The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 27, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1933
Page 4
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•_.«, TI! .,* ««.i.- w» */-?y*\, •>-.7••».«« K'^^r.MS™"i'<•#.\^gtj-*<: , ;" -, "< <• J • ^> M ^r-» ^ •' '^; • "''"' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1933 IN L A. FACES PROBE fAtsoelated Prett Leaied Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26.—A sweeping Investigation of tho harbor commission's "every transaction not satisfactorily explained during the past six years" was started today by tho remaining members of the commission under orders from Mayor John C. Porter. Coincident with tho mayor's order, •which followed a request to the city council that It sustain him In tho retrieval from office of Walter B. Allen as commissioner. City Attorney Erwln Werner announced a 30-day suspension of Clyde Leach, deputy city attorney assigned as legal adviser to the commission. "We are ready to go on with the Investigation," said Werner. "Just what has taken place In the harbor department I am unablo at this time to state. "Leach has been suspended because of his failure to mako In writing opinions rendered by him for the harbor board or various members of the board relative to city matters when the city charter provides that these opinions must be. in writing. "The action of Mayor Porter In removing Allen and the expected audit report have no connection with the removal of Leach." Washington Whispers (United Press Leased Wtr«) TOASTED QUAIL? ROCHESTER, Ind., Jan. 27. (A. P.) Telephone users wondered what was the matter with their service until n. "trouble shooter" for the company found a quail fastened between two wires, causine n, short circuit. WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.—The thousands who write President-elect Roosevelt their Ideas of how to bring back good times may be assured that If their plans appear to hold any germ of a workable Idea, they are being summarized, 'filed and cross Indexed for future use of Mr. Iloosevolt and Ills advisors. Even the proposals' which seem too fur-fetched to merit consideration are Mcnnned at least three times before being discarded, Mr. Hoosevelt's correspondence, nl- wnys heavy, hits Increased to an average of 1000 letters received dally. A staff of GO Is kept busy In New York reading, classifying them, referring the more Important to the President-elect and answering an enormoVs number. Some 220,000 replies have gono out from the Now York hradqunrtcrs. Letters pour. Into Mr. Roosevelt's New York and Hyde Park homes, the Democratic national headquarters, and the "little white house" at Warm Springs. None has been ad- dressed to him at the White House here, but one was sent to "the unforgotten man, Now York." It was delivered without delay to tho President- elect's town hound, ' .. Currency legislation Is tho most popular subject with those advancing "plans" to bring back prosperity. Many letters naturally contain assurances that tho writer voted tho Democratic ticket and hint that a government job would not bo unacceptable. Ruefully considering a stack of these, one of Mr. Hoosevelt's aides suggested some Republicans must bo trying to got Into the fold, as surely thero were more letters than Democrats. Another precedent of long standing will be broken due to the Roosevelt Inauguration. Tho society which has charge of Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, has decided to have the shrine open to the public on Sunday, March 5. Heretofore the gates have always been closed on tho Sabbath. 150 NEW AIRPLANES PURCHASED BY U S. HAPPY ENDING FOR HAMLET CHICAGO, Jan. 27. (A. P.)—The story of Hamlet, a tragedy, has turned out to bo a comedy. Hamlet, great Dano pup, which vanished from the homo of Its owner, President Robert Maynard Hutchlns of tho University of Chicago, was returned safely by two boys. So the 10 cents a week "salary" President Hutchlns 1 6-year- old daughter, Franja collected for car- Ing for tho animal, will go on. THRIFTY JUDGE CARTHAGE, Texas, Jan. 27. (U. P.) County Judge Russell Nelson announced today ho had ordered all gas connections removed from the courthouse as an economy measure. "Farmers have .plenty of wood for sale so we'll help them out," tho jurist said. WHOOPS, SKINNY. SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Jan. 27. (A. P.) Residents are certain something Is just around the corner—maybe spring. School boys are playing marbles again. Preim heated Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.—The war department took 'a big atrldo at reinforcing Its air service today, allocating almost $3,880,000 In contracts for 174 now planes and equipment. Tho largest wont to Glen ti. MaV- ttn Company, Middle. River, Md., for 38 flying craft of various types at a cost slightly in excess of $2,0010,000. One contract was awarded to the Doelng Airplane Company, of •Seattle, for 111 tingle sealers'. Tho other contracts- Bellancit Aircraft Corporation, Newcastle, Del., 10 single seated cargo transports, J27C.C51. Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Santa Monica, Calif., 15 observation plnnes, $174.613. v . Piatt & Whitney Aircraft Company, East Hartford, Conn., 28 hornet air- 1 cooled radial engines for observation planes, $157,720. Plan $50,000,000 Aid for Veterans (Unlttd Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO', Jan. 27.—A .resolution seeking to place a $50,000,000 bond Issue before tho people to continue the financing of home and farm purchases for ox-service men was bo- Ing prepared for Introduction In tho Legislature today. The msasuro Is sponsored by the American Legion Three similar bond issues totaling $50,000,000 have been approved by the people in the past. OIL ««rf MINING F-YEAR REPORT SHOWS LOSS LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27.—Statement of profit and loss Issued'yesterday by Hancock Oil Company of California for the six months ended December 31, 1032, reveals an operating loss for the period of $8170. Lose for the quarter ended on that date was $67,267, against profit of $49,088 in the first quarter of the company's fiscal year ended September 30, 1932. Deficit In operation was largely attributable to a decline In operating Income of $79,736 from $1,616,848 to $1,437,111 between the two quarters, and an Increases of $26,620 from $1,467,758 to $1,494,378 in operating charges, including costs, general expenses, all taxes, development, depletion, retirements and amortization. LAST CALL! HARRY COFFEE'S SENSATIONAL ENDS SATURDAY IN A BLAZE OF VALUES SPECIAL GROUP OF Suits «/ 2 Overcoats Vz Handkerchiefs . . '/z Neckwear '/2 Shoes . 1/2 Shirts y t Hats i/ 2 Pajamas '/i Leather Coats . . . '/2 Trousers '/z PRICE TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR PRICE Entire Stock of Women's Sweater* Leather Coat* Pajamas Slippers Noveltlea Knit Ensemble* Polo Coats Robe* Beret* Bat;* Glove* '/i H AT 1/L PRICE ENTIRE STOCK OF Lined Glove* Vz Golf Ho»e Vz Muffieri .. Vz Dicker. '" " V Tie and Hdkf. Sets. . % Robe*'™........!!!! Vz Novelties Vz Radio Coats Vz Flannel Shirts Vz Knitted Vests Vz SUPER SPECIALS Extraordinary Value* Fancy Hote .... 39<£ Fancy Shirts ..$1.00 Fine Pajamas.. $1.00 Leather CoaU.$5.95 Stylebilt Shoes $2.95 CLEANUP! WORSTED SUITS 17 95 Extra Trousers, $1 A Sensational Value LAST CALL FOR FLORSHEIM SHOES AT. $6.85 Entire Stock of BOYS* Overcoats Horsehlde Coatu Suede Coats Kobe* Handkerchiefs PRICE SPKCIAI, GROUP Sweater* Fajama* Trouser* Sweat Shirt* HARRY COFFEE DEPENDABLE CLOTHIERS SINCE 1904 FRESNO and BAKERSFIELD Conservative Policies and Co-operation Required lor Industry's Success-Ames Oil Agreement? Wm. P. Mason et ux to Qeo. W. Shearer—Oil lease, dated January 19, 1933, one-sixth royalty, 3 months drill- Ing clause; lots 7 and 10 and 6 feet on north side of lot 11, Falrhaven. James Porter et ux and Thomas E. Day and Rose B. Day to Shell , Oil Company—Lease covering southwest uarter of section 29, 30-29, excepting: iorth half of southwest quarter of outhwest quarter , of said section; lorth half of southwest quarter of outhwest quarter of section 29, 30-29; ne-elghth royalty; lease dated January 1, 1933. W. D. Freeman to Shell Oil Com. any—One hundred and thirteen two- umdredths part of royalty to and until such time as the aggregate sum so retained by Shell Oil Company shall have fully reimbursed it for all monies payable to and under certain royalty greement and option dates November 1, 1932 (during such months as ne hundred and thirteen two-hun- dredtns part of total royalties under ease shall exceed $300), one-half of one hundred and thirteen two-nun- clredths thereof Is to be retained dur- ng such months as such one hundred and thirteen two-hundredths part of .otal royalties shall exceed $15 but shall be less than $300 to retain the difference between $150 and the amount of such one hundred and thlr- .een two-hundredtha part of total royalties, during such months as one lundred and thirteen two-hundredths of such royalties shall be $150 or less, no part is to be retained; second party to purchase from first party within :wo years from November 1, 1932, and ;welve one-hundredths of oil and gas from said lease together with 2 per cent of production from said lands under said lease, that Is, 12 per cent of one-Blxth royalty; lease covers southwest'quarter of section 20, 28-29. General Petroleum Corporation to Herbert M. Orf—Cancelatlon of lease covering north half of northeast quarter of section 28, 28-2C. Same to Matthew Algle et ux—Can- celation of lease covering lots 1 'to 6, 7 to 9, 11, 16 and portion of lot 19 lying west of Southern Pacific Railroad right of way; all lots 23, 25 and portion of lot 30 lying west of Southern Pacific Railroad right of way; all lota 31, 32, 38, 43, 44, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 61, 65 to 68. 70 to 75, 77, 78, 79. 31 to 96, In Hlllcrest tract, excepting from that portion of lot 5 above described lying east of Southern Pacific Railroad right of way and from lots 7 and 8 above described, the north 30 feet thereof. Lincoln Petroleum Corporation. Ltd., to Henry H. Spears et al—Quit to northeast quarter of northwest quarter section 18, 29-24; to cancel oil lease. Same to same—Same as to south- est quarter section 18, 29-24; to can- el oil lease. H. H. Bell to D. W. Hall—Assignment of trust deed executed by Inter- tate Oil Corporation, conveying lease- old Interest In north half of northeast uarter section 15, 32-23, and personal •VTBW YORK, Jan. 27.—Sound conser- 11 ration principles, that may be put into action by the co-operation of only three or four states and the industry, should bring stability to the petroleum Industry, in the judgment of Judge C. B. Ames, president of the American Petroleum Institute. •'The kind of co-operation that is necessary," he asserts, "contemplates the preservation of the 850,000 small, wells of settled production, drastic limitations on new .pools, with accompanying discouragement of wildcatting, and limitation of 'existing flushpools to market- requirements." . His analysis .follows: • ' , Overproduction "In 1927, 1928 and 1929 we produced more crude than was consumed as appears from the fact that stocks Increased each year. In 1930, 1931 and 1932 we produced less crude than was consumed as appears from the fact that stocks decreased each year. During the three years of actual overproduction tho Industry earned a fair profit. During the three years of actual underproduction the Industry did not earn a fair profit. - During the three years of actual overproduction the price of crude was higher than It was during the three years of actual underproduction. During the three years of actual overproduction the producing capacity of the country was less than it was during the three years t>t actual .underproduction. "During the three years of actual overproduction the oil produced was marketed at the posted prices, while during the three years of actual underproduction a part of the oil was marketed at less' than the posted prices. "This sounds all wrong, and yet, as It Is true, there must be some ex- planation. In 1927, 1928 and 1929 purchasers of crude stored the excess production. By tho end of 1929 stocks were topheavy, producing capacity was Increasing rapidly, and .the financial depression was on. Uncertainty of control in the Oklahoma city pool and, later, in east Texas, accentuated the difficulties. This combination of circumstances created the desire to reduce storage, thereby conserving cash and preparing for possible contingencies. "So much for the past, but what of the present? Today stocks have-been reduced to the 1927 level. The cash position of many companies is such that they have been retiring their funded debt prior to maturity, and there Is no longer any reasonable doubt about the ability of the principal oil-producing states to control production pursuant to a sound conservation program. Factors of Success "A sound conservation program must, however, In the public Interest, include these factors: "1. 'Preservation of the 350,000 small wells of settled production. "2. Drastic limitation on new pools which will discourage wild-catting under present conditions. "3. Limitation of existing flush pools to the requirements of the market. "These conditions require the cooperation of only three or four states. Is it not possible for these states and the Industry to so co-operate as to remove distress production to make possible the preservation Of oil wells by a price which will pay the cost of pumping and to stabilize the Industry oh a basis of .sound conservation?" Totaling an expenditure of approximately $125,000, thirty-five new com- Jjlnatlon tank and stake trucks were purchased, especially equipped, andL placed In operation In various parts of the Union Oil Company's marketing territory last month. Five of the sales districts of th«" company share in the distribution of the new equipment, 11 of the trucks having been allotted to Fresno, seven to Los Angeles, six to Oakland, six to Sacramento and five .to San Diego. Equipped with the standard da-* mountnblo type bodies, the type 611 six-cylinder White' trucks have thre« single compartment tanks having an aggregate carrying capacity of 660 gallons bulk and space for three refined oil barrels. Tho two smaller bulk tanks can bo removed to Increase space for loading more barreled goods should the need arise. Gross Weight of tho trucks is 15,000 pounds. Two* of the trucks are equipped with 750- gallon tanks for bulk gasoline. * The new trucks are fitted with oval tanks in contrast to the previously used rectangular type. , DAILY OUTPUT MAKES E Spudding Looms for New Kettleman Site Drilling soon will be tinder way at the Standard OH Company's latest site at Kettleman Hills, the No. 8-21J on section 21, 21-17. Rotary has been Installed and other necessary preliminaries are almost completed. Hard sand bottoms two of the company's drillers. , They are the No. 68- 29J, at 7960-foot well on section 29, 21-17, and the 6050-foot No. 81-27Q on section 27, 22-18. Impeachment Asked of Judge G. F. Bush (Associated Press Leaied Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 27.—Impeachment proceedings against Superior Judge Guy F. Bush of Los Angeles have been asked of the state Assembly. In a petition signed by M. G. Conklln, member of the Long Beach Taxpayers Leagust Conklln said Judge Bush gave a "judgment against the law and the evidence" In the trial of J. E. Burney of Long Beach against the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad, the City of Long Beach, and the Bank of of America Trust and Savings Company. Fishing Halts Work of Completing Well Fishing continues at the No. 83-30J well operated by the North Dome Association at Kettleman Hills, where an attempt to pull tubing proved disastrous. The well 'had a depth of 8462 feet and the oil string was landed, after which swabbing was Inaugurated and was followed by the tubing pulling work. The company's No. 38-20J, section 20, 29-17, has a depth of 6768 feet and Is going through brown shale. Brown shale also bottoms the 7410- foot No. 87-30J on section 30, 21-17, while sandy shale Is encountered at the present depth of 5690 feet In the No. 61-32J on section 32, 21-17. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27.—Record low production of crude oil was made on January 24, Umpire J. R. Pemberton's office reports, with a flow for the state of 454,460 barrels, which Is but 14,460 barrels over the dally allowable of 440,000 barrels. This Is the lowest 'mark reached since last June, when to obtain a raise In crude price to an average of $1 a barrel, operators got tho .state production down to 446,000 for a day or so. Output for January 24 shows the valley fields producing under their total allowable of 161,000 barrels and coast fields meeting their allotment of 60,000 with the exception of a slight accrued underage being made up Los Angeles basin fields put forth 238,9. r >0 barrels as against ft dally allowable of 222,000 barrels. ., TWINS GALORE MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 27. (A. P.)— The tw'lns had things all their own way at the home of Herbert ana James Rotsch when they celebrated their fourteenth birthday anniversary the other day. Fourteen pairs of twins came to their party. Herbert and James are also twins. • >roperty. Same to same—Same conveying outhwest quarter of southwest quar- cr and south half of northwest quar-' er of southwest quarter section 28, • S. Berry et ux to Alice L. ohnston— Assignment of nine one undredth Interest in oil. lease by S. W. Kelser et ux to B. Mllo Mltchel, Jury Swensen, Blanche Shelton and Llice L. Johnston, covering northwest uarter of northeast quarter section 7, 29-24. 'Same to Blanche Shelton — Assignment of twenty-four one hundredths nterest In same as above description. Tidewater Associated Oil Company if California to Associated Oil Com- lany— East half of northeast quarter 3f section 86, 28-27. Same to same — Portion of property leglnning at northeast corner, of lot '3, 30-21, containing 150.48 acres. - »-•-• Nevada Repeals Two of Drastic Statutes _ % (Vnltcd Press Leased Wire) CARSON CITY, Nov. 27.— Nevada's state Assembly today repealed two drastic laws which made bank rob- aery a crime punlshublo by death and authorizing rewards for dead bank bandits. Repealing of the laws was provided for In two companion bills which Hsed the House. Pat MrAullffe, fiery Irish prospector from Goldfleld, who led the fight, referred to Nevada's closed banks when he shouted: "If we want to kill bank robbers, let's amend tho law so we can kill those robbing from the In- aidc an well as from the outside." Advertising Man Is Slain at Nashville (Associated Frets Leased Wire) NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Jan. 27.— Rumsey Lewis, 38, former Nashville advertising man, was shot and killed late yesterday by W. A. Buntln, 56, real estate operator, following a meet- Ing of directors of the Arcade Company, which manages the property of the Arcade in downtown Nashville. During the directors' meeting Lewis had replaced Buntln as general) manager of the Arcade Company. *-*> PLEA MADE FOR MOONEY OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 26. (A. P.) Without debate the Oklahoma Houso of Representatives today adopted, 41 to 30, u resolut!on urging Governor ( Rolph of California to "reconsider tho matter of pardoning Tom Moonoy" and to "carefully consider clemency." L*th«r»! t9 reduce your family "Colds-Tax." follow Vtefcs Plan for tetter Centrel*of-Coldc. Grass Grows Quickly From Ward's LAWN SEED Giant Decrease Registered for State Gas Flow > ' (Associated Press Leaied Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 27.— California natural gas production totaled 977,000 million cubic feet compared with 365,200 million cubic feet In round figures in the preceding year. A large part of the reduction was attributable to efficiency In handling the gas, only about 17,500 million cubic, feet being blown Into the air compared with 68,478 million feet In 1931. Natural gas sales In 1932 total 102,222 million feet compared with 316,723 million feet In 1931. Nervous.. Indigestion I MPROVE the stomach and the blood with D r. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Diseases which start with indigestion, gassy, t sour stomachs, dizzy spells, thin blood, a rundown system, respond quickly to this tontc. Read what Mrs. L. V. McGough of 677 South 8th St., Colton. Calif., says: "I wait so weak I could not walk across the floor. I lost my appetile and became .very thin. I suffered from nervous indigestion, my heart would palpitate and I often felt diuy. I started taking Dr. Flerce's Golden Medical Discovery and in three weeks I was feeling rormal and I have been in perfect health :ver since." Sold by all druggists. Writ* Dr. rierecV CU.le, BusUlo, N. V. (lOlbs.) COLDS in a Day Take two HILL'S CASCARA QUININE tablets right away—follow directions. You'll break up that cold in a jiffy. •Ill I 'CCASCARA I1IL.L. 9QUININE 3-lb. Bag 79c Quick growth to • fine lawn Is assured with Ward's Certified seed. This year, don't let the rest of your garden get ahead of the lawn. For a green lawn completes and unifies the garden picture—adding a richer beauty to every shrub and flower. Get results quickly and economically with this fast-germinating seed. WHITE CLOVER—To be added to other mixtures In any proportion you desire. Field-ripened .(1 Ib.) GARDEN KINO WHEEL CULTIVATORS with three attachments, o-looth cultivator, bull tongue and plow I ,....' ' We Carry Vegetable and Flower Seed in 5c, 10c, 15c and 20c Packages. MONTGOMERY WARD &- Co.

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