The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1894
Page 6
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nitind. DAILY AND WEEKLY. By POWERS * COLCLO. (Uncle copy, any address, per year........... It ( U paid In advance •••• lt tii aiNTiN«L u a ittalght-out Democrat! empaper working tor the advancement ot tb MKsti of the cause in Northwestern tow* ADVERTISING, Tbe circulation of tai 8i«Tin«L exceed* tha of an> paper on the C. 4N. W. Ballway west o Our list* are open to any adw . We have good lists In every town on a • -branch toadi, Mats reaching tbe best farmer and business men tn ever? community. Rates o all classes ot advertising reasonable, floh^ul of rates Jurnlshed on application to the offlw. Correspondence desired on all topics ot genera interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly and have your letter reach us early as Wednei dayetenlng. Address, THE SENTINEL, . . . . Carroll, Iowa •ntere »'t the Carroll, Iowa, postoffloe, as se Md class matter. Published weekly. FBIDAT, Acacsf 31, 1894. [See preceding page for' late telegraphic hews. Democratic State Ticket. —o— Far Secretary of • jtate, H..F. DALE, of Des Molnes County. For Auditor, JOHN WHI.TIMPLD, of (iuthrlp County. For Treasurer, W. L.;8Mtti|, of Wayne County. For Judges of Supreme Court, JOHN CLIGQBTT, of Oerro Gordo County. K. W. MITCHELL. of Fremont County. Tor Attorney General, -"' D. F; SMItaV of Cherokee' County. For Railroad Commissioner, W.L.PABKER, of Osceola County. for Clerk of Supreme Court, T. B. NORTH, ot Dallas county. . For Reporter of Supreme Court, J. J. SHEA, of Pottawattamle County. Tor Congressman 10th Congressional District, J. C. BAKEB, ot Palo Alto County. Judicial Ticket. CHAS. D. GOLDSMITH, of Sao County. M. W. BEACH, of Carroll County. Democratic County Ticket. For County Auditor, WM. P. HOMBtCH. For Clerk of the District Court, JOHN H. SCHBOEDKR. For County Recorder, JOS. KEMPKER. For County Attorney, v tiEO. W. KORTE. For Supervisor, C. H. 1'LKNKEH. The People's Party will bold its county convention Satnrdtiy at Gliddeo. Tbe largest purao ot tbe season waa the one tbe sugar trust gave wbeu it "buog up" ooogrebs, MaDuiug is rigbt io tbe push (or Republican candidates Cor reoorder. Only two BO far bave been beard from. Ou tbe lltb of September tbe llapub: lican oouuty oonveation will meet at tbe coart house, aud tben we will aee wbat we 'will Bee. The Daorjorata kept their word in one thing and that was tbat tbe McKinley •bill would ba repealed, for it is now a thing ot tbe past. President Cleveland iu refusing to eigu and withholding bid veto from tbe tariff bill acted about aa the great rotes ot Democrat* of tbia country felt. ' Billey Mobr does uot appear to have ••monopoly on tbe clerk's office any longer, even in the Republican onoip, After eix years of waiting another candidate olsima tbe rigbt of a trial ,, How about tbe election proclamation ? Will tbe,people bsva to go their pooKete sod pay for it when there are papers (bat will publish it free ot cost? We are waiting to hear from our Repub liosn frjepdi. , Levi P, Mortpp bss returned from Europe, «nd is in the rsoe for gubernatorial honors, H« b#s contributed more money to tb« R*pnbU,QMi campaign tune during the past twenty yesrs |b«o »ny other man ID New, Xork, He hss s big barrsl and is bopksd for • wlousrtor the nomination bj his party. Wbso Ib* Herald got geuwous ftndoffer •4 to p |»mf b tb» delinquent, ti* tailed to mtk* MI offer to tb» poor uutortu nutiifl vkio are olosfid out bv sheriff AMlai WIV^^^I 'Wlflf'W*™. 1 ™™ ™r ~ •"•* **f ^^f»»»* ^w^ sod did not s»y 9 word lb«ir jMtlioM but, iWt jogg«d iU We are still waiting to bear from it. Politicians, like usw brooms, do tie ^best work while they W« new. Publi opinion is rather fickle sud Jingle It ouauge.' A rosu's popularity is not s stenlt *» urllole ss tt-s or oofl«# «uu it i no Argument that a msu is • vote n itf simply because he ran ahead of bi« Ik I- four or f i* yesraugo. How m«uy sheriff eulus doea J n HNUT/ J»»WW» !»'*» Ibtwe "hard limes? Come brother, we are trtinfl to dd sotn good tor tbe unfortunate, too, in on teeble way, Ootne, lets hear from you Charity should be pin nt home. Cleveland is at Buzzard's Bay where h will remain (or some time. Tbe menta •train, incident to the work ot the lae oongre<w, wore heavily on him and he i greatly iu need ot reel. Congressmen Wiltor, ot West Virginia was ranominated Wednesday and ten dered one ot tbe greatest receptions eve given to a patriot!*) •tateetaan; We wonder what kind' of a Bend-off tbe people would give Gorman and Brioe i they could get a similar opportunity to give expression to their feelings ? The income tax has become ft law and by it $20,000,000 will be tftken from thi hardens ot taxation of, tbe poor and transferred' to the wealthy.. It has a lastestabiithedtbejuBt principle of levy ing the taxes upon those who derive tbe benefit and are able to bear their share ot the expenseB of the government • Bro. Hnngertord got sick of "Tbat Deadly Parallel," and we do not blame him either, for wanting to quit the' controversy. His perfidy is too Well fcUowb now for his own good, politically. When yon have an nnseawortb.a craft again,do not put to ees it for their is great danger of its getting last in tbe fog. The .Republican, papers are. growling about the oppressive duty of'two cents a pack that the Democrats put in playing cards, ond an increase of twenty cents a gallon; on whisky. . They >both appear .to ie neceesitiea to that, party and for that reason should be on the free list. With the Democrats they are luxuries and therefore legitimate articles for taxation. The Tariff. ; Toe tariff bill ss passed by the senate and approved by Ibe boase, became a law it tbe expiration of ten daye without, tbe iresident'a signature. For seven months be tariff bill waa under consideration, >nd tba country ia greatly relieved to DOW that it is at last .disposed of, for a ime at least. While tbe tariff bill fails o. provide-free raw: material in all in- tanoes it ia a great improvement over tie MeKinley bill which it repeals. If be measure bad only provided for free rop,free coal and free would bave eeu all that tbe Democrats demanded, nd until tbe manufactures of this ountry are freed from these shackles tbe war will be carried on. Wbat baa been gained in tbe way ot cheaper material will remain. Toe loud boasts of the lapublioan party for protection will ever again place a duty ou lumber, salt r wool. These articles will remain on he free list for it matters not bow loualy Lie opposition may boast ot the glories f bigb protection, they will never undo lie work tbis legislature baa done toward breaking up corporations and rusts. No backward step will be taken, nd bo soou as tbe people reform tbe enate, the Democrats will reform . tbe ariff laws of our country. Brioe and Qorman, backed by the Republicans ot bat bpdf, focoed tbe present bill upon be people, but Abe duy will coma wben uob old fusils as they, who are ,sub- ervient tools in tbe bauds of monopolies ,nd trusts will ba retired or tbat branch >f congress will beooms the most odious awmaking body in tbe world. Tbe first great work of tbe people u to reform tbe senate. For aa long aa snob old fossils aa Allison,.Sherman,Brioe aud Qormnn are allowed to remain io tbat body tbe people can never look for laws o be passed tbat will be iu tbeir interest. These (oagils bave been ao long iu tbe balls of congress tbat they have lost all ntereata in tbe oommin people and bave opg Bjqoa be come strangers to them. Wbat .do any of these American lord* care (or you or I, ap long aa tbey can play, into tbe band* of plutocrat* and millionaire* of (be laud? Tbe aeaate mail have an infusion of new blood or it muit b* wiped out of existence. It today ii tbe greatest barrier bet* MO t ptople and tbeir right* of anything in ihw country, and unless it can be purged and brought iu touch with tbe roatsaa there ia uo longer any exouee (or iU , Wbeo tbe people have tired of these took ot monopoly an.l have plsosd msn with hearts and brains io tb* plsoee o these money bags, tbe work of rafornjuf tbe tariff will be ivooomplisbwl tnd Ibe cause of the people will have triumphed Alter 0111 te. WH. MoUr.of Arcadia, sod W. li Eitrom, ot Taiupletou, «r* after Ibs R»- publiosa uomiustioo for clerk, and Olini Bsuuett, of Msuniog, 0. W. Bssd, o Muuuiog, Henry 0«mp, of Carroll sud L. J. Coder, of QUdd»o|«re sll after tbe nomiuHtion for county raourdsr. A. Ued ford, of I'lettsout Vt»ll»y, to iu the r«o» for supervisor. As yet oo one bits so uouuoed his willingness to enter tbe cam puigu fur the other cmow. Our Its publioso friends have io ye»r« gone by sooueed thePemoor«t« of Ibis oouuty wit being » ulitu of ottios s*»ktr«, but w« sr inclined to think,frotn pr*«ent indioaticfjp that if tbey had half a Show (hey wonlc turn out two aspirants to our one. If there is anything the average Republican hue o Weakness for it is to hold office. With them the office is tbe main part of tbeir politics. __^_ i .,_.^ flic President's ' Ne* York World. The bouse has patted ft bill to pn sugar on the free list. If that bill were made law it would take away, the plop der wh?oh the sugar ring baa got by holding tip congress, The senate conic pass the bill in fifteen minutes If I would. ..... Every Democrat in the senate wonlc hive to .vote the measure, if a vote .were ordered, .or eaorifioe b!a. claim to be raliac a Democratt Every Repnblicao would have to vote 'for it or make for himself a record of ibodneistenoy. . Every Popnlial would have to vote for it or surrender his hope .of a political f nture; If a vote were ordered' the. measnre would pass the senate with as near an approach to- unanimity an;- was secured in tbe bouse, where only eleven adverse vote* were given. The ragar ring has therefore ordered (be senate not to vote upon it at all at this eeeeiob. But why abonld.. not, < the president, when oobgrees adjonrne, oall it at once into extra session and send it a meeaage setting! forth the necessity of acting upon this matter f Be would .have the opdntry. at bis lack, as the vote in the house showed. le could urge. not only: the obeapening of a nfojssity of life as a reasot, but- the mmeasurably more important necessity of breaking the power of a ring which assumes to dictate legislation and . rule he country. , as it pleases. He could oroe tbe senate to choose 'between voting >n this bill and 1 writing- itself down the ubservlent tool of the sugar ling. The iGsne is worth making. Tbe necessity, for. making, it is imperative, aa lie president clearly indicate* in bis let- er to Qen. Oatobings. flis secretary of lie treasury has furnished tbe senate its xouse for not acting. It. ia tbe presi- ent's business to take that excuse away. English and liiierlcans. Events of ' tbe present sarnmer will add to the growing good will and sen- iment of kinship between England and he tliiited States. Officers of our quadron were feted and lionized as few visiting European naval men have been n the Unit-id Kingdom. Captain Mahan the Chicago found that the British cnew more about his book, "Influence of Sea Power Upon History,.^' than his own fellow countrymen did, and the Jniversity of Oxford bestowed on him ho degree of D. C. L. Tho Prince of Wales has undoubtedly done much to fostor friendship between ugland aud the United States by his courteous kindness to George <5ould. Sporting events in which they are mutually interested mellow the hearts of men and nations toward one another. and doubtless Wales understands this 'ully in his shrewd, quiet fashion. The time may coraowheu Great Britain and the United States will need to stand together against influences that threaten ;o disintegrate civilization. Foolish Braggadocio utterances that tend to set the two great English speaking nations against oaoh other shoulc] be frowned ou, whether they are uttcrauueg of newspapers or individuals. Read what Conan Doyle says: I have alu'iiys loaded to goo America, anil I :mvo uhvuyu longed also to eoo a warmer Friendship between tlio two groat nation* at the English speaking race. There (a no subject on which 1 take so keen an Internal. Neither nation recognizes us it ought the kinship o( the other. Tho only natural and permanent alliance upon earth is that between these two countries, having a common language, common blood, common moral and religious ideas, md up to the last century a common history. The press on both sides seem to me to do all that they can to alienate the two countries, Holes Two Ml lex Deep. 801110 advanced thinker has sprang a startling scheme upon an awe stricken world. It is nothing less than tbat of digging down into the bowels of the earth to got all the heat wo need. If we go far enough, says the advanced thinker, a- couple of wiles or BO, wo shall tuji tbe internal houts of the earth, aud we can pipe it anywhere we like, liko the heat which passes from your furnace in the cellar to tbe registers in the Various rooms of your bouse. Thin heat cau be used to manufacture steam at will, so that there Will bo uo need of coal. The greatest gain from this now fungled way of gutting heat would bo that oon minor* could uot strike any more. Then, too, H would be the easiest thing in the world to got to the north pule. If, wbeu an explorer bwl got a* far north a* he could, he should simply din down til lie struck a vein of inward liuat, he uee( only let it nisaleout to warm every tnlutj around tboro and wake a torrl4 poruturp — «uoh that plnuapplea aud banuuaa. could bo grown. This would be kit bjwo of HuppliWi whoro he oonld Uv the yuar around From it be could wil forth at (ho bogiuuiug of wunu weatbu mid got to tbo polo in time to dig AU other two uiilo holo there. Then ou tin tiptop of tbo polo itbulf hu could puut the Amorluou Hug, and uiidurneaib it li could plant likewise uuothui- aud Iwnuua patch. Hue? AH to digging thu hole two milett deep the advanced thiukur USHUI'DH us uothiutf ttt M— more child pluy. Dear Bro. tianWlf we should II ve as long aA s Jme icats, atwlit here we sliiiufii lie' Jike tliepatrlarcns'of olden time's.' >bme time since Herman Peck lost, a yajuabji) torn oat ged nineteen years, und we knew of two j!9 ". h ^y e ,. f hu » w escaped ' the' perils hich b'esei; feline existence until one is n hei seventeenth, and the other in his Kteenth 'yeiiirl''. Tli'e pussy 'h'aa rather ou(i : I've'd U'e'r usefulness, but 'L homas is still i mighty hunter, bis specialties being pocket Ronhers a.nd groung squirrels. . »-. ' " "•; •- J IM . , to Insure «he publlcntlon o their letters Intlie woeklr, must mall them n tbey will reach our office WedhMdar.J TOWNSHIP. • Mr, and Mrs. J.|Dj Dowsing were at Mr Arblngast's Saturday. Ohns. Reever Visited With W. -and' fi HutlirauftlBStSUbday. dhaa. Anderson purchased a new corn cutter and binder. G. lleald Is making a corn cutter for himself. < Mis. Leffingweil Went to Omaha las we'ek tb visit her daughter. M, 0. Ruthra'uft made n corn, cutter Monday. Mr. Lefflngwellbought a new Cottage 'organ of Blake rrom Carroll. Mr. Chapln Is cutting corn for Geo AfOttlS. :• - ••• •••-. i ••> .' •: :.. &fi. Arblngast and .G.eo. 'Morris are preparing to put in their line fence. '""' '" : ' •A«T tlBtKTY AKD BUCK BOH. Getting ary again. Corn cutting In progress. Sorghum has made a rapid growth since the rain. There has-bHeri considerable slckhesscf late principally among children. The Infant daugh'ter of Mrl and Mi^. R' died ou'.the 26th.'aged three week's. Funeral'service's were'he;id;in' the Luih- eraii'chui'fcn on JMtbnciay, conducted' by ReVVJ v Sels;ilejr. The ll^ieone was' laid to rest lh j tlie cemetary near by. All sympathize with tbe bereaved parents in their affliction. , . . -,Justice Jennings is kept busy these da) • adjusting numerous unpleasantnesses, tlm most of which originate near Kentuer. A chap Who could not 'give 'aonds was taken to enrrroll for safe keeping, by cbri TEilPLBTON We need more rain for fall plowing. Threshing is a. thing of theipast, u the (arliest everon record. • Miss Ouuegunda iralz, of Carroll, is isiting her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Schoeppner. Geo. Bierl is now selling his milk to the Koselle creamery. TheSiemertaniily Is rapidly recovering rflm the injuries sustained in the iuuu- way. Landlord Spoo is meeting with success with the City hotel. Considerable corn is being mowed. Tbe •ield will be the smallest ever kuown for his county. ' Herman Stevens has purchased a few ears of corn to fatten his hogs with. Some time agoonejdf tbe leading men of he creamery said that the business was a ittle tangled now will come out all Ight. it will be a success if -anything will, ha! ha! The' creamery has stoppud and slandsiio shovv of agaiu bfiinir opened hisyeiir. Do not eat your chickens mill they aw caught.^ The burglars who entered P. Neu's store were beqteuced to thirty days in the county jail. One of H. Hull's best horses died of over mat last Tuesday. Jno. Drilling, who was at Salem, S. D., returned acBompauled by his sistor. lie •uports crops alm^t a total failure up there. Miss Birbora Kaltennann entertainod li«r youug friends very plnasa.ntly. The company consisted of sevouteun ladies Mr. Slock and wife loft for Oklahoma last wtsok. Wu wore sorry to see them go. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Extrotn vial ted their sister, Uct. GdUinifcr,' alKoiulleSunday. II. A. JUueller made a bualneasj trip to Ouo.. Kapids last Sunday. Our boys looked blue as t'jey came homo from Gray Saturday, for thoy were defeated In a ball g^inu by: the Gray oluu, the lirst time since the spring of '03, A large crowd gathered at the homo of AUK- Stangle to congratulate him as It was his wedding day. A good time leporlod. Aug. 88. U KN , OAK uiiiL. Miss Jane Sciirlber was In this vicinity Friday.' Afr. and Mrs, Updges returned from Perry Tuesclty; Thu young fojics of this vicinity have been enjoying the merry-go-round ati the HsplUsthepsiitwefk:. Link Harris and family'visited In Csr- rolI recentlyv - • •• • ' ' A number from tnaie U.U. 'siMliiUle M lioOi* M ,., B ».™ (irs above CarrolHon FrWsy 'ev'eJiluM, it U reported to h«ve beea the blggOstHoolttble of tho seiuou, 9)6 being ol«»red, Mr. und A/rt, pell Vtuglmn visited at llioir unolt>D, In Uoou Itoplds Friday. A number of farmers are m»k|ng snd have made coin sleds for the imruouo outllugcoro. The editor probably overlooked our 1'. H. last week, announcing tlio doatu oi Farmer Mowdi-r, wbloh we juut h*d time toHll|j|n the euvelopo before It wsu sout lu tho ollluu. Tom itauisoy'spurn looms up In Some Hutu excltomunt wa» raised In this vlalulty last wook by| a couple O f bin boys and u rlllu, The (toys were going tfvvlujiuiutf uuU oumw aorosg « cult tUyluj in tlm pasture, they went tip ahri kicked it ami finding it was dtwrt, fired a bulk't Into his head. The owner coming alone; a »hort time after, lu.ving seeu thu boj s and gnn and finding the colt still warm with a bulletin his haad,. of course the o#nt-r wanted a .setUetm'nt.lnit was flnall'y convinced that tlie colt, must Imve bi<en dead ftn hour or two before the boys used It for a target. 1 DK i Hongkong gave the order that the bund. irigs in Tat Ping Shaii should be to the ground. It was done and snvrrfy district cleaned but. Asking. "Bo stole from my. bodice a rose. . My I'lieek'wM Its. color the whiles But, n h! Tho sly ro$Ue, he well knows . UHii,,lie askrd It, I must bare snld bo,' ,.X?«, i.iumeniber that occasion. I was.U—- then.' t nin not old nftw. 1 hud not a pain or an none. My blood was pure and my checks showed th^lr crliiiion. ,1 was happy, and healthy','.' But now,woe 1 •.me! i do not see ft well day» I;ha»e tht'tsdraiKlnBj down pains, this constant weakness, and I roel all tbe tlnte worn and W'eHry; My n.Mso | "!j' sfiys. ho hardly dares to ask n)* toy put »j™ rde.e (|i«"? Bftdlce no*, Its color mocks my oheeksr 0 that t might once again be Well?" Toucan. Cr. 1'lerce's Favorite Prescription Is •MiH^rMijedy known for the Ills fiom which Womert Rtafft),. It's gnarant ed to cure In nil ca«s of ."female #««Bkneits," irregularities, dls- plHcemenW and kindred ailments, It'8 a great tonic and nervine. IRK ilBOTH tt^ABKADLB.AT THI CIRCDS. ' Ehave tbe excellent authority of the New Vork gun .for; tbe statement follows abent the wonderful show ,of Barnum and Bal- lejr which will be J« here on Saturdar, Septembers. The spectators ire a brilliant part of tbe Bar- num'4 Bailey ahoW at Hadlion Square garden, No gathering In that great building, not evea at tbe bor«e or dog exhibition, • bave brought to(ether assemblages moro positively fashionable. The boxeiare nearly til lllledateverjperform, bj-,c,lrcu8 parties, children predominating In tbe' afternoons, while Bnely clothed und mannered adults composo the evening groups. Prom tde, edges of th 'arena clear up the tlert to the,Junc- tlpn of thereof: with tbe wall there In always anacjc ed multitude. The entertainment IB an good aiany that tbe Barnum-Balley firm baa erer presented, and In smoothness and celerity It la an Improvement on former seasons. From the opening of, he door until 8 o'clock the erowdi through the menagerie, which Is an excellent collection, co.iitaip.lng not only the hurdle beusts common to Uo shows, but a number, of creatures—such as ;he rhinoceros, hlppotfimus, and the giraffe— not often eeen In captjylty. The •ccamnioda- lons of the Gardph sult'themselyes admirably tp he requirements, for tbe stalls serve for a good ncldeutal display of circus hordes and ponies. There Is an agreeable absence oi human mon- trosltles. The arena diversion beglngs at 8 ''clock with three rings and two plattormi', and uot a raomont Is lost H the very rapid succes r Ion ofteats In gymnastics, equeitraul>m, and he training or uulmaU which has been£descrlb- d In the Sup as a big affair. The hew, clean, attractive Interior of the Garden gives' to this luge entertainment an air ol gentility and refinement quite In keeping wilb the character ot Ibe ucllence. uhlko and his bride Johanna, tbe wo famous gorrlllas—mate and female—are tbe nly creatures of their kind In captivity In the rorld, and are startllngly. human-like Iu everji- blng. Th'jBteele.barred arena, wherein w|ld nd suviigebijaHti perform In peaoe|and hurroopy with other aulmals, like lambs, dogs, goats and tork ; .which aretlialr natural prey, Is the sub- luto culmination ot harmony, while In tbe grand Stnnoloalcal OoiiKrbss of tribes are seen miiry dllterect kinds of strange and swage races ot human belnna In groups with their families, huts, weapons, utensils and other Interesting objects. Female warriors Irom the King of Dahomey's army are full equal In appearance to tlio printed accounts of those blood-'hirdty Amazons. Real Cassocks are seen In a realistic encampment, at vhlcU alsu a gro:tt eiiueati-lun tournament Is witnessed with high und long distance jumping lorsea, Uny Polo d incos und Fog Hunters meets t la truly u most wonderful exhibit on. Tim IMuxue In China. Between tho war with Japan nnd the IciTiblo epidemic which is devastating her borders Cliina appears to bo in a fair way to-got virtof a tow hundred thousand of her surplus population. Iu Canton alono nearly 100,000 persons have died from tho plague since March I, In Hongkong, with a population of '300, • 000, tho diHoiiso appeared iu March. By the 1st of June the deaths had reached over 50 u day. The mortality there ia something like 10,000. These are only two of the Chinese cities. They are the ones in which tho disease has been most .severe, but beyond doubt it has raged with fury iu do'/.ens of places whoro no death list was kept. The attempt has been made by tho Chinese toooiioeul the full extent of tlio ravages. Tho disease is identical with the black or groat plague of London iu 1005. London learned a lesson from that awful chapter in its history,which nevor needed to bo repeated. It was the lesson in sanitation that; it seems impossible for oriental countries to comprehend. Tlio black plague is characterized by fovor. It is culled bubonic (over because of the bubooH- or awolliuga that appear In tho largo glands where there is friction caused by parts of the body rubbing together. Those glands finally break like an nicer. Black spot* appear ovpr tlio body, For this rerwon tho diseaso Is tho blttok plague. 80 fatal is it UO per oqntof ibo«Q attacked die, it te a diMttpoaf flltfb Budilu, liko most terrible opidomidk With IrcmU air, cloanliuoM ftud.'decency and parity of Mion«ht and living all tho great contagions that BWO^P »w»y uiaukiud would disappear, Hongkong ievettUy a DritUh town-" inoro diugraoe to tho authorities for lot- ting tho plaguo get such K hold thoro. U is iitut»ted ou an inland of tho wiuo name in tho ujoutU of tbo Oautou rivur. Tho populatiou, while largely Ohiiiouo, in made up of a mixture of all tho nation* of the earth, and it Is exactly among auch conglomerations of peoples that depravity aud epidemic dlMMO do thuir worst. One of tho suburb* of Huugkong, onllud Tui Ping Shun, oov overt several huudrod uores. Its populu lion ntudu their living by kooplng gum hlinn duiiH, opium joints and conters of doviliHhnoua of ull kiudi. Horo the pluguo struck aud raged liko u million duvuuring ilomoiiH, Tho uutlioritios of The enthtislnsm which has Dnrst ia'to flame hi Japan at' tho outbreak of War la surprising. The passionate loyalty v of the Japaueso for their emperor shows thai his progressive course is appreciated by his people. The czar of Russia might take a lesson from the emperor of Japan which would be to his advantage, Of his own free will Mutsn-Hito gave his people a parliament and a constitution. Russia calls herself a civilized country, yet not all the pressure brought to bear by their subjects for a centwty has been able to make the czars grant a constitution and parliament to the great northern empire. Japan ! is more civilifced than Russia. The spirit of her progressive and ambitious people is shown in the way they responded to the i emperor's call , for a loan. For awhile, just how long no man can tell, 1,373 passengers Will hate 'it to say that they came across the Atlnri tic in the quickest ; 'time eve? made 'fc any steamer.' It has been prophesied for J some years 'that maiiy people' now liV-J 1 iug would' see the ocean ordssed in four days. The Cnnard steamer Campania's time— 5 days, 9 hours and 2 1 minutes^looks as"if the prophecy Would come true sooner eveib' than- the' seers expected. v The Cartipauiit averaged 515.8 miles a day: The bamier for the fastest ship has 'now goine from the American line to the Cnnard line. It is ihteresting io note how the steamers seem to bo gradually cutting- down the difference in time between them and the railroads. - P m The popular Japanese cry is said to bei-"\Ve'U,rallyrbnnd'the inikado:" Of course one does not know tho Jap for "rally round;" bu'tj unless it" is very different from the English of it, it will not make any sort of rhythm with; "mi- kado." The Japs could not sing it to our tune of "Rally Round the Flag." ,and give-their emperor's name its proper accent on the second syllable. They would have to sing, "We'll rally round the mickydco." '' Some Breokinridge men went around at an Owens' barbecue wearing badges inscribed "Breokinridge and Brains.'* If Breckinridge has brains, it must ba said that he took a mighty poor way of showing it. At present appearances indicate that he has uot so much brain as "•' ' In the three cornered fight in the orient one fact stands out that Cannot fail **if±. to be most gratifying to Americans. It is .that the only country which either'' Japan, China or Korea trusts implicitly Is the United States, We alone have uo ax to grind on any of them. Walter W llman got far enough to sprinkle new shores plentifully with the names of American politicians auy- how. China's naval policy seems to be to hide her ships away iu a safe place. Professor Ramsay and Lord Rayleigh, two members of tho British association, believe they have-discovered a new chemical element It is found where it would have been least suspected—in common air—of which tho discoverers claim' that it forms 1 per cent. They first suspected its existence from the fact that uitrogou obtained from tho atmosphere wits different from nitrogen got anywhere else. They took some atmospheric nitrogen and added to it magnesium, which absorbs nitrogen. After tho absorption hud taken place a residue remained. It was a'dense, sluggish gal 3 T times heavier than hydrogen and twice as heavy as nitrogen. They submitted it to tho final analysis of tha spectroscope aud found its spectrum different from that of nitrogen by the presence of a single intensely blue lino. China proposol to enter into a treaty of amity and commerce with 'Mexico. The way she prepare* to do this is io send some of her distinguished great men to Mexico to spend three inbnttii there and study the climate, productions Mid government, What China wanti and intend* ii to find a place where her surplus sous will be welcome with their labor, The treaty will include provision! permitting the immigration of Chinese into Mexico under certain restrictions. Then the yellow heathen will SWIOTB over our sitter republic, turning it* waste, places into orchards and gardens. Perhapii Mexico can stand it! " • \ The Dutch are thinking soriownly of gottiug electricity to run'their windmills. Their idea is to plant «torji« IwtteriiM to run their wiudwUU and vtt those to turn the wheels wbeu the wi«4 give* out, At the Antwerp exposition is an sppwatuMhowiug how this MU DO done. ' Franco hus launched what it U mid will bo the most powerful battleship kuown. It will bo called tho Ouruot aud will bo 80(1 foot loug, Its engine* will bo equal to ID,500 horsepower. This loviullmu will coat $0,000,000. Tho Republican Astute convention of Iduho paused without n dissenting vote, thu following resolution: "We favor, submission, of au <»;jiml Buifrugo aiuunU- wont toth-otioubtitttlon to u vote of the people by tbo uex| logishiture."

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