The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 4
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fttfe MALVER* a^^'ji^m rtfjrBiji ft 1?*HBB CT*"CI~B VjHVGBB V ' ^_fM^IB JrOWSft in AJ'Trllfly j. M. Ste«le» have recently noted into their ne* home, the old J. M. Strahan home. On Friday evening twenty-four of their friends went in and gare them a "house warminft." The? were completely surprised and all spent a very pleasant erealffg to- grether playing cards. The gruests brought refreshments whteh they served lats in the evening. Gorttn Cttfb Met Tn<-*toy The Garden club met Tuesday afternoon at the Community building: and after a short business meeting they went to rlsit gardens of set-eral of the members. Mrs. Anna Seeger ot Tabor brought a display of beautiful iris to the meeting. The elnb visited tbe gardens of Mrs. John Fletcher, Mrs. Sunn Chambers. Mrs. E. C. Collins, Mrs. F. R. Chantry, Mrs. Vert McCord. and Mrs. L. W. Boebner. Special Opening THURSDAY of the BLUE PROMT LUNCH We have leased and reequipped the Blue Front Cafe and It Is now open for business. Yon are invited to visit our jcafe Saturday and get acquainted. Saturday afternoon from 2 until 8 we will give an ice cream cone FREE with every Be Double Dip Cone purchased. L. A. TAYLOR, PROP. Lunches. Short Orders Ice Cream, Cold Dnnlu Month End SPECIALS May si Croquignole or Combination Permanent Wave $2.50 Gabrieleen Reconditioning Oil Wave $4.50 Open Wednesday and Saturday evenings only. Shop closed all day Decoration Day, Edythe's Beauty Phone 120 «I7imUB K*u*^**-~~ BrMie CM* 8*»** Mr. and Mri. Lwwff« i entertained th* brrtge *--- j which they are members at their 1 home Saturday ereiing. Members anfl gtteists tttenafng were Mr. and M«. DMtel Seatoa, Mr. and Mrs. Mai Beaton. Mr. and Mrs. Bran swain, Mr. and Mrs. Austin B**s and'«"»*>?' Misses Bemice CAndell. Vaiaa Hnrst and Matie Seeger, Ralpn Bower, Saat Wilkinson, and Everett Kno». High honors Were held by Austin Bass and Marie Seeger. Mrs. Austin Bass and Ralph Bower received the consolation gift. Refreshments of ice cream, cake and punch were serted ay the DwvsAs. Announces to Donald Miss Gwenlrere Wagner entertained at a 9 o'clock breakfast May 14 at her home In De* Moines announcing her approach" ing marriage to Donald O. Anderson of Hastings. The wedding will take place June 1. Mr. Anderson has been teaching in tbe Neola schools the past year. Entertain Guests «t the tf» ttoom Miss Jessie Millard of Omaha was hostess at a luncheon at the Malrern Tea Room last Friday, her guests being Miss Clara Southard, Mrs. George P. Steb- blns, and Mrs. Richard Carrier, also from Omaha, On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cutler of Council Bluffs entertained two guests at dinner at the tea room. ( New. *t tt 3. B. Uaptidt Kensington Met at John Baron Home The Baptist ladles Kensing-j ton met at the home of Mrs. John j Bacon, Thursday. May 18. Straw-j berry shortcake, whipped cream, mints, and coffee were served to) forty ladies. Those serving were Mrs. John Bacon, Mrs. Arthur Trively, Mrs. Andy Berkhlmer, Mrs. George Lloyd, and Miss Ida Ireland. Out of town visitors were Mrs. Ivan Lungren and two daughters, Mrs. Donald Peterson and daughter, and Mrs. Ralph Lungren, all of Red Oak, also Mrs. E. D. RU- glns and daughter and Mrs. Olive Keeaee of Silver City. Entertains •t Bridge Mrs, O. 8, Eacrett entertained at an afternoon bridge party win meet this . noon st the home of I/ats. DAI&14& €2tittrfctt Minister, L. R. BofcWtt Bible school at 10. Morning worship and sermon at 11. M ... Union memorial service* at the Methodist church Sunday ete*|n| sponsored by the Amerteaft WP Gngeler will give the address as Dr White could fcot be pteJHsnt. B. t. P. tJ. at t. "Complaints do aot indicate brains, even a frog can croak." Methodist Episcopal Chttf«i Roy E. Gngelef, Pastor I know of no Institution that la more interested in the highest welfare of people tbato the chsgfeh j is. Services next Sunday will t>« as follows Sunday school at 10 and preaching at 11 a. m., and the union Memorial service in the Methodist church at 8 p. m. The sermon subject In the morning will be "Love's Long Suffering* and in the evening it will be "Forward March." Dally Vacation Church School You have perhaps aeard about the Daily Vacation church school that we Intend to have at the church. We expect to start that •chool June 6 and continue it for two weeks. The school days will be the same days that the public school meets when it is In session. The period in the day will be from 9 to 11:45 a. m. The period for tbe kindergarten may be a little shorter. In these ten school days we will give more hours of religious instruction than the child can get in a half year of Sunday school attendance. The children and young people from about four yeafs old to those who were In ninth grade in school this year are Invited to attend this school. The school will be divided into four depart-/ ments: the kindergarten department will be composed ot children who were not in school this year from about four years up; .he primary department, children who were in first, second, and third grades in school this year; the junior* department, children who were in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades in school this year; and tbe intermediate department, those who -were in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades game. Quests were Mesdames Fred Buttmann, F. B. Mulholland, H. H. Amos, B. W. Knight, Fred Farqubar, J. N. Bummers, R. w. Mansfield, S. J. Anderson, W. M. Hlett. D. O. Cunningham W, D. McCausland, and Miss Catherine Caldwell. Delicious refreshments were served by the oBtees closing a delightful afternoon. to guide us In the 'Work o nils school. A very efficient groan ot teachers and helpers baa been selected to carry out the work ot the school. When compared with many other things that have been carried on by the church this year this school should be outstanding in the good It will do. We expect to have a demonstration of some ot the work that will have been done In this school on Sunday morning, June 18, This demonstration will take the BACCALAUREATE Maytag's Special Representative* Farewell Breakfast or Teachers at Strahan tula „„„„„„,..«„,»„„ „,.. „„„ w _ Mrs. S. 8. Summers entertained I place of tbe Children's Day pro- at her home in Strahan Friday | gram morning at a dainty farewell breakfast In honor of the three teachers. Miss Taylor, Miss JUa* don, and Miss Stewart, who are leaving the Strahan school, having been elected to other posl- (Continued from page 1) tlons for next year, standing room in the church, The menu was in keeping with *«*e elven an inspiring sermon the spring time and the table was <m the getting of wisdom and unlovely with a centerpiece of pink demanding and the several Tftl- and lavender flowers and spirea ues of so doing, sprays in a cut glass bowl. "Fa» «» tow »W» wisdom,' Vases and baskets of lavender urged his listeners, presenting and purple iris and spire* made the desirable results of such emo ?he Uving room very attractive Ulonal activity. "Wisdom will pre and fragrant. serve you against the decay and After breakfast snapshot pic- corruption of life and the world tures and music were enjoyed by • • • - U will bring you happi, all. Teachers present besides the new." he advised them, listing honorees were Miss McRea, Miss °tber benefits as well from Us Clipson, and Miss Cadwejl, Mrs. I pursuit, C. F, Davis was also a guest. DEARDORFFS *^^ » - ^^ GROCERY •We still have a few items in the A4vo and J, M. goods left which we are s elling at a very low price. jPwre Preserve* r Advo, l Ib. Jar., !P, jar-,,,—„, 35c Pineappk, Slked 11* AOVO, No. g can-.,.110 No. qt. j T - . * - - .. . - ~ - * PAN 1 * Mil ApriceU J, eau, 41o j Oc Puffed Wh«*t 1IU I ptg.-.--- ^-. -.IOT Stuffed Olives, Advp Regular AQ. 35C ........ .....&9V Tea, Advp Orange Peko, * au«»J or IVfi J. M. No, 3V4 I wiu, S for......,! SPMIIL FOR SATURDAY OMU mm MM.yim i mm m ....Kb Education, Rev. Boppltt ex pounded, U not, a thing which can be finished even by twelve years IB school, but Is a lite long proo>> ess and no one man can obtain all understanding and knowledge |{e commended the class upon its motto. "Out of school life into life's school," tor U emphasize* this. Connecting education an< religion ae quoted: "The jfesr-of the Lord is tbe beginning of wisdom. . . ." Closing, Rev. Babbit repeated W« text: "A»4 above all get wisdom, and witn all toy get ting, get undemanding." i^ll Prttmral Up Always colorful, the service was made more brilliant by the swank, good, looking dresses of senior and Junior girls and tbe baud bo* appearance of tbe boys. While Jane Fletcher played a procewloj classmen formed two rows *f A guard of honor and betw* these the »«ttlori w«rcb*d to Ihelr reserved »«tlo«. FoUowlBf the service i be two «l|M»« juftrcktul out bafors tby* rt( dir of th0 tttiUl^ftca wsjrt WUtVd 10 1««V!>. T^B bifU logout WlRftd fbj 't* MAt.1 MALI WAt a*, 10 DAYS MAY 24 - JUNE 3. Included afiMv «ev§f ^aiti) ^eti catt lit! W ^ettriftg thi >P aoiy "F*? 1 *I^ "i^^« *l»i^ wiriW^let«r1tafl tirfta *rt« pttfch? TODAY «i netv.Mm (and utib<w _ Prieeg are soaring Higher and.ft* ^ e f"HteT^U well m V^ to *& * few with you who have been so loyal to us* KettiemDer re wm F * * of the Entire Family during this priee slashing sal& at the low tbb and we want to shard our advantage of coin and stoek up MOWi (Ffiees iubjeet to stock \*." V HUNDREDS of NEW SPRING DRESSES Silk Prints, Pastels, Triple Sheers, Crepa de Chine, Chiffons,^ Lace, Values to $16. Not one sold for less than $3.96. Be sure and buy several—...... .-...—»,»..-..._ n OF Silk ,nce Sets 98c lofwerly to$L95 Blouse* - Sweaters 49c Reg. 69c Value Reg (iris* 1 or 2 piece AJAMAS 69c Sizes 8-14 Printed Cotton or Plisse Crepe $1.25 to $1.95 values Ladies* Haute Union Suits 39c Regr, SOc Values Loose Shell Knees Ladies' Mtmtitig Union Suits 89C Subject stock on hand. Children's Anklets Whites and colon Snappy New Shoes $2.50 All Brand New 1933 Styles $3.95 and $3.50 $3.50 values ... $2.95 values ——-——$2 28 $2.95 values -$198 $2.95 and $1.95 $1 59 values, broken sizes— * Whites, Greys, Watersnake, Beige, Black, Brown Oxfords, Pumps, Straps |Ladles t Girls UNDIES STBPINS, PANTIES, GOWNS Brassieres, fine rayon m j\ Values to $1 4Hf* Dance Set* - Stepint -Gowns Slips - Pajamas All Silks, rayons, sheers a variety of styles, values to $1.96 Pour de Velour S-L-I-P-S Reg, $1.95 Values, t White or Flesh, Silk like Velvet( Powder Puff Prints, King Phillip Broadcloth, Paragon Broadcloth, Academy Prints. Sample dresses in this group valued $2.95rNone sold for less than fl.95. During this sale •»— President Prints, Wrap-arounds, etc. Our regular $1, Dorna Gordon line. Guaranteed Color Fast. Salej * •*» Ladies' Summer HATS 79c SS.-I..1** ••r^F »K Panamas 0* i ui u -"WH i i i u ILL ^--,-FOUNDATIONS WARNERS, REDFERN, R, & C,, GOSSARDS $129 Wraparounds Stepins Corselettea • Reg. $1.95- Mt $2,95 Sale Price Wrap- around? f Stejpins « Corselettes UnderbeJts Reg. $2.95* $3,95 Sale Price It will purely pay you ta buy an extra foun* dation at these prices, Hundreds of women "have been waiting for this sale. Sport Oxfords - Straps Polka dots Tan Mesh Values to $1.95 WWte Men's Work SHIRTS Fine yarn charobray __ no filling. Reg. 49c, Has advanced considerably in price &***' w ^ .«.< > Ladies Two Piece Pajamas $1 to $1.95 Values Printed Cotton — Plisse Crepe Women* Home Made Pajamas, 2 Piece Extra Fine quality. Gowns Reg. 79c. Fine hand embroidery Girls BLOOMERS O Q 85c Rayon quality on sale _ *4M«/C' 1 iW REDUCTION on ALL * v* /Q ** Mungmgwear 500 Yards ENGLISH PRINTS Children's Shoes The n ( »R 36" Printed VOILES Navy, Brown, Black, |:::j| Several patterns to Boys' Pr««s OXFORD Tbeis week* f- 1 & 'i '-• O «- . 36" Goodyear Welt Steel heel r8 went Men's Dress OXFORD $295 Solid leather Values to $4,95 in this group Others $1,95 to $6 CURTAIN - CURTAINS! .... _....49c COTTAGE SETS ~ 6 pc. — Values to 98c on sale LACE PANELS — extra fine $1.39 Value, per panel __. Fringe PANELS — Marquisette ! J:-- ;Lx ai»Wl ATtofhlftfld . for Salfl.. -Pfl SPECIALS on all summer YARD GOODS ..:«! 0 0 in some instances below cost, Men's Specials Fellows; Stock up now, You'll probably never again buy things so cheap! Men's Fine Ribbed UHIOHSUITS 59c Short sleeves, Ankle length. Men's Athletic UNION- SUITS • Twfvi x*»l»f W4HMM ftrcemejits. etu, fPt'^ Ad w**-- •*• * HPlJWr SfiK-.-V 1 StaC - Men* Work SHOES Brown Glove Upper, /K m f\l* Reinforced Shank, Made for Jk I MJ^ «oBilert and wtaft itegi $8J5 ff1B y * t <^ ** 50c Vftlue Mens Dress SHIRTS 49c & K. Men's New PANAMAS Full sweats, per* fesstly ,»» bleach* ed, I4ght wght Men's Summer C-t-P-S 43c 89c 10 per cent to 33 1-8 per cent re<> duction, Wght and dark colors, ynena and meshes too. Men 1 * Oret* SOX jflne Rayon 25c Value BROADCLOTH TRUNKS SWISS RIBBED SHIRTS 15e SOX Wi Reg. 85c Value, Balloon seats. B. V. D'» $1.25 Newport Uruud Boy»' Drew SHIRTS to Pti»r

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