Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 4, 1933
Page 3
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-•I 11QLA, KANSAS Mri J, H: Palmer Is confined to I'M Ved by iUness. ••' ; Attention'Teachers. —•Rie Register Job Department will ,now be open during noon Wurs^and Saturday afternoons/ "F; Hummiston will spend Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. Junior Mareh and her family, in Kiiicaid. • ^Confidence never Waugh Funeral Home. betrayed. sTqhn T. Mahaffey of Marlon-, Oklii.i» arrived Wednesday night for a yi.sit with Mrs. Mahafiey. SUNDAY MENU • - -Tomato Juice Cocktail • ..Rbast Goose with Dressing Stevfed Chicken with Dumplings Prozeh Carrot and Pineapple Salad Carrt a la Southern Hot Biscuits .Bittt(ired Parsnips Baked Potatoes Apricot Ice in Cake Cui5s THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING,.MARCH 4.. 1933. fAGE THREE T THE NEiWFANGLES (Mom*!! Pop) jPUNCTURINGAL'S BALLOON! MUCH, jIMTERESTED NO USE LEWJiNG "mAT I IN OUR T\NELV;E- ; CONTRACT, OR TUE CYLVNOER JOB -/ TOURER. EMEN AND UE TAUKED ABOUTf ILL TEU'NDU SOMETrtlNttl By Cowan 25 and 35 Cents M e e k' s POLLY ANN CAFE •Phone 790 • Jslrs;. Lillian E. vyishard and her sou 'Charles of Appleton City, Mo.. Vvc .;u guests Thursday of Mrs. Wlsh- iird's - brother, C. E. Sliepley, and Mre.j Sliepley. ^ ' WP - gt-ll on a small payment down livIVt^ room, dining and bedroom fifi-h-Hure. Lareest iftoek In Allen colunty. You can save money oh everv dime you Bpcnd at the W.;H. WOOD FINE FURNITUKE 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 Mr.;and Mis. Fred Bills, Mrs. Effie Fnend and Mrs. Laurs; Rams- ciej'. ^nd her two sons will spend Siuitlfty at Williamsburg as guests of Mt: anfl Mrs. Jim Bills.. FOLLOW THE CROWD \^ere food and prices are 4Kways right. Chicken "dinner, and all trimmings, • , •' —30c-^ KOZY KOVE 117 West Street Miss Margaret Van Patten. Francis Sanger, Wilham Aylirig, and Thoimas Coblentz will visit • Sunday \ntlj ;Mi\ Sanger's parents. Ml", and Mrs". C. E. Sanger, in, Collinsville. Okl(t.r ;N'ew Living Room Suites. —Two-piece Jacquard suites. $29.50; two'-piece Mohair suites, $31.50. A. R. Sleeker Furniture Co. Ttifi South Side Bible class joiri- nc'. ia;the- meeting this afternoon at t'ie_''Baptist Temple in observance of VjOrld.Day of Prayer. The class xviUiiniieet as usual next Friday; after:'rah in tlie home of Mrs. B. O. Kti)4 701 'South Washington. A ^y Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed Ut Us Show You •An Especial „ lEREWASGOLD aiYINHOiiAND? DISCOVERED IMCAL- iroBmAINl848? (Answers will be found' on Page l>) I%Irs. Ii*vin Kealey and her son L'on. of Iiidependence, spent last niijht with Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Lewis, i —35 and 50% off on Special Orders for Wall Paper at Antrim's,.219 N. Jefferson. B. E. LawTence of Kansas City will arrive Sunday for a visit with his family. —Dr. W. P. Hull, Osteopath and piagnostlCian, Phone 120. H. D. Smock wept to Neosho Falls Friday on business. Regular Meeting Monday Night, 8 p. m. Memorial Hall EARL HUNTER, P. C. Mrs. P. P. Cleaver and her son Clarence Chapman arrived yesterday from Fort Scott for a visit witii Mrs. Cleaver's sister Mrs. J. I. Hixon and her family, who live west i — I of town, and her niece Miss Esther —PHONE 1175 for Plumbing and Klxon. Repair Work. lola Plumbing Co. , Sam Kindig arrived last. night |from Kansas City, for a week-end yisit with his pax'ents, Mr. and Mre. JE. E. Kindig. Ask for FAIRMONT ICE CREAM It's pare, delieions. tasty Iridividuar Molds for every occasion 3Iade in lola from Allen county products George Vbsse, who is employed on tiiu Katy line from parsons to Junction City, is spending,the week-end with Mi-s. Vosse. —All merchandise marked in plain figures, selection made easy. Sleeper Mortuarj'. • , Mrs.. K. p. Barnes and Mrs. W. W. Lam and her daughter Jo^n,-of ?>trivan, wei'e dinner gue.sts Friday of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Smock. —Just received 1000 Roils Wall Paper. Antrim's Cash Store, 219 N. Jeff. Price 5c to 20c single roll. . Mrs. T. E. Davis arrived this noon from Kansas City to be a week-end guest of her sister, Mrs. C. M. Diehl and her family. • Plan to have a new Spring Wardrobe the econoniical way by having your dresses, stilts and coats Cleaned and Pressed into a second youth. 30c— CUT RATE CLE.\NERS Phone 775 Opp. Postoffice -35c- •; ABLESON eLEANER.S Phone 103 Cfne Day Service If Desired Mrii. Pete Amyx and lier daughter Nan, and Mrs. Aldo Cunning­ ham'of Laurence, who ar^ .spending a- few days in lola visited Friday iiJtcrnoon with Mrs. Fred Nolte. F-or Finance Commissioner. I i>creby announce- my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finan.':e Commissioner. Your vote.s will be ap'prcciated. E. D. SHIELDS. FivAik R0S.-4 of Mildred, Grover . Mer,z?.c, W. P. McFaciden, Leon Sc'litill, and Ray Bell made a business ;itrip to Joiilin. MJo., Tliursday. CURTAIN SPECIAL Continued One More Week •plain Panels, per pair, 35c •Ruffled and, -CriSs Cross, 50c a window . Phone 102 r lOLA LAUNDRY "102 E. Jackson Tin; following out of town rela- tiveiiiand fricn^ were liere to attend the funeral rites Tliursday morning of Mrs. V. L. Martin: Mr. and' Mrs. P. D. Martin and their ciiililiTpn of Clianute. Mr. .and Mrf. e. W Martin and V. L. Martin 'of , Kan .'5iis City, Mrs; Ed McGannon of /X-i'oup. Texas, Fred EUiott of Fort ; Scott. Mr. and Mi-s, William and their Cliijdren, Mrs. Eliznijeth Allaire. Mrs. Agnes Wix- sbn,-5VIr. and Mrs. Walter Hess. Mr. and:]VIrs. Tom Byrum, Mr. and Mrs. Wils' Starkcy,. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. McOannori. Dan Grant, and Joe Oeiyjiis of Humboldt, and Mr. and Mrs. noodnouph and their son Rich­ ard'?)f Chanute, Mrs. Arthur Diamond and daughter Dorothy of JCa^ City. J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. O. COOHILL, Manager p()ULTRY AND EGGS 'See Cases and Supplies ^Urt Your Chicks RiKht USE PILLSBURY STARTINO FOOD Olfi pid Reliable—Established 1911 ' I borner Monroe and Elm <J\m West of the Water Tower) WIRES iSiMs Chevrolet, 4 or 6 set..49c F^M X Sparit Plug Wires...5c Ubiversal, 4 cyUndersi any «ar >...;,..I..;.... 59c lUr^iversal, 6 cylinders, any . 4}ar I .i... - 95c plher whes at similar prices ^iVNDRE\VS;& SON ^ lola—14 South Washington ' Crianute^a^ EastlV^iii ! FRYER BROS. GROCERY Tomatoes, No. 3 can, 4 for ... .25c 1 dozen for ....70c Quick Naihtha Soap, 10 bars'20c First Prizd Cocoa, pkff. I9c Gold Value Pancake Flour, 3'j-lb. bag Itc Puritan Pure Leaf Lardj li) 6c- Mr. ^nd Mrs. C. E. Williams iiavt :'.s U'luir guest.'-, for the week-end Mr..Williams's aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bruce ijnd Mr. and Mrs. J. A.! Bruce of McCune. Mi". Bruce is fi ! cousin ,of Mr. Williams. • j New Bedroom Suites | —Three-piece suites as low, as $19.50. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. Mr.?. C. Earl Williams returned Thursday night from Pleasanton where she visited her sister, Mis. N. E. Howard and her family a few d;iys. She' was met in Fort Scott by M:-. Williartis, who brought hei home. ;: SUPER SERVICE FOB YOUB CAR Gieneral; Repair Oilin; an^ Greasincr C^r Washing General Tires and Repair . SHELLY MOTOR CO- 214 ,N.. Jeff.—Phone 80 Mr. and Mi-s. George D. Cleland and their son George Jr., will airive this afternoon jfrpni Ft. Scott ,Lp be week-ejid guests of. Mr. Cleland's sister, Mrs. C! Earr WiUiams aiid her ifanijly. ,—Try GLOVER'S new car for TAXI SERVICE, 15c, Phone 897., Mr. .and Mrs. O. E. Russell and iheir son p.. E. Jr., and Jidr. and Mrs. A. R. Sleeper, Mtended .the Kahsas-Oklsthbma ba«^tt)aU game lasti aight »( I^wrence. Air. and Mrs. T. O. Waugh ant' their daughter Betty attended the K. U.-O. U. basketball game la .5t night at Lawrence. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Ero-.vns Drur; Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. Mrs. Josephine Neighbor and her diiughter Catherine Mae, have gone to Kansas City for an indefinite visit with Mrs. Neighbor's sisier. Mrs. H. A. Dimmitt and lier family, and other relatives. MONT McKINNEY GROCERY & iVLARKET If you bake bread use tlie best Flour. PilLsbury's Best -18 pounds....Sl.lO Ralston'.s Oats, large pkg. 14c Quart jar Salad. Dressmg 25c FREE DELIVERY no S. Wasliington Phone 173 Miss Dunbar of Independence and Elbert Thoroman of- Lawrence are sjjenciina: ^tiie week-end with Mr. Thoroman's mother ; Mrs. E. C. Tlioroman and his aunt Miss Effic Hampshire. - . —Living Room Suites, Studio Couches, Day Beds. Pullup Chairs, etc. Terms. Delivery. We trade. Curtis Furniture, 10 N. Wash. Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Bills and Ada Bills had as their guests Friday Mrs. Wayne Shadley and her daughter Marjorie, Miss ^Ita Albcc of Fort Scott, Mrs. Homer of Monett, Mo.. Mrs.-W. E. Lyons and Mi-s. c. J. Albee were also Eijests of the Bills. —Milford C. Langlcy .stands for Economy and ; Lower tJtility Rates. The following .riiembcrs of the local Business and: Professional, Women's tclub will drive to Olathe t;his afternoon to attend the second district convention of this organization: Miss Thela Brewer, Miss Julia McClure, treasurer; Miss Ella Vezic, I 'ice-president:; Miss Dora iLangford. and Mrs. J. Paul Bell. Miss Bre^ver is director for this district. . . HORIZON; TAIJ 2 President of the United • Sta;teff: 11 Denoted. 12 OfCera to verify. 14 Slackening bar 3 In a loom. 15 Flower leaf. 16 To mako suitable. 18 Since. 20 Fern plant seed. 23 Covcra. Ans\rer to Previous Fuzzle 23 Legal prices ot 41 Fishing bag. grain fixed by 42To long' for. | >,'Scots Jaw. 25 Collection ot racing horses. 2GHair an em. 27 Fine arts craftsmen. 23 Cliaos. 30 To retract. 33 Pertaining to conventionaL- statuary. 36 Erring. 37 Stringed instrument. 3? Goddess o£ . dawn. 30 Stir. 44 Shafts to raise 2 Gathers a the feet above harvest, ground when . walking. 47 Degrades. 45 dkin blotches. 50 Kinds of metallic rock. 51 Rustic English dialect. •53 Bristlclike organ. r.4 Thick shrub. "Twentieth Oallasty repast. Amendment" 56 To ha!-d(?Ti. to the V. S. A 'ERTICAIi Constitution 1 Leader in , called? 11 Meadow. 13 boln aperture. ' 17 Eats. 19 PSroflted. 21 tType of Celtic pross. 23 Vanir deity o' • prosperity. 24 Bustle. 27 What U. S. territory ' occupies the northwestern part of Ni Anierlca? power in Irish 28 ipertalnlng to Free State. scenery. 31 Emitted vapor, 32 Oily keystones, aiThe mark —, or . 35 Irritates. : o9Malicious burning of dwellings. 40 Pertaining to osmium. 3 Hops kilu. 4 Unit. 5 Narrow. 6 Gasified liquids. .7 First woman. S Rents. 9 Drain devices. 42 Valiant man. 10What is the 43Finishes. 45 Short nail. 4$ To surfeit. 47 Period. 49 To devour 52 Sun god. Funeral services for Mrs. Poster Doss, daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. , N ; Goes ot Ida, vtio died Wednesday at, her'home In Chicago, j were held there yesterday. Mrs. Goss wsis well known in lola, having; visited iiere many times. E; F Lear, who has been visitint; his brother G. E, Lear and ills family, the past three weeks,. ireturn- ofl Thursday his home in Napoleon, Mo. 32-PIECE SET New Pattern. Basket Weave Decorated Dinner Ware §4.,i0 Open Stock SHANNON HARDWARE Paints—^Tin Shop Phone 29 FRANK SEZ: Your car will run smoother : and farther if you will use'only : the MobU TwinSr-Mpbilgas and : MobiloUi : Frank Lawyer's Service Station : Blaqksmithhig. Weldtag, MadhU:«e and Woodwork 12 N. Wjahiut Phone' 119 : ••i---. ••>• IT- • jMembcrs of the local Business and Professiopal Women's club who will -^o to Olathe Sunday mondng to attend the second district convention of the organization are: Miss Alice Miles, president; Miss Maude McKlnney, corresponding .secretary; Miss Thelma Roberts, recording secretary; Miss May Frederickson. Miss Bessie Litwin, Miss Dollie Adams, Miss Luella Varner, and Mrs. J. O.'Allen, i REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS | (Prom the Office of'The lola | Abstract. Co., 108 W. Jackson) I —-.^ «i KANSAS BRIEFS (By the Associated Press'} Meade, said he was unable to. find anyone who saw the robbers : escape, but was informed three men were seen in a motor car near the bank about the time of the robbery. Pending a check, bank officials Emporia—Sam Herman Craig,, . _, , , alias Herman Crane, 34. was sen-] declined to announce the lo^j fenced to serve from 10 to 50 years in the state i^enitontiary yi3Slerday after pleading guilty to participation in the .$16,000 robbery of the Citizens national bank here Tuesday. He told district judge, Lon C. Mccarty, that inability to find work followinlg his release from tlie penitentiary last December prompted him to take part in the robbery. A man who nas wounded and captured, but who had refused to reveal his identity, was said by Craig to be Charles Fargo, another ex- convict. Three other members of the. gang escaped. Plains—Two! unmasked bank robbers escaped witrf an undetermined amoimt of loot here yesterday after iiblding up the Plains state bank and slugging tlie cashier into unconsciousness. Sheriff Ralph Drin- nes, who was summoned from The ca.shier, who was alone in the bank at the time, regained [consciousness : ten minutes after I the robbers left the bank. Reading—Despite the fact rot^bers demolished the safe in the Sant^ Fe station here with a blast of dynamite early yesterday no money was missing. It was found in the debris. The blast damaged the station and wrecked some of the fiumiture. Soldiers Close Enid Bank. Enid, Okla.. Mar. 4. fAP)—Af detachment of national guardsmen today closed the First National bank of Enid, which had declined to| ob- ;,crve Governor Miuray 's mandatory banking hoUday. Roosevelt in at 1:06 P. M. Washington. Mar. 4 (AP)—President Roosevelt took tlie oath of office at'1:06 -p. m. CALENDAR. Monday, March 6 — Clothing meetiing at Memorial ball at 2 o'clock. Tuesday, March 7 —Regular meeting of Osage unit. Tuesday, March 7—4 -H^club couqcil ' meeting, 8 o'clocK^ in office. . \ . Wednesday, March &-tReguIar meeliing of Cottage Grove unit. Tliursday, March 9—Regular meetiing of Jeddo unit. Tliursday, March &—Regular ipee^ing of Central Avenue. \ FWday, March 10— B e g u 1 a r meeting of Rock Creek. Helpful Thought. If you wish to appear agreeable in society, you must consent io be taught many things which you know already.—Lavater. Roosevelt Asks For Divine Aid Washington, Mar. 4. (AP)—To historic St. John's Episcopal church in the shadow of the White House, PrankUn D. Roosevelt went today a while before becoming president to invpkje divine blessings upon his administration. • With hini went his cabinet and memijers. of their fanulies. With Ixwed heads they heard the Rev. Endicott PeaixDdy. who married the Robsevelts 28 years ago, aslc. spiritual aid for the new president and for the nation. The special service jwas arrange by Mr. Roosevelt. Its purpose, as explained previously by the \ Rev. Robert Johnston, rector of the church, was: "A private citizen is going to church before undertaking a' great office a;id^,he is going to say his prayers." Mr. Roosevelt and his party stopped at the chm-ch en route from his hotel to the White House before going to tlie capital for the inauguration. It is known as "the church of presidents." for there Monroe, Madison, Fillmore, Jacksoii. Buchanan and Arthur'worshipped. As'the daylight filtered dimly through the ricli-colored, stained- glass windows on members of the small official group- and their wives, sitting in thp front pews of the church, Mr. PealxKiy prayed: O Lord, our heavenly Fatlier, most heartily we beseech thee with thy favor to behold and bless thy servant. Franklin, chosen to be the president of the United States, and all others in authority; and so replenish them with thy grace that they may always walk in thy way. Endue- them plenteously with heavenly igifts, grant them in health and prosperity long to live." . .Then followed a prayer for the nation. Passenger: "Guard, have I time to say good-bye to my wife at the gate?" • Guard: "I don't know, sir. How long have you been married?" LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts .....9c Eggs, seconds —7c Eggs, thirds 5c Eggs, ungraded 8c Hens, No. 1 6c Hens. No. 2 4c No. 1 Springs, IVi lbs. up ...... 6o No. 2 Springs 4c Capons, over 9 lbs 10c Capons, over 8 Ibs.x .8c Capons, over 7 lbs 6c Capons, under 7 lbs ' 6c sups 4c Butterfafc, lb. : 13c CJockB 30 Geese, lb • 3c Guineas, each 10c White Ducks, lb 4c Colored-Ducks, lb 3c Hides, per lb Ic Mixed Com, bu ....15c YeUow Com, bu. t.. 15c Wheat, bu 28c Kafir Com ....13c y :''in^DeLuxe • . Refrigeration ROSS ARBDCKLE GARAGE CHBYSCER-PLYMOVTH • Skles^Service—Farts LIVESTOCK 22 PoiJtry and Supplies CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per ' case. iSmith elec. incubation. Sets MOji. and Thurs. Started chicks, 6c Jup; Day old, 4^2C up. Sunflower^ Hatchery, Gas City. Kansas City Livestock . Kansas City, Mar. 4. (AP)—itr. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs 800 ; 450 direct; receipts mostly direct; few; sales steady with Friday's average; no shippers^in; .desirable 190-250 lbs., $3,30-46; top b .40; no choice lights offered; odd sows $2.65 down. Cattle 400; calves 100; for the week: Better grades fed steers and yeariings strong; other steers steady, fab :she sto<di 15-25 lower; , lower grade cows steady; vealers firm; stockers and feeders steady, demand slow. Week's tops: Gdod 94G lb. yearlings and choice 1244 lb. steers S5175; choice 1366 lb. weights $5.25; bulk fed steers $3.75-5.00; fejd heifers $3.50-4.50; bulk stockerS. feeders $3.50-5.00; good to choice vealr erp $5.00-6.00. • Sheep 1,500; for the week ':">Lambs weak .to 10 lower; sheep steady; top fed lambs to shippers $5.35, to packers $5.25; week's bulk $5.00^25; fat v.'Cthers $3.00; most ewes $2.00-50. FOR SALE-rSingle comb red baby chicks that live, from flock bred to lay. Order now. Mrs. T. F. Mc|Cean. Phone 767R. BABY CHICKS 100% from flocks blood tested and: c«rtifled by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our SOS^ guarantee on Custom Hatching. All heavy breeds 5',^c Afes't Heavies 5c Custotn Hatching mc or $5 case WILt30N FARM HATCHERl^IS (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles s^lith on 73W or "L; E . gteele Supply Co. I "Talk Chibks with WUlson" BUCKEYE INCUBATOR —200-egK, good, dirt cheap. Curtis's, 10 N. Wa^huigton, CUSTOM HATCH—IG in Modem Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4 ',ic, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Russell-Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. 150 CHOICE WHITE ROCK Chicks, 2 weeks old, with hen, 10c each, hen; 50c. C. A. lAnderson, 1425 N. Cottoiiwood. 23 Wanted—Live Stock SINGLE COMB R. 1. Red pullets. Clyde Thompson. Phone 467. WANTED—Flocks of following breeds to furnish eggs for liatcii- ing:-' Buff Orpmgtons, Buff Rocks. White Rocks. Tavlor's Hatchery and Produce. 201 S. Jeff., lola, Kas. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale DESKS—Two roller top desks and one' tiypewriter desk. Corr Truck & Stbrage. Phone 140. A small ad in the Classified col- umris often puts oyer a big deal. SWAPPER'S COLUMN CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,J933,) For one insertion, IV-ic per word. For three or more Insertions, Ic per word per insertion. Minimum, 25c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by the month; call this office. OUT OUR WAY By WilMams , Mr. and Mrsl Milton Worthington i .1.^ ha\-e as their guests for the week- ' * • ;epri Mrs. Elli.s Babbit and her chil- • i March 3 1933- dren Kenneth and Barbara Jean of : Bud Huriey, sheriff pf Allen coun-' Kafisas City, Mo., mss Anna Ran- Jty, Kansas, to The Metropohtan Life dies oi Kansas City. Kas.j and How- ;ard and Leland Randies, students at [the UnJyersity of Kansas. Mrs. Wc rthingtph is a niece, of-Mrs. Bab- hit and Ho ^V5l ^cJ.;a^^(J, Leland Rap- 'dlRfS. i . • . Insurance company tof New Yorlc, a corporation, W'.i of NEU 5-25-21. $2686.02. • Henry C. Burtiss. a single man to Kpnt ^.Dudley. Lot 10, Block 84 City of lola. .$1.00. :''.--r,.. TRADE-Stack of hay , for posts. iCharley Morrison, 4 miles north. i2 -'^iL_.east of LaHarpc. ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale —fa'-'r^k-CpJ: Aucypnper. Personals MATERNITY AND ADOPTIONS— Seclusion for unfortunate girls. Expense reduced by working. Address: Fairmount Hospital, 4909 _East 27th. Kansas City, Missouri. GOOD ;USED Cream Separators and peLa'val service. George J. Matt-. P. & -Q. gang plow; good used separator; sell cheap. J. A. Steimel, lola: Route 2. USED^ SEPARATORS—Anker-Kolth iand- ! DeLaval, good condition, cheaii. Wishard Seed Co. i FeecL Fuel, Fertilizers ALPALFA HAY— Baled or loose. Pied Eaker, west of lola. BhlMi PRAIRIE H-AY-^For sale. Call: f at McCarty's Blacksmith Shopi.301 South street. PERISLIZER — For gardens and IloweS- beds: bone meal for cattle; chick=starter for chicks. Brownie's, headquarters for cream. 28 Honseliold Gooda Strayed, Lost, Found LOST—9x12 axminster rug between lola and Chanute. Reward. Curtis Furniture Co., lola^ AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale Dodge SALES AND SERVICE Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phoifr^Ol Cash—Trade—Terms ' PONTIAC^BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 BIG LOT used oil and gasoline cook stoves. Henninger's Fum. Store. 25 ;USED GAS RANGES— $2.50 up. Henninger's Furniture Store. WE BUY— Sell and exchange new and- used furniture, stoves, rugs, etc.. Curtis Furniture. 3 USED living room suites, 4 used diinijig room suites, 3 used bedr rovh' suites, at bargain prices! EaSx'iterms. Free dehvery. W. H. Wo(?d Fine Furniture. 29 Machinery and Tools GAl^G PLOW— Good used horse- drawn gang plow, priced to sell. _All_e !ii County Implement Co. 30 Musical. Badio .Heiirtnger's SEVERAL 'good used radios. Terms. Furniture Store. 6 Aiito Accessories, Tires, Parts SPECIAL PRICE on ail Batteries fori two weeks only. General car rejiairing. George R. Hiser, 224 North Jefferson. TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street, Wholesale OAS, per gal.. 5^c Federal Tax Paid, $6.60 per 100 gal. (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Gasoline) VINE OIL & GAS CO. FINANCIAL 17 Busine^ Opportunities PILLING STATION—For lease in lola by the year. Address Box 90, care of Register. LADIES' Reedy-to-Wear Shoppe for sale; business established, best location; low overhead. Write; Box 491, Garnett. Kas. . ! : LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattiei Vehicles FOR SALE—Big team work mares and wagon harness. Norxh McRay street. Gas. Roy Lane. 31; ' Seeds; Plants, Flowers KANQTA SEED OATS—15c at farm. See^M. T. Shinn, 210 North Col- bom,-lola. ! SWE^ CLOVER-Clean, $1.35 bu.; flax, tree from wheat and dodder, 85e bu. Nirfiolas, LaHarpe. 32;: Wanted-^oBuy GIRL'S Second hand bicycle. Ad- drefj Box 257, LaHarjjc^ I ROOMS FOR RENT Apartments and Flats Af^ARTMENT—iClean, nicely furnished, close to square. 16 North Bycimore. . 36 3t Real Estate For Rent Farms and Land For Bent 240 ACRES — >i mile north of Perteva. E. S. Stratton. Houses For Bent COTTAGE— 4 rooms, modern, close in, '•• garden, fruit, cheap rent. Phone 1234. FOR RENT—Houses, good location.. jSee G. E. Pees; HOUSE—7-room modern, close in; oak floors; good garage. Inquire _j224, South Cottonwood street: : Real Estate For Sale 40' FarqHT'and Land For Sale 6 MILK COWS-=I Fordson tractor and plows. Earl Farreli, 5 ',i miles ^R SA^E OR TRADE—Three NW on Horviile road. Phone 980P4.- ^cri=s on slab, close in, electric " " • lights: garage, bam, 4-room houSe. 22 Poultry and SnppUe^ CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per case; less thaii ease lots, Ic per egg; chicks, 4%c and'up. Taylor's Hatchery .and .Produce, 201 |Soutlj. Jefferson, lola; Kas. ! Ph^ne 974-13, 43; ;Td Exchang^HBeal Estate WANT TO TRADE—lola property Jor:inercbandlsc, Address. A, cnro . Register./-^ •

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