The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 28, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE FIVE SCOTTVILLE News From Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. FRANK BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Horn* 126-F-14.) Scottville sponsoring Band the mothers are show, "They speak at the meeting. Thfe St. Helena society will I meet Thursday evening at the I home of Mrs. Ollie E. Dumas. Scottville Locals Mr. and Mrs. Christ Haahr are spending the week-end with their daughter, Mrs. Robley Padelford at Po'ntiac. They times a year. An easy way is to take off removable parts, then place head in a dishpan with kerosene and clean with the paint brush. There are five or six bearings in the driving mechanism and plenty of kerosene should be squirted into these, then run the treadle. Remove any accumulation of thread and thoroughly oil. One bearing will be found at each end of the pitman and one or two supporting the band wheel. Hallowe'en Party Held at School Custer Teachers Will Present 3-Act Farce, 'Don't Darken My Door' CUSTER.—The teachers of Custer high school will present a three-act farce at the Custer gymnasium in the near future entitled "Don't Darken My Door." The characters in this play are Poppy Foster, played by Miss Dorothy Zerillo, the maid who is suddenly very cold to her devoted _„„„„„, -—TTT „. .. , swain; Alec Stubbins, the gard- CUSTER.-A jolly Hallowe'en en t ' aken by Ross H edricks. Her party was held on -Wednesday , ~ oldness \ s explained by a book afternoon, Oct. 25, in the primary L Heal . ts Aflame." ~' ' ~* Sealed Beam Headlamps To Change Driving Habits Couple Entertains at Hallowe'en Party Shall Have Music," at the Star theater on Monday and Tuesdays evenings. The management of the theater gave a preview of the play for the Band mothers on Thursday and all were loud in their praise of the play. To all music lovers the announcement that this play stars Jasche Hcifetz and his violin, is assurance enough of the joy in store for them. The world at large would never be able to have seats at a Heifetz concert, so this movie gives the opportunity at a moderate price. Heifetz plays his violin throughout the play as much as any of his admirers could wish. The story concerns "self with room of the school. Games and contests were en- I joyed in a room decorated with jack-o' lanterns, pumpkins, cats, goblins, witches and all that goes of tne book appears in with the Hallowe'en season. The : Jane Perkins, a writer were accompanied by Miss Ethel Burg and Allan Beebe who are spending the weekend with relatives in Detroit. Mrs. M. H. Coburn is enjoying a happy week-end with her . „,, . . children who arrived Friday to I „ Th °£ e winning prizes were visit their mother. Miss Helen The part of Rosemary Kent, who also wants a lover like the one in the book, will be taken by Lorraine Hed- Unexpectedly the author person, of ro- pupils all received a Hallowe'en mances , w ho is Miss Olga Trucks treat after the games. Tom Ga rrick, Superintendent B. T. Hackmuth, Rosemary's Gene Beadle, who won the peanut j suitor, and Alec Stubbins are Coburn came from Cleveland, hunting contest; Arthur Weis I spouting love scenes and words Miss Bertha Coburn from ! won tne Fourth grade contest, i all over the place under Jane •- - ' - ' Winona Micko, the Second grade, ! Perkins coaching. Even Rose- Harold Rummer, First grade and I mary's bachelor uncle, Roger Sally Wing, primary. ] Kent, played by Harry Bennett, Matilda Fitch nas been absent i grows interested as time pro- from school because of illness I gresses. Mrs. Mabel Rosplock I and Mrs. Angeline Johnson, who tin. Ernest Lee and Rudolph | Mesdames Howard Wing, Mary • play two fluttery old maids, keep South Bend and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coburn and children from Gary, Ind. They are returning to their homes Sunday afternoon. The Mesdames Hiram Mar- New Lighting System on 1940 Cars Makes Motorists Light-Conscious Detroit, Mich.: Extra hours are being added to the driving days of those motorists who have bought 1940 models equipped with the new Sealed Beam headlamps. The old ratio—daytime traffic double the night traffic—is due for a rapid change, as a result of the great improvement in night seeing. Letters from enthusiastic owners of 1940 models, contain phrases like these: "I feel so much safer driving at night behind Scaled Beam lamps, because I see so much better"—"My daily business trips are now being extended into the night hours, so I'm covering more towns and getting more business"—"Like many women drivers, I've hesitated to drive long or far at night, but not since we got our new car." Older Headlights Can Be Improved The effect of the Better Night Seeing provided by Sealed Beam lamps on all owners who drive cars with the prior-type lights, is becoming evident in the increased work being done by garages and service stations to improve the efficiency of lighting systems on thousands of these cars. Their owners have suddenly realized how defi- Mrs. and cient their lights were, when they , eV p m nchle saw for themselves how much bet- ., | FOUNTAIN.—Mr. and Fred Hansen were host hostess'to a group of a Hallowe'en party Wednesday was a feature of evening, four tables being ter really good car lighting can be layed Joe Wichtoski won high as demonstrated on 940 models. £ rf £ fm m u d Van Registrations show that average g icR1 second ; Mrs. Joe Wich- rtmv cars today arc three years old or toski hi h for , adi Mrs E1 _ diov older. Many have had little or no mer -yylnSi.ckle, second, and UCC ' service on their lighting systems Mrs Joe Jan Koviak, low. their lights were seldom given Carl, left Thursday for the services. iCarl officiated as a pallbearer. Banner Softool Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Marble, daughter, Carol, and son, William Jr., returned recently from a week's visit with relatives in Flint. Miss Betty Ruba, who is attending Howell Business school at Muskegon, spent last weekend at home. Mr. and Mrs. George Ruby drove to Muskegon Monday, 23, where they visited their daughter, Ruth. The ladies of the a thought until some serious defect thp B r, m ^ served bv Mrs Han- R ame &eivea oy Mrs. nan A Hallowe'en lunch followed j Ll ,th?ran**"chureh "are ' sen. occurred. Thousands of motorists have be- : Fortunes were told and fav- comc light-conscious and are re- ors were various kinds of noise placing blackened bulbs; are clean- makers. ing, re-silvering or replacing reflec- Guests were Messrs, and Mes- tors; arc having headlights aimed dames Lloyd VanSickle, Elmer correctly; and purchasing such VanSickle, Joe Jan Koviak, necessary parts as new wiring, new Ray Budzynski, John Budzin- gaskets, lenses, batteries, relays, ' ' and cables. To provide present cars with illumination at all comparable with the Sealed Beam lamps, development work is now being done on Trinity serving annual chicken dinner at j Victory Community hall on ! ski",' Charles i Wichtoski. Hansen and Joe lAdolph Schultz, 60, j Dies at Fort Wayne auxiliary lamps, into which the j . Scaled Beam principle is being ] DARR DISTRICT. Fred incorporated. It is expected that Shultz received word Wednes- such auxiliary lights will be avail- j day evening, Oct. 25, able to all cars in a few months at' death of his brother, modest prices. Wicklund attended the Parent- I Wing, Joseph Howard and Mar- ; an eye on all romantic goings-on. Teacher division of -the State Teachers' meeting Rapids Thursday. at Grand garet Farrell and Mr. and Mrs. i The finale of the play comes Herman Wilson were in Carr ! with an elopement in which Settlement Saturday evening, everybody has a hand while Alec a music school for poor children of Allegan were visitors Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Austin i Oct. 21, where they attended aland Poppy play serio-comic and a villain who wants to take the kiddies' instruments away from them because they are not paid for. Valiant mothers keep the sheriff's men away until after a concert that proves vital to the success of the school. A boy who steals the master's valuable violin, another lad who gets himself arrested while trying to return it and most of all the music by the Great Musician, who saves the day for them all. Scottville Thursday. HOMEMAKER'S COLUMN By G. PEARL DARR (Publicity Chairman of Mason County Extension Clubs) 111 i minstrel .show. i Mr. and Mrs. Jess Smith and daughters, Donna and Betty, and Bernard Walker were guests Sunday, Oct. 22, of Mrs. John McKenzie of Walhalla. Betty i Smith was a week-end guest of | her aunt. Mrs. McKenzie. i Saturday afternoon callers, 'Oct. 21, at the Jess Smith home i I were Mrs. Lee Bacon and son. ;Ervin; Mrs. Nevins of Flint and Mrs. Ora Smith of Walhalla. Everette Fa gar of Saginaw was scenes for all its worth. Custer school closed Thursday and Friday, Oct. 26 and 27, giving the teachers the opportunity of attending the Teachers' Institute in Grand Rapids and allowing the pupils two days of freedom from work. Now that we homemakers have : filled every fruit jar possible | with those delicious vegetables j a supper guest at the Joseph San- Heifetz is supported by an ex-|and fruits necessary for winter, i ders home Saturday evening, Oct. cellent including Andrea: we will think of the sewing that |21. Surprise Shower Fetes Bride-to-Be i Schultz, 60, at his home in iFort Wayne. i Survivors are his widow, two sons, Walter and Oscar, and two daughters, Marie and Wilhelmina. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon from Wayne. Mrs. Fred Schultz and son. Sunday, Oct. 29. Dick Dennis recently sprained his ankle while playing football at Oriole field. Miss Eleanor Martin returned Saturday evening, Oct. 21, from Chicago where she has been for the past seven weeks. Fred Martin spent the week-end of Oct. 22 with his sister, Rosemary, who remained in Chicago for a longer time. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. George Ruby, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Martin and Miss Eleanor Martin attended the chicken dinner given by St. Helena society at Scottville on Sunday, Oct. 22. Mr. and Mrs. E. AT Bergman and Mrs. Charles Bodie of Hart were Wednesday afternoon callers, Oct. 25, at the Harry Martin home. Miss Bernice Timpy spent Fort j Sunday, Oct. 22, with Miss 1 Rosemary Ruby. of the Adolph ANNOUNCING Leeds. Joel McCrea. Gene has piled up. I Mrs. Crocker. Mrs. Leonard Reynolds Walter Brennen and In order to turn out a credit- ! Smedberg and Mrs. Bertha Neil- many others able piece of sewing, according i &n were guests of Mrs. William Bind mothers whn arp inter- to Michigan State college special- , Schreck Wednesday, Oct. 25. tsanci moiners wno aie miti . 7,,.,,.4 i nn \, f,,.Ji A. A/II- "•-," A/TI-O TDoiwv, T-™,ra,., estecl in bringing the best to the } sts -. we ' mist look flust school and who are anxious to loo '- s help the leader, M. Stiles, in j The most important is making the band efficient and] course the sewing machine. to our I FOUNTAIN. — On Tuesday | evening, Oct. 24, Misses Cath- , erine Wilson, Virginia Fields i and Evelyn Rasmussen were I hostesses to the Fountain Pi- ,nochle club which also was in . ana Mrs. Ralph Tower were ; the form of a surprise shower The above chart shows the comparative illumination of headlights prior to the Sealed Beam lighting system. No. 1 shows the reach of the light beam when prior-type lamps are new. No. 2 illustrates the reach of the light beam after 3 years, when lamps have been frequently and properly serviced. No. 3 shows the reach of the light beam from the average car after 3 years, without service. No. 4 shows that the efficiency of the average car's lighting can be nearly doubled by proper servicing. THAT BEAR MENT I HAVE MOVED MY ALIGNMENT EQUIP- FROM SCOTTVILLE guests at tht- Arnold Young home ; honoring Miss Thora Hansen, 0{ ( in Ludington Wednesday evening, i w ho will become the bride of Oct. 25. i Austin Stark on Oct. 29. and Rasmussen. progressive, include mothers the following students: ofjVVith regular cleaning and occa- Isional adjustments necessary be- Senior band-Joe Benak. Budd""*..^™ Miss Lillian Connelly of Ecorse came Friday to spend" the week- The feature of the was a volley of alarm Those unaoie to be present (were Mrs. Wallace Bloom and- evening | Mary Alice Hemmer. World's fair in New York the past summer. clocks end at her home in Custer. i ringing which the bride-to-be I "Ppppri f WprirHYia- The Misses Marv Alice Hemmer i had to find that led her to I • LX/C ^ OI1U vv ouumg 'thp TVPI-IBP michinp will last i ' The Misses Mary Alice Hemmer i had to find that led her to Listing. Bob Harley. Don Keith, fie . ^ ei <^ e maLmi i\ *: rouble iond Ruth Smedbers left Thurs- many lovely gifts for the bou- i Bernard Harriett Budd Felt ""- i-'me ui luugei. mum LIUULML -,;„.. „,„...,;,,„ /~v,,t on <•„.. /-, 1 !_»_•_.,» mi-_ _° i_ : 1 „: Elsie Meyers. Martin Sincoff'.^p Ac J'™ r of Interest Here Herbert Spencer. John becker. Helen Andersen, Bert Howe. Cleola Knudsen, Eldonna Bosworth. Dorothy Andersen, Donna Jean Pappe, Donna Wicklund and Betty Benow. hai ' denS '^ n h\rd° i spend Saturday. Oct. 28, with her 11111 na sister, Miss Mildred, who is in nurses' training at St. Use the grade of oil recommend- which made oline to cut the gummy accumu- to visit. Mary and Don for the day. Wilson and Institute Tommv O'Hearn, Philip Sen- geroas \,Ta dose7« cfaribel Stinker, Davidji s better. tended tl.« Teacheus Blake, Nellie Mae Bcdker, Law-i First( remove shuttle slide and re nee Han.sen, Murray Biegalle, pi ates thread, bobbin and shut- Jimmy Schulte, Budd Claveau,hie and even the needle. Take Jr.. Charles Pepperman, Charles j that ever ready implement, a Martz. Albert Rakas, Herbert.hairpin or a toothpick, to remove Bortcll. Eulan Kortge, Bill i n n t and dust around shuttle and The hostesses served a delicious luncheon, buffet style, at a late hour, from a charming table in crystal and blue. At each end of the table daughter of Mr. and Mrs. e>. Myers of Hart, to Charles C. Hannigan al St. Paul's Methodist church in South Bend, Ind., on Sept. 29, have been received. Mr. and Mrs. Myers owned the Slu-iy Club to Meet The Summit Study club will | § hold its first meeting of the year j* at the home of Mrs. Roy Van- i!$! NorUyick on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The meeting will begin at 2:30 p. m All members are urged to at•(.end. * : in Grand Rapids Friday. ! Chamber School ! Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sadosky 1 and little son of Ludington spent gave a fitting response. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kibbey, Frank Kibbey and Don Kibbey were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fitch Sun- 1 nu ui me uttuie wcie i, — ~" ~ 7". ~"— ~^-~" ' i day. Oct. 22. I candleholders with i, h ° m e now owned by Vern Oim- i M rs. Eva Kistler was a dinner J candles. • -Miss Virginia ' S tpad m thls township and it was- : eues t at the Kibbey iiome Tues- vrmi-Prt r-irtm- Pananps i "ere that Mrs. Hannigaii upent | d av evening Oct 24, and Monday her childhood. She has taught : evening the Kibbeys entertained i AND AM NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS AT THE BEAR SHOP 604 E. DOWLAND ST. All Motorists Are Invited to Stop In for a Free 'Bear Alignment' Check-up for Safe Fall and Winter DRIVING -ALSO Body Bumping and Painting on All Cars. "LINE-UP WITH BEAR" THE BEAR SHOP (504 E. Dowland DICK PEHRSON Phone * 227 $ •V * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Fields poured cider. Canapes, fruit salad, individual chocolate cakes and a bride's cake jwere served, on befitting crystal service. The bride-to-be 'several v^ars in the Muskegon school. Mrs. Hannigan has been : a traveler through the United i States, usually accompanied by for Mr" and Mrs. Maurice Brown. Mount Marcv. elevation 5,344 feet, is the highest point in New Lorenz. Howard Ronrmoser, j feed part:;. Squirt kerosene into Geneva Appleton. Norma Dodge, | each oil opening on bearing or Donna Ferris. Margaret Nelson, moving part. Run the machine and Jackie Briggs. I to work the kerosene into bear- Junior band—Philip Schwass, ings, then apply more kerosene. Tom O'Hearn, Cleola Knudsen, To properly clean needJe bear- Patty Reader, Ardith Slagel, A. lings it is usually necessary to Carter. Martin S'^^off, Bernard,'move face plate. Barnett, Donald Keith, Budd i To give a proper shampoo you Claveau. Jimmy Schulte, Mar- can put some kerosene in a sauc- ga»et Nelson. " Helen Andersen er and with a small paint brush j and Burton Howe. 'apply the kerosene to all parts, Donna Ferris, Margery Ger-| about the needle bar housing. It; bers, Howard Rohrmoser, T.! will be easier to remove the pres- ; Ray Nelson. Jackie Briggs. Joe,sure foot and set the saucer un- Behak. Barbara Andersen, Bill der the needle bar. Present were Mesdames Mar- Isnail Seitz, Charles Hansen, chil- Fred Hansen, Henry Nielson 21ara and Smith and Misses Lavonne Gustafson of Mt. Clemens spent Hansen, Larrene Hansen, Irene , Oct. 22, at the Dahlquist- |Jan Koviak, the guest of hon- j home. or, Thora Hansen. and the hos- I tesses, Misses Wilson, Fields STAR SCOTTVILLE ^^^ 9&1& Sunday-IMonday-Tuesdav Harley. F. Thome, Lavelle Allen, D. Christen.sen. Herbert Spencer, Brush out around the feed, then turn the head of machine Announces Events for Coming Week Listing. Phvllis Griswold, Robert bac > so as to brush the parts Brothwell. Buddy Anderson and :|underneath. Draw the machine Bernard Birnett. "i ead ^ ', Us or '8 1 " a . 1 P lace a . nd ^i. u D.! .j Qf th(? long Bobbin type wipe the shuttle race with a kerosene wet cloth. Be sure the groove through which the needle passes i is clean. Under the front bed of the machine is usually located a On Monday evening the Scottvillo Woman's Study club will meet at Amber hall for its regular meeting. This is "fun night" and coming on Hallowe'en, aporopriate games and contests have been' raneed bv the committee AS YOU THRILL TO THIS HUMAN DRAMA OF BOYS AND GIRLS quarter inch hole " filled with some oil holding material like wool. A pin size hole leads from | this little oil well to the shuttle i race. Run a pin through to see ar . i if the hole is open. It is best to m _ remove the wool, clean with ker- nludine Mesdames Matt Urka, John Biegalle and Hiram Martin. Any one desiring transportation, or any one having room osene and replace. If your machine happens to be one with a piece of red flannel in the shuttle case, rinse it with kerosene. in their car for more guests,-is asked to communicate with Mrs. Frank Barclay. Wipe the machine dry with a cloth and let it stand for evaporation of the kerosene for 24 hours. Monday and Tuesday eve- ' Tne " 0 '1 by putting a few drops nins; the movie, "They Shall ', of the proper grade of 9!! into Have Music,'" sponsored by ! each hole. Run the machine and Band Mothers, will be pre- I wipe up excess oil. Replace all sented. ' ; the part^ you removed and stitch .,_ | on some waste material. Mason County Health Unit j After another 12 to 24 hours will meet Tuesday afternoon at squirt kerosene in all holes and the church parlors of the Methodist church. The meeting will be called'at 2 o'clock. Frederic Read, editor of The Ludington Daily News, will ; run the machine a short time to : work out any gummy material. I After using the kerosene several times, oil again. This should be done several WAIT FOR THE GREAT REXALL SALE Next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 25th Anniversary Buy your drugs and drug sundries at this great sale. McPhersoiTs Drug Store The Rexall Store—Scottville--N. V. McPherson, Prop. —Special Added Attractions— Edgar Kennedy Comedy Color Cartoon and FOX MOVIETONE News MATINEE SUNDAY 2:30 p. m. Admission 25c-10c Evenings 7:00-9:15. Admission 25c-10c LAST TIMES TONIGHT-—Double Feature Program MR. MOTORIST.... Don't Wait For Winter- 'CAUSE Winter Won't Wait For You! Winter plays no favorites. . .your new 1940 automobile needs as much protection as the "old timers." Just one night of freezing weatherr can cost you triple what you would pay for all-winter protection. Let Us Service Your Car! aPRESTONE •ZERONE • WINTER OIL AND LUBRICANTS • MOTOR TUNE-UP FOR BETTER WINTER PERFORMANCE Ludington Auto Sales "OVER 20 YEARS OF SATISFYING OWNERS" Phone fiOO We Call For and Deliver Your Car MR. MOTORIST: "Five Little Peppers" and "How They Grew" Sl)ows G:-:5-9:30 Admission g5c-10c "Bad Lands" —Added— Dionne Quintuplets in "FIVE TIMES FIVE" and Cartoon PRESTONE-ZERONE Winterize Your Car Before the First Freeze-up It's better to be a week early than a day lute. Let us Winteri/e your car before the first freeze. Tune up your motor ... change to win- tor oil and grease ... add antifreeze . . . check tires, wheel alignment, lights, battery and brakes. We do the complete job at one bargain price. Drive in and get your car ready for winter. WINTER OIL—WINTER GRiEASE AL DUMAS RADIO SERVICE 225 S. James St. Phone 722 Scottville Phone 104 SUPER SERVICE Corner of Rowe Street and Ludington Ave- PHONE 261 WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER YOUR CAR.

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