The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 3
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Wafers, . Ktavy, eo et»ie*en.dres 8 " . wMlt te tfe » *<*« wkere tfc « ***« «*«> gave talks, the banquet **„ p repa! . B( | te«rt|e«otth6jtti,fott 6 hd*ef by the following sophotntire gi ,--,„ «, c , WBn[ lo tne A, o t» £*.L *f V he Sod *«ty taVe the auSt f C f" ' nral «hed by Qrenwood orchestra. "tuuaies Diploma* Commencement exercises for tne public school • " c»o B« cvu of yellow frat wps, place i uapKitr ' • — --- yellow. Tne breakfast consisted of Wafers, steak, shoe~ f *I— re9 ' * >ea * 1 *a'ads, rad- , -a, lettuce, celery, hot barker I LT!^J">««. jeiiy, BK short cake with was _ and Mrs'. Mi««* tU^"" JJS? " md b * the JreJf? 1 " Wo""* aftd Ma. I Covers were laid for! Rev. * ' v ao<1 M «rtm Allen tit- jroe Allen Satnrday. Mr*, s. A. Reed, Mrs. F. o och^rsperRer and dangBtefti Sr r?J-«**• "•"•* on Mra . ». Lfddell Friday afternoon. The freshman picnic held Frl- * fttlln * fn Hill as follows: Fran_, .I""""* Kan and Doris Bishop Golden Noel, and Eiolse Llddeli They report a "swell" time. Among Red Oak visitors Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Franto^n i ker> Mr ' and Mrs - Olenn Kellenbarger. Bertha Kellenhar- 8W. Mr. and Mrs. John Parker ana sons, Hadley and Marion. Jane and Mary Mae Parker and »t,. C !» Kellen barger spent the afternoon In Emerson with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. «• LI. Kellenbarger. Friends here wilt i )e Interested to know that Margaret Baton, daughter of Florence Burton Eaton .formerly a resident here was chosen to represent their school In tho county spelling contest. Margaret I* nine years old » yo» have a frlrt.d Interested In Mills county tell him about The » seniors received Webb The following grad L Clara . Anna Poo), t,ee ui tlef* Wood8 ' and Milford The school closed Friday ' n «? lcnl u,, at Porter » 'ake. The ents, children, all present. .u board has hir ed the teachers as they had last «f mel3r; pro 'essor Ray Be, Miss Louise Sheldon hi A11Ce McGinnls, h ' and Ml88 Marie Carr, Girl.' Entertain Mother. Banquet on May 14 JL U m d8y *?***•• May 14, the Ilrt.' entertained their J?'" thm cours « bfl n* 8t,;Patrlck« hall. About The tables r .—„., uuvv Agues ijauKll* ». and Charlotte Sullivan A »££**• Co »»*nunfott • A very Impressive ceremony took place Sunday morning at the so clock mass when a class of ™ ee » .«"»• boys and girls m.i £ r flm Spmmunlon. Tne ""'f S'f 1 ? were dressed all in white with wreaths and veils. There were eight boys and six girls, namely: Donald Cahill, Car- fa gh school last Wednesday eve- ftjng when the annual commencement exercises were held in the opera house there, supt. C. D Mitchell presented the class and C. -W. Sawyer, president of the board of education, presented the diplomas to th« members. The commencement address was given by L. 0. Merrill, ,Veola editor, who spoke on the sub* Ject. "The Art of Taking." — — -i •——«_ A scholarship from the chilli- cothe, Mo. business College Was awarded Miss Bernlce Morton, valedictorian of the class, who had maintained an average of BO 84 per cent during her four high school years. Geneva Ander- I vi' . a «8n. Edward Saner, Donald Hughes, Anthony Doyle, Anthony Maher Eugene Skahill. Jean Maher Louise Owens, Loretta Horrlgan. Marrle Leahy, Mary Jane O'Connor, and Margaret Sullivan, The pages who escorted them ta and trom the altar were John Maher, a j nC il 8 i,, Ho , rrlgan ' Paul Mah er, d »««• ^ahy. Servers were Vincent Connors and Eugene Sulivan. After mass breakfast was served by the mothers In St. Pat- Icks ball. . °; W. Stoud and Bert Fargo of Tabor had business in this locality last Tuesday. Miss Pauline and Dale Hankins spent Saturday In Climax visiting - Miss Mae Maher closed her' school, the Olynn school. Friday I after eight years of most success-1 ful teaching. I Vincent Maher and Miriam Ballaln are two of the pupils who started to school to Miss Maher when she began her first term and each finished the eighth BTade with very flne averages. Miss Mae Bryant was also an eighth grade student. Miss Maher has given splendid satisfaction and received a letter of praise for her untiring services from each of the parents during her eight years of teaching, and had her certificate endorsed by County Superintendent Mary Rathke as one of the best teachers In the county. She has received some very good offers In the way of a pro™°, \°* but owln * to her father's he is becoming quite —"- to work,,Miss Attendance L CHAMPION HILL The following pupils have been neither absent nor tardy for the last period; Letal: Myron Rohrberg, Kath- erlne and Paul Kansel, Joseph. Raymond, and Irene Konz, Lawrence and Walter Lelck. Ellen, Ervin, and Otto Kay. Curti, Nar- and Leland Allen Friday with their cousin Joe Allen. All the boys were lust recovering^ from the m * ~ ' was a assisting the Clarence Bishop family while they were all down with-the measles, but Clarence. • s»i««""»' Buffington, Pauline awinney, Roy Seeger. __ . w* 44ur*uino Burns %&*'££«»* Dcirot ^ *" d Barbee: Leon Chambers. Qene- vleve, Louis, Edwin, Edward, and Leonard Jens. Qien, Florence, and Irene McCreed and Lu :i T ~~f'- ~* r »•"—'»«•«?• o* *» » / * 6&I&08« r . rolls, .butter, coffee, jellies gel food cake and ice cream. This occasion served as two lebrations. It was Mother's Day id'also the twelfth anniversary ^. the ordination of Rev, Francis i Doyle who was an honor guest. ^ A toast was given the Mothers If by Rose Head an4 Martha Doyle |jgave a toast to Father Doyle, ^Father Doyle' responded with-a |»plen4i4 talk,, The banquet wa» senre4 by ^Monica Doyle, Lucille Caugblln, & Cnarlotte Sullivan, Lucy Anges ' .' Maher, senior girls, snd-was by,the Sodality girls, oyle ** e * gt ij.^,.^. p, N» Weber and son, f-WFrence, of Walnut, who have ,,6ejn visiting her sister, Mrs, Em. "• S?£ °W$ *& other rotetfres. ' Fl^ r * e4 . tB thelr *°P^ «>»e 4ay Nelson of .,TfJ " " Louise '*.$*' *» d Mrs. I* fi,,aHtsflh§n, l^ttsr «R4 fWJsto. i|m^4^' |i*rtey ; j»ofaiag to R»d aat. 7| and* Omaha, Mr. and Mrs, Byrl Hankins and family of Olenwood have return ed to their home after a five day visit at the home of his parents S. B. Hankins. Donald Gutschenritter was ou of school the greater part of las week on account of sickness, Frank Higgins of near Coburg and Owen Hlgglns of Red Oak were business callers in the vicinity Thursday, Wednesday was 'bum day?',- for the high school students of St. Patricks school at Imogene,and there were many good "bum" costumes. Jimmie O'Connor and Angela Saner won the. prizes for the best makeup and costumes. Thursday was class day for the St, Patricks seniors and they attended mass at 7 o'clock in the morning at 84, Patricks church and received communion. They then wsnt to the convent an4 were served a three course break* fast by the Dominican Sisters. The tables were beautifully 4eco- rated Jn their class colors, pile green and ro&i?e. The rest of the 4»y ;was spent at various amuse* Mrs,. Fran* Owens who has — suffering; from diabetes for _.,- time 'fey -t^ feef broo4er houss Friday, May 19, sn4 was oat able, t« get up sn4 lay for MUM ttee.Hiore be4n« ig w ^ j» y jMfJ^pftwrnwta. who stays jstHUbem sjjft^evefcpe^pW^ w»$:*m;tQf e tt»e®S to i^mmr WB |» $$$& ^ aii«fc!]s Afe«F» On'Thursday Miss Maher gave a weiner roast and served ice cream and cake as a farewell treat to the children. On Friday she gave them their report cards and dismissed them early so many could attend a picnic at Strahan, but they lingered near as long as they could after bidding their teacher goodbye, many with tears streaming down their faces. .Scott. Keystone and Lynn schools closed Friday with a Joint picnic in the Keystone yard. A goodly number of patrons and visitors were present. A bountiful picnic dinner was served and the teach- era, Ida Delehant and Elsie Davis, treated the crowd to ice cream. A very pleasant ume Is reported. Archable Frailer, the only Pupil from Keystone taking the eighth grade examinations in May passed and is now eligible son was second in scholarship, having averaged 90 per cent Rev. F. o. Barnes gave (lie Invocation and benediction and the processional was played by Mrs C. D. Mitchell. The girls' gleo -- • nng geveral "umbers AVe are Rlad to report Mable Lingry BH ovor tho worst of tho measles and on the up grade at this time. i Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kellenbarger and daughter, Grace, called on the Kocherspergers Wednesday night. Buy Your Printing No wand Save Time ~ ----- » MT, VERNON Mt, Vernon school closed for the summer last Friday with a picnic in the Weaks grove, Many of the parents, relatives, and trlends of the pupils and teacher, Miss Alice McNulty, attended and enjoyed a feast of good things at noon including ice cream. Mr. and Mrs, «, E. Danford and 4aughter of Paciao Junction were visitors,at the home of Q, F, Wills last Sunday evening, They •--ought Tpnj wills who had been -Jting {hem some in tijna for he baccalaureate services at tae Baptist church, There were many from Mt. fernon in attendance at the baccalaureate services Sunday evening, st the Pap»st ehjjrsb, Mr, and Mrs, WHls lately re* <w iy ? d ea « a * rom Mr, and Mrs, Wesley j} ftfesoa W 4 - daughter, Mam o; Counpil BJuftX Mr, Bob. • sojj'is instructor in *—•- Ufee^cjjQgj fpi> 4ss» „„,„, Bobje» is e, teacher Ijj the ary department. Mrs- 124 Bttsft ~— Audrey : 7"J*lc*el wait,"- Bart, Paul, and David Lee Ward. Pbyl- Us Wheeler, Richard and jJee Shepard, Marjorle Grace McMahill, Prudence and Laurence Buffington. Patricia Fitz Patrick, and Derald McMullen. Closing Day Picnics >n the Rural Schools HIHsdale school enjoyed a 1 ^ 6 May day party. A knock at the door was answered by the teacher who was surprise4 to find L W »° ' 8r *!' beaut ««»y decorated May baskets, Further Investigation disclosed that each, contained smaller baskets decorated with flowers and containing cook es and candy so that each pup» ft nd the teacher had one, Mrs, Gran Jackson, it was discovered, was liJf Person who had carried bte happy id^ wh , Ql , the entire school. S cho ° l plcnlo? are m» % lBdlan Creek had the Uttie brothers and sisters as guests *t their last 4ay picnic About fifty enjoyed i*e_v-|.r Glen Cooper has been reelected at Wheatland and expects to teach there again next year. He and his family and Miss Sarah Cooper who attended school in Wheatland last year, came home Saturday night. Glens are visiting his wife's mother, Mrs. Glen Whipple, and Sarah Is with the lome folks. It seemed good to have her with us In our Sunday morning service again, Eloise Liddell spent 'several nights last week with Jean Kochersperger. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Asman and children, Albert Warren, Ruth, Doris, Billy, and Patsy, of Hawthorne spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Steven Diehl, and fam Says Her Husband Lost 16 Pounds In 4 Weeks I Imvp iiprcr found « iiir<Ilrlno tlmt 'pops' you up ilk,, Kriwrhen Salts anil better »till, IWIVOR you iwpped u,,.' i t«ic P Jt ,„.„ or „;,.«, Union a week — not to reduce but Vi'Tf'V" /«*'"»«» «'»• «-l«'«n. My liiiNband took It to reduce, ho } OMt 1" 1'ounds In 4 weeks." Mm. (December 80, 1032), ' , * To lose fat and at the same time gain In physical attractiveness and feel spirited and youthful take one half teaspoonful of Kruschen In a glass of hot water before breakfast every morning. i » Ja F . that lasta 4 weeks costs but a trifle at any drugstore In the world but be sure and get Kruschen Salts the SAFE way to reduce wide hips, prominent front and double chin and again feel the Joy of living- back U dUsattsfled after 8»n4 Hollow school pupils — ajl earned 100 perfect spell«"""""• ""•-•• strive for JW , way possible ,=->--"i roll, library read? IBgf 8»4 MW spelling. This school celebr»te4 the birthday! of Ro Krabbefthsft and Ward Hun May 5, with games an4 - w en|oye4 the party tao. eas a.lso cleaned ' •MPfJNl » «arsh^_,., * «HjBM to a health cofttesl, Qn May 3 Williams ^Mmttf tfee Wrtbdan-tf Swlth 8n4 tfce teacher, berry, with, seat* r»s«iin?». few ^:M^t,Mtis8 m pup«i4»rt M ^ HUl: Rosa «84 fli» w j>ia is -filfc fll ,-T^^ If 'If giea fim §xpe«§oce with Conoco Bronze Its §tort is as guide as thought.. ..its pidwij> is as rapid as ligbtoiog,,, jt has jmtl^ improved aoti-Jwock,,, a«4 wUeagf that astounds,,', aud power like the fury of a tornado, fcre is no inqrease in price, These are the elements back ol Conoco Bronze success,,, they are what you want in a* gasoline, O§t Conoco Bron^ wherever you see the Red Triangle, .-»- NZE GASOLINE EUNNINQ^ff FQR OERM PROSiSSiO MOTOR Oil Malvorn Cold Storago Go., Blitrihtor WOwiWI, twdHlUlii -i

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