The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 5
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PAGES!* flffe LfeAbfeft, W ALVfeftM, tOWA, MAY EMERSON Emerson Cemmeflceiueftt Activities $ This is the week of Emerson high school's annual commencement and it is a busy one for al concerned. Sunday night was the baccalaureate service wfth the sermon by Hev. Joseph F. Stille and an excellent musical program. Monday and Tuesday evenings the class play, "$10,000 Reward" was given to appreciative audiences. Tonight (Thursday) the graduating exercises will be given in the high school gymnasium. Kl- mer A. Bass will deHver the address and sixteen of our best young people will receive their diplomas. Friday afternoon the senior class day exercises will be Riven In the gymnasium at 2 o'clock, •with an excellent, program. Oh, it is a busy week for the fleniors. H. N. Stelner Is hating a new liouse built on his tenant farm Decofatibft Day Emerson and Vicinity to Observe These Bay* With Appropriate Exerci«e« On Memorial Sunday, May 28, services will be held In the Methodist church at 10:30 a. m. There is no service that is so characteristic of our order as the annual Sunday Memorial service the Sunday preceding Memorii! Day. And our members should gladlr recognize their obligation to share personally in this tribute with thoughts of our soldier dead. The following program has been arranged. Rev. J. F. Stllle, pastor of the Baptist church will officiate as master of ceremonies and the Misses Maxfne Kdie, tn Emit 3. Httlteen, fof , years a resident of this vichrfty, died Jn an Omaha hospital last Friday. The remains were brought to Emerson, after brief services there and ftmeral services were i held in the Emerson Methodist ' chttrch Sunday aftevnoo* with Rev. L. B. Ripley In charge, assisted by Rev, Lnngren of Omaha. Music was furnished by R. L. Fields, A. F. Smith, Mrs. Clara Thorson, and Mrs. Avis Taylor. Bnrlal was In the family lot In the Emerson cemetery. The pall bearers were Alfred Lnndeen, K. B. Sparr, and Chas. Newqulst of Red Oak, Otto Brodd of Hawthorne, Henry Nelson, and George Thorson. Oat of town friends attending the services were: three brothers, Henry, Emanuel, and Arvid Hnl- teen. and one sister, Mrs. Axel Sterner, all of Evanston, 111.; Elmer Johnson and Misses Florid M « ^ w«»ina r,,iiB «tirt wi t Klmer Johnson and Misses Flor ™:^'X?™^.\*™ ««• AW« Johnson of Kack I ley, Kas.; o. P. Anderson of j Humphrey. Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Secure Readmg and Prayer, j ^f^^^^M^ , ,, nona Edle will act as ushers: Processional, Edith Bass. Music, "America," audience. *-«L-*. fr^tffi-ftnfr ri fritfj ^A 'JTtfiiB fc ^Ub^HBb *&NV^ " itttitv TuQ TRU UBVIKIB we lOww r «t *w on * «nr» — reau Jbewtrtsrs rafse tftetr htfnds tM &f»f*fc fitt M trnfsoU « they stftg t«r« fa- gneatit fit tfr* mons "Towa c&tn So*g" **a fit Gtenwowd. "The Attetteftn Patm fttrttt* ' Mr. a*d »#t, .._, , Spfrft," accompanied by the ff-jMr. and Mm Kettasth ganffe oa*«, which even greatly &,*& Joaa wefe f*eWf*'M Steeds ft Ifise the f ft»o«ft erefc't Mr*. H. E. ' ffln« *fr clote making 4 Farm Bureau constantly In •with the wfrten fcate fr»n* Spired tit Wttfclngtow. Edward A. O'Nwtt, i*eHjfent oi tfee A. P. B. P., CM*. 8. Hearst, president of the ttf*i ffcfrm ft«re«u Pederft- HorticQliur'st Advis*» for ffee Tlev. J. F. Stitle. of the Oaks school house I „' J J , '_' d ofeprppc i om i a ,i| 6 s' • Mrs ' J> B " rr °«Kh ! < and children, •place the one burned last .„***/ IjBnd ° f Freetlom ' J ** M j Mrs. Ofa Kacker, and Miss Lula to replace the one burned last winter. It is a neat one and onp- lialf story frame house and will be occupied when completed by Mr. and Mrs. Mahan who lived Jn the one burned. Cnl S. ijonp six miles northeast of Emerson Is building a large chorus. Announcements. Address. Rev. I,. E. Rlpley. "Come Unto Me," Ladles' chorus. Benediction, Rev. J. F. Stllle. Recessional, Edith Bass. tion and chairman of the national ifegtetettt** committee of the A. F. B. F., hate been a part of these treats, testifying at committee heJkflngs, using their Influence *fth the administration which tt targe because af the vast number of farmers they are rep= resenting, and doing everything within thelf power to gain the desired end. The Farm Bureau is hot a flashy organisation. It goes about! us business in M quiet way and gets results. That is Why the Farm Bureau has forged ahead despite the depression. That is wby Us membership is growing. That is why achievement Shows Smith of Omaha' and Mr7 ~R«r7 8fe ttore ktttely attended than K«.MTnm.h. 6t ^"before. That is why the sub- , McDonald of Omaha. Emll J. Hulteen was born in Hnlln, Sweden, Dec. 29, 1867 and stantial fartaerg of every commu nity are active, supporting members. It's the results In the end , . Let the graves of all who en-; operation. passed away in an Omaha hospi^jthat count, tal May 19, 1933, following an j Results —here are a few: the The first cover spray, the third regttttf orchard spray oi the Reason, should be applied this year ten days after the calyx or petal fall spray. This covef spray should .be applied to cherries, plums, pears, black raspberries, gooseberries and currants as well as apples. We suggest, however, that bush fruits and black raspberries not be sprayed until after they bloom. Apple scab and other diseases have developed rapidly eiliCe trees started to bloom on account of abundant rain in most sections so it Is not safe to watt more than ten days between the calyx and this first cover spray. In local!' ties whete rains were not gen* eral nor severe, especially with ho rain since the calyx spray* Jolrft PhfllrpS ~——. "We of tfte stai* office of t&e Iowa federation ptfrft to be In Ot- tnmwa on Sonday, May 28, attd 1 Want to irrge every tnetnW* of the Iowa federation as well as every farmer who ft interested In the work of the Farm fcarean, to fee present to hear Mr. Winder," Chas. E. Hearst, president of the iowa federation, urged today. "The people of Ottumwa ate making great plans for entertaining us on that day and t have every reason to believe that It will prove the outstanding gathering of Farm Bureau people in Iowa of the early summer." New 4-H Livestock Club is Organized Seven boys, namely: Randall Donner, Edward ttettick, Allen Hasselqutst, Sidney Hasselquist, Gerald Breeding, Bud Hertz, and Leo Harold, and their leader, Guy Lowrey, met with the county VV&LEV CHAM. [ Metnotttl ««f*I«ei hetl urowets can *»»» 4»n *=«fc. £L Gu * Lowrey, met with the countj grs.iss.Ta, ^r" 8 be -, ±ii^^- ^ •"• -"• •* According to H, B, Nichols, ex* tension assistant horticulturist, of Iowa State coltege, apple scab may be qntte serious In most sec- i ».«au.»>— uoie me u lew; me «««» ue quue serious in most S6C- j Farm Bureau has long sponsored J tlons of the state with the pos- ci — * j Mt7i i.»j in TTU "nil i in? uaf% i\n w iiu^c >.i.L f ° r iS " S °° d corn ! Preservation they offered their lives. Let flowers be placed on these Braves and also scattered on the v,-Rter In memory of our sailors who fought as valiantly raiser. Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Evans and children were Red Oak visitors Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Jessie Graygon and son Edwin attended the commencement exercises at Silver City on Thursday evening. Mrs. E. W. Elklns and sons were Red Oak visitors Saturday. Mrs. Mabel Campbell came Friday from Mount Ayr to visit in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Jen nie Kellenbarger. upon the sea as did our soldiers upon the land. They did not pass In selfishness; They died for all mankind; They dfpd to build a better world for all who stay behind; worms wilt be entering the fruit untilI 1920. when he with his fam-jand is a first move In the direc .... -... u« «« lBr , DB me mm Tn ?T ha , wh f e ,, he ;tlon of the "Honest Dollar" as before the end of May In extreme spent UK remainder of Uis life, j sponsored by the Farm Bureau.' southern Iowa. These moths have HP was united In marriage to; The Farm Ritranu tnnir «««•» i« I alraarfv ma<ta ttmii. _««._^.___ Augusta on March And we who hold their memory j and four sisters. 1S97. To this union four children were born, two sons dying In infancy. The survivors are the widow and two daughters, Esther and Mildred, all of Omaha. He Is also survived by six brothers dear, And bring them flowers today, j Auxiliary Hold* Memorial Should consecrate ourselves once I - __ . more to live and die as they, j To symbolize our love with flowers Is not enough to do; We must be brave as they were brave, and true as they were true. They died to build a better world And we who mourn today should consecrate ourselves once more to live and die as they. In May, 1868, that class In patriotic literature, issued by the Commander-ln-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, General John A. Logan, as general orders No. 11, established the observance of Memorial Day on this day set apart by a grateful nation to Grand Army of the Republic that due respect and homage is paid to the brave defenders Union living and dead. of the Service at Meeting Friday The American Legion Auxiliary met Friday. May 17, in the Baptist church. After the business session & memorial service was given in memory of the six departed veterans of this locality and the four Auxiliary members. After the memorial service all went to the basement where refreshments were served by the following committee: Mrs. C. P. Norrls of Red Oak, Mrs. Ray Fields, Mrs. V. R. Johnson, Mrs. F. D. Snodgrass. and Mrs, J. A. Thorson. made their appearance ..-..- ,„ .,.„„ -. requires about two weeks an agricultural relief bill. The 'or the moths to lay eggs and for bill had the support of the or-1 the eggs to hatch. This first cover . took part in the Roosevelt conference to plan ganlzation. Us passage alone means that Farm Bureau leadership has been at worl^for months and months. The same ia, true In the state legislature. Mortgage relief measures had the support of the Farm Bureau. But even before the legislature could meet on this problem, the Farm Bureau saw the need and established credit councils throughout the state to aid farmers until the legislature could meet and render legalized aid. Farm Bureau leadership was called upon when the banking crisis was before the state. Results? There are many more in-j stances we could point to. Within the state the Farm Bureau is working as never before. The problems are still great. Tax revision and toe special session .atate legislature loom for. were guests. A farmer's son lay ill in g hospital. Roads were impassable. His father kept informed about hu son's condition by telephone. "The call* we made to the hwpital were worth mere thw o«r telephone •ervte* «*» ia • year," Emerson will observe the day with the following program at 2 o'clock Tuesday, May 30. The Grand Army veterans, Spanish American veterans, American Legion, Woman's Relief Corps, Legion Auxiliary, and! flower children will meet at the Woodman hall at 1 o'clock p. m. where a line will be formed led by the martial band and march to the gymnasium where the exercises will be given at 2 o'clock with Rev. L .E. Ripley as master of ceremonies. Processional, Ruth Cheney. Music, America, audience. Invocation. Rev. L. E. Rlpley. Reading, Our Veterans, Mabel Edle. Flag drill, Miss Arneal and Miss Dixon's rooms. Why Do I Wear the Poppy, Mary Louise Waymire. Respect the Flag, Doris Good. Address, Rev. J. F. Stllle. Collection, ushers, America the Beautiful, audience. Recessional, Ruth Cheney. Benediction at cemetery. At the cemetery the usual Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oglevie attended a Mills ounty Letter Carriers meeting in Glenwood Friday evening. Mr, and Mrs, E. B. Westenberg were Red Oak visitors Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nelson and daughter left last week for Nebraska, called by the illness of bis father. Mr. Nelson is our shoe repair man. Mr. and Mrs, R, M. Shipman and daughter, Mrs. E. A. Rix. arrived here Thursday from Oakland. Calif., where they visited in the home of their daughter after the earthquake in Long Beach. Mrs. Doyle Huntsman and children returned Thursday from Tabor where she had spent a few days with her parents. Her bro, " accompanied her home for a here. M Mr. do all that is within I its power to bring about tax revision so that the burden may be lifted from the land and placed more nearly on a basis of ability to pay. The very work ahead ia the challenge. It is a challenge to every farmer in Iowa. It is a challenge that all should heed, Keep your membership in the Farm Bureau. If you are not a member, Join NOW! Greater membership is a necessity, for'through it, and it alone, can the Farm Bureau accomplish its goal. Poultry Club Meets Center township 4-H poultry club meeting was held Saturday, May 13, at the home of Reon Dal. stone. _ The meeting was called to or* « ^. the PN^Wwt. Dorothy . - ' Mrs. K. A. Evans and Mr. and Mrs. J. j,. Evans attended commencement exercises in Oakland. The former's grandson Prank McArthur, son of Mr. wd Mrs Fred F. McArthur, was one of the graduates. , Buch « was voted »» that the meeting would be held the BOO. ond Thursday of each month, *>i IUD nouitfitiry me usual serv- « ••* —"—-**»-•*. Ices In memory of the unknown' , . Hatfleld left Sunday eve- dead will be rendered by the " fu r Ca W°">ia to visit his Woman's Relief Corps and Legion mi "" er ' w » o has been sick. Woman's Relief Corps and Legion Auxiliary and graves of veterans and World war soldiers will be decorated with flowers. Ushers the same as Memorial Sunday. Martial music in charge of J. C. Wllkins. Marking of graves, Ed Osboru. Charge of flower children, Emma Sowers. Marshals, Ralph Good and Bob Nelson. Conveyances, Bert CUtes. A cordial invitation is extended to all to be present. Mrs. Grace Crawford and daughter, Mary, ictiirned Saturday from Davis city where they spent the past month wltn the former's daughter, Mrs. L. E. Everett E. Whtelw spent Sunday at Tlugley with his father, »r. W, H. Whisler, ' Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Smith and dttUBtttcr, QhidjrK, of Red Qa* spent Sunday afternoon with bin mother, MM. ci»r« AN1. ch*u»hm tun Had cniiftM win uoid lUelr union MoiuorUa 8,er- »Utttl»y, Mny n. at 3 u. M Mr. «ud Mr*. JoUu U gyojre to L»«i u »tu i 4*X to Wto» bomu MUlury been 8lck y went to Sh anoah last week and brought hU daughter. Mrs. W. A. Martin, and Infant daughter home from the two dah » «™ daughters have been In the Rln, ley home the past two weeks. v?' P ; A ^ e ^°n of Humphrey, ^ebr, is visiting in the Vernou Johnson home this wee*. Misa Irene Cole Ern Ernest , Irene has been Miss Mae Smith of Omaha came Monday tp attend " • u>e htut thtm * vote carried, It was decided would be> ro11 cau our club wnswered by ,, How's your baby chicks!" The leader, Mrs. $verei yers, gave all the members erai books, spray will kill the first of these worms and a second cover spray about two weeks later will, it is believed, pretty well control the first brood worms this season. To more effectively control this first brood of worms, the amount of lead arsenate used in thjs spray should be Increased to two pounds to fifty gallons of mixture. The careful fruit grower has his choice of several fungicides for this spray. Lime sulphur, either liquid o,r dry may be used at standard strengths or may be diluted If hydrated lime la added. If the weather is quite warm lime should be added to the standard strength to prevent burning. Some growers, especially commercial growers, will this year use a 2-3-50 bordeaux mixture in this and later sprays, if liQuid lime sulphur is used, use four quarts or, three jto four, pounds so; ttw»^~A.V^»»*i^^..i»»^iW i ^>a^ *1 ^VIs ganized a 4-H club. Randall Donner was elected president; Alien Hassetqulst, vice president; Edward Herrick. secretary and treasurer; and Gerald Breeding, club reporter, Pour Leaf Clover Live Stock club was the name chosen from the several suggested. The boys decided to hold their regular meeting the, first Wednesday of each month at the homes of their parents. All of the boys decided to feed Sanday afternoon it &-.U Wesley cinrch. T&e address «<» be given by fcev. Rlpiey et 1m- erson. Everyone fs Invited lo attend. Morning c&nfeh services will be cancelled but Sunday school will he at 10 as usual The primary department of Wesley Sunday school and their teachers, Miss Nellie Wilson and Miss leanette Lather, enjoyed ft picnic Tuesday afternoon in Wit* son's woods. Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Thotttas and sons returned Saturday frotn a few days visit with her parents at Derby. Rev. Thomas die 2 livered two commencement ad* dresses white away. Dwight paricer, son of Mr. ftnd Mrs. Lynn Parker, was released from scarlet fever quarantine tbls week. Keith Blunt of Hastings is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. flert Fickel. Mr. and Mrs. R, 0. Dory and Mr, and Mrs. John Rainbow of Henderson were dinner guests in the Ward.Fickel borne Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Etsworth Plumb attended baccalaureate services of the Jennie Edmnndson hospital training school in Council Bluffs Sunday. Their daughter, Irene, who is one of the nurses to graduate. _^Mr. and Mrs. George Parker visited Mr. and Mrs. Dat Redman and family at Avoca Sunday. Mary Alley of Matvern is visit,„_ —^ „ „„„.„„„ ,.„ , u ^ w **««*!j fiuvf ui juatveru is visit* in the pig club but It is their plan ; ing her brother, John, and wife to take in members for other this week. clubs in the future. HILLSDALE Mrs. L. L, Cowardln grandson, 'Jackie, of near Pacific Junction visited a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Coffey, and family, Gordon Mayberry of Pacific Junction visited from Wednesday lo Sunday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Howard. The Lowell Bell family ia experiencing a siege, of measles. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Reasoner »1 led nt the Ira Nusa home near Pacific Junction Sunday afternoon. , Mrs. Ward Fickel. 4-H club Header and two club girls, Jeani ette Luther and Joyce Piersou, i and Mrs. Clinton Parker attended the last lesson, on second year ' clothing at Malvern Thursday. an; »! The ladies of the neighborhood will meet.Friday afternoon at the church to clean and prepare It for Sunday services. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilson are parents of a baby boy born Friday, Mrs. Wilson is with her aunt Mrs. Elmer Johnson, at-Malvern. This makes a boy and girl in the family. We extend congratulations. Mr. and Mrs, Bert Fickel vta-* Ued Mr. and Mrs, Cliff Plumb at Red Oak Sunday afternoon^. applied, the above amounts of lime sulphur may be cut In two and five pounds of hy» drated lime used, Even though the lime sulphur be used at standard strength, two pounds of hydrated lime will check the danger of any injury to fruit or foliage. In southern Iowa, according to Mr. Nichols, this first cover spray shoujd be applied -May 35, In central Iowa by May 31, and Jn the northern part of tha state- during the week of June 6, , Bureau Member* Invited tturo y*J^ tgtt S UJ>d *y Farm Bureau members from all sections of jowa w|J» gather at Ottumwa on ne*t Sunday, May 38, to bear a special message to be presented by M. &. Winder, executive secretary of the American Farm Bureau Federation, end to bear a final concert of the 800. piece Southern Jowa Farm Bureau baud before H goea to U»ei Chicago World's Fair? « r~ww*m.-m - ^.•a^*--*.^ »*!*» HHJH^ i f ,,., April, birthday "Btjnch' enjoyed having dinner together Jn the woods near the F. E. Rea.- soner home. Seven families of the group were present: Mr. and Mrs, Roy Zimmer of Tabor, Rev. and Mrs, Pettjt and family, O. , A, Phelps and family, Wm, Andrews, Neut Brisco. C. N. Reasoner, Alice, Theoda, and Rheba Phelps, Mrs, Laura Shepard, and Pwlgut Buffington. €*; /you want ft—reliable aovic* always. We »lw»y» place out guarantee of satisfaction bade of «my printing job wt do. W* aw goo4 printew—know fraud are willing to b*ck out judgment with out guiontee The Electric Collar viBitora for the 4»y. The band alone will bring musicians, from more than twenty counties and one hundred towns, to were served by the »* meet)n l of « n on Thursday, June 8, he Jield Jackson , Helen Wheeler, reporter, Corn " in, several repllca check vanity , 0 of soil variations During the Of eftcb, »MUty to i« even stand variety wu time. variety wat nlanted »h a at ' » *l af toe . lift bai ag lawn Corn Mr, Winder's ndflress will be or apeclftj significance, aa Jt win ba b4 8 jjjgt appearance In, Jowa since Congress passed the new 414 I&W; As secretary o| F, B, F,, Mr. Wiftder, of toe organisation | 8 urging tflte ana ft »flrSwiSlS |» lafwrafttipji oa * SSUSw IS Now itfs an Electric Service Bill fli -——•£!?•"*--?» — —— —,->FTf ,«•••«* ««•» BMUy tt» kun» In addition to lighting, mm* (ta MA? filth* lO

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