The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 1, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER Jiff Afcfc-COfrfrf* WfcEKLfr adtJffff* IOWA, tHtftSDAf. Jfffrfe 1, 1»»8 NO. 4ft. _ idtnai Given to Settlers Friday at Annual Gffttktatian %ftifcttldb£&A f^fciittblfeaUtf A Britt^ttMi Iftihii in«rj0nB &onifBr ymnpuiicgu u Hifth Manor Sitt* Always « AettiMful Wfffet, the iftfciJat eomtaenceiiaent program lof the Clasi of IMS of Maltetn fcigfe scbool fHAat «tiftlfti Wift Wp*eSa»y so. At ft tweStjNolif Widow received ftdflfcs ffoft Ho*. Bafi W. f nflftif of Cotftlfig, titt- ehftd to fitting tonslfi a«d fMeited, ffota the hands of fred U. Its)* holland, president of the fioafd of BdncatloiJ, diplomas eertlfri*»* thelf high ichoot teholartte ptw» Ahhounced trjr Mitt Katnfjti Watttef, ptineipat ot the W«h school, were the hoflof etudefttg ot the claw, Highest ot these Iras Marjorie fioflnet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ftojr Conner of north at Mairera, who had maintained an average of 84.17 per cent dufing her four high school ream. oth*rt on the Hit and their percentages .were Charlotte Bye, 91.86s Olln* da Brennlng, 91.1? and firelyn fiaieom, »0.s, Stuart, the Clans of 1883, had an unusual number : who had maintained an average above tO>» no easy task with high school course* being as they are. Basing the formality ot the oo* . casion with a humorous Introduction, President Mulholland also added a bit of rugged advice to 'that given the seniors by Mr. Turner. "Use your own heads/' ' urged Mr. Mulholiand, ".and let no one else do your thinking for you." New at the job he made one error: carrying the diplomas to the graduates so that the young women of the class, com- ingly bedecked In commencement finery, had little opportunity to show their gowns. Music for the evening was furnished by the girls' glee club and the boys' glee club, directed by Miss Gladys J. McQueen. Rev. L. R, Bobbltt gave the invocation and Rev. R. B. Ougeler pronounced the benediction. rdol Oil Company "*• ••--»«. f* r •*• *&LSK., li&Kw *& — &Bs'»U*" — -tA. ^r f B_' ^Advertising l|f_*- E " Kunce i for s One of the biggest advertising campaigns of the season starts in a The Leader this week for the Ty- dol company, for their clients and distributors . for this section, Kunce & Nelson, of Malvern and Randolph, -, The order includes eight big ads to run consecutively, for the coming eight weeks telling the merits of their famous Tydol gasoline and Veedol oil, two ot the best sellers In the oil .line of the present day, Read all their ads, Th,ey are .extremely attrao. tlve and, interesting »B . well »s helpful. ,-.''• Kunce & Nelson top); on the distributing agespy.-for tbw« qlls some three months ago «nd al» ready report a f plendld pstronsge built up and. growing right along, They have their 4istribut» Ing station here and retail »ta» tioas at their place of business a»d johjft Wallers,'tr»j»ferv««id & branch at Raadolph s»d expect tp put In others over tbelr twrl' tory, whicls sspprtasst: MilU county a»4 the west, ',: , of Class 0f 1933 » » Gf actuated Friday lining Above are pictures ol the 24 members of the Class of 1933 ot Malvern high school, and their sponsor, Supt. E. C. Kincaid, who were • graduated' at the commencement services In the Community building Friday evening. The class was the forty-sixth t» be graduated from the Malvern high school. The names of the members are listed beneath the pictures. ••— Plan* Ready for F* M» B* Banquet, Qlenwood, Friday Hew*t, Choate to SfMS*k at Annual All-County Get-Toflrettier Mills conntlans, remembering simitar delightful affairs In former years, will Join Friday evening in the sixth annual Farmers Merchants Bankers banquet which will be held In the Glenwood Armory at 6:30 o'clock. Besides the banquet, a program of speaking and music will be given. Heading the program wilt be Charles 6. Hearat. state president of the Iowa farm Bureau, and Wayne t>. Choate, editor of the Olenwood Opinion-Tribune. Mrs. June rickel ot Hastings will serve as toastmaster. W, M. Rodabattgh, president of the Olenwood Chamber ot Commerce, wilt welcome the guests at the banquet and Henry Buch of Center township, president ot the Mills County Farm Bureau, will give the response. Other entertainment for the banquet program wilt he given by Georgia Marie and Harry Hilton ot Mahrern. Vernon Bobbin ot Malvern will sing a tenor solo and a male quartet, in which are Clifford Olllebay and Allen Wortman, tenors, and Walter Phelps and Lloyd Short, basses, will sing, Tickets for the banquet may be obtained tor BOc each and reservations can be made at the Farm Bureau office In Malvern or with any members of the committee in charge. Masons to Attend *-"*!* '•*'•**"• l4jT« *"• > <»'c4*aa • t Community Church' Program Arranged for Fraternal Organization Annually members of Silver Urn Masonio lodge reserve for themselves a special service which is attended by the organization tn a body. In frequent Instances it is the only church service attended by some members during the year. \ Such service will be Held Sunday evening !n the Metbodlst church and Masons will listen to a sermon preached by Pr, Henry Pale White, pastor of the Presbyterian cbureb, Special music will be arranged and 'the public 18 also invited to attend, Masons, according to W, M.' Hlett,' m&ster.flf the lodge, will meet at 7; 89 in the lodge rooms An Appreciation , Wt desire te wpresr'our 8lB» fie^KgraWJiude to our neighbor* and friends fpr the beautiful flftiWfra, 'f«r the Mud affiftanee, and sympathy A t the time of the death a»4 funeral of gur loved Family ot W. Q. Hfetory^y^i :>$£;$&; 'i- •'.>'• -. Weelt pews jsupajo'ary «f tbe teportaat greati ef •3- t^^+iiA'^ma a* .WAaV •( *"" „""'-= J F> Died May 26m Jabsaon life i¥ ffets ylciBtty, 41(4 Friday, «»y 86, »t tbe ftge of fifty^Uve ye*«« eifW swaths, «aa tea days, lervlcea were fceW in tbe ftRftJ pjjftrt* 8uttd»y oon,4iic(;e4 by tbe. pfti- Bev. fe. 4- WPVitt. Burial was imkMt, m \» wife wa» under tft» direction of the A<nfci«»B kegioa aed. Auxiliary and iacluded sjarttal music by ,tbs> saarUal baftd. tbe salute to tbe fta» by the Auditory, ft by tbe double Jtwiet, re»d- ol Gettysburg Adjrei* by Walker aud tbe Awerlcatj Memorial servlofi with sa^ lute by tbe firing squad, .closing to tbe flowe* itrlt bid nseitei»ent. This it was oj tbe differ- el peraltU»« lew deductloas tb» U.' 8- More s,p,satioaej it tbe Sfi&ate -*i^ ^SB» ^w^am^^g ing marched l&sA wKIBi JBHJ^^ypi ^w jfmaf* ' MBSitettr tb» ib» IMP* u HUH »B(J ol ^it:'i»mm£ -,N-E-W.-S- Harry Hamilton Died Tuesday Morning Harry Hamilton, a long time resident of Olenwood, passed away at his home in Glenwood Tuesday morning following a lingering illness of cancer. Funeral services will be held this (Thursday) afternoon in the Congregational church at 8 o'clock. Pete Bare Get* Three Year* in Pen Pete Bare, well known resi* dej»t ot this, vicinity who was ar* last Saturday charged with ul possession *of liquor, plead guilty Monday and was sentenced to three years at bard la* bar Ja tbe penitentiary at Fort Madison, This was bis third of" fense and be just wouldn't stop it, Sheriff W, 8. PeMoss took him Pert MadUoB yesterday to be. gin serving bis sentence, 900 Poppies gold in Glenwood Saturday . , local A, b- Auxiliary But »» a very sucsessfui poppy sale last Saturday, tbe annual poppy "'bey disposed of ever 900 pt aid tbe total cash receipts ^™ * 159,85, tbf» wer» sold W Pftcja^ Ju&sttw a-prt at tb t Community Honors Program Given in Community Building, Cemetery in Observance This community reverently honored the -nation's heroes Tuesday when fitting patriotic services were given for Decoration Pay. Programs in observance were given at the Community building and at the cemetery, Assembling in the Community building, those who attended tbe service first listened to martial music, then observed tbe advance of the colors by ex-service men of tbe community, Paul P. sioth- ower presided at the program and introduced , tbe speaker of the day, Woodford R. Byingtou, Music was furnished by a double quartet in which were Mrs. j. F, Wearlu, Mrs. F, B, Chantry, Mrs, Ik A. Talbott, and Miss Margaret BerkWmer and Pr, I. U. parsons, Vernon Bobbltt, B. w. qrlswell apd Edward Wearin, Katbryn Swain read "In Flanders Field," end Vernon Babbitt sang a tenor solo, An order of march was announced and, under the direction of F. B, Qhantry as officer of the d»y, flowers and people were taken to, tbe cemetery for tbe remainder of the program, Program in tUa Cemetery An even larger, crowd assent Wed ift tbe semetery than were in tbe Community building f»ad tbe beautiful sunshiny day made it an Ideal place for tbe final 9f tbe program and WORK ON PARK j<«.' HfilViK J«H:~ VM<jf- «..-.. "' W. G. Bingaman 1 '— '- - — •• • last week workmen started* on the job of cleaning weeds from Paddock Park. The park will not be mowed as yet as the board wants to let tbe blue grass out and re-seed a part of the area from which the weeds were removed. Given to the town by the late John P. Paddock, the park is an attractive spot in the community, adding considerable beauty to the library grounds which it borders. When .first taken over by tbe park board last year the trees were pruned lawns trimmed and the general appearance much improved. Game Warden Posts Boehner Pond Here Federal Game Warden Meyer was here Tuesday looking over the Boehner lake, down near the Malvern Cold Storage which the state has taken over and is stocking with game fish. He also posted the lake while here warning all fishermen to be careful about taking small fish from the lake. There is a severe penalty attached to catching fish less than the prescribed length, They expect a little later to seine the lake and take out the rough fish, carp and others that destroy the game fish, graves fl|4b« aoidler «*<* » Emerson Graduates Form Alumni Ass f n Members of tbe graduating classes of 19}? to 19?8 met in class reunion Monday evening in tbe Methodist church in Emerson and enjoyed a banquet served by the ladles ot tbe church, Following the banquet a nice toast program was given and then, U seemed so good to get together tbat they decided to form a permanent alumni association, which Uif>y did' A full account of tbe meeting arrived too late tor pubUcsUou this week b«t will ap> pear, lu our ae*t u»u,e. New Silent Mobilgw on Market Here Now _ ..,_ »i tw» flud utt euUreiy u»w w»t«r luel earn bw» aocordlBg la -*^ Ail fjAlHUkga||ft|| in Ibttt |jb» .-^ffft )V*B.t^W_^WS'**!^*» s V&™. *T Was a Resident of Malvern More Than 40 Years; Funeral Sunday W, O, Jllngaman, for more than forty years a resident and business man of Malvern, died last Friday in an Omaha hospital where he had been for some time past. He had been an Invalid for the past year. He was brought to his home in Malvern , and funeral services were held in tbe home Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, largely attended by old friends and neighbors, The service was conducted by Rev, R, B. Gugeler, pastor of the Methodist church. Mrs, H. H. Amos and Mrs. p. 0. Cunningham with Mrs. Zelma Fletcher as accompanist sang. Miss Edna Hertz and Miss Ruth Hatfleld bad charge of the flowers which were beautiful and pro* fuse. Burial was In the Malveru cemetery, The pall bearers were L. A. Talbott, J, 3. Randerson, Aden Ireland, Ray Jones, A. S, Marshall, and W. l>. Smith, Mr, Bingaman came here from Pennsylvania when a young man and has made bis home In this vicinity ever since. He was a very active won, with a keen business judgment, that usually made a success of whatever business he engaged it,. Until his illness incapacitated him about & year ago, be was an active factor in the town's business circles. Relatives at»d friends from a distance attending the tuueral were; Miss Grace Bingaman, Sioux City, Alvm, Arthur, and Ruth BlBBawHU, Mrs. Mabel Mckain, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith of flmaha, William Grant Blogainau, only son of Martin and Ella Bingaman, was horn June 19, 186? in Har- telton, Union county, Penu,, a Dry Forces Will Meet in Malvern Sunday Afternoon All-County Meeting, Work- era, Committees, Official* of Dry .Organization A big all county meeting of the anti-repeal or dry forces of the county Uncalled for next Sunday afternoon ," June * 4, at 8:30 o'clock in the Methodist church In Malvern. At this meeting all, the various ^ ..'- w- _ T -, • yr- ». come. It U also urged that att others who are Interested in defeating the repeal amendment make an earnest effort to be present at this meeting. At this time the laws governing the election, the facts concerning the fight to repeal prohibition, and the efforts to be put forth to retain the prohibitory amendment will be explained and elaborated upon for the benefit of the voters and the workers at tiie polls in the coming election June 20, From all parts of the county come reports that the organization work ta getting well under way but there Is much yet to be doue before election day to p'ace the matter right before the voters, Poppy Sale Net* American Legion Auxiliary $45 The annual poppy sale put on by the ladies of the American Region Auxiliary of Malvern was well responded to by nearly every one approached and the ladies report a net sale of f 45 with about 500 popples disposed of. This is very good considering the times and the ladles ask ua to express their deep, appreciation to the public for their support. They sold down at Stralian and in Hastings in the forenoon and in Malvern in the afternoon and evening. died iu Omaha on May 26, 1933 at the age of sixty-five years, eleven months, and seven days. When a young man he came to Mills county where be has since resided. He was married to Laura py- ers March ?, IS87. Surviving are his wife and two daughters, Ruth of Omaha aud Grace of Sioux City and three sons, Alvlu and Arthur of Omaha and Lee, at home. Henry Scores Film Scoop with Showing of "The Woman I Stole" This Week End MalYerulaus and people ut central Mill* couuty will have oppor- tmilty to »ee an uuu»u*l &r»t run picture 8«ud«y wud Monday wbeu tbeatsr *bowi "TUe WttSttftU I ilOlS." A wblob odd getting there l» room for plenty of aotiou. Jack Holt. wUb Fay Wray to play oppflsU* biltt, give* au e*oltlug perform- ttuas, »ft »ktUully UDHi4t«4 lu tb» eniotloAftl p*«* at lit the 4*14 »c- tlou (or wblch Holt i« 10 w«U Ne»b ttwry low»» up lu plt» M ft battdlt-eblei, wbUfe R* it* . Tb* 1 ' by

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