Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 16, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1955
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Takfcr A|C. Kennell Heads Laurel . ft! ' Tractor Firm Austin C. Kinnell, Cumberland native and graduate of Allegany High School, is president of Copar, Inc., of Laurel, producers 'of an eight-horsepower tractor. The new manufacturing enter- prisera branch of The Ahrendt Instrument Company at College Park'vvas started in the early part of this year, and even though it an infant business, its product has been sold from New England south to the Carolinas and as far west as Indiana. The'factory contains 30,009 square feet of manufacturing space and is situated on a l6V->-acre tract where a proving ground and sales demonstration ai'ea are to be in stalled. "Power and Fuel Pictorial" of October 1955 featured a full-page spread on the industry and includes a picture of Kennell standing besides the product. KenneJl, a Navy veteran, worked for the J. C. Orrick Company here following graduation from high school and for the past three years has been affiliated with the in- strurrient company. Hev:is, married to the former Miss ..Betty Bowen of Mt. Savage and the couple has two children, Gloria, 15, and Austin III, 7. Ken- nelTstmother, Mrs. Austin Kennell, resides-at 341 Bedford Street. His father: was a former" employe of; the Orrick company and died about 20 years ago. . STEVENSON ANNOUNCES—Adlai Stevenson, left, who announced his candidacy to seek again in 1956 the Democratic presidential nomination, beams at Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley who appeared with him at session at which Stevenson made his announcement yesterday. • (AP Photofax) Hugh Capet (938-996) was the|j nc jj an founder of the Capetian dynasty of dngs of France. In Food Search Jarolnj On Bridge Opposing Side JBy OSWALD JACOBS Written for NBA Service In .fome bridge hands the right play brings you success while the wrong'play dooms you to failure. In other hands, however, the right play ^merely gives you a gooi chance for success. In today's h the right play 'is even more subtle, for itjmerely makes matters difficult for an opponent. • £.. NORTH 16 - ,ii • 4Q7 ' • • • . ft VJ7 £ 484 ~. 4>AJ109642 WfST EAST <M32 A A1085 ¥ A 10 652 V843 »,63 4J1092 4;;Q 7 3 * K 5" •••'•"" ' :"; SOUTH (D) £ . AKJ96 : '- VKQ9 . 3 » AKQ75 » " * 8 % Both sides vul. South West North East 1 • Pass 2 A Pass 24 Pass 3+ Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass ^Opening lead—V 5 Without the encouragement o£ a spade discard from West, South might not risk the spade finesse. He might cash the king and jack of spades in the hope of dropping the teni At worst, he. is down only one; losing a finesse will probably lead to a three-trick set. Hence many a declarer . will risk the finesse if West discards. a spade but will otherwise not take this chance. Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Heart Pass 2 Hearts . Pass ? : You, South, hold: 4AK64 VAJ1053 «K3 <*85 W-hat'do you do? A—Bid two spades. As lone « you're suggesting came, you ihould find out »bout the other major. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in he question.just answered. You South, holdV ' *A3 VAQ1053 • AJO *S5 What do you do? ;. . . . Answer Tomorrow . West opens the five of hearts, and South wins with the nine. South leads "a spade to the queen, and East wins with the ace. East returns'.';^ four of hearts, and West plays;low in order to keep an entry to his/long heart suit. South now cashes the three' top diamonds, hoping for a 3-3 break. West \must discard on the third diamond, of course, and this is where we see what kind of player Westls. When the hand was actually played. West was a pillar of society but; "jalas, no bridge player. He threw;a small spade, on the theory that ''he could never win a trick with any of his spades but mighl need;the clubs or hearts. It .wasn't hard for South to guess;: exactly why West threw spade. Hence he got to dummy with "the ace of clubs and returned the seven of spades. East played low, and South finessed the nine of spades. The finesse succeeded, of course, and South took his nine tricks with great relief. It was true that West didn't need the spade. It was equally true that he couldn't afford to discard the spade, without giving declarer valuable information. A good player in the West seal would, discard a low club instead of lh*e low spade. It was dollars to doughnuts that East had the king of .clubs since otherwise South would; have bid more aggressively and'would have started the clubs much." earlier. Hence West could spare; one club quite safely. 'arkside PTA Plans leeting Tomorrow The Parent-Teacher Association if Parkside Elementary School will meet tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. Harry I. Stegmaier, local attor- ley, will deliver a talk following he regular visitation period. Highest Andes The Andes Mountains reach their realest general height, more than 10,000 feet, in Peru, but their highest peak, Mount Aconcagua, is in Argentina. KLAMATH FALLS, Ore.—(INS) -One of the toughest problems for a resident of India in the .United States, is-to find the kind e likes. So' reports. Kuttalan Arayanan, who enrolled at Oregon Technical Institute. ••• The 26-year-old student is a pure vegetarian and for a long time he looked for an eating house that serves plain boEed rice. In his home town of Shiyali in South India almost everybody is a practis- ing Hindu and eats rice thrice a day. - . . . •••;,. At the same time he reported that communism is losing ground n India. He pointed out that it ;hrives on poverty and explained: "In India trie industrial and-ecd- nomic development of the country is very rapid. 'A great change has come about. Fine roads and highways are being built, dams constructed, and more land is coming under the plow.'.' " \ Largest county in the U. S. is San Bernardino County, California, with 20,160 square miles. New Equality For Women Given Blame LONDON-dNS)-It is the new equality of women with men that has really shaken the stability of marriage and family life in so many parts of the world. This is the conclusion of Joseph Brayshaw. 'general secretary of Britain's National Marriage Guidance Council. Brayshaw, developing his thesis n the "Family Doctor," the British Medical Association's magazine, explained that in grand- 'ather's day "he said what was what. In religious observance, the upbringing of children, the spend- ng of family income, and in any- .hing else important, grandfather aid down the law." Grandmother,,, according to Brayshaw, had to accept what grand- 'ather said, however rebellious she 'elt, for her dependence on grand>a was enforced by economic necessity, by social custom and by constant childbearing. Women's new E quality has changed all that, "thus every modern marriage of thinking people presents husband and wife with :he problem of reconciling equality with ; respect for deep emotional differences," said Brayshaw. Marriage today, according to this expert,; involves "a much greater ;ask of tolerance and adjustment :han ever before, and "in aiming ligher in marriage we are suffering more casualties." Brayshaw- admits that one of the reasons why. divorces are more numerous today is simply that here are •.more marriages. • But, .he expert says, another reason ies in.the very.'young marriages. One bride in seven is pregnant on her wedding day, said Brayshaw, but the figure is nearly one Cold Tacts...byKP SCIENTISTS FIND NEW WOND6R DRUG NASAL SPRAY CLEARS WORST DISTRESS OF, HEAD COLDS t£7$YOUBR£ATH£ FOR HOURS ALMOST AS IF YOUR COLO HAD GONE.' HEW CLINIC STttE ATOMIZER Works like adoehrt jtomter •fa spread medication -even children like Ih ^ VICKS Medi-Mist NASAL SPRAY For Your COMPLETE Beauty Service At Lower Than Budget Prices Visit Our Modern Beauty Clinic 10:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. for appointment phone PA 4-2180 TRI-STATE BEAUTY ACADEMY 114 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. GpeBEprlESS MUCH LESS to Borrow Sensibly lf;';y«» fMflt** to»h for rail. •«- i«nrlt» It prcmpl, |: Le«ni up to $300 "•*•, Wott — Furniture — o/x* :"" , < Autt Loont IMDUSTRIAL LOAN sociE-nr, INC. -^N». Ml LHterty Trutt Bl<4|. 'Z PHONt PA 44100 Natural Birch Kitchen Cabinets FACTORY-TO CUMBERLAND KITCHENS D)»lay R*«m m*4 Plant, IUHHII, MD. Marriage Problems! West Side PTA Meets Tomorrow Mrs. Ella D. Everstine, social consultant for the State Mental Hygienic .Clinic, will speak at a meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association of West Side School tomorrow night. Mrs. Everstine will show a 30- minute film, "Fears of .Children," and then will hold a discussion program. The parents with the teachers in classrooms at ,7:30 p. m, A business meeting is scheduled in the auditorium at 8 p. m. and the film, talk and discussion will follow. A social hour will be held in the school cafeteria following the discussion period. in four for those who marry under the age of 21. . Brayshaw quoted Britain's registrar-general as stating if the current divorce trend continues "then one in four of the women marrying now at the ages of 16-18, one iri: ten of those marrying aged 1922." and one in sixteen of those marrying at ages 23-27 will have been divorced by the 20th anniversary of their marriage." The grape, apple, orange, plum, pear and banana are. considered the principal commercial fruits. Fluoride Gives Student Group Healthiest Teeth GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Wl—A government researcher, studying fluroidation effects of Central High School students, says, "We've never seen better teeth anywhere in the country." A. L. Russell, DDS, chief of epidemiology and biometry branch of the National Institute for Dental Research, made the statement on completion of the second survey in two years at the school. Grand Rapids claims'it was the first city in the United States to add fluroide to its water supply in 1945. v • • WARNING! Don't let cough from common cold hang on Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion. It goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender.inflamedbronchialmembranes. Get a large bottle of Creomulsion at your drug store. For children get milder, tastier Creomulsion for Children in thepiiik and bluepackage. Adv. CREOMULSION rtlimt Congte, Quit Colds, Acuta Imkhitis; 3) -. North" COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Lichtenstein's Medical Arts Pharmacy ."•-:-••• Samiitl Wfrthtini«r - •--„-;;. V FREE DELIVERY • ; ' Dial FA 4-3730 taard Meeting Set The board of directors of the m. at Central YMCA, The Salish Indians of northwest- rn United States are more popu- arly known as the Flatheads. Club Meets Today ilie uuuiu ., uu^.0 - „,. The Adult Badminton Clubspon- :umberland Junior Association of sored by the City ^reaUon De- :ommerce will meet today at 7:30 ^^^Ato£ = gymnasium. Harvard university libraries contain nearly six million volumes. Place Your Turkey Order Now at the P,S. PILLSBURY GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 25-lb. $f < •• CRISCO Con" 87C Public Pride OLEO 2 :± 39c VEAL SHOULDER CHOPS 37c, b . PORK SHOULDER STEAK 37c , b MINCED LUNCHEON 29c» PUBLIC SERVIC FOOD MARKET! 26 N GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN ANNOUNCING THE GREAT NEW NASH for 56 N«w 1956 Nath Ambassador Custom Country Club. With AH-Seaton Air Conditioning, Twin Ullramatic Drive, Power Steering, Power Brake*, Power-Lift Window*, it's yourt for hundreds of dollars loss than other fin* Cars comparably equipped. New 22O H.P. JETFIRE V-8 The matt advanced V-B of all, with acceleration and performance that must b» experienced fo b« appreciated. Power-test it today! See it Now.. .World's Safest Construction. Complete New Luxury... The New Kind of Car for America on the Go I Sie «v«rything you've always wanted in a travel car *** New Speedline Styling *** New colors, new. Two-Tones, new Triple-Tones *** Glam- ourous new color-keyed interiors.*** See' the- safest car ever built, with Double Safe Single-Unit Construction to give you three-dimensional protection *** New 12-volt ignition for fast starts, extra "juice" for Power Assists *** There's more room—more convenience—more safety—more solid enjoyment than you've ever known in a motor car. Set !h« n«w«t product of the fresh, new thinking of American Motors . . .. the. Nash Ambassador and Statesman for '56. Drive the world's finest travel car—at your Nash dealer's now! NEWEST COMFORT! AJrliner Reclining Seats make chaise longue, "day couch" for kids, Travel Beds. NEW UNSURPASSED SAFETY! Only Double Safe Single Unit Gar' 1 : Construction extends welded box-sections 'completely.around passengers. NEW DISTINCTION! Dramatically .. restylcd front appearance ... Safety- .Vu headlights, "see more" night. NEW ROOM AND COMFORT! Nash gives you the biggest room, most spacious front seat, most head and shoulder room, widest windsnield. NEWEST ADVANCE IN RIDE! Deep Coil Springs on all four wheels soak up shock three times better. ALL-SEASON AIR CONDITION. ING I One control warms, cools, ventilates, filters air. Most advanced, easy to operate, amazing low price. ALL-NEW LOOK from'all angles- new Speedline* Styling and new, mas- • sive High-Line -rear fenders, with striking new. rear Tri-Lights. ON DISPLAY TODAY I AMfllCAN MOTOW MMNS.MOM.rtt AMt«lCAN» World's Finest Travel Car 56 MWAKADOII • SMTOAMN • «AMWH • MfTlOrOUMN ^roovcfi of AMVTKM MtFW Tops in Resale Value M-G-K- Motor Co 221 Glenn Strttt Phont PArkvitw 2-2300 M«y PoHn! TMW to Dtuwytewl en ,4K-TV. SM TV fhUnf* hr TIM •«* ONW»H

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