The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 22, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1958
Page 13
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AWHII J» A.VIN0 *3THIMAN6W«W6* mm YOU \fOH A NSW OOMMEKIAI. PORftAT POISON! WIU.CHBWCOL CANYON POWN TO -iS^mfr ' f ^'^ »*^w^ ww*«wm**f ^ — *irw SalF 866 THIS S1WW? , WAS T*APP6t> ON OPAU.fH6IN0*ATi 40N50P6UIM&, CAWN-TVPBAI flLTfiW.,.lfci? WHtUI POINS A JOB AT A PARTY INN H . MARY WORTH THIJ UNO BLUFF, BUODyl ^ MAN5VDUVE f BEFOREM3U CAN OVERPOWER UArtiitnny NOTYCT,M»! NO CANCELLATION )\ ...CONTINUE ON THE 4:» PLANE A TO STAND TO HOLLYWOOD? AfNiR PRISCILLA'S POf-By Al V.rme.r Pei-sonally, I'm against ft! One pet in a family is enoucJh.' , Pr-iscllla ) still hopes to k a hoh-se for J Cnn'stmas.' ^—' Odd V-v f They >| reature,H say no *"• the r-/other animal has so many bones! Hmm! w—>. That throws \ a different on the matter! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wilh Major Hoopla A MOUNTAIN OF DELICACIES FOR THE CHRISTMAS FEAST FOR THE NEEDY FAMILV NNE ARE A6SISTIMS,BUTI HAD UMBRELLA THAT CAN —THESE DULLARDS YJHO CALL THEMSELVES irMESTORS NEITHER /TS---n ' COURAGE AJOR STOUT VJlLUO NICELV CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Winiamt we wouLm-rr LIKE TO uve OVHH- TIZZY-By Kat« Osann "These poky old fir* drills! I could empty this plact In a minute and a half by just hollering recess!" 9 t*M bi MA I I* i* v* to. o*. Surprise them with packages of delicious Wrl 8 ley'$ Sptarmint Gum in their stockings and around the house. Ge several boxes today. NOTE: (Wrlgley's Spearmint ^ | comes in bright , Christmas colors-j red and green on white. Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! Sick Cot to Be 20 on Christmas Day "She must be around SOMEWHERE—the phone is still warm!" OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — If Uncle Puss .lives until Christmas ~~""" """"' ~~ —————— Eve j^j he ap p earf to be in fair- IT PAYS TO READ THI CLASSIFIED APS * ^ «**$*:* f 1 * ? years old, which Is quit* t life span for a cat. Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Percival, Uncle Puss has lost a few teeth and his sight isn't what it used to be. He sleeps on a heating pad and is fed choice tidbits from his master's table. H« refuses a doctor-prescribed low- protein diet of baby'food. AUitlN (MM MfftAttt Monday, PH. 2M9BI THi TOODU8 ItfcTOOLATB^ TEX BOIMHT TAMETHAT SBTVOOVC CARELESS. MR. TEX . LINdLE CANT Buy Mff/ SALLY A REAL GOLD WATCH f=0tt CHRIST/MAS PRESENT too, UARRV. SOUON6 FOR IN VOUR WANT H£ft TO HAVE BUT H6 LAUGHED ARCHIE THIS A WWW SCHOOL/ DO THINGS ON A MORE MATURE SCALE/ PRIMARY GRADES/ INDIAN CULTURES THIS IS PERSONAL, MISS LUCAS, BUT YOU THINK STEVB WRISHT WAS IN LOVE WITH YOU.. WERE VOU>. I MEAN JUDD SAXON-By K«n Bald and Jtrry Brondfl.ld THANKS FOR HRPINO MB OUT. THIS ISN'T MY REGULAR WORK.' BUT COULD HIS FCEUNSS TIE IN WITH HIS DISAPPEARANCE* IP HE FELTMBWK ENOU6H_ANDSA IT WAS NO USE..T X—l HONESTLY PONT KNOW. FEVER I HEARD THAT UPSET OVER A WOMAN* ONUS; rrs -WE PART THE-MST 6CTAVJW. MORTY MEEKLE JACOBVS BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBT WrltteM for NKA (CTTle* One of tbt B«WMt tru« bridge ttor- IM coDoenu e, couple of our very young ptayere who arriTed at a four-bean contract after a eerlee of eome docen bids. Before the dummy hit the table declarer explained that bit opponents were really unlucky •tnce only their system could have found this remarkable contract: after dummy did hit the table and he found that It only held three hearts— the same number that he held, he waint so sure. After going down four tricks he was even less sure. Today's five-club contract only went down one and It took a heart lead and a 4-2 diamond break to beat It, but It was almost a* bad a contract GEE.CHRtSTMA'S IS ALMOST HERE/ 6TARTINQTOCAYIM GOING TO BE A GOOPBO/ / STARTING TOQAY I'M—GOINOTO—TO Be--A~0EA— l"7 CTARTINGTOMORROW tM T* (GOING TO BE A GOOP BO/.' •» f " "*^ • AKQT •JKJIS3 ' BAR J ATI • tS w • AQ10I I MEAN DOCHE'S FOR Y VBff ^ HE'S WHAT DO MOJ KKAH A TH 1 BIRDS/ / WHAT'S THIS 7 PAME- N TROUBLE?jL ^J BIRD BIT \ DIZZY/ ABOUT POC? POC?OH.NOf HE'S MUCH TOO MATURE FOR, THM OLD SHIPBOARD ROMANCE VCH.O5CAR, BUT THIS IS AN OLD FLAME OF HIS MOU6EEMTOVB AW, COME NOW, OOP-1 DIDNTKNOW TH'OLPBOY HAP •RUNNEHILDB/ •IIIM there art nine top tricks at »o- trump. Tht strange thins about the band was not the contract It wai the (U»- •ussloa between North and South as to how they should bar* reached three no-trump. They approved their bidding up to the three-club eaU. but at that point North thought South should Have bid three spades over the three-diamond*, etc. Actually, there was ft safe, sane and simple way to reach three no- trump. south should have bid tt right over North's three clubs. WASH TUBES NO. CAKOL'fr OETTIN 1 KINPA WOKKIEP A80UT HEK WHY WA5 HB SO HAP ANV WORD FROM MK» YET? HE WA5 TO CONTACT V! WITHOUT FAlLmANDAKfClVEHOME THAT NIGHTJ BUT PONT AURtA HER YBTI ril, EA5K. COME |KJ'. LONG TIM& NODES' H^ TRIP* WOT WA* / MILITARY TO PM tTALLuarrr yirwrrnAUWMl{ BUGS BUNNY /GUESS I'LL S, /HAVET'SPENP \ SOME POU6H AM') I BUY YA A COAT./ \ BOSCO. 1 YEP / l) I THINK TH' SUPER BBAIN JUS' CQA6ULATEP LADIES' WEAR . I'M QETTIM TlREP OP SAME OU> NUW "Happy bgiiaekejytBK" jtorr »Un yovvtoiortte awBttowitt ttninB We- ure tbeia la gay colors -*5 bx>» «**«*, WPf=eft£NT FOR. Send T tol» pattern pattern tor ui to the Austin cralt Dept. P. O. " -

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