The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 27, 1933 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Friday, January 27, 1933
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*V.-.y s T *-*',* ^iftC . <a * t|1 ? 1 ** * 4 * •, i *w y •? § *** * ( t * L •«'.'{ >N> „• *. *. •,* "••>;•*.,. ;'' • , , *'* '• * \ ' " . • 4* - *: .V .< >- • - . • . -'1 >'v j ; LAST EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED<rRKSBLtAfteB WIRE , THE GREAT NKW,SPAr*ER OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JQAQUIN VALLEY LAST EDITION FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS DEPORT I 'I yoL. xLii 18 PAGES BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27,1933 TWO SECTIONS No. 155 ENATE ANSWERS ROLPH ATTACK * 1 ' • •: * .* * ainsit .* •*• FORD SHUTS DOWN ALL OVER NATION s • '' • ' • . ••'•••'•• • ~. -s' •, • -,•".• . • ' . • • .: . ; • • Washington Post Asserts Former Will Head Treasury , V. _____ LATTER SLATED AS ATTORNEY-GENERAL Declares Both Men Have Accepted and Johnson Offered Interior COMMENT BY WILL ROGERS SANTA MONldA, Jan. 27.—(To the Editor of The Bakertfleld Call- fernUnt) QUM banking bill passed the Senate. During the long argument over It so much war printed about what Huey said that the newspapers never did print what the bill said. We just .trust to the good banking Judgment of Carter Qlais to • have something worth while. Glass Iran absolute authority on money, and It's astonishing that the Republicans were /never able to win him over. France wants to get In on the debt settlement, on account of them 'paying nothing ae It Is under the new settlement we are to start paying them. Yours, WILL ROGERS. KNOT FOR LATE BULLETIN WASHINGTON, Jan. 27. (A. P.) Senator Glass of Virginia,..wlddy mentioned as likely to, be secretary of the treasury In 'trie Roosevelt administration, said today "there Is not a word of truth" to published reports that he had ac- • cepted a tender of the post. (United Prenn Leaned Wire) W ASHINGTON, Jan. 27. — The Washington Post today said 8fenator. Carter Glass, veteran Virginia Democrat and authority on financial legislation, has accepted appointment as secretary of treasury In the Roosevelt cabinet. The Post also said Senator Thomas J. Walsh, Democrat, Montana, has accepted the post of attorney-general. •Both Glass and Walsh declined to discuss .the reports. The Post said formal announcement of the appointment was expected within a few days from President-elect »Hootievelt'K present headquarters at Warm Springs,, Oft. 'Johnson Also The United Press at the same time learned authoritatively that Mr. Roosevelt had offered a cabinet post to Senator Hiram Johnson, California Insurgent Republican, and Is earnestly seeking his acceptance. Johnson bolted his own party and supported Mr. Roosevelt In the November election. The negotiations with, Johnson were'said to'center chiefly around tt\8 secretaryship of the Interior, Which has been set aside for a 'Westerner. Johnson, however, has been given to understand that there are other posts open to him, if he will Join the Roosevelt administration. . • Johnson declined to discuss the matter in'.any way. Some of hlw frlenda ROOSEVELT NEW , DEAL UNFOLDING Ambitious Program, Expected to Overcojme Depression, Ready for March 4 Agit'atfoiTfor Abolition Is Noticed by House Committee VETERANS' BUREAU GETS $966,838,634 (Continued on Page T\uo) . I _, **-«, —California Borrows $1,974,083, -B. F. C. " (United f'rcnn Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan, 87.'—The lie- construction Finance Corporation today granted emergency relief loans of 11,974,083 to California and $573,204 to Michigan. The loan to California Is for use In glx counties until February 28. Pro- Mously California received $281,372 for u»e in labor cumps throughout the state. f Automated Preti Leaned Wire) WARM SPRINGS, Jan.-27..—The new deal of President-elect? Roosevelt .for American government Is' beginning to unfold and Is expected to be on the table promptly after he.. takes office March 4. One of the cards in the stack already Is In sight—organization of the multitude of sea, air and transportation duties of the government, under one government authority. Economy and efficiency Is the ; purpose behind the plan to encompass these scattered, agencies under one head. Railroads, Inland waterways, commercial aviation, shipping and motor bus traffic are proposed to be grouped under a central government directorate. Transport Problem Before turning today again to the agriculture problem, Mr. Roosevelt reviewed the transportation reorganization with William H. "Woodln of New York, president of the American Car and Foundry Company, who has been working with him on this set-up. Arrival of Henry Morganthau, Jr., •who has been the agent between the president-elect and Congress on farm relief legislation, gave opportunity to go into the agricultural situation. Mr. Tloosevelt Is standing firmly by the Intention- to have the domestic! allotment bill enacted In time to make It applicable to the 1033 crop. Fully Chairman Stone Defends Great Losses Before Inquisitors (Associated 7Vo«« Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jam 27.—Approv- ™ Ing an Increase of $18,089,000 In veterans' expenditures next year and anticipating; thajt souietjhlng drastic will be done jtbout'th'e farm toard by next December, the House appropriations committee today reported the billion dollar Independent offices supply bill to the House THE WEATHER Hun Francisco bay region: Partly cloudy with occasional rains lo- nlgl* und Saturday; clearing Saturday; moderate temperature; fresn southerly winds, becoming west and diminishing. Northern- California; Generally cloudy with occasional rain tonight and Saturday; clearing In nqrth portion Saturday; moderate temperature; fresh southwest and west winds offshore; snow in the mountains. Sierra Nevada: Snow tonight und Saturday; no change In temperature: fresh south and southeast winds. • • Sacramento and Santa Clara vulleye: Generally cloudy with occasional light rain tonight and Saturday; clearing Saturday; moderate temperature; moderate to fresh southerly winds. Ban Joaquln valley: Occasional rain tonight und Saturday; moderate temperature; ' moderate changeable winds. Southern California: Cloudy and unse'tUed tonight and.,.. Saturday; occasional ru.lrr Saturday H nd In west, portion tonlg,h,t 4v ;.Hno\v In tho mountains; moderate temperature; moderate changeable winds off- thore, becoming southerly and Increasing. (Continued on Page Seventeen) U. S. MAY ESTABLISH ALEUTIAN NAVY BASE (United PreKf Leaned Wirp) SAN PKDTIO, Jan. 27. — A survey of tho eastern Aleutian Ixland waters, with a possible view toward locating a naval base there, was . believed today to be the mission of the U. S. S. Argonne, Hcheduled to leave here March IB for Alaskan waters. Fleefofflcluls, while admitting the Argonne had been ordered to the northern const, refused to advance a reason for the move. The ship at present Is the flagship of Hear Admiral Henry H. Hough, commander of the base force. ' In addition to tho A.rgonnc, which was a World War transport but later was converted to serve us a aubma- rlno tender, a squadron of seaplanes and the aircraft tender Gannet will make the surveying trip, It wan learned authoritatively. The unit wll base at Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Reports that division of submarines also would accompany the Argonne could not be confirmed. Finds $90,000,000 R. F. 0. Discrepancy (United Pri'HH Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.— Chalrmu: CouzeiiH of the special Senate com mlttee named Hint session to invent! gate Reconstruction Finance Corpora tlon advances, said In the Senate to day there was a discrepancy In th corporation's reports concerning i $90,000,000 loan authorization for th Central Republic Bank and Trus Company, Chicago. - »*_« WOULD HALT RAIL LOANS WASHINGTON, Jan. 27, (A. P.)— A resolution to block further loan by the Reconstruction ., Corporation t railroads without tho c'onsunt , of Con gross, wan introduced toduy by Chair iiiun COUZCHH of tho Senate interslul yowmcrco' committee. or action. It would allow $1,002,890,000 to run the many Independent offices In he 1934 fiscal year. This total was aid to be *1,f>r.7,000 under amounts \slted by the budget. $966,838,634 for Veterans The budget request' of $966,838,834 or the veterans' administration was allowed In full, although attempts to reduce the amount 10 p£r cent hac been talked of. This \n $18,039,000 more than actually waa appropriated 'or this purpose this year. The committee proposed reapproprl- .tlon of $500,000 for the farm board against the $1,000,000 asked, explaining IB action In these words: Farm Board May Qo "In view of the present agitation for :ho abolition of the board and of pend- ng legislation respecting reorganization of the executive branch of the government, whereunder the Preslden s given authority either to abollsl any such Independent establishment or to transfer and .consolidate the sum with any other part of the executlv jranch, the committee has decided to provide funds for the board's opera :lon only to and including Deoembe 31, 1033, and ha's made 1000,000 of un expended balances available for thu purpose. Before that date the Con jress will have ample opportunity tc make such further provision for th board as the exigencies may require.' $500,000,000 Left The farm board estimates that S200,- 000,000 of upsets are left out of Its $500,000,000 revolving fund. This was tho figure given the House appropriations subcommittee on the Independent offices supply bill by Chairman James C. Stone. Included in the JMO.OOO.OOO was a $42,719,088 Item representing the cost of wheat und cotton donations to the Red Cross. "I do not think It would be fair to account that as a loss against us," Stone explained, "because that was given away by Congress." Hastings, Oklahoma Democrat, asked the question about the board's financial status during "hearings on the annual appropriations bill. Stone replied: Stone's Statement "I would say as a rough guess that there Is $200,000,000 of the $000,000,000 Iqft. Most of the losses have boon In WILL PROBE '* OIL CHARGES (Antedated Prent Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27.—Mayor John C. Porter announced today he' will, request the Grand Jury to Investigate Reports of refunds and 'cancelatlon of charges to oil companies, and shipping interests at the harbor amounting to more than a million dollars. The mayor's action followed the issuance of a statement by the city attorney, Erwln P. Werner, that he is preparing civil suits for the recovery of $500,000 which he says was wrongfully refunded by the harbor department on leases. . JUDO GIVEN 58WPEVE April 14 Set for Execution; Meantime Pardon Plea Will Be Heard Supplying Bodies Closed Because of Labor War 150,000 EMPLOYES TEMPORARILY IDLE (Continued on Pago Two) PARTY OF OEVALERA HAS BIG MAJORITY (Anitoriatet Press Leaned Wire) PHOBNTX," Ariz., "Jan. "'27.— The Arizona poard of Pardons and Paroles today granted a 68-day reprieve to Winnie Ruth Judd, sentenced to hang at the state prison February 17 for murder of Agnes vAnne LeRoI. April 14 was set as the new date for execution of sentence. Meantime the board will arrange a definite date for B, hearing on Krs. Judd'B application for pardon or commutation. The board previously had set tentative dates for a hearing but finding that, all members could not 'be present at that time granted the reprieve in order to have suff latent opportunity to consider the blonde convicted slayer's case before- she is forced to walk up the 13 steps to the gallows. The transcript of the board's action which waa taken In executive session was sent Immediately to Governor U. B. Moeur for his signature. Under Arizona law, approval of the governor Is a formality, the chief executive having no power to pardon, commute, parole or reprieve without the sanction of the board of pardons and paroles. In. her application to tho board presented on January J4, she asks either a full pardon, commutation to life Imprisonment, commutation to the lawful penalty for second degree murder (10 years to life) or commutation to the lawful penalty for manslaughter (one to ten years). SENATE'S ECONOMY PLAN LESS DRASTIC (Annotated Premi Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.— In u test vote, the Senate today agreed to drop the drastic Democratic proposal foi Blushing $500,000.000 from federal expenditures to balance tlve budget, The action, on which there was no record vote, permitted Senator Tydings, Democrat, Maryland, to withdraw his motion to recommit the billion, dollar treusury-post office appropriation bill with a view to cutting the grand total of all such measures by half a billion dollars. It was preparatory to action on it modified economy plan agreed 'tipoi by the Democrats In party conference. The less drastic plan fixes no figure, but Instructs tho appropriation!* committee to effect all economies pou- Hlblu without iinp'itring esaontlul federal activities. Under tho substitute the treasur; bill would not' be returned to com mlttee, but utteihpts would be niad< on tho floor to out It by from $35,000, [000 to $50,000,000. ' •' fAnnoe.iated Prenn Leaned Wire) DUBLIN. Irish Free State, Jan, 27. President TCamon do Vulera's prospects for forming his first Independent government appeared bright again today as additional returns from Tuesday's election showed tho Plannu Fall to have a clear majority over all other parties. .With 36 seats still undecided, the Flunna Fall had 60, Cumann Na Ngnedlmel (Kx-Presldent Coagrave's party), 35; Independents, 7; Labor, 7; Center party, 8, and Independent Labor, 1. Although recording gains, there was still a feeling in some quarters that final returns will show Do A r aleru IB unable to curry on without uld of tho small Labor party, which supported I him during tho imat year. British Leader for Existing Stan dare (AHHOeiated Pren« Leaned Wire) LONDON, Jan. 27. — • Reginald Me Kennu, former chancellor of the ex chequer, expressed himself today ac strongly opposed to England's return to the gold standard for the present. "We should set aside at least fo the time being all thought of return Ing- to gold, either at the old parlt> or any new parity," he said In .speech an chairman at the annuu meeting of the Midland Bank. BANK ROBBED OF $2000 VANCOUVER B. C., Jan. 27. (A. P. Five men hold up u brunch of th Canadian Bunk of Commerce here to day and escaped with about |L'000. ,ondon Paper Declares Stoppage Result of Bankers' Plot Congress Again to Affirm Opposition to Debt Cancelation LATE BULLETINS DETROIT, Jan. 27. (U. P.)—X fixed pay rate per ' hour was granted by the Brlggs Manufacturing Company v here-late-'toillmy/'dir an effort to break the strike which has paralyred Its operations, and tied up the entire Ford Motor Company. ' LONDON, Jan. 27. (U.° P.)—The Evening Standard, In a purported transatlantic telephone Interview with Henry. Ford at Detroit, quoted the manufacturer today as saying the stoppage In his Detroit plant, was due to efforts of certain bankers to gain control of the Ford concern. DEARBORN. Mich., Jan. 27. (U. P.)—Henry Ford's transatlantic telephone interview with the Lon. don Evening Standard was confirmed by his offices her* late today. Ford • refused to amplify his statements. (Annociutcd Prenn Leaned Wire) r\ETROIT, Jan. 27.—Ford Motor '-' Company manufacturing und assembly plants all over the country were idle today because of labor .roubles in Betrolt plants supply- ng the Ford company with automobile, bodies, aud estimates of the number of men affected run as ligh as 150,000. Ford company officials In announcing the shutdown said It was duo to the closing of two plants-of the Brlggs Manufacturing Company here, where a number of employes walked out early this week. They said they could not continue work on new models not yet an- lounced without bodies furnished by Lhu Brlggs company. The announcement was followed by a statement From Clarence "W. A very, president of thu Murray Corporation of America, also manufacturers of automobile (A tune-fated Pros* Leafed Wire) W ASHINGTON, Jam. 27. — ReaffIr- matlon of Congressional opposition to war debt cancelatlon or reduction . was asked today in a Joint resolution drafted for Introduction by Senator Arthur Robinson, Republican, Indiana. Twice this week he had clashed In the Senate with the Demo- ocratlc leader, Robinson of Arkansas, over tho debts question. His resolution quotes from one adopted by Congress In December, 1931, in ratifying the Hoover moratorium. It recorded Congress against any debt revision. Opposition to the present Robinson resolution Is bound to be pronounced, especially among the T)emocrats under Koblnson of Arkansas, who are looking to the Roosevelt leadership. Text of Resolution Tho text follows In part: "Whewas, It is currently reported and not denied that foreign countries ndebted to the United^ States have sought, and are weetyng conferences, vith officials of the government of thu United States for the nurpose of re- conhlderlng their Indebtedness to tho United States, and • ,. "W.he,cenB,,'the Congress of.the.Unl- ted States has declared a definite policy concerning such indebtedness, and desires that said foreign countries should not be under any misapprehension an to tho definite position of the United States on this question, therefore, "I3o It resolved . . . that the said definite policy Is hereby reaffirmed . . to VII: Against Reduction "It is hereby expressly declared to be against the policy of Congress that any of the Indabledness of foreign countries to tho United States should be, in any manner, cancelled .or reduced; and nothing in thla Joint resolution shall be construed as Indicating a contrary policy, or as implying that favorable consideration will be given at any time to a change In the liollcy hereby declared." TORCH MURDERER OF N.Y. (Continued on Pane Seventeen) ROLPH RECALL MOVE IS PROMISED EARLY Dry Enforcement | Fund Is Reduced | 10 Pet Next Year (Annoelated Prenn Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.—A 10 per cent cut In prohibition enforcement funds for next fiscal year was approved today by tha House, to bring the total allowance down to $8,440,000. The vote was 129 to 116. An amendment to the pending four department appropriation bills to prevent wire tapping In obtaining evidence of liquor law violations was approved, too, by a voU of 122 to 107. Resolution Denunciatory of Program Offered by In man, Rich DENY CAPITULATION TO SCHOOL LOBBY BIG BANKERS OF EAST PASTED Avers Morgan Ousted Furrell From U. S. Steel; Latter Opposed Wage Cut (United Pfr«« Leaned Wire} SPUING VALLEY. N. V.,.Jun. 27.— The driver 1 of n truck with New Jersey licenses was nought toduy an the torch murderer who left the flaming body of a woman behind a roadside boulder near here yesterday. The fire had burned, for an hour before Alonzo Osborn. u farmer's handy man, Investigated. The body was then charred almost beyond recognition. An autopsy failed to reveal uny trace of 'bullet wounds or of bludgeoning. Coroner John C. TJlng- mnn believed tho victlin had been •killed clHowhere. . Hurry Frederick reported he found a truck mired near the boulder an hour before the body WUH discovered. He assisted 'the driver to extricate It and watched him drive away toward tho New Jersey line five miles away. There was nothing to Identify tho victim beyond a plain wedding ring, two other rings, a necklace and a dental plato. She was poorly dressed, seemed about 30 years old, and waa G feet 1 or 2 Inches tall. (Annoclated Prenn Leaned Wire) , SACRAM13NTO, Jan. 27.—The actual circulation of petitions for tho recall of Governor rtolph will be commenced s-nld George .Schlmoyer, miintor j of tho California State Orange today, j "just an soon us tho official approval | Is received from Louis J. Tabor, na- j JAPAN WILL RETAIN Term Executive's Plan Ill-Considered and Ill-Advised Pre.nn Leafed Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.—James A. Pnrrell'H resignation an president of United State's Steel, after ho hud advocated maintenance of wage levels, was cited to a Senate committee to- dny by spokesmen for labor us an evidence of "banker control of Industry." John P. Frey, secretary-treasurer of the metal trades department of tho American Federation of Labor, recalled the resignation In elaborating his charge that New York bankers maintain a "strangle hold" on Industry, thus preventing improvement In working conditions. He .presented his testimony to the committee considering the Black five- day week, six-hour day bill. Opposed Wage Cuts Prey called attention to a statement Farrell had issued opposing reductions in wages, as economically unsound. . "J. .P. Morgan," he added, "Is a chairman of the board of directors of the United States Steel and his banking company Is deeply Interested in the steel company. "Not long after Farrell's state, ment, he resigned as president and Immediately Steel reduced wages." Questioned by Senator Block, Democrat, Alabama, Froy said two other Morgan partners—Thoiims W. Lamont and JameH Spencer Morgan, Jr.—were directors of United States Steel. Frey went through thu list of steel directors, showing the membership of «uch on tho boards of bunks and Industrial concerns. ~Closely Interlocked Detailing his assertion yesterday that the directors of eight commercial New York banks hold directorships in 3741 bunks, public utilities, Insurance companies and other corporations, Frey said: "Private banks dominate or arc in a position to dominate these public banks." Ho listed the eight banks as the Bunk'of America National Association, Dank of Manhattan Trust Company, Hankers Trust Company, Chase National Hunk, Chemical Bank and (United Press Leaned \\lre) CACRAMENTO, Jan. 27.—A stiug- *-' Ing rebuke to Governor Rolph was placed before the Senate today lii reply to the governor's telegram yesterday taking the Legislature to tusk for refusing to accept his economy program In order to balance the state's budget. Tho Senate's reply In the form of a telegram to the governor was under consideration by the Upper House late today, but no definite action had been taken. ir \Vc resent your charge that this legislature ha» capitulated to the school lobby and the gas tax lobby," the proposed telegram to tho governor ; said. Couldn't Be Balanced "It Is the-oplnion of the Senate that you knew, or should have known, that jour budget could not be accepted by the Legislature, and Unit this budget could m>t be balanced without thu levy of some additional taxes. "You submitted the budget without any .suggestion of how any additional revenues could be raised In tho event that It wnrf Impossible to carry out your Impossible suggestions. Resent Lobby Charge "You allege further that this- Legislature has capitulated to the school and gas lobbies. We resent your charge. This Legislature has not capitulated to the school lobby, the gas lobby, the public utility lobby or any other lobby. Shifting of Costs "Your no-called economics as recom- j mended to this Legislature'were, for I tho most part, moro shifting of costs of government from the state to the counties, thereby adding to the tax load of the overburdened farmer, home owner, merchant and manufacturer and relieving the utility slute taxpayer, found by tin- tux research bureau In a report costing the state J90.- 000 and of which you are a member, to be greatly underlaxed. "Your proposed school economies were Ill-considered and ill-advised in the opinion of disinterested citizens who were moved by one purpose only, the well being of the schools. "You recommended against equalizing tax rates as between the over- tloual master." Sehlnicyer is uncertain just when Taber's written reply to his questions will be received but he expects It by Monday. In the meantime he stated planji are being made to. open recall offices in all largo cities In thu state. Tho grange law prohibits .state granges from nominating candidates or calling conventions of a political nature. riohliiH-yer had asked Taber to decide If sponsoring a recoil would bo a political move. Confidence Vote for Financial Policies l.ioHticlatet Pro's Leased Wire) PARIS, Jan. 27.— The chamber of deputies voted confidence In the government tonight on a question of procedure in connection with tho debate over, the financial program of Finance Minister Cheron. The vote was 348 to 243. The vote strengthened the belief that the go\ f ornment of Premier Joseph Paul-Boncour would bo able' to survive. •fL'nttfd Prem Leaned Wire) TOKIO, Jan. 1!7.—If Japan withdraws from the League of Nations she will Insist upon retaining Jurisdiction over JupHneiiB 'mandated Islands In the Pacific, u government spokesman said today. Japan views, mandated Islands, such as the Caroline group, us the spoils of war und us such expects to continue her Jurisdiction, over them. "The presence or Wood row Wilson at Veriwlllfft made It Impossible to cull things by their right nnmcs, hence they were called mandates Instead of war spoils," the spokesman charged. Belief was expressed would have to abandon that Japan the league "sooner or later/' The feeling prevails In government .circles that Japan may an well refilim now because of the existing opinion li«re Unit the league's interpretation of the covenant makes fulfillment of the Asiatic program Impossible. Japanese BIGAMIST SENTENCED LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27. (A. P.)— Patrick J. Kelly, accused of u blg- umous miirrluge to Mrs. Pauline Kelly. of Loo Angoles, was convicted today and Hi-.ntoncod to ono to five yearn In UfioOII. (Continued on Pago Ncventeen) . SPUlOlllS FACT-FINDER GROUP * f United Prenf Leaned Wire I SACRAMKNTO. Jan. 27.- -MrN. Flheba Crawford Splivnlo, director of th« Btate department of social welfare. In a statement Issued today attacked the Senate fact-finding committee for recommending abolition of the department us an economy move. "Abolition of the department would serve no purpose other than throwing an additional burden upon the counties and the small taxpayer," Mrs. Spllvulo said. She defended the work of the department In aiding the "underprivileged and undernourished in times of great economic stress." "I hope the statements and Inaccuracies reported by the fact-finding oommttlee are not prompted by malice but aro tho result 'Ot inluliifornuitluii," alio Kuid. (Continued on Page Seventeen) ADVERTISERS' INDEX AU8TON BEAUTY SCHOOL 12 BAKERSFIELD FAIRGROUNDS 6 BROCK. MALCOLM. COMPANY 3 BURNS, none in s CHICAGO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY .12 CHICKEN SHOP 7 COFFEE. HARRY 4 OU BARRY HAT SHOP 12 EASTERN DRUG COMPANY 13 FAMILY SHOE STORE 12 FOX CALIFORNIA 8 FOX THEATER 8 UALATAS BROS '. 7 GOODNIGHT, OR 12 GRANADA THEATER 8 HOTEL EL TEJON 12 KIMBALL 4 STONE 13 LE ROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON 12 MONTGOMERY WARD i COMPANY NATIONAL DOLLAR STORE NATIONAL SHOE STORE I NILE THEATER PENNEY. J. C.. COMPANY PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY PRICHARD AUTO SERVICE I READER'S JEWELERS R. L B. DRUG REOLICK'S I REX TH EATE R RIALTO THEATER SAFEWAY STORES SHOLAR'S TRIBBLE GLASS WORKS UNITED IRON WORKS 9 VIRGINIA THEATER « WE ILL, A., INC 9 WICKER8HAM COMPANY..'. 13 WIL-SAV-U GROCERY 7 WITHAM <. BOOTH 19 A V ,.

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