The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1894
Page 7
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RUINOUS f I have bought out for cash the entire stock of the Carroll Dry Goods Company andjshall commence to sell same at retail on MONDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 3 t at 9o'clock sharp. .-. I.'il ". 'l '; |l. .. i. ,''-,....- j ' ' ' ' •' • ^^"^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^"""7"""*"^"^"^^^^^^^^^^^™™^^^^^^^^™^^™ •. ' • .-,.-,.,. '•••:.' I shall sell the goods for whatever prices I can get, without; regard to cost or values, andjthe Greatest Bargains Ever Known in the City will be offered during this sale. Fixtures are for sale and will be delivered at close of sale. THE TWO DOORS EAST OP POST OFFICE. T. D. YATES, Agent. iiwril Jfeiiae 1 DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. . TUB BKNTWBL IB the only newspaper In Carroll county that U printed all at home and Itcon- alnn more local and county news than any otber two papers lo this comity. POWBKB & COLOLO, FKIDAV, ADODST 31, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. John Tolsou is now at Lyons. Fresh oysters for sale at Todd & Me Allister's. J. li. Anderson is bock on the Bioux City ruu. A nice line of school supplies, at the Palace drug store. For reat.—A five room dwelling. Inquire of Mrs. Patty. Kemp and son were at Sioux City for a couple of days on business. Rooms for rent, also office room. Enquire of Mrs. M. B, Wetherill. B. M. McDonald, of KicuJand township, was a pleasant caller yesterday. Mrs. Erli and daughter left thU after noon for their home at Cambridge. Prof. Whitten left today for Dot Moiue where be will remain (or a (ew dayt. Editor Rickertou, of the Coon Hapldt Reporter, it in tbe city attending court A good girl would like employment in tn all family. Address P. O. bo* 107. "• Mrt. 0. H. Wetlbrook le(t thit afltr- noon (or a abort visit with (riendt at Vfll. for tale, fifteen acres of corn, good for fodder. Inquire at Bchaohtuer & Egan't Babv oarriagea for aale at coat at .Wpodrlog'i furniture »tor« (or a f«w daya only. , When you want tint claw frulta of any kind, callatBcuachtner * Kgan!» <^a»l» grocery. Try a cake of the Dairy Made Butler. milk ioftp (or tfee completion, at the Pal- aoe drug itore. ^ Boos * Laiuuliu K r e offering the low- oil prices on carpeti aud oil cloth of auy- one In tne city. • Tho Wegiorn Iowa BaptUt awoclatlou U being held in tbl« city, and tbe ineetinga are well attended' Mri, Baker, the olalrvovaut, has ie« turned to the city and can now he (oupd at tbe Hoffiuau Uoii«e. Your oouKh was ocoaslouwU by oaielesa exposure to draft. once with AywVUIiorry Pectoral. Try u aaok o( Oroibv's bent flour, for aale by 8oU»ohtuor & K«an'«grocery, and be oouvloced of its superiority. The Iowa atate fair begin* tomorrow «ud will continue (or a week. The luul- B»UOM»I« Ut»t IU« tHU»»4»uce will he good and Ihe exhibits will be up to tbe usual hieb standard. Tbe U^iion band at Germnuin park Sunday. Splendid musta will be furnished. All are invited. C. H. Flenker, Democratic candidate for supervisor, was in the city to day calling on a few of his friends. Clerk Kennebeck issued a marriage license today to John Wonder »nd Katlie Blacker, both of Manning. O. T, Wadsworlh will leave Sunday morning for Uot Springe, S. D.,where be is ttoing for a few weeks rest. If you want to buy tho best lower vein soft coal, and hard coal, and storm sash, call at Joyce's office for prices, It I) Important to kxep tbe liver and kidneys In good condition. Hood's Sunmpurlllii Is the remedy for Invigorating these organi. For rent,—two dwelling bouses, one located on north side and the other on the south side. Geo. W. Bowen. Gee. Parsons is ou the sick list, having benu con lined to the house for several days with an luQamalion of the throat, The Northwestern band will give one of its popular open air concerts on the streeet this evening iu front of Mueia ball. Eye openers of all kinda, 0 cents. Drinks from 5 a. in. to 0 a. m. at the Diamond. Good quality and largo quantity. A. B. Hanger shipped his household goodi to Cedar Rapids today and will be aettled down to houao keeping In a abort lime. F. M. Hobblni aud family baye returned from Denver, where they Lave enjoyed a very pleasant visit with Mr. Bobbins' parents. Lawn teuuli aud bane ball are tahluit a. Kit in our oily tbeae quiet days. It would be quite a change }f a match could be arranged and relieve the monotony. Tue orst meeting o! the Clio club (or tbe year ha| buen postponed from tbe UrM W«due«day in September to the flnt Wedoeiday In October. Bnoi & LauKhllu have Juil received a oar load of furniture and are prepared to me«t the waoti of the trade ai well at any furniture itore in thli aeotiou of the Hate When you ar* looking (or Uu<j pluih and upholstered furniture, parlor auita aud oak chamber »eti, remember tbat Bool * Uugbllu -satry the ttneit line iu the city. Bloleu, a aet o( single harneai (rout (lie barn of J. L. Miner, Any Information leading to the recovery of the tame will be thankfully received- FonBAut—A liullet & Davit square Uraud piano (or sale at a bargain. It U In perfect condition. Mult tell before Btipt. IS, at 1 leave at that time !for Pouvor. H- A. PJtuus. otuvr tktwwuuerlo luttu- en cos are best counteracted 'by keeping tlio blood pure and vigorous with Ayer's (Wsuparilla. A little caution in this respect may prevent serious illness at this season. Ayer's Sarsaparllla Is the best all-the-year- round medicine in existence. When you come lo the circus you are ii'vited into Boos & Laughliu's, where you will bo furnished with easy seats to rest upon, and plenty of good cool water to drink. Cull and examine their large line of furniture while in the city. Court has been very quiet, all the time so far being taken up with hearing the Erb insurance case. The grand jury has been working away all week, but nothing has leaked out to indicate what is goiug on. A week from torn morrow and Barnuui & Bailov's great show will be iu our city. From all indications tho crowd In atten- deuce will be even larger than it was two years ago when this show visited our city. To cleanse the system elfectually gently, whet- costive or bilious, or when the blood Is Impure or sluggish, io permanently cure habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys aud liver to u healthy activity, without irritating or we»ktiiiing them, to dispel headache, colds or fevers use Syrup of Fige. Of course you have seen the lar<e "ad ' just above offering tbe beat ludiiwmen'tt ever given in tbit city. Mr. Yatet, the manager, iofrouu ut tbat tbeta goods have got to be dltposed of and Invites tho public to call aud examine goodl and prices, and be convinced that what we say I» true. • ' . i Thq caMlpgHe which (hlroffi.ce. it getting om far the city iphboji will b^e the fin siof hi'klnd that hat been gotten out by any city of itt size in the state, The cost will be only noqjhjal, for tUe e*p,oni(e of getting It tip* ha/been largely raited by private tubtoripllon. The catalouge will lw a credit to the city, i. merchant of the place, Lewiston, N. C., and itcured him or the same complaint. IFbon troubled with dysentery, diarrhoea, colic or cholera morbus, give this remedy a trial and you will be more thin pleased with the result. naturally follows its introduction and use has made it very popular. 25 and 60 cent bottles for sale by J. IF. tfatton, druggist. Tne advance car No. G Barman &jUai- luy greatest show on earth, arrived in town at noon. P. 8. Matlox in charge. The boys were soon busily engaged in renewing the paper and froseening things up in general. The city judging from tlie tasty little banners and tings put out by the present ci r gives our city a decided holiday appearance. Don't forget the day and date. Saturday, Kept. 8. The following men are on 'the Miscott: P. 8. Mattox, M. U. Dumunt, Oliver Lester, Jno. McCorir.ick, Louis Bowers, Joo. Vlalee. Jno, Barnes, B. K. Wilbur, A. F. Scott, M. Shiller, At. Holloway. Geo. Wulker. _ How's Thisl Wu oH«r one iiuudroU dollars roward (or any oisoof, o»M»rrli tUttutmuotUa ourtd by iiull'i 1'nurr^ouctt. If. J. OiiaNMr * 00. , Toludo, O. . tVu.tlM umtttrt lined, bave known f. 3. Obeuey ••: i.*e iiMUS ywr*, and txillevd liliu iwrleo .uuofllblQ |u all buslnwu traiiMoUoiui aud uunslalljf »t»l» to o»rijr out any obligations muda by their ttrui. WMidtrruax, wkolaiale drugviiuii Toledo, O. H'Udlug, Klnuau & Marvin, wnoleaalu drsit- , 0. ! *'i know an oldtohjW wh6 had citronjp diarrhoea of long au'udlnj to have been - ...... — - ..... -sold the, remedy In thlt.olty for pve,r seven yoju's and consider it superior to any other medicine now ou the market tar bowel oomp|»|nfa,» 86 and (M pant battle* of till* remedy fors^^, W. UatMi, druggllt.' ' •• -i ••••••" ,••.'• Mill' Alice Ford waViu the* cllv today, the Kueit of Mitt Maud Beert. "She it ou her way to Boone ^ bVreadV for . work ueii Monday. MTii Buerawlll not return M the f&lgngd her potion a few weekt mio, a? the tjesirel lo rett duiiug tue oouihg year, Kuuuutli Uq*eiyo^u'h»4 the, good fortune to receive a nuiall boi,Heo.f Chatuberlalu's colic, ohu^eru aud diarrhoea remedy when three members of hU family were sick wlthdyaoutrey. This one email bottle oiutKl (Uom all aud liu h<i4 some left wlUuli he g»ve W Uw>- W. Uftfcer, • Ulrectli upon tbe blood ani| muoouu «urfao«« of tba»nt«in. T*U|uioflt»ln»*ulfre*. l'rloe7Bt.. pur bottle, Sold by all drufiiltt«. OOOBT At 8:15 Monday afternoon Judge Qold- smith took his'atfat upon tbe touch apd ordered Sheriff Jtfffray io call ooqrl. The grand jury WM empaneled and Maninad. The (ollowlng i> tha Jury: P. F;; 3opbholi,' (oramau) Johh Htaiu. bawW, lUrrnan Btovana, Jof. FaUJ, A. ». w«rt ¥M«Ml*M III* 4MUJODWWI Ol of HM aJttwnoon. Tb« followiaf »Mor ,w«r« pl«*M)l M UM* opaaiof of a W, Ktwte, F. M. Pomw, M. A Hoj*. |f. n, Dav«opor», A. T. Bwn«|| H. H Baaoli, 0. E. lUyoold., F. A. Ouarlw, H. W. UMombw, D. B. O. Olark, M. W. BMM*, QM. W. , W. U. I#». l«(t for trial waa Uial of 11. F. Orb v». P*« MoiuM luauraoM ooutpauy. Aotlou waa brought to cover Ibe amount of insurance due from aald eompauy be tbe low of • drug store iu Oooii Uspids, owuad by iba pluiuUtf 'i'bero are aeveral oiuer iuaur- auw ooiupuuiw iu wbioli polioUa Uad beeu Kiveu uuc! are nlao resisting pay- oa wbtob ants seek to defeat tlja piym^ot of their polioiea is, tbat tbe premises whiob were destroyed by lire were used for illegal parp-jssa, nod tbarefore the contract with tbe oampsQies ware void . Tbe defendants male to prove tbat the premises were beiug used for illegal purposes at the date of the fire. Firat, that liquor aud wines were sold in violation to tbe law, and second, tbat the proprietor of the drug store was Dot a registered pharmacist. Tuesday evening a jury was secured in the Erb insurance ease as follows: E. L MoQregor, Fred Ltppe, Obas.. Qauui, Fred Hijjadoru, Juuu Walleu- borg, A. 0, Mannemino, Pat Mahoney, H. O. Kru«e, H. W. Figert, Aug Tuilke, J. J. Smith and John Dargen, Tbe case mj uired considerable time «a there were a large number of witnesses to be eiamined. This afternoon all of the evideuoa was iu as tbe uttorueys are making their arguments as we go to press. AUVAYS IN TIIK .KAD. MOBUB Simon of thu Fatuous just opened a large apartment of boys knee pauU aud tutu, Juntablu for Ibe present wants. Prieea aud goods always away down. ' Bxouroloa Sept. n, 85 aud Qot.,tt, Hie Fremont, KlKhorn & Mo. Valley railroad will run uouieaeekeri' excursions to all points on their line* Iu Nebraska, Wyoming aud South Dakota. One fare for the round tr|p plus *8,QO, tickets good (or twenty days, btop over prlvil«gef allowed at au point* wo*t of the Wo. river. Do not u|a« thii opportunity to Visit tbe cheap labda and free home oobntry In norlhera Nebraska, Wyowlug and south Dakota. Kor further particulars wr.Ue to J. II. Gable Trav. I'M". Ant.. D«nlaon, Iowa, or J. It. Buchanan, Gen. l'a»g. Agt , , Omaha, Neb. , , . Io« ataaon ui« now begun and the wagon la nuw AM!- .I^M9>y»ur onlew at Ibe ottoe of A. U. ftujnt or M. Bliuou'a «mqa. F 0rn ofu line wiii, iron a»pteuiu«r i wi a, in, elusive, sell e*oiirtloi*tM«>t«i to AUdubou liij,ahove ' he. The Beet Route to the Pacific Ooaat Is the Clilcago, Union Paciflc & Nortb- westerullue. Jast vestlbuled trains of palace sleeping cars, free reclining chair caw and suuertj dining cars are run daily from points in Illinois and Iowa turouah to Portland, Ore S on. with sleeping cars to Uenver, Col., ban Francisco, Cal., and other important western cities. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern li r y' lti-4 Obeap Excursions. On September 11 and 35 and October », 1WM, the Northwestern line will soil lionie- seukers 1 excursion tickets to points in iiorthwu&teru Iowa, western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, J«et>raska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montata ut excuudiugly low rates for tho round trip. These tickets will be good for return passage within twenty diiys from date of sale aud will allow stop-over privileges on going trip in territory to which tickets are sold. For tickets and full information apply to ngeius Chicago & Northwestern railway. OBUBOH DIBBCTOBT OUNINO ienloe», u a. . 7 p. u.i Y. f. B. b. R. Mnlw, I p. ol. UJ& p. m.; Prai«r MMtlnc, TBun4ajr 7 -JO p. in. / BKV. Quo. rouH>H, Pattor. JUITIKT. U a. •.; •wnlnc iv MOUNIMO . m im. m.t T. f. a. o. B. airtioi • p. M. lara«hooi, not p. m,t Pram HMM*«, Tb vonlog. 740 p. at. HBT, J. o. BamiaioKMM, r If. H. Qpaai, Bm»ty>ian4aai. . Mt Oarmal and **• DMiarU M iu.. antr BoMll*. • i I wenleru railw * ay. KutghUi of Pythias Oouotev* For thu aoove oooatloo tho «ru Uuu will tell axouraiou u irathluutou, D. C. ( and reuuru M ooedingly low rate Of one faro round trip; good (or returu uultl I8»l, For tluketa aud (ull la apply to agvuiu Ohiuago & Mo Ball way. ^^ m Iow» at»t« Wr For the Iowa state (air ' ern Hue will sell exouruw Molues aud return at lial (or tbe round trip; tlok W) to September 7, Mr iiage uutll Hupteuihr For tluktitt Hud full.'

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