Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1928
Page 7
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THE TOLA DAILY JREGISTER. TBURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 26, 1928: PAGE SEVEN IS RECOVERING • i • Advance Today Follows Big Price Drop / Wednesday New York. .Ian. 2C. (AP)—Speculation for'the advance, which re- tnjrod a -shjrp .set -back yesterday OH .<;ellii!g inspired -oy the increase in itip Chicapo federal reserve re(U .'scnuni rate, wa.s re.sumcd witli - full vigor in tiiady's. stock market. Siaudard indu.'^trials and rails niovfd forward, a point or two. reooverinE: most or all of yester'dayV ground, -.vhile severa;, specialties Wf re marked up 3 to 10 points to now^^ . hi?h retords. TiadiiiK show'il a niodeiate contraction in -.olunie. Wlient Prices Ip Chicago. .Ian. M. (AP)— Bulish u:.i'.cis of .'tlie 'i'-'nadian crop re- Iftn did a pood Ji-.ii to make wheat l.ilces avi-rage Lvishtr rodaV. It was : iferied that acci'diiiK to of- lici.ij estimate, ther^ i.- •only 'MM'i'.Wif bushel«i <.f wheat in llio h.inils of Canadian farmers, it 2ri,00(».0 !iO I uKliels still un- t !nc.-l'.<;i. Europi'iu '.'.enii-nu icd.'.y. l :ow ».v<'r for wheat ffom North Ami rira. w.-i.s reported slow. , Wheal close<l unsettled hi to S: c« lit u ^'t hiKlieri corn hi to S, cent off. oats iindiaheed to fent jn-wn and provisions unchanRed to % .wtl .ack qf 12 cenm. Kansas City. .Ian. 26. (Al^i-I'ro- dti(-<' unchaiiBed. steady: stockor.H and feeders slow, weak: airly liberal supply offereil pytl of second hand.s; c-ciiy saU"- 'fwl ateers f 11.6.'>ffi l .^.JtO; good weiRhty steeis held higher: several loads good fed heiiers. SlLinf; 11..lO: f;ood to choidc vealers $12..5(t fffl.l.fiO. I Sh'^ep.••I.<'00: lunil's. gcaerai:y It'c 'lO 15c lower: odd ' lots shei p .•itPHdy; top wo«lf-:l lanil>.<! $l-'{..*!>: others largely Sl."?.2oJ( 13:7'.. PRAIRIE VIEW r\!rs. -'rank C'.'isoni Jan.; 2.").— Mr. and Mrs. Cvorjc iTarl ai;fi family sj)ont Suiniay with their daughttr. Mrs. C aroace Oilli and~Mr. Orth. Mr. and Hr.s.' Gi?ffrp" .Mdniyre. Velma and A .qnc.--, :Jr. Wilfied Mc- Knnsns Vity H:n. Kaii.^:i.<f C TIV . .Ian. 2':. i.AI'i-HaV . 'ii.< han;«»d^ rc<<!ipts 79 car.-i. Kansns Mtr Cirain. Kansas City: .Ian. 26. .(.\Pi — Whi'st. rec/'ipts 89 cars; unchanged to cent jii?li'>r: So. 2 dark hard .<!.;.-: .Va, ?. SIMA: So. 2 Kard S1 .20 dilAri: No. 3 J1 .26'??l.-y>: .No.;2 red Intyru aiid his tw<) little bovs, i^ok Sunday dinner ^ijiii .Mr. i.nd Mrs. Hurley Biitts andjfaiuilv. .Mr. and Mis. .M!.< rl Lx-smanu and baby, Orandmb Scburfeldt and Sirs. Anna Lrssniaan .si>.n;t Sunday evening with ^kr. iind M:*-. Kr(d Lassmann ;iiul chij Ireii. • Mr. and M.'-s. Kn::'!; Cili'-on antl Charles sp"lit Sunduv v ; ; .>ir. and .Mrs. Will I!l5the. .V.'H • aii.i Ka.r:.| Allen Blythc cjille-l in ill- ovi-uing. M.-. and Mrs. Kinier Martin move<l last Mond:iy f»-f>m this ncigliTKirhood out tow.ird Elsmor*' on their (Jia'idya M.nrrin's faria. Willie we inisii tlvni fn>!n cur iiiid.^t \vf wish them sue ess iii .i; liappi- :>—s in tlicir tu w I IJ'K . Mr. am! j \lr^. Byil Car: ;!nd fau;- ily sjitnl .-^unviay at Mr.-Cov hraii''-". Mr. :i!>d .Mrs. i.\!!>.'i i L ;i .-sn;:aiu itn ! l.'a;)y ^ calli'il in tln' afi vi ii< "ji. j .\Ir. and .Mr.-. <'(iiii!i-f' ;.ti i Oarv!-' cal!c<l at .Mr. .\Iiti>iid.)i f s| Sumia . evciiiti!:. j Vi'r; :.rc >rl>d to ln;.r tli.-it Mrs. Kiilt/ auci lit-;- \vi<i boy.-;. .I ,.n;.< an 1 Charl's. liiive )i|;i !vrd l).:i k i' K:i;i- sa? iivc. ' Mrs. H.'irol.i .'^iicilrra.-:-^ is ri-port- ed «"ttin.; aini;g lui" Irnni I'.cr np- cratviv of wi •]: in tiu- J<i!.:i- soii h'."jrii'.-i! ;it (.'!:'- Mrs. n ;!i;er is ^tayin^ in Clianiit'- ar h'-r ^ «l:i:ii-'!it( r's. .Mis. K.-:1. T. where sli;- i.- lio .-i- iiy h; r liaiig!'.- ter. Mr.-f. Snodsrass. who i.-; in tiic pop "THE TbWARb . FtODTo JOIW HI? ACOawPUCEj I 'T HERVEHA' AMD MAWS. &T-AWAY VJCTHMplJEV] H£Hfti No. 3 nom-: h.isujtaj^ nnin '-nallv <1.4.3,;fi,1.47: » inal'.v %i:;,\rd\.\i. •(• -May. $1.24%: July «1.2ii-s. Con;. Receipts 24ti cars: <'ent|—— lowpr to cent, Wprher: No. 2 wiiite Si!c: No. 3 77'ri'7S'-;c: .N'o. 2 .4 i LEGAl^ (First Published in The loin Daily IvcLT'stcr .laiiuarv \'.\. Vxi'<.\ iXOTK Y. OK FI\.\I. S !:ni -KMK.\T vellow .^lU«fiS2<t No. 3 79>jffSlc: No. 2 misc.! 79i^S0c: No. 3 77'P. Slate ol hnn<as. AL.-u ( ..imty. 7!ic. (•Ios.>, May >2*sc: J:ily Sr>'.;c. 0-.its, re(«iptsB cars: untriiap;;ed: No. 2 v.hitf iiominal'ly r.G-fj.-.Sc; y.<>M^-'''-'^- - --.T, 1 Creditors an-! all oiji'r v ^'rsoi! In the Probate Conrr. ::i .'ind !'ir j !saM county. In ti:i' nia'U!-- ( ; ;'.!•! iEstat.' of Artiiiir Iv Br;.;;iil!y. d.-| I .Milo niaize. .<1.:1S. Kafir. $1.2,9fi 1.34. Ftyo. Sljftlft 1.112. Bar!ev.*.'<3'rj SCc. I intercstbd iU'. ti -.i- :ffm-,-:ii.; Ks ;;i !e^ 'arc hereby notilii-ditliat 1 si.ill ap- Jl)ly tn the !'ro!;ate Court in ami ;'"r ! jsaid County, sittinf; nt the (' | [jlouse in hila. C'<*unty of AHi ^ii. ; ! State of Kansa-;. oiii tl".- 2.'ith duV ; 'of February. A. 1). i:<iS( fo;- a .;i>!:; ; and final stttlenient of sai<T K >:aTc, for an oriier fiu 'liiis; :-nd ad-; Kiiiis:i< {'tt3 Lheslof-k. Kansas City. Jan. 26. lAPi-- (('. S. I)ept; (if ' AiiiculUirei.— • Ho^s. 9,t"H>: s!o -A. uneven: steady, to I 'lc Iower_lhan Wr-dnesday> av- 3'"iiJ'"^' ^'I'o heirs, devise.-; erige: stock pigs slow, weak: pack-^-'"' 'eg .t .AT !inil 32." lbs., $7.!tOfi S.lli; pack-' idi.' sows. $C.7.-.?i 7.:'.r.: stock pi.cs. ii:!"!" '"t 'h .57 .i'>if }:7 ..".ii • I • ••'J 't -a: •••J.- ; (^altlior 2 .'^CiU>:- calves. :;,(!':.• ^ fcl ' •^a""-:'' ^\ V "• l''2>. [slow, steady; other killiir? j '11^^-:-'*;---'I. f*'"--" (First Pubii-.'scl in T!i- li.ia l)aily :! Ht»2isieri .':!iui.!;v 12. ! NOtH K OF KI .\.\J. SK n LKflKN r ; ' e- i>I .••aid :l .-i e:;s-il. THOS. 11.. I-OWLC.-. of Jkrihur I dnssPS; moderately Dpr.sett Produce Co. 703! |12(hJ East StnKft, Itihi PJione Cash for Poullrv riTsd K. L-CS ; tiiH Us Any Time. ; Me will come :iiler poultry. GRENNAN'S Corner Monrcie and Elm Sts. We Want Yo^r Poultry, Eggs AM» OrB PHOM; MMBEK IS 376 lola's Prodnce c. o. coonu •e flojsc f .State of KiiS'.s .is. ..\llei: Cminty. s-. ; In the Probate Cmir!. in and f <ir ; |sai(l county. In rlu- of .'iCslutc oi Itaniel Kinvilic. div.-ii.-ed. Creditors aii.I all oilier lursoiiH ' interested in the aforesaid Ksta'e \ arc her<.:)y iiot.fifd tb^; 1 chiiii i.p-j \ jily to til" I'rnbaif Colut ir. .'.iid for j Hj « Tji^j -irp ''-•;iid County, siiiiii;: at.'tJ!" iirr • JIAIVIVE J I jiiou.^e'iii lola. Countv ..t Allen.' St.ii" of Kalis;!-, on tb-.'Jth day of • February, \. 1).. ia2<. lor a. full I and final S'tJieuunt of .-.-ud luslate. and for an onir- fi:;>lin" and ad- .!iirigii:i; wbo ^in- tin- bcir.^. .ievi'-e.-- and l <';.';t ""S of sai^l d'(";iseii. \ L. K HOKVILM-;. -Administrator of tiie Kstate of haniel ilorville. dici ^ased. fl' 12 -1S -26 (2r 2. Since 1911 Mucaeer PUBUC SALE! A.-i I am !i .i ^••n. wba' .ind 1 '2 mile- v.- .inii-lhis part of the -.ountry. I will s"ll at Publi'j Auc- 'vvii as the (dd Clark ran<h. locat-d P, mile- north ;: of Cidony. Kan., commeiicing at P' oMock a. m. on - FRIDAY, JAJN. 27 IVv The AuociatcdlPruit P.-oRram.! in Central Standard time. All tfrno Is P. .M., Unless oiberwlse In- dicjitvU. W.nve ieiiptlis Otl left of call letters, kilucycle* on right. 272.6—WPG AOantia City—1100 T."!"!—Autr. i-Jhow i 1 •.inert Orchestra IJ.J' -.V.-.i;ro Sl>ir!lua!a 285.5—V/BAL Baltimore—1050 S :-ii-U -<-..r.taur ProRram 7 •'—\\b;:.- l:..c-k Concert 'j .W —\ iitu^ Hour 508.2—WEEI Bo»ton—590 7.""—Cavabi TM ( • S:'**— .XiijCkO r .-iaii? •. ;'>—lni;»-h <;i ::s <ju;ntet K —l'.:!f.: jiiye Hour 461.2—WNAC Boston-^50 ." .Iiivcnil'-' S•.^liIr^^^ •• 'I'l ;!.• ^'.irid Huur ; i.,._ra|.n K: M ' 0.3 •—ill.I Xici: .lii Hand 2:f.3—WGR Buffalo-990 ~.:f''—>\l\.l'.l<T:' >'> *'~.\r^:<^ i 'tr .iian.« >•! •—Krnnii; Orc:be£tra r.:[iiir. Int.- Hour 545.:—WWAK Buffalo—550 •• -\ri;Y IT ;:rain • • •'- Trt:- .-^ri r.- s Jlour ... . (•.-.;,•:, K.^1.1 • 535.+—VVTIC Hartford—560 *; f—< "iinTiru Aiu.^ioal Period !. • —' 'ri:.>:i H.m ital ^ r. rsi:ir^ :• ••-•^i-..:iiu.iuv II..ur • -:23—WOR Newark—710 "--I • -i Kinc C-.'o | 7^ • — -'• (••'iltncy .: 1 . —'P. .-^t . Hour 1 —»l ;t it 'n K nM •..:<.' —I•:, .! Nl.-i .Mls Hand 1'. ir^::. .;tr.i ^.491.3—V/EAF New York—6t0 .- r„,_\V:::..iorf ..V.^ioria Orclipstra >; III— K'! il- :l'".v;j" orclicbira s .'K' — .\r:-,:" -r.r.=ian.s .>:!'i—UiKi. t.' - <)..-h-'stra '':•>'—l'.ilrn"li'v»- Hi .>ur 1 1;. 11 i- It .•j'.^ I'rchestra 45 -2 :—V/JZ New York—€60 —(;. llaH'.-; Orciieiitra Co.'—.Vi.imte ituyak: Xornia llai.iil- Ifr.-v I.uUI 'iW —Will'.. K'.i-k rriisadcrs i . •._\vi,.-i. V i:- wu -Ar..' : —V,. ii..>ir : , v .Mui 4C5.2—WFI-WLIT Philadelphia—740 T .'i" -i:.iv:i::.-- —r. r.-:ar.>! ' 'J.';' —l'.i:n!.:i\..- H'ur 348.C—WOO Philadelphia—860 7:''—-M:;-'< 1! I.cyture V ..,•,_< .-;i-a ^v—I.II. rati.- i:aF«mb!e 315 .e— KDKA Pittsburgh—950 »:!.'.—l.:!ti.> Sympiioiiy Orchestra : 7. • —ln--ratii fro.ii \V.l/i 7: ;"—\\ !ij-<. Kf'<-k rnisaders ASZ.^V/JAR Providence—620 7:f''—.M':.^k;al 8 —.\if<lo P >-rs:itnK ra;«i'.liv.. Hour 277.6—WHAM Rochester—1080 e j 'p—l;<,.,ic-A -n >c l.;iJy 7 —.-^tiidi^* Prt tiiaiii 379.5—WCY Schenectady—790 B —\V';V I'iav. rs <:'•'—Kr'-.I</.v Ifiiiir S.i .'.i— ralaiolivc Hour 333.1—WBZ Sprinofield-^OO f. f'fi—T.:-rli 10:1 i a r.ji «;:.;•.—r:'.rk-.\-r;.\< i-'dy —\\r;i:i.y K -.v iiiv &:j ;^Tii ._.i :<r .Syni|>!ioriv Orcl.o.^tia 468.5—WRC Wa»hirgton—640 5;,.,_\V..!.!.-,rf .V.storia Orchestra '.'••<'—Cavali '.-r.T S :!.i.'— i'alir.filvo Hour 516.9—WTAG Worcester—580 7:r,"--l "f)Ul.T 's II,i*.v;ti ;un3 — .\n::lo I *.M -iiaiis 8::0—Mai'- Cluarttr 2M .T -WBVJi B:iyv—Orcheatra 7:15—XcRTO yuartet , S:0O— WriKley Review y :00— U. of Virginia Program y CENTRAL 526—KVW Chicago—570 7:00—Keloid Talcs ' S:i)0—AVriKlt-y Pevicw •.•:aO—Ai».:io Qcartct Iv:!*—iloviu Club 3i55.6—WEBH-WJJD ChiMflO—820 S:00—Children of ilO'V'Oheart ;t:f)0—KdKcnatpr Bi:!irh Orchestra ill:Ut'—Palnier House ritudlo 344.6—WLS <?^ic.iQO—870 r..fiO—Suiifwhell Pfocrain 7 SO—Orti-nt.lI Mak ijuartct N;!)" —.Silv.rt ^ne lb ur 1« j:iW—V.'LS ijhcH -brat 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicaso—<70 4:.T)—Illinois I.i^aciie Women Voters' S:"'>—Sanu? as WOR (2 hrs.) li':Oii—riiatnlur Masi-c riayer.s ll:Ul'—i;iatiiarc:c jjerfiiadtrs (2 hrs.) 428.3—WLW Cincinnati—700 6 :.-ii— Rork-n-Uy<» I„idy . 7 ;iiii —liariiinny Tnani —\V:i;.'Ii.y Ilevitw lO.'JU—Dancf! Mus!'; 361.^—WSAI Cincinnati—830 7:ni'—C.ivali. IS ;.:iMi— J'alnioliv.> Hour ' 1' j:Ui) —Dance Music , 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 r.:"->—r>niK'> Musi.—il, arhtsld'- Program ^.Vm -'Ifi P.<-r«i:',np —i'al:nt)bve Hour 545.1—WFAA Dallas—550 ' 7 ;1fi— <"ava!i.--rs —PaliiiolUc Hour 374.8—woe pavenport—800 7:Mi—Cav:ili.-rs ' . ^ai'—.\r.a;ri Pi r.-ians ;';i.O—I'al.-tiijriv.; ;Jb)ur , 535.4—WHO Des Moines—560 7:>'*|i—.><!udi-> I'p'sra::) >i:.';|i—Ui i -"ranoc "On-licslra ' I'—l'alir .i ''.ivi> Hour li'.'''—Drince Music 440 9—V/CX-WJR Detroit—680 7/,(,_l..:toUl TaI.-< 7:.;"—R..yal Sl..!it.Kraphcrs '.••'.•i —Static 352.7—WWJ Detroit—850 —Mi.-liiian Nipbt ' 7 *>"—*7a\.il:'-ra I'.'.'*'—^l*aii}.'>livt: iiuur 499.7—WBAP Fort Worth—600 >.:-' —Hawaii;<ti .Miisic —.\ii;;;o i'.r-ians- i.•.Z^ — l'iiii;lar i !..|\K -st Numbers ' i22 3—WOS Jefferson City—710 S;J.'.—Itadin p:.::.i .School ,S;3i>—StKdio I'rouram 270.2—WDAF Kansas City—810 f. (..1—Sfhr.o! of the' Air 1— c'av.ili.-r.-. ^.'•"—i'.-r.^iin-! ,.f,_l',.-,;,!..Iiv... H<,t:r 293.9--WTN1J Milwaukee—1020 s^r-ii —.\iis!o r«:r...iars ;i:.iii_r .Tl ,i'.ijIive Hour j; M>!!iight Organlosue 405.2—WCCO Minneapolis-St. Paul-TW ";.<>•>—S* Paul As.socialion '. •«."'—ravallTJ .v;(i'—I'.-r'-Jans luiV'J—DaiiLy P:-i';^rani 5CS.2—WOW Omaha—590 T ::n—Tl-.r'f; Mu.-ki tfcra >:')!)—li,aiia Trudliatiiyjrs I'alni 'i 'ive H"t;r 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 ; .M:!-..;ai rrr.:;ram l'.':0 'J—DaliCf^ .Mll.-ic - 545.1—KSD St. Louis—550 7 ftfi—Cavali.-rs ' : A RB!" I'.rsiar.s S:""—I.^ Praii'-i Orchestra —I 'alii.oUvT; Hour 348.6—KVOO Tulsa—860 7 :"f'— f:i\a;i<~rs •j.O'J—I 'aJM .vbvc Hour Auctlvna. iVA PUilLIf SALK-i-Friday. Jian. 27lh. Sale begins at 1 6'clock.,at 225X, Third St. Will sell my houseBoId goods: Davenport. 2 roclferH. velvet riifr. li.\12. .library table.- floor lamp. bcMjk casj.' Rrunswlck vic- trola and record.-'. pieci? walnut be^ rcoin suit(\ Uound bak din- iuK table, ti i;halTs. Uojind Oak heater, pas rezn^r. Kconjoniy Ras range, white porccdaincojok table, Hoozler kitdien fabinet. 2 Conco-- iiuni niKs. 0x1,2. and many othsr : p.rticb 's. This fu ^nit^re if all just : nki> ne\i-. C..H. liishop. .jVuct. PUBLIC Ai"CnON REAL ESTATE FOR SALjB WoTlnir. Trncklnff. Storage 25! Jind Sni.nll.s _4» V KA NSFICK —Phone'P-OUSTERS ^ «ose Comb White V;-vandoHes. T'hone 9.52-11. Lewis To ExclmnEe—Real Estate CAUL DKA.N SS5". will move you by hour or con- i Avyand tract, uith experienced men. , ''"'L'''' VVHk .\ToU .MO VK-^>r store yoar goods call Corr's TransJer. 0ffV ;6 140. residence 14C. EMPLOYMENT Fl«»l|i WantPil—Keniiile Wt: PAY ; TOI)AY-K:roam. 4.'5c: KCR .-i. 2.^d: hens. 14c. and life; | .tpriues. i-i..- ;ind l>,t : cow hiiles,; 12c: borsV 'Iiid. - uii to $0.—Allen i Couu'y'.m (Ui. lAlPROVKD S ;-BrRB .\-N- TRACT— Would con.-ider-iivciitock or farn implements.—.lackson Realty C<ji.. over IJrown's Druy Store. . LEGALS Legal -Notices pnblic aintif.n*. p"i;iuii. .Sati X\—I wili sell at . .-rt Bishop's Saie-s irdaj-. .lanuary 2S .'at ] o'cbu;;. 9 he ad <)( horses,: 7 milk <ow«- .s lip-ad of coming yearlins bfifer: >"arliug steers: calves: i-") bead ho^":'s 'li head ewe.s. will lar*.:) •-fi.i.:i; chfcken.--;: .1 atito- M'obib'-; 2 top buj-'^ios: farm ma- c!iin -ry. including mowiiiR ma- <bine. sitlky plow. <o'rn planter. ili-;c. walkin:; idow. Iiarrow. c-ul- tivafor; 2 set>»,b»i ness: 1 wacoii: -Fi'rd trailer; .-lot of ilimension liinib -r: and a wor'.d 01 good lioiiseJ.nM furniture. C. S. Pisliop. .\uct!:)!ieer. . • :K COMP.\.vro.>;—Waijted for- elderly laily. li;jht hotisev.'ork. -,^u<t. stay ntahts. Addres.s "X. Y. IZ." car-- 1,'cgister. KXCKPTiO.NAL OPPORTIXITV K'lr. aniliitiotis capable woman, de- sirir^ .t;oi,d p-rmanent incomer reference refiuired. For inter vie-','-' addr"S-' ".S." cpreltegisti-r. •rt 'ilKKY. TOM.S 2 ilrairbon re<l! whit." winirrd: one- large -.vhile; Pcki:i <liick hen. Kd Brnengtir,' IlumholdT. II. t. J " Wanted— Live Stoct WANTKD to BCV-JiAlV catt. at;'' hoirs. . kinds -I.e. Butcher.- MERCHANDISE IPir.-! published In The lo Uailv Ri-gister. Janiiarv .", l'J2S. .VOTUE OF SIIEJCIFF'S SALE Whereas, on thi- ith day of -lad^i- jy) I ary, i:t2.^. an or.ler r.f s^Je was da — ' issued o-it of th^ District Court "'•All.;:'! Coan:y. State of Kan?as. a certain aiti'^n therein' pending, wherein the Xatioual Life Insti an.ce Coni.iany. a corprration, wd ALTOArOTIVE Automobile "Agencies Help—3tn!e anil S-'em^le .MA.-rAN'I) WlKi-: -To~ '«t'jrk Idafry farm. Kve.'-ythin Si'c- William Staffor 01SF21. J7.V- V.-KKKLV—.Man or w.-iiitc .' v-ith ambitio!: at try. II) distribute R Houselipid Products tu us»rs. :>i!'! nea' woniai. jd i::(:::- iiwieighV steasly overal oi^enings in lola be t,)wiis. Wi- train and ,ou furnish- i. i'hoiie i';OOI)| rar.k Phone 51 criaintiff and Harlan Taylor: Su - - - , ,„vj-! anna Tavlo'r. his .wife: .1. .\. Cana - O.-VK \\OOD--l-or s.ile ?3.0f);^.^^.. j^.^,^ swi.-b.r: Bradford Suj.- delivci-ed. .\.;0. Il:llbran..-v,,ij- Company. corporation: J. L Smirh: Dessie C. Prewitl: Henrjy R. Kalm: Frieda R. Ka!m. his wif defenilan;.---. iieing la.-e Sb. 15718 therein, commanding me. tne Articles For'S.-»le S7S. GATk.S—We are giving a special , pric,^ on iarn-. a:-.'l Inv.n gases for ^'f^<^' a ihort time only. -..Allen County, . ... . „ nnplement Co.. S. .refferson. • ^ undersigned Shentt 01 Alien Coun! : — j ty.^ Kansas, to advertise and sell. I; F :.\L n .MUJAl.VS—Tile fon-nvingl according to law. without, appfaise- itenis v.ill be SI.I.I circan Saturday : ment. and subfect to eighteen hpin .Noti so you .can make i:p to ^lii.i' a week or nior'e. No e\peri- yfrerno'):; at'1120 K;:sr strci-f: idatform ^liile-^: ounti r scales: hi sal'": sh.iw ca.sVs: small Te- .\ ITSKD CAR—Is las dependable as the dean-r w!«>" sells il. Dodge Sales a:i<l Service;. Fhe best place lo biiv g'lod. dependable used cars. A' pr."-rnt we h-ive a <oniplete line of botli opnn and closed models, price.... fo s< !1. -Ellis .Motor Co.. 211 Norlli Wasbiiigton. . ___ ei;:-e n<-cfcssarv. Plea.-:;!:T. profit-. fVicei-.-iIor aiif! other articles, able, .!i^:nfied work. Wnt- ! ^i^,:"^;:;^^ rt:;v. W. T. Rawlei^h Co.. Dept.. > KAJil^^^lFrc^yinirt !U. - i -- Wants rank, at i-arm: .$:5.flO rank d"!iv»red. C!y^^e Thompson. Offire i'lione -iiM. • • FINANCT.AL AiitoRiobil^iJ For Sale 1(nslnp <i<; Opportnnltie« moiiths' reiitiiiptiori. tlie following de.scribed real property, situated in Allen County. State of Kan.=as. to; wi'o: The J ^oiithwest F'ractional U: and WVs: 'j or West i-i of ^ Southeast u ..r" 'Se'-M'in .10. Township 21. iiange 21 of '. the Si.xth Principal M"riiiian: 1 ro 3;ttisfv a .; rtain judgment rend- yo-ii;;|TVPK".VRITFRS—For-sale. rent or! ere,! in said actixin on the Ptth dav tra-ie. Williams Typewriter Co, • of December. .{. I). i ;i27. in favor .1 :-_W""-'? Mndirfin. ^ L !of -^aid plaintiff. .N'ational Life Ini," 4 ~ ..T, i surance Company, a corporation. ^ i Farm E.iuu.ment ..^A , ^^^^^^^ j,.^. ^.^j,, defendant;, -A-TRACTOR ^And plow ^-i for sale, in ' Harlan Taylor ;-n.l Siii^anna Taj- __?»i!«i!!Lq^-«'"Jl<?^-->''^^ and office Eoiibment -Mi YOL'.VC; LADY -- Want-i general: hiius'iwork t-) d'.: iTefer couple" with chililriti. Phon Coiony. Kans. DAIRY OCTFTT— Including cows, milk route.'Sale for : If") gal. milk per d'.iy. See biii;t ' gra^d tr.r; • r Plidition. f'.r i.ors.*:-, . 71S or 24: Terms, or! inttles or < attTe. FORK 2-di,.,r- .-,.il;:u. 1U2C inodol.l excUeiit (OU 'Iiiion. run .mly :!!tnffi • mil- Phone oW or rail .at T"'' j _Uajii^S^a {ford.jVhone ^A''|IgL^--— j Fuel. Feed, Fertilizers Money to Loan— Morteaces ^" J LO OS'.-: .VI.FALFA feii Kast sire.t. 56' 0. i<. T \SK!) t'AJCS-i!'2.'. Cbovrolet ttiiirini;: ^1!'21 Ciicvrolet touring: 1('27 rii'-vrcd. t }i-!:ck. witli cab: i;i:M CiiivroU-: t;rii( k with cab aiid gr.-.ii ;>(.ilv: l'.i!24 Forii tfuiriiig; i;i2T <";..-v:iiiet Mipi-. .Many itb'^r !.>aru:',i:'.< in ib' i -ars. Sb'^lly .Moto- Co.. ll.> \r.ifecks6r:. Pho. Go. FARM LO.-VXS— Quick service and I rea-sonable rate.=. A. D. Haw- i thorne. 1 .">'2 West Ma.:i =i )a. ! !3ay for .sale. I!a (;:!kcson. 2':; miies northwest C.iflvU: . Phone •J72-S1. • Hoiiseholili (i«»ods FARM All-n lev A.VD County flAKLAXl) Di-al.t;-.- - PO.\T[.\C '27 Pontiac d • itijce ian.biu sedan. ]\i . i;,., • (lit'tuoitib- straight] S;: 'j^ Brti-k liglu « i"ur- j jrQNEY TO LOAX-On farns ..r' m-. f:ne .^liap.;: 1.. .Nash ad- i j.^^. „t L^^.g^t rate. Stewart' va-iced roadster. .\1 shape:- 2ti ^- pimk Font r.ia'lster:'.'ii; .Ford toiiriut: — • , '2.'. Ford tutiiiV.; lijie shape: '27 MO.XEV TO I-OAN—On reab e.^tpte., Ci .i .'vrolet (o,u-l^." like new; '2.". j repayable in small monrbly pa;--, .Cic.vrob't co:;p'.; '2*; Chevrolet 1- j ments. These loan-; never come d^ie j door sedan: "25 Chevrolet touring: j - -bctt..r b-tause cheaper ami more i Cn\ LO.VNS-p^ •; CAS llAXGEH-XeW ?.n.l' used. . „, ^-'"i '•.v''.::'.ntre. pivment.s. Hotel Rldg.: lo.-i. Kans. j y..^^^. ;^rvice. CnuU Co _ i-aliarpe. Kans. liir. hi.- wire, uiv ri ;i> sum pf Sa fc"'.it.7.'i. tog-til-r \vi:i; ijiterest or said total judgm-nt o;' S5.';i».|.70.. ; the rate <,\ l >i p y c-n'. T'tr i;nnuili from and -auer ;!i liLiie tbtri-<) until paid. ..111! all i -o.-;ts ui said. a< tion. anii t:.- tax.,.- due and d<- .'.ii.".'|iieiil lip'^:; -aid rt -ai eslate XOW. THEREFOflK. ii'.U.'o lieroby g;v n that 'n 6th February. i:t2s. a' i! •• i:our \Ve j c'crijik ;•. in. o;" s-ais!. liay. a" 50 i F.A.R.M A .Vn CITY IJ DAXS—Bns" rate on farms. .7'. . city iV. Long' or sl'.ort time. R. M. Cunninr"m .or of lilt- ('.iiinty Furniture ifj'"-'- ";^' ^ • ( ,)!iiiry. Kansas I m.: oitf.r : Dp.; Sou;!: [ a!.'>v.. la- nlioued aii'I S'KW CAS RA.\"(;KS -^Will take in I !'"";>' ••^^'*'your obi or.-. H.-iinrnc-rs Furnl-' ^«i"'-' hig!ie>t "t'lr- S' Us V.'es? .Madison. SI ritfd rei will sell b-.--t: ifii • uljjf I t tf. in ; : sale ^'ir ai' c;- 'Jl Chevrc.Iet ch'Jt"': '21 Dodge j touring. S^'ver.•lf other cheaper | used <ars. Cash, terms or trade.; Hi .li.irt .Motor Co. ' i convenient. Loan .\ssn.. Seciintv 1st Nrtl. Building iz npnt- P.lilz T TVE STOCK V.c: CIIEVROLHT..COI-PE—Chrys- | Icr "Ctu" coach:-t^iievrolet sedan; j Chrysler "aS" cQtijie:'Dodge tour-; Dojrs. Cats. Other I'ets to I.ll- ([r-r for c;;sh in i^.ai:-: - ---- - -• montiss' redeir.pM '.ji:. i<:r'O.N!> il.ilsD Fl'ii.MTi'RE—; ju'lgnuiit and ->r'''.r - ti<.ves.'ilrt-ssers. chairs. Scissors j eii. i.-i'l 'r-!iiv.'.-i s-iiarpeneii. 21b South. Wit .T ..-,s my iiain! tl;l.^ -Ith dajf -li'et. 1 Januai-v. 102S. I • fl. D. S.-vlOCK. TMi-IV SAV M.;ney talks It sure-! :sii,.,-;f:' .,f Alien C'lnry. i-Ian <iaH. By Ed .1. Dunfi e. l 'i ;iier Si'.er EARL BOlIA.NXOX. n'- and f:ir!iiture. Se-. m-; ,y^,„rnev for PIai:;tI:f; '•t-bir- Intyi::-'. . Hry.'^/in P'uriiiture ; 7 r, -.-,-i2 -l !i -2i: '21- SAl]' .M.;ney talks It ly;d(i-s •>-. h.:i pur'hu-^'ng i.ocds at] mi- -t'irr-. I have a: full line 01 i i 01 ff. St- i-cnue. POLICE DOG gray. !* months also fo;c terrier F:n;ar.-. <i I. pap.'rs .?2." pup. Oren. 2i VI r , ins: Ford sedate^, roadsters, and coupes: ir.27 Ford touring, good,. _ av- new. All are. in ?ood shape. ! J -uth WMnuU _ We trade. Ross Urbuckle's Gar-j Horses, Cattle. Tehlcles lisc. Chrysler ile;ilers. Phone 5i>. I J _ ROOMS A ND BO A RD Rooms lVlth<)ut .Board Tuesday, Ja^. SI SOUTHERN -1010 9 HORSES AM» MILES—One •xtra good iiair of r.-year-old .dark j .Six Shoat». fVpJL 'liI l» lb-. POI'LTUV -11 doz.-n Wliit- I.'Y grey geldings, weight .l.ortO lbs.- so^jiid and good workers; I 4-yeur- ol)! bav horse, weight l.l.'iii lbs.; 1 S-year-obl gentle bay mare, all pur- jiMse. .V'.'iglu 1.2<M1; 1 bay, inare sHiOoth month, in foal; 1 cdiiiing yearling spotte.l fiily; 1 o-year-old j gang l),:y R.-lding. weight. l,:ii|0 ibs.: 1 j ploiv; y,-.-ir;-old bay Jior-se mule, weight 3.2«0 lb.-.: 1 .xtia good coming yearling black mar.- tnul": J coming yearling browu liorse mule witli l.ii.« of bone l<i<liE-,U> OF ( ATTLE One 6- ycar-old Holstein cow. gi-.-ing milk: 1 :'.-year-old Hol.';tein ii, *fer. with , hcif.-r calf by her .side; 2 < lining 3- year-old Mol.stein heifer:-. Ip^avy sjirlngef.s; 1 6 -year-old r I cow giving milk; 1 S-year-obI riiigei ; cow; 1 S-«'ear-old .ler.sey cr, . giv-i ing milk, to freslien in .M-. <-b: I .• ^ . . ... ; ml stovv. g.i.i horn henij; fi dozen hens. EAK.M 3IA( HIVEKV— One Island w^gou with box: 1 wheel wagiin :' Ir hay rack; 1 Ih-eting biiid.r; 1 .M .t 'iiinotb plow;. 1 lO-in.h 1 .Iai;esMlIe co: u C. R. [. R'd ; iTTick 1 iron r-i'/".t 12-;.' i -ulky I Iilaa'- : er; 1 .Int'-rnatioiuil cerii planter \ j-'oo.i'iis new; 1 id-if, InternSlional i disc »iarri)',\ ; 1 .\.C.-ntnry cultivator; 1 balance fiani.' lultivator: I 7-fiKi'' M.'Corniick iiiowing iiin- chiiie; 1 Kalvanizi ,1 " wag.m tank; rj-barrel c:ipaclty; I wat .T i'U:ii! with it) fe»:; of bos.- altaciml; hall', dozen cattle troughs; 1 bog f^-iuer 2ii-bushel capacity 1 12-f<);>; ste*! harrow. IIOlSEIiOI.I) GtlOOS friy' '"'''"^ stove;. 1 .iniall •<-b ;'l I cupboar.i:' l-burner I as n.-Tv: ! .(iinini; ():i<' !arp' 1: rater: 1 Peri ..cti <ir 1 '--jbinei; table and ."i-vear-o'id Jersey cow. givinj. nilk; A4-year-^)Id Jensey cow, c; i by , . • , _ ?ide; 1 .5-year-old .Jersey cow. siv-i''''•'!'•'•'•• ' ^ ''^- ''l'-'- '.L" ing milk: 1 6-year-old Jersey . ow I 'm: 1 n-u ;..xl2 liuMeuu:;.- giviijg milk; 1 brindle «iw. • ..,0, , rocMlnir chairs; I d:.-..r: 1 ch.r-, c:i !f l)v si.le; 1 red y«irltug hel.or; 1 f?"'"'': '^7:'"^ h.r.c> X.-.-'.1 .Jersey, helfcr calf: 1 black lil-i""™"- '"^"'"'n.-: i I-.i.i-i jer calf; 1 White-faced 'yeari;;ig steer. -..VOTICK—The HOlsteins Ii8te<' above are all ipiire bred. bnt. not .registered. The Jerpey.s are from .«:oiue of the best herds in the coun- tr.v. All of these cows are extra good producers, and are all T. li tested.' I 296.9—WWNC Asheville 6 .00 —Il'inritr Music 475.9—WSB Atlanta—630 7 ;'j"— .\ r ::i-.- S..»i—V,'rl~!-;.- i:< •-•'^y.- i.'.f} —Paliiiylive Iluwr &;3.8—WOOD ChilttanooB.i— i ;3C 7;-''i—Sai.da.v Scii'jOl L'jssuii 7:3''—Knis'-'.nit.i'j 334.4—KTHS Hot Springs—730 f .•'m —I'aaco Tuncx liiivMan Kavoiitcs •,—Vance Conctrt 340.7—WJAX- Jacksonville—esq f 0"—Or.Ii< s ;ra and .Vssiswii'.a ' 7 3-.—ila;>py (JirlH 8:'ji>-r^^ '•'=^'•'5' l-'-^it'.v 322.4—V/HAS Louisville—9:o 7 in—I'la. Cor.cfrt 8:0>i-u-r ;i;;. y RpiUw 5:0»-^l'a!ir.oiive Hour J516.9—WMC Memphis—i2: g.n()i-.tVr!?: P.<vi-.w •SMif '-Up.'Pi .r.liVf H.>ur 10:00-i-Dance -Musio' 336.9—WSM Nashville—8DQ • 8:0'—WriK'.cy iV 'Vif -iv . OM —Palrr.'IiV,; 11 .ur • 249.9—V/COA Pensacoia—12<;J 8:0.;—Thlrt.tii-.vtar-ria l\.is.: -•„ 8:S0—Jubi:.*; aiiis ^rj 10:00—Organ WESTERN 352.9—KOA Denver—920 < •"•-Ace:.! Ki.'ketr.s —S'.iiitlav Suliol Lrsson •.'—;.lion.v PrcRram (J hi.-'.) 11 .')ij—Dance Music 468.&-KFI Los Angeles—640 s Blues SLnccr 11. ...y-Wrl?l.:y Review 416.4—KHJ Lot Angeles—7M 1: '.rt-K..!iocs of tlio 0;iera i;. .0—TiouUadoUrs | 336.9—KNX Los! Angeles—390 p.., I— f)[iii!nistii- PK ^.-Nats 1:.':'] —Dance Orchestras 384.4—KGO, Oakland—780 ]„..iii_i\Vr;elr.v p.;view 11-ttii —M ..Tr ,,»r:.' I.ario ir;'/.J—La.'ii;... .Muf.c . 508.2—KLX Oakland—590 ;.(:,'M(— t>ti*'ra Hour 11 yu—urtlio.stra . n 431.5—KGW Portland—610 ;ii:.»ti—.M.-::ioiy I».ne .i:;r,iia^i:>jt Onls 454J—KF.RC San Francisco—600 V :;ii _Co,iliaas iL .'Hi— Dan<;i- ilus;- f2 lira.) 422.3—KPO San Francisco—71D ;••—Orcan: VioL.i t() ;ii_5;ia' |»ri >cram.-= C hrs,) U •• I —l)aU(,e i;u,-!0 hrs.) ^343.6—KJR Seattle—860 ' '• —Jioiirt I'rnijrarn 3TC.2—KHQ Spokane—810 ]• -.M 11 ~' -il.i.rjry I^ue I fUD WHITE MOTOR CO. i HriKSO.S-ESSEX I J KALER— ItllCK. PCI TOURI.NG. BLICK. 1&2. I 'T01 J *RIXG. CHRYSLER, 1?2}J Touring, fine shape. IKJIK 'IE. I!t2« Coi'PE. like new. ESSEX. i;'27 COACH; P:SSEX . 1J>2« cp^CH. FORI). Ilt2'; TODRIXG. FORI). ]t»27 TOTIjI.VG.- FORD. ^Sil TOURIXG. . FORD. P J 21 ROADSTER. FORD. P'2:: RU .\J[).STER. ^ HLDSO .y. •1!'27 Brougham. HlDSO.y. i:<2i; Brougham. iuCDSO.X. ir.27 Siandaril S 'dan. i • j HL'DSO.V. U<2.; (^UACH. i OVERLA .VD. l!'24'Tou/ini'. . 'v'iLLVS -KXK;irP: l;''21 S ..-dan. C .tsn. Tern:> uv Trad«;. I i2l'.» .S. Wasii. : Phone GREY .MARE—1-yr.-old. weis!'.: ^ nutl lbs., Sound, well .broTce. I'p- j shaw.- 6 miles north on State. 1 C O -M F O R i' A B L M . SLEEPIXG ^•i KllO.M^--iii modern, home, for is. rent. Inquire _'16 .Vorth .Cottoil- wo.;d. MALE SHO.\TS—Chester A\Ti!tes. II. Frank Myers. (Moran. Kans.. R. Lallarpe phone. 'f-';r-i pul>lis!i>d iii The loia Daily R-glst^r. JanruMy 5. lfi2S.) >OTI (E OF .SIIEKIFF'S SALE. Wh---re,Ti. on ;!,e Uii ilay of Janu- •iry. PC--;, an order of sale vvas dut ' issuc'I oa: tiie. Di.-trici Court c^f Allvi; fr<.un;y. .state of fCansas. in a. certain a.-rion tlier.-'in pending, wb.erein ti;e .Narl'inal Life • Insur- an'-e Coiiipar.y. a crorporaiidn", wa.s !/'ai!itiff a:ir! fia'rlan Taylor; Susanna Tay!<)r. bis wile: J..A. CanaE- scy; Jake S'.visiier; Bradford Supply 'lompatiy. a corimration: J. L. Smith: Dm; S. Ha-.vthorue. Admin— , istrator of the fc.-:tate of Anthony March. $10.('" I AP.-VRT.ME.VT—2 rooms. 22-1 Soutji; Blum. d.cea.,e(;; Th" .Morau Ga.s SLEEPI.XC. wiici-r and a!. Mrs Ler ROr).MS Comfortable i sumui'-r, ooard option- ; ::12 .Voftb .leffersbn. | "I REAL ESTATE F/)R RENT Apartments ami Flats 71 SIX YOL'XG GO-A .TS— Will freshen I ia February and head if taken at o;'c«'. Chimney i i^eep. store phone '.>•>?.: residence " APA RTMEXT-4 roonr. down^tairi .1 Buckeye. Phom- TEAM OF HORSE.S—AI. SO Shorthorn buli. L. ."v. TH:e. half mile soiHli. 2 ea'rl LUI^arpe. with garage. .'effer.=:('n. WORK HORSES—20 head; 4 work mules; ^.' :-ets harness: 2 wagon.s; 2 riding plows; 1 gang pb.w; 2 harrows. Will sell on time. J. C. Butcher. s SIIOATS-1 mile nortii. >j mi!'east LaHarp«-. J; J?-. Spraljin. —T^klOOD FAR.M-For rft/it. 1 mile of ^ ' Hurfa( ed road. 1 mill- from good sclrjol. Imuir'--1102 Xortli ret -oii or plioae ^3 ,S.. Company, a corpiiration; Harvey .M. .-Vrn; Orpiia E. An:, his wife. -V.'" i were di-f'-ndant.-:. being ia.-e -No. Inquire aOl -Nona | i--!- ..ommandln-.' me. the'.; S!:.-riff of .Mien .County. Kan-a.-. ro arlvr rti.-^e and sell at-.-virdiny to iaw. witbout apr/ ment. and ..-ubji:cr to eighteen mouths retleinpti'.!:. f!;e frjiiowing described real property, .-itiiatcd in Allen Ci .uniy. State oi' Kansas, to-' Farms and Land For Kent 76; Jet- roultrjr and SnppHes 40, •BABY CHICKS—Eleven leadinz ! breeds. ?11 and up per hundrtr-l; i house. Bassett on | Humboldt road! Dr. Jolm Wilsorj, I Mnmboldt. Phone Hirtnboldt ISf).! ;;s ACRES -- 9 room v.atir. just soinh of —- I wit: 'The Ilonses For Rent SfnitlK-ast S ' 2.'; Townsni;. 24. East of th" discount on orders placed "« ^ vcClelland days in advance. Sunnower Hatch-; •" erv. BronsoTi. Kans.- BCXGAl.OW — room modern: eood garage. I'hone ft75-22. C. J. :CfiTT-\GE i room.-, modern, larcj- s(-ree.".e<l Ir; "uack v.irch. •':lo.':-'- i.-j. Ir;C|ij;re :U ,br. Curtis' oliic<-. ISO ANNOUNCEMfcNTSi AUCTIONS Strared, iLost, Fonnd 10 ! Anctions ; Auto Acce«i!iortei». Tires. Farts 1» room modern, ciosn Pnone lloS. in. of Section R:^nge 2<) Sixtii Principal -Meridian: to .^f:.-ny a. ci^tain rendend In said ac!i.'>.l on tiie P'th «!ay of December. 1027. •n t'avor of .National Life Insurance Company. :i ^coriM ^jrati.);!. and agai!;.-;t tli.- .said defendatits.llarlan Taylor antl Susannia Tayior. his v.iff.. for the :-uin of $a.r ,or (.20. to- g'-t'^er with ii'ter.-st th'-rfj-jn at tlie ra-'. of pi i..-rcint r ..iinum from t!ic ir 'Ur .lay /if l)ec.-mb <-r, 1S27. until paid, ajfd all 'co-i-: of said action. a !:d tiie thr^.-s thi" and de­ li s.paiator in go...] ':u>. ii-; ^JREK X KO U.NTAIN PEN— Without'ACCTIOX am cjrfis: bu.-k.-ts; CI-.CKS • f-i,„ior please return to' too n'um.-r- rose :.\o ; tion;cream .and many orh.r art: ous tp mention. ,; • HAHNESS— Or.- . >-t l.t,iiinci) i harness; l.set l->,-im-h liaru"- ; . 1 f-:u collars. or Reirlster. Liberal rewanl. Avcno^ss ms bau-s of oat straw. 1 TKRMS OF SALE—CASH. Fred WL JtaHiedy, Owi^er COL. C. 0. DUNI^livitaMltaeer. ^JOWw-BAJiK -eOHarEECE. lie auction at 119 South j First, at 1 ;.'J0. on Tuesday. Jaauarif 31, furniture of a nine room hdase, consisting of bfd£, dre^seijs. .coin- moile.s. ihnffet, ditiine tible and ciuiirs,. rocking chairs, j kitchen cabinet! stoTes, rugs.. dishes and ifumiture of erery de^riptios. evVL-^"^:.,„:,,..,. ,'~ ! DOOP. AND WiN'DOW^:la.»!^es for SALl-^Satur<ia>. .lun.,^ earlier. -Ford sedan 2>. ar 2 p. m : a room inodenv cottage and 1'; b.-ls. with garden: plo;veil and Irui; jilant-d; als-.' li'.rni(j;re of h .-it ^e. Leo S.-Tter.l 12ir. Cherokee St.. Humlxddt. D. UCCKSTELL .VXL|;—For Ford ton i J c.upe. We work ha any make ofiCCSrTO.M HATCHIXG—:j'ic an c«g. cif. -Smith's Garage. 121 North j over ^OOn-egg capacity: .uood in- ^•r,...r t'bon" ^70. ' I ciihator for sale. iJabv chicks; t^t.fc-t. BABY CHICKS — SPECIAL this : week only. A Liberal discount | piveii on' al! oniers placed tliis JIoCSE - w<-ek. Delivery iiny time desired, i y.,r ,.,,„: One gallon size stone fountain i -----, . _ - , , given'free with an order of .=;00 *-.MODEPJ>; ilOI.SE-Six..rooms, with : ''P"^.^;;,''! r^t".' ^•^'a,!'^ . chi'-ks or more. Sturdy Chick garage, some fruii. and cardcn .\f>\\. THh.RKi-ORr,. noti. e i.s Hat.herv. lola. Ka-,. 22.) West St. .spot Phone !)r/tW. _ _ h-r'^V 5'vei. that on the fith ..ay of : : - -• ——.^-^—.—z::.^ — ! Ff .';rnar.v. P'2.S. at tne hour of 2 REAL ESTATE FOR SALJE ' oVlock p. m. of -ai.; day. a: the r '•• South door of the County: Court Farms and l4Uid Sor Sale 85; House in the City of loia. Allen 1:~ ;— ~.- ~. .,, -• ; Countv. Kansa.s I will offer .said TH^. BEST BARGAI.V m ->llen ; ^^^..^ „.^„.joned and destribed real County; neany IQO acre.=5 hishly, ^ ^^j^ ^j,^, ^.;„ ^^j, ^.^^^ i.mproved. adjoining lol.i. C-.^eat ^ ,,5^,,^.. ,,„.^. j^. ; COCKERELS—High grade White i ! Wvandottes. Mrs. J. S. Reed. cubal>>r for sale. Baby can later Tritby'.s. Gas. Kans. I Halbeit. .\uitioneer. BUSINESS SRRVTCE tnf'k; also tiret^. rised parts. lola, COM.MrXlTY SALl-:-!.Vt l,.Harpe.' -t^'"" ^^^.IJlP -LQ^IgBf .lS^- Saturday. January 2,':: Livestock: 'good us.-d and nev.- fur'-iture; on.- extra ;ood cook st;,ve wiiii watm- fng ovea: oUur a.-ticie-i; chickens and one good brooder house. Chas. Dragoo. Auctitlnoer. CHICKS—Pure bred electric hatch- L.icrifice if sold before O'nerwise off the market. highly, p-„pprtv for sal*', and -., , i ..-i-ime to tlie !!ighesr and .March ; ,ler for cash in iiand. subject to IS Liberal: j,j„^.jii .s- rf-fi'-mpiion. as in said ;Launderin)r 2} LAUNDRY WORKVOf; all kinds, work guaranteed.; AViU call for and deliTcr. PhoBe H48W. eU. off eafh v.eek. With each order! t.rms. Call at-once The -Alien ! j^jg^^^^ 2,,,, ^rder o; sale direci- of 250 chicks we give a gallon jroimty Investment CO.. Kelley Ho-j ^ , drinking fountain. Custom hatch-[ tel BIdg.. lola. Kan4 ing "v.- per egK. Quality Electric Hatchery, Ga-s. Kans. HENS—6 .1 White Leghorns, prize winning English strain. 7.5c if latea .stnUgbt «r $1.00 choice:'4 F»r Stale 8J 7 ROOM HOU^HWTharoaghly modr erp, -wStl^ i ?icres grpund, at GaCT iiet't, Kaiis. For isal^f or tr.ide. for loli propcrtr. F.a3wonger. Jr^ etl. Witnes.s my hand this -Jth day of .January, 1S2S. H. I). S.MOCK. Sheriff of Allen Coiinty,' Kansas.- Bv Ed J. Dunfee. ITnder Sheriff: HARL BOIL^XNON. - Attoraey for Plaintiff;

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