Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1928
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE lOLA BAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. J^UARY 26, 1928. Prize Winner . CIIKKKN AM* .SV»I;KTBHKAI» . Ol!^ I.lilt cooked cliiikeri cut in small piece.--. 1 ciiji Mvectlircail:- cut in Fiiiall jii'ccs. 1 HID iiiusii- rooms. 1 clip icJcry ulri-il), 1 cui' niayoniiaisi'. Ici'.Uic liavcs. Iluvc evorythliif; very milil. Mix-' tlie four . i!iKre(Ii<Tiiis v.itli iln^ ni.iyon- iiaise «,nii p!a<'e on leifu.e leaves •oil sinail piate.-.—C. W. KKIDK'S C.iKK. I 'i ciii"; fsiiKar , • niji liiitlor tk'as'-.oori ilavoriiig •74 cup ;i Clip-; cake flour I :t level ifaS]Mion haicing'powder fi egR whiles i -Measure flcur. afler siftint; once. Add bakinff jiowder ami ^ill or o tiIne^•. Cream !)Ui ;er ^ligiitly. add .-^ugar. a ^niall quantity at a t'.nie. Arid milk to mixture, sift i.<; fionr. adil llaviiriuK and l)i-v.l umii sniootli. Koid'iii stiffly beaten eps v.liitis. I se heart .sliapis or tulie pan. iJaki: l .'i niinates at S .'i't de^ree.^ and ii'.erease lo :17';- (Iccrees for abour inii!iite.< loiif?- er. Allow cake to 'oiI before re- movini; from pur..- C. V.'. ' vb -l .«>M -M T )tl!KAI» fi( CUJl;: fidlfr (j: leVel lea.-po"!' baking jjwder' V-2 level lea .<|i.)ii:is sail i ;;i :i sugar 1~''2 ( Ul'.S.llUl.S esg yoih.s " cups milk •i <uri UH-i:<t] bu'ter .\iix mid sill i!i.'(liv iagredieuts au<I add J].f y.xiw. Heat flie egK yolk-- ar .ii add to the iiiiik. Tlit 'In, ccmibiiie tiie mixtun and b"eal iii life ni'-Iif-d hatter. Lasr. jiour into •• gre.i.sed .tins, li-r staiid tw.eniy'min- 1-' iltes and iiak.- forty-fiv<' minutes ill a nioiifr;!'e .ove:; (".".'i degrees from sett ling to lh!» bottom. Mix a laljlosp'oan of butter, with a table- {•:.-jr)n of flour. AccI a little of the l;ef. soup, stir untit it is .-:mooth an('.;-c<intimie addiiip until a quart ot s-oup has' been qseil. A table- s])iion of chopped papley ,,vrii;l»lc(l over the s<)up at the last minuto I; •ittractive. Creen. oy.stt-r.'j are perfectly wholesome. The greenisli color is iluo To little green jilants the oyster eats. Too much water In a wa.-!hinBi majcliine c^ui.-je.s- excessive .sijilasli- inij and. oft I- n| reduces t;ie effieien- i cy |i )f llie niaciiine. Cbserve where I iliC' wali-^llne of the inachin- is and : lie raretiil ii"l lo overload the ina- ' chitle "wMi .clothes. i U i.s a lui.siake to soak any kind of iresli meat beinre coaJii'ii?. Soak- itigj di:i.«r» out the jujcew which giv«i the eharacterisf:c Tt.ivor and aiiajto ili Ir.yjt'i v;'.hie. If the meal ::ecd.s cieaninc. Wipe it off with a dam!|i cloth or trim it. L 'lfore wa-hing a sweater, iueas- iire 'ii uiiilAvrite down the (iirricn- sioni. Afler it is washed, and rlns- -d.-^^;>rtad it. ^lack side doWu. with slrevts ;iiil ^;rc :.!ied. on several liai !l ;\;:M' :'s of clean soft material. S!:.ii;i- i; according lo itsi ;.rigil;al in: ii-:oiis. Turn occas- 'itiialfy i:i:t;l drj. ] - * .1 Allj bean souijs should have u !iii|e.; flour added to them as a blndii- to prevent Il^e tliii;k part VQLLRATH IT TAKES MEAT MARKET k, lb. ...'.infill In Gre3n^'s Cash Grocery Haby Besf Roast, lb. • Round, Ix)in or T-hone Steak, Perk-Chops lb. Shoulder Pork Steak, lb. ..1 Shoulder Pork Roasl. lb. Sijdc Pork, per lb. Sauisaije, per lb. .- --- Hamburirer, per lb. Lard. 10 lbs. : -- — Kacon, half or whole, per lb. PJ.cnic Hams, per lb. Smoked Shoulders, per lb. Smoked Hams, half or whole, per lb Phone 2.33 L 17c 22c 20c 17c ITII -Ific' .-15c ---„15c $1.50 23c -:-17'/;c — ---18c --_:__20c 2 cup.!! <(iokr<l. (aopped < Iliekoil 1 cup finely ciioppeil celery 1 cup iieas Salt, paprika and pejiper It) season 1 can asparagus lips ) cup mayonnaise ' Lettuce ; ' .Mix chicken, .celery, peas-, and |.seasonings Svith <'n<iiigh mayonnaise to ni'.'islen. Seri-(> oir Ict- fuce and at•.•all^e tlie siiiT-d tomatoes or af!p;nac:us tin-, around t!ie salaii. flariiisli witli liie rest of mayonnaise.—(;. W. TO RELIEVE CONSTIPATION lAlSKS (»K ( AHK IMI.I IJI-.l - Cake fiiiluvi ^ couie a- .i rv.-iir.i of some p:ir.tT! \ i;iii>f. inni these cans..- vir.v in ;•<••'•.}.• res|ncls. ' In the pl;i-i- lisi. OIil .V lire l!i--<t i iiienUifiiw. if liiiit< r •.>• iiol fit t<i II'.- used' iili ri:" tahle. it sl .M 'ld ' not be iis.ii in <;•!;.• baking. Cak«>failures tii'.' caused fioin —. - 1. I'oiir i:iKredienls. -. Inaderiuatc- mixing. ::. Tori ni "5icir siuar or shorten-' ing will cause ;i c.iU.. '•> ,i'all. Ti. • U-rnovii-.R a c ak" froi:! the oven biM'ore ft is d'.r.r lauses a cak.. f. fall. fi. Too much iliiin- caus"s a cakn to I rack, on 'op. -7. .(V .kes baked at ioo Iiicii a temperattire cause.'; a rr.-ck im top. .• ' S. Hratijii: ;a t -;ike too Im-,:; ca;is< a cnk-^ to he iie.ivy. Ji .ie- velops tlie gl'il<'!>' 'in tin- flour. !*. -Vri! .-iiffirii'i:; ci:amii!g: of Ihe hiirter andsii^ar will rei-iilt; In a cak" of eoars" ie.\u;re. in. Ten i!iiich K.iv.-iiing agt nt causes a coar-e t»xtnreii caki". 11. Too slow a lemperature ran-"s a Cake ;<> \>:- • in te;;- furo. .\ii euclioneer is a ("aiigerou.s man wJtii w-'iom lo I'e on nodding aeffua'::tallce. • i • . • Two Stores Now :i;.iO. hK!!\ A; SUN 701 \V::shing|oii. Iitln, Kaiisis . Moije and more people are eating bran for "healtfiV sake" the.-e liixy?. And iti's a,fine thing. Bitt not everybody realizes what a diffprcnce thero is in s^called "brans.?' Doctors say- it takes 100 br^n to i supply enough roughage to "relieve constipation; Part-bran products, atbest, •can only be partly effective. Keilogg's ALL-BR.'VX is 100 rt. bran. ! It furnishes rougiiage in effective quantities—and in the most i ^ffective form: cooked and krumbled. It does a work part-bran produHs cannot/hope to equal. Two tablesi)oonfuIs daily—clironic cases, with every meal—arc guaranteed to relieve constipation. Servo ALL-BR.A.N often. With, milk or crcaui—fruits or honey added. Be suro you get genuine Kello ; R 's thought—in -th." rod-and- green jiacka^^e. Use.iL in cooking. Sprinkle into soups,' ALL-BR.\M is solil by all groi:er.s.| Serveicl everywhere. Made by Ketlogg in Baiilo Creek. . ' i 1 ALL-BRAN f Wefek-End Specials Lima Bean.s. tender A —..^ 10c Corn Meal, 10 lbs. • . ——'- 35c Fancy Blue Ribbon Dried Peaches,,2 lbs. :{5c Alandy Ldu Devil's Food Cake Powder, 2 for 25c Bread, per loaf ] 8c Larsre I*runes,:2 Ib.s. _.i 2.5c 10-50 Prunes,iper lb. _— _-—-10c I-arije^ill Pickles, 3 for 10c Palm Olive Soap, 4 bars _—_ _ 29c Catsup, 11'z oz., 2 for -^-_35c ER.ctlish Walnuts, new crop, per lb. ^_-20c Good Bulk Coffee, per lb. _ 35c Coffe<;, the best you ever tasted, per lb 38c Red Wolf Coffee, uer lb. ...J. -4.5c Toilet Paper. 7-oz. roll, .'i rolls _ 25c Salnjion. 2 cans tall pink 34c Sliced Peache.«. in syrup. 2 for :. 25c HoKiiny. No. 2Vz tan --10c Ginijer .Srfaps. 2 lbs. : 2.5c ]>lilk. Borden's Eayle Brand. 2 cans 45c Peanut Butler, per lb. -19c Complete As.sortment of Fresh Fruiljs and Vegetables. THE Ql ALITY AND SERVICE SOUTH SIDE SQUAfe GROCERV. LIBBY DEMONSTRATION SATURDAY 10% OS£ on Products in Demonstration .\. I.. -toe S. Seei.n.l >IA«,«\fiV tola. K:iii-a> The Fbllowinir Prices (Joed alj Bpfh Stores .\s .\s Ouri Present Stock I>ast.s. : S llfs. Snsiir .. 'i'-W '-. ' Haisj; l.ejii or SwiftV rreiniuni | liraritl laid. M>. I."»<;: It) ll>v. >I.I.'.: ('<ifl>p<.!iriil per lit. I."»r: HI IJ>s. iflJW l-n>. ea'SN I'rNcK . -'-'v • 3-II). rails rri<.co . .Ktv 7 lli's. SjtanNIi or Hed (hilmis J ."ic rul:it'-'"^. 1><<I* Suepl !'o(ii«/.e'. S |l)s. !'."»< yn. 10 Mliilp Sjrur. -VJt .K' No.,."> .IVIiile .Sjniii - • SSe r ^^». 111 lijirk Sinip , „. ISe >"o. Park S^nip iTi^' -:> His. ((ini Meal l."i<-: 111 llis. . iSe' 4H '.»i. saeti Zepliyr Kioitr . #i«r ; iSAK sack Biiii- Ulbl.ft .M Khmrsfl.C:; ;.• l'*c< andCariiiitiiMi -Wilk .'>r. and !<>(• , TlHI -eims I'iiik ,SuIm«n i «;iiis Mliliv Hraiiil IVacli. 1. I's in heavy sjru|t. sIjcmI or 1 liiihos..Tini ..2«te lirriken hiiceil I'ino- . • jipple. can : - . - 2<>e . • iO-oz. can (>ysterv;l!iie. .»-oz. ran He Tiiii I aiiiiis I'otk i\Ilraiis. ciin Se • Tan <'iiii!i»s Mominv can 7c; I ctins tor -2.')C KHs-oz. KoUli' Cals'ip . Irk- r J.III. can (aiiiinet Bakiiuc I'ow. i-v • jHacariini ami Stiaithetti. ijku. «c : I'kff. Market IHy Siij-iijil 7, KaisIiK - J... Motior's ("h^na Oals I'kg. Liirir I'kp. Kollod <hi«s . 1 4 li^ I,ar««' \a\y llpaii^. • 444 libs. Fiiiu-y"Ki>e 2.">r Pickwick Coffee,'III. 45c | Cood Bulk Coffee, lb. ,-25fJ 66-BoMS JIMelies :—:_-J..15c PEACHES APPLE BUTTER Gallon size ..--_— PORK & BEANS CABBAGE POTAi;OES SUGAR. No. 2' 2 Robedalc in good Syrup a 2.5c value. 3 cans — No. V/'i si?e, 2.5c value. 2 for : .' »j«c 10c size n cans 59c 45c Smnv White. Cri.'^p,. Soliql / Ifeads. :;c lb.. 50 lbs. - — No. I Rt 'd Riv(!r Ohio.s IVr !n!s!r'i . Special Friday and Saturday IG Pounds for Go'den Wedding, Special Saturday 1 pouna 5t»(:: 2 pounds Fancv Marshmailow.s. assortment of 1 flavors. 40c value. Special, lb. 25c i5c 34c Cream Center Asst. of 4 flavors, per lb. Per Package •_ ,Our price is cheaper than we could buy beans today. Buv now before the raise -l.>r •ilv CHOCOLATES JENNY WREN BEANS 4 pounds large Tdahos RAISINS MUSHROOMS EGGS 3 Pounds New Crop Seedless _ Fresh shipment arrives Friday, per lb; Special 30c 25c 39c Fresh Country Candled Q A/» Per dozen _L OUC LOOK FOR RED TAGGED S^'ECIALS SATURDAY EVERYTHING IN FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ON TH^ SaUAIffi AT 'Wm< SAST SIDE The whole wkeat breakfast cereal the perfect health food— ccntalns all the bran,, toasted to a delicious 0avor—coloka in three minutes.. ASK YOUR GROCER : . Li \ . FOR PRICES PLUS QilALrrY AND SERVICE WE DELIVER \^ lbs. I)i'am(!iid H Flour _ 24 lbs. Dirihiond H Flour 48 lbs. White Loaf Flour — 24 lbs. White Loaf Flour — 1 Gallon Fancy Sliced Peaches _ "1 Gallon tJluev Plums , —1 Gallon Goo.seberries . 1 GaHon Red Plums 3-lbs. 70 to 80 Prunes ____ _ _ 2 lbs. 30 to 40 Prunes _ 2 lbs. Currants 4 lbs. Fancy Head Rice 3 lbs. Navy Beans _—— -. --No. 2 Sweet Corn _ '— Nc. 2V2 Homipy 15c DelgadoVChili — No. 2 can Peas -No. 2 Green Pod NaturaKJarden Peas : Lee's Tom Thnmb extra .sifted Peas 25c Del .Monte,Asparagus Tips __.-. — 3-lb. box Select Soda Crackers 2-lb. box Crispy Crackers 1-lb. Our Favdrjte Coffee _._ Mb. Elleijdalc Coffee -lib. Besf .Rio Coffee --- We have ji big bunch of frjs from 2! 2 and hens. .\l!;kinds of fresh fruits and . ' '.I ' --J $2.00 . — Sl.OO .— '—_$2.35 .- __-__$1.20 _5pc —— _.45c -— _63c —_ .50c — -__25c -L__ 25c ——— .-35c ____25c -L ^^___25c .1-1—.-10c -I- — , lt)c —.--lOc 10c -- —_20c _.—_--25c --.--.----15c —-^UOc - i28c - .-----50c 40c — .-3bc to 3 lbs.; geese vegetables: M ^ M Gs*oeery •CASH 120 E. Madison CASH YOU WILL ENJOY SANITARIUM BRAN BISCUITS S .-niliiiiim Uraii lii.scuils arc 11 r e p .-1 r e il Irtiui HaDituriiim ('(Kikeil IJraii and thi» Gluten (f 'lotiiiii (if \Vh ";it. Siinitariuni rtra-; Bisi ^!it^; may be iisetl with J. Kreat Iieiiefif in plaee of l>re:wl Tliey are iiiiidlV l.iMilive ainl are JMMi the iliiiij; lor the cl'il- ilriii 1(1 iiil>l>!i on Ix -'wicii. nsei'ls or l'< ciln.v !o rehool tor Iheir liiiirh Two Sizes 25c and 35c Av|. (s i (ir «i Hiilffi'-Crc'li llciiiHiiuI l.i>lii (r Booklt'f.; TWO DAY GROCERY BARGAINS SUGAR—lOO-lb. Bjig Pure Cane . .SK.30 POTATOES—Ru.ssett Hurbank.s b^ _J $1.50 48 lb. bag Jersjey Creme ..... .$1.85 48 lb. bag Blue Ribbon ... $1.95 48 lb. bag Expansion .. RICE—1 lbs. Fancy Head Rice L .MACARONI-^2V2 H>s. Quick Cooking _J _2.5c :»L & .M. Qualitv Cup. lb. _45c M. & M. Perfect Blend, lb. 43c .^L & .M. Special Peaberry, 35c Special Prices in Quantities. . A trial will convince you that we sell the best Coffees CORN—No. 2 cans, ^hiders, 20c value, 2 for -.-35c GRAPE FRUIT—No. 2 cans Dromedary 2(Jc SYRUP— trajn Blue Label --_ 50c BAKING POWDER—L»rge cans, K. C. 20c (:OCOA—l-i&. can Ellnes (5c Candy Bar Free) 27c SOAP CHlPJi—2 l^rge Pkgs. Cry.stalVVhtte 13c PRUNESi—Large ones. .30-40 size. 2 lbs. . 25c CHILI—2 .^mall cans 2.5c: 1 large Hy-Power - .-20c CR.ACKEiRS--2-!b. bo.x National Premiums 25c COOKfEgUJ?«ncy Chocolate and Butter Creme Icing,.'10c. value for opiy- Ibw 25c We will have with us all day Saturday a National ] Biscuit C^).,, representative who will pass you samples of these cookies. J .^oc I. • I Our COstomcrs 32Dst Be Satisfled. Phoii€lil7. CASH GROCEI^ We Deliver $3.00 Oi-deri Potatoes, per peck 25c MaxwJll Kous^ Coffee, per lli 49c Tomatoes Por]^& Beans 3 Cans for Toiniato Soup - • * ' Cigarettes Pkg. ISe Flour, 48-lb. sa^i $1.85 Blackberries, No. 2 can .15e Libby's Apple Butter, 2 large cans 45 (i Good/Ero,onis, only .35c Wlg ^wam Maple Syrup, small can 15e; medium can 29c PROMPT! Just phone us your'order and vest assured that your order will be delivered on time. Specials for Friday and Saturday! Pork Steak, per lb , Pork Roast, per lb. Fresh Side, per lb •. Sausage, per lb. .. r Spare Ribs, per lb. Lard, 5-jb. pail Lard, IC-Ib. pail . Round Beef Steak, per lb. ....... Kraiit, bulk, 5 lbs. for .. Smoke Salt, 10-!b. can Pure Sorghiim, per gaWon Pure Honey, per lb. PHONES 401-402-403 J 5c 15c . ..15c .:.15c ....15c . ..75c .. $1.40 ....20c .. .25c ....90c .. .90c ....15c EVERY THING JO EAT WE DELIVER &MMARKET Helling (j;uality meats at an attractive price is a hcbbv with us. You are a.ssured of quality, price ard Courleb'.is .service when you buy m^ats here- Some of ^ur atlrartivQ cash prices: Special, Co-mpound lb. 15c, 10 lbs. $1.40 Fresh Pdrk Shoulders, nicely trimnied, lb. . .14c Limited Quantity Home Rendered^ Lard, ivhile it lasts, lb. ' .14c Nice Fresh Spare Ribs, lb MT^^c Swift's Premium Bacon, broken ' slices, 5-Ib. box ...:.......... .$1.60 Large Weiners, no cereal, lb 20c 2 lbs. Fancy Wisconsin Sauer Kraut 15c Pure Pork Sausage, lb IT^^e Brick Chili, lb. 23c, 2 lbs. ........ .45c Bacon Squares or Briskets, lb. ... .20e Fine iiink Sausage, pure pork, lb. . .25^ : "Made By An Expert" " Fancv Baby Beef Boils, tender, lb. 15c Baby Beef Roasts, you will enjby eating these tender roasts, lb. .. .20c Brookfleld Fancy Loaf Cheese— Firick, American or Pimentp, lb. .45c] Bro'okiield Cheese in half lb. Sanitary Cartons, each ........ . .23cJ Nice Liver Sausage, lb. 20c Sunlight Picnic Haftts, htfWf cifire and Shankless, lb. ........ 20cf -Meat Thai.! You Capr 8»t..i,ft.i!. ..^vtbU.

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