The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 22, 1958 · Page 16
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 16

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1958
Page 16
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Union Membership Ruled Legal for Austin Policemen, Firemen ST. PAUL lift — • Policemen and sent grievances. Atty. Gen. Lord, Firemen also are represented. by firemen In Au«ttn it* Included !™led l<xla y- ! a union, but not a local union. within the definition of "public em- 1 K° dney A. DunneMe. Austin city) Lord sa , d ^ ^ exceptlon , n out that the local ploye«" »nd authorized by state after !nw to Join labor untons and pre-j po i)ce force, which is represented 13 Grand Meadow Scouti Advanced «*>»«*>* to policetnen and firemen applies to the state's three largest cities — Mlnneapc- GRAMD MEADOW, Minn. Thirteen Boy Scouts were advanc-;' «1 in rank at a board of review ForibailIt Jon. 10 !College Exams at iby a local union, is conducting ne-'i,, <. f B a,,i .«j i ,,,. .,• ,. * ., -., , "*S 01. r^nui HuQ igotialions with the Austin City! _. , iCouncil on wage conditions of city!,. The - la , w in ^f on I*™ 118 P ub " policemen lic em P lo y es to form and i ol « labor unions, and authorizes the unions to present to the government jal agency their grievances and (conditions of employment for ad, , . , ,, , i Ijustment. The law requires govern- for Grand Mendow scouts Monday.. Aug|ln High gchoo] seniors plan .; mental a g enc ies to meet with the New tenderfoots are Teddy Jen-!ning to attend colleges whichjrepresentatives of employes at nings, Marshall Peterson, P a ul .require extrance examinations can i reasonable times in connection Sween, Mark Sween and Danny take them at Faribault High School with such employment conditions. Sween and new second class are;Jan. 10. Dean Hathaway, Kenneth Bratrud,' The examination will be admin- James Littlefield, Tommy Taylor, istered by the College Entrance Warren Grathwohl and Einar Myh- Examination Board, Princeton, re. IN. J. The troop re-enrolled with Ken- j It consists of a three hour schol- neth Quandt, troop committee'astic aptitude lest, with one-hour chairman; Robert Stier, Jerry j achievement tests in various sub- Stier, Richard A. Buck and Floyd Jects also available for those who Salk Vaccine Program Set will Joyce, committee members: J. E. wish to take them. THURSDAY DECEMBER 25th SPECIAL CHRISTMAS NIGHT DANCE AND VOCAL ATTRACTION CONWAY TWITTY Hear Hit Top Hit "IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE" CHUCK HALL ORCH. FOR DANCING TIME 8 to 12 Adm. $1.65 Inc. Tax — Checking lOe A polio vaccination i be launched by th . . .. _ ity Medical Assn. Schneider, institutional represents-: Students planning to take the Plans for the program schedul- tive; R. A. Lamp, scoutmaster, test can contact Miss Lena Grin-'es and a survey are being made and Harold Walker, assistant. jley at the high school. jby the doctors. Envelopes will be sent home with each child attending school and these must be returned before the Salk vaccine can be administered. These envelopes will be a request for the administration of' of the Salk vaccine. This program '• is for school children only. Ira! E. Larson, Mitchell County school superintendent, said. A fee will be charged for the shots, but parents who request the vaccine for their children and are unable to pay, will not be charged. When all the envelopes are returned, the doctors will make an innoculation schedule. STARTS Christmas Day MORE1HAN JERRY LEWIS GREAT COMEDY, HERB GREAT«£> ENTERTAINMENT * JERRY LEWIS (MMtaFRANKTASHLIN I0M Stof »nd to M.*w to FRANK TASHUN MARIE MCDONALD SESSUEHAYAKAWA Youths Hold Party in Man's Apartment Robert J. Allen, 1101 W. Maple, reported to police that his apartment was broken into Friday and the intruders apparently held a party. Strewn about the place were cig- arett butts and beer bottle caps', his bed was sjept in, his bathrobes and pajamas used and a note left on the floor read, "I was here," with signatures of several youths. Allen said nothing was stolen and refused to sign a complaint, saying he would take care of the matter himself. Adams HS Chorus, Band Give Concert ' ADAMS, Minn. — Chorus and band members of Adams High School presented their annual Christmas concert Thursday Elson Heggen directed the chorus and band and Sharon Millen- acker accompanied the chorus. MR. AND MRS. ALLIS WITH ANNIVERSARY CAKE. MARRIED ON SHORTEST DAY Couple Notes 66th Anniversary AAON., DUG. 22,1958 PAGE 16 Patrol Cars Box in Fugitive From Iowa Married on the shortest day of the year, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allis who celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary Sunday at Raymond's Nursing Home, can count more married days than almost anyone in southern Minnesota. The couple, he's 89 and she's 83, was married Dec. 21, 1892 at Mapleton and Sunday their child- ren were on hand to celebrate with a cake and coffee. They- have a lot to show for their 24,106 days of marriage, six children all married and all with- children, 16 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Allis farmed in Wells, and came to the nursing home here three months abo. At the party Sunday it looked for a time that the couple had completed almost a century of marriage. On the cake was "Congratulations, 66th wedding anniversary" but the 66 got turned around. On hand to help the couple celebrate were their children, Mrs. Jess Armstrong, Albert Lea; Mrs. Elmer Christensen, A Blue Earth man, who escaped from the sheriff at Cresco,' Iowa, Saturday night was picked up just IS minutes later after being boxed in by five Minnesota State Highway Patrol cars near the Hormel estate on Highway 16-E. Highway patrolmen said Robert Nelson, 21, got away from the Cresco sheriff about 9:15 p.m. and an APB (all-points bulletin) was immediately sent out. Nelson's car was sighted minutes later by a highway patrolman spotted at the junctions of Highway 56 and 16. The patrol car followed the fugitive and radioed ahead to other cars in the area. Five squad cars were soon on Wheel Comes Off, Driver Slightly Hurt Harry Matthews, 512 Nicholsen, suffered a slight hip injury early Sunday when a car in which he was riding went off the road and tipped over five miles south ofj Austin. I | The driver, Ray Gibson, 909: Freeborn, reported to the sheriff's! office that he" was making a turn i about 12:30 a.m. on CSAR 4 when, the front wheel dropped off. The! car rolled, causing $500 damage, Gibson reported.' Shoplifters Hunted in Area Villages are the scene and the Nelson car was; brought to a stop. Nelson report-: edly remarked later that he's "never seen lo many cops before in all my life." He had been in custody for forgery previous to liis escape, Ronald Lee Wins Rhodes Scholarship Ronald Lee, Jackson, formerly I of Austin, will spend the next two or three years at Oxford University, England, as a Rhodes Scholar. He will be graduated from i St. Olaf College next Spring. Sun{day, Lee and his parents, Mr. and iMrs. Roman Lee, were guests of iMr. and Mrs. Oren Morem, 704 iW. Bridge. Ronald Lee is a nephew of Mrs. Morem and Miss i Gertrude Lee. , Authorities today are seeking 'Albert Lea; Mrs. Melford Swen- j shoplifters in Hayfield and Bloom- son, Alden; Mrs. Clem Vint, ing Prairie. Wells; Roy Allis, Wells, and At Blooming Prairie, four sus- Louis Allis, Farmington. Car Wrecked Against JC Sno Week Belt Line Barricade Plans Started An Austin man was charged with careless driving Saturday after his car left the roafl at Highway 16-E near Airport drive and crashed through a Belt Line barricade. The 1950 model car of Kenneth M. Fretty, 513 Allegheney, was a total wreck and $75 damage was done to the barricade. He was uninjured. Damage of $150 was done to the car of Odin J. Tollerud, 2011 E. Oakland, and $75 to the car of John E. Heichel, 810 Driesner, in a col- Other collisions: • Preparation for Austin Junior 8:10 a.m. Sunday, Kenwood and; College's annual Sno Week are Oakland, Marshall A. Anderson, 310 W. Allegheney, none; Fay T. LeBarron, 1317 Park, $35. Ipects, two men and two women, stole at least two purses and possibly more and at Hayfield a woman, small girl and three youths took several articles from the downtown stores. Georgian no Larson in Alpha Phi Theta under way with committees at! Georgianna Larson, daughter of work on the various phases of the!Mr. and Mrs. Chester H. Larson, celebration. Austin Rt. 5, has been initiated .9 a.m. Sunday, Nelson's market'' Th" 5 week will begin Jan. 19 with!into Alpha Phi Theta, a social parking lot, John Murphy, 40i' an athletic or outdoor event. The;literary society for women at Ham- Burr Oaks, $20; hit parked pick! winter Revue wil1 be held Jan. I line University. up truck with no damage. 121 and the Winter Formal on Jan. I To be eligible, a student must 123 at the Labor Center, with Dick | have been in residence at the col- , • - furnuhing the committee chairm e n MOVIE a! the TUESDAY, DEC. 23 Two Showings at 1 and 3 P.M. "They Rode West" JN TECHNICOLOR . . . AND STARRING Robert Francis • Donna Reed • May Wynn and Phil Corey PLUS . . . 3 STOOGE COMEDY and 2 CARTOONS All Children In The Austin Area Are Invited to Attend The Show As Guests of the Austin Doily Herald 9 p.m. Friday, 200 block, North i " „ , Main, Herbert W. Blise, Austin!™? 1 . Rt. 5, $45; hit-run. ™ 10:40 a.m. Saturday, front of 3211 Ge ™ ™»" cc «""«" « " E. Water, Sandra A. Wolfe, Austin ™ Kathl "° Keenan ,f d Jackie Krueger. Other committees: Decorations: Sharon Dopita, chairmen: Jane Budd, Lucy Hass, 12:05 p.m. Saturday, front of 1Elaine V andergrift, Marilyn Neir, 1201 N.Sixth^ Mrs. J.N.Mistret-j Jan FenneUi g^ Smith ^ lege for at least one semester and must have maintained certain academic standards. Ring- STATE Tonite - 7:00 & 9:00 COtMtfbCUlXB Suspense! Action! Coming Thurs., Fri., Sat. "IMITATION GENERAL" lision at 3:03 p.m. Sunday atjRt. 3, none; Theodore M. Bridge and Chatham. Tollerud dahl, 317 N/Chatham, $40. was tagged for failure to yield the right of way. Parent, Night Jan. 14 *££ HVSi.'Jf B1 £ c fS»: at Junior College Parents will have an opportunity to talk to Austin Junior College teachers on annual Parents Night Jan. 14. Dean R. I. Meland invites parents and students to sit together at the basketball game between the Austin JC and Worthington JC. After the game parents will be able to go to the cafeteria and chat with the faculty. The Student Council, headed by Jim Sayles and Jim Randall, is handling arrangements and will send personal invitations to all parents of Junior College students. STORE CLOSINGS SET LYLE, Minn. — Lyle business- 2 p.m. Saturday, 200 block on West Water, David R. Bardouche, 406 N. Sixth, front end damage; J. A. Jacobson, 711 Monroe, none reported. 4:05 p.m. Saturday, National Food Store parking lot, Caroline G. Teats, Austin Rt. 3, $10; Hans A. Paulson Jr., 5Q9 S. Franklin, none. 200 at Program in Taopi School TAOPI, Minn. — A record attendance of almost 200 persons attended the Taopi School Christmas program.' The program included a panto- Dance program: Darla Bjork, chairman; Joan Schutjer, P a m Arntzen and Judy Sollie. Ticket booth: Deanna Duel,; chairman; Dolores Yunker. Queens: Mary Shoop chairman; Jeanette Reinartz, Connie Wilham, Nancy. DuMond, Grechen Gess and Carol De Vries. Invitations: Judy Aandahl. Publicity: Jean Smeby, chairman; Margaret Grundy, Elaine Flaherty and Jackie Krueger, Cleanup: Joan Schutjer and Jane Budd. | Unidentified Dog At Animal Shelter One dog is waiting identification' A/oir on Sate! The Ideal Christmas Gift.' ' VULETIOE FOLDERS OF THEATRE TICKETS . . .ft TONIGHT and TUESDAY MATINEE 2:00 P.M. EVENING 7:15-8:45 RANDOLPH SCOn in "Decision at Sundown" A Good Action Western Filmed in Technrcolor U Meet Those Wonderful Teenagers in "LIFE BEGINS AT 17" with Mark Damon - Dorothy Johnson mime of the story of the birth of'today at the animal shelter. men announced their stores would Cnrist > recitations and humorous j The animal, a female Boxer start closing at 8 p.m. Saturdays, jreadings. Mrs. Bernard Lien,I about IVi years old, is dark fawn after Jan. 1. At the same time,i teacher ' directed . and Mrs. J. C. | color, and Harold Carlstom, pound- drawings will be shifted to 3 p.m! i^ unl; was accompanist. j master, described it as "a very Saturdays. Santa Claus distributed candy. | nice animal." HTflMH Tonight £ Tues. -7*9 p.m. THEBOLDCST ADVeNTUME EVE* * DARED •V HANI FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 p **• MOOSE LODGE 9 LOCAL 9 ANNUAL I FREE CHRISTMAS MOVIE PARTY Wed., Dec. 24 at 12-1:30-3 p.m. at th« PARAMOUNT THEATRE FREE CANDY TO ALL! All Children Just come down and Invited walk in. One and Vi Mother and Dad or * hpur$ o Haugh$. Big Sister or Brother - , ... May Come Along. Fun for AIK Starting Christmas Day at 2:00 - 4:20 - 6:40 and 9:00 p.m. TRULY ONE OF THE GREATEST HOLIDAY TREATS OF ALL TIME! YUL BRYNNER -••Jean Utfltte • CLAIRE BLOOM CHARLES BOYER ^^ff ^H^ ^^Bf ^I^P^I^P ^J^^^^^^^^^B^^M ^iiv INGER STEVENS •Hl-E.G. MARSHALL '• ........... — • »Ua co-tuning • ..... . m CHARLTON HESTON M Aadr*ir J T I M E T O S E L E C T Last Minute GIFTS Bibles for all ages Personalized wifh name In Gold while you shop • • • • • Egermeief's Bible Story Book Standard Edition 640 Pages M AC No. D2001 .... yViVU Deluxe Gift Edition Contains every feature of the Standard Edition plus 104 additional pages of Photographs, Maps, Questions, Answers, Etc. 744 Pages No. D2000 . $5.50 Every Nurse will appreciate a copy "On °Call" Daily Devotions for Nurses S3.50 Shadow of The Almighty The life and testament of JIM ELLIOT by Elisabeth Elliot author of "Through Gates of Splendor" $3.75 The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer Leather-Bound 9M f|f from VtiUI Lutheran Service Book fir Hymnal $3.95 ppd. Little Visits With God everything families with small children need to enrich their home devotions No. 6T1055 .... $3iOO My Bible Story Book Captivating! A Bible story book designed especially for the 3-to-7 age group No. 56T1024 $1iOO Copper Perpetual Calendar A gift to treasure in burnished and lacquered copper EMBOSSED religious design and text 4 designs to choose from $1.50 ea. The Sugar Creek Gang Series by Paul Hutchens Full of wholesome adventure, these stories are at the same time spirtually slanted and tempered to help boys and girls become grounded in the Christian Life. Ag«s 8 to 14 each book $1.25 Kitchen Prayers $1.00 Woll Plaqdet ' large selection with Scripture Text from 66c AUSTIN BOOK ft GIFT STORE ''\'ijur Chriitijt: G:jt Center ot So MiuHiiota and Kurtbertt tuvt.' US W. MILL ST. (acrou from P*nn»y«) HI7-JJJ2

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