Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 21, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 10
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"•tnr tirrn or UfWDAttT AMM.IOWA, TMUliDAY, limiCBIft tl, Kl ES AND HIS FRIENDS What Are the Plan*? By Bloat* t DOMT UKE TMt OCA, &LKX...,yOU KNOW WHKT •me* DO 10 * , , L Wanted. TAP, TOE, ACROBATIC, CHAR- j WANTED: ulA/D WORK IN 80- *cter dancing. Personality aing-' rorlty or fraternity house Work tof. For rates pbone 81«-W f L«lB-1 guaranteed satisfactory Phone Inger Studio. 217 «. 12th street 1920-W, * 4—Stniyed. Lort. FWUM! LOST: SAT, AFTJGiirs'uuwON Main st, J k«ys on ring. Reward. Return to Tribune. WANTED: WASHINGS hour work. Phone 1589. AND WANTED: HOUR WORK. PHONB 1413-J. FOUND: GOLD FOUNTAIN PEN. Phone 1190. t~-AttU>inoMlM, Tndu far I We Have the Best Stock of USED CARS we have had this year and at the befit prices. 1932 Chev. 6-wh'l sedan with trunk ! 1932 Chevrolet Coach 1832 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Ford Town Sedan 1930 Ford Coupe 43—J'rlvAte Instruction BALLROOM AND TAP LESSONS. W. L. Patten, Dance Instructor.— Phone 2104. FOR" shoals «0—Hogs for Sale THRIFTY 54F5. 1929 Ford ._ Coupe 69— Fuel SAVE BY Best coal. BURNING IOWA'S Luther coal. Phone 1929 Plymouth Sedan Allen Motor Co. | Chevrolet Dealers I Phone 395 ' 5th A. Douglas DRY RED OAK WOOD FOR SALE 407 South Third. WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at once for trades on NEW PLYMOUTHS DODGES AND OLDSMOBILES Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth • . Dodge • Oldsmobile Used Cars 1931 Ford Deluxe Coupe $265 1530 Essex Sedan $245 1930 Ford Coupe —5225 1928 Essex Coach . _ $70 Mathison Motor Co. 1931 Pontiac Coach All new tires. Car can't be told from new. 1931 Chevrolet DeLuxe Sedan 6 wire wheels. Cleanest car we have ever had. Max Duitch Auto fix. Phone 1000 323 Fifth I 7—Auto Repair* I WE FIX THEM OB" -•'They Can't Be Fixed Morrison'* Garage 323 Linctlnway Phone 910 •1—Garden Product FOR SALE: TOMATOES, 40c BU.. Potatoes, cabbage, onions, car rots, beets, turnips, radishes, let-I tuce, egg plant, peppers, squash. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. ACORN, SQUASH AND PUMP- klns. Large, ripe,- 25o doxen. Melons. At farm or delivered H. T. Farrar. POOOtE. LOOKS TUfiM AJJOUMQ A5FfT AS WEVEJ? THAT SHED DEATHLY S»CK! DO YOU S«W WE OKD'6 HEAMWILE VOUQ EAR?' SO FAJJ JJCTS 6CXKM3—VOO KMOW THE PUM&! WITHOUT UCIQM' V>M'N POP Just Like a Woman! By Cowan OTHCP NIGHT, WHCN TWSX TlMt t VXJOKtt? \OUQ XOU AND .WHEN THEY LEFT/THE. tWC YOU CWCPCO VMDS/THAHK THEY'VE GONt''. T OOPC OUT SIMPLY T7YING ALLEY OOP Along Came Foozy! ByHamlin TOMATOES AT FARM. THREE bushels. 90c. H. T: Fa'rrar. «— ifrmtt FUR SALE: M. VV. GREENING AP- Pies, ll.oo bu..Also windfalls, 60c bu. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770 •4—UouaehaJd Good* New fihlpmtnt of Oriental Rugt 27x54 £4.50 value for $2.75 :6 Oriental imported from gium ,$i5 value, special week Walsh Furn. "& Hdwe. 70—Kadio C. E. GORE'S (SERVICE". ALL radio work guaranteed. 210 llth. BUG-EYED VUMBOZEE.AfU? RIGHT/ SURE 6OT A LOTTA TROUBLE THIS TRIP/ RJOZY, TO SOME-FRQMTH' MOUNT/MS ICOfAE THERElS SOMCTIIIN' IN THAT.' WITH DWNY AROUNO.IOOKTGUeSS Ot:6U2'DOARE6ET TOO TOUGH/ H«-M .WHERE YOU 60IN6? APF&RENT TOME FORTH 1 CROWN Vfc WO WB BUSINESS THERE )OME OFA RXrfYED VUMBQZEE WITHMOU, FRIEND- THE MIGHT / TO SPEND WHY HERE; A DINOSAUR ] PET, NO KING TO FEAR/ WOW, FROM MOUNTAINS, VHJH? tU MAVE TO BE GOING, NOW/ HOW MANY MILES does your car get on a fill of gas, oil, or a change of tires? Your speedometer will tell you if it is working. If not let us repair it, at Cliff RoberBon'e Oarage Phone 34 12—Benmty (ferric* J PERMANENT"END CURLS, 25c each. Oil permanents, $5.00. Allen's Beauty Shoppe. Phone 427. 18—Business Service Offered 7*— *+F Alt, C«~uj|-S'*4" SIMMONS, WALNUT Like new, ««. d> $6.50. Phone 2254- W FOR SALE: WICKER BABY CAR- nage. Phone 1720 L. J. CALL486J Apartment* ^ j_ and houses, clof* to college, clean, neat, convenient, priced right Chat Miller, 132 Hayward Ave. 10— Wanted, IT] FURNITURE,RUGS and stoves of most any kind. What have you for sale? Call 2338. WILL STORE PIANO FOR WIN- ter. Call 2225. FOR RENT: EXCEPTIONAL, completely equipped, modern, conveniently located apartment Just been redecorated. All drapes, covers, etc. been dry cleaned. Floors refinished. Heat, lights and water included in rent. Perfect for or a group of friends. Must be seen ,to be appreciated. Phone 101 or 2036 M~-HOUM» for Bent FOR RENT 3 furnished houses, 4th ward. , $20, $30, $36 ^ CharlesMiller Phone 486-J »—Poultry tot Sal. POULTRY-DRESSED CHICKENS Springs .... ....... 16c per lb. ^ N*o charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FED 2% to 4 Ibs., 17c lb. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-J. MASH FED FRIES, 14c A LB., dressed and delivered. Farrar's' Phone 24F5. UPHOLSTERING Refinishlng Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Cabinet Work ' Awnings Antiques Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 231% Main Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces. New low prices on new B &U KOOM, GARAGE AND furnaces. breakfasts for 2 men or em- A. G. Speers Furnace and i ^7*1 ^P 1 ^!*- 0 ? »«** tor one, Tin Shop Phone 662 400 Main ATTRACTIVE APTS., NEWLY decorated. New furniture. Heat lights, water furnished/Close to Sunset Apartments, Phone FOK MCE APARTMENTS, CLOSE to campus, reasonably priced, see M. A. Countryman, 2728 Lincoln way. FIVE ROOM, MODERN, FURNISH- ed bungalow. Hot water heat, fireplace, garage, $40. 916 Ridgewood. 1440-W. FOR RENT: 7 ROOM MODERN brick bungalow. Garage. 504 East Lincoln way, $20. Phone I. J. Scott NICELY FURNISHED Phone 1564-W. CHICAGO (GP.)—Grain range: Open High Low Close WHEAT: HOUSE 104-^Swap Ads - OWNER OF A DESIR- ably located 5 room cottage desires to exchange rent with some couple for his room and board. C. C. Major, 802 Siith st Phone 1064. W-—Rooms Without .Board , . or one, $6.00 for two. 920 Burnett, 1243-W Have Your Furnace , Cleaned NOW! Guaranteed work with our super service vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. FOR RENT: PLEASANT, WELL furnished south room to gentleman. Private home. No other roomers. Phone 23S3-W. TWO SLEEPING ROOMS OR apartment on campus near heat- j ing plant. Phone 242-L. J. APARTMENT, LIVING bed room, kitchenette, bath, private entrance. 1473W. ROOM, private Phone THREE ROOM FURNISHED APT. Private bath. Private entrance Garage. Phone 1108-J. 821 Duff. May 98% Sept 9044 Dec. 94% CORN: May 60 Sept 4944 Dec. 53% OATS: May Sept. Dec. RYE May Sept. Dec. 75 BARLEY: May 64% Sept Dec. 67 98% 85 94% 90% 95 87% 80* 56% 57 53% 50% 50% 44% 37% 41 81 70 44% 37% 41% SI 70 75 42% . 35% 38% 76% 67 70% ' 42% 35% 38% 76% 67 70% and feeder cattle: Steers, 500 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $4. to $5.00; common aid medium $275 J* PRODUCE CHICAGO (KB—Produce: EGGS: .Market steady; receipts 4,152 cases; extra firsts 1844; cur rent receipts 14@16; dirties re- .CARD OP THANKS FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196 Little Brothers. CLEAN APARTMENTS, FURN- Ished or unfurnished. Also house, 4th ward. Phone 2147-J. WELL FURNISHED 3 ROOM Apt. Heat, lights, water. Washing privileges. 904 Clark. Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES Gen. furnace repair work. Furnaces vacuum cleaned. Eve trough work. F. A. Gould Phont 527-J 812 MAC'S REPAIR SHOP CARS generators, electric motors overhauled Batteries charged and repaired. 931 Maxwell avenue. PIANO TU.VrKG. FINEST WORTC manship. 0. I. Fey, 403 •»- • way. Phone 2338 V n° R C r ? WAS HED. THEN Duco pohshaj, $1.00. Call 1617-w ca sleeping rooms. Centrally located. Women preferred. Phone 833-J. SLEEPING ROOMS FOR BOYS. • One block from Campus town. 2520 Chamberlain. DOWNSTAIRS ROOM. _PRIVAT*1 entrance. Meals if desired 1196-W. NEATLY FURNISHED 3 ROOM apartment. Close in. Immediate possession. Phone 1756. We wish to express our appreciation and thank our many friends who assisted during the sickness and burial of our beloved mother. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hurst. Mr. and Mrs^ Martin L. Hurst. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur H. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burton. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hurst 64% 61% 58% 56% 51% 56% THREE ROOM FURNISHED APT. Close in. Immediate possession Phone 1756. ONE 2 AND ONE 3 ROOM FURN- ished apartment. Near Westgate on bus line. 2817 West street. FOR RENT: FURNISHED ROOM 526 Fifth street. Mrs. A. B. Crawford. ONE FURNISHED ROOM. PHONE 662. DESIRABLE FURNISHED APTi Laundry privilege. Outside entrance. 310 Lincoln way. NEW APT., FURNISHED. PRI- vate oiitcance and bath. Best location. 705 Clark. The SUITE OF ROOMS FOR GIRLS. Near campus. 1 lione 2391. PLEASANT LARGE SOUTHEAST room. Garage. 803 Duff. 611-J. WARM, QUIET ROOM, $2.25. Douglas. 714-J. 61S THREE AND FOUR ROOM APTS. Welch avenue. Phone 25 or 942-W evenings. FURNISHED APT., FIRST FLOOR. 3 rooms, private bath. 2826 West. I 83—Help Wanted, Female G1HL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- ^ork. Go home nights. Phone 1447. WANTED: LOCAL. GIRL TO DO housework for board and small wage. Call 675-.?. 91— Work Wanted, 'ANTKD: GENERAL HOUSE work of nil kinds. Good clean guhranteed. Both uptown fourth ward. Call 2034. THREE LOVELY FURNISHED rooms. Adults. 114 Seventh. I 84—Housekeeping Roonu I TWO FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP- 'n& rooms. Phons 743-J. COZY, TWO ROOM. FURNISHED apartment. 939-W. Ftau t ® J . aA BLE. UNFURNISHED apartment. Phop e ms. ICE TWO^ROOWTAPARTMENT and rooms. 3107 West. 662. ROOM APARTMENT. PH. FOR RENT: Dr. Proctor. APAR ™BNT. WELL FURNISHED APT. AND garage. E. TV. Blumenschein. *•*—Houses for Itett FURNISHED RESIDENCE. ALSO lower apartment at. college. Ph 2067-W. Mary Hurst was bora January 3, 1943, in Center county, In the state' of Pennsylvania. She was the second child of Daniel and Nancy Conrad. At the age of two years, tile family migrated from Pennsylvania to the state of Iowa, settling in Scott county, and later moving to Clinton county where they engaged in farming and where Mrs. Hurst grew to womanhood. December 24, 1865, she was married to Amos Hurst. To this union there were born nine children, two df whom died in infancy, seven surviving children are: John C. Hurst of Trenton. Neb. Martin L. Hurst of Boise, Idaho. Mrs. Alice Walker of Boone, Iowa. Wilbur H. Hurst of Sheldon. Iowa. Mrs. Harriet Bennett, Ames, la. Mrs. Carrie Burton, Ames. la. Daniel Hurst, Tecumseh, Neb. In 1876 the family moved from Delraar, Clinton county, to Story county, where they engaged In farming in Palestine township for a number of years; in 1881 the family moved to a farm near Ames, now known as the Rookwood farm, where they resided until 1907, at which time Mr. and Mrs. Hurst moved to a small acreage a short distance west of the college campus. Mr. Hurst died. October 19th, 1916. Mrs. Hurst, continued to re- CHICAGO OLE)—Livestock: HOGS: 55,000, Including 5,000 directs, '35,000 government pigs. Holdovers 2,000. Market 10 to 15c higher. 180 to 230 Ibs., $5.25@ $5.35, top $5.40. 240 to 340 JOB., $4.50@$6*25. Light lights, $5.00® $5.35. Comemrcial pigs $4.50 down Packing sows $3.40@$4.10. Light light 140 to 160 Ibs., good and Choice, $4.75 @ $5.36; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs, good and choice, $5.00@$5r40; medium weight, 200 f uaLB ^.f^. 1 ^-'! 00 !^, 0 ^ 6 :* 5 -^ Hogs BUTTER: Market steady; ceipts 14,481 tubs; specials 24; extras 28; extra firsts firsts 17 4i @1S44; seconds standards 21%. POULTRY: Market steady; receipts 22 trucks; fowls 10@11%; broilers 94£; leghorns 8; ducks 8 @10; geese 8; turkeys S@9; roosters 6@7. CHEESE: Twins, 11%@12; Longhorns 124i@12%. POTATOES: On track 289; arrivals 143; shipments 839; market dull. Iowa State Grid Squad in Study of Fundamentals The Iowa State college football squad studied fundamentals Wednesday afternoon and^ went thru tackling practice In preparation for the opening game" of the season, with Central college here Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock on state field. Coach George Veenker handed out a couple of new passing plays and also ordered some signal drill and kickoff and punting practice. Coach Len Winter of Centra] has, a plentiful supply of backs, led by the all-state halfback, Hostetler, but linemen are scarce. Among the most promising backs are Niefert and Kregel, also lettermen, and Jesse Welles. The six lettermen in the line are De Velder and Reimer, ends; Leavengood and Simmell, tackles; Hunt, ter. guard; and Underbill, cen- Btck to Simplicity MANHATTAN,—Coach Bo McMillan is abandoning the Intricate formations of former years at Kansas state In favor of a few well-learned plays. The green but willing squad went thru a hard scrimmage Wednesday and also used the new blocking posts. Gallops 70 Yard* NORMAN— Nig Robertson, promising sophomore tack, celebrated his return to the Oklahoma squad Wednesday by galloping 70 yards for a touchdown against th« frosh. Jack Fleming was added to the injured list with an aaile sprain. Clims Cut Practice LAWRENCE-Classes put an end to forenoon football practice at Kansas Thursday. Ormund "Beach, calling signals from • fullback, and Qle Nesmith made long- gains Wednesday in the first scrimmage. Coach Ad Lindsay lectured the squad on training rules. Today's Markets PrlcM bid by local No. 2 corn .-32%c Ear corn 30%c Oats heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., good and choice, $4.40@$5.20; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., medium and good, $3.25@S4.10; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, $3.EO@?4.75. CATTLE: 7,000. calves 2,000. Common and medium lightweight steers steady to strong, fairly active at $5.75 down. Good and choice fed steers and yearlings slow, about steady. Extreme top on 1.325 lb. averages $7.00. Market general!^ lower than Wednesday's average. Low grade steers and heifers active. Largely fed steers and yearlings in run. Steers and yearHng.i $3.50®$4.50. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs.. good and choice. $5.75@$6.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice. $5 73 @$6.85: 1100 to 1300 Ibfi.. good and choice $5.75@$7.00; 1300 to 1500 Cream, sweet 23 % c Cream, sour 21%c Eggs, No. 1 17 C Eggs, No. 2 He Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and up ....Sc Heavy hens under 4% Ibs 5c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over 9c Heavy breed springs, under 41bs 7c Leghorn springs 69 Leghorn hens ..5c All roosters 3c All number twos, two cents less. York Stocks f Close Today Ibs., good and choice, $5.t5@'$7.00; 550 to 1300 Ibs.. common and medium $3'.25@?5.75. Heifers, B50 to 750 Ibs., good and choice. $5.25^5) $6.50; commun and medium $3.00 ©$5.25. Cows, good, $.".75@$4.75; common and medium J2.35@I3.7C; low cutter and cutter, S1.50@$2.3 . Bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.25^?4.00; cutter, common and medium. J2.25©$3.25. Vealers, good and choice. $6.000?) $7.50; medium $5.00©$6.00; cull and common $4.00iff$5.00. Stocfter FOR RENT: HOUSE. FURNISHDD or unfurnlaLert Call 486-J. EIGHT ROOM MODERN HOUSE at 008 Dou»las. Phone 42. FOR RENT: SIX ROOM DUPLEX, $20. 17K2-J. VIVK ROOM U'ood. BUNOA1X>W, 7')S-W. 2905 MODERN FIVE ROOM 'HOU8R . Inqtili-e 227 So. Kellogg. side, in her home, until January 1926, at which time she began Jiving with her daughter. Mrs. Harriet Bennett, where she has cob- tlnued to reside until the time of her (Jeath. September 16, 1933. Left to mourn the loss of Mrs. Hum are the sfvon surviving children, two sisters, Mrs, Anna Curtis, of the state of Washington, and Mrs. Allee Smith, of (his city, and one brother, Samuel Conrnd, of the A firm believer in the Golden Rill*. I she Fully acquainted with the hard-]ness ships and problems of pioneer life. She met adversity calmly, and good fortune la the same manner. Her life was one of long service, dedicated to the, interests of relatives and friends. She practiced honesty. Industry, and thrift. Frugal In her habiU. she gave adly to a. worthy cause. Sham and pretense had no place In her llfo. Her pleasures were the most simple onp« of life. She placfd n high value on loyal friendship. honor and tntiitworthl. NEW YORK (IIP) — Following are Thursday's closing bids on the New York stock exchange: American Can 90 American Locomotive 28% American T. and T 126 American Tobacco B. 88% Anaconda 16% Atchison, T. & S. F. 57% Bethlehem Steel 54% C. ft N. W. Com S% Chrysler 42V; Corn Products 85% DuPont 75>4 General Electric 20% General Motors 29% International Harvester 38% Montgomery Ward 22 New York Central 39% Pennsylvania R. R 30»i Sears-Roebuck 40 Standard Oil of N. J 42% Studebaker 5 U. a Rubber 17% U. S. Steel 4S% Westlnghoune Electric 3914 Standard Oil of Ind 30% Cities Service 2% $ DAUGHTER SWORE IN OAD PROVIDENCE. U. 1. lU.D-Whrn Joseph V. nrodfrii'k was sworn In as Collector or Internal Revenue for th,* Rhode Iilami District, the oath of office was admlnlmered by I N * ple " 11 * 2? ?u J14 , . port ons c«u k square outine and the full waist portions are mounted on yoke by ,, ' ' t ' 8 A' ftl « ned '» '«»ur of 35-lnch material, plus collar N Y N. Y " • 6. S, 10, u. sii. S yard,contra«, for the collar fhflrt in 9nn to , ne , OMi <m ,,,. .,„„ "., . V ';, •' numcBB yuur rnvpmpe in .JUM8 HflVil. A "1» daughter, Ann, a notary public.'Bureau, 103 Park Avenue. New YorH/N. Y. , v ,ft ft . (No. 100*,:), and mention m« o»me of thl» n .««r your envelope tn Julis Hovii, Anscs 'irlb-.ino-Tiu)c» O1>™.. 1. A.... ...... k T »• . ni .<•

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