The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 26, 1976 · Page 6
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 6

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1976
Page 6
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Fergus Falls (Ma.) hunm wed.. May26,1976 Food for Thought 1 "" •s Questions ''and answers By JKAN MAYER Professor of Nutrition, Han ard University (). My two-age son eats two bologna sandulebes for lunch more than hall the time. I've begun to wonder whether this is a good idea, or if I should insist on a little more variety. A. Although kids, and many grown-ups, too, seem to like the way bologna tastes, it has little to recommend it as steady luncheon fare. Recently Consumer's Union analyzed over 1,000 samples of bologna, including some made from beef and others made from beef and pork. Their data quantified ar.J reinforced much that we already knew. Here are some of their findings: First, bologna is nigh in saturated fat. Under United States Department of Agriculture regulations, bologna can contain up to 30 percent fat by weight. (In terms of calories, this means that close to 70 percent of the calories come from fat.) In the Consumer Union study, the average sample of bologna contained 27 percent fat. A few Question raised on matter of election judges ST. PAUL, Minn. {AP|--The Minnesota attorney general's office will be asked for an opinion on whether township treasurers may serve as election judges, Secretary of State Joan Growe said Monday. In a series of informational meetings for local election officials, aides of Mrs. Growe have been saying that the treasurers may not be judges of elections State Rep. Rod Searle, IR- Waseca, criticized Mrs. Growe for the assertion last week, contending the reverse is true. Searle also accused Mrs. Growe and her staff of telling local officials that the opinion was based on a '-new law" when the legislature made no changes in the statute. .Mary Ann McCoy, elections supervisor in the secretary of state's office, said the question was raised by local officials, not by Mrs. Crowe's staff. The attorney general's office has given informal advice to Mrs. Growe and her staff on the matter but will be asked for a formal, written opinion, Mrs. Growe said. HAIL Coming! Hail stones bigger than baseballs -- or smaller than marbles-either can flatten a field and destroy a cash crop. Insure today with Farmers Union crop hail insurance! FARMERSllNION INSURANCE fQ* COvlHI fN!'_'**'JCE Nf(DS See. Rollin (Ron) Solheim 124 W. Cherry Fergus Falls, Minn. Phone JO-MIS brands actually exceeded the 30 percent limit. Only one was relatively low in fat, containing about 21 percent. Second, it's exceedingly high in salt. A bologna sandwich ivilh mustard contained nearly three times as much sodium as a hamburger on a roll with catsup and nearly seven times as much as a peanut butter sandwich. Third, with the exception of a few brands that are usually sold frozen and available only in specialty food stores (and, once defrosted, must be eaten at once) bologna contains sodium nittite. As you are no doubt aware, while nitrite prevents the growth ot the botulinum toxin, it also can combine with other substances in the body to form nitrosamines, many of which are carcinogens. Fourth, bologna is far from the most economical source of protein. Consumers Union fojrxl that a pound of protein from the least expensive brand of bologna costs $7.48. II cost only $4.83 to get the same amount of protein from hamburger. Interestingly enough, one positive thing that can be said in its favor is that bologna is generally a clean product. According to' Consumer's Union: -Despite all the processing that bologna goes through, it's the cleanest food we've tested in years." Q. Recently, I've become aware u! a powdered egg substitute in the supermarket Since I have limited freezer space, I felt It would be more convenient to store but I wondered if It would be just as acceptable to use on a cholesterol-lowering diet. A. The real reason for using an egg substitute is, to eliminate the cholesterol found in fresh eggs. In that respect, the frozen egg substitute does, have an edge. Because it is made primarily from egg white and com oil, it is virtually free of cholesterol. . The powdered egg substitute is made from egg shite with egg yolk as the second ingredient, so it contains some cholesterol, though certainly far less than a whole egg. A serving of powdered egg substitute contains about 60 milligrams of cholesterol, while a whole egg contains 275 milligrams. If you were using the equivalent of one egg to make a batch of 12 muffins, it would make little difference whether you used the substitute or the real thing. But if you are having an egg substitute every morning, you'd probably be better 'off to use the frozen variety. 1 should point out thai the powdered product does appear to have one advantage, particularly for individuals who are on sodium-restricted diets. Since the label does not list salt among the ingredients, it U probably far lower in sodium than the frozen egg substitute, which contains nearly twice as much sodium as fresh eggs do. There is also one other difference: The powdered egg substitute is lower in calories. The powdered equivalent of one egg contains 44 calories, while the same amount of frozen egg substitute contains 100 calories. A whole, fresh egg provides 80 calories. Why start the summer out of shape? Begin losing excess pounds and inches with Dr. Mayer's specialized diet, menus and exercise plan. For a copy, send J1.50 to "Diet Plan," care of this newspaper, P.O Box 259, Norwood, N.J. Dim. Make checks payable to Newspaperbooks. DANCE.. Spwnl ^ Friday, May 28,0ne Night Only THE CHIMELEWSK1 FAMILY ADMISSION SJ.iO PER PERSON FERGUS FALLS' STORE HOURS Monday thru Friday 8 a.nuo 9pm , Saturday 8a.m. to 6p.m. Closed Sunday Quantity Rights Reserved MEMORIAL BOUNTY TOWELS Jumbo Roll 39 With Coupon and $10 Order € Bondware White PAPER PLATES 100 Count The Finest-Heinz KETCHUP 14-Oz. Bottle 35' Barrel-0-Fun POTATO CHIPS " 49 c Fully Cooked ELLIOTT HAMS Fully Cooked Semi-Boneless ELLIOTT HAMS . Butt End 4to6-Lb. Average 99 Fresh Ground HAM LOAF Lb. "Taste the Difference" GROUND BEEF Norbest Tender Timed TURKEYS 59* 8 to JO Us. Rose histiij Cfcickeis L b.' John Worrell BACON . John Worrell MAMS S-Lb. Can 99 Choose Your Memorial Day Mot Doge af Service Food Tom Sawyer Elliott's Jumbo - Ambassador's SKINLESS WIENERS SKIN-ON FRANKS SKIN-ON WIENERS 2-Lb. Bag "Tosfe the Different*" in Service Food's V.S.O.A. Cfcoice Steer Beef U.S.D.A. Choice Steer Beef BEEF LOINS Lb. 29 45-40-Lb. Average U.S.D.A. Choice Steer Beef BEEF RIBS Lb. *l 29 30-40-Lb. Average U.S.D.A. Choice Steer Beef BEEF ROUNDS 99 < SWS-Lb. Average U.S.D.A GOOD BEEF QUARTERS - -^^MMMHMHIMBMiMIMMI^I^IMi New! Campbell's PINTO BEANS Tomatoand'Sugar and Spice U.S.D.A. Choice Steer Beef BEEF CHUCKS 89' 4080-Lb. Average LI. 79* Sites U. 89* Hirts Lk. 99 C Banquet Frozen FRIED CHICKEN Jumbo Roll BOUHiy TOWELS 39 C J New Fancied PRINGLES 3 Pac OO* Gedney's SAIAD DRESSING 59' Witti Coupon and S10 Order _^ Valid at any Service Food or Mini-Serv LimitOne- Goodthru June 1.1974 Validalany Service Food or Mini Serv Limit One- Good thru June I, Valid atany Service Food or Mini. Serv . Limit One- Goodthru June 1, 1974 CLIP&SAVE)::::($):::($)y; Imperial Light Blend MARGARINE WYLER'S MIXES 89 c With Coupon and $10 Order KINGSFORD CHARCOAL 10-Lt). Bag Golden Cream ICE CREAM 5-Qt. Plastic Pail tiRVICl FOOD WILL BE CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY, MONDAY, MAY 31, 1976 •••^•••••••MM Pure CIISCO SNMTEIUK $|39 Crisp Head LETTUCE 3»79« Fresh WATERMELONS 3-Lb. Can California STRAWBERRIES 2 ~ 89 C Pascal CELERY Stalk Green Top Green *°P -fc -m- ween iop A Radishes 2 lor 29 Oninnc 2 •«MIII«IIVW*«««««»»C««»«»««M A jf wllllin5«««««.••••••••»....A ^"^ • • • ^BF •• ^p • ••rfFfftVivffipVlFWwVvvQ V^^^ "See the Difference" in Service Food's Fresh Produce SHOUT 79 C Regular 12-Oz. Can Sunshine State FROZEN LEMONADE COCA-COLA FRITO'S CORN CHIPS Regular 7»c ALL FLAVORS JILL-O GRAPE CRUSH TAB SEVEN-UP ORANGE CRUSH DAD'S ROOT BEER DIET 7-UP 4 32-Oz. Bottles Plus Deposit VCUP & SAVE JjM$.Er^Sr^ Wyter's MIXES SF 74-Oz. ' Can 89' With Coupon and SlO Order Valid at any Service Food or Mini-Serv LimitOne- Goodthru June 1,1976 Campfire MARSHMALLOWS SF 16-01, Pkq. 49 Valid at any Service Food or Mini-Serv LimitOne- Good thru June 1,1976 Gedney's Reg. or Kosher DILL PICKLES 3J-OZ. Jar 55' ,... Validatany Service Food or Mini-Serv 0 • LimitOne- Goodthru June 1,1>7« m PKgs. 09 Validatany Service Food or Mini Serv LimitOne- Goodthru June 1,197* «ft i Validatany Service FoodoriWini-Serv LimitOne— Good thru June 1,1974 •w* I BAR-B-Q SAUCE 49 C ioPtHfff Bottle Validatany Service Food or Mini Serv Limit One- Good thru June 1,1974 )"•& \CLIP & SAVE] &l Crystal VANISH «-Oi. 69* Valid at arty Service Food or Mini Serv LimitOne- Good thru J«Ml,lf7i (^SP^ 5 ^\CUP& SAVE) t*^" . if \ & Vri Vaiidatany Service Foodor Mini Serv : - : ii LimitOne- GoodfhruJune 1,1974 'SERVICE" IS OUR FIRST NAME Validatany Service Food or Mini Serv LimitOne- Goodthru June 1,1974 SPECIALS GOOD THRU TUESDAY,JUNE I, 1976 fills (Mi.) Juru! Wed., toy 26,1976 What's new that's old At the Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum My MARIAN KOHLME YER Early corn planting and hay making implements used in Otter Tail County are shown in the special agricultural exhibit at the Historical Museum. •Strips of tape on the floor illustrate the operation of a 10- foot wooden corn checker of the 1890s. Using a hand planter, seed corn was planted at the intersections of lines, resulting in a checked pattern in the field. About 3-4 acres could be planted a day. To produce better ears of corn, weeds choking out the young corn plants could be more effectively removed by a cultivator going diagonally as well as across the field. Corn used as (odder for cattle was not checked. Several kinds of hand planters are shown, including early homemade ones. Shorn also'is a horse-drawn corn planter of early 1900s that automatically spaced the seeds by means of a check wire. Although alaborsaver.keeping the rows even was tricky. A "Minnesota" cultivator is displayed, a brand of machinery manufactured at the Minnesota State Prison- after 1903. Almost as hard to find today as the needle is the old- fashioned haystack itself. Baling machinery has replaced the horse-drawn mower, rake and loader that in their day replaced the hand scythe, wooden rake and pitchfork. Except for power locomotion, the sickle mower has changed little. Haymaking was one of the first and important tasks for the early settler, stockpiling winter food for horses and cattle. \Vhen fuel ran low, twists of hay were burned. At first wild native grasses growing 4-8 feet tall were utilized, but progressive farmers in 1880s planted clover and timothy. Alfalfa was introduced about 1915. Using a scythe and snalh (technically the cutting blade is called the scythe and the handle to which it is attached is the snath), a man could cut Hi acres a day. • After cutting and properly doing to prevent spoilage or spontaneous combustion, hay was hauled and stored in barn haylofts, and the surplus piled in stacks. Handmade wooded forks and a rake are shown with an ear ly hayfork used to deliver hay into the barn, and a hooked hay puller and hay knife used to neatly extract and cut hay from the stack as it was used. Each generation experienced progress in methods and machines and only memories of slow hard work remain with the fragrance of new hay. JOHN MOLTER John Molter achieves Eagle rank John Molter, son of Mr. and .Mrs. DonaldMolter, becamean Kagle Scout in a Troop 303 ceremony at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Monday evening. Molter joined the Boy Scouts in 1970, advanced through five ranks and earned 24 merit badges. He has been a den chief and a patrol leader, earned the mile swim award. Order of the Arrow and the 50-mile award. Court of honor officials were Scoutmaster Lester Ristinen, Warren Nye, Pat Hilley, Russell Becken, the Rev. Otto Dale, John Dixon and Franklin Mifhaelson. PRE- VALUES Spring is Sprung, The Grass is Riz . . . IT'S Worner's Where the Bargains Is!!! 71 Ctiei. Impala 4 door, automatic, power steering 73 Olds DeRi 88 4 door, new Uniroyal rjdial tires, air conditioned, Wynn's 12 mould, 12,000 mite prelec- tion .................................. How 52388 '69 Ford Gabiie 500 4 door hardtop, automatic power sleerirtf , radio, more ..................... Now 5688 72 Ctiei. Mifbu 4 door, six cjrinder, automatic, radio ""*« ................................. J17M 74 Hornet Hilchbick, sit cylinder, automatic, power sleerint radio, tow mihs ..................... j27Jg SAVE »1,000 Matador Brougftam, 75, Factory Official car, low miles til radiate, more. 72 Dodge Poltra 4 door, automatic, power steering radio, air conditioned ..................... Now $888 71 Plymouth Fory III 2 door hardtop, ilnyl roof, julomalic, power steerinj ............. Now 5888 74 Toyota 2 door, 4 speed, four cylinder economy new UnrtoyalTies 75 Ford ttanericl 4 door, aclomatic. power steering radio, radial Ires ........................... 52953 75 Clie». NOH 4 door, aulomalic, power sleerini radial fires, sii cylinder ' WORNER'S AUTO SALES Hesl Lincoln A«. 739-2283 NEW mERICANMCnORS - OLDSHOBILE - PON1IAC

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