The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 6
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Uwt erf Phrtie* Always Enforced of Traffic tea^^*3L-»|a proclaim lieclaenlji wftWJ Gsfi fun 69 the wners taey slid Or wfiWo ffl^y t&Tn fat« tfti »eld. FMt of 6iTte«, ifcaftfiettft lot effttf than tw*nty-ftve at tm» in dry weathet and «n, ac«wdfn| to ngufe» of tie tfavetets intufance coapany coteHng la*t year's cause* iff 744,800 automobile accident*, 1MOO deaths, and 904,860 pet- tons injured. In 19? J Mt of i total of «14,- SOo automobile accidents which . Plane . I Pupili in R«ltal ffrr i i«i MI 11 oft tan East Liberty f *r. ifi* Mm 8. I. t*«i**lfl TtM Roth. If. it* «rs. C. 6. An- giertlwra frutt cotnttf i S, R* 58th .__ frfino eltts of Mrt. fletebef **« psttntwi tt sprint recttal Wetftteia* Ift i special pf0ff*« ftef fc««e. B«Bfdii fc—— el tfc« ei«n, * ntiafcer of other aftisti assisted In the* present*Weft. . 4 , Violin huinbers were played by Miss Maysil Berry. Mist Efnli? Botand of Glenwood sang two Soprano solos and Mis* Barbara workman of Olenwood and Miss lane Fletcher played piano solos, lit addition to the work ot the implle ot the class. The program: Children'* (Toy) Symphony, Romberg dp* 68, Joan Star, Claire Steele, "Sabs" Henderson, John SlothoWer, Malcolm Camp* bell; Mary Louise Jttelke, Lenore Mansfleld At the ptafio. Pink, Lichher op. ill No. 8, Joyce Molsberry. Happy Partner, Schumann; Andante from Surprise Symphony, Haydn, "Sabs" Reader- son. Waltz, Charles Oounod, Sarah Ruse. *t of Datttnt**, Mrt. & M,N«t**i The BOW* of Mr. and Mrs. c. M. Kelson wa* tfct scene of a very ftafiUjr reunion §unday. honoring the fiftjMStffctti wiiaiftg awrtver- •aft of nn. Ketoetf* parents, Mr. 9«f*c*« At broad daylight, probably will continue to be prevalent tor years to cotte. Bumpy roads that cause ears to Jitter and lose traction', rain, sleet, snow, oil and gravel which cause ears to skid; crowns ia the road, or even flat curves, which conspire with speed to let the laws of gravitation and centrifugal force operate and destroy those who fail to observe them — these are responsible tor thousands of deaths, tens of thou Helen Van Home Wins Clau Honor* in Dakota The following from the Minot, No. Dak. paper, will interest many of our Malvern readers who remember well the Clyde Van Homes when they were residents of Malvern: Of nearly 200 prospective 1933 graduates of Minot Senior high school, Jean Romine and Helen Van Home rank highest in schol- astlc standing. Announcement ;,was made today that Romine has P Involved improper actions of drivers, 61* 6»o of the mishaps resulted from cars going oft roadways. The deaths from these accidents numbered 3,860 and per* sons injuied, non-faulty, numbered 71,740. Data on the direction of cars involved in accidents show that 28,250 resulted from skidding, and that 1,270 persons were killed and 34,020 were injured, many of whom were maimed tor lite. The speed laws may cot be enforced but the laws ot physics are always enforced. which is .02 higher Miss Van Home, and by that shade of superiority he won the title of valedictorian while to her falls the salutatory honors. Since she entered Junior high school, Helen Van Home has attended the Minot schools. A daughter of Mrs. Leona Van Home, Helen was born at Eagle Grove, la. She had Jived in Milwaukee, WIs., and at Mandan before coming to Minot. Helen has taken part in many extra-curricular activities In the schools, While in Junior high ahe editor, of "Magic Torch," and Marguerite's Love, and Marguerite, to satisfy you u>lt«ft for printing. . Venetian Gondola Song, Mendelssohn, Georgia Marie Hilton. Faust Suite, Maidens' Chorus, Duet Faust Marguerite's Prayer, Frances Mae Brewer. Theme from Symphonie Pathe- tlque, Tschaikowsky, Ellnore Farquhar. A Scandinavian Lullaby, Evangeline Lehman, Mary Jean Ewing. Andante, Beethoven, Lenore Mansfleld. Stars and Stripes Forever, Sousa, Ellnore Farquhar, Lenore Mansfield. Rondo, Mozart, Miss Maysll Berry. Tarrentelle, Stephen Heller, Mary Louise Juelke. Country Gardens, Percy Grain- and M«. 8. R, Httftt, of Malvero, wMftli oecnrifid tike preceding diy; ilto hoSofini the birthday of Ethel Nelson, it being on the same date, May 20. There was of course the usual greetings and visiting on such o* caslons and the dinner, served cafeteria, was one long to be re- ineinbered by all 6t the guests. A very large angel food cake, most beautifully decorated, was baked and presented to Mr. and Mrs. Hurst by Mr. Swoboda ot Maivern. It was Inttch appreciated and enjoyed by those thus honored and by the ethers who were privileged to see and partake ot it. Another large angel food also prettily decorated was baked by Mrs. J. R. Hurst, tt was so arranged to have the appearance ot g*it The annual Memorial Cay terv- iees win be held tt Bast Liberty n«rt Sunday, May II. the chores wni be decorated tt the forenoon and flowers arranged. Basket dinner at the fiooft hour to which all who cafe to come Win be welcome. The address ot the afternoon is to b* gives by fcev. Grant Parker of Missouri Vaney, serv* ices to begin at 2:80. v- aid and JUtfcryn, it* ._ . 0t._ftyHtfU jKWttofci Hfy 4w Urs, DWB Severn! children, Betty, Bobby, §M Doto- tiy, «t Olenwood drove over tear Red 0*k Sunday tranfftf and attended the owens reunion. There Wtft tfcmy-t%6 present to ' the oWttlon. etd. fte fe tentW di*pwtt»oft*4 mM A tood breeder but I da M* ne*d Bin. Priced to «ell.-*»irre4 Sre*ett. Hastlnfs, route I. Ittfa Spring Valley Eatb School Year Friday Miss Gf.c* M*tk«wt AfAte Elected tut Ne*t Teaches Eight Years in Pleasant Vftttey School The Pleasant Valley school closed last Friday with a pteftte supper In the evening. There were more than ninety people present to enjoy the supper and to view the school exhibit of which we have heard words of praise. Each child was given a treat by the teacher, Miss Hatel Owens, and a special treat to the eighth grade pupils. Miss Owens has been the successful teacher of this school tor the past eight years, a record not which is enough to keep any teacher busy. Ralph Wederqutst I (Bil^OU *W M«»TW **«W ««j»j»w «•••••••-•« —— I ^QCtWUV* W«BW^« »»««pr«» .. «.•——- -, a lower and upper section with will be the teacher there next small candles on the lower part]year. Miss Owens wilt teach the . ._...•__. _ ...- —.._.. Mount Vernon school near Silver City next year and her many friends here wish her success In her new location. ger, James Summers. Moto Perpetuo, Mac Lorraine Fletcher. Do well, November, Tschalkowaky, Margaret Berkhimer. Minuet from Larlesiene, Blcet, Edward Wearin. The Time of May, Marjr Turner Salter; The Sleigh, Kountze, Miss Emily Boland. Nocturne, Chopin; Czardas, Mac Dowel!, Jane Fletcher. and larger ones on the upper — fifty-eight In all. These Ethel Nelson had the honor of lighting and they did Indeed present a beauti- tul picture. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Hurst join in congratulations and best wishes for such future celebration. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hurst and Valda, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seaton, Mr. and Mrs. Ban Beaton of Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Mayberry and Vera of the Hillsdale neighborhood, Mr. and Mrs. Max Benton of Hender- soift Mrs. Cynthia Hunt, Mrs. Lulu Chase and Trueman from south of Olenwood, Will Kerr, Mrs. Lura Paulsen, Louise and Billy ot Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Seaton, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson and Ethel. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur De Witt of Burlington were callers Saturday evening In the home of the former's cousin, Mrs. B. J. Looka- blll. Dr. Warden Rimet drove up from Bedford last Wednesday evening called to see his father, O. W. Rimel, who was taken The SKTinf Valley school in White Cloud township closed Friday after a very successful year'* work, ftiis is ofte ot the larger schools of the county And this year there were pupils in alt the grades. When a teacher carries out an excellent program after a big picnic supper with ice cream n'every- thlug it speaks well for the teacher and the community. The program included music, readings some clever organised numbers and some recitations by preschool age children which added to the entertainment. Although the school board has made some drastic reductions in school expenses it) keeping up with the times it has not in the least affected the school standard. Miss Grace Matthews who has been reelected for next year Is to be congratulated on her earnest efforts and success with this year's work. Stella Jane Dyke was the only pupil to take the county eighth grade examinations and passed with an excellent average. Ittt §afe c* *» WhfMI taw fall, IS MO. old.--* Rat Phots* »4-», Headersow, Bate--8 year old ered Shorthorn ball. — O. R« Hyde, Phone 178-Flz, MalvenM 46-a, F«f> B*te — Two extra goo4 tresfk Guernsey «ows from Qeorg« Rimers herd. Selling because of Mr. Rlmefs Illness.— Call Earl Dashner, Phone 184-F13. FOft RENT R*nt-^B room cottage. Modern eicept heat. — J. Beck with. 44tf. for Rwrt—Two modern house* In north Maivern. Call Landia Hardware. Honne Fur B«»t—W. L. Smith 45-1. MISCELLANEOUS For B*le — Heavy split oak posts, 7 tt. of Hastings. -J. W. Dotph, south 43-W, quite sick the preceding Thursday in consultation Poppies Assist in r i_* » ' ^ - w v _ - eran* .-- , *-.—. —-• Her Hat of Senior high activities includes: Editorship of the Searchlight; officer of Pep club; assistant leader of girl scout troop No, 3; member ot the Rainbow girls; took part in state commercial work contests last year; belongs, in addition to the Commercial club of the school, to Dramatic club, to Science club, and to the girls' athletic club. Public Sale at the Malvern Sale Barn Saturday, May 27 Commencing »t ONE O'CLOCK Sharp __ ^ ^ ^ We wttl have wversl cow* giving milk; on* i* » y««r aU J«r§«y f iviBf 3 g»llww per d»y» Another ii » « yetr old Jerwy freih 2 month*,« right good roiUc« .«, Several calvet «w»e »f whish are »i«e heifert. HOCS 1Q He»d w«» v»s«iiMited §owi due to farrow real •owl Seme itosk pif*l Q*er§ that may b« brought jp, We ha da w** lot lft>* . ^ A ms* 1st including 3 beds with ipnngft 8 m»ttrew», room «H»ir», rocking ch»ir», rug«, »tand, 2 re* Auxiliary to Sell Flower* in Malvern May 27 in Patriotic Work Members of Majvern's American Legion Auxiliary will sell paper poppies May 27 to assist in raising funds for caring for the rehabilitation work among disabled veterans. They have given The Leader the following editorial telling about the work: To America, now going forward in a great drive against the economic enemies which have invaded the couutryi comes a message from the men who fifteen years ago were giving their lives in defense ot the country against an armed enemy. It comes in the form of the little red poppy that we will all be asked to wear Poppy Day, May 87,-W tells us to serve, and saprince for our country now with the same patrl otie spirit that those men served and died among the poppies in France In 191T and 1918. The poppy is a symbol of re* membrance for the Wprld war dead. Poppies glowing on every coat on poppy Day will show that we still remember and honor the supreme sacrifice our war dead made for America. A country which remembers 4ee4a such as theirs cannot be in4ifferent to present ca}ls for patriotic serv {ce, As long as the memory of our beroes is kept bright, America can be confident that heroic serv» ice will come from its citizens in every hour of need. women of the A»«a?i c &,» Centerline School Closed on Friday with a Picnic The Centerline school closed Friday with a picnic dinner on :he school grounds at the noon hour. In the afternoon the teacher, Miss Dora Reasoner, with the entire group to Malvern. There they were taken through the Malvern Cold Storage build- Ing where they saw some really educational workings ot the plant. Then they were taken to The Malvern Leader office and privileged to see the printing machinery in operation. At the school house each child was given a treat by the teacher and a special prize was given to two of the girls, Ruth Lookabill and Dorothy Cook, for perfect attendance during the year. The school board has ,not hire4 a teacher yet for next year on account of financial conditions but Miss Reasoner has completed a successful year's work, day. Dr. Parsons it was decided that an operation would be necessary. So in the afternoon, Dr. Rimel took his parents to Council Bluffs where his father entered the Jen- nle Edmundson hospital and underwent an operation that evening. He has been resting as well as can be expected since. Mrs. Rimel is staying near the hospital so as to be with him as much as possible. His friends hope tbat he may soon be much Improved. There will be a meeting of the East Liberty Cemetery Ladies in the Malvern bank Saturday at 8:30 p. m, A good attendance is desired. CLASSIFIED ADS ABSTRACTS OF TITLE A CONTINUATIONS Mills County Abstract Co. Olenwood, Iowa 1U. CATTLE For Sale — Registered white SEEDS AND FEEDS For Bale —Yellow Jersey and Nancy Hall sweet potato plants, 26c per 100. Tomato plants, 60o per 100. — Carl Holden, one mile west ot White Eagle oil station, in Malvern, and one fourth mile north, 45-3, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Tomato and other vegetable plants. Always fresh and ready to grow. — Dale Kline, Florist, Malvern. 43tt WORK WANTED Tom Shaw — Piano Tuning. Leave orders with Collins Drug, Malvern, or Priest's Drug store, Hastings. 25tf. LEOALIZED LIQUOR TRAFFIC CAN BE NO BETTER THAN OUTLAWED LIQUOR TRAFFIC. IT IS ALL EVIL. their son, Dean, and wife of Red Oak attended services here Sunday after which they were guests of Mr, and Mrs, L. O. Adams. Mrs. Otto Gary, Lee and Deta were Shenandoah visitors Satur- Special Combination Rate BUtB •» A ft A ( CHOICE ROOM WITH PRIVATE BATH FOR 54-.OO ) FREE GARAGE FOR YOUR CAR mr w/ii i Ai%fe V/M i i BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER WE WILL 6IVE YOU ( FREE TICKET TO ANY THEATRE All of *At Aio»>« for Two Pmoot, $7.00 Conai Omaha C, I, ghapcott an4 George per ot near Broerson made a visit to the South Omaha stock yards one day last week, Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Rime} and two little daughters, Alice Marilyn and Je*n Elaine, drove in from Chicago last week arriving Saturday morning. Floyd fc& 8 spent most of the time 4«ring the I day with bis father in the hospital in Council Bluffs, coming out to the farm to spend the night. He reports bis father not feeling quite 90 well the Iftst 4ey or so. Mr, and Mrs. C. M, Nelson »nd I QO 00 STOVES 5 burner g»«ai»e aieve with built in OV«BJ RfidBaU 3 burner oil rtOTf* gftjf «»B»l84» and a««r> baled wU4h»* Legto.n Auxiliary, who will bring us the popples on Poppy D»y, we carrying out » very valuable work for tae country, wttfc their me- jftorlal flowers they are helping keep, alive & memory store precious than vast material riches ,— ths memory of men wlio were willing to die that America might live in fr«e4am a»4 happiness. With tfee poppy ooatrlbuUoas, they are helplRg carry oa for the dtRttbie4 x«ttf|A| «ad fatherles* f9WlUes> \Vltu the poppy they are C&M&8 .10 U» ftU tO «tfr£ flft — d.»vffb,tf»r, Ethel psrlene, fmd Mr«$4 Mrs. Clyo> e»rger &n4 children, petty ?nd Wnflwy, were e»- terteJned at the Cbas. Wilhelm home Saturday eveaisg. The occasion was ip honor of Hthel Nelson, eevep years 014 that 4&y, and Dorpthy WUbelm, eleyeu years 014. Refreshments of tee cream an4 cafes were §84 the girls each receive4 several gifts. Mr, »»4 Mrs. feo of HoWrWge, Trum wwe over the borne sight guests FrWay ol the latter's aouste, Mrs. B. Oleva Zaelke aa4 Uttte 4r°ve over fj9» R^d ftftii IdV » Mrs, them tq Mlwoui'i tfrey int Ads DO Get Results Each week more Mills Countians are learning that Leader Want Ads pay, And they cost just a few cents a week, Wi MALVERN LEADER

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