The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 28, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 1939, r ^ ', h ^ RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network Is listed In the programs. The Networks: WBAP—WTAM. WTMJ. WOT. WLW, WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ. WMAQ, WXVZ. WLW, WOOD. WABC--WJR, WHAS, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI 640, KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KYW 1020. WBBM 770, WCPL 970, WBAL 1060, WOCO 810, WABC 860, WKAB 850. WDAP 610, WEAF 660. WENR 870, WON 720, WOY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820. WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, WSM 650, WJR 750, WJZ 760. WLB 870, WLW 700, WMBI 1080, VfKZO 690. WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270. WOW 590, WOWO 1160. WSB 740, WTAM 1070. WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Time Is Eastern Standard) TONIGHT: Talks — WABC- CBS 10:30, Rep. Martin Dies on "Nazi and Fascist Activities in U. S.;" MBS 11:15, Harper Sibley on the Y. M C. A. . . . Europe — WABC-CBS 8:55; WEAF-NBC 11. WEAF-NBC-r-7:30 Art for your sake; 8:30 Milt Bergle gag quiz; 9 Mobilization for ' human needs, movie stars; 10 Benny Goodman swing. WABC-CBS—7 people's platform; 8 Gang busters; 8:30 Wayne King waltzes; 9 Hit | parade. WJZ-NBC—7 Message of Israel; 8:30 Return of youth vs. age quiz; 9 Barn dance; 10 Toscanini conducting first of Beethoven cycle. MBS—8:30 Hawaii calls; 9:30 Symphonic strings. Sunday brings: Europe-NBC- chains 8 a. m.: WABC-CBS 9 a. m., 7, 8:55, 11 p. m.; WEAF- NBC 3:30. 11 p. m.; WJZ-NBC 7:15, 10, 12. WEAF-NBC — 2:30 p. m. Roundtable, "What's the War All About?" 7 Jack Benny; 8 Charlie McCarthy; 10 Phil Spitalny's girls. WABC-CBS—1:35 p. m. David Lawrence on the Broadcasting code; 3 New York philharmonic; 8 Orson Welles drama (west at 10); 9 Sunday evening hour; 10 Ellery Queen advent- WINNIE RUTH'S DAD GRAVELY ILL KEELER, JOLSON ROMANCE ENDED R«v. and Mrs. H. J. McKinnell Suffering from shock over his daughter's escape from Arizona State Hospital for the Insane, Rev. Harvey J. McKinnell of Phoenix, Ariz., was reported in a grave condition. The daughter—Winnie Ruth Judd—was convicted several years ago for killing and dismembering two women friends. Mrs. McKinnell is shown above cutting her husband's hair. He has long been an invalid. 1938 High 3938 Low 1932 Low 3929 High 1327 " Movement in Recent Years 79.5 49.2 23.5 12.1 37.8 24.9 17.5 .146.9 . 51.6 8.7 153.9 95.3 184.3 61.8 54.7 33.7 16.9 ure (west at 8). WJZ-NBC— 2 p. " m. Great play "Every Man;" 3:15 Foreign •policy assocation program; 6 New friends of music concert; 7:30 District attorney; 8:30 Voice of Hawaii, new time; 10:30 Cheerio. MBS— 1:30 p. m. Lutheran hour returns -(west at 4:30); 5 Musical steelmakers; 8 Amer- can forum, "America's Neutrality Policy," four columnists; JO Good will hour. THE WIARK£TS LOCAL mAKK£TS Light red kidney beans ... Dark red Kidney beans ... Dark cranberry beans ... t cranberry beans ... ;e pea beans Yelloweye beans Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up Heavy hens Plymouth Rock springers, under 4 Ibs. 61.8 .S3. 50 .83.75 .$1.75 .$2.25 .$2.35 .$2.50 . ..12c . ..12c Colored springers, 4 Ibs. and up lOc Triumphs. 85-90 percent U. S. 1. burlap sacks washed. 1.85; cotton sacks unwashed. l.CO-.62'j; Colorado Red Mc- CluiTs U. S. 1. burlap sacks washed ono car good color. 2.05; car fair color. 1.85; North Dakota Red River valley section Bliss, Triumphs, 85-90 percent' U. S. 1. 1.15-.25; Early Ohio. 85-90 percent U. S.I 1, 1.05-.25; Wisconsin Round Whites U. i S. 1. 1.C5-.20. lyl! 1 Vwt COrai .. CW . t :.. •.•.•.•::.•:::::.•.•::.* 85c oats, cw't ......................... ti.oe wheat, cwt. •••••••• ............... li.oo Eggs uce Chicago Dairy (Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO. Oct. 28.—iJ'..—Butter—Re- ceipts 667.L45; market firmer: creamery- 9C. centralized carlots, 27-27 14 ; other prices unchanged. ' Efjgs—Receipts 3.890; market firm; fresh graded e>:tra firsts. 26; refrigerator extras, 18' 4 ; standards, 18; firsts, 17; other prices unchanged. Freesoil Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rasmussen and daughter visited Miss j Evelyn Rasmussen of Fountain ' Beef, Ib. .. Horse, per hide Hides S3.50 27c Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. .6c Saginaw Beans (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW. Mich.. Oct. 28.—i/Pi— Michigan Bean Shippers' association Saturday paying prices: Handpicked pea Oct. 24. Ira Granger and daughter. Betty, were Sunday visitors, Oct. 22, at the J. H. Birdsall home at Buck's Corners. Mesdames Myrtle Frost and Nora Black were Wednesday ! uci} pn>iii^ ill j-uus. Ji.tuupiur.tu pi. it i."*t* *^»k«uit. .. ~» ~ .. .- M..X.M «*~j j beans. c\vL. 2.35; haiidpicked red kid- I dinner guests. Oct. 25, Of MI'S, i npv« ItffVit 1 SO- HnrU *} 7V Vinnrt nir.lroH TT T j:_ '•* * i /-. — NBC-chains 8 a. m.; NBC 12:45 p. m.; WJZ-NBC 12 noon; WABC-CBS 8 ABMM., 6:30 p. m. . . . WEAF-NBC 1:30 p. m., let's talk it over; 6:45 Crawford ensemble. WABC-CBS— 4 p. m. Curtis concert; 4:30 Adventures in science; WJZ-NBC— 12:30 p. m. 3.50; dark. 3.75; handpicked 2.50; handpicked choice re- cleaned cranberries, light. 2.25; dark. 1.75. Hagstrom Mesdames George . Rayle and William were afternoon callers. Mrs. Harry Rasmussen and j daughter and Miss Maxine , visited Mrs. Neil Smith | Benton Harbor Produce (Quotations In Cents) ! tr,,,-,"f BENTON HARBOR. Mich.. Oct. 27.—I """J:. , ^ , _ , T , , (^—Prices paid here Friday on 6,431 '. Of Victory at the Carl LuCkei 1 I packages were; ' ihome Wednesday afternoon,! Apples—Bushels. No. 1. 2',^ in.. Deli-iOr-t 9^ i -,.._- , - , -.,, .clous. .65-.S5: Winter Bananas, 40-45: '^V; -, t- -r. it ! 6:15 Uncle Jonathan. I Golden Delicious, eo-es: staymans. 55-1 'Mrs. John Bennett accom- j Farm i 65 : Northern Spys. 60-65: Baldwins. 45- paiiied her son, Harold, and! and home hour; 2:30 Roches- i5 0: 2'i in Jonathans, GO-SO; onmcsGoi- for nivi/. r>r/>V.oct^o • K-in Do,, aen. <»3-ao. ter civic orchestra; 6:30 Ray Perkins piano. MBS—3 p. m. Marriage license romances. MARKETS AND FINANCE .110% . 54',i .16738 . W,2 . 33T» 6 1 •> " NEW YORK STOCKS (Closing Prices) Adams Express Am Can Am Smelt & Re! Am Tel & Tel Am Wat Wks Anaconda Armour of 111 Auburn Auto '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 3 Aviation Corporation TVs Borden 21'i, Calumet & Hecla 8% Chrs & Ohio 43 Chryskj- K)^ Colum G & El 71', Com'wlth South ii:, Elec P & 1 83^ General Elec 40'' B Gen> Poods 433^ General Mot 55 Hudson Mot 6 7 b Int Harvest 63';, Int Nick Can 40 3 o Int Tel & Tel 47i Ktnnecott Corp 39 7 i, Ligg & Myers B 991 , Marshall Field 16^ MaKonlte Corp 40",;. Montgomery Ward 553;, Motor Wheel 1734 Nash-Kelvlnator 71,2 National Biscuit 23>,2 Ntttl Power & Light 8^3 New York Central 21 1 ,8 North American 23 '/i Packard 4 Penney (J C) 91 Phelps Dodge 431;, Philips Pele 431:. Pullman 371 ?, Radio 6 Radio Kelth-Orp i s;, Reo Motor !»;, Republic Steel 267 a Bears-Roebuck 84 South Cal EdiKon 26'/,, Standard Brands 6 Standard Gns Ac El 2Tb Standard Oil Cal 28 3 ,i Standard Oil Ind 27' Stand Oil N J 47' Studcbaker 95;. Underwood El 46>' 4 Union Carbide 90 Culon Pacific ioi\t, tlnltod • Corp 2'/ B V.B Steel 76>/» Pears—Bushels, 2 to 2 1 ..', in. best, -15-50; poorer, 35. Cider—Gallons, 20-22. wife, to Grand Rapids, Thursday, Oct. 24, to visit relatives. ] Harold Bennett, an instructor ; in the Custer school, attended , Detroit produce ! the Teachers' Institute while in I (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) j the city. Rose Pekarchik spent ; DETROIT. Mich.. Oct. 28.—(/pi— , Thursday and Friday in Scott- ! (United Statrs Department of Agrlcul-! v . llp Pnr j n p f nr r>nvid qnri Tnhn i turt.)—Apples—Mich. bu. baskets and ! JL nle t-dring lor uaviQ ana JOnn bu. boxes u. s. NO. i, 2>' = m. min. win-; Bennett, sons of Mr. and Mrs. ; ter Bananas, .50-.60; Delicious. .75-1.10; ! Harold Bennett, during their I few large, 1.25; N W Greenings. .40: .parprirs' visit in Oranrl Rnnirt« Kings, .50-.60; King Davids. .40-.45: Me- PajeniS VlSlt 111 wrailU Kapias. I In tosh. .35-.60; .Spys. .85-1.25; Wealthys. Mr. and Ml'S. Orville Bailey, | .35-.50: Wo-f Rivers. .3S-.40; Wageners, ! Dorwill Nelson Ml'S. Dorothy I =now° : M 1 eo' min ' Jonathans - -50-.75 : ; F q X and Mrs Swanson, Free- ' " celery—Mich, bunches mammoth. .38-1 so 11 teaching personnel, attendee. Jed the Teachers' Institute in Ru^r^an^^-^iot-^ch 1 ^ 1 ^:! Ra P ids Thursday and | set Rurals, 1.20-1.35; Katahdins. 1.30- i r rlud -y- \ 1.35; Maine Chippewas. 2-2.10; 15 ib. j Mr. and Mrs. William Hasen- i pap-.r sacks u. s. NO. i Maine Chippewas; bank and son, Robert, of ' and Green Mts.. mostly around. .35: i ivfporio tr>«-ns:hin mnf-m-oA tr, i Katahdins. .3S-.36; Ida. 10 Ib. cotton j "Jeaae tOWnsnip, mOtOied to I sacks Russet u. s. NO. i, .22-.2S. i Detroit today to spend the • . — (week-end with relatives. ! Chicago Potatoes (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO. 111.. Oct. 28.— ,V\— (United who has i ..... _..._. _ been visiting in Grand Rapids,! states Department of Agriculture.)—. returned to her home in the! Potatoes—Receipts 89. on track 321. to- villaop Thnrsriav Opt tal U. S. shipments 432; market. Idaho vliid -° ti inuriaay, UCl. Russets slightly sounder; Nebraska Triumphs firm; Northern stock firm for best quality, about steady lor fair quality; supplies moderate; demand ^ ..„„.„„„„ .»^u> fair; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Bur- ?", ^"'ocTV.'t.^'.t,. Vlrf" banks U. S. 1, 1.G5-.85; Nebraska Bliss ^ 15 > ^ yeaib 01O. By LEE KRUSKA Looks like the Commercal league is tightening up a bit. . . from now on the competition will get hotter and hotter for the league leaders. . .as some of the veteran performers hit their strides. . .Hottest article in the Commercial right new is the fast-stepping Plumb and Nelson five. . .up to this week the Bleser Beer team. . .it seems a new state law says a t3am cannot sport the name of a beer unless all members are employed cither in its manufacture or distribution. . . sounds a bit silly, we think. Caught at the alleys. . .Ray Taylci r . star leadoi'f man for the) league leaders, is regarded by feminine bowlers as the zenith of perfection when it comes to nvanung score at ladies' matches . . .And speaking of girls. . . sjrneday we're going to devote a whole column to the femmes . . .God Bless 'em. A bowling fan writes in and tells us in no uncertain terms] that the 255 game rolled by I M. Meyers last week was ••not"] the highest score ever rolled by a member of the fair sex. . .and • she's right. . .in 1937, we learn, j Alice Moline of the Tampers i rolled a non-league game of 256 i . . .our pardons Alice. . .but Mrs. | Meyers' game still stands as of- j ficial league record while Miss! Marine's is alley record. . .Gladi you wrote in. . .proves thisj column has one reader, any- j how. . . j Last week, Winoughby had a! seven game lead in the Com-! mercial. . .now it's only four. . .1 the other teams having been doing a bit of whittling. . .Rotary, leading the Industrial le-ague. has a 12-game lead over: the tail-end Park Dairy crew. . .j The three leading bowlers in the] Industrial are all members of thei fast Weyenberg team.. .Hope you pin''smashers like the weekly Big Five bowling averages. . . we'll try to keep them up to datej . . .Leading bowlers in both, leagues flipped a little this week' . . .Hillman. in the Industiral,; dropped from 198 to 192 while! Rasmussen, Commercial league leader, lost three points drop-; ping from 186 to 183. . .still pret- | ty fair country bowling, though. , Oops! We" mentioned Les Spoor's consistency last week so what does he do but bowl 490 > this week. . .a 105 pin drop from; last week's 595. . .result. . .no; longer in the Commerical league' Big Five. . .George Haller is going, good for the American Laundry! outfit but he's rolled in only six : games. . .Slyfield of Bi'rke's: Shoes edged into the Big Five this week. . .he's been doing some fine alley work. . . Illustrating how Plumb and Nelson took three straight from Willoughby's this week. . . ob-, serve. . .lowest score by any' member of the Plumb and Nelson team was a measly 540. . . there were three series of 601 bowled in this match. . .and each team had five 200 games it was the first "crooshial" match of the season. . .but not the last . . .Here's news. . .the defending Champion King's Court crew has not racked-up a 200 game since Oct. ll. . .ya can't do that and expect to repeat. Almost overlooked. . .Hawley, lead-off man for Willoughby's in the IL, has Webster's definition of consistency. . .since the season started he has turned in tcores of 464, 463, 462, 463 and 456 . . .match that one if you can.. . . not more than 14 pins difference. George Hillman, Weyenberg ace. has six 200 games to his credit. . .more than anyone in the IL. . .There are five keglers in the CL who have turned in five 200 games apiece. . .speaking of high games. . .any of you men want to take a few lessons from Margaret Meyers. . . I line forms to the right. . .Don! Crawford of Nelson's Service j boosted his Volai Uiis week justj 100 pins over last week's effort.. ., from 476 to 576. . .keep it up Don., 'Won't this man Campbell j ever stop. . .we mentioned last! week that he was rolling better | with every match and darned ifj he didn't spill 601 Wednesday j night. . .making it live straights week's Campbell has topped hisj previous week'.s score. . .betting) odds are 10-1 he can't extend j his >;t''cak next Wednesday. . .i They tell us Thonvald Peterson! of the Gas Corp. picked up >ome| •beautiful splits Tuesday night. . . in professional fashion'. . .one of; them was the tough 6-7-9 pins. . . | how do you do it Thonvald?. . . i Ludingtcn's record in intersec-I tional matches so far this year is' only two wins in six games. . . not so hot. . .Big Rapids and Mu.- - kegon both took twa out of three from local teams. . .How-! ard Jury, better-known for his; golfing prowess, has led thej Moose bowlers in each of the! four matcnes he nas rolled with' them. . .Val Taylor lias done the : same with the Camera Shop. . . nice uoiim', bovs. ; / Sugar Grove Mrs. Carl Schmock and son, Howard, spent Sunday, Oct. 22, at the Perry Beebe home. Mesdames Taylor Gilmore, Don McFarland and Erwin Rozell were all-day guests Wednesday, Oct 25, of Mrs. Joe Hronek and mother, Mrs. Elsie Waite. Ouster Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Orr and daughter. Barbara, spent Wednesday, Oct. 25, at the Lloyd I Smith home. | Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hasselbring, Gertrude and Henry Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Howard, Mrs. Da.i McDonald and Rosemary Nelson attended the chicken dinner which was sponsored by the Catholic ladies of Scottville Sunday, Oct.- 22. Ruby Kccler Jolson Al Jolson A.1 Jolson, "mammy" singer of stage, screen and rui'.io, and his wife, Ruby Keeler, screen actress and dancer, have separated and Mrs. Jolson will seek a divorce, according to Jolson. They were married in 192S. Russell's Beauty Salon lengthened its Ladies' leasuie lead by taking three games from the Band Box keglers in a match rolled Thursday nisht but not posted until this morning:. Russell's now have 11 vie- , tories against only one loss and i a three-game lead over the sec- ! ond place Handy Things five. > Edith Schwartz was the bright light for the wining acsrcgation with a fine 488 count Sho and her teammate, Mrs. M. Meyers, tied for single game honors with 166 apiece. Mrs. Meyers also had the second best series, pressing Miss Schwartz with her 461. Z. Taylor was outstanding for' the Band Box with a count, of 414. Included was a 146 game, high for her team. RUSSELL'S (3) E. Schwartz . 159 Ifi3 166— 433 M. Myers 101 166 134— 46! H. Johnson . . 98 144 05— 337 I. Road 127 113 145— 385 E. Turlev 80 140 111— 331 SPORTLITES By LOUIS BOCKSTAN/ Ludini:ton 3 0 1.000 Alpc-.iu 3 0 l.OOu Traverse City 3 1 .750 Manistce " 1 2 -333 Cheboysan 1 2 .333 Cadillac 1 4 .250 Peto.-;key 0 3 -000 Ludin'-Uon and Alpena \veic auain nip-and-tuck at the top of I he E\'2 Seven conference after •-Uime.s on Friday eveninu. Lud- huit-jn. although noi behind in percentage points, was trailini; Alpena in -zanies won previous to Friday evening but a 27-0 victory over Cadillac wiped out the d:!!eren:f. puttiii" the two teams in a complete tie at the top of the .-•taiidinsis Out.-id:' o; tlie local game, the ;r:o : t i:vp-jrta:-1 iii'.rno to local fans took p'Uce at Peloskey bc- 'ween the two colh.r teams and loop this week but will entertain Soo this afU'T'.ioui in a non- conference uume. Joe Louis Draws Poor Attendance FLINT. Oct. 28.--i.-r>--Heavy- wei'.'.hi Champion Joe Louis was philosophU'ai about the low gate i- r hi.; three rounds of exhibition ''v.ixiim hi.-ro last ni;:ht. His 40 percent of the lake from a crowd ol less than 500 was S340 out of \vhich hi. 1 Iru! contracted U; pay hi.; tiiree sparring part- niM's The chanvjii n bijxed a round each with f'Lueiuv Brownn. 195. Chicago; \V;). ; u- \S'ihiams. 198 Detroit, and Cieor^e N'ickolson. 213'-.. New York "Eggs Is Eggs" Till You Come to Use 'Em! Then sonic arc BETTER than others. The same applies to insurance policies. To protect yourself against the "unknown" buy certified Capital Stock Company Insurance from this agency. 'ROHN INSURANCE AGENCY • SECURITY • Sioce I8S9 - SERVICE Second Hoo. Njlion«l B»nV ^LUDINGTON - MICHIGAN/' Tonight 7:00-9:00. :?0c and 10c BAND Taylor .. . Mast en . .. Crawford Ha Her S. DesEnfants Handicap . . . Z. A. J. U. 625 726 651—2002 BOX (0) 129 146 13992 95 103 1i0 8475 90155 11035 85- 105 79 116 85 - 414 90 - 299 - 244 - 331 - 255 60G 666 611—1883 .some'hi: 1 . 1 : to h >pe for at le:tst. Cheb -ygan .capped its lo.siniz .^treak and h'uuled Pi;t;.iskey a 13-0 v/hipiring. Cheb-iyizan "will piny A!;;..'r.u. in the only remnin- niu Wildcat Big S-ven game and Cheboy.ran victory i; absolutely iK-cT'sury ii' the Orioles are to be !i::f!i>-;)U'"cl chump-. ; At ' Manatee. the Trojan..' d:oppi-d in and did the expected. leavi:m the Chippewas with a smartinu 24-0 defeat. Sl'NDAY, MONDAY. TTESDAY Crack Bowlers to Perform Here Axel Johnson, local Stroh beer distributor. announced this morning he had received word that the famous Stroh's beer bowling team of Detroit • 'would give a bowling exhibition at 1 p. m. Sunday. Nov. 12. The Stroh's aggregation, known as one of the finest bowling units in the country, bowled in Ludington last year and gave a fine performance in winning three straight from the local Resort City five. Holder of many team and individual records, almost too numerous to mention, they draw large crowds wherever they exhibit. It has not yet been decided what local group will provide the opposition. TEMPKRATUKE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather Forecast I- 1 •'• ' r Mil-Ill-.; in: l':u i |\ ,-|(in- rl v .-Mid t-olilc: in si.iitii C'-MO tl ani i-\ti-i:;.c i-.ixt pfirl inn>. with Ii nip-r.iiiin. h. IMS- friivins Hi- niKlit. Siinil.u p.u'.h cloti'lv anil '.\.; rnr. r. COLD \V.\Vi: ON WAY— IJr-r-r—Tlint means more lie;il for the home. If you want prompt, courteous delivery, give us a rini; NOW! TliK LUT/INGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct rime Phone 99 The oldest dog in the world i.v i said to be a. cattle dog owned by a. resident of Victoria, Australia DETROIT STOCKS (Closing Prices) Baldwin Bub 7i/ 2 Consumers Steel 11' 4 Continental Mot 3>, u j&vMot Trk"I;.';;;;;;;;;;;".:::: iU l goo Motors 543,4 .Ooebel Brew 2-,!, Lamp 3V B .. /«• Ball & B 16 DUtUllle Hershey B 143,;, ~ il Drug 53c *on on \' 4 ... Hug I'/B ntle H Corp 5?8 ilw Met 1% Brew 7 Brow 2 Specialties 4V* M Cooler B i 7 .a , Altmft life i Screw Prod i MI Brtw lOc lock Averages, Oct. 28 led By The Associated Press) 30 15 IS 60 Jntfuit Rails tttu stock* D.3 Dfl D.I D.2 ..,.. 75.0 82.7 40,2 53.1 ' fifty . 75.3 93.0 40.3 S3.3 u(MP> , , 75,6 SB.ft 39.0 53.2 SS ^ 753 Sl.7 373 52.4 77,0 23.8 40.9 83.9 M.« lft.7 93.7 41.0 Hotter'n An Irishman's Temper Put heat in your home—not under your collar. You can do it too, if you'll burn our non-clinker- ing, low ash coal this winter. Every lump is high in heat and will release lots of B.T.U.'s to chaso old man winter out of your home. This coal is hotter than an Irishman's temper and burns slower than molasses poured in January. Rather far-fetched comparisons we'll admit but the repeat business from our ever growing list of customers is a tribute to our modest claims for our coal. Won't you call us today and let us fill bin? THE LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. "For Correct Time Phone 99." A BANK'S IS WORTH HAVING Making SAFE LOANS is our business Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank BANK MEMBeR FtDeRflL DEPOSIT INSURftNteCORI! •nUD'NGlOH.MICH, THE ROMANCE OF HOLLYWOOD FROM BATHING BEAUTIES TO WORLD PREMIERES! DARRYL F. ZANUCK'S ^ STAGED ANEW PHOTOGRAPHED TODAYl ,Aack Sennett bathing beauties (Alice Foye H one i) Keystone Cops in custard-Pie comedy (with Don Ameche directing!) AUolson sing- L.U J. Edward BROMBERG . ALAN CURTIS STUART ERWIN • JED PROUTY BUSTER KEATON • DONALD MEEK GEORGE GIVOT • EDDIE COLLINS Directed by IRVING CUMMINGS Ajiodale Producer Harry joe Brown Scfetn Play by Eineil Paicol Stoiy by Hilary lynn and Biown Holmti Bated upon on original lou Brnlow A 20th Century-Fox Picture tht>ll»n9 yes' i ;• <!•! lIMii ii • & "News" Matinee Sunday 25c and lOc. Nights 30c and lOc.

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