The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1948
Page 10
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y "(AmC.T .COURIER KEWt , JUNE M, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION flT* »?«r» A* orrtMXl Ktf »br*« or «U »luiu *ud •topped MIort KplrtUoa Kill of bill m»d*. AdT»rtlata« oopj iub- 0[ b» « compuMa from r*r Irr kH tt* 00* KBM ~~oa» inoorr*e* •d to ••V ^tei^fl OAtten, »tfl* 4tuflar< raMrvw tiM to «dM ci Kent rnUh»d aj>irtmeni. \blf* roonus b»th. Ooyple onlr. T. Slniou JIM. l-«-c «t»r<m»<tl. thane N20 t.Tt-yt-3 Money to Loan APPHOVBO RATV HI ASK FO» DBTAIUf Max Logan, Realtor rhtm« Ljnch B*«h«ritt», Ark. Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TKRRY ABSTRACT AND RKAT.TY COMPANY l W. WALNUT raONB IMl Opportunity Itoxie*. U'Jl W. _ Three Room furnished apartment, good location. Prefer couple but would take »ouple with one child. Write Box 1) A * Courier News. 6-25-ilh-tl Business Service Directory Auto Suppfies and Services mtviom STATION MtlQ * ULTUIOD P110UD U53 Don't «Qdau<*r your ft il/ with Multy llrM—BUI LIE TIBBB lllll-ck-tl J»ep parti now available at POOLS MOTOR CO. Wet «*n rill «\I your nt*d* O«» e;«auln* ~*rt* from our eotn- plM« Un«, M.U* POOIJt!, OWNMR «V OPERATOR WANTED TounE Men lntrr*rt»4 In Tnrrl U yon • !• 17. bill under M ft you want to •*« Jip*n- H you to see lite Im J*orfl£ii countries. JC you want to b« tr»« ofM Clothing hllln, Doctor bill*. Pood bills. DentM bUli. W you Wftnl R reRiilar lnor**M In pur If you want fc ehMic* TOT Promotion. If you want an Apporlunlty M Tlii-n «*p Master SerKpanl Winston D, tenser. U. S. Army find U. S. Air >\>ICP Recruiting. City Hall Hlnjt About R lob of from 3 to 0 ye*rs *ltn the Cavalry mvl- ainn In 'Toxyo. Japan. Plumber If you ne*d a hccoaed plumber, or Hnrry Meyer* »t Hubbard Kurd ware l[M-ck-tr Services food* fresh Florida Ice-cold mel- onu at Lewis Poultry, 4L9 E. Main. 4-27-ck-tf Insurance For Complete In»«r»nce Protection OH 3545 W.T. Pollard Agency Planned Protection T •LMfOOV HOTCIj BUILDINO J>* W. ASK gt. , . v.l-ck-tt PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR OPERATK THK ON1.Y "STROBO- scor-K" PIANO TUNINO SKnvinE HE TWEKN -ST. I.OUIfl AND MEMPHIS THE ONLY PERFECT ELECTRONIC TIINISO RECOMMKNDKU 11Y IlEUOG NIZKD MUSIO TEACHERS. CALL, 81 t'OTl KHOAOEMENT. HHOOK3 MU SIC STORE. 107 EAST MAIN STREET Bl.Y THKVIMJ!, 6.10-ck-t "PORT RAI'l'S" " " M A Y Kl\' BK NT1, K Y STU D10 lencofl Building Plmue 4:177 TioUSKMOVlNG. Thirteen ears experience. Plenty of [lui'nnent. References. Level- ng, foundation building anil epairiny. Virgil Foley, pliotie •105. 6-3 pk 7-3 DO YOU NEED A CAR OR TRUCK? -Then- Come First to Phillips'. — ON OUR LOT TODAY — J948 Ford Super Deluxe Tudor; lots <>l •xt™*. 1947 Chevrolet Fleet master Town JtaUn. Kft4io unH healer, very low mil*«ise. J!M7 Chevrolet Kleelmsisler 5 pas8*njr«r coupe. Two-lone blue color. 194«> Chevrolet Flcetline Club Sedan. Radio and healer. 19'M FWH Ionic -wheel base Stake Truck. ]»•!« Kurd Pickup. For Safe— City Property Wel1-Mt*blUhcd grocery in rood iocAtion. With building, stock, tnd fixture*. Also separate living quarter*. Offered at a but-fain. Se« or call W. C. C»te* or Ray Worthin if ton, 115 S. Third, Blytheville. Office phon« 2751, after 5 p. m. call 2843 or 2367. £22-ck-6-29 Duplex, completely furnished. On« side renting for $28 p«r month. Th*, other side vacant. $2975. »1450 caah, |25 pef month. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 HOME BUYBRS~SPKCIAL j API-OINTMRNT WEKK i Let us show you homes, lots, businesses and real investment property. Open all day, 8 until 8. Field Realty Bonded Broker Offi<« 808 Hearn, Ph. 2394 6-23-pk-30 For Homes In All Parts of Blytheville— 11X10 10 123.000. Horn* choice lots mid grocery, hvtslnesa. For real estate Hnti lire insurance. Call 2394. Field Re.-ilty. bonded broker. BOB Hearn. fll!J-pl£;-7<3 NelRhborliood Grocery. Will sell at Invoice. Phone 3<X>2. B22-PK-28 ompang Bernard Gooch, Mgr. S(h at Wahtat Raymond Cole, Saletr*. 44U Goods i*» ft D»i1«r or 9p«ed Queen Washer ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY r. Xt W. Ualn. phom 2071. S|i:)-ck-7,l3 adlD^ machine, Ml niRter ml. &ad expect advice At DtRl'a p«Ln Phetl* 4448. " C-l-ck-7- _ W« COB deliver your new MAYTAC V>J»T. 0.11 ADAMS APPUANCC. phone " ' LOOMS _ l.OANa. AutolKOblle-Bli K»tirr« r -comakv-Iurnlttire Quick prl "** "•met. Pcnon>ll»d utentlor or telephone. 2M8 KAL CONTRACT CORPORATION 10« ». Firth St. li »rlt. Local and Long Distance MOVING Phone 2377 . 2l-pk-7-24 Lawn Jlowors sharpened and repaired. Blylheville Machine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 r owner. 3-rooni nouie. Borcfned porch. JJU Curolrn. 6-10-pk-T-]0 For Salt, Misc. Two 24" window fans. Complete \vith stands. I'hone 2721. 6-18-ck-tf smaJI crawler tractors. Jack Robinson Iniple. Co. 1*1K« console model 7,enLth radio ! fin* reception, nt A-l condition only | 150 cash. Phone 2821. 5,2K-clh-tr Sporting Goods See our selection of rllles. pistols, shot ns, Ammunition, fishing equipment id bfiseuall equipment. ADAMS AP- JANUE COMPANY. 208 W. Mnln. plione 2<J7l 5 13-cl-7il3 For Safe, farmt For Sale One electric floor /an with po» ( er motor. Paul W. Davis 220 W. Davis Typewriter TYPEWRITERS RoyM, SmLlh, Ooronk »nd Reailn^- on Porti.bU DON EDWARDS ATTENTION! FARM LANDS! i - i i • i A Aro you interested in buy- < cond injf or 'selling farm lands i n : S N. E. Ark. or S. E. Mo.? 1| have CaSll OUVCrs WHO Wllll , , . ". , . buy now subject to possession January I, 19'19. KIALKS LAND CO. 3322 — 2 Phones — 4139 Blytheville, Ark. 6-21-ck-29 One «,ddlnK register. See (-all SOU machin »t 105 e and one cash N. Franklin o 624-clt-t: Farmer's Column Aluminum baihinette In AIM m-o i.rge "- prlced TW Bedroom si)tie. baby buggy, scroller, m^ti crmlr. Washing machine, kitchen cabinet. Pnone 493s. 6,2*-pk-23 I'orceJatn link; lefthand dram, cast iron. Complete with movable fittings. 5W. I'HOiie 2368. 62-l-pfc-30 Cars Like New 1947 Chevrolet Fl««fm«t«r Sp«rt 1947 Chevrolet Stylem«»rer Town Se««n 1944 Chevrolet SrylemasUr 4- Door Sedan 1946 Chevrolet Fleetmatter Town Sedan 1946 Ford Super Deluxe 2- Door Sedan 1946 Plymouth Deluxe 2-Door Sedan 1942 Chevrolet Aerosedan 2-Door 1941 Chevrolet 4- Door Sedan 1938 Chevrolet 4- Doer Sedan Most of these car* hove Radio*, Heater* and Defroster*. have spotlights. Many More to Choose From Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY & ! Closed Nights & Sundays 301 W. Walnut St. Phone 578 Saved by Swing S. Second. 4-G-ck-tf Try the Ml rude Painter lor your in-xi paint Job. Call F. E. NclMHi. phone Vnblic Hauling Local or long rtlst»nco; day or nlxl Call o, D. Gcnn Truck tug Co, Ph • Bab.p-aiUfL-3. Dependable. Mary 'rnncM Itowtiy. Phone 2547. 6;24-[) Sewing Kor Snl?-~One Interndtlona r two row I trncior-cuUlvator. On* Jortn IJccre two : row trnctor-'cultlvRlnr. One John Decrt: si iic delivery hay-rack and Imywire. Sec (.iHrrnrcl Ctiudll] nl Mllllgan RUlKO nt call John CftHrtlll Rt 314S. 6 lfl-pk-26 Nfi\v Hollntid >Iay Press. JKxeelletU coiulilion. Call Bob ! Unve, Manila, fll, or B. C. ;Land Co., Learbville. G-18-ck-tf BKLTS. 11UCKI.KS. covered buttons, button hall's. Mae Miller. Alnm BRSS. Flma Crowtli-r- Photic 3539, lr no answer. 4632 60fi N. 5th St. 622-pX-721 FERTILIZER 3-3-18 Planlcrs Ooop. Phone 720 5-6-ck-7-6 This Car Is Ready To Take a Trip - Is Yours? If y»«'re planning * 4th «r July trip or leaving <m jour vuiMtlnn. •wke »«r« jour car is ready for safe and sonrui travel: The «nw hi the world l« at a disadvanlate when his car l» tint In •hape U m**t driving emerKenrirs: KonH spend your lr;ivel time in a slalled car or fixing tires ... sec us tortay and have •»r experts Ihorouthlr cheek and repair any drfoclive ranlnr tronMt, J|T« your car an expert llihrir.ilion. your brakes to jour safely! Set us now tor the finest in service at rales Check These Points Now: BRAKES WHEEL ALIGNMENT BATTERIES MOTOR IGNITION PLUGS TRANSMISSION SAFE SUMMER DRIVING 00% outside White Paint -UI8 gallon; ^'^4.50 in 5 gal- iis. Garden tractors l l /2 h.p. at 1159.85. Screen doors $7.15 "!>• JIM BROWN STORE 105 W. Main 4-14-ck-tf 1 have one of the iilce&t 40 ficres inal nas been olfered at this (ulce foe s-ome time. Main building very coin- lottable -Hiid nice looking. Good ten- nut lioiibe. barn and outbuildings. All In cotton and ?iua line crop. School bus. mall ronif and bolh houses nave electrlcliy. I > ossftsslon now. If bouqht nt oitce liuyer R^ts v« cotton ind cottonseed. VitKI pec acre. 1U acres right in the town of Hol- Iniid. Mo. All smooth land, exun goo<l crop. Inlr nulldlnL;5. Price S17i per acre. Two 61 acre tracts, new 5 room houses wun barm. Out mile or good town. I Pure. Sltij per acre. I 1*1 acres shon distance Irom Ken- I nru. Mo. All sluootH tractor land 1 wim praclk-ally all In cotton. For ijtnck aale. Illu per acre. i tw Rcre.s on Highway 25. short distance from Kenuetl, Mo.. fMr Itn- provcniciits. nice shnde. This ts a reftl l>Ari:ntn. price illy per Acre. . Iti'J acres, nil In cultivation, tractor i.uiu. extra yood tcnpro'jetuentt. nearly all in cotton. Not Inr Iiom Peach Urclmrd. Mo. Jloo per acre. "JUO acres, extra good lan*3 nes/ Hol- comh. Mo, sns per acre. ?M acre* on State Highway just out of Parma. Mo. 1125 per acre wlln 180 acres jolnlnK for $125 per acre. it you ate In the market to buy » farm, I'm atrlctly In the farm land and lonu tHisine.SB Watch rny «cl for otrxcr listings on select farms In this Hale. Burdrlle. Phone 702. 6,2Vc!c-23 LJetuxe model 10 ft. home deep Iree?.e. Less than year old. No. 375 Desire larger boj. Phone 3S52. N. C. Patterson. 10 A 8. fl21-iifc-23 fryers. Mrs. J. K. Small complete rnslflalre. in good Hilt. m. 1. UeachT Mch'all. 209 I^XP. 625-11U-2S1 ;a«s'inlll. 4R" saw. munition Herman Hie. 6.25-pt-'l 2 TOUGH. BUT HANDSOMK Sherwin-Williams Mar-Not Varnish protects floors, woodwork from scuffs, scratches, stains. Builders Supply Co.. , Hiway 61 South. Phone .2882. 6-23-ck-tf New und ii5*rd farming equipment, Jack Robinson Iniple. Co. Ertst M^ln. Blylhevlllfr. ArK For Sale, Cars, Trucks FOR SA1,K: — i perfect shap*. One rt-model rord Call 793 after 4:00 BIAl.ES LAND CO KUSSEM. K. REAUES. RKM/IT3R 3322 2 rnones (IJ9 Blytheville. AVK. Indian Motorcycle, practi-j calk- new, mode] 74. Lois of extra equipment. 808 Hearn, Phone 2?,9<1. 6-23-pk-26 imperial house haj something In common with that of some Indian tribes." Nagasawa wrote. "Iron Curtain." Earl W. Eames, Jr. and IJoyd A, . . Haynes were returning from Bostoi r %»H I to Cambridge when their conversa- n, tion turned "I further found that there still exists In Kagoshima prefecture on. i tion turned to the post-war the southern tip of Kyushu Island! bles in Europe Bolh had 3 tribe whose physiognomy is very Eu rope during the war much like that of the imperial members. The latter differs from Japanese of Mongolian origin, whose ears are higher than the line between the eyes." Traced to India Nagasawa traced Emperor Hirohito's ancestors as having come from i India via China and Mongolia and "planting the paddy" in the great Chinese basin between the upper reaches of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Lai, who spent three years In Japan before the war, said the presence of orthodox Hindu gods in Japanese shrines convinced him of pre-Buddhist relations between India ami Japan. Lai is the author of a book. "Hindu i America 1 ," which claims the Aztec, inca and Maya cultures of America were of Hindu orgin. As a means of contributing to Europe's recovery .incl to aid world peace, they decided that it would be a "wonderful thing" to invito foreign students 10 study at M.I.T. Other students, then the school itself and the U. S. state department took up the projfct. Fraternities offered to house the visitors and M.I.T. agreed to waive tuition. Several thousand graduate students of science and engineering applied for the 70 vacancies. Allocations were made on the basis of war damage to the .countries and no questions as to race, religion or politics were asked. o. old. 1924 Hearn. G,23-plc-2D 01-D NEWSPAPERS COURIER Ni^YB OFFICE machine i Because tlie N«£IE liked the way 10 10 U Help AlK-r 4:30. 23S9. For Safe, City Property suburban home. Ou uitn 2 thicp room . . yard Plenty ot part of city. Phone 815. 62<-ct-23 Lost and Found he played American swing music on his violin, Heinz Meyer survived two of the u-orst Nazi death camps. The ?A -year-old musician is now in New York, brought lo tills country by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. His instrument is a gift from famed concert violinist Nathan Milstcin, v.iio heard him entertain. American troops. 70 Foreign Students Invited to Attend M.I.T. CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (UP) — A j chance conversation on a subway ' car started a student project thnt j is bringing 70 foreign'students to I attend Massachusetts Institute of ' Technology this summer. 1 The students were invited from 17 European countries and incXude representatives of states behind the Still on I lie Road MEMPHIS. Tenn. (UP) — Mrs. Clnra L. Young is a 78-year-old food broker selling macaroni, .spaghetti!, noodles and marshmallows to wholesalers. Mrs. Young, despite her age, hits the road to make hnr sales in a Model T Ford coupe which cost her $600 25 years ago. Cheap >ncl I'vvo Good Used Car Values 10-10 Model four door DC Solo C-uslom 1041 Model I wo door Ford 1(M7 Model four door Hudson 1017 Model four door Dodge Custom m<l7 Model four door Chrysler Saratoga 1017 Model four door Pon- liac streamliner. T.HK "fit" MOTOR CO. North Highway 61 Pliouc 2142 5-27-ck-tt 193R Chry.ilpr Rru-,1] New OTerl Job 8<xlir In sana condition Priced to «HI. Se« M M7 K Sycamore room hou?* with hatn. Wfll lortu«rt. I'rle* (4500. JI5U*1 do*[i and balance Ufce rent. I have o( her city IIR[lni;K. AKo Tarrn lAnds c^ll me lor qmeK real estate service, 1.151 your property wltn me. Bert Ro.vs. realtor. Phone 3816 or 1237. SUBURBAN" PROPERTY I I acres Nurtli of Blytlie- i'ille just inside city limits, has six room house. \Villi little re- |iair c;tti lie made nice home. Good shade, hijth and dry. Can sell off over 20 lots and still iRve most of land left. See r fall JOHNNY MARR REALTOR I'hone 4111 6-2 ck 7-2 I.O5T— 1W1 tb Between BLyth Moorty's Stor ell. Rout A _ vllLe of Sudan sped, find H'a miles . COIUACI Charlie Phonf TfiT. Ro&s CaltJ- s 1 24-pX.-2a Private Rooms Bedroom, (loort loc*tlon. Phonp 2483. 5,IS-pk-7 18 Heri rooms, junc ran Convenient to o-Aii. Men only. 310 \V. Walnut. cfroom iw" ' nwtiy. Two in^* ran ii bill Idl nun. la conncci*rt into . $1300 or [ps*. M«a<jor. 6 H-p1c-7;\* A -room nnturnlshrd liouse. Insulat- IH'10 Lincoln Coupe. Excellent condition. $300 Wilson at 116 K. Second St. ^ 7 " 5 cl "* '"i 1 ' 1 ' 1 ""™ »««'"«.j4:'px-ia (Inn of the best curb markets with urocevy and meal market in connection. On main Hiway. All new equip men!, doing good business Low rout, (.'heap if sold a once. Call Bert Ross, Realtor Phone 3816 or 4237 6-23-pk-28 ».|?h' , 2S ,'l N " br *''" ""'"'S 1 ; M -ondltlon. utier Bros. G-IM-ck-28 Ucr. Equipped ICXXl x 2(1 tires. Oootl Holland. Mo. 6.25-pk-7:2 Can't Painf Tnwn Rrrl MKMPHIS. Tcnn. i UP i - . Commissioner Joe Boylo wants his flre- mrn t o lay do«n the paint brush. c. T. .Jackson, a ful lime painter, complained that certain oily firemen were imricr-birtdmjc him for work. Boyle immediately banned painting as » sideline for ftrcmrn | tcllinc them "you're either d fire-j man or » painter, j Rearl Courier News Wanl Arts. asawha, pnone "< 1 - 3-31-PR-8-31 Furnished bedroom for couple Men • women, uaa sleep three. Pnonc '2188. 5 W. ASH. 6;21-pk-2? Henroom. Close In. GUIs preferred, hone 208?. 6 J-l-pk-7 1 Nice bedroom, Men only. Phonr 4541. (ILenrop Hotel. fttr.s. Phone 4S64. . Nice bedroom. Me 3 Wftlnill. Phone e Hotel 1C. Main. tractive werklv 622-plt-7 22 onlv. Atllc ran. 416. 622-PK-23 Bedrooms with Phone 9."*2 62.1-pX.7 JJ Wanted to BUY WE NKFD A FF.W OOOD USED PIANOS IF TOTJ HAVE ONK TO SKLT. us AT nn. nnooKs MUSIC in? FAST MAIN STREET. r serl ears and trucVs Pliillips Jlotor Co. 5-6-ck-tf Hirohito's Ears Studied as Clue To Race Origin (llnilrrl I'rr« Staff Correspondent) TOKYO lUPi—The position of Emperor Htrotiito's cars may prove that his imperial nuco.stors \verc j East iTidinn.s, and Indian scholar believes. j : Cliaman pointed out that the] • Mikacto's car?; me below the line nl • his eyes. In the same manner as the] ears of the Shnka dynasty of Inrlio. >lc claimed it \vas no more coincidence but another link in !he anthropological chain between the Jap- imperial family and their Hindu origin. The (•ars-br!ou--r.yr.'; theory is not Lai's but that of an 87-year-old Japanese scholar. Rintaro Nagasawa, whom Lai mel here . I Almnst .laileri ! Naaasawa lolil La] he published » leaflet on Hirohilo's family tree several years aso for which he almost wont to Jail. He was accused of affronting the imperial family. "\ since Viavr found out that, the physiognomy of ihr members of the See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! WANTKU TO BUY S late model A-C combines. Write Box C. V. % Courier iNOW! News. 6-22-ck-7-l3 BlrthdiT Mrani Some'hlni: | COLUMBUS. O. <UP> — Donald' Beaver has celcbraled his past three i blrlhdnys with R stop fariher in hlsi private flying curcer. He soloed on i his 16111 birthday and won won his 1 pilot's license when he WBS n. On| his 19th birthday this year hf earned his eommerclM Hcfiut. Protect Your Pontiac nt- ! a * FOUNTAINS:! Kverywhere! f With Pontiac Service DRV hv rlay, more Pontiac owners are realizing that Authorized Ponliac Service can not he matched . . . hccause they get the hest service Rncl it costs no more. Oiir personnel art factory-trained, our parts factory- engineered, and our service scrupulously fair. Y>.% protect your Pontiac with Ponliac Service. SMITH PONTIAC CO. BLY1HIA II 1 \

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