Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1928
Page 2
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tbe. gr, ^Sli ^l ^&r^^^tli. .ijhe wJud^ of IvvlU ^jJlMlt 'to stir > o9ier«Ksfe. KotWSSr sfiaJf (B«. The rose that , ^ iilodined l98t May ^ «mit -ira!xe Aext sprmg as sweet, vj a »,8iaay fair. Tb^iripened seed that left Its wlth- -'iMt lell t (»«a3rt^ to sleep: beneatli iOie snows; rls not dead; nay, in the plan of ; ,Gpd i HLt-wUl revive again when sum! mer glovs. " Ifotbins. shall die. What thdugh I thir darkness fella AcrOBlB dim eyes that gaae their : ' last on light! ; j Look up, oh Heartr to where the ' ' splendid halls Oe ^God^s great l»alace shine beyond the night. ^nwte fa no tfeath. The flower may i'Ifroop and fade, ' Tbfe: Hpfr seed fall, the wind be V tillioshed to sleep; J^iut-Algbt will pass, ahd, glorious- ;ly array^ . ; r . Tbs pas Star burn above the eastern: isteep. r-:^WOson Spencer McGann in The CAorcfiman (New York). jr« T,% Ctab Luncheon lbs. Ira D. Kelley and Mrs. G. C.I fi^Tfe-yero the'hostesses «t the cuBtomaiy one o'cldtrk luncheon and neeble-voric .p«irty of the N. T/T. Icluh yesterday. A tbree-courso luncheon wus beld in the inaia din^ngi room of the Hotel Keliey. One long table yru use^ and the decdi-ations were vwtet'p^aa. The afternoon was •BP (M»t In the Home of j Mrs. Kelley, SnjSouth Washington lavenue. Mrs. Saue ~iReimert Thompson -was- a Kueet and the following iiienibcrs • iweife present: • •%tT&. C. OL Thompsob,'iMrs. .1. F. , Nfgh, Mrs. J. V.-Boberts, -Mrs. O. L. Coir Mra H. H. Sherman, -Mrs. ft. S. Breckenridge, llrjs. J. W. Kcy- Bo^, Mrs. A. H. Hecox, Mrs. Hich- ard'iiBwlng, Mrs. H. G. Ridgeway, Mrs. C. H, Otaon, Mrs. U fJ. Bowk- Mrs. T. A. Joyce ..Mrtf. A. It. eieeperi -Mra J. F. Stronger, jr., ;jlrii. J. P. Kohler aiid .Mrs. K<1 J Satherlaud. , -1 . I* «• !• ^ . BbstesB to Bridge Ciul> aira. ! F . 'Lenski Was hostess to ib«r jmaubers of her bridge club iuxg lonb- guest yesterday afternoon Jn licir hdJhe at .909 North Jeffer; aS&a. Chas. Boehl' received the .'Ugti score favor. iMrs. M. B; : ^rawnnelrfwas a gui^t.- The memfbeia attending: were: ata. yr.&: Pees, Mrs. G. C. HUber, BItt. C. J. Carlson, Mrb- A. P. firig- iuafL.mB. R. I* Koenig, Mrs. G. .M. •QAivier and Mrs. Chas. Roehl: i • «•<•••'•. . fEiUtOtalns Bridge Club 11 Mrd.' Mel Fronk.entertained her bridge <:ltA yesterday afternoon in imt, Upnie at 423 East Jackson ttv^e. ; mle Mgh score guest favor was 1- ili*^ tb Mrs. J. T. Keid and the Klxib highi to Mrs. U N. Gisb. ....•*«»«• ^diOiifMt Dlvblon Keets _ Mrs. J. L Moses, 702 South Waah- Snigton avenue, vatf hostess yesterday afiernoon to the inembers of the Sbutfavest Division of the First Chdstlaa church JLadies' Aid sa- !cl «ty. • • ,Mrt. J. Lee Releford was the de- MttoQal leader. The afternoon w^as : vptiitr aoclally. and ] the. hostess iseinred' elaborate refreshments. . Mn. S. 8. Reynolds,: Mrs. A. £. "^irkirpand - Mrs. S. Reid were CMBtsJ Bletea members and two. .cUUdrea ,were vrfiient. : ;.:f|-; , «. ^ ^ BViliMs mi: ProfesKlonal * iffomea'^ CSiib Perfect Organization BJ.' T %eijmieinber8~ of thi Business ' iuid^^ofessional Women's club will V bolid a meeting at seven-thirty tomorrow night in th<> Chamber of - Commerce room at which time the/ .will TOte upon the. constitution, r otneera -will be elected-and the or- g|ui ^tl (|n will be perfected. Bridire Clnb luncheon Mrs. Kenneth Foust was' hostess to the members of Jicr bridge club and one gucfst yestprday afternoon in her home at 402 Sobtb %Vashing- ton avenue. A luncheon was ser\'ed at one o'clock at the dining table whfch was centered with sweet peas.. Mrs. AV. L. Cox wa.s a guest anil IMr?. J.' D. .MItteibach played high score at bridge. The members present were: Mr;*, j Emerson Lynn, .Mrs. E. H. Hunt-1 er, .\lrs^ Laverne Xorthrup, Mr.s. ' J. L. Hair. ;"Mrs. E. E. Harrison ami .Mrs; J. D. MItteibach. * •:• • H. E. O. Club .MeeiK A meeting of the H. E. O. dub was held .yesterday in the home of Mrs.-M. Kidney, 122 .XortU First street. - • ' The day was spent in sewing carpet rags. The members present were: Mrs. A.'I). Young. -Mrs. Hurley Wurren, Mrs. A. L. Stonaker. Mrs. B. F. Smith. Mrs. Rose Lamboroau, Mr.s, W.: G . Wil^v. .Mrs. W. A. Woodruff. .Mrs. J. M. Ketterman, .Mrs. R. R. Robertson. Mrs. Clint iiall, .Mr^. .T. C. Atchison, .^irs.'J. A. (Morrison and- Mrs. FBank .Marks. • • •> freilnesday Bridge tiuh Meets .Mrs. F. G. Apt enterta,itied tho Wednesday Bridge club and thn-e guests yesterday afternoon in her home. 601 Tlroadway. .The guest favor was receivMl by Mr.s. Clyde AVilson anil tJio chil) favor by Mrs. G.B. Stodghill. Mr.«. 1 C'lyii.^ Wii-v-on < mm^ FALLS Body of Mrs. Be Bm Brought Here for InfermentJ $booI Gfves ' Play: Monitf livening. .NBOSHO PALI^. jjan. 19.— Both Sunday services wef* well attended here, good CF »wd also -attended prayer meeting in spite of , the storm. The general public is i lonlially /invited t^> attend all icliurch services as the saint- pas- lor ."erves l){)tli chiJrchcs aii.i all 'nwces are fo.r Itho good.u: the : (Qmniuniiy. ! • i John Scott fias b .?en quite : ill this week with fni. D. Kent is rccbveri^ig frrm .-. ' .si'ViTH attni'k of fliu He ha.s bseu ,111 about three weebs. 1 O. L. Jones rera ;«ius about the same. ". . ' The junior lolk 'gL';i;tui;i':iis from hi're were at home" iRe greater part of the week. _ They will, hi- peady I for the second semester wiiich b^- . gin .i soon. ) ••.Mr. Staat.s-was (tailed to lirowns- ! vlllc.'Inij.,-Saturday by the sori .iiis : illnes.s of his father. : H. H. Heft of Kaifeos City was a i gue.'it at the S. R. Stoti home Sunday. • . The town basketball team played llie Geneva ttafn at Geneva .Monday evening. .V re: urn. game will be i)!ayi:iV here soo:i. Mr.s. S. U. S ;ott, and daughter, Jean and Lena Heffcrnoa attended the .show. Ben HuS-. at lola last week. !: ; .Mr.-. Esther Hetdnian eiitertain- imiiiib^- Of her. trfeads-and nelgKf hors lit Qsiltiiig .tliia^eek. tee f MBrrair<-lia9 retnriied home •ad Was- eajoylng the oompanion- sUp 'oic bU) iaasoclates-at the dance TBrnraaay nighl;' liee I>eonard was visiting relative* and friends here last week. .The all-school play "And Home Came Ted," will be given -Monday ^ehing iit Memorial hall. PRAIRIE FLOWER (Mrs. O. Totman) Jan. 23.—Mr. and .Mrs. Charley Harfwlg and .children went to Thayer-last Tuesday and spent the (lay with Mrs. Rader.who is sick. Cof l^eyvm# Sb (Mi«ll% Ernhgs ]i <Vestigafion C <Sif £e:«^ville. Kas;,'Jan-i 26. (AP)— Btoodhbtends^ eumttonea in an effort ;to trace the ajKsailant of RoS^ ert Liggens, 52, negro, iformer deputy sheriff, who was shot and perhaps fatally wounSed here last night, today follow%d^a trail to the city jail cell'where ?Wlley Dixon, negro barber, TwasJ^ held for questioning. 1 [ Liggens w^as shdt last night as he passed Dixon's ^op in the negto pplice believe^ bf Stmnaeh GB»llme» Man From —"I had gas so bad t had to get up nights on account of the pr<rssure on iny heart.. I nseit '<y .4dl^rlka and haye been- entirely relieved."-^R. V. Krueger. Even the FIRST spoonful of ' Adlerika relieves gas and oftehre- ' moves astonishing a-mpUni of old v waste matter from the system. Makes you enjoy yoUr ideals ahd" sleep better. No matter what ybtl have tried for yoiir stomich anrf"^ •bowels, Adlerika will sjirprl-se you. _i district, because, rGiirBechnnonrFaVoiil and aiax-'bis actiyities as aa informant fpr I bowels, Adlerika will s. Iqe Epent Saturday with relatives 1 Sheriff W. D. Cra >b4 in liquor raids. I-Palace Drug Store. ; in Buffalo. I Tropplug has "proved a prdfltable venture tor .Miss Helen Witzel, daughter ofa farmer near Hatfield, Wis. .She ha-s been runiiiiiK an eight-mile trapllne in the vicinity of Black river ai.d this v-hn^t .,„d shewell fami- hM caught 38 mink, 161 mu.skT-ats and 22 wea.sels. She expects to J.^^.,;^.:^H Shcttell fami <lear about $1200 for the season. L- V. BowluK. .Mrs.- . and MisH KlizalietU Apt were ' guests. The members present were: Mr.«. S. I- Sifers. Mr.s. Stanley Kirk. .Mrs. E. B- Cook and'Mr.x. C. IJ- Stodghlll. . ; <• •> •:• Ilwjesses io Curd Clnb Miss Iva 0¥<>rmeyiT ajnl .Miss Haiiel Irwin were Iii.ste.<s(is to ilie inenibcrs of their bridge e!uh ami one guest Tuesday nighl^ in tlie^ home, of .Mr.s. I 1-S I< T Ko.ssihger, Thursday for a visit with his. imr-li,, IG South fplhovn siroca. .Miss Pauline Zyskowaki ri-ceiveil j Doiiald Kelkiiis atlr-iu!;-(l a-juiii'ir the high .score i)rizp and .MJ K.S Huth,eI:.sH iiaiiy Kuinp the seooiiil weore prize. .Miss : eii her bridge club atj a one 0 r!ock luncheon Wednesday. The i members of the club were arrayed i:i tacky co.stumes ami the lunch: eon was served in old fashioned i style. The prize was awarded to -Mrs. .Minnie Sehriei'- Helcn Ueurancb of Wichita, vis- ;Tdm Reedy called on Charley Pollman Sunday morning. Harry Kannard is again in oiir I neighborhood thrashing. Harold and Maxine Becannon spent Sunday afternoon with the Domltz children. ; Guy Becannon, Bert Reed. Harold Wiliber and Victor called on Oren Tolman Sunday afterttoon. Thelma and Lewis Domitz called at .the Totman home Monday. 'Tom Reedy called Monday at the H. Peters home. .Mr. and .Mrs. Charley Pollman. | Merl and Jim spenti Sunday evening at the Paul Atkins home. Callers at the C. E. Baum home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Baum and family, .Mr. and Mr-s- Esslyn Offenbacker, "Sir. and Mrs. Ex-erettfei Rcetl and Charles. Thelma Ddmitz called on Irene Crahan Sunday afternoon. Mrs. C. E- Baum called on Mrs. Bert Reed Thursday. '.Mr. and ^Irs. Esslyn Offenbacker > of Chanute arc spending a few | days at ths EveretteReeO heme. S.SJ5J and Rheumatism simjpy Am\ get along together i nOT nKN VALLEY h'"" ^'"••^^^'•••''d '•:'<•' Jai'- 2:{-—-Mr. and Mr.s. Kasbwr j .^^j,, j.^-nie y^iitw to Mrs. ;Of f'llony rt-ei-e Sunday visitors at ] ,,^,.,1 j,, i^.r ,„w li..iiie I tile home of their daufihler, -Mis. 111. \V.. jSiov.-n ami family. ' Olvah I'ierce of [.Missouri cauie visit Willi eiits. -Ml-, and Mr.";; .\. Pierce. :iii Illinois. .\ bii.ol; for the rciipes iicr. 1 -OVely r<>- . served I-y il at l^allarpe S .iUinlay •veiling Kuinp was a guest- The nienihers all<ni]ing were: Miss Wilma i .Shields. -Miss Carol Grover, -Miss lleleii I lejiiiessey. Miss Pauiine Zyskowski aiid -Miss Irene Corr. freHll'iuIits \V( CeoiKe (l:nvk:ns iviis out Me.'. Sunday. Ths body of Mtis. De Bra, a former resident, was brought here Weiliiesilay and internieni; was i made in the CeiL-^rvale cemetery. : .Mrs. De Bra was a: fisiter-in-law of I .Mrs. Dixon ami was known by a' I large circle of fr!<&nils here' wjio 1 mourn her loss, t The relatives '; have the sympathy of the commiin- iiv. Mrs. Ralph Williams, .Marjorie | and Elinor Cole spent .Saturday! and Sunday at the parental W. L. j Cole home. Mrs. Will Bisley called on Mrs. • C. E. Baum Wednesday afternoon, j ^'Mr. and .Mrs. Oren Totman re-• ceived a telegram from their son | Ijaur<»nfe of Clare, 111., announcing ' the birth of a son born January 19. | J Miss Emma Cole spent the ;wepk-; end in Humboldt with her sister Ella. 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S.S.S. is extracted from the fresh roots of medicinaJ plants- and herbs and gives to Nature , what she needs in building you up so that your system throws' off the cause. All drug. Etore-s sell S.S.S. in two sizes. Get the larger sizev It is more economical. . , SSS Builds Sturdy Healtl* of, The funeral for .Mrs. Blohm. was those Who heii.e.l in ihe v.-')!f tlrive | 3, home. .Monday. Ser- .Saturday dowij Vrlliv ili-Ml-t south oi Ciilden one lar^'e wuli [ Mi.-iS Ida Maiiheiik of .Monin isiv.asKi visiting .Mr. and .Mrs. jlohn .Man-i I;<.ufhi vices <:onduited hv' Rev. A. C. Stewart and inierjuent in Cedar- The deceased Moyer-Kraijse .Mrs. -Mary Moycr. (laughter Mr- -and Mrs. \\'. R. Smith. -Mount Ida. Kaiis.. .Tnd Air.. K. Krause, of ("evelaml. .().. were married yesterday evening in tiic home of Probate Jiiilgo Travis, 7M. North Jefferson avenue, j -Mrs. Kratiso has been employed in lola the greater part of tiie time for the last three year.s and has made her home with her aunt. Mrs Sarah Mooro, at 012; South'/Messrs. and Me.-dames 1. street.- Mr. Krause i.-* a salesman I Ku-ssell Morrison, when th heck- i K. II. Maiilieik Ihroslied kafir for jCliarJi's Pitree Saturdav- ' J. C. iluseii.'r of lliimlioj'dt spent. :ihe week-end«;il tiie I. <). .Morrison home. . , of j Clyde K. IWUer. who has hi en in of(N'e-.v .Mexiio for Ihe last year and ]•". I a half U.S. station a^eiil. is enjoyin.:;. a vai-alion just now visiting his parents. .Mr. and -Mi-s. IC. J. Baker. -Mr- and Mrs. Raymond Jackson and ehildreii visited Sunday after- inion wifli her brother, Willu-r Colgin ami family, north, of Lallarpe. -A very lieliKlitfiil rime was s;ient Friday eveniu.i; at tlie home <:f O- and live •-as Kii! •(! .iii'l one esi-i.iied. George |^..,|,. ctnietery. li.- v .cili ::Md later d-iiv- i husband 'and three chil- ired i! ;'t I 'd... 1 dren besides other relatives who Mr. a-.d M:-s. K. II. Manheek anl, ,„,mrn i,er loss. .'Jvmpathy l.s ex- .Mrs. names were Sunday oinnor | ,,.,„,p,j ,„ i,^.^ lo-j.j.,! ,„ H ..^ •,-„ ii,i.s <!s of Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Gilfl--jiour. liiis. —If yon want to buy or build, city or suburban proiierty. The lola Building & Loan Association will make you a loan, low interest rate. | no commission. See G. E. Pees I Secretary, at old Register building ; southwest corner-.of square. for Ihe Chamberlain Melal M'eath-i Sunday school i ):Lsses. the Kriend- er Strip company, of jDetroit, withjship class and the King 's Daimh- the .southeast as his terrjtory. | ters ciass me! Oiere for a class AMr a few days here,: Mr. and i parly. .\ devotional service led by, Mrs." Krause will drive to Xew Or-|Rev. liusilKr was, followed by aj leans where Mr. Krause w-iil have j hnsines.i; ses >;ion ,-ilter wiiit -h < aine ' his headquarters for the next few'Kames. stunts and fun put on by | months. jthe different hinh selioid j)uinls | , --.present. Ucfi-eshments of ham-'". SOUTH LOGAN i burg samlwiclies. pleklos. eoi.oa and tMr<? I BTonlflinl coffee were jirepared aiMl'.served Jan. 2 ^'-lMr-. Ssh am Saughtor. P 'V'- C/'et' p"" '"'T"'- r M", .Jennie. of^Klldare: Mr. and Mrs.i,, -^7':^'-, J.VT '"'1'"" Roy Hill of Garnett. Kans.. visited •'';;\V,:- \Tr:^:."'p'.""'' MrfFish-sdaughter. Mrs-Jim Hart .Mrs. Mar.v \I;:ai)erk and ilailgb- fer. .\!'s-; .Nidti .'.l.:nh>?< Ij of .Motaii, a;e vN'!!!!,; their dau;-'hler ami -sisjei. Mr., lolm Sti:t"v'lle and fa:;iily. Mr. Johu .Maiihii-k was- honor guest at a s.urin-ise party at his home -Monday evening: given him 'ly his hrothi::-s an<! slsier-<r who eaiiie ti) lelelTate Ihe o'-eusion w'<Ii him .-ml his faniily. ')ysters Were rvetl to Ihe loliowing: Mrs. M;u-y .Manherk. .Misses .VeiUc and ill.-! .Manheek of Moran. K. II. Mati- iiC'ck ai:') faiiiiiy. Ciiff l.<:;iae and family. .Mr. .Mrs. lohn Stuteville .-md lolin. Jr.. Mr. nniPMrs. K- .1. Maker. Clyde and Wanda, and M:-. and Mr.s- .lohn .Manheek and Delhert. and attended the funCTtil of .Mrs. .Mrs- I. O- -Morrison gave a party Gus Anderson who was a iiiece of | c .,',„,.,|:.y afsernoon for her Sunday I SI liool elass at the home of her Mr. Fish- Mr. Jacob Frisliburg of Ottawa, Kans-, spent the week-end .with Mrs. Jno. Howard. . Mrs. Sadie.Young of Ifumboldt, ^,,,1 called peanutV were spent Sunday night with Mrs. Vinie j..„rved to the following class luem- Voung and Edith. / l,ers ami guests: Vic -tor Brown. .Mrs. Rceder is enjoying a new .\ianheek. -Marvin Baker. danghle:- Mrs. Pearl Raker. The chili'.rei! liad a fine time. Refreshments of iee iream, <-AUe, popcorn radio. Ruth-Gilland enrolled las a new- Margaret Stewart. Maud Evelyn ,, . „ . „ , , , -Hawkins. ./. C. n «.<!ilipr anil Chas. "'T." " ^I °'"l«>-- IPierci... Vvanda and Viola B;,ker, Mr. AVi liams jTurchaseil -a new .^j^^vin and Max Morrison. I^.is' cow at.Thayer to complete his jj^^er and Mrs, Ira Morrison were Hairy hern . . • P'-'c^ts and Mesihunes .Morrison and Mr- and Mrs- Jonlen of Chanute. i n -iker hostesses spent Sunday with Mr and- Mrs.: '^j^, ^^.^j ji .-.^/ciiff Isaac visited M I rl < .,„,,. S'linday evening With Mr. and Mrs. Mr. ?nd .Mr-s. C- S. Smith and .,„,,„ s ,„tcville. Rmh spent i;atu]fday and Sunday ^ <,|„„.,,., entertained atihoJno. Fredrli-kshonie.n Ot-^„,, ^ C. eluh friends Thursdav vit c.iii.-.,,. i.oi A. fine afternoon, and The netv store dt Peirolia is 1:^:;^:;,':;^/^^ .wi' nearly-completed. Mr. Carl Bolton ;: TI,„V .-nm. o-„.„ . i . wm ^ake eharge the firs, of Feb- gr^^-;';;, ^-:i;> ^a /'^^l^no^l:; Intervention Is Up . At Pan-American Meet Mr. and Mr.s. Jnc. .Meyers received Ihe unnuuncenient Wednesday of a new: granddaughter at the home of their son."'Fred, who lives near Colony. Th<>;young lady will hear the name A lite Grace. Harvey Carman iios been ill this week. He wus ablft to take his place ill the store'Thursday. • .Mrs. Boughton-/ eiitertained a Gds Pfiiins ? Get Qoicft Relief ! Havana. Jan. 2";. i.VP)—The matter of iniervetition by one country in the internal affairs of another was before the Pan-.\merii-aii con- 1 gress for discussion today. i It is not possible to li.enoiincp all such intervention, a refiiort dealing with the ssibjeit dej lares. The ^e-; port was «'xp'ained h.v Mr. Victor • Maurlua of Peru before its presen-' talion to the committee on public inierhation.-il law rnr wh.ii-h ho i-'J thi> reporter. The committee on communica- lions had before <t amendments sucgested by Hlexico to the draft treaty on comniprcial aviation. Thoir amendments appeared to ilplopates to intrmluce tlie possi- 'lility of diseriminatUin between na- tioiia+- and foreiirn planes on the pni< of any government. Put a ttop to diwsreeaUe tas print and t>elcli!iig by> unng Chlunbertain'*'Tablet!. 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THIS OFFRR IS GOOI> l'>TIL TIESD-tY KVKMNt;^ J-4M ARY 31.: 'V 6ianDteeii Renedy Tlnrpil* mncdr nam In a tobf FikPipcattaclaDCDt, »i<ntu<lcu7ta«ppl. drenat will nfoad DMIWT <{ PAZO OIWTJIIiNT fmfli to ran My tmt of PAZO OINTMENT —We pay 6*"" on Full Paidi and ^ l!istalln^ent Slock. The be;;t inkest-j ment. the best method to feave. » o .vT*'^^^.« OH Doesn't i ^''•'"'•"y "'"J-- * Assocltltlon, Be A«n»y With and Distress in Hi - sensible person) will continue to ejiffier from those intcnst) agon- iziBS throbbing foo pains wheni «wfi^ -well stocked <|rug store has ai^ne's Elmerald Oiji and sells it -witA ahl Absolute gu^i^ntee of sat- I'.lBfiBctipni or money back. ' ybui* feet may be swollen and Inflamedi that you thinks you can't gc Atiother step. Your shoes may fed as if tliey are cutting right! Intb'the flesh. You^feel sick all' <mr with the painr and torture Yotfd give anything to get relief " -Wiinldn 't you? Theh try this: lor three applications of - --MapiVa' Bnerald Oil and in fif- r.teen'ihintites the pain and sore- i 'neea disappears. A few more ap- s, p}tc4tion^ at .regnlai' intervals-, and <he swelling reduced, •-And ^st of all |any offensive odor is'gone for good—It's a wonderful ^<»inula -^thlB combination ot'^ential bils viUi-camphor and otS^'antiseptics so jnarvelons that •'.Xbo \i^Btttdf:' otj bottleis are sold an- i n&tllif &r reiwiaii varit^e or ^ 6MN(-lBr ie ^Ute .«nd every 4 'ail ^nitd^011':;to en'd' flyour 'foot.! :Myskinw# .a sight ^'I couldn't look people in the face, I was so ashamed.^ , of my sWnl It w'as always blotched with pimples and; blackheads ai^ at times itchtd terrfbly. I had tried cveiJv-tlitng and was so discouraged that I touldn't*ringr myself totake ho « in anything. You can imagine my surprise therefore when one application of jio.wlcs Mcntho Sulphur almost :om- plefely cleared my skin. I could have danced with joy! In a short time you wouldn't know my skin—it \ra!s so dear, so soft and white."' Thotisands of people ire discovering that thcr^ is a remedy for skin trouble -revca fitety, itdiing eczc&n I It'd the magical cothbiiiaticsi of sulphur and roeiitlKfl— jstflphiir for clearing tlic skin, jaea&id for healing the broken and irritati^-&sa&;; ViovrUs Mentbo Snipimr is ine^qteosve and all dnig- npply >t in jars ready, to xee. sore •tt'i Bowles. ii TOMORROW AND SATURDAY TWODAXS i We will ii'ivo absolutel^^ free;with each purchase of $1.00 or more of ailything in this store— 2 Goldfish in Bowl With Moss and Gravel We will also g-ive a^heet of instructions as to how to care for tjhem. • Remember—Two Days 27 Years of Successful Merchandising in lola , Tomorrow, Fridaj% the End of the Month We Feature in Our 28th January Clearance Sale .\ real value-rgiving event, not only of month-end but season-end. Ever^ day Wings new merchandise, and we must, have f he room. You will appreciate the real savin .Gfs to be had here.; otex This Week, 3 for 98c Melba Compacts 50c Regulai -*51.00 value, small, square, gold-plated compacts with lip stick, a special P^fl/* month-end'feature at _ _ tlVC Candy Special One-half pound of pure hand dipped Chocolates,' 75c lb. value at ______ One-half lb. Bnnte's Hard Candies 60c lb. valus, on sale __J 25c 25c Moiith-End Blanket Feature Two bit. butstahding ivalues, 70x84 jpart (gff wool, $7.50 value, beautiful plaids ^ _____tl><>« I O .$6.00 vaiae, part wool, iize 70x84 Soisette rjpr bound, pretty plaid-s, month-end special Extrst Speciat-Siiper Monih-End D &naF Specis^ i 27x54 Tapestry Finish Sarotex Rugs .?1.50 value, jnonth-end price ——~- 27x5^ Hit and Miss Rag Rugs, regular (p-l AA $1.69 valuie, montb^d sale price,' ^UXevfW. 12x14 Ve^our Pillows; regular fifl ?l-.39 value, month-eftd sale price ^XeW • : • ' • V« • . - •;: -~- : '. : . ^^..-j-^-^x... , MM Month-End Money Savers 80x90 White Crocheted Hemmed Bed Spread-s, exceptional quality at . 80x90 KrlmWe Bed Spreads, cream cqlor with coloretl striped, hemmed, at •-- S4x94 Hemmed Crocheted Spreads CT OK $1.00 75c $2.95 white only, January Clearance price '. SOxlOS Genuine Candle Wick Bed Spread.s in Itose. and Cream, Orchid hnd:Cream, $3.98 value at —:^ 84x94 Genuine Stevens hemmed Marseilles Bed Spreads in white-cniy, he'avy quality, $3.75 value at —' .•\h extraordinary ^.purchase enables us to offer- big two-thread Bath Towels at rem&rkable savings, 75c value, extra long KA A* extra heavy quality.- plain.white Turkish 50c Big splendid quality Bath Towels QlCI^ Specially priced atj.—'. — 45c White and Novelty Plaid Turkish 00^ Bath Towels on sal* ai i— 15 dozen first quality, large size, plain white Huck .; "fflL» Towels with'red borders, remarkable valiies at •_.„„.4- AUC JanusHry Clearance Sale; of Draperies , 35c and 55c values, .yard wide.heavy Cretonnes .1^ 29c $1.25 Value, Sunfast Linen finish Puritan Art Cretonnes ._1$1JW $1.00 value, 36-tnch "Cretonnes and Auto Slip Coverage lae $1^00 value Auto SliO Covering and Cretonnes 68c 2.5c value, Sunfast Drsipery Net and Cretonnes -19c 30c yard wide Sllkolln-, plain and figured 20e January ^liearance of .Ciirtain Nets One lot 36^inch Slarqjiisettes in plain and clipped dots in white and c^eam. regularly priced at 25c and 30c. ^ January Clearance ^rice : 4"', One lot of Scriihs. wJJlte a'nd <ream with colored stripes, January Olearaoce price, yard — JL^Ope lot of dotted MarqiiiBette in white only, 36 inches O 'QiF wide, regular price JSc Snd 50c. January Clearance One lot of curtain Xott'ea and Niets, creacp color only Qfiip 50c and 59c value, January Clearance price _ .- <Jv^ by

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