The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 27, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1933
Page 3
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..THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIJ'OHNIAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1033 ANNOUNCES NEW TYPE OF Plane Propelled Entirely by VPaddle Wheel," Like f Side Wheel Ships (Associated Prcst Leased "Win) NEW YOUK, Jan. 27.—Progress In developing nn AmoHcan "pnddlo, wheel" nlrplnne propelled entirely by puddles like those ot n. Hide-wheel steamer, was announced today by Dr, O. W. Lewis, director ot research ot .the national advisory committee* tor aeronautics. Theoretically, ho said, this plane can 'stand still In the air, tlso, land or take ott vertically. The "paddlo wheel" plane was designed and Invented by H. H. Platt ot Philadelphia. It was begun In 1927 . .and models have been teated nt Massachusetts Institute -ot Technology and New York University in wind tunnels. Platt Bald construction at a. full- sized paddlo wheel plane has been started. Instead ot a propeller tho plane has four paddlo wheels, two on each side. They revolve like the paddles of a /tide wheel steamer. They nlso have a "feathering 1 . 1 motion. This moans thaj; they strike the air at an angle, like tho oars of a sculler, when he "feathers" them over the surface of the water In drawing tho blades backward ready for the thrust. «-«-* Sister Anthony of Notre Dame Dead (United Press Leaned Wire) SAN PnANCISCO, Jan. 27.—Sister Anthony, dean of the College of Notre Dame at Belinont and one of the best- known Catholic women educators and writers In the country, died late yesterday after a long Illness. , She was born Sara Alice Qulnlan In Boston, 60 years ago. She camo to California as a child 'and had served as a nun for 40 years. • . Mean-Thief Class Has New Member (Associated Prett Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 27.—The Chicago police say that all candidates for "meanest thief" classifications should stand aside for the two men who held up Ignatulus Fabtszak last night. They knocked him down, took his hat, shoes, eye-glassca and his false teeth. Fablszak Is 62 and Jobless. FIRST JAPANESE WAR PICTURES * Flrtt plcturei to reach America from Sh«nh«lkw«n after the flflhtlno ehow the effects of.Japanese bombs ant cannon fire on the northern China city. Above, damage caustd by Japaneie guns to the historic great wall of China, which meets the sea at Shanhalkwan. Below, two buildings damaged by shell and bombs—at left, • temple near the great wall; at right;' a' Shanhalkwan building. FINAL DAYS OF BROCK'S JANUARY CLEARANCE Every day during this great January Clearance M r e have been adding fresh new offerings. The ac-. cumulation •. of these unusually attractive items makes it more profitable as it progresses. Now we are nearing the end of the sale, so we urge you to come tomorrow and profit to the greatest extent the reductions allow—visit every department, don't overlook any opportunity. Plan to Be Here Early Tomorrow PRICE CLEARANCE DRESSES AND FURRED COATS on the Fashion Floor DON'T MISS THIS EVENT! Here's style . . . with lots of dash ... in one of those Turban-Back BRIMS $95 2 FASHION FLOOR New Thrill Offered in a Group of Wonderful Dresses Values to $6100 $ 3.95 Cori\e tomorrow to see these wonderful dresses—come expecting to • see'. smart- styles such as you haven't seen at double the price. New ruff crepes in greens, blues, reds, blacks and navys; colorful prints with gay sleeves that suggest a breath of spring—a dress for every type and every occasion. Sizes 14 to 20. Brock's—Downstairs Store I New Betty BaxleyY Here The newest Spring fashions —lovely prints with organdie colors and embroidery trims. Full and pleated skirts. Pun" sleeves. 14 to 48. Brock's—Downstairs Store 1 95 Brim from the front . . .'turban frpm the back ... . and all 'round the newest, cleverest bit of tailored chic you've ever clapped over an eye ! Grosgruin and flower-banked bandeau trims — and at such a low price. ' 33C NOTION SPECIALS 40c Bolts Hickory Elastic. . . ......... special 33c Modess. Special. . . 1 ........... 2 dozen for 33c 39c Hickory Sanitary Belts. .............. . . .33c 49c Hickory Girdles. . : ...... ........ special 33c 1 Oc De Long Snaps . . ............ 4 cards for 33c lOc De Long Hooks and' -Eyes'. . . ..... 4 cards 33c lOc Yard Ruffling, White or Colors. . . .4 yds. 33c Notions — Main Floor In Brock's Bakery Real German Stollen .............. ........ 25c Malted Milk Layer Cakes ............ ...... . 30c Chiffon Pies, Lemon and Chocolate. . ....... 30c Pecan Nut Loaf. . . ....... . . . .............. 25c BROCK'S FAMOUS BREADS Salt Rising .............................. . 15c Chocolate Raisin ...... . ................... 15c Walnut .......... . ...................... 20c Pumpernickel . . ........................... 15c Sliced Whole Wheat or White ...... '. . .2 for 15c 1918 Chester and P. O. Market Brock-Made Chocolate Coated Molasses Caramels—29c a Box Huge Reductions Offered in All Departments-Come! Buy American MALCOLM BROCK CO, KtRN COUNTYJ PROGREDIVh S TORE • BAKER/FIELD Buy American YOUTHFUL KILLER IS RULED INSANE Jury Finds Varner Corry, 17, Cannot Distinguish as to Right, Wrong (Associated Press Leased Wire) HTb^aO, Jnn. 27.—Exonerated of murder olinrsras, 17-year-old Vnrner Corry todny was back In the homo circle from which the lixw removed him nlmoHt two yenrw njjo, shortly after ho shot and Itllled n policeman, A ".singing" Crlmlniil Court jury last night decided ho was not guilty In' connection with the slaying of Edward Smith, officer, who wns fatally wounded Memorial day, 1931, when he Interrupted Corry and two companions taking a clandestine swim In a public school natatortum. • The "singing" Jury, so-called bo- cause Its members during moments, outside the courtroom Indulged In a penchant for rendering, on masse, the choral favoVltes Including "Sweet Adeline," deliberated four and one-half hours. Corry was originally convicted and sentenced to an 18-months penlton- tkiry term, but the state Supremo j Court ordered a new trial. j The youth's counsel tried to prove i that ho WHS so terrified wlion Smith ! appeared ' In the poolroom that he | shot, unaware of what he was doing, j Alienists testified ho wns unable to' distinguish between right or wrong | at the moment. Corry admitted fir- Ing the fatal shot, but said ho "didn't realize" the meaning of his act. "I am 'going to he a good boy from j now on," Corry sold after the verdict. "I have learned my lesson and I'll never touch a pistol again." WOMEN GOLF STARS (United Press Leased Wire) MIAMI, Kltu, Jan. 27.— Tho crusading llnkswomen of the north, south and middle west are ready to open the Florida campaign at the, Miami Blltmore course, always a factor in the women's golfing year. Miss Helen Hicks, Long Island monarch, holder of tho national championship in 1931, and during her brief career winner of all the Important golf crowns of ' Canada and tho United States, heads tho procession, with her metropolitan nemesis, Miss Maureen Orcutt, of White Beeches, N. J.. four times metropolitan champion and runner-up for the national honors In 191!7, at her shoulder. From the midwest comes tho challenge of Mrs. Opal S. Hill, of Kansas City, Mo., western champion and Internationalist, who has still to make her mnrk in Florida competition. where Miss Orcutt and Miss Hicks have operated so brilliantly with Mrs, Ulonna Collett Vare, exchamplon, and Miss Virginia Van Wle, of Chicago, the -reigning national tltlcholder. Mrs. H. D. Sterret, of Hutchison, Kan., was the winner of the Miami BHtmoro women's invitation Uist^'car, defeating Mrs. Art Milieu, of Ainu- walk, N. Y., In the final round, but the course record of 84, almost certain to be smashed to bits when tho Misses Hicks and Orcutt and Mrs. Hill go into action, is held by Mrs. Ernest Hogarth, of Loraln, Ohio. NEIGHBORLY SPIRIT Y ROYALTY (United Press Leased Wire) LONDON, Jan. 27.— The Prince of Wales' appeal to those In work to act the part of neighbor to thoso out ot work has led to tho formation at Hom- ford, Essex, .of what is to be called n Social Service Association. This or- Kunlzatlftn Is to give practical, help to the- unemployed of the district. Romfordlans are being requested to act as hosts to unemployed families during the. winter season. Tho post office workers have promised 2^4 per cent of their salaries, and already 20 families in Romford have offered to act as hosts, while the parliamentary member for the division -Is organizing a concert to raise funds. It Is hoped to. ralne sufficient funds to enable the unemployed to bo relieved through the winter. The Tlom- ford Tied Triangle Club and tho Boys' Brigade have undertaken to look after the youth and children and to see that a welfare center is established for the care of children while the mothers are at work. Three Drowned Off New Jersey, Coast (Unltfd Press Leased Wire) X15W YORK. Jan. 27.— A veteran liarbor pilot and two youthful apprentices were drowned late yesterday when they. lost, a terrific battle against high seas and a northeast gale after driving their oar-propelled yawl to within' 300 yards of 'n safe haven at North Ix>ng. Branch, N. J. The lost pilot was Hughle Mclntyre. The apprentice's were Albert Strandberg and Charles M. Peterson, serving aboard the pilot boat Kandy'Hook. One Sure Way to End Coughs and Colds Persistent coughs and colds lead to serious trouble. You can stop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is • new medical discovery with tvro^old action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known,drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical author!ties a* one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Creomulsion contains, in sddition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and stop the Irritation and inflammation, while tne creosote noes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds,-bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any coughor cold, no matter of howlongstand. ing, Is not relieved after takingaccbrdmg lodirectlona. Aak your druggist. (Adv.) 1 Continuing Our Canned Foods Sale Through Saturday. Closes Saturday Night, January 28. Note the New Low Regular Shelf Prices in Our Stores. The Following Prices Effective Saturday and Monday, January 28 and 30. . FLOUR Safeway Idaal Family Mead 24i Ib. ACkt* 1 49 Ib. •w V SACK SACK 89c BUTTER Blue-Bell Golden State Product 21 c Ib. DATES Fancy Imported Quality 10 c Ib. Airway; Fresh Ground COFFEE Pound .... 19c Jell-well Assorted Flavors Package 5c Peaches Llbby's De Luxe Halve*. No. 2*4 Cans / Each lOc EGGS Large Extra U. S, No, 1 Dozen 16c SHREDDED WHEAT National Biscuit Product Package 9c Chase & Sanborn Tea ; * fc %: * FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Cabbage, sg _ Local Grown Ib. AC Potatoes, 1 A 1 Car* Local Grown.. Avlbs. A 91* Apples, Pippin, Good Quality. 8 ibs. 25 c Grapefruit, Fine Quality doz. Potatoes U. S. No. 1 25-lb. Cloth Bag 39c For Heat and Energy, Try Our Stall-Fed Baby Beef Important Notice ES . .. properly fattened. Plain, dark, beef In color, without the sufficient coverage of fat on the carcas has no flavor, nor. does It have the proper food value. That's why that satisfied feeling after eatlna ?u r m !'» u1,,? Ue J" part at lea§t to the fat whloh every P |ece eontiliw. Remember, fat Increases the payability of meat and adds to Its energy value. Even children should eat more oood fat meat to develop that high quality protein for the child's growth. A child's need of protein Is greater than that of the adult, and properly fattened Baby Beef is nature's best flavored food" So come with the crowd to Safeway and satisfy your wants. POT ROAST Shoulder Rib, the Desirable' Cut From Our Stall-Fed Baby Beef Pound . . . IQc PORK STEAKS Very Nice,-Lean, Tender- Sboulder Steaks 2 Ibs. 25c ROUND ROAST The Preferred Cut of Beef; Shoulder Round Bone Cut From Our Stall-Fed Baby Beef Pound I2c SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAMS Famous Swift's Premium Ovenlzed Skinned Hams. Firm, Tender ana Flue-Flavored. Featuring Full Half Hams Only Pound ..lie PURE SNOW WHITE LARD Bulk Pack, Just Freshly Rendered for Safeway. The Lard That Has No Substitute 4lfcs...25c LEG 0'PORK Very Choice, Selected Legs From Grain-Fed Pork Pound ... He PORK ROAST Tlio Desirable Picnic Cuta From Solid, Firm, Selected Pork Pound lOe DILL PICKLES Something Entirely New in Dill Pickles. The Processed Kind. Jumbo Sizes 3 for lOc t,

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