Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1928
Page 3
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TSEIQUL 1 )AILT RgCT3TEfr,Tm:HtSP AY; EVENING ; JAy^^ 1928. Mies Irene 'Alurry. OT Herington, Kans.. a sturicrit at the University of ]<dan!>i>'!, will .be the guest--'tSf Miss Kathleen'I.«inyoii, G09 South Washington avonue. during the mld-senie.stcr vacation. " DouphuUt .sale Friday afternoon at Christian church. Phone 651W oi :!<»»;. Will deliver. .Mr. and Mrs. John S. Martin, who live twelve miles northeast of lola. near Colony, unnoiince the jtdojitjon of a t»o-moirth.'5-old son to whom they haw given the name, Chaiies Willlanl. —You can see the Spirit of St. Louis in the new spring hats at ?:?.;<S and up. Kdwards Millinery. .Mrs. T. K. O'Klaherty and two children. Julia and Patricia Ann. wont to Ottawa, this afternoon to vi«it relatives -a few days. Mr. OFIaherty and Robert will drive up after iheni Sunday. Kenardl -Bayard I»dgo So. 170 A. T. A. will pay $200 reward for arrest and conviction of parties that'held up the Bayard Store in the two re- cnt holdups; or for the arrest and convictjo"n o-f any one holding up or attempting to ^hoUi up any of its nieniliers in the future. raill .M. Uurtiss. of. -'L'S North t'olhorn street, is in the S. 'B. A. hospital at Topeka for treatment. -» » « * Mrs. D. I. Ch^selJro, of Colony, wis a Vustnm 'Tfsitbr' in lola today between trains. —Gold' fish free at Cook's Friday and Saturday. -41 am closing out hardware 8 »ock at 1120 East street. Every- thlng-.goes at less than cost. 'WiU 'open Shturday afternoons and Sat- Fnneral of Mhu State. . The funeral of Mrs. George Stafe, of Onion Creek, neighbor-jurday evonldgs only iJntll stock is bood. will be held at 2:30 o'clock isold.—El J. 'Hunter, tomorrow afternoon-at the Assem-i . — bly of Oo() church at' Humboldt, i Mrs. Julia O'Flahertjj. of Kansas "Mrs. Stafo panseU away at 1:00 City, is spending a few^ days here o'clock yesterday afternoon. with her son. T. B. OsPlaherty, of — LOOT South street. She will leave —Too busy marking goods to Sunday for Coffe>TiHe. Write ads. AVe have bought the i — . e.itire contents of the Rtunmagu sale of the Presbyterian ladies. AVonderfiil bargains in all lines. City Exchange. In building formerly occupied by Otten's Bakery. Phone 27S. .Mrs. B. F. Clayton, of 215 South Fourth street, received word yes- TVM. F. CEEW Physiclim and- Surgeon Eye Ear, Nose 'and Throat. Glasses CTtted 2^ S. Washington. lola Office phone 829;, Res. 1159 • • • • terdav of the death of her sister-1M" -*• in-law, Mrs. 'J. F. Balthus, of I tMrs. Florence Garret, of Deny Blackwell. Oklu., who passed away Wednesday, .January 25. Mr.s. Balthus was 71 years old. She formerly lived in iola. —We want in thank the neigh- Iwrs and friends for their kindness during the illness and death of our husband and father: also for the beautiful floral offerings.—Mrs. McKinney and family. Mrs. ,J. D. Mundis, of 422 Soutji Washington avenue, and Mr. aiiil Mrs. L. K. Horvillo, of northwest of the city, started this morning-in !-"toi-k at 1120 street. Evcry- ihe HoAille car for Gentry,. .Ark., jthills' goes at less than cost. Will to visit .\. K. Wright, father of Mrs. open Saturday afternoons and Sat- Mundis and Mrs. HorWlle. Theylurday evenings only until stock is will rieturn home Saturday. i er, Colo., arrived here Tuesday for ah in^leflnile -visit in the^home of hei* daughter, Mrs. E. B.' Cook, 415 East street. -i-Box Supper at Pleasant Valley Friday, Jan. 27. has been • post- pofted Indefinitely. Mrs. W. H. Wilhite. of Coyville. whp was called here by the illness of her brother, W. A. Daw- sou; returned home today. : am closing out hardware t HKCK IT! On your party frocks and wraps. Maintain their dainty loveliness — have Hum dry <leaned and pressed. J Ablpson Cleaners \ Phone lO". sold—E. J. Hunter. Charles E. May, linot>T)e operator; at the^ Register, is quite ill at his honic, 712 North Walnut street. —Singer Sewing Machine Shop. 422iN..First. Sales, service, repairing and hemstitching. Phone 65". _ Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge Dinii s, of Shenandoah," Iowa, and .Mrs. Sam Hitlios, of .Marysvillc, Kansas wjio haw Iiecn yisitln.i; in the hoi le of .Mr.s. Minia.s's parents, .Mr. and Mrs. H. \V. Donovan, started for lionie this niornihe. .Mrs. Dqnovan and hiT <lauiehter. .Mrs. Arthur L. .N'ecte. acfonip.nnied them as fhr as Kansas City, where they will visit relaiivts. Tliey will return home Sunday evening. F. I» B. LEAYELL, 31. D. Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy j Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705 i nouphnut sale Friday afjcrnjwn at Christian church. Phone 651W or 306. AVill «leliver. Mr. and .Mrs. JIaro Brownfield and little daughter. Kathleen, left early this niprning for Kansas City wl»ere Mr. Brownfield will look yirs. after business inlerest .s. From North Citv they will.'go to Chilli-j ^'cu 'ei-lia. Kansas today to spend jcolhcMo.. to visit relatives before;'' ^^"^ «-itli^relatives. comitiB home. • Mr. Brownfleld-s! .^.pp ^ B. Twadell, Osteopath, mother, Mrs. Delia Brownfield, of; .Vew Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Emporia, is staying in the home' : — Mis.s I>ora Smith is attending the James Hanley, of 1014 Sycamore street went to .Mrs. \Vii.> Shaw .and daughter. Maxinr. wfio liavi- been vllsitinK iriciuls ami relatives hor<f for the |)ast w-i'k. roturn>.'d homo yt'ster- ilay afternoon. •-'roiiiorrow and Saturday we V ill ;.;ive freo v.iih oach purchase <if •fl.dii or nioVe of. anything in this -tore. 2 iiolii fish in Iwwl free. Ciiok's Drug Storo. .^(Kirea.'^ I 't -nUuis, who owns a < hiikeii ;raiuli of Emporia, is developing a liverless chicken. Of Twonty -four, chickens dressed yes- teiiliiy. only-twelve had livers. _ —0. L. kpx, ..M. D. .Specialist, - Eye, Ear, No^e and Throat. ^frs. Saraii Coftioid went to Clia- niite today to spend a few lays with Mrs. Dclle Rhodes:. . —Start your Baby Chicks bn Hiiinooldfs Best Slartiug food. ii.Mi prr KM Ihs.—Sturdy Chick Hatchery; .Miami i'* .'--till the cheese center (if Oklahoma. The Miami cheese factory, the only orre in the state, has <i'k-hrateil its first anniversary iind aniriMinc<(i iilans for increased o'.itiuit. In the year just closed the factory purchased 1.3!t3.!»!t3 pojftbds 111" milk from Ottawa county dhlry- nir-n. Because oi; an increased lixal demand, the entire production i.s now heing sold in the| tri- siate district. PaBteurizing enuip- ni-nt will ho installed this spijing. atcordinc lo .folin Schinid. itian- ager of th.' plant. j here during their absence! tuni of Thanks. ' —We wish to express out; sincere thanks to aH who a .sFisto <l us, in any way. at the trying— tinie of i Medicine.' Office over Cook'.s Drug our great sorrow at the death of i Store. Day or night phone 554. our beloved Httsroand, Father and Grandfather.' For the flowers, the second semester of tho Kansas Stale Teachers college at Pittsburg. , —Mildred Curtis, M. D., (Jencral Mr. and Mrs. .\urelius Jones, of music and singing and the minis- Aberdeen S. D., who have been vi.sitiug ..Mr. Jones's cousin. George Vaiight and famil.v, left this moijn- Ing for IndianaiKjlis. Ind., where they will visit relatives before returning to their home in Aberdeen. rer for hi.s words of comfort and advice.—.Mrs. ^lagdalcna CJerken. Mrs. .•\gnes .Mueller and family, .Mr. and Mrs. John Saner and family.' Mr. L'. F: Gerken and family. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gerketi: and family. Coffeyville Journal: ii)r. K. K. ..jeAQE -THRlIl C. v; rlarr, ATr. and 'Mrs. C. A- Darr. Mrs. l,eona Seve'dge and "E. E. Darr. of Kansas City, and Mrs. C. Dick, of Muncie. Indiana, are here called by thp death ot their brother. L. C. Darr. The funeral Ijivas held this afternoon at the 'ilethodlst churcji in LaHariJe. —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, loia Laundry BlUg. Phono 138, Mrs. I. E. Stout went'^o Humboldt on the noon train to stienii the; afternoon' with' her daughter. •Mrs. Claude Williams and famil.v. -rSee the new Permanent Waving t\iachine in the window at Wolfs Barber Shop Mrs. Robt. B. Warner left on the 11:52 Santa Fe. today for Port Arthur, Texas for a visit with her brother and;wife, Mr. and .Mrs. H. R. Splcer. . ' —Br. Dixon, Orfhopctllst and Foot .Stiecinllst. will be at Ecouoiny .Shoe Store Fridajr afternoon. The Central avenue unit .of the Women's Farm Bureau Is meeting today at the home of Mrs. George Wing, southeast of Humboldt. Mrs. .lohn Franklin is leader In; a recreation and music program:: I Teaclicrs. -^Teachers' examination Friday and Saturday. Jan. 27 and 28. Fee, Maclean, superintendent of tlu- In^! V.^dams, Co. Supt. dependenco district of the .M<'tho- dlst Episcopal church. • i.-< still Miss Elizabeth Smith, who was injured in an automobile atTcident taking trcalment in a Kansas City; the evening hefbre Christmas, is • 1 hospital, where he .has been for a i getting along as well as could be j expected. It will be necessary for her to remain in the cast four couple ot^ weeks. ; , ~ i weeks longer. —-Vmerican. Lesion .\iiYiii-.vv . • regular meeting tomorrow at -^30. j - , Every menyber urged to ,be present • K'Af as this is the lust meeting before IDClvlC the membership drive. Refresh-: nients after nieetin,:;. I .: ! Mrs. J. N. Wilson returned to her j home in .Manhattan. Kans.. today] after a visit with friends here. * \ — ; - i —Two gold fish in bowl Free with each purchase of $1 or more Friday and Saturday this week at Cook's. The Parsons-Eric road, now being chatted, will be open for traffic within twenty dalys. The concrete for the bridge over Ogeese creek was poured Sunday. Tho Baby Comes "Mother's Friend" is a comfort to expectant mothers. Externally applied, it rdicves prenatal distress by relaxing tight tissues and muscles. And it i is so ^thinc Its daily use makes the skin soft and pliable. Three penqratidns- of mothers havej praised j "Mother's Friend." *•! think it xs^worth ita weight in . .. ,./.,. , • floWj" writes; Mrs. Lelah Mabo, bridge i« a GO-foot span, and It lawsonville, C. "My baby was* will take the cement three weeks without hartlly any pain and froin he date of pouring to cure, jt ^as all due to Mother's Friend." and the road will then be ready o. . „„:„L jc.r„ri,„,.„ - P^.-^^JW for use. Three or Your miles of .^^Xn n ^li,4 ^^*i .f ^.,J'.^^ tho road remain tn be surfaced, i t""'?,^'; and It is expected that part of the -^V^'tc for_ free boo^cl job will be completed within twelve <iuys. re*. on 9SS "Thiv.riH to Ktiow Before liahy Cbmca"^ (sent in plain cnvcle ' B»dfieldReituUtorCo..Dejk2?. Persistent cought and colds lead] to ff rious trouble. SOB can stop thetfl'iww with Creomulsion. angemolsiBed crjeo- soRj that is pleasant to take. Creomul- ! sion is a neir niedical discovery with ' tu -o -fold .action; I it soothes and' heJals the inflamed meUbranes- and infaihits germ 'growth. , Of all known drugs, creosote is rrc- •Ionized b;^ high medical authorities as C'ne of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs atid'-cddrarid olhet forms of throat troubles. Creomulsion coriiai.ns. in addition creosote other 1if aling elentdats which soothe and heal . ih? infected membranes and stop ;the irritation and inilanimation. while .the "•reosote goes onjto the stomMlk.'iS 'i soiicd into the blood, allacks the* of iia> trouJ^e and checks the grotvti ; "f die genhs> - 1 . ' '• Creomulsion is gtiataiflc^ torv- in the trealment of coughs, an* cfilds, brpndii bronchitis aiH ^jAhifi-fari^' (ozy diseases, and iiexcellenl'for bi)^_ - ini up'thc^gsr^-oltec ctiJd»-or ftij ttlCIiARDSdll'S 4 .More Days of Our JanU.'iry Cliearance Sale { Extra Si)ecials for the Next 4 Days 7]5 Coats leff. ijoinj; at One-Half Price. One-Third Off on Blankets. A Special Buy of New Silk Dresses. Special S5.73. One-Third OfF on All Sweaters. 20 Per Gent Reduction on;nil Silks. S1.25 White Hoover Aprons, Special S9c. $1.2.5 White, 3-lb. Stitched Cotton Batts 89c. . 3.5c Lingerie Crepes, Special 23c yard. 3.5c Fast Color Prints 25c yard. 2,5c Yard Widfc Outings 19c yart. 20c Percales 16c yard; fast color. S2.00 Voile "Ruffled Curtains S1.48 vard. • 1 I" 20c Part' Fiinen To\**lins, 12c yard. 60c Pepperel Sheeting 9- 1 t' wide. Special 39c yard. ShoOPepperel" Sheets, Special $1.19 each. : i Bt6iises, just tn, Spedal $1.48 each. '^e'NeW^'Styles in MUlin^, -rDr. J. T. Rcld. .t-ray. Phone Zhi. Surgery and The advisory council of the Women's FarmrUureau will meet at 2 o'clock the Chamber at Memorial hall. A trash fire at 215 South Sycamore street yesterday afternoon did no damage. , —T)r. Lucy E.Kolson, Chiropractor. Northrup Bldg.Phdne 326. A suit brought by John T. Allen against A. E. Williams was settled outside of lourt today. The case was on the' Januarj- docket. —Dr. G. <E. Pea'darvlS, Dentist. Off. over Globe. Pho. 38*4: Res. 1123. \ Clark ' Gilbert-, and W. C. Bum- sides have. purchased the Red frown service station oil South Washington; 'We knoV Bakery Producta .are good, i But .• I tlare I - ton Tried v i : Ours* !• VAN HOOZER'S. ,i .Mr. Ira ToVnsend, of the Horseshoe Bend, jwas showing an ear of corn the other .day that must be just about the .limit in the matter of size. It has 24 rows of kernels,, i.s 10 inches; in circumference; 11% inche.s in length and weighs one pound ten ounces. Mr. Townsend saidthe field in which it gre\y produced close'to SO bushels per acre. A jay driver, arrested late .'yes- ferdaj% was fined %7i in police court today. . . >Iiss Faye Gammon, a student at K. U.. will be'hortie this evening to spend tlte ' mid-semester vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. S Gainmon. of 519 South Buckc^ street. Her sister, .Mrs: F. J. Cud- dybadk. of Picher, Oklahoma. Who has been attending K. L',, Anlsbed this semester and will retiim home Robert Clark, who is attending school at K. r.. will be home-this evening to visit his parents. Mr and .Mrs. W. D. Clark and family of 1019 East -street, during the mid- semester vacation. : LMEfeAGO > Oh, that kink, it makes me think My back is going to break; ; To straighten up to take a sup W^ll make the darn thing ache: // you feel 'this way you shoidd come to \ C. Z. MpNtGGMEiRY > THE PALMER CHIROPRACtOft lola Laundry Bpildihsr Phone 138 *| For ProfliptResiilIsDsetkCk$^ in —"Van's Bread." good as fever. .^Ir. J. D. Buchanan returned this tomoVrow afternoon^"n i »oon from a trip to -U 'lchit^ and f of Commerce rooms 1 Kansas, City; whore he went to take —For Real Estnte Loans see the .SernrKy Itld:;. Sc Loan Association, Ida, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. •The star Valley unit of the Women's Farm Bureau met Tisesday at the home of Mrs. M. R. Landls. a quarter mile south of Prairie Dell school. The afternoon was s^nt in outlining the 192S program in food and nutrition and health and rccreaiton -work. Fourteen mbm- bers attended the meeting. fhrd of Thnnks. We wish to .thank our friends and neighbors for the kindness and.! sympathy extended to us during the illness and death of our father.— .Mr. and .Mrs. W. C. Moore, Mr. W. H. I^we, .Mrs. Fred Lowd. .Mr. Roy E. Lowe. The Parent Teachers' association at .Mildred will inee: tonight. Miss Dolllo Adams, county superintendent, will speak. .Mrs. John Barley Is president of the association. —^Bahy Chicks live and grow, on Humboldt's Best Starting food.— Sturdy Chick Hatchery, 220 W.' St. two Wr)rld .war veterans to consult the officials of the Disabled Veterans Btfr.eau. . Miss Ruth' Sw.onger. daughter of. .Mr. and Mrrf. J.-F. Swonger, jr., of; 5(19 East Madison avenue, will ar- 1 rive on the 5:53 Santa Fe this; evening for the mid-semester vaca- \ tion. m WlHEUSIff "My knuckles were so sore atid swollen with:, rheumatism I couldn't hold a pen in my hand. After many remedies' had failed I tried 'St Jacob's Oil'. Almost in- •-sfantty the pain disappeared and soon my hands were normal again'-'. J "St JicoVi 09" ii the good old rem- «ly foi- the pains and aches of lUteuma- j tism. Sciatica,. Neuritis, Lumbago, .Sprains and Sfrains. \ , It goes directlir' to the seat of the ^Irs. Harriett Cole was awarded | trouble and draws out all tlie "ouch". ?l,6i;2 damages and a Ford coupe I It works everj! time aqd doesn't bum in a district court taso against ' "' Binie Wood and A. R. Sand, case was heard bj- u Jur.v. The the skin. Get a small trial bottle of | "St Jacob's Oil" at your druggist to- | day, and see the magic. DRY COODS-WdMEI^S WEAR-M ftU NER^ lOU-••>-KANSAS lOLA'S POPULAR sioKE Special. Showing for Friday and Saturday ' 75 New Spring Dresses in all the new spring" colors and of course many, many delightful colcir combinations.-^ New two .and thr6e- toned erffects and color trimmings. $19.75 Sizes 16 to 48 Plenty of sizes for the large wortkn NEW MILLINERY NEW SPRING HATS ARRIVING DAILY IN THE NEW SILK AND SILK AND BRAID COiMBINATIONS. SHOWN IN ALL THE NEWEST COLORS. BUYING MOST WE BUY FOR LESS it SOU-fK SIDE SQUARE SELLING MOST WE SELL FOR LESS- IOLA, KANSAS Thra These Values arid Ldw Prices "Big-Mac" WorkSBirte ^ Our ov.-n .Tiake, of fine and y.Trn riiainbray; cut full all over; roomy sleeves and body. Slim, regular and e.xtra sizes. Excellent valuci at. 69c Community Future h What It is Made! With such" good ihops and stores in \^iith to trade as are to be fo-j.-.d kcre; the'wonder is that anybcdyjatanj^ime should co:iyider it rOcessary to go else- '\ where to dp* any part of his buying. : The J. C. Penney Company is jiroud of its fcllow-merchants ii; town, proud to. be one of them, proud to share vvith them the great responsibility which distributors of the necessary ti.:i;;.;s of lift is due the public, l.r<,ud to work with them in p t o V i ding tliese tjconomics vMch add so much to the joy of living. . ' Our commimity-future is what wc make it.. Let's all Y .urk together. •': Shop and Save ^ere Dress Values Are Big "Always styles of the moment — and aiways. as right now, prices- that advantageous.: For V/omen 'For Misses For Juniors Frocks this price a t are remarkably smart and timely — we advise j-ou to sec them soon—they will not last long! SM& 9.90 Shop Pants Of Moleskin Heavy weight black and white printed moleskin, great for wear, big value and low priced. Two set-in side pockets, two button-flap hip pockets, belt loops. Sizes 30 to 46— $1.98 "Compass" Make Work Shiris Our own brand, coat s:ylc. of heavy f!i!ra!)le cisimbray or khaki jean. Two I)u;!on-fl.ip pockci.'s, continuous-faced sleeves, and triple-stitched bodies; big, full cut. At— 98( Fancy: Falkks R^yon ana; Cctt<^ Mixed Novelty checks, plaids and shepherd checks }vith' a lustrous threa|i which idds to the eftcctiv^ncss of the. pattern. Ideal medium'-weight for street ahd sport wear. 49c to 89c Ofgiandy PrMud and Plain for Sununcar Its crisp smartness .appeals to the youthful miss for her party frock—floral patterns are gay, charming and becoming. Yard 49c to 79c Japr Pdngee-Big VaI^ef Women Uke This AU-SilkQoaKly When underwear, school frocks and simple drapes arc made at honte this all silk Jap pongee is often the-fabric chosen. 32 to 33 iiiches wide and- priced at only, yd., Ramona Cla& Liiien^Pinish Fabric Sold Only by U* A fine material—linen-finish — and excltisively otir ...•t-Inch Kaiuonat 2:5c U-inrh Kninona :Wc SJ 'inch Kaniona 39f .VNb all' colors 36 inches wide, gnanpteed fast color Boys' Shirts St^on^^y Made Stout, durable, fast color PercalCE. Twills and Chatri- hray.H are used in these shirts. The boy will like the colors and patterns; mother.'? will be delighted at the values. At— , J>ecoi'ateYourBedWitha Haiidsoiiie Rayon Spread The luitjrpuff sheen makes these spreads especially- attractive" and the; selection of colors, includes blue, rose, gold, orchid and green. Large size Seamless spreads, 80x105. Jacquard Patterns You may select from solid color spreads with crinkled self stripes pr cream background wi^th colored-stripes.

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