The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 5, 1976 · Page 1
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 1

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Saturday, June 5, 1976
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Area appen.ngs... Grass, brush fire at Wadena WADENA — A fire Thursday at the Leaf River Swamp north of Wadena brought members of the Wadena Fire Department and foresters from the Departme nt of Natural Resources to the scene. A spokesman for the Wadena fire department reports that several recent fires have involved about two sections of land in the swamp area, burning grass and brush. Landfill conference June 10 UNDERWOOD - Problems with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency over lapdf ills and refuse ofcposa I will be discussed at« pjn. Thursday, June 10 at the Underwood Legion Hall by village councils, town boards and private individuals. Bruce Sherwood, Wheaton attorney, will be the main speaker^ Arthur Boss, Underwood, is coordinator of the conference. W.S.I, workshop All Red Cross-certified Water Safety Instructors who wish to work as lifeguards or teach swimming lessons In Otter Tail County this summer must attend a workshop scheduled for Friday, June 11 at Fergus Falls Junior High School, according to Otter Tail County chapter executive director Susan Jensen. The workshop will be from 5 to 7 p.m. in room 169. Bicentennial '».« Falls (Mi.) Jo.rul PRE-CRUSADE YOUTH RALLY - Tie "Diy LtjW" rale group performed duri«g a youth rally Friday evenlsg at Roosevelt Park, Fergus Falls. Pre-Crusade events are underway and Jobfl Wesley White Is scheduled to speak at the start of the Lake ReglM Cniade f»r Christ &nday at t p.m. it Ftrfm Fdb High Scbtol auditorium. The Crusade will be a week-long event. (Journal photo by Tom Hintgen) -****Auction Directory FRIDAY, JUNE 11-JOHNNEU ESTATE, Pelican Rapids, 10:30 a.m., Charles Trane, Auctioneer. (Antiques, Tools, Misc.) SATURDAY, JUNE 12 -W. H. (Bill) LISTROM,6miles East of Fergus Falls on 210 and 2 miles Soutli on 124.12:30 p.m. Warren E. Beckman, Auctioneer. (Machinery, Antiques, Misc.) SATURDAY ..JUNE 12 - OLIVER EBBESOX ESTATE, 2 miles Southeast of Pelican Rapids, 11:00 a.m., Charles Trane, auctioneer (Farm Mach., Antiques)." SATURDAY, JUNE 12 - AXEL CARLSON KSTATE, 214 miles northeast of Brandon, 10:30 a.m.) Ray Torgerson, & Al Roers, Auctioneers. (Antiques, Household, Real Estate) SATURDAY, JUNE 12 - W. H. LISTROM, 6 miles East from Today in history By The Associated Press Today is Saturday, June 5, the 157th day of 1976. There are 209 days feft in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1MO, the World ' War Two Battle of France be-' gan. On this dale: In 1917, more than nine million American men registered for the World War One draft. In 1M7,. Secretary of State George Marshall, speaking at Harvard University, outlined a program for Europe's economic recovery which became known as the Marshall Plan. In 1961, the U.S. Supreme Court gave its backing to an or- Fergus Falls on 210 and 2 miles South. 1 p.m. Warren E Beck- der that ** Communist Party man. Auctioneer (Machinery) """' """"' ''"- "" '—"-SUNDAY, JUNE 13 - MRS. LEWIS TYSDAL, north of Swansori Equipment, Fergus Falls, 1 p.m., Charles Clauson, auctioneer (Horses, Horse Equipment) MONDAY, JUNE 14 - MRS. ELLA STANLEY, 617 West Spruce, Fergus Falls, 5:30 p.m., Warren E. Beckman, Auctioneer. (Household & Miscellaneous 1 THURSDAY, JUNE 17 - DR. G. J. MOUR1TSEN, 90T West Summit, Fergus Falls, 5:00 p.m., Warren E. Beckman, Auctioneer (Antiques, Household, Sports Eojuipment) SATURDAY, JUNE 19 - GORDON AND ROSANN STEWARD 3^ miles north of Evansville, 1 p.m., Les Nycklemoe, Orvin Rosin Auctioneers (Farm, Household) SATURDAY, JUNE 19 -.ELDON PASSER ESTATE, Elbow Lake,10:30a.m.,RayTorgersonScAlHoers, Auctioneers. (Shop Equipment, Antiques) : ****— must register with the Justice Department In 1962, Richard Nixon won a Republican primary- election in • California and became Ihe party nominee for governor of the state. Ten years ago: Astronaut Eugene Cernan look man's longest walk in space: two hours. Five years ago: A cholera epidemic reached Calcutta, India, along with thousands of refugees from East Pakistan. One year ago: The Suez Ca. nal reopened to international shipping for the first time since the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. LOCATED FROM PELICAN RAPIDS: Vi ILOCX SOUTH OF PELICAN RAPIDS NIGH SCHOOL THEN <h BLOCK WIST UK FOLLOW SKNS ON FRI.,JUNE11 SURFS, AT 10:30 A.M. LWICH BY ZION CHUfat LADIES Tools & Equipment Rolo lifer 2'A h p. Scoftme Lin Mover SpHtnf Wedges Saenl r CJBTO! Blocks S«M Spit Wood 265 Gil. Fuel Tttik Wood BvrH Tin 100 Gil. Fuel Tinls tfoeel BKTDW . CradSltne TM SO Gil. Drums Hjorrcic Floor lick Air 5 h.p. J.O. Ridrnj L» Mow Uttry Chirpr McU Cabinet '/<" Electric DnB (Shop Cnfl) Trail Ueht Model 1100 Koidir Chiin S» BtnchVte Mw Spcinf lifters Cjfnder Hone Bumper Jjck Tirt Pimp Propxi! Torch Flueinj Tod l-6tti h.p. Electric Motor Socket Set Two log QIIMTC Slep Ladder (UdenHose Four Sxks Coil Car 1964 FUMOIIIH 6 CYL 4 0008, AUTOMATIC TRANS. ANTIQUES ANTIQUES Ctrl Hoot Glass Front Cupboard (Onute) Sqwre Oik Knins TiNe Low Wood bbind Dow A|ik Hood Heller Sml Stpure Tito . W4 Dock Two Trunks Four htcted Dmi Boon Chars Fat Odd Owing Room Chjws . Bliss FW« Bed. '!< Sitt lr«i Bed Sewing Rocker rt|h Bxk Rocket BceidMainf Pw dish Stnd with Towel Rxk WoodCibinel tkaj EMI*) Ktlfc PinukeGrH Breid and Cite Cibintt Thtee Kerosene Ljnps Bowl ml £ Swcen [Pint Depression Gins) Rife CiemPrkha (»B6tt Depression Qiss) 8 Cups (Pink Depetskxi Gliss) 4FUes (Amber Depression Qiss} Sane Green Gltsswve Wood Better Stoon Polite Misher Two Mer Pitchers lOriulel Ltis of Stone Hiuaf folk Hifflekons Spoon HoHer Union Luder Boi Smuge Stuffer Sow Round Top tags Srtfil Biown Top Jugs 1 Uw Stone Crock 3G*KiCrock 10 Gdon dock 2 Hrisl Witches Rock Islwd GoW Witch Semil Kens tot listed Hood KHckn Rmge Apt. Sue Gts Rjnge Coronnto W Heite 9 a. ft. Kehiwtor Re!iijer»l0f Furniture Mij(j( Wrinfe Wisher State Cwcli Dresser Trenfle Sewing Mjthiw (Frmkbi) CkesJ of Diners with MWTK Kockej Owtstutttd Qiar Siul S<p*E TiWe NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS REGISTER TO NO JOHN NEU (Estate) Food for Salt essential in small doses By JEAN MAYER Professor of Nutrition, Harvard University —THE' WEATHER Jwie Weather 1975-76 suggestions are noted WASHINGTON <AP) - The National Conference of Catholic Bishops has sent a bicentennial handbook to parishes across the country, suggesting special effects to give worship services for July 4 an "unmistakably festive character." NEWYORK POULTRY MARKET (June 41 NEW YORK (AP)-(USDA) — Dressed poultry. North Atlantic carlot and trucklot turkey markets, VS. Grade A, ready-to-cook, frozen, f.o.b. or equivalent: Trading light, offerings fully adequate on sizes up to 26 Ibs, 26 Ibs and up adequate. Retail ads this, week were especially light with an isolated feature at 39 combined with the purchase of other merchandise. Frozen breast is moving at 1.37-1.35. Cooked movement was off somewhat due to adverse weather conditions prevailing inpartsoftheEast during last weekend. . Sales reported: hens 8-16 Ibs 48; young toms 22-24 Ibs 55-55 V,, 24-26 Ibs 5940 cents. Sal., June 5, 1976 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET (June4) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) - Wheat receipts Friday 180, year ago 214; Spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged to up 1-2; prices up 3-5. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 3.91-5.31. Test weight premiums: one cent each pound 1! to 61 Ibs; one cent discount each '-i Ib unde'r 58 Ibs. Protein prices; 11 per cent 3.91; 12, 4.06; 13, 4.15; 14, 4.44; 15, 4.854.89; 16, 5.NW.21; 17, 5.20-5.31. No. 1 hard Montana winter 3.5&-1.77. .Minn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter 3.52-4.77. No. 1 hard amber durum, 4.15-4.40; discounts, amber 1015 cents; durum 25-30 cents. Corn No. 2 yellow 2.84 34 . Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.77-1.83. Barley, cars 142, year ago 87 ; I-arker 2.61-3.50; Blue Malting 2.61-3.20; Beacori 2.61-3.35; Feed 2.00-2.60. Rye No. 1 and 2 2.85-3.05. Flan No. 1 truck 7.00, rail 7.10. Soybeans So. 1 yellow 5.64H. -Itll- Pep JIM M4K MMI Pep .02 .24 Salt is a tasty seasoning, so much so that the average American consumes about 10 times more than he needs. Because of our massive annual intake, whenever nutritionists and doctors talk about salt, they usually warn against a possible link between pver- consumptkm and hypertension and other conditions. •• , But, many people forget that salt is more than a seasoning; sodium and choloride, which make up common table salt, are essential nutrients. Sodium is found in many foods, par- licularly animal products and certain vegetables. But chloride is less available, although it is present in meats, milk, and eggs. A diet high in grains, which the majority of the world's population has consumed throughout history, may be low in both sodium and chloride unless table salt is added. are lost in the wilderness without water. Your body wiU continue to lose moisture, and gradually the extracellular fluid will become highly concentrated, principally with sodium. Osmosis then drives water out of the cells to rebalance .the mineral concentration, and the cells shrink, becoming dehydrated. Without water to replenish the fluids, death soon follows. Or, suppose you are running a long-distance race on a hot day, or performing some other vigorous physical activity. You wfll sweat away a lot of body- water, sodium and chloride. If you then, drink copiously, you will more than replace the lost water, but the intracellular fluid becomes too concentrated. The cells will take in. more water and expand. You may then develop a form of cramps known as "stokers' disease," m 84 46. .03 74 59 .30 Charles E. Adams Volunteer Observer OrweDDam NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Fair through Sunday except partly cloudy with slight chance of-a few showers or Ihunderslorms extreme northwest tonight and Sunday. High today and Sunday in 80s, but lower near Lake Superior. Low tonight 50s and low 60s. North Dakota: Cloudy west through Sunday, with showers and thunderstorms and possible severe thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds. Qear to partly cloudy east Warm today with cooling west Sunday. High in upper 80s east today anil Sunday, except known as "stokers' disease," m upp e r 70s west Sunday Low M named for coal stokes who once South Dakota: Sunny east t* A glance at history atlets to toiled in boiler rooms of old- day, partly sunny west Isc- fashioned steamships. ..'... (JURIES TRM*. tertwen PUKM VALLEY STATE BANK. (Jerk the vital ro!e of salt -Wars have been fought over the control of salt deposits. Renaissance Venice owed a large-part of its wealth to the salt harvested from its lagoons. To the Greeks and Romans, salt was as good as gold, which is why we still say a person is "worth his salt." The word "salary" is from the Latin word "salarium," which was the money given soldiers to buy salt. What is the precise role of salt in the body? Sodium and" chloride, along with body water and other minerals, especially potassium, are essential in maintaining the body's internal equilibrium. Here is how it works: If you weigh about 120 pounds, your body contains three to Four ounces of sodium and less than two ounces of chloride. Most of the chloride, and more than half the sodium, is carried in the extracellular fluid, which bathes every cell. This is often referred to as our "internal sea" because its mineral content so closely resembles the primeval oceans from which our aquatic ancestors originated. The fluid inside the cells, however, is different, and here potassium is the chief mineral. Together, these minerals maintain the acid-alkaline (base) balance. Cells function best when they are in a near neutral medium. Even though the diet may vary, the acid-base balance must stay near its normal value or the person will die. Chloride, phosphorus and sulfur all are acid-forming elements, while sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium all form bases. If you eat a well-rounded diet, you will consume adequate amounts of these minerals, which are so essential to maintaining the acid-base balance. But the body has elaborate means of adjusting to the vagaries of even a normal diet. This is one of the main functions of the kidneys, which dispose of excessive acidic or alkaline substances by excreting them in the urine. Sodium is especially important in maintaining the concentration of minerals in the 'extracellular fluids, which is essential for proper function of the muscles and nerves. (Potassium plays a similar role for intracellular fluids.) Normally, the balanced concentration of minerals on both sides of Ihe cellular membranes keeps up an even osmoli? pressure, which enables water and other nutrients to move into the cells, and waste products to move out. Suppose, however, that you In this case, extra salt will be needed to redress the balance. Within a few days of such activity, the body will adjust by excreting low-salt sweat and urine, and the additional salt intake is no longer necessary. Organic conditions, such as liver or kidney disease or hormonal imbalances, can cause salt retention, which, in turn, means that water is retained to dilute the ex- tracellular fluid, causing edema. This is why cutting back on salt often helps dieters to lose weight steadily, because the body is less Likely to retain water. As you can see, sodium and chloride are indeed essential to life. But, as with all nutrients, too much of a good thing is detrimental to health. If you consume about a quarter teaspoon of salt a day, you will get all Ihe sodium arid chloride your body requires. To avoid overconsumption, pass up the salt shaker and learn to season with herbs, vinegars, lemon, peppers and other condiments. The key to keeping your weight under control is to learn the caloric content of different foods in different portions. Dr. Mayer's Guide to Low Calorie Foods gives you this information, with a nutritional guide to maintain your health while dieting. For a copy, send $1.25 to "Mayer-Low Calorie," care of this newspaper, P.O. box 259, Norwood, N.J. 07648. Make checks payable to Newspaperbooks. LOW TAXES NLW YORK (AP) - The Americans of 1776 were the lowest taxed people in the civilized world, according to Thomas Fleming's "Liberty Tavern" (Doubleday). The book notes the Revolutionary War was not fought over taxes but the wiy they were levied. la ted thunderstorms west possibly becoming severe this afternoon and tonight. Clear to partly cloudy east this afternoon and tonight with isolated thunderstorms. Warm. Partly sunny and warm Sunday with widely scattered thunderstorms west, isolated central ami east EL'gh, today and Sunday mid 80s to 90. Low tonight upper 50s to tow 60s. Extended Forecast Minnesota: Mostly sunny with above normal temperatures. Chance of a few showers or thunderstorms northwest Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs 80 to M. Lows 55 to 63. North Dakota: Partly cloudy with chance of showers and thunderstorms Monday through Wednesday. Lows mid 50s to lower 60s. Highs mid 70s to mid 80s. THERE ARE ONION RINGS AND THEN THEIR ARE QUIK STOP ONION RINGS The difference? Oms lie rut onion rings that are bitter-dipped - not minced pieces of onion formed into rings! Try 'em, jou'H see. BELTONE Hearing Aid Counselor TO HOLD FREE HEARING AID CONSULTATION River Inn Hotel, Fergus Falls, Minn. Tuesday, June 8 —11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cords, Batteries and Repairs email Hearing Aids IF HEARING ISYOUR PROBLEM BELTONE IS YOUR ANSWER BELTIM HEARING AID SERVICE 300 Main-Suite D, F»rgo, N.D. — Ffi. 237-W77 . VERNONC.MJELDE, Distributor Certified Hearing Aid Audiolooist Grahamfc Associate JUNE 6 THROUGH JUNE 13 8 p.m. Nightly FERGUS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM EmyoneHelcow - Al Seals Free OUR 14th GLORIOUS ANNIVERSARY GIFTS TO YOU .. . . . WITH EVERY ROLL OF COLOR FILM YOU BRING IN FOR PROCESSING, WE'LL GIVE YOU A COUPON GOOD FOR ONE HAMBURGER AT HARDEE'S! No limit or the number of rolls you bring in for photofinishing. Offer expires June 30, 1976 — so shoot Ids of color film this montti! SI.NIFFM PI w RUING Lrx or* Ctxxi ntsl a:cc^3i7,' COUPOK EXPIRES ILJtSDAt, THE PHOTO CENTER FERGUS FALLS,MINN. 36Exp S229 20 Exposure • Super 8 c: • KODACHROME S • EKTACHROME § • SLIDE-MOVIE 1 DEVELOPING = • PLASTIC MOUNTS 5 ^Coupon must accompany order - Limit 1 roll per^ Coupon expires Tuesday, June 15, 1976 ^ PHOTO CENTER 1 216 WEST LINCOLN-FERGUS FALLS

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