The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 23, 1958 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
Page 3
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Heated Debate on Daylight Saving Likely for 1959 State Legislature - * • MOTHER-IN-LAW OF STRANGLED NURSE — Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, 54, appears to be in a cheerful mood as Ventura, Calif newsmen questioned her Monday about her daughter-in-law, Mrs.'Olga Duncan, whose strangled body was found Sunday in a shallow grave. SAYS MARLOW She denied any knowledge of the death. Police say a laborer, who led them to the grave, accuses Mrs. Duncan of paying him and another man to kill the daughter-in-law. (AP Photofax) (Story on Page 12). Mutual Trust Will Mean Less Taxes By JAMES MAULOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans and Russians on the same day this week got a little notice in their Christmas stockings. It was an announcement by both have more money, their governments on how much they expect to spend next year. There was the one lesson to be learned, above all others, from the announcements. If the two countries could learn to trust each other and stop their fantastic armaments race — running into billions upon billions of dollars — people in both countries could live better because their taxes would go down and they'd By these Same Day a coincidence of history things happened on the same day. President Eisenhower said his budget for the next fiscal year, LANVIN PURSE SIZE Goldtn perfume Flacon designed by world renowned jeweler - In gold embossed Jewel Box. Available In five famou* LANVIN fragrances - the beet perfumes Paris has to offer • V ARPE6E4.OO MY SIN 3.OO PRETEXTS 3.5O 3CANDAU3.OO RUMEUR4.OO ttunflulht WOLD'S DRUG STORE Cosmetic Counter Main at Bridge Austin, Minn. beginning July 1, would call for spending 77 billion dollars but that he expected to get in the same amount in taxes, thus balancing the budget. • Therefore, he said, there will be no call for a general tax increase. In Moscow, with Premier Nikita Khrushchev nodding approval in the background, Finance Minister Arseny G. Zverev pledged to boost the government's spending for industry, scientific research and social welfare next year. And he added, there would be no direct new taxes. 100 Billions More Whereas Eisenhower spoke of • , j '" de AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Dec. 23, 1956 By ADOLPH JOHNSON Associated Press Staff Writer A renewal of the heated and extended debate over daylight saving time that marked the 1957jkey when r acting°as singing advis" Hejen Traubel Says Margaret Was Off Key NEW YORK (AP) - Soprano Helen Traubel *ays she could never keep Margaret Truman on session seems assured for the session opening in 'January. A survey by ttw Associated Press revealed a variety of strong opinions on the subject. The 1057 Legislature passed two daylight savings bills. One would have authorized governing bodies of counties in the Twin Cities area and this, city of Duluth to adopt daylight saving t'me. The other, .1 statewide measure, was enacted after careful maneuvering by its supporters. Enough legislators from the rural areas were persuaded to go along to adopt fast time for a two year period. Since then rural opposition has stiffened and several major farm organizations have adopted strong resolutions of opposition. The, time fight pits business men operating on a national scale, radio and television stations and sports-loving city dwellers against farmers, drive-in theaters and parents of small children. Business men said failure of Minnesota to go on daylight saving time would handicap them in their dealings with business centers in the east, where daylight time is used. Radio and television the country's governmental units, | from the smallest local districts up. Included are figures for the nation's industry, transport and trade, all run by the government. Eisenhower's 77-billion figure for next year is about 3 billions less than the American government is expected to shovel out this year. He intends to trim expenses in a number of places to bring the spending down. Arguments Crop Up By the time Congress has voted the final dollar — which will be next summer — total spending for the fiscal year beginning nexi July may be over this year's men cite schedule difficulties in- volvlng network programs and many city people Insist that they need the extra hour of daylight to engage in -their favorite recreations. er to the former President's daughter. Miss Traubel says she quit after three years'. . "1 think her great fault was that she 'could not hear herself sing," Miss Traubel comments. Real Amateur 'She never knew what a real amateur she was — an honorable designation in any way of life. "She failed because she had no gift for self-criticiom." In a prepublication condensation of her memoirs appearing in the January issue of the Ladies' Home Journal, the former Metropolitan Opera star says hei three years as Miss Truman's adviser cost her stature "in the eyes of the musical world for ever having my name connected with such a musical aspirant." Miss Traubel wrote that she consented to the adviser role in 1948 when Miss Truman asked for help. Her voice then was "inexperienced and rather bad," Missi Traubel says, adding: "My first, greatest and unconquerable difficulty with (Margaret's) voice was simply keeping her on key. "There simply was not enough of everything — or of anything — to make her really a concert or light-opera singer." No Comment Miss Truman is now the wife AGED BUT AGILE — "Uncle Puss" will be 20 years old on Christmas Eve but the way he gets around belies his age. He is shown above taking a look at the 20 candies which will light his birthday cake. The cat is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Percival, Oklahoma City, and spends his summers at a dude ranch near Pueblo, Colo. In relation to man "Uncle Puss" is about 100 years old. (AP Photofax) Teenage Parents of Triplets 'Doing Fine' REDLANDS., Calif. (AP)—When; the stork blesses two teen-agers with three bouncing sons, all in one swoop, how's it go? "Fine," says David, her 19- husbftnd. Redlands High next June. The mother has her hands full But they're good babies. "They sleep most of the time," she says It's no breeze to take on a full blown family ,on $300 a month jof Clifton Daniel, a New York I l And ** tri P let bovs? Well, i The couple got a big boost, though Farmers say they themselves j newspaperman. She said she had tnree canlt bawl anv louder than {from a television program on VM xt*11..*.i. j._ t i 11.__ • . .1 . u^i. __._.J L\M. i_s_i_ ji* i — ..i . i ntlP CQV t.nAlt* /3ar1 ai*irl mrtrw XT^vf ...L*!«.1. T i..J. *»_ ___..J nt_. .___ can adjust to fast time but that their dairy herds can't; that they and their hired help lose an hour not read the article, did not plan to, and would have no comment. Truman, who is visiting his one, say their dad and mom. Not much, anyway. There's no sleeping, David ad- , spending 77 billions, the Soviets j billions. The reason: arguments say they'll spend in rubles the equivalent of almost 177 billion dollars at the official rate of exchange. That looks like 100 billions more the Russian government is spending. But the figures are misleading, and not only because the ruble is not considered here to be worth its official exchange value. All Units Eisenhower's total was for the federal government's expenses, and did not, of course, include the money being spent for all purposes by states, counties and city governments or by private enterprise on expansion or production not connected with the government. . on what should and shouldn't be cut, and new expenses cropping up. But one place Eisenhower said wouldn't be cut is the defense program. That's going up. Eisenhower said so. He didn't say how much up. But this year defense spending is hitting more than 40 billions out of the total of 80 billions to be spent. The Soviets are far less frank about their defense spending. Zverev brushed over defense spending very fast except for noting that the budget for the armed forces would be about the same in the morning because the dew daughter for the holidays said tc-| mits ' throu 8 h a three-alarm clam- leaves the fields on "sun time." day that he hadn't read the article( or at 2 a ' m - So he sets up, when, Drive in operators cannot start "and I don't intend to. Prime I he . Can1t avoid il ' to su PP lv the l their programs until darkness Donnas have their own views and f. rd hand which L!nda > some - which Linda appeared. She won a year's supply of baby food clothing for the boys and a num Canadian Navy Ship Damaged: by Gale Winds HALIFAX, N.9. (At>)*-Tht Ci« nadlan dMttwyw tsceri Karon his icen damaged by g«l« wlnd» Mid leavy seas MO milet off Novi Scotia, but the navy today Ititf she Is in no danger. The destroyer escort BiguWitt sailed from Ralifat tottMstt the Huron and escort her into port, The ship, maimed by * skeleton crew of ISO men, reported she hid suffered undetermined damage to the forepart which had caused minor flooding in Some compart* ments. The Huron was bound home "rom Toulon, France, where *he liad been drydocked after a collision with a French ship during autumn NATO maneuvers in the Mediterranean. The ship was due ta Halifax Monday but waa delayed by stormy weather and rough seas. The Huron is one of 11 destroyer escorts in the Canadian navy, and one of the seven largest Canadian antisubmarine .vessels. Built in Britain, she was com* pleted in 1943 and was refitted and modernized in 1953-54. Displacing 2,200 tons normally and 2,800 tons with a full load, she is of 377 feet over-all length and has a normal complement of 240 men. ber of other useful items, including a year's diaper service. Linda feels her role isn't much different from that of most young mothers. "Three or one," she shrugs, "it's all the same." The boys look Just alike to all but the parents. "I can easily tell the difference, but nobody else could," lays the dad. «M^ falls and small children can't be persuaded that it's bedtime while it's still light. Asked about their attitude on daylight saving, 33 legislators said they would go along with daylight saving in the metropolitan coun-' ties. Another 32 said they would must have their fun. Gas Increase Proposal Goes to Legislature ST. PAUL (AP) — A proposal but not for the entire state. Ten:for a one-cent a gallon increase in said they would oppose it for the |'he state gasoline tax will go to not. A dozen said they would ap prove fast time for city areas, cities only, but would go along if it were statewide. Three flatly opposed any daylight saving time. Five were undecided. Some thought it ought to be on a national basis or not at all. the 1959 Minnesota Legislature without any recommendation by the ' legislative Commission on Highway Laws. Meeting in the capitol Monday, the commission adopted, a motion times can use. In the three months since John-ijJ nie, Davie and Stevie arrived, j» things have gone well. No major ! j* illnesses, no family crises. j*j But the young parents have'g made some changes. * David left college and is work-ij} ing for a dairy. Linda is studying v at home, between household, $ chores, so she can graduate from SEASON'S GREETINGS To All of Our Friends and Customert Albert Hopfe & Son Auctioneers Austin, Minn. f Rep. Lawrence Cunningham ofj by Rep - Bil1 Shovell of St..Paul Pipestone exemplified the outstate to . lay the matter ov * r for consider- point of view. ation by the Legislature. He' "If citv oeonlp want t/i Korrin fered nis motion as a substitute forces would be about the same and ^ i^» ^ «U? te one * Re "' Charles Halsted as Una year, or around 24 billions. they * » ™« f^jof Brainerd, Commission chair- In fact, that would be just a little less than this year. Canadian Scientist Considers Atlas 'Rubbishy Propaganda' they should do so on a shop or, ., , .. office basis." he said, indicating! man ^ l !? at the commisslon rf *om- a belief that clocks should be left!™" ?%l ncr ? f T ., f „ 'alone. j Frank Marzitelh, deputy state commissioner, said the VICTORIA, B.C. (AP) — The United States Atlas satellite now in orbit is a "rubbishy propaganda stune," Edward Argyle, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory scientist, said Monday. "The Atlas is a gross misrepre- [sentation done deliberately to deceive the U.S. public," he said. ; "Their satellite program is still a | year behind the Russians." Argyle said the actual pay load of the Atlas is but 150 pounds and there is no scientific equipment aboard. He said the third stage of Russia's Sputnik III weighed 7,500 pounds and its payload, or the satellite which is still in orbit, weighs 3,000 pounds. ACTRESS DIES SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP)Actress Elizabeth Risdon, 70, picked by George Bernard Shaw for leading roles in some of his best known plays, died Monday of a brain hemorrhage. I feel that so-called daylight v , o inp shnnM I,! „,?• Qayugni i gasoline tax . increase was neces . — "<& iA*9b v* me iiiLciaicue i ask Congress to enact a uniform the federal government system of changing the time sys- tern.' Speaking for the all-out daylight cent. 90 per The commission recommended that the Legislature raise presenl saving advocates was Rep. John [speed limits from 60 in the day- Tracy Anderson of St. Paul. He i time and 50 at night to 65 and 55 said he was first of all for statewide daylight saving and added: "If that failed I would support it for my county, and if that failed, I would support it for my city and then right down to my own block if necessary." PRINCELY BIRTHDAY TOKYO (AP) +- Crown Prince Akihito celebrated his 25th birthday today with three quiet parties. One was a dinner for his commoner fiancee Michiko Shoda IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS FLOWERS From FLORISTS 510 EAST WATER ST. STILL AN EXCELLENT SELECTION LEFT FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE. STOP IN OR CALL FOR FREE DELIVERY. Phone HE 3-2316 HOURS: Open tonight till 9 p.m.; till 6 p.m. en Chriitmw Eve tnd till Neon en Chriftmti Day. "Christ the Savior Is Born!" Christmas Worship at St. Paul's Lutheran CHURCH (Across from the Bandshell) CHRISTMAS EVE: Children's Services 5:30 and 7p.m. CHRISTMAS DAY Song Service 10a.m. 1. W. Schierenbeck pastor the twelve days of Christmas The first day of Christmas my true love gave to mt a partridge in a pear tree. two turtle doves.* three french hens. four colly birds. five golden rings. 6. six geese a-laying. 7. seven swans a-swimming. 8. eight maids a-milking. 9. nine drummers drumming. 10. ten pipers piping. 11. eleven ladies danciny. , 12. twelve lords a-lesping. Men/ Christmas 1 k for each successive day, repeat all of the previous gifts in reverse order, otvvayt ending with "a partridge In a pear tree."

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