Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 28, 1965 · Page 2
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
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Wednesday, July 28, 1965
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, 1RONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 1965. U-M Official to Head University Of California Dr. ROGER W. HEYNS By FELIX B. WOLD Associated Press Writer Talk Is Given By Elmer Nurmi WAKEFIELD — The Wakefield Rotary Club held its weekly dinner meeting: Monday evening at the Big Wheel R e s - taurant. Guests at the meeting were Rotarians Ed Anderson of Duluth and William Phillips of Iromvood. Anton Ringsmuth, prog ram chairman, introduced El m e r ANN ARBOR (API —iNurmi, who spent eight months Colleagues say Dr. Roger W. drilling for copper in P u e r to -Hfjyns may be exactly the right Ri ^°- He presented interesting „ . and colorful movies on scenery man for heading the University in the Puerto Rlco area a n d of California at Berkeley. ; vlr in Is]ands and gave a moi "This should be right up his • intcresting comment a i ong with STT * * e« o i rt <-vtn n . _ - . alley," said one. the pictures. He stated that the Dr. Heyns 47. vice president staple crops of the area arfi for academic affairs at the bananas, cocoanuts, sugar cane University of Michigan since, and coffec> However, he said 1962 was named chancellor of: the unusual part O f the food California's troubled Berkeley. consumption, is that the staple branch Monday. j food of tne i slands is rice , wnich Student "free speech" dis- has to be irnported . H is p r o- putes led to a sit-in takeover of gram was thoroughly enjoyed Sproul Hall by undergraduates by the Rota rians and guests. last fall. Police made many Michigan-born and Iowa-bred,: Pink, Blue Shower Heyns is a stocky, vigorous; Fetes Mrs L Maki man of moderate height. I WAKEFIELD - Mrs. Lauri In 19 years at Michigan-he; o Maki w „ honored guest joined the faculty in l947-he iat a Mnk and blue sr , ower held made a reputation for quiet | Mondav evening in the First efficiency. Lutheran parlors. Games were Heyns spent four years in the p j ayed and prizes awarded t 0 psychological services of the Mrs wuliam Lane and M r s Army Air Force during and| Elnar Hyppa of Wake field, and after World War II. He rose, Susan Llndqulst of i ronwood . rose from private to captain. j A social time was held< and s admin-j 3 f ea ture of the evening's pro, - , e '' alen t s , gram was a history of Mrs. IS recalled at U. Of M. ' Maki Piititlr-d "This Is V n u r, Former Oov. Ross Barnelt of ijjfg '. b v M rs Rudolph LrnY 2" - maj f,, provislons campusipainen ^» --^ °-~ j£™^ housing bill awaiting FOR TIGHT SPOTS—The new X-22A, shown in photo, lower left, is a research aircraft built for the armed forces. It is designed for vertical takeoffs and landings and could be used in limited warfare or congested traffic areas. It could be the prototype of the commercial airliner of the future, as shown in sketch. Air travelers would fly from a roof of a downtown building or a parking lot and land in another city in a similar location. Questions on Major Provisions Of Housing Bill Are Answered WASHINGTON (API — Here; A. Several things. For exam- are some questions and answers p i 6i there i s a program of grants of the to impoverished homeowners to ; guests also partlcl- Johnson's siern ,t P wiTh it. hel P them make tneir ™ndown .v,,^r> c.;™;™ . Jonnson s Mgnatuie, with us. _ rnnprM - R , iv! , hlp Thn E * with new feature of rent subsidies. properties livable. Those with annual incomes of $3,000 or less Q ; w j n tne government pay cou id get a grant of u'p to $1,500. OVr r\f 4-Vin »**-»>-if -frt »» n *tn ».T tVkni-1 •,, . . ... - . . _ .' _ Humphrey Says Head-Start Program Must Be Continued DETROIT (API—The federal by and large, helped lead devcl-, Head-Start program will be a opment of local poverty pro-' that the city problem .is a national problem and that to solve if. there must be a rea.llocation I of our national resources," ha said. i Indonesia Expects to false start unless local com-, grams." munities continue the work be- : on Monday, Detroit Mayor Explode Atomic Bomh gun this summer, Vice Presi- Jerome Cavanagh outlined pluns T ^ t , AO ™, A Trf "«"«" dent Hubert Humphrey warned to store economic and sociologi- JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP)_ here Tuesday. ! ca ] dat . a j n computers so that Indonesia is likely to explode its Humphrey discussed the prc- city officials "can take the pulse first atomic bomb after the sec- school training program and of any section of the city." ond Afro-Asian conference in Alother antipoverty measures at, Also available, he said, is a gicrs next November, the direc- the National League of Cities'; storage bank containing de- tor of army arsenals said to- 42nd annual Congress of Cities. Ascriptions of every building by clay. "It will do the Head-Start: R se, value and condition, and Brig. Gen. R. Hartono's state- child very little good if he must other tapes on income, educa- mcnt in the armed forces news- return to the same housing, toi tion ' a e e and ™ce of each paper Ngyatan Bersendjata did the same unemployed, illiterate! neighborhood's residents. ; not elaborate on the bomb proj- parent, to the same neglected, Cavanagh said Detroit has cct. President Sukarno said rec- school system," he told his aud-i "developed the first social data ently Indonesia would be cap- ience of city officials from! bank of its klnd ln tne "ation." able of producing the bomb "in around the nation This, he said, contains infor-ithe near future." The vice president also called ; ™?. tlon ^ neighborhood "on 25 again for creation of a cabinet-: different social factors such as level Department of Urban Af-' crl !" e ' Juvenile delinquency, f a i rs ^welfare load, health problems, And he promised implementa-( reqriuests for le e al aici ' truancy; tion of a league proposal for' an f "ropouts. "large-scale research projects These data, when coordinated, to be brought to bear on prob- Wl " flasn dan »' er si S nals when lems of urban living-resea^-i ;" ei & hborhood s ai 'e beginning to; of the kind we have utilized in :have Problems." the mayor; the federal government in space i said - " We wil] not nave to wait i and defense " j until the problem is a crisis." i "My 20 years in political life L Before Cavanagh's talk, Prof. ( from mayor to vice president : Leonard Reissman of Tulane: have taught me what I only 'University said old city and. vaguely understood when I was ; state boundaries must be, a political science teacher' that 1 Jumped because they bear no! the key to success of a great relation to lhe developing urban; national program is local imple- spiawl - mentation and imaginative lead- 1 Milwaukee Mayor Henry W. ership," he said. Maier. league president, called Humphrey said there have for direct block grants to cities Day in History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Wednesday, July 28, the 209th day of 1965. There are | b een"some' problems "in Yhe area from the federal" government" 156 davs left in f,np vpnr ! -* e_j«.._ii i ., '"Thm-^ jc nr> /^HOC-H^V* >-.,-. *i f \~ 156 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history. On this date in 1932, Maj. i | of federal-local cooperation. "But the fact is," he added, w e are happy in Washington Gen. Douglas MacArthur, act- (that our nation's mayors have, Mississippi made a appearance at a time when his-p a t" e " d ", n "gr 0 up views on integration kept him; Lunch was served to 30 guests in the national limelight. i from a buffet table attractively f , .. , . - rf - „-- 0 -- ,- ~~. . . ,„,.,. Some members of his student' decorated in garden flowers ' part of tne rent for everybody The bill also provides for 240 000 \ m % under White House orders, audience got out of hand. They] T he honored guest was pre-1 who tllinks he needs a bi sser or uni t s O f public housing, with a ; drove ttle veterans' "Bonus its reduction in margin require- made noise. ! sented with many lovely g|f ts ; better apartment or house than new feature intended to provide! Army" .from Washington. The merits for buying common Heyns, using a gently-applied | and a p urs e of money ' K —»»•""> - • •-- - - - * =-•—„-. ,„ — is no question now buf Semi-Annual Clearance Sale! Thurs., Fri., Sat. Only DRESSES, SKIRTS and BLOUSES alt going 2 for the | price of I plus 1.00 1/3 Off on Coats Hats 1/2 Price Mae's Style Shoppe S. Sophie St. Be»iem«r Phone 667-3711 made noise. ' he can afford? housing quickly Tup" "to" 100,'oob" of i v e i e r a n s > originally 10.000 stocks was" norordered"to"boi- football-style block, eased Bar-j Hostesses were the members i A ' No ' In the first P lace - onlvi these units could be obtained by lstron g- had camped in make- ster stock prices or to stimulate nett from the rostrum Ioud-i 0 f Elizabeth Circle of t h e those fami! 'es whose income is purchase or rent of existing i shift shacks in an effort to force credit and speculation speaker. church with Mrs. Norman Aho- All right, cool it off," helia and Mrs. Peter Tarnaski as They i co-chairman. told the demonstrators, obeyed. A group of Michigan legislators visited the U. of M. campus low enough to qualify them for i housing. " ° i immediate payment of a cash one year "a^o—~President John the present kinds of public Q H b t th di j bonus to which they were enti-; P. Kennedy's widow, Jacque- housing would be eligible. : no ^ e owner or W ould-be home tled on less imm ediate terms. line, announced she had bought Q. How much is that? ~ •• • Family Get-Together owner? A. In , general, A. The figure varies from „__, _ place to place and according to last week. Some legislators and I Held at Rosen Cottaqe 'family size. Local housing au- university officials have been' WAKEFIELD — A f a m 51 v! tnoritles set tne ievel in each at odds recently over university get-together was held Sun day commur »ty. A family that spending and policy. '• afternoon and evening at t h e > meets this income tesf . is inad- They said afterwards they cottage of Dr. and Mrs Simon j equately housecl , or elderly or men ana were impressed by Heyns' Rosen, Lake Gogebic. A total of! handlca PP ecl - or has lost its quick, concise answers under; 46 relatives and friends attended usmg becau - se of official con-j interrogation. the event. A picnic dinner Heyns was at his Lake Michi- supper were served, and „ „ t gan cottage in Holland when participants enjoyed swim- i for tne subs i<:'ies. his California appointment was ming boating horse shoe con '< ^ How mucn nel P would this 1 Q- Does announced. He takes office Oct. tests, and other outdoor games i mean? ; anything about city improve- 1. and visitation among relatives < A ' The family would pay rent'ment and real estate develop-, With Berkeley's 35,000 stu-jand friends. ; equivalent to 25 per cent of its! ment? jtween France On this date In 1750, composer Johann Se- pvi<;tififf A " 1(JU ' ^""'P"»e ,„„„!„! ' bastian Bach died. In 1829, a steam carriage invented by Sir Goldsworth Gurney traveled from London to Bath, England, and back at 15; miles an hour. In 1896, Miami, Florida was a cooperative apartment on New York's 5th Avenue. Po//ce Officer Is Exonerated pnriPri Bousing oecause or official con-if"* *?"" ';V," 0i " & "" > " 0> "" CA " I incorrjorated with a nonulatinn 1 NEW YORK iAP)— A Kings ^ d demnation of property or natu-l tra S15 ° milllon for direct loans i of 260 populatlon j County .Brooklyn, grand jury • tahnd ral disaster, would be eligible for housing for the elderly alsos : ^ Austria declared war has exonerated a 24-year-old J..l e ifor the snhsirJiPs , is provided. I „,, ol !=„ „. iL -l ai Jl_ a _^ white policeman who shot and u , . the legislation on Serbia at the opening of ao i World War I. dents, he termed the chancellor The Rosens are spending a ;income - Tne subsidy would cov-' A. A number of things. There job an "imposing challenge." two week vacation at their cot-! er tne difference between that are grants for urban beautifica- Tr - said he had no particular tage and also are visiting at ;flgure a . nd a fair rent for safe' tion and land improvement, an of f Vlif + ifvin it»V*nf *« <-!*-. ! ii i ,. .__ __ -__ !Qnrlca'nii-Ql'\>l-»nliC'i»-irT i n/4r4{f f <-.«<-! I rf>QOC «-.-. lilt ~~. *_.. 1946, Gen. Charles de urged an alliance be- and Britain to policeman who shot and killed a Negro ex-convict in a sidewalk struggle. He ideas at this time what to do i the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie' and sanitai 'y housing. help offset the emergence of United states and Russia as the two major world powers, additional $325 million for ac-| Ten years ago — Three dis- abotit student unrest though de-iRiutta and with other relatives Q ' The government would just \ quisition of land to be kept in; honorably discharged soldiers Man™ "um'T.0 ™< nrr t n h n ,, n ^ ; __^ ^_,.._.,_ , pay the family's landlord the I open spaces, a new mortgage j who had renounced the United 'we're going to have to ; and friends, do something about this." j "Big universities are all pretty complicated places," he said. He said Berkeley's troubles probably were the result in part of student feelings of "anonymity and depersonalization." He said the same conditions were found on other campuses. Wakefield Briefs "acted in a lawful and justifiable manner in defense of himself" against Nelson Erby, 28. The grand jury, which heard 37 witnesses, reported that the facts failed to warrant an indict- difference? (assistance program to assist in States for life" in "Red "china "two merit * A. Not to just any landlord — i assembling tracts for develop-i years before arrived in San' ' — | no private landlord renting ment — and the urban renewal i Francisco. I Limestone consists of the I property for profit. The pay- programs for slum clearance; Five years ago-The Federal cumulation of skeletons of • ments could be made to groups; and the like are continued. ' D — T,—,^ J _.,....., u ^_^, UIUll . lcluon OI ^eieions ot Guest- last week at tho hm-n P ! , xl,. n H J TrH rf - o °" 16 ! hke churches, cooperatives, la and Mls> Eddle Riutta ' j bor unions or limited-dividend T ... , , _ .organizations building or own Joyce Masle of Dearborn. i ng moderate cost housing. Part a10 vltecat the ogeblc Heyns, son of a schoolteacher, received his master's degree in psychology at Michigan iri 1942 and his doctor's degree in 1949. Michigan made him dean of its Liberal Arts College in 1958. He then was 40, youngest man ever to get the post. Heyns and his wife, the former Esther Jean Gezon of Grandville, have three sons- Michael, John and Daniel. Hospital with Mrs. Cooney's stepfather, Steffa Riutta. and at Hill home in Miss Barbara Salmi, daughter of Mrs. Katherine S a 1 mi, left for Ann Arbor where she is now employed at the University of Michigan. Miss Darla Jasberg. a June graduate of Wakefield High i School, left for Ann Arbor to be employed at the University of Michigan. She was ac- i Order of Runeberg'will "hofd'Tts companied by her parents, Mr. annual picnic Sunday at L i 111 e and Mrs. Paul Jasberg, who Girl's Point, Lake Superior be- spent the past two weeks visit-1 ginning at noon. The picnic,' ori- of the idea is to encourage sucl groups to build housing. The present bill would help finance 375,000 family units. Q. Does the bill do anything else for inadequately housec people? Lodge Picnic To Be Sunday BESSEMER — The Bessemei Luther League Picnic Scheduled Thursday BESSEMER— The L u t h e r League of the Sharon Lutheran in e relatives in Detroit, and in i ginaliy scheduled to be~"held"on Church will picnic at Little i Arm Arbor where Mr. Jasberg Aug. 8, was changed due to con- Qirl's Point Park, Lake Super-1 consulted at the clinic. flicts. ior, Thursday. Jacqueline Jelich daughter of: : Mem bers and friends planning Assembly for transportat i o n Mr. and Mrs Rudie Jelich ' to attend ar e asked to bring will be at the church at 12:30. Milwaukee is spending the' eitner { salad or hot dish for „„„„ „.,„ , „.. _, P «B u n e the dinner menu. The lodge will Cars will leave promptly 12:45. at spending summer with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. William The picnic lunch will be pot- velin, Plymouth Location, luck; those attending are expected to bring their own dishes and : Miss Paulette Wert a n e n , silver. * MUSIC * THURSDAY NITE BY THE GALAXIES WHITE BIRCH INN "" BESSEMER Piua It Hamburgeri Served Daily daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tauno i a i The ' Wertanen, left for Ann Arbor to be employed at the University of Michigan. provide the beverage and dessert. In the event of inclement weather, the picnic will be held Civic Club. CURVES GET 'EINI ALL NEW YORK <AP) _ Mr. and Mrs. Renaldo Negri ; upcoming motion picture "Ship and family, Marquette, former I of Fools," actor Lee Marvin Wakefield residents, are visiting plays an ex-ballplayer Bill Mrs. Negri's parents, Mr. andiTenny, who never made it to Mrs. Ben Novak, and other re-(the major leagues because h latives and friends. j couldn't hit the curve ball. —— Too bad Tenny <or Marvin) Diver Robert Stenuit and Jon didn't play for Casey Stengel rjndbergh, son of Charles A. The manager of the Mets would Lindbergh, spent 49 hours on i have platooned him the ocean floor in an inflatable rubber house, as part of inventor Edwin A. Link's Man-in-Sea ! project. for ALL OCCASIONS New shipment of Gift Ideas just in— Extra special gift* you will be proud to give. • ANNIVERSARIES • BIRTHDAYS • WEDDINGS • PARTIES OPEN Wed., Thurs,, Fri., Saf. & Sun. 6:30 to 8 PM. The SATIN BOW Gift Shop In Wekelield Ski Lodge Sydella'i at Wake. WAKEFIELD THEATRE Showing Tonight, Thursday and Friday—Twice Evenings at 6:45 and 9:00 Also 3 Stooge Comedy and Cartoon . Reserve Board declared thatjrine invertebrates. One hour from now, you could be sitting in your own Chrysler... counting up year-end savings! Yes, you. Forget that you considered Chrysler's size and class and luxury beyond your reach. Just remember that half our models used to be priced only a few dollars a month more than the most popular smaller cars, comparably equipped. Now add to that our year-end savings and you've got yourself the buy of 1965. If you hurry, that is. We're down to the last of our '65's-and this has been our hottest-selling year in history. In fact, one hour from now would be a perfect time to come in! all share in Customer Care GOGEBIC AUTO CO., INC. 115 E. Cloverland Drive "One of the most hauntingly beautiful films this country has produced in recent years! Playing a modern-day Lilth, creating her own womb-like world of love, then destroying everyone who shares it, Miss Seberg is exciting! Robert Rossen has produced a film that probes the mind, pricki the heart and stirs the eye!" -COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE "Brilliant!- Jean Seberg will get an Oscar Nomination." -GLAMOUR MAGAZINI "Shockingly told! Strictly for adults! The very depth* of obsession are probed!" -CORONET MAGAZINE LAST 2 DAYS! EVES. 7:00 & 9:00 ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ALL SEATS $1.00 RON WOO TMA7KC. AIR-CONDITIONED Coming FRIDAY! BIBBIDl-BOBBIDI-BOOl ITS FUN! IT'S MAGIC' • Productions TECHNICOLOR* PLUS DISNEY FEATURETTE "OLYMPIC ELK" IRONWOOD OPEN 8:00 • STARTS 9:00 TODAY! BIG DAYS 4 IT'S THE PICTURE THAT OUT-MONDO'S THEM ALL! MOOS OFTHE WOULD With commtnts by VINCENT PRICE PLUS . . . OUTER SPACE THRILLER DARE YOU TAKE THE TRIP THE 25™ CENTURY? UNIVERSE

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