShewcU and Geo. Lieu-1 Peck. Mr. and Mrs. Aldeu P<ck, Da-!'"'^"'^'^- \^o\\i:<i jud?e. Perry I [Heath. i A mu.sical program will be cjivrn moved '''' ^'^'^ ^- f'''""''-'' t'^'ls cv::nin£,- unto their new home, is stayini in thisidirection of Mrs. L. L.- Thir.ll. neighborhood going to school this • Cleve Sliewell was taken to N.>- and quite a large crowd in attendance. Mildred defeated LeRoy by a large margin last night and will play Unlontown this afternoon. We have defeated Unlontown twice this .season and are hoping we can win this gan^c. The Ladies" Aid are serving meals and are having a good patronage. Mrs. Knight is on the sick list. Jesse Riggs and family of Fort Scott have moved onto Arch Riggs's farm one mile west of Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Boyd have moved to Diamond district. Miss Veta Hackett is still .scrious- . ^^n. wii. i.u„s,L his first vada, .Mo.. Wednesday for treatment. 1 ly ill, but .Ls thoi;ght to be a year high .school term in Irtla. I He hn.s been'suffering from a ncr.--' better attVe present writing. little The of Ray. dL-flrdk-i- for .several week-s. '.doctors InnciKi hcr.ihrnat and that The on W. T. Pyke's fajm.jha-'^ grlvcnlher .some rell.'f. ' n(-!th.of town, de.-iroyc; bv lire Victor Drury sp^nt. Friday night HUMBOLDT. Mar. 5— -There wUl be a meeting at the City Aid society next Tuesday, March,,?, 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Olive Ernst. One of the most interesting and pleasing social events of the year in Humboldt was the (Colonial tea and quilt display organized by Mrs. A. J. Trueblood, president of the Methodist Ladies' Aid society, and held in the home of Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Shulenberger a few days ago. Many articles of age; rare design and value *eriB brourfit from many sources, together wltffiT^ the treasured antique possessions of the parsonage home, also beautiful modem designs of quilt craft, latest in rugs, and an- Mrs. Will Starkey. Mr. and Mrsr P.. J. McGannon. D-an Grant and Joe Gervais. Interment was in HumboWt CathoUc cemetery, and was attended by a large company 01 friends., Mr. and Mrs. Allan F5tszimmons, southwest of Humboldt, are the proud parents of a son. j weighing 7 pounds, born to lh(>m last Tuesday night. He has been named Norman Howard." ; ; A surprise party and 7 o'clock dirmer were given at the home '^l Mrs. Clarence Weaver, east of Hum^r boldt. Thursday night, honoring l\er birthday. Tlie'evening was speii: playing cards. Covers wore laid fqr the-foUowing: Mr.' and Mrs. Logah Hunt, Mr. and Mr^. W. M, Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Freeman and son of Humboldt; Mr. &nd Mrs. H. li. Weaver and Genevieve; Mr. an'd Mrs. J. Rowland and N,adine antl Lucile Weaver, highj school studenfa of Chanute. Miss Lauretta Mii|tz of Big Crqek. USUAL AUTO SERVICE Those', with c-stablLshed credit, either with us or the , Allen County Credit Bureau are invited to charxre auto repairing-.or other .services. Your check, if you have a bank account, v.ill bo accepted for past accounts or for services given. ROSS AR6UCEE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle. Vehicles GOOD PAIR OP MULES—Weiglit 2C00. for sale or trade. Boyer, LaHarpe. Ponltry and Supplies CUSTOM HATCHING — Wanted.. 51.50 per 100 or the chicks: 600- egg capacity. 630 North First. CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per case; less than case lots, leper egg; chicks. 4 'jc and up. Taylor's Hatchery and Produce, 201 South Jefferson, lola, Kas. cient in counterpanes, along with! southeast of Humbbldt. a-ssLstcd .by the beautiful tea service, of the aft- i her parents. Mr; aiid Mrs. Williaif; Len- wero at the moved into the neighborhood from sivty-ninth birthday,; March 2. his _ .... . .lola. He is employed at the Bel-, wife of lola, hi.s two^daughtersi and wei-k. The lioii.sp wa.'^ not occu-|i^'-^h hLs gi-andpaieius'. Mr. and Mrs. | knap dairj-. Richard Carl. Eugene .son-in-law. Mr. and' Mrs. Hinklc and Oscar; Percy have, entered and Mrs. Hunt of Humboldt, spent en .^dam.s. one of j ?chool. Thfere are 23 enrblitd in the day with him. pied and the origin of the li:e was! Clem Lewiis. unkno«-n. Some insurance 'vu.s car-i MLss .Mary'He!e Dean ij.:d op the building. Mr.s. Libby' Wolford 'was the Gas City teachers, called on iji-,u .... , ......T .,.^..v..« ..t., .icccm-' ^^"^^ ^^'^ Hackett Friday evening, v niVh^panTed tl)'"H^boldrM^^^ brought her some beautiful! John Watsons last week. Preston I noon by Mn and Mrs. Fiyd Rawl-' from .the school. - • ings. She visited her sister. Mrs Mrs. Laura West and M'iss Mil- ;„ . ,„i„ii ..„ dred Lambeth drove to Kansas Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. Joe; ^emmerer and o.her rela.ue,, -e- city and spent last week with rela- and Ambrose i visited Sunday after-, turning Wednesday afternoon. friends • ncoit at the qhas. Se\-flers home. I Ruth Haqjer. music dii-t-tnr j^j.s. Will Stevens of Selma has s.- Phil Can-ol and land teacher in our school, -emaliis [jj,gp_ igp^jj^jj^^ ^ JP^. ^^y^ QJJJ_ recently moved ; ciuiie ill. ' ford Thomas's and getting acquaint- m Mi-ssourl to: jvlrs. Sam Dennis, who has been ed with her new grandson. Alfred quite il! with pneumonia, is some- , Eugene Thomas. Sunday-at the Nora Ling home. Ini^ii^t iniproved. the afternoon they, accompanied by i xh" funeral services for i>Q\\ Bo-- p, P A RppTVTFl? Mis'? Helen Ling and Duane Beatty'ner were conducted by Rev. C. M. \ > called at the ,Alto Ling home north ;OM- at the M. E. church Monday af- ^f.-^"^- f"—young people ofPiqua. iteinoon. Interment was in Ce.iar-;??fhc-'-ed at the home of Ml-, and Mr. and M family who have from their hbme make their home in lola. visited- las:' school at present. Miss Mona Booke is \isiting her Mr. and Mrs. Tom Roush visited; sistr-r. Mrs. Harold McAnulty this week. Mr. Gerald Baniett helped hiS; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Willis visited brother. Carl Bameit and family, with Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Cunls Sun- Mr. and Mr.s. M. F. Preston went ; vale. Mrs. Sam Williams Monday eve- to Hartford ilonday to attend the! Ki'>.;:ner of LeRoy w;is called! ""'•'5 to surprise Ara on his twenty- funeral of Mrs. Preston's aunt. Mrs.: to see ilrs Crane Thm'sday after-' first birthday. Games were played S. M.Webster. Mr. and Mrs. J. M.! ^con She is somewhat improved, and, refreshments were sen-ed. Preston who had been in.Hartford a few days returned home'with them •and spent Monday night at the M. F. Preston home. The late Mrs. Webster was a sister of Mi-s. J. M. , Preston. Several friends and neigh'oors of ^. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Peck assisted - them in moving last week. I ' Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Tice have moved in with Will Green. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tice are taking over the,' Mrs. Lawton has been .suffeving i Everj-onc had a nice time. Those from pleurisy the past week, but is 1 Present were: Ann Javeaux, Letha better at present. I Troutwine. Betty McKaig.. Nannie Rachel Heath who is atLtiiding; Tippin, Wilma Sherwood, Fern Ir- teachers college at Emporia, spent | ^"in. Hazel Wallace. Esther Thayer, the week-etid with her parents, yix. \ Vera Cleaver, Ma,rie Williams, Ed land Mrs. W! P. Heath. She was a; Javaux. Loyd Javeaux. Eugene and dinner guest at the home of her farm which year Lawrence Tice I Tuesday. cousin. Catherine Fife, in lola Saturday, j Mr, and Mrs. C, C. Mills of Toronto were business visitors Lester. McKaig. Gerald and JBobbie vacated. • iMr. and Mrs. D. moved to the farm Peck lived- Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Pprccll are : living on the Specth place; The G. E. C. met with Mrs. E. : L. Bamh.irt March 1 ^ith .six '' members present, as follows: Mes- dpmes Butterfield. F^sk, Heiman, Preston. Smith, and the hostess. ; 'Visitors were Mesdames May Sicka. ''' 'Walter John.son. Russell Barnhart, Clem Kivett. Marion Tomson, Lawrence Tice and Grandma Kees. Gene Thomson. Dinner guest. E. L. Barn- Bamett, Mayriard. Harlan,, and Richard Cleaver. Karl and Heinz. John Okers, Ora and Irwin here I Williams. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Thay- jer. Mr: and Mrs. Glen Cleaver, Mr. The Junior church had a party at! and Mrs. Leslie Barnett and Mr. Shi^lton havenj,p church Saturday afternoon in where Elmer ; charge of the superintendent. Miss Metta Boi^hton, assisted by the paster. .Ref. CM. Otc and Miss Marian! Famam. A letter received from Mrs. Jiilia E. Letdy. former resident, but now at St. [Cioud. Fia., states she is in her i;sual health, as are other resident? trom here. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Sherwood have purcha-sed the Griswell property here aiid wUl become residents. We welcome our town. and Mrs, Sam Williams. Fra.ik Thomas visited the Hall brcthei-s last week. Mrs. George' Estep and Mrs. V, R. Estep visited Friday .afternoon^ with Mrs. I. O. Curtis. Mrs. Elmer Baker spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. V: R. Estep. , Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Belknap" have been real sick with the flu. Billie Thayer is out of school with the mumps. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Broughton spent SatiU'day evenitig with Mrs. Sani Burton and family and Wm. j g.^^ Troxel in lola. hbrt. Work for^the day was QuUt-, B^J^^,, ^.^O^.^^J to their hpme^ in tJie ing. The teacher and pupils of Ehter- jH-ise school were delightfully surprised Wednesday afternoon, feb. 22 by a treat of cake and whipped crcaih from Mrs. Baxley. Asain -we thank Mrs. Ba-Sley for our delicious • '•'t^*'' • • - : . " ' ' ' THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. j C. O. COGHILL, Manager east part of' town which has been cccupiejd by the Gibson family, vi\o will move into the Wm. BUrton res- idtr.ce on Walnut street, Mrs, John Biurton .who ha.s been Harley Curtis missed school this week. He is sick with the niiunps. T.hose who attended the ball game- between North Maple Groyc and Carpenter schools which was played on the Carpenter ball dla- i: POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplies start Yoiir Chicks Richt USE PILI^BITRY STARTING FOOD j ;pid and. Reliable-Established 1911 \'. Comei^l^nroe and Elm (J'ust West of the, yvaler Tower) quite a for. several weeks, is sonje- ; ^^nA were Mrs. Gregg and Mr. and what iihproved at present. ,Mre. Q-Niel and son, Mr. Seeding . ' •• • ' i and his school from North Maple * REAI. ESTATE TBANSFEBS * i ^^TB^tK-' Mr,^ I (Proipthe Office of 1?ie Ipla it i I Ahctrarf Pn '108 w TBcic«in) I i Elmer Baker and. Don. Mrs. John I Abs^ct Cp„ 1P8 W. JacKson) ||^yatson. Mrs. Lois Roush, Mrs. Sam ' i Williams, Vera Cleaver. Ha and March 4 1933 ' ^^rene Broughton. Carijenler. won J. H. Boyer ,et alto Maiy L. BO.V-i^^-f same. ^ , „ „ . . , er. Lot 5 in Block in the Over- i Mr. and Mrs. Earl Farrell visited street addition to the City of Gas; i^r. and Mrs. Leslie Smith last Sat- Lot 12 Block 8 of the Henderson &, urday evenmg, Powell Addition to the City of iola,. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Baker and SI 00 I , • I family and Francis and Leon Far- '1 j rell attended a birthday party for Have vou a house for rent?- Or iMr. Bakers father, south of lola, for .sale? Wai^t lb anythlnf?'; Wednesday evening. Use tilt Clas.slfled"co\iimns! i . Mr. Mack Percy and family have move to a farm near Mildred last Monday. Clifford and Letha Troutwin:- were visitors at Neosho Falls Sunday. Victor Estep and Harley Curtis were guests of Leon Farrell Sundaj afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sherwood ol day evonin?. Report of Carpenter school for the si-vth month is as follows: Boys enrolled 10. girls 10. total 20; average daily attendance 18 plus. Days fenght. 19. Flag salutes 19. Fire drills 2. Pupils perfect in attendance: Bobby Barnett, Leon Farrell, Clark Edwards. I^jjn Williams. Les-. Geneva, visited with the Ivan Cur- ' ter McKaig. Ethel Shape!, Edna tis family. Monday evening. Mae McKaig. Hazel Broughton. Miss Lucille Baker spent Sundav Harley Curtis. Billle Thaj-er, Doro- with Mr. and Mrs. Crowell and sen thy Estep, Billy Bob Shapel. Dale WiUard. . Kcrschner, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs; Earl Farrell visited his cousin, Boljby Barnett, was a Wednesday evening with Mr and- school visitor two daj-s last week.— Mrs. Ivan Curtis. Iva Farrell. teacher. Miss Minnie McAvoy from Olathe • is a visitor this week at Floyd Mc- Have you a house for rent? Or.] Kaig'o. for sale? Want to buy anything? Mr. Grant Piri^U celebrated his Use the Cla.ssified columns I emoon; made it an occasion of delight to the large number who gathered there: The J. H. Andrews quaint and interesting music box was the musical attraction of the afternoon. Many of the church friends, have requested the ladies to make this event an annual parsonage celebration. An operetta, "Rings in the Sawdust," is to be presented by the junior high school Friday evening, March 10, imder the direction of Mrs. Fred Hartwig. music supervisor. Mrs. Nettie A. Baird. 75. died at her home, southeast of Hiunboldt, Thursday evening, following a long illness. Bom in West Virginia, she came with her parents to Kahsas when a girl of ten. and had lived in this vicinity for more than 60 years. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Mrs: Henry Brinkmeyer of Chanute; one son, Alexander Baird, Independence; one sister. Mrs. A. C. Franks. Chanute; and one brother, Luther Cummings, Alva, Okla. Funeral sen-ices were held at Big Creek chapel, southeast of Humboldt Satiurday afternoon. Rev, John McLean, officiating, v/ith interment in the Leanna cemetery. An all da.v meetin-x of the Leanna Laff'cs' Aid society, scuil-.cast of Humboldt, was held Wednesday at the heme of Mrs. G. Alford. Th.e time was spent quiiting, and a cov- f-u-d dish luncntG- was served at noon. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Da\e Phebus. H. l^. McClchani' dcLa'.c coarh. wti!t with th:; aflirmativo and negative debating term.s from rere Friday to Lawnncr, wlierr? tlie tr-:.n;-- do'ofted m the '.(namc'-.t with tho Haslcei; insritute Mrs. Marcie Bcrde. Minneapoi;? Minn., arrived Fi-iday to attend" the funeral services of her father. J. J. Squire, whose bu.*-ial occurred here the same day. She plans to remain here ff;r a week'i v'i -, with hor ;i.s- ter. Mrs. Elsie Puckett and other relatives. Another sister. Miss Eleanor Squire of Pontiac. Mich., was unable to attend the funeral. J. J. Squire, south of Hiunboldt. whose death occurred last Wednesr day night, is survived by three daughter.^. Mrs. Elsi'e-Puckett. Humboldt; Mrs. Marcie Beede of Minneapolis. Minn.: and Miss BWe Squire of Pontiac. Mich.; om son. Mil!ard Squire of the i^oine address; two sisters, Mrs. W. B. Glover, Humboldt, and one in Davenport. Iowa; one brother. Chester Squire of Humboldt, his father-in-law, ,T. H. Osborn. Humboldt, two grandsons'and several other relatives here and else- v/iicre. The following Humboldt persons attended the funeral of Mrs. V. L. Martin Thursday morning af lola: Hits. Elizabeth Allaire, Mrs. Agnes Wixon, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Byrum, Mr. and 22 Ponltry and Supplies BUCKEYE INCUBATOR —200-egg, •good, dirt cheap. Curtis's, 10 N. Washington. CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 'per case. Smith elec. incubation. Sets Mon. and Thiurs. Started chicks. 6c up. Day old, 4'-l-c up. Sunflower Hatchery. Gas City. Mintz. entertained the following; guests at a card party the other ev^- ening: Roberta Mintz. Irene How^- ard. Leona Johnsorj. Nina' Lasley; Mar>' Foose. Betty Breyfogle. Velmii: Peld. Marion Mintzj. Allen Mint£ i Tee Mintz, Wayne Mintz. Roy May'- nard. Carl Mintz.'Carl Johnson. Loren Trammell. Walter McGuffey, Louis Feld. Merle L isley. About 135 persons attended the club meeting of the Union Valley, cast of Humboldt. Ffriday night. ;the program being in charge of. the Ladies' Aid society. T le program consisted of a reading by Miss Ruth Bower: solo, Ralpl Jones; playet. "Sewing for the H( athen," by nine ladies; piano solo b,- Beverly Litchj-. field: music by Mr. and Mr.s. E. G,. Litichfield and sons: mu-sic by Junior Mjjclary and Mrs. Dave Petei-son. Misses Mabel Taylor, Frances Jones. Prances . Flottman j and Ella Galos had charge of the r ;cireshmpnLS. 100 To BABY CHICKS from flocks blood tested CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion. I'-c per word. For three or moxp. insertions, Ic pfrr w'ord per insertion. • Minimtim. 25c" per order, cash in f.dvance. For special low rates by <he month, call this office. and • certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. All heavy breeds S'.ic Ass't: Heavies 5c Custom' Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formcvly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or L.! E. Steele Supply Co. ' •Talk Chicks with Willson" CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modem Buckeves. set ea, Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4',ic, big breeds 5c. a.ssorted 4c. Russell Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. 150 CHOICE WHITE ROCK ChJck.s. 2 weeks old. with hen. 10c each, hen 50c. C. A. Anderson, 1425 N. Cottonwood. •23 Wanted—Live Stock SINGLE COMB R. T. Red pullets, Clyde Thompson. Phone 467. j WANTED TO BUY—50 lit-ad vacci-^ I nated pie.s.; 50 to 80 Ib.s,; i alf.o 3 dozen vouni; Rhode Lsland i Red or Plymouth Rock hens. 802 ! North Jefferson. J R. Cllne. ! AIERCHANPiSlI^ [24 Articles'For Sale ANNOUNCEMENTS FENCE—Wo have just unloaded a 01 .Mnerican Fence at new ' low prices. Alkii County Impic- • mcnt Co. COMMUNITY S.ALE—Everv Wed- '•• ' ne.-;day at J. C. Butchers Sale i GOOD USED Cream Separators and Auctions OXJTOURWAY f VAt D\b iT 0>J WAMTE-O -TO GCr £vJi£M * VAJiTH ME.,BE.CAU^t li 85AT VAVM -TO p«ovPER -j- NMHVW DIO He..eRiMOi :iT RIGHT OV/ER \M FROMT OF Me To OPE .M \T ? VSJA^ DID HE. POiMT »T MW WA^, -n^t CAP"? X Kwovs .1-1 BV-uB -r, By Wmiams DO WOO TrtiMV< ro HALF OROVSlrst TO GvT E .VjeKV VNlTrt HEP? ? -THiKsJV^ XV' ^UAT OOMB? .KiO, X OCMT Y AS OOMB AS> MOO THiKiV< I baiTi. Col. Smock, .'Auctioneer. 3 Strayed, Lost, Found LOST—9x12 axminster rug between lola and Chanute. Reward. Curtis Furniture Co.. Iola. AUTOxMOTIVE DcLaval service. George J. Mart. p. & O. gang, plow; good used separator; sell cheap. J. A. Steimel, Iola Route 2. 26 Farm and Dairy Products Automobiles For Sale THE CHE'VROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1930 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1928 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Coupe 1929 Ford Trucks (21 1929 Ford Coach 1931 Ford Sport Coupe 1931 Ford "Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe, 5-pass, 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty erf Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. • POTATOES—Large ones 60c, half M size 30c. Early Chios one year from the north; allalfa hay, $5 pcT ton; pecan sprouts. 1 and 2 years old. 5c and 10c: Alberta peach trees, same. A. L. Townsend. 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers ALFALFA HAY—Baled or - Fred Baker, west of Iola, loose. FERTILIZER — For gardens and flower beds; bone meal for cattle; . chick starter for chicks. Brownie's, headquarters for cream. 28 Poiise|ioId Goods PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Giiaranteed Used Cars SHteLLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 Dodge Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE Dependable Used Cars and Trucka ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Ttade—Terms 6 Anto .Accessories, 'Tires, Part* TEXACO PRODUCTSi — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. Wholesale GAS, per gal., S'ic Federal Tax Paid, $6.60 per ICQ gal. (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Gasoline! • VINE OIL &^GAS CO. EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Wanted—Female HOUSEKEEPER wanted in bachelor home; must be good cook and ' clean about house. -Call at 5161 North street. NEW AND USED Furniture. Store • packed. Henninger's Furniture Store. West Madison street. WE BUY—Sell and exchange new and used furiiiture, stoves, rugs, etc. Curtis Furniture. 3 USED living room suites. 4 used dihing room suites, 3 used bedroom suites, at bargain prices! Easy terms. Free dehvery. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers KANOTA SEED OATS-15c at farm. Sec M. T. Shinn, 210 North Col- .bom, Iola. ' • RED CLOVER SEED—Purity test 99'^, Germination Manhattan test 90';, S6.00 per bushel. John Mc_Kinley. Humtxaldt. phone 331F2. S2 Wanted—To Buy GIRL'S Second hand bicycle. Ad- drcss Box 257,.LaHarpe. '\ ROOMS FOR RENT 54 Apartments and Flats APARTMENT—Clean, nicely furnished, close to square. 16 North ; Sycamore. Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Rent ABOUT.38 ACRES bottom land, -i vmiles-west bridge. C. L. Arnold, : 520 North Walnut. 37 HoBset For Bent GJDTTAGE—4 rooms, modern, close -in. garden, fruit, cheap rent. ; Phone 1234. 14 Help Wanted—Male FOR RENT—Houses, good locaUon. . See G. E. Pees. AMBITIOUS, reliable man wanted to take orders and deliver Watkins Products in Iola. Customers 'established* good pay every-day from start. Experience unnecessary, complete , training given. Write immediately. The J. R. Watkins CorapMtiv; I)-G-I, Winona, Minn. HPUSE —5 -rDom, T-419J. modern. Phone HOUSE-7-room modern, close in; ."joak floors; good garage. Inquire .,224 South Cottonwood street. 8-ROOM HOUSE—802 South State, Tcdecorntcd, barn, parage, chicken )iouse, 2 acres, B. M, Coutant.

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