Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1928
Page 5
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GEHINGREADY FOR GREAT DAY Big Program Mapped Out For Republican Medicine! Makers <Sporiul political IctU-r ffi The 4t' Register by A. U Sliultz.) Topeka, .Kal s.. .'.an. 2'..— IJovil- . opmcut of a •.n >'W roiid chart lor the 1928 Koveniornliip-tour 1» otic of the reHpon ^ibilitieii facing the boys who connr to Topeka for the -Kansas Day J"esti%Uies; Very proli-r ably whPD the •week-end luitlitig floMcs there' will be a nipre general idea as to routes to be taken . ty the brothers who have .^decided not to trail the blushlnR.' shrinking/modest Clyde Reed in his path 't finding endeavors. j ' Ui>;ht now it doesn't look as though a Kansas Day Club fan can :• take a shot at a cuspidor in the Kansafs hotel lobby without hitting someone . who wants 'to be gov- . ernor. Just the melhod that may be employed to get the list down 'to a point when? the printers can hand/e the score card with a hand- ful of solid nonpareil, is the party' probli>m. Fad i.s the ordinary , touniry : print shop won't have ououKh raw metal to tel! about Urother ' Heed's nchievoments Jn THE I6LA DATLY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENTNG. JANUARY 26. 1928 NEWS NOTES OF GAS cm y\r^. (lie/cm JIIKII S<«II .11 tend l »p Mola.v Mdthrjr.iuiit Son Itinninef tni foiii The Unite* States supreme court may he asked to decide the fate of Kaiser Bill, German police dog of Mt. Sterling. Ky.. sentenced to death as-islayer of sheep. Ilia mistress, Mrs. Minnie Gay (inset) hart flled to carryithe out of the circuit c-ourt to the state appeals court. Mrs. (|ay says Kaiser Hill, accused of killing ?.6 sheep of a neighbor, Ls tlT'e guardian and pliiyinale of .\nn ll;illiff Gay, 3, with whom he is shown in the picture. liu t.Mrs. A. V Holu-ni .... -'.Irs. Will' SuuTily of Poii'-a t'ity .spent the week -tuil at the hoii^e (if .Ml. aiiii .Wrs. Snavely. .\h>. !^ K. (iK 'zcin anil MMI ai- tendi'd ttir :i:iiniiU 't' riven by thv DeAliilavK ill hoi;(>r of thoir iiioth- (t-s ill loiH Mcnilay vvenini.'. Doiit lorget the spfUiitx match a: the !-«-iiool iiousf Friday evening l.y liie P.-T. A. .\nd -w»'ek seTvi«f-s. at the M. K. thiirch Thursday evening at T :3('. J'reachinp strvUe.s at the .M. E. ch'ii..-h .Sunday nioining at ^-.i't, tihd ?un<lay pchool at 11. Kpworth League !«erviies under the leader- .ship of .\Iish Hetiic Perkins at 7 Sunday ••veiling. SMPHUV :ichool at I'lc Cliurih of Ood Sunday m6rning ;n,t 9:4.-. ami preacnin^ ser ^icfs ai '11. Kvi >iiins nervices el ~i:'.\f>. In less than twenty-five years. lor.g -riislaiH -e flying na.s advanced from the non-stop record made by Wright in 1903 of 825 feet, to that of Chamberlin in 1!*27 of 3.905 111 lies. Kelley Theatei-iPIay Wins Minist^i!*s Favor l >!ili!iisky fivothcY-* "riaintly .lyi.<. rite< .-(iiil Hoiii"-: Siniii rs." presf 'iircil la .st • nljr ^i iif !:i.- K'-llcy !!ii;a''r. Ill Mlf a Ii:: with a larK" :iitili'i !i-.- • .\!i i >iii -«>f-to «'n minister. ailciidiUK: the produciion, declared that It j»res«itited a bigger moral lesion ilian .ali.^ lu.iy he liad ever '.i<«ii. .Nearly fif ;y R;;J!<iii> a-c takini; p;irt in th#> c'oming;Onyiiipi<: games, and th^- i>i liniiiKtry Jnrjile of the thousand^ of competitors in Am- aierd .'ini is cxpw-tcjl .^to lie one _ the most wonderful ^.sights of it|i kind tile world has ever seen. PAGE FIVE ydreiisCbids BestTreateci Externally stop them overnight without •lio^ihg"—nib oh 9t bedtinie ^Wp/y/A POR U^ paving f he country and give thoj .^^ William Alien AVhite— play th<- < aii .iidates. .Now most of other caiididalcH a blackface .line. .,^vavs" an ardent Itcnl admirer -'the pro.sii-.ts will likely fade out «<> the burden of the Jlepubllcan ausertlng the Kmporia .•<Iluiriof the picture in view jof late •it- workers will be to gel the score jij„'-i jjave as much political sense jvelopment.s j card boiled down to a place where. ^ ,^ bed JUIK .White aliiu.'st has | 1 f/ will be in keeping; with space f ,.^.,.rv time the ii.uue Rofi'-rs: IIoriis:!iy. wli.i Ls to wpar | Ji will ne ill Keepliii; ttitli •^J/iil equipment available and not ovei look proper ineniioii nf the rose? that bloom alung the pathway' of the retiring fi ' from Parsciiis. There aresunie, ten i.r .-i du/en "people sitiln;; demurely mi tlie sidelines e.xpecllllj; to bo clluseii for the honor pii/.e and entered as the one man to i oni^ete wiih Mr. Kivd. Very priiliuhle not all the probable conleiiilerv wijl riccept tlie del ision of ilie vohiiileer referees wl.o 'MW *I ' liciietw for the parly dinner ,aiiil ,'^nbinit. their vi(^ws a.* to the •Jtaiif's need while the lobby milling is ill jirogress. Jiisi tht? same there is that iirospeci that •.fiiit 'oT a!l the conversaiioii' .•iml display of.violent jjestures and ex- rhange of moist sfi'rets behind the * pi'llars. some idea will come jis io fust where tlie lioys iiropnse to go in .Xiigust. Seth 'Wells' withdrawal didn't T>articularly s.tartle. It was the ' culmination of a gradual fadinu ~ on! If a- viideiit bnnm that was at :i noisy peak .iii-t a year a>;o..' Seth Wells' .ninoiincenient that hj; wn.s . av.ed by the personality of the reserved, bashifiil .Mr. Uee<l. was in keeping with political gossip of the • last few ' months—'nnich as Mr. Wells' friends denie^i these rumors. So the aniiotincemenf for • Hr'er M:PA rather changed the ni(ip "i^ tirelv. • • !J• . I I). , .None aniens pr<ibritile contenders •ii the old cons «-rvHtive crowd held a.s apopli-.vy every time the n.une of i .. Seth Wid'.s is iiieiiiioned ill his' the uniform of the flosfon llraves (iiesence and .-It his (i .-iiii- for Her- next seoson. Jias ii ,,vv been a ma- herl Hoover, surveyed liiii jiuests ^ Jor li ague playir for a dozen years. .'I'lKl reniarke.l willi apjiareiii sat- 1 During all of this time, with the 'liiln't • e.xception of last season, he was Wltli the St. l.ouls Caniiitais. he- •f, .Vow the ing n'^aiiager of the .\l<iiiiid City I. Mm during the lati.r yea:>. For ."iix successive years !ie v.oa the National I><-ague Iwiriiig clianiiiioti- ship usually finl.shing With a s<.:i- sationaily high average, t 'Isfiiclioii ami pride Ihal L^ee llie ICepiildhaii stale cli.iirin.'in , anywhere in the' i -row linys :iie' ni ikiii'4 tiil<i l> on tin? ;;aiiihlilit; iiio|.o.ii!io:i <ii' Se'li Widls extendiiip- the oihe hrailih' by of- f"rii;g to >hare lieil space with William .\lleii White during the Kansas It.'i'y hotel eoni-'estion. Cleaijly the v'ovi inorship will he the hlg; subject fijir iliscussioii <liir-j lug the three daVH "f millinK. K:iu- * sas Day at tiviflc start Saturday and (Oiitlnue nnUl after •Voiing Teddy" has concliide-j his talk .Monday- iilght. Little Green Capsule i Stops Rheumatic Agony <»K KVKItV lUrrit F(»U TK> HOIKS AMI RKLIKF IS I- ALMOST CKUTAIX. Auginentlnu' the iirohable li-t; of; o'|j,-n In Five Days, Kven the Ten- compromise candiilates to lie of- \ dernevs Is (ione. ft red forj inspection during the; , — mwllcino miviir.; will be'H. H. Mot<,i The fame oT the little green cap- ter. internal reyeni-e collertor; Itoy '.Kule, hecause of its canny power to Hailey. e< itor rif the Salina Jour-; e ,al; and .1. il-Mercer, state \\\'-stock f-aiiiitarv coininissioner. .\'l hiive de. iilnil ami postive IpllfiW iiit's. • • In tho ready-to-wear stock whielf h :iS I'eel; I are .1. 1). speedily stop the terrible rlieu- iiiatic painsi^ that make life almost unbearable, 'is rapidly spreading all over America.. Vou go about conquering your merciless rheumatic enemy in a Idiffereni way—a knockout way. on display lor sometime : Every hour the first day yoti take j M. liaiiiiltoti. .>--p(a'<er of :one little green capsule for just! of state: audj The second-day, take one ever>' greater faith an<i confidence of that organization. A third of a century of faithful, persistent cinsistency marked Seth Wells' r.'cord. Then, 'rlear'y disgruntled, the state < hair- man startled his most intimat-^ friends with his endorse• ment. ; Ryan, ^•iecrelary .\. .N.Chase, lieuteiii'iit. gover-jtwo hours for 14 hours—Tlitn take I for. K:".i h with a elass oi sup- 4 little green capsules every day porters lendy lo fight at the (Iro .i until every la.=f little twince and; of thtr Ii .it Ka. h w .iitiiis lorl theievery bit of is gone and'i that would desiu'tiate iliem-your rheumatic troubles have the favorite.' |ceased. The little crcen capsule now: jso; inspection fail to Nor should th 'v '-ti- into acromit Walwr Uo-^io" Stubhs. former governor. Iteed has i.nade sirt-niioi;s efforts to iii- duc. Kriil iis to -^[je.ik ur in his he-l.her 2. much in demand from coast to, coast niusi have a name so it is \ known in every worthwhile drug j store in America as Allenrhu Num- i - Kansas Day dope maker.'-- will • register a lot of s<irrow over Wells' tlepanure. There will be many sad - words from people wlio woiilU hav.- ::one"to the last ditch on the-battle field and died with a smile M their lipu had Setb AVells Ijt candidate for the gubernatorial . nomination: Most of his support, thoimh. would have been a positive ; sary. anti-Refd strength. A special art""'' yof congress or a tnandnte from the •"^ I'nited States Suprem/^; ror.rl couldn't drive this support: iii lire' and 'he expr>-ssion-- sorrow wiM , -l-f>; hecause Seth Wells has goih' 'vhere Ills idd frii-nds - c.iiiiioi follow. J half. Senator K. ,K. Frizell of l.ariied. is doped lo' return to -he senate rather than t.« lake the gn- beitiaiorial entry There are enoimh meetincs in Topeka during K:i;i.'-::s Day flub pvents to ma'i" i'•• I'esence of evervone elli.Ilt II! Ill V ,1.. . There is a ibit of conied> in tli •Wells-Reed .sitnatioii too. Whil the brothers are spi^culating as to • a"il iieces-. II'li 'fiev.s- will iiiizalion • ;• • !j service,, -or- \y\\- :i jrath- .•i.eielii s of the! ^•<:ov \!e! ihat' eilp \ 'ill i|-r| ;;:eni- ( lie ill i>v;i. T'leii ol ral' rec| 111 rtr r"e thei e\;»laiiation or <'Xt u.-'e. but have deep rooted pride in never missing a meeting of the iliniier For your own protection insist i on .\I'i 'i;rhii .Niiniln r Z and ple.aae r'liif iiil)<-r tliis- the little gr 'ei -n t'aii-ule iiiiisl give .vou j7ron !;>l re- ii-r iiiiii-i sive yoii abundant salls- faciioii miist free .vou rrom rheu-| iii.itNni ili.^iress or the'price you i pay for the first t'lill hoi'le wl'.l he liromptly refunded, by Cook's Drug I Store or any reputable drif-iglst In America. .>Inliiiee >i :MghN 'iOc-'MJe TONIGHT AND ALL WEEK DUBINSKY BROTHERS ST0<:K COMPANT THE snow you ALL KNOW i ' Biehl Family Orchestra r Three Bijr Vaudeville Specialties Between Acts—Tohv Shelton, the Boy Who Makes;You I^URh Tonisht's Play—A North Wood'.s Dramk " \ "MY MAN*' . Friday's Plaj'—Feature of the Week "SEVENTH HEAVEN" j YOU'VE HEARD OF THE PICTURE—NOW ' SEE THE PLAY » i IiiMirs Open .'• reels »i Pictures ut 7; Curtiirn >», Complete CliHnge of Progrum Dall.v MONDAY F4R THREE DAYS • The Sweetest .Vgainst the most roni.-i 46 Story Ever Totdl ntic back-ground evef se<^. With Noah Beery, Charles Farrell, George Bancroft, Charles Eiiimett Mack, Mary Astor, Frank Hopper V Mh .1t n rtcliirel Sp<.nfnne «H«., ""'"'•'•"U-. Humaiil ^ Tile thrilling days of ^tS live once more! The blowing up of the ;.MA1 .NK. The embarkation for f:'uba. San Juan Hill, fever tnd bullets. A beautiful love Idyll - two boys and a Texan belle. They're all here: ' • ADPED .\TTKArT10N-l..\TKST .NEWS AND. CO.MEDV OF OUR CLEARANCE SALE Save 15% tQ 25% on Your Clothing and gs 'Lit win Chain Stores lola. Kin.^a.s , Ea.'it Side Square- nii-ii. Th e 'v iiu. So !:.-'Ve hiuliwav ei, eiir in'-a'is :i lo' <if <• hers will have lo iher^.arc ;!ie hiindieds; loyal '-Tti'publii aiis. who terms of the agreement that |club. l;-rought about the state chairman's i?ianifesfat:on of love for ithe>Par- ^>tn-s editor, there is equal 4. or "ithevPar- The Republican state committee ual concern also nleets a^d will select a state iness in his convention city, fix a date, :ly'' a few ' i?naie|county apportionm:>nts. That "^v, to Seth Wells' happiness nnouncetnent Not a New Station but under New Management. We have purcha.sed the Red Crown Service Station on South Washiripton and ,wj!l ; operate it a.<— -handliriir a f"!' Standard! Oil company prod- iKls. WM will' endeavor to jfivi' oyripatron .s real 11 point service. TRY US :\ ' . ';- • i • . Clark Gilbert W. €. Burnsides —' , 4. '- i THERE'S ANUN- n SEEN HELPING HAND ON fHE HILLS i And It Costs No Moi'e —high test anti-knock gasoline is gaining in popularity every day. because of its reputation for easier .starting, increa.sed power on hills, less crankcase dilution, and longer mileage. This is a gasoline that will measure up to your winter driving requirements. Smiling attendants await your every want and attend to them promptly, whether it is air. water, nil or ga.soline you Aiay-need. INFORMATION CHEERFULLY GIVEN LESH OIL CO Elmer Slack, Mgr. Opposite Ice Plant" Phone 489 •1, r A" < -»• >yt Fleece Lined Boys' Unionsuits Must Go! Choice of any .size 2 to 16 regularly, priced at 98c, in size 16—now 2 suits ' $1.25 Mothers—These are unusually low priced—buy .several suit;; for now and for next fall! .Men's All Wool Sweaters and Lumberjacks Values up to S7.95 $3.95 Chose from this group of Shaker Knit S7.95 Sweat-, ers .'and Men's bright plaid Lumberjacks at only $3.95. Men's Unionsuits MEN! NOW IS THE TIME! That's the order flashed from, headquarters,; so here; are the final reductions! Choice of the now at— EVERY OVERCOAT MUST GO! 98c First grade fleece lined or ribbed underwear. Men's Overalls 98c Heavy 2:20 weight—well made—^11 sizes .32 to 42. RockfordSox Good weight, first grade $15 $10 ('hoice of the best Star Overcoats, latest styles, new de.sign.s, values .up to .«29,.50. For choice of fine Overcoats, new' styles, all wjool. For a special group of men's Overcoats, below cost. Boys Overcoats^ sizes •">. fi, 7 and t worth to ^.•>'; $3.9 10c Canvas Gloves , Full cut. jjTOod weight Ic A BIG STAR B.\RGAIN MOLESKIN PANTS Regular Price is SI.98 $1.49 Strong, lontr wearing, genuine mole­ skin'pants—khaki'color. Really low priced at SI .98—but we are overstocked with 100 pair—buy^^-several pair for the price of cheap, khaki pants. Boys' Sweaters Grev cotton^ coat style 79c . Wool Mixed Shirts or Moleskin Shirts Values up to S2.9S E.xtra good Shirts, often priced at S2.98. Good looking, long .wearing, but we are overstocked, so buy them cheap, i 'I J. . -t: , -

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