The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1953
Page 2
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PACE TTfO RT,YTIIEVn,I,R (ARK.) COUKTKR NEWS MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1988 Vets' Handouts Draw Attention WASHINGTON (AP) — Tht House. Appropriations committee is expected to recommend sharp cutbacks in gov- v ernmcnt spending for veterans to curb what some members regard as abuses and nonessential servicta. The move, it was reported yi-Mer- 1. Unlimited free denial carp to day, will come June 16 when the committee sends to the House a S4.- 300,000.000 money bill to finance the Veterans Administration 'or the lis- veterans be? ended, at nil estini.'itrf annual savins of 20 million dollars 2. Applications for free hospital and medical cart- by veterans, except cal yrai' starting July 1. • those unable to pay or those with Cutbacks would not apply to mod• leal care and hospitalization for j veterans whose ailments are service- connected. The. committee already has said the hospital program will be allotted more money than either President Eisenhower or former President Truman requested. Dental Handout Axed? Informed sources said the committee will propose that: .. ailjm'nls, be idly checked. 3. "Gratuity" payments, to Rive veterans petting a GI home loan a financial breathing spell, be eliminated at an estimated annual sav- ins of 60 million dollars. 4. Fce.s paid schools for reporting their GI bill students be cut from S1.SO to si per month per student. Nebraska Tornado Wipes Out Family ARCADIA. Nob. (AP) — A tornado wiped out a farm near Arcadia late yesterday and hroutfht instant death to 10 persons enjoying- a Sunday family reunion (here. The twister was one of at luist five which hop-scotched over widely; scattered sections of Nebraska. RECJ9 Dozens of farms were damaged or destroyed, communications lines were downed and several persons were injured, at least one of them seriously. The tornadoes largely bypassed towns and cities In this Central Nebraska area, the tornado lilt at least six farms, The deaths were on the Mads Madsen farm five miles east of Arcadia. Assembled for their customary Sunday get-togetller were the Madsens, three children and five grandchildren. They apparently were In the Methodists Make Changes Pine Bluff District Gets Dr. Terry LITTLE ROCK <7FV- A Little Hock minister hns been nnmed superintendent of (lie Pine Bluff district of Ihe Methodist church. Dr. Arthur Terry, pastor of thn Asbury Methodist Church here, vas named yesterday in the list of ministerial appointments read by Bishop Paul E. Martin ni Hie closing session of the Little Rock Con ierence's centennial meeting hire, Dr. Terry will succeed the Rev. J. L. Dedman, who was assigned to the First Methodist Church of Magnolia. The Rev. Elmer L. Thomas of Magnolia will replace Dr. Terry. Two ministers — the Rev. John M. McCormack, pastor of the First Methodist Church of Jonesboro nnd the Rev. Horace Lewis, pastor of the First Methodist Church of Springriale, were transferred /rorn \.he North Arkansas Conference to the Little Rock conference. A new post—conference director of stewardship -— was assigned to the Rev. J. Edwin Keith, associated pastor of t he First Methodist. Church of Little Rock /or five years. and never knew what hit them. Bodies Scattered So vicious was the tornado that bodies were mangled and scattered as far as half a mile. "There wasn't a stick of anything left on the place," said one visitor to the scene. Machinery, animals and buildings were "tossed around like feathers," ssikl i\nolh<M', A farm across the road also was leveled but six per sons escaped Injury by huddling in a storm cellar- The dead were Mr. nnd Mrs. Madsen, about GO; their son, Virgil Mndsen, Central City, Neb.; their daughter, Mrs. Dolly Johnson, nnd her two children, Kenneth, 12, and Barbara, 10; nnd another daughter of the Madscas, Mrs. Jack Witty, her three children, Patty, 8; Thelnm, 12, and Gi\ry, 10. Other* Hit The same tovnndo seriously Injured Lester Hubbnrd, a bachelor armer living nearby. He was found in the wreckage of his home. Other tornadoes hit areas in the vicinity of Hooper in Eastern Nebraska, near David City about 70 miles west, of Omaha, nnd in the Albion area of Northeast Ne- j braska. i Still another funnel was sighted near Bi# Springs along the Colorado-Nebraska border but no dam- Hl>e from It was reported. I'remior Uurmiet I Sir Hickm&n Drckett Bnc.i:i-!s. [ (he premier bp.i'-rr-l of England. I Knighted by v^iiufn Kiixabeth T in • 1578, his ancestor. Sir Nicholas Bacon, was the first to receive the baronclcy. Kir Nicholas was the brother of Francis Bacon, famous essayist nnd lord chancellor of King Jnmos I. Montreal hns six tabloid newspapers. By RICHARD KLKIttKR NKA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA! — A lansc man in a powder-blue suit, and an alcoholic haze citmo tip to Guy Lain- bardo, It was between spt.s at.the Roosevelt Grill, where Guy'is boon playing ,so long that, like old Toddy he speaks softly and carries E baton, "Cleveland." the man said. "Don'l you remember me from Cleveland?' 'No, I'm snrry, I don't," said Guy and the man weaved away. Loin- bardo .shrink his head, wearily, and .taried talking about music ;if;am. "It's like I was saying," he resumed. "The public never changes. They still like ihe same kind of songs they always did," The headwniter brought a lit Me rl up, and Guy gave her his autograph. "Where was I? Oh, yes, music. You know, it's harder to find good ss today, In the old days. Tin Alley was concentrated in one ,. Bui. now thorn are publishers ill over. Too many." A hefty, well-nrchideii woman •a me up. She remembered Guy rom Syracuse. "I bet you don't remember me," he cooed. She was right. She left, pouting slightly. "Oh, yes, music," Guy began again. "It's easy to tell if the public likes a new Bong. You got a definite reaction on the stand. Just play it once, and you can tell 1 You can go from coast to coast, from border to border, and the people are the fisimc. People everywhere like the same music." The man from Cleveland came back. He wanted to know why Lom- barclo didn't play that song about the doggie in the window. "We don't play it," said Lombardo, getting up, "because there's nobody In the band who can bark." THE POPULAR SIDE: Florian ZaBach tells this on himself: A violin professor at, an eastern university .suddenly found his enrollment zoomed up, nnd (lie students ex- : plained that they wore inspirod by , Florian ZaBach. "What," linked the j professor, "is n Florian ZaBuch — some new kind of sandwich?".. . . Rosemary Clooney's newest, "It Just j Happened to Happen to Mo," is a j family affair — it was written by ; her brother, Nick. j • • * i ON THE CLASSICS: Reports in dlcntc that Milan's world-famous j La Sen la opera company will be re- | corded, perhaps in the fall ... MOM will Issue much of the soundtrack of the new movie, "Julius Caesar." . , . More and more classical music being iseued on the smaller. Extended Pla, discs. Mostly Kho'rter pieces, o course. DICK'S PICKS- POP SINGLES: "Down by th River Side" (The Four Lads, Co lumbla); "Without a Memory Uurty Garland, Columbia), "Ma tilda. Matilda" (Harry Belalontc RCA-Victon; "Candy Lips" (Doris Day and Johnnie Ray. Co lumbhi t; "Return to Paradise 1 (Percy Faith, Columbia); "Mi Shining Hour" , (Jane Proman Capitol). POP ALBUMS: Music lor ov- jry taste — French songs ("Les Chan tenses dp la Place Pigi on RCA-Victor features Nila Cara and Suzy Delalr); marches and band music ("Sunday Band Concert" on RCA-Victor has Paul Lot-Bile's Band of America playing favorites); humorous music ("Danny Kaye Entertains" on Columbia includes such favorites as "T.schaikovfiky" from "Lady in the Dark"); popular hits (Fmnkie Carle, on an RCA-Victor EP album, plays the four top instrumentals of the day;; old favorites (Eugene Or- manrly and the Philadelphia Orchestra "Pops" play selections rom Victor Herbert's "Naughty Marietta" and "The Fortune Teller"). CLASSICAL; "Michael Rabin lays" is a delightful Columbia album, featuring the H-year-old iolinist in llghth-earted classics »y Kreisler, Dvorak and others; Beethoven's Symphonies No. 8 ml 9 urn given a top-notch pro- uction in a new set on the low- T-priced Entre label, performed iy Herbert von Kara Jan and the Vienna Philharmonic; "Melba" 5 a new RCA-Victor album, rom the .soundtrack of the new lovie, with Patrice Mtinsel sing- ng classic soprano arias. Boston Woman Heads Christian Science Church Mrs, Grace Cud worth Mrs. Grace F. Cudworth of Bos on. Mass., today was named Presi dent of The Mother Church, Th 'irst Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston at the annual meeting The Mother Church. Mrs. Cudworth's appointment wa .nnounccd by The Christian Scienc Board of Directors The term of of Ice is for one year. An active Christian Scientist for almost 50 years Mrs. Cudworth has been a Christian Science "practitioner in Boston — the world headquarters of th. Christian Science movement — for more than 40 years. The practical value of spiritua understanding in dally life was tre keynote as more than 7,500 Christian Scientists from throughout the world met today. A special message from The Christian Science Board of Directors told the gathering that materialism liot only is being challenged 3Ut is yielding increasingly, to the impact of spiritua enlightenment. Expenditure of approximately one million dollars for charitable pur- lose.s during the year was reported jy Roy Garrett Watson, treasurer. WELCOME To a "WAY of I.IFR" Closed Meetings (members only) Tucs 8:30 pm Open Meetings (Public invited) Fri 8:30 pm AA CLUB ROOMS 111 EAST MAIN ST. Write for Free Booklet and other information. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 87] Blytheville tt "Bundles of Bargains ANGUS SALE 125 females sell June 12 at Greenville. Miss. Sale at noon, Tri-Slate Stockyards Selling 125 well bred females mated to top herd sires from leading herds of the Mid-South. There are 75 with cnlvcs at side and the others will calve soon. The cattle will sell in thrifty, pasture condition, ready to go to work for you without any lost motion. There will be plenty of bargains . .*''be sure and be there to get yours. Consignors: Seyppel Angus Farm Hughes, Ark. Tom Meanley Memphis, Tenn. A. C. Mahan Farms Mariannd, Ark. Fclton Angus Farms Marianna, Ark. W. B. Yancey Marianna, Ark. Lyon Angus Farm Olive Branch, Miss. Birdeye Angus Farms Birdeye, Ark. For catalogs, write Al Prestridge, Marianna, Ark. AEC Cuts Termed Risky WASHINGTON UP)— The output of new atomic weapons and raw materials lor them will Increase more than 25 per cent next year under an "enlarged and vigorous" development program, Congress lias Official: announced that 34 new branches of The Mother Church were established during the year. been told. But Chairman Gordon Dean of the Atomic Energy Commission cautioned that 1954 Is a year of "urgency" and said President Eisenhower's atomic budget, cut down to »1,096,000,000, "contains risks." He repeatedly asked a House appropriations subcommittee, In testimony released yesterday, to avoid adding to reductions of $496,800,000, or 32 per cent, already made In former President Truman's requests for the year beginning July 1. Read Courier News classified Ads. Iranian Salons Engage in Fight TEHRAN, Iran (/!')—Premier Mohammed Mosadegh's bill to strip Iran's Shah of his military authority has been stalled again by a wild brawl In the national Parliament. A recess was called until tomorrow after a melee during which one deputy was badly beaten avound the head yesterday and others were kicked and punched off by * dispute over procedure. Order by Phone C from Your Catalog 8131 Jusf call our Catalog Sale! Office »n_ tell our Telephono Shopping Specia!'lt whs! you want, we'll do the rest. You Cftt\ wilder any item by phone and pvrry item it guaranteed as pictured and described. Blytheville, Arkansas For cool comfort this summer, have your home insulated by Home Service Co. Now. F urn it-ii re Storage Public Hauling Moving Pick Up & Delivery Home Service Co. Bill Wundcrllcli M5 S. 2lsl I'll. SMS BLUE CROSS For Hospital Car BLUE SHIELD For Sin c.ira! Car« ^ MISSISSIPPI COUNTY RESIDENTS ARE NOW ELIGIBLE TO JOIN BLUE CROSS- BLUE SHIELD INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY Membership SPECIAL POLIO PROTECTION Mississippi Co. Enrollment Date June 1 Thru 15 Effective Date-June 15th 'CONSULT YOUR LOCAL DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL' Farmer* May join Through Their County Farm Bureau Croup During Their Enrollment Period. MARK AND MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY Farm liureau Insurance Office Osceola, Ark. i Please send me without obligation complete details on the Hospital- I Surgical Benefits of your Non-Profit Plan. j Name _________________ _____ ..... _ _ __ ______ „ ______ , ________________ | Address ............... _______________________________________________ ....... _______ _ ; Place of Employment PAYROLL CROUP rj INDIVIDUAL Q FAMILY CROUP Q BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD YOUR PASSPORT TO WORRY : FREE RECOVERY 1210 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS NOW TRY FRIGIDA1RE reat Circle Coolii>g ^_/^ ~ without cost or obligation Sensational New Super H«r« ii true, complete air conditioning oil can afford...cooling, dehumidifying, filtering, circulating and fwitilating. All the famous Frigidairo quality and p«rformanc« al a low, low price. Compare...You'll Choose Frigidaire COOLING Mountain-crisp, fresh, cool air for healthful comfort no matter how high the temperature soars. CLEANING V/lth windows closed you filter out all the dust, dirt DEHUMIDIFYINO Removal of th» iticlty, steamy moisture that makes summer days and nights 10 uncomfortable. METER-MISER The world's simplest cold- making mechanism. Millions , and pollen. Room air fll- in use. Warranted for 5 (•red 6 to 10 times an hour. full years. HALSELL New Frigidaire Room Air Conditioners give you gentle up-and-around circulation — surround you with tool, clean comfort Discover this new way to coot, summer comfort nrsf hand without spending a cent. Try a new Frigidair« Room Conditioner In your own home for five day! FREE . . . see for yourself how it deliver* full-room comfort on hottest days without annoying drafts, without hot or cold spots. You'll admire its streamlined, oli-steel cabinet, too, and the whisper-quiet operation. For oir conditioning ol its very finest see Frigidaire. Corn* In or phone now for your 5-Day Irt* Trial Main & Division FURNITURE CO. Phone 6096 A Good Place for Your Boy! Yes, if your boy is between the ages of 9 through 12, the Midget Baseball League is a good place for him. Six teams participate in supervised baseball, the great American sport. He'll enjoy it and derive much from it. Our hats are off to this wonderful youth program! A Good Place for Valuables! A Farmer's Bank & Trust Co. modern Safe Deposit Box is the place for your valuable documents and possessions. You have the advantage of the largest and most modern Safe Deposit Box service between Memphis and St. Louis. The boxes are being rented rapidly, so we urge you to make arrangements for yours NOW! You'll be surprised at the low rental charge. THE FARMERS BANK 4 irasi COMPANY The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED _ PANIC TESTED" rn,i.e.— r.»c,h Deposit Member Federal Rf«rv» Sjnlrat

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