Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 26, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 26, 1948
Page 4
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12 July 24, 1948 MM«» Cltr Gl.fc«-G»ietU. MM» CHy, b. Midwest Livestock (SATURDAY'S Albert Lea, Minn. 25c higher Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs .„. 150-160 Ibs $15.25 160-170 Ibs $28.25 170-180 Ibs $27.25 180-190 Ibs 180-200 Ibs 180-200 Ibs S2B.50 200-220 Ibs $28.50 220-240 Ibs $28.50 240-270 Ibs J27.DO 270-300 Ibs S25.75 300-330 Ibs $24.00 330-360 Ibs $23.00 Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs $23.75 300-330 Ibs $23.25 330-360 Ibs $23.00 360-400 Ibs $21.75 400-450 Ibs $20.75 450-500 Ibs $19.75 500-550 Ibs $18.75 PRICKS) Austin Minn. 25c higher $20.90 $22.90 $23.90 $26.50 $28.00 $28.50 $28.50 $28.50 $27.00 $25.75 $24.00 $23.00 $23.00 $23.00 $22.75 $21.75 $20.75 $19.25 $19.25 Waterloo Steady to 25c higher $25.00 $26.75 S28.25 $26.50 $28.50 $27.25 $26.00 $24.50 $23.25 $23.25 $23.25 $22.75 $21.75 $22.75 $19.75 $19.00 Cedar Rapids 25c higher $27.75 $28.25 $28.25 $27.00 $25.75 $24.25 $23.25 $23.25 $23.25 $22.75 $21.75 $20.75 $19.75 $19.00 Hogs Steady on Market , Chicago, (/P)—Hogs were quoted nominally steady in a $20.50 to $30 range Saturday/ending a week which saw prices 'advance 25 to 50 cents on heavy offerings and hold steady on light types. Cattle and sheep also were quoted nominally steady. Chicago, (/P)—(USDA)—Salable hogs 500, total 2,500 (estimated): compared week ago: Butchers up to 330 Ibs. and all sows 25®50 cents higher, butchers over 350 Ibs. steady. Salable cattle 300 (estimated); total not given; compared week ago: Meager supply choice to prime yearlings and light steers steady; prime steers topped at 541, July record, but practical top $40.25. with best yearlings at $40; average-good to average-choice steers and heifers weak to $1 lower; common, medium, and low- good kinds S1.50@4, mostly S2@2.50 lower. AH grades steers scaling over 1350 Ibs. closed very dull; also incomplete clearance grassy and shortfed steers and heifers; choice heifers topped early at $38.50; most medium and good heifers closed at $22^32; choice kinds at $3&@ 37.50; beef cows S2©2.50 lower, canners and cutters $1 down; bulls steady to $1 lower, beef bulls off most; vealers ?1©3 .lower, weighty grassy kinds off most; canner and cutter cows closed at S14@18. Most beef cows 518.50(823.50; high-good beef cows stopped at $26.50 late when heavy sausage bulls topped at $26. with few beef bulls above $27; most vealers late in week $29 down, only selected lights $30; medium stockers 50 cents to 51 lower, good and choice kinds steady to weak at $27®30, medium offerings S23 Q25.50. Salable sheep 100 (estimated); total not given compared week ago: Spring lambs §2@2.50 lower, yearlings and old crop lambs 50 cents to $1 lower, ewes steady; Week's top spring lambs $3i, closing sales good and choice natives S28"i'28.50, bulk §28. with fat bucks discounted §1, medium and good spring lambs late $22.50 ©27; several decks good to choice shorn yearlings and old crop lambs with No. 1 pelts $25«:26, medium kinds arounrl S23; common to choice slaughter ewes $9® 12. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Saturday's Market) Chicago, i/P) —Unofficial estimated livestock receipts for Monday: Hogs 9,000; cattle 9,000; sheep 2,000. Local Livestock noos MASON CITY—For Saturday Steady. Good light lights 160-170 $26.25 Good light lights 170-180 $27.25 Good mod. weights 180-200 528.25 Good mcd. weights 220-240 328.25 Good med. weights 220-240 328.25 Good med. weights 240-270 S27.00 Good med. weights 270-300 S25.50 Good med. weights 300-330 524.00 Good med. weights '. 330-360 S23.00 Good sows 270-300 $23.00 Good sows 300-330 S23.00 Good sows 330-360 $23.00 Good sows 360-400 $21.75 Good sows .-. 400-450 $20.50 Good sows 450-500$10.50 Good sows 500 and up J1B.50 No hogs received alter 5 p. m. Jacob E. Decker & Sons C* /V T TI F MASON CITY—For Saturday Good steers and heifers $33.00-36.00 Good to choice steers and heifers $31.00-33.00 Good steers and heifers .... §30.00-31.00 Medium steers and heifers S27.00-29.00 Fair steers and heifers S21.00-23.5C Plain steers and heifers $19.00-21.00 Choice cows 521.00-23.00 Good cows S20.00-22.0C Medium cows S19.50-22.50 Fair cows $17.00-18.50 Good bulls $21.00-23.00 Medium bulls $20.00-22.00 Bologna bulls $18,00-21.0f Canners and cutters $14.50-17.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Saturday Choico 528.00 Good , $26.00 Medium $21.00 Common 518.00 Culls $14.00 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good to choice $27 00 EAVES Good to choice f 7.50- 9.50 Medium $ G.50- 7.5B Common and culls $ 5.00- 6.00 Oats Sink to Seasonal Low Chicago, (JP) —Traders who had expected the grain market to display firmness with the closing of July contracts got a disappointment Saturday. All grains showed weakness at times and oats sank to new seasonal lows. Private advices from Iowa stated oats were making 50 to 100 bushels to an acre. Test weight was 30 to 40 pounds. Harvesting was making fine progress. Wheat closed i-lg lower, September $2.30g-i, corn was 2 cents lower to i higher, September $1.74i-$1.74, oats were 11 to 2 cents lower, September 74J-74, rye was £ higher, December $1.87J, and soybeans were unchanged to 1 cent lower, November $2.98. Full of Concern — Veterans Write Queries About Future in the Draft Mason City Grain (Quotations Farmers' Elevator) At 10 a. m. Saturday No. 2 oats, 36 Ibs., Aug. 15 ... 64c No. 2 oats, 36 Ibs., Sept. 15 .. , 63c No. 2 yellow corn, 5 day ... $1.85 Soybeans, No. 2, subject to quotations. Soybeans, Nov $2.67 By MAJ. THOMAS M. NIAJL Some letters coming to the "Guide" from veterans are full of concern over the futurer-the writer's future in the draft. "Is there any chance that I will be called?" these letters ask. The answer is—practically none at all. First, if you are 26 years old you are automatically exempt. Second, if you served 90 days or more on active duty between VETERANS GUIDE Pearl Harbor and Sept. 2, 1945, you are exempt. Third, if you didn't serve those 90 days, but did serve one year sometime between Sept. 16, 1940, and June 24, 1948, you are ex-' empt. Fourth, if you got a medical discharge before serving your 90 days the chances are almost nil ot your getting drafted. That's because you have to pass stiff physical exams. "Let Younger Brother Worry" So don't worry about the draft. Let your younger brother do that Query from R. C., Dillon, S. Car.: "I have 2 dependents and am taking on-the-job training under P. L. 16. minimum Is there allowance guaranteed that I can Notices JNLESS special classification of od is requested, customers must accept classification of advertising department ot this paper. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Saturday's Market) Chicago, (SP)-~ Wheat No. 2 red $2.30© 30'A; No. 3, S2.29<Q.<29%; No. 3 red tough S2.20Vb'«l26; No. 4 red $2.27 Y t ; No. 4 red tough S2.20; No. 1 hard $2.30<?i'30y.i: No. 2. S2.29'A@30V'4. Corn No. 1 yellow $2.10Vj<TC ; No. 2. $2.10. Oats No. 1 heavy mixed 77^'ic; sample grade heavy mixed tough 78%c; No. 1 heavy white 78%c; No. 1 white 76'Ac: No. 2, 76V 3 c. Barley malt S1.55&95; feed $1.15@45 nominal. CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Saturday's Market) Chicago, (IT) — WHEAT— High Low Sept $2.3! $2.30!i Dec 2.32 7 a 2.31 3 < May 2.28 v s 2.26% CORN— Sept 1.77'A 1.74 Dec 1.581'*, 1.57 May 1.60?'* 1.59 = i> OATS— Sept 76'A .74 Dec 79 .77 May 80'A .78Vi KYE— Dec 1.87V* 1.87'A May SOYBEANS— Nov 3.01 2.98 Dec 2.97 2.9GVi Mar LARD— Sept 22.35 22.12 Oct 22.45 22.20 Nov 22.45 22.30 Dec 23.57 23.30 Jan Close 2.32 2.27 1.74</« 1.57'A l.SOVn .74'i .77 Va 1.87V 8 1.83 2.98 2.97 2.97 22.15 22.30 22.30 23.30 23.40 draw from the veterans administration?" Under certain conditions, yes The guaranteed minimum is made up of your compensation and your subsistence allowance. If the total of those 2 falls short of the guaranteed minimum then the allowance is increased to make up the difference. However, the guaranteed minimum would count for nothing if your allowance plus your wages equal is much as, or more than, the pay of a full-trained worker, because in that case the allowance must be cut back to keep the total (allowance plus wages) equal to the journeyman's wage. Confusing? You're not telling me. Compensation Increases Query from Mrs. G. H. U., Lawrence, Mass.; "Do you think the government ever will allow an increase in compensation for dependent parents of boys killed in the war? My payment is $54 a month, hardly adequate these days." Congress has already voted an increase but a very small one. Starting September, your monthly compensation will be $00 a month. A glance into the future doesn't bring a hint of any more action of this kind. It's my guess congress, will not raise compensation any higher. Flyingr and the G. I. Bill Question from E. S., Evansvllle, Ind.; "There's been talk about cutting out flying under the G. I. Bill. Was anything done?" Yes, congress did take action to cut down on. the so-called "avocu- Charles City Briefs Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dickerson, 308 Third avenue, have returned from a 2 weeks' vacation at Grand Rapids, Mich., where they visited Mr. and Mrs. George R. Morris. They also traveled to parts of Canada and northern Michigan. * Miss Esther Hummel, of Sterling, Colo., is spending the summer in the home of Brown Martin .and family, 600 Hildreth street. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brintman, of Clarksville, are the parents of a daughter, born at the Cedar Valley hospital, Wednesday. District Court Clerk, L. V. Leigh has issued marriage licenses to Gordon Cecil Glenz, 24, of Glenview, 111., and Marlyn Ruth Schroeder, 24, of Chicago, 111., and Raymond Trask, 20, of Floyd, and Ruth Robertson, 18, of Osage. Miss Carol Snyder, teacher in the Des Moines public schools, is visiting at the home of Mrs. Faith Sheldon, 501 North Jackson street* for the rest of the summer. Miss Snyder has been on a trip to the eastern parts of the United States and visited at Hartford, Conn., and Brunswick, Maine. John McCartney and son, J. B. McCartney, of Coffeyville, Kans., arrived Wednesday for a stay of 2 or 3 days with relatives. Miss Mabel Kellogg of Chicago, arrived for a 2 week's visit at the home of Mrs. Frances Fix, 403 Third avenue. She is enroute to Los Angeles, Cnl., to visit her sister, Mrs. LoUie Blumenstiel. Lloyd Spurbeck, S 2/c, left Friday for San Diego, Cal., for Camp Paul Jones, after a 7-day leave in Charles City. Births at the Cedar Valley hospital Thursday include sons to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Crabtree of Charles City, and Mr. and Mrs. Erving Sheldon of Plainfield. Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Murray of Dallas, Texas, arrived Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Murray, 505 Second avenue, and left Thursday. It was the Card of Thanks WE WISH TO THANK all of our friends and neighbors for their cards, flowers and acts of kindness during the illness and passing of our husband, father and brother. MHS. WILLIAM GAFFRI, WALTER GAFFRI, MR. AND MRS. HERBERT GAFFRI, MR, AND MRS. GUS GAFFRI. Business Opportunities 18 FOR LEASE SUPER SERVICE STATION in Mason City Write P. O. Box 946 or Call 4394 Help Wtd., PemoU 21 WANTED — Waitresses ,with experience. Full time permanent employment. Apply Hotel Eadmar. WANTED—Woman for light housework In modern home; also care of baby, while mother works. Write T-23, Globe- Gazette. Services Offered 27 FOR SALE—Established portrait and commercial studio, county seat, northeast Iowa. Write H-17. Globe-Gazette. Funeral Director MAJOR Funeral Home "Major Service Meets Auto or Air Ambulance. Phone 511. Vour Need.' MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly service. Phone 1505. Ambulance McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance 8 South Adams. Call 651. PATTERSON - JAMES Funeral Home. Known for Service. Ambulance, oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. Personals FAIRMOUNT Maternity seclusion sanitarium for unmarried girls. Low rates. Working reduces expenses. Confidential. 1414 East 27th, Kansas City, Mo. FOR SALE IN CLEAR LAKE ON HIGHWAY 18 Good Used Car Business with 2 large lots and garage 40x50, 1 year old. Buy equipment if desired. LLOYD HAYES Phone 704 or 492-J Clear Lake EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY op«n immediately for woman with pleasing personality. Permanent, interesting, pleasant position following a tested successful sales procedure. Contacting organizations In your own or nearby counties. Car necessary. Exceptional earnings •nd a drawing^ account to assist you in getting started. Opportunity for promotion In personnel management. Write or sec Chas. Applegate, Hanford Hotel, Wednesday forenoon, July 28. WANTED WAITRESS nq. at Midway Cafe INTEKNATIONAL HARVESTER MOTORTRUCK SERVICE STATION HOURS: 8 A. M. to 1 A. M. Monday through Friday. Close at 12 noon Saturdays. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO., 610-12 South Delaware Phone 3200 WALLPAPER hanging Is our business. Phone 3441-W. MIRRORS resitvered. Factory process. Guaranteed Mackefs. Phone "732 WANTED—Small family ironings. Phont 12G2. MANLY, IOWA Lost/ Found LOST—Brown billfold. Important papers. Reward. Ph. 855-J2. Amusements FOR LEASE Service Station One Stall, complete with hoist, in Mason City. Doing good business. For information Inquire at 10 N. Monroe, Ph. 1341 WANTED—Exp. day waitress. Grill Cafe, Clear Lake. WOMEN wanted for confidential telephone survey. Work in your own home as many hours as you can spare per day. Private telephone desired but not necessary. Will pay 50 cents for each hour worked. Write box B-22, Globe-Gazette. Authorized Maytag Sales and Service Produce (Quotation by E. G. Horse) MASON CITY—For Saturday Eggs, No. 1 44c Eggs, undergrades 32c Eggs, nest run 37c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up .... 27c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. up ... 24c Light hens 18c Springs, heavy breeds 35c Springs, Leghorns 32c Old cocks, heavy breeds .... 15c Leghorn cocks 12c Texan's first trip to Iowa in 11 years. Mrs. Leona Woodbury, 303 Sprigg street, state president of the Rebekahs will leave Monday for Marion where she will attend the installation exercises of the Rebekahs. Now You Can Swim Every Night Until 10 P. M. at the SKYLAND POOL If you don't want to swim, drive out anyway and enjoy the view of the pool under the new flood lights. HIGHWAY 18 EAST EDGE OF MASON CITY For Sale—Service Station & Residence Sheets Service Sta. HUTCHINS, IOWA FOR SALE—Cafe, building included. Doing good business. A good buy and priced to sell. Ruck's Caie, Rockford, lo wa. MAKE EASY CASH SHOW Christmas Cards to friends. Gorgeous 21-Card $1 Assortment pays you up to 50c. Everyday. Notes. Wrappings, others. Name-Imprinted Greetings, 50 for $1. up. Samples on approval. HerlelArt, 305 W. Adams, Dept. B-34, Chicago. CALL 162 Pickup and Delivery Service HOME APPLIANCE CO. 201-03 S. Federal Mason City ASHES and rubbish hauled; basement* cleaned. Ph. 3589-W. WANTED—Women to take care of rooms. Full time and part time employment. Permanent work. Apply Hotel Eadmar. CHRISTMAS CARDS WITH NAME LOW as 50 for $1. Sell fast from FREE Samples. You make big profit. Up to 50c on easy SI sales of 21-Card "Southern Beauty," other beautiful Assortment;:. S a m pi e s on approval. SOUTHERN GREETING CARDS, 216 S. Pauline, Dept. A-2, Memphis, Tenn. Money to Loan 8 OSAGE FARM SOLD Osage — Martin Pederson has purchased the Herman Dieterich farm of 240 acres, west of Osage, tenanted by Broder Christiansen. .Pederson, retired farmer living in Osage, sold his farm south of Osage a short time ago. Christiansen has purchased his own farm 2 miles west of the Pederson farm. OPENS NEW CAFE St. Anssar—Miss Emma Belz tional" courses of (dancing, etc.) and instruction included a Thousands Go to Klan Meet in Georgia Stone Mountain, Ga., (/P)—The Ku Klux Klan is on the march again. Any doubts were dispelled Friday night when thousands of the white-robed, hooded knights of the invisible empire assembled in a green field in the purple shadows of Stone mountain to initiate about 700 new members. And any doubts that the Klan has a national head with national aims also were discouraged. For long the Klan has maintained the various state groups were autonomous, but a red-robed "Grand Titan" introduced Dr. Samuel Green, grand dragon of the association of Georgia Klans, as "the official national head of the Klan in America." Waukon Man Is Guilty in Auto Accident Death Waukon, (U.R)—A coroner's jury here Saturday held that the auto- accident death of La Vonne Burseth, 18, Waukon, July 8 was due to reckless driving on the part of Frank Erhardt, also of Waukon. Btirseth died of injuries received when Erhardt's car, in which he was riding, collided head on with another after passing a truck on a hill near here. Erhardt has pleaded not guilty to the charge in justice of the peace court. His trial has been set for Aug. 2. AGAINST ALCOHOL Prague, (U.R)—The town counci of Ceske Budejovice, which has been conducting an an'd-alcoho campaign, Saturday ordered an inn closed and the building converted for use by the waterworks Eggs, at retail 45-53c Butter, Iowa State Brand . 84-8Gc Butter, Corn Country 83c Young GOP Meet Held in Des Moines DCS Moines, (/P)—A change of officers was in the making Saturday as Iowa young republicans held their state convention. Present officers are retiring n most cases. The convention was expected to choose between James Fehlon, Sioux City, and Robert Osmundson for the state chairmanship rlenry Grant of Des Moines is eaving. The national committeemanship of the organization, now held by John Budd of Atlantic, was expected to go to the person not se- .ected for state chairman. The national committeewoman to succeed Mildred Veatch of Des Moines was scheduled to be Mary Koons of Stuart. Speakers for the one-day convention were William S. Beardsley, republican nominee for governor; Whitney Gillilland, state chairman of the senior republican organization, and Supreme Court Justice C. F. Wennerstrum. special section on flying. The result of the special section mny be that a few ex-servicers will be able to take flying courses in the future. It's too early to tell yet. Question from W. W. F., Meadows of Dan, Va.: "When is the federal government going to vote a bonus to World war II veterans like the one the boys who fought the first war got?" I couldn't start to answer that one. Nothing positive has been clone sn far and maybe nothing ever will be done. But who knows? Query from P. T., Spokane, Wash.: "It it too late to apply for terminal leave pay? Just about, but not quite. If you were discharged before Sept. 1, 1946, your application must be postmarked before midnight, Sept. 1, 1948. Don't wait till the last second or you may miss the boat. has opened a new cafe in the east end of town to be known as Emma's cafe. She recently sold her caCe in Carpenter to Mrs. Donald Frank. INSULATE NOW! Reduce annual fuel costs with a complete insulation job. Up to 36 Months to Repay under our liberal F. H. A. plan. Phone, write or call the INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPT. First National Bank MASON CITY, IOWA Help Wfrd., Mole 20 Wanted-Mechanic for Magneto and Speedometer Work. Top wages. Central Auto Elect 25 First St. S. W. WANTED—Man for loading. Clear Lake Bakery, Clear Lake, Iowa. HAVE OPENING for single person between ages of 35 to 45, as Hotel Auditor. Good starling salary and excellent working conditions. Please write letter of application, including references to the undersigned. No phone calls please. FRANK J. ENBUSK Certified Public Accountant First National Bank Bldg. Mason City, Iowa LOANS—$23 to $300. State flnanca Co.. 201 Weir bide. Phone 1038, Classified Advertising Rates 5% discount if paid at time of insertion. ' 3% discount on all classified ads paid within 10 days ol last insertion, TABLE OF ECONOMY WANT AD PRICES This Is o point type The rates tor this size type ere— Count 32-l.t loiters and scaces to line LOANS—See United Financial Service, 15 Mi N Federal, over Ford Hopkiru Drug Store. Phone 57 VACATION MONEY S50—$100—$150—$200 AND UP Why not enjoy a worry-free vacation? S50 costs only $3.00 when repaid In 3 monthly Installments. Larger amounts at repayment plans to fit your Income. Loans to moot other needs also. 25 YEARS FRIENDLY SERVICE Security Loan Co. WANTED Exp. Wash Man. 103 SOUTH PENN. AL AND DICK'S SUPER SERVICE WANTED Menl8to45Yrs.Oid in Canning Dept. JACOB E. DECKER & SONS WANTED—Beauty operators to work in Damon's Beauty Salon. Air conditioned Short hours. No night work except Friday night. Guaranteed salary, plus commission or commission basis. Vacation pay. plus store discount. Apply Eva Behrcns, manager. Situation Wanted 22 WANT position as receptionist. No typ ing. Exper., gen'l office and meeting public. Refs. Write K-24, Globe-Gazette WANTED—Part time bookkeeping, eve nlngs and weekends. College trained exp. Write W-24, Globe-Gazette. Room 321 First Not 1 ! Bids. Phone 412 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Lines G Lines 7 Lines 8 Lines 9 Lines 1 Day . .$ .40 ,. .60 .. .80 ,. 1.00 .. 1.20 .. 1.40 .. 1.60 .. 1.80 3 Days $1.02 1.53 2.04 2.55 3.0G 3.57 4.08 4.59 6 Days $1.80 2.70 3.60 4.50 5.40 6.30 7.20 8.10 Killer of S Year-Old Girl Pleads Insane Cincinnati, Ohio, (U.R)—Harry Herbert Robertson, 33, of Richmond, Va., pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity to a 1st 1 degree murder charge Saturday in the viaduct death of an 8- year-old girl here July 16. Robertson is accused of hurling Patricia Jackson to her death from the viaduct. The pleas were entered for Robertson by his court-appointed attorneys, Bernard J. Gilday and Chester R. Shook. Criminal Court Judge Nelson Schwab appointed 3 alienists to examine Robertson to determine his sanity. 1 Inch CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days $1.10 S3.15 SG.OO This is 10 point type. The rates for this size type are— Count 25-26 letters and spaces to line Police Clerk Finds Artificial Legs, 7,000 Dollar Bill New York, (U.R)—Frank Leuci, property clerk of the police department, advertised Saturday for the owner of a $1,000 bill and a pair of women's artificial legs. The bill was found on a street corner by Nichols Basil Panoff, 60-year-old Russian immigrant, and the legs -were picked up by Herman C. Lennon • in Bryant park behind the public library. LEGAL NOTICE 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Lines 6 Lines 7 Lines 8 Lines 9 Lines 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days .$ .50 $1.32 $2.40 CASH LOANS—$20 to $.100. Household Finance Corporation, 117'A N. Federal. Phone 541. Federal. Telephone 516. SEE tha United Home Bnnk and Trust Co. for real estate mortgage loans. FARM loans 4% No commission Prompt closing Pay ns you Ilk*. Romay Realty Phone 884. Seeds, Feeds .75 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 1.98 2.64 3.30 3.96 4.62 5.28 5.94 3.60 4.BO 6.00 7.20 8.40 9.60 10.80 Cards of Thanks . . $1.25 In Memoriam $1.25 for 15 lines Regular rate of 20 cents a line for anything over 15 lines. JUST CALL 3800 AND ASK FOR AN AD-TAKER FOR SALE Second Cutting BALED ALFALFA A. E. SIMMONS, Hampton WANTED NIGHT COOK Top wages. Permanent job. CONTACT ANDY MAGOULAS PARK INN HOTEL WANTED ALERT YOUNG MARRIED MAN, AGE 25 TO 35 with car. One interested in a good job with a permanent future. Rapid promotion. Good salary while training. See Mr. Deutscher SINGER SEWING CENTER 123 North Federal Help Wtd., Male, Female 23 OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENORS Rent Cars, Trucks "DRIVE-'UR-SELF" LANE BROS., Inc. 804 Fourth St. S. W. Phone 447 Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeiand Skelgas and Appliance 18 South Delaware WANTED AT PRIVATE CLUB Tap Room Attend't Dishwasher Waitress PHONE 1512 AUTO and trucR repair service. Johnson Auto Repair. 14 6th St. N E. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store, 211 S. Federal. Phone 1103. For New Homes, REMODELING AND CABINET WORK Call CARL J. FORSBERG Phone 4272-J 639 South Van Buren Ave. Salesmen 25 WANTED HANDY MAN to apply window insulation. Good future. PHONE 2660-W or G. R. EVELAND, Phone 204G-W, Mason City FOR SALE—Baled, pea-Rrccn sccond- cuttinR nlfalfa hay. Phone 23751. A. Fred Sprau. Mescrvey, la. Wanted-Manager Cash and carry self service grocery and meats for Central Iowa. Attractive drawing account and commission. Write your qualifications to P. O. BOX 588, MASON CITY SALESMAN NATIONAL, organization furnishing specialized chemicals such as cleaners and bacterlcides to dairy, beverage, brewery, bakery, canning, and other food processing plants, needs a ptf iii&r*ent aujcamsr. In Mason City area. Age 2G to 40. Salary and expenses. Experience In this field not necessary, but you must have successful sales background. You will receive salary and expense allowance during full training period. Excellent opportunity to grow and increase earnings. Must have car. All replies treated In confidence. If you arc looking for a permanent position with a good future, write at once, or call Mr. R. E. Young- qulst for personal Interview, Hanforc Hotel, July 28th and 29th. BEAUTIFUL, playing cards. Make excellent gifts. Each personalized with recipient's name. Firms order xip to 50 or more decks as gifts for employees, customers, etc. Liberal comm. National Playing Card Corp., 720 S. Dearborn. Chicago. FOR SALE—Black dirt, fill dirt del.; also ashes, rubbish hauled. Ph. 1670-W. Matching Belts, Buttons, Buckles MADE TO ORDER Women adore the new modern accessories for finer appearance. So get your accessories made here at reasonable prices and quick service. Also hemstitching and buttonholing done. SINGER SEWING CENTER 123 North Federal Mason City, Iowa Phone 1122 ASHES and rubbish hnuled. Basement* cleaned. Ph. 5487-W. Instruction 28 COMPLETE your hlgti school at home in spare time with American School. Texts furnished. Diploma awarded. No Classes. Booklet free. Write American School. Dopt. M.. P. O. Box 672, Des Moines, la. Index to Classified RAISE BREAD PRICE Rome, (U.H)—The Italian cabinet raised the price of bread Saturday for the 4th time since the war, bringing it to 105 lire (18 cents) per kilo (2.2 pounds) beginning Aug. 1. The present legal price is 75 lire. ORIGINAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP IOWA, in and for Cerro Gprdo County. Johanna Pelersen, Plaintiff, vs. Soren Fetenten, Defendant. You are hereby notified that a PcM- tlon of the above-named plaintiff in the above-entitled action is now on file In the office of the Clerk of the above- named Court and which Petition prays that Plaintiff be granted an absolute Decree of Divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment such as to endanger her life and health and for the reason that you have deserted her without cause for more than two years. The Petition further prays that the plaintiff be awarded the custody arid control of the minor children. For further particular*, see. Petition now on flic. You at» also hereby notified to appear before said Court at the Courthouse In Mason City, Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, on or before the 23rd day of August, 1946, and that unless you so appear, your default will be entered and Judgment or Decree will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Pe- AJrplnnes, Equipment. Etc • C3 Agents i6 Acreage 37 Apts for Rent 33 Amusements 7 Auto Ac'sorlrs 62 Autos for Sal* tto Auto Trucks 61 Auto Financing 13 Beauty Shops . 12 Board, Room 38 Bus Location! .30 Bus Op-ties 18 Bus Eq'pm'nl BOA Cafes 14 Card of Thanks 2 Cemeteries A3 tltion. JAMES R. BROWN 8'/a South Federal Avcnut Mason City, Iowa Attorney for Plaintiff Cleaners. Dyers IS CottaRCS . A35 Death Notice* 1 Dogs. Birds. Pets n electrical . A22 Farms for Snle 3V Farms for Rent 40 Florist* 4 Poods 45 Funeral Director & Oarage* 8) Garden* A4S Help Wanted, Male, Female U Help Wtd Mai* 20 Help Wanted. Female SI Help Wtd with Investment . .11 HOUMM for Rent xf Houses (or Sal* U Wanted to Buy 66 Wanted to Rent o't Wear'g Apparel 53 H'seh'd Goods 54 In Memoriam A2 Instruction 28 Insurance 10 Investment 9 LJves'k for Sale 42 Location Wtd A15 Lost, found 6 Lota fcr Sal* 3G Machinery .. 41 Misc. for Rent 46 Mlsc for Sale 44 Money to Loan 8 Musical Lnstr 4fl Nursery Stock 41 Office &qulp so Offices for Rent 49 Optometrists Chiropractors Personals 11 11A b Poultry. Eggs ..S5 Radio Rcai Estat* Real Est Lonns ...16 ...61 A8 BusinessOppOftunities 18 TOOLS! HAND TOOLS! LOCAL mnn to sell complete line of hand tools to garage and filling station mechanics. Guaranteed exclusive territory. Representative will be in city to interview. H. C. Tool Corp., 4063 LaFayette Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo. TAXI BIZ for sale. Well cstabl., with house. Cafe Tor sale, on hwy. Good trade. $3,600. Minn. Sales Co., Albert Lea, Minn. FOR SALE (Sacrifice) CLEAN CAFE IN PLYMOUTH, IOWA First six months net this year was $2,200. Building, large lot and fixtures, all ior $3,250. LELAND MIKKELSEN Manager Wanted WANTED: A large Iowa Mineralized Yeast Company offers an expense allowance plus liberal commission to experienced salesmen who have organizing ability to take up manager work. Applicant must furnish good reference. A good car needed, full time work required. This may be your opportunity to better your income. WRITE BOX NO. 22, CEDAR FALLS, IOWA For Personal Interview. Services Offered 27 DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. AUTO REPAIR ALL MAKES OF CARS H & H MOTORS Sales—PACKARD—Service 12 Seventh St. S. E. Rooms lor Rent 32 Sal* or Trad* 31 Sale or Rent .B3S Salesladies 24 Salesmen 26 Seeds, F**d* ... 17 Services Offered 21 Situation Wtd, 22 Trade Servic* .2» Wanted to Borrow 68 Wanted to Buy or Rent 59 I WANTED—Man to own and operate new 1048 model vending machine route, Mason City and surrounding towns. Part or full time. No selling, no experience necessary; Permanent weekly Income. $737.50 cash Investment required. Write Box K-21, Globe-Gazette, giving address and phone number. For Sale—Tavern, Bldg. & Equipment 6 rooms for living quarters. Write H-23, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTED Man With Truck to apply window insulation. Good future. PHONE 2660-W HEIMENDINGER TRANSFER LINE Office at 823 Fourth St S. W for experienced and economical local and long distance moving CALL 1070 First Class Body and Fender Work Car Painting Free Estimates MASON CITY NASH CO. 1311 North Federal Phon* D I REPAIR ALL MAKES OF Washing Machines Have Wringer Rolls ior All Mnkcs I sharpen lawn mowers, sell used re frlRcrators, washing machines and Ice boxes. L. A. WRIGHT 216 Third N. E. Phone 1849-J MECHANIC FIRST CLASS New tools. New shop for fast efficient work. Good hourly wage with chance for bonus. Stop in today. See Mike Balaban, Ser. Mgr. HAROLD MOTORS, Inc. 404 North Federal Open Eves. Except Sat. and Sun. WANTED-Carpenter work, contact E»r Listen 8:13 a. m. and 5:4S p. m. KflMN 1010 | Aman, 211 28th St. S. W. after 6:30 p.m WANTED—Tiling, ditch work and base ments dug with machine. Ph. 1768-J or 520G-J. Ben Hoyt WRtNGEU ROLLS—AH Shop, 502 S. Federal. washers. Saw WANTED—Custom wlndrowing, Hirman Nagel. Ph. 2185-W. Sale or Trade 31 FOR SALE—Or will trade for cash register. Gibson 30 Ib. computing scale. ph. aoa. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Sleeping rm. for 2; single beds. Gents pref. 1113 N. Fed. TOR RENT — Lge. sleeping Deckers. Ph. 480B-J. room near FOR RENT—Room for 2 girls, close in. Ph. 237D-J. FOR RENT—Slpg. rm. Double bed. 2 men prcf. or working couple. After S p. in., RI9 N. Penn. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for business lady. 412 East State. FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms. Men or working couple. 328 2nd St. N. W. FOR RENT—Clean, larye front rm. for 2. Close in. 115 S. Adams. FOR RENT—Large sleeping room with 2 closets. 1!£ blocks from Postoffice. Gentlemen pref. Ph. 3478-LW. Apts. for Rent 33 FOR RENT—2 rm. apartment. Federal. 1309 No. Houses for Sale 35 AN APARTMENT FOR SALE 'A Home on Wheels' 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, why rent, buy now. Such popular makes as Sportsman Alma, Ironwoocf, Travelite, Fairway, Traillite. BUY THE BEST, they cost no more thnn ordinary trailer homes. OUR TRAILERS cnn be bought on monthly pnvmrnts FURNITURE ACCEPTED cs part pay: mcnt WtfY WAIT. BUV NOW W. B. FERRING. Dycrsvllle. Iowa nJ^'H'PJ 8 WEST HAVEN GROCERY 2S35-19th St S. W. p hone 4a6l LARRY & SECMA SEVEY Charles City Phon . 1707 .j FOR SALE—2 small house trailers, well T "''"'PP*' 1 - E " 1 ot washrooms. Clear Lake Tourist Park. P. D. Webster

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