The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 8
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HASTINCj Bank /New, of HMting, Jtjfe MALVfellK tlAMB, MAJVBifr, tllWA, MAY jg, 1933 Pay* Dividend Ma*!**, May 22, Witt Pat Fi«t Allotment- IS 1. R. Hall of the Mate banking department in charge of the Botna Valley State Sank of Hastings, announces that be now has ready the first dividend since the bank went Into receivership, and begun paying out the nine, Monday of this week. this flnrt dividend Is fifteen per cent and will amount to about $12,000 in round numbers, it will come at a very acceptable time to most of the depositors and doubtless be put to good uses. Times have been so close and prices on produce to tow that It has been a pretty bard task to liquidate many of the obligations due the bank, which makes the dividends come rather Blow. With the present trend of rising prices. Schools the Economic* Girl* Style Show however, the next shotld come easier. Donald Anderson to June Flrtt Hastings friends have .received Invitations to the wedding of Donald O. Anderson, former Hastings boy, and Miss Gulnlvere Lucille Wagner at the Trinity Methodist church In Des Molnes, Thursday, June 1. The happy couple will be at home after July 1, In Apartment 6, 1216 Sixth avenue. The Home Economics glrln, un «er the supervision of Miss Var ley. have been making draft*** Wednesday afternoon they had n style show for the ben«flt of as sembly and vlslto-s. Those model- Ing were: Amy Culley, Leora Christy, Rnth Darland, Irene Everhart. Mildred Huhbell. E,. ther Kldwell, Velma Mlpgs. Vfr- jtlnla Scott, and Blanche Wo^ls. The Judges awarded first place to Leora Christie, second placo to Blanche Woods, and third rloee o Irene Everhart. After the show the visitors were entertained at tea. held for Commencement Commencement exercises were evening In the M. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Britton and daughter, Corine, of Olenwood visited Thursday evening In the Dent HItes borne. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reed | and daughter, Delores, of Glen| wood visited friends here Sunday. Mrs. B. W. Shaw and sons, j George and Kleth, visited in the Carl Mellerup home in Omaha [ Sunday. Royal Smith and family and Mrs. Maggie Qobleman of Murray, Nebr. visited here Thursday. I Mrs. Gobleman remained for a [few days visit. [IP YOU SMOKE TOO MUCH WATCH YOUR STOMACH For quick relief from !ndige»- Itlon and upset stomach due to ex- Iwwive emoklng try Pr, Bmil'a ' ' TableU, Don't.ftop imoking UR ftMJWBl ff, _ , - * "" •" *»•« i»l* dividend ?',, church - The program was as follows: Processional. Song, America, the Beautiful. Invocation, Rev. L. E. Rlploy Orchestra, Olympla. Girls' sextet, Lullaby Moon. Address, Dr. Beard, pastor o Broadway M. E. church, Counci Bluffs. Girls' sextet, Old Irish Air. Presentation of class, Supt. D D. Fellows. Presentation of diplomas, Dr Edgar Christy. Salutatorlan, Ralph HItes. Valedictorian, Ruth Pierce. Duet, The End of a Perfect Day, Kathryn Anderson and Margaret Shepard. Benediction, Rev. L. E. Rlpley. Gave Program for County Champions The Hastings high school kit- tenball team are county champions. They have lost only one game all season and that to Henderson. For their benefit the seniors sponsored a program Friday morning: Songs, assembly. Class will, Bernice Moore. Duet, Kathryn Anderson and Margaret Shepard. Story of K. B. game, Lorraine Clark. Yodel No, Katbryn Hatfleld. Pfetife Th* hlRh nfhool *njoypd thft fast dfty of »phoo! by having a picnic on tho school grounds Aft*r <ffnn*r a ball gam* between th* high school and »n*n team w»» «mjoyi>d; score, 19-6 In fa vor of high school. Visitors the past week were: Rowwia fl h e B a r d . Marguerite Young, Frieda Fellows, James WBWSOJI, Mrs. Roy Qulmby. Mrs. Roy Crawford, Mrs. Pnrcell, Mrs. B. Onstln. Mrs. L. Gnstln, Mrs. Woods, Mrs, Christie. Mrs. Floyd Btarr, Mrs. Npbbltt, Mrs. Kldwell, Mrs. Fellows, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Mower, and Mrs. Clyde Wilson. StVE* Two Men Hurt Malvern to Chicago Round trip—16 day limit (Commencing May 86) Coach or Choir Car Burlington P«rty Far*. . 10 day Limit 3 traveling together «16.6 Class Prophecy, Frances Fisher . Acrobatic stunts, Thelma Scott, Piano solo, Virginia Scott. Jokes, Velma Mings. Vocal solo, Margaret Shepard Tap dance, Kathryn Anderson Vocal solos, Miss Varley. Duet, Margaret Shepard and Edgar Lookabill. Piano solo, Ruth Pierce. Trio, Kathryn Anderson, Lor ralne Clark, and Ruth Pierce. itt Auto Mixup Two Hastings men, W. E. Purcell and James Malone, met with a very serious auto mishap last Wednesday afternoon and narrowly escaped with their lives. They were coming toward Hastings from the east on Highway 34 and the accident happened on the turn Just north of Wayside lake. Mr. Purcell who was driving had Just turned out to i>ass another vehicle and failed o get back on the paving in time to make the turn. The car crashed Into the retaining fence with terrible force breaking off some of the posts and badly wrecking the car. Dr. W. M. Hlett, Dr. J. O. Laird, and J. R. Hall returning from Red Oak came upon them Just after the accident and extricated the men from the wreckage and with others who arrived then brought the Injured men Into town. Mr. Malone suffered a broken rib and a punctured lung nnd lots of bruises. Mr. Parcel had his collarbone broken close to where It is attached to the ribs He was taken the same evening to the hospital In Shenandoah by Dr. Christy and the fractures reduced. He is at his home now In Hastings, apparently getting along all right but suffering a lot of pain. HENDERSON Fottnef Resident Buried j "m Silver City Monday J. S. Willafd, wfco was a resi-i in Christian Church Note. There a good attendance in in i Neit Sond » r i c ° ntfn »« °«r study of the Bible t , last week after a pictures of fifth CTenin * Chris- The body wa« brought to S.I- tlan Ende^or w.TveW ntere.-" ver City and the funeral held Ing. Earl Fritcher preTentedThe there Monday. He was a man of j missionary lesson Our fine ^character and had many j day evening prayer topic will be "How May We he True to the Missionary Spirit? friends. He leaves to mourn his loss ils wife and two daughters. Mrs. Ward Burgoln ot Omaha and Mrs. Georgia Wilkinson of Henderson. next Sun- prayer meeting's numerous friends. At the services at the M. E. hurch Sunday evening special music was furnished by Robert iarover and Mrs. Harry Paul. Memorial service* will be held Decoration Day at the Christian hurch at 2:30 o'clock. Everyone s cordially invited to attend. Mrs. Maud Klndlg and daugh- er, Dorothy, went to Oakland Sunday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Don Frank, and family. Mrs. Jane Darnell and daughter, Margaret, came down from Omaha Saturday and spent the day with Henderson relatives and Ivan Forrestall will be the leader. Thursday afternoon the children are requested to meet at the [practice in preparation for Children's Day. Alpha A. Wright, pastor. Last Thursday afternoon Sylvia and Carrie Marie Wright visited Pickerell school of which Miss Dorothy Poore is teacher. At 3 o'clock all enjoyed a welner roast In the Martin Bea pasture. Friday afternoon Rev. A. A. Wright and family attended the school picnic at Oaks school. Rev. and Mrs. Esch and daughter, Dorothy Lois, of Elliott were entertained In the A. A. Wright home last Thursday evening. Jewel Mahan of the Oaks community spent the week end with Haldoa C. Altekrnte, assisting clerk—Court Exp^nstp Fund 5« 25 Gny Breeding, supervisor — County Fund ..... 4239 T- G. Byere. bailiff grand Jury— 4*onrt Expen** Fund "" 4 eo Fred Battles, load of cobs— Poor Fund _____ j'gg B. E. Bayes. assessing Malvern — County Fund - ........ " 179 29 W. H. Burrows. listing doe*— Domestic Animal Fund ."II l'gO ;f- n - Burrows. ***«*-"lnK Silver City— County Fund . «5 «rt Mildred Clark, clerk for grand jury — Court Expen«« Fund 4 <><» Clarinda State Hospital, care of Inmate*— Insane Fund .. 2.34T'o.'4 Cherokee State Hospital, care of Inmates — Insane Fund ._ W. S. DeMoss, sheriff, costs farm forpr insure — -County Fund H. O. Ferguson, court reporter— Court Expense Fond .. 89. i 57, 119 79 .. ll.W C. A. Fllnn. bailiff for district court — Court Etpense Fund 8 0» C. A. Fltnn. assessing Glenwood — County Fund 204 01 O. R. Hyde, supervisor— County Fund ' 51 4t» 33'«S 4 '»•» 'niJ ...... _______ Listen L. Hall, court reporter— Court Expense Fund "I Ta. Soldiers' Orphan Home, care of inmatw? — Poor Fund la. School for Deaf, care of inmates— Poor Fund ~" Harley Karr. assessing Plattvllle — County Fund lll' Jesse Leet. hauling trash — County Fund ___ '75, Fred Lookablll. listing dogs— Domestic Animal Fund _I~I lisii Fred Lookabill, a^esslng Hastings — County Fund ___ M Off Ervln C. Ling, transportation — Poor Fund BO 00 Mt. Pleasant State Hospital, care of Inmate— Insanp Fund 58 14 Mabel McCormlck. listing dogs — Domestic Animal Fund ._ '90 Mabel McCormick, assessing Tabor — County Fund 16 00 Oakdale Sanatorium, care of Inmates — Poor Fund 188 45 L. O. Peterson, provisions — Poor Fund __________ A. P. Phillips, assessing Henderson — County Fund £' £: P. n . m| P s - listing dogs — Domestic Animal Fund H. w. Rhoades, P. M.. postage — Construction Fund 9. en . eTa . Reasoner. attainting recorder — County Fund 12.on 40.00 1.40 9.00 2.25 State Juvenile Home, care of Inmates—Poor Fund 21.1 S5 Carrie Storer, matron O. ladles' home—Poor Fund 15 00 \v. \\. Stacy, assessing Pac. Junction—County Fund .. S« 40 „.• ;• « an Or » del - assessing Center Twp.—County Fund ir.o oo w. J. Van Orsdel. listing dogs—Dom. Animal Fund ... 11 SO John Wright, assessing Ingraham Twp.—County Fund Woodward State Hospital, care of Inmates—Poo'r Fund Boone Blank Book Co., office supplies—County Fund *,..„ S. V. Cooney, boarding prisoners—County Fund 197 25 Citltens Power & Light Co.. services court house and Jail 11.SO 1,12.1)0 IS.88 24.1R —County Fund friends. Mrs. Darnell Is In her, Carrie Marie Wright. 114,1 stijj fever fwaj tor ja r ger group* higher ticketg slightly* S«»t W ticket, }n per tfeft FftJr , , , .11 be »t your borne »t»- Senior Day Tuesday, May 16. was Senior Pay. The senior class, accompanied by the play cast, took a picnic dinner and spent the day in Council Bluffs and Omaha. A visit through the Iowa Deaf and Dumb Institution proved very interesting and educational, especially the radio ear and the manual training department. Then we went to Omaha and visited the airport and Ford factory. The picnic dinner was en- loyed in one of Omaha's pretty jarks. The group then attended shows. Those going were: Lorraine Clark, Velma, Mings, Aleene Quimby. Bernice Moore, Ruth 'Jerce, Frances Fisher, Jack Mitchell, Bud Mitchell, Robert Blunt, Edgar Lookabill, Ralph Kites, and Mr. and Mrs. Fellows. Cightb Grade Program Tbe future freshmeu of Hastings high school gave an interesting program before the assembly Wednesday, May 17. Tbe pro- Progress, Crawford, Pauline Quatln, Margaret Qulm* by, Kenneth Nebbetts, Gene BUBB* 8on», Margaret Shepard. Kathry» Anderaoa, Tap duuce, Hdwerd QUteus. ligbtb aro4« 0(ajs Twenty YMFI From Now: Margaret Quimtty, NewJywed. Keith gbaw, Radio Croower. Hpusewlft. Quit In, Secretary. TTt OlAts wUl, Paultue Qu»tlu. solo, Ruib Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young of Carson visited in the home of his brother, Will, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, H. P. Rea of Essex visited Sunday in the A. H Crawford home. Harry Patterson spent Sunday with his parents in Shenandoah. Miss Valerie Christy of Council Bluffs spent a few days last week with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Christy. Joe Haden and family visited in the R. !„* Christie horn* Sunday, Mrs. Carr and daughter, Blanche, visited a few days the past week with Mrs. Louisa Qulmby and other relatives. Mrs, R. L. Christie and children and Master Leon Smith wer< Red Oak visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Schurr Sterling and Ronald and Mrs Charley Kelley autoed to Counci Bluffs Saturday. Mrs. Lesley Dawson and son, Jim, of Riverton visited Thursday in the W. D. Linthicum home. The freshman class with their sponsor, C, E. Wilmeth, enjoyed a theater party Wednesday evening. Each member invited some one else. This made a larger crowd. A good time was reported by everyone, Lavern Potter visited from Thursday until Saturday in erton with Jim Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. Pale Read moved from tbe N, W, Colling property into that of Ed Hathaway, better known as the Dan Cook place. Jim Ord and Miss Marguerite Edje returned Saturday from Nebraska where they have been em* ployed. E, o. Hathaway !s reported to be slowly recovering from bis severe Illness, H. pjburn was taken to the ninetieth year and Is still quite active and alert. Mrs. Isabella FIckel and sons, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Coffman and daughter, Mac, drove down from Omaha Sunday for a short vlsli Jimmy and Jack, came In from with Henderson friends Lincoln last Sunday for a week's i Mr. and Mrs. J. C. boss and visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wilkinson attended Mrs. C. E. Edmondson. Mr. Fickel | the funeral of J. S Wlllard in brought them over and will re- j Silver City Monday. . .__ .%.._. . „ . i turn for them next Sunday. Woody Brown of Carson visited his sister, Mrs. Champ Harover, Sunday. Bill Brown, A. J. Harbor, and son, Morris, A. H. Harbor and Billy Harbor were visitors in Shenandoah Thursday afternoon. Mrs. W. A. BarkuB and son, Burton, of Kent, former residents here, visited friends here Thursday afternoon. gj mmong wno In the Hancock schools the past year expects to teach there again next year, Hazel Ayers Is enjoying her vacation with her parents. Her school near Carson closed last Friday, Mrs. A. J. Harbor received word from her brother, Dick, who lives at Portland, Ore., that his nine year old daughter had Mrs. Scott Sheehan and sons been chosen queen of her school and Mrs. Waldo Edmondson were to take part In the Rose Festival In Red Oak Wednesday afternoon, Zell Bolton and family of near Oakland visited in the Joe Edmondson home Sunday. Hazel Jenkins closed a successful term of school at the Triplett school Friday. A program and picnic were very much enjoyed there. Five schools are taklnit part. Ken Williams made a trip to Council Bluffs Monday. Edmundson hospital Wednesday and operated on the same eve* ning. lie seems to be recovering nicely, U H. McFarlaud, Mrs, B, R, Alburn, and Harry Piburn drove o Council Bluffs Sunday to see & H. Piburn.. School closed last Friday he teachers have left lor their everal homes. Miss Luther went to her home in VHllsoa, Miss Yar* ley to Stuart, Miss Harman to Malveru, Mr, Wilmeth to Nevin* vllle, Mr, Blttuer to Omaha, to visit awhile, Mils Young and Mr. Fellow* rernaiu in Hastings, AU are wpeoted back next year. Ralph Huuioom au,d son, Rob* ert, nud MiM Harriett Crawford ttutoed to Strahftu Saturday. were present besides other visitors. Miss Jenkins will teach-thia school again next year. Billy Harover treated the little 'oiks at the M. E. Sunday school o a cake Sunday in honor of bis fifth birthday and Isabel Stephens to a cake in honor of her seventh birthday. Twenty-three were present. The little folks enjoyed having Jack and Jimmie Fickel of Lincoln as visitors that day. Scott Sheehan and family were visitors in Glenwood Sunday afternoon. A farewell party was given at Wales for Mr. and Mrs. Harkness one evening last week, Mr. Harkness has been a teacher In the Wales schools for two years but Is moving to a farm In Nebraska. Mrs. C. E, Lindsey returned home Tuesday from a week's visit in Council Bluffs. The Christian Aid met last Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. C. H. Amlck Instead of in the church basement. They assisted Mrs. Amlck with the quilting of a quilt. At the close of the afternoon a lunch of fruit whipped Addle over home. Orlo Karris and Cure Alfalfa in Windrow Wlndrowlng alfalfa after H has wilted thoroughly Jij tbe swath is the best method of curing for Iowa conditions, experiments at Iowa State college have shown. The tests were conducted during the past few years by Prof E. R. Henson of the Farm Crops department. Cocked hay cures much too slowly to be practical for tbe changing weather conditions 01 Iowa. The most rapid method of curing tbe bay is to leave it undisturbed in the swath after cutting. But speed is not the only consideration In curing hay, Professor Henson says. Hay cured in the swath loses about ten per cent of its weight as leaves. Hay windrowed Immediately after cutting loses about five per cent of its weight and hay wind- rowed after it }s well wilted »bout the same. Hay windrowed Immediately after cutting cures somewhat slower than hay left in the swath and hay windrowed after wilting cures at about the same rate as hay left in the swath. To retain its green color is put in the mow bay should 22.40 11 6.1.45 01 7.65 7.50 l.lfi 25.00 41.50 1.00 :hoate Publishing Co.. printing — County Fund .. 29 W. 8. DeMoss, mileage — County Fund ............ <j.t' Emerson Chronicle, printing— County Fund ....... 27' Fidlar ft Chambers Co., office supplies — County Fund E. E. Goodrich, Justice fees — Court Expense Fund . Fred Nix, constable — Court Expense Fund _________ III Glenwood Board of Review, board of review — County Fund J- f- Greene Jr., clerk, commissioner — Insane Fund _ „ J. M. Donelan. commissioner — Insane Fund " ... „„ N. 8. Genung. commissioner — Insane Fund __________ II 2K90 W. S. DeMoss, conveyance to hospital — Insane Fund ___ I 7^55 Genung ft Genung, defending prisoners — County Fund ~" 40 00 \V. S. DeMoss, constable — Court Expense Fund ' _______ "" f, 00 Holley School Supply Co., office supplies — County Fund 1 2S Industrial Chemical Lab., supplies, court liou»e-^-Cotinty ^ 26 Jenklns-Fergemann Co.. office supplies — County Fund 1 94 Koch Brothers, office Riiiipllos — County Fund ________ II 2X17 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co.. office suppllp*— County Fund .I~~ 25 78 Mills Co. Farm Bureau, appropriation — County Fund ._"" 500.00 Malvern Board of Review, board of rev| t >w— County Fund 20 00 Monroe Calculating Mach. Co.. maintenance contract — County Fund ______ ..... ____ „ ...... _ ..... __ is 00 Matt Parrott & Sons Co.. office supplies— County Fund 3 91 Metropolitan Lamp Co.. supplies court hotine— County Fund C 04 Malvern Leader, printing — County Fund ________ . 21 97 NW Bell Telephone Co.. services — County Fund -. 58 75 Omaha School Supply Co.. office supplies— County Fund s'25 Peoples Natural Gas Co., services C. house and jail _ County Fund ________________ _______________ _ 134 <8 L. 8. Robinson Jr., office supplies — County Fund " " Wm. Sletak, supplies Jail— County Fund s 75 2.00 D. E. Whltfleld, Justice fees—Court Expense Fund~IIIIII 2^50 S. V. Cooney, constable fees—Court Expense Fund 2.00 HiFflOlln TIMllr!MO 4»to+lAM y~*A>._* rs_«.^.___ **.._ j . « —„ 13.00 4.00 1.60 53.81 12.00 3.00 3.06 16.98 visited bis father at Shenandoah Sunday Nomination of elective officers was held, Tuesday evening by tbe Rebekab lodge. A of Ice Sctourr aud fawiiy to Ked Q*k Saturday, QUUy. Hltw, vl»Ut»d Mou- cream and cookies waji served by 4, H, Harbor and Myrtle Selby. The members of the B. y, K. club enjoyed a social tine Wednesday evening at the borne of Mrs, R, W. Casebolt. Marsh Conner had the wlsfor tune one day last week to meet with quite « serious accident. He was running bis tractor out In the field and in some way was thrown off of U. One of hi, ears WM cut off and his face scratched up badly. HU friend* are sorry to hear of bis accident. 0, H. Anjiclf and wife attended eveuing in which their children much moisture is present tbe hay beats slowly and molds form. These molds, later killed by tbe beat, cause a dusty bar. Black bay results when large masses of hay are piled logetbw vitb more than thtrty-five per cent moisture. Tbe danger from combustion is i,re*te«t wben hay contains a moderate . Smith Machine Shop, supplies— Maintenance Fund ______ 36.36 Standard Oil Co.. gasoline— Maintenance Fund ,, ...... . 26.13 Travelers jnaumuve Co., compensation liiiurance— Maintenance Fund ,.— . ------ ---- ----------- , ______ 930,93 '»»!'»— Milntenasce Fund of moisture. Exce»§iv» moisture prodUMi « cold sweat and § rotting ol tbe hay wltb abundant i. --— - ........ Wrif bj 6 WUhelwy Co.. supplies— Maintenance Fund ... Geo. w. Wilson, supplies — Maintenance Fund , _________ P»y Boll No. 80, April road work— Maintenance Fund .. P§y Roll No. 31. April rwd work — Maintenance Fuud -Pay Ron go. 88, April road work— Maintenance p u nd — P»y Roll No. 8$, April road work— Maintenance Fuud ,. . P»jf Roll No, 84. April road world— Maintenance Fund .. 816.38 i'ay Rojl No. 86. Aitfll ro«d work— Malunmaucw Fund -, 3S8.31 2,ot» 59.00 is 7» 239,71 158. 40 370.80 3l8.»0 ' work— P*y Rolt No. ST, Anrll ro*d work Fund .. Fund ., BurllsgtoB will JftiM M*r«W'el Mn. to A »t wtth Tfet Tb* bMt *»y to fa« lure the will kewp U to b» corttin that •^idAia,, II U «»ir«d hate** u it >tor*d, Mr. BOARD PROCEEDINGS OWCB «* THK COUNTY Al>01 TON Ittttttt ««t* to method of determining the percentage is to twist a wisp of hay. If moisture does not show the hay may be stored with reasonable expectation of its keeping. BIrdelle Wllktns, justice fees—Court Expense Fund Dr. 0. M. Agan, medical aid—Poor Fund Boyle & Empkle, provisions—Poor Fund K. A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund L. B. Bacon, medical aid—Poor Fund , A. H. Crawford, provisions—Poor Fund ~ Citizens Power & Light Co,, services O. ladles' home—Poor Fund W. Colling, provisions—Poor Fund I »„.„„ Or. Edgar Christy, medical aid—Poor Fund 34 60 fc. W. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund _.. " *. E. Davis, provisions, O. ladies' home—Poor Fund 3r. Ward A. DeYoung. medical aid—Poor Fund •'ullerton Lumber Co., provisions—Poor Fund Clayton Goltry, hauling O. ladles' home—Poor Fund'II" John Harris, cobs—Poor Fund Dr. McM Hanchett, medical aid—Poor Fund'IIIIIIIII" Hand Hospital, hospital services—Poor Fund "~ la. Children's Home Society, care of Chan. Long—Poor *, ol Edmundson Hospital, hospital services—Poor Fund - 86 85 Mrs. Dora LaGrande, nursing—Poor Fund is Linquist Grocery, provisions—Poor Fund Gerald Lidgett, wood—Poor Fund Geo. E. Masters, trustee, aid—Poor Fund Dr. James Marr, medical aid—Poor Fund 4.73 7.76 6.96 2.00 6.00 35.00 7.00 27.57 00 6.00 2.60 4.00 .00 F. A. Mulholland, provisions—Poor Fund 34 36 Dr. W. H. Maloy, medical aid—Poor Fund (Cl'ed jYsIooT Allowed „-_ , 0 John Olson, provisions—Poor Fund Ill-Ill""' Omaha Fruit & Grocery Co., provisions—Poor "Fund Dr. I. U. Parsons, medical aid—Poor Fund Raynor Funeral Home, ambulance service—Poor Fund Wm. Slezak, provisions—Poor Fund 00 22.86 36.75 27.00 4.00 1.9S Verner J. Scott, milk, O. ladies' home^Poor~Fund~IIII~~ 5 60 W. M. Todd, nursing—Poor Fund ._. ,.." is'oo 13.00 3.86 R. M. Bacon, repairs, Co. farm—Poor Fund „.„„ Bpyer Hardware, supplies, Co. farm—Poor Fund _ 11.68 C tizens Power & Light Co., services, Co. farm—Poor Fund 17 40 Clipson Paint Store, supplies, Co. farm—Poor Fund 335 Darting OH Co., gas and kerosene, Co. farm—Poor Fund 6 96 Economy Food Store, provisions. Co. farm—Poor Fund -_ 25 47 A. P. Kilmartin, seeds, Co. farm—Poor Fund 14 25 Mintle Electric Co.,, repairs, Co. farm—Poor Fund C. C. Morgan, bread, Co. farm—Poor Fund then cools down during a period, of sU to eight weeks. t«n too 2.85 Austin Western Roa'd Mach.~Co.I TeWirs^-Mafntenance'I 4*48 J. D. Adams Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund 130 37 Ahjberg Bearing Co.. repairs—Maintenance Fund ._ 'I'so The Alemlte Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund » 19 Mrs. Geo, Brower Sr., piling—Maintenance Fund 43 - 50 Collins Drug Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund .„_, i 60 Citizens Power & Light Co., services at shed—Maintenance 1.44 Clipson Paint Store, supplies—Maintenance Fund 1.01 381.26 Q C ffjf •jity of Glenwoodl rent of county yard—Maintenance ~Fund 5o!oo w _ fi g<> i "- -*• *•«->-*•. «»»« a* **•*«»——u#<MutBuctut;e r uuu , 3 80 I Alfred Wall, repairs—Maintenance Fund s'eo I« ; Culvert & pipe Co., culverts^Malntenance Fund 40.31 34.85 68.13 79.00 1.89 19.68 53.50 18.60 4.16 'id.66 1.50 _ , ___."* i » "T-^"' T •—•»-•»• it -w —•-» mr^ff^fmm^np «•* tfff k* VVM.MM V-H * UUU*< Interstate Machine & Sup. Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund Oscar !*ee, labor—Maintenance Fund _—„„_______„__ Lincoln Road Machine Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund ._ MIon-Moltne Implement Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund. Wheel $ Rim Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund -- of moisture is stored in the mow. The best brown hay is produced when there is about thlrtyrthree to forty per cent moisture. The .. _- ^ .- -- -• ,,-,*~ -—. ,-.-„.,, .__._..„„..,, hay beats within two or three 1 McCord Hardware, supplies—Maintenance Fund days to about 140 degrees F. and I rttt*^ 6 ^?^! ' n R, Works. supplle^Maintenance Fund Co " ««PP»es— Maintenance Fund iau Fund .... « Supply Co., »UppUi»™Coj«i» ruction n» 4« 81 35

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